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    Post  JesterTerrestrial on Wed May 12, 2010 5:57 am

    starsmoonmtns wrote:I'm with Swanny, Gita and Transcoso along with many others on this one sorry guys,,,
    Mind Control to the Mistic of Avalon...
    No bad feelings, but i'm not going to follow this stuff...
    Been around it, and close enough to it to say NO WAY!!! Think HAARP, Mind Control.....personal experience.... and i let THEM go, as of this moment its not worth my energy!
    Time to wake up, we save ourselves ole "BELOVED ONES" we have 'something' THEY want.....and it's not the youtube videos etc.,
    Peace Out!

    Sorry JT, you're just to head strong to be serious!!! Think about it...
    There is good and bad in everything, yin/yang,,,,, and balance...
    This is NOT balanced IMO>>>>>>

    I want not part in it at all....was a good joke for a while...I'm laughing one last laugh at your posts JT!
    but you're just not getting it,,,,,
    don't trip on your way onto the ships or to ascension!

    Seriously, don't want to be rude, but enough is enough JT.... be well...


    OK. Mockery and ignorance can be posted in the debate thread. This thread is called audio updates.

    PEACE IN!!!

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    Post  JesterTerrestrial on Wed May 12, 2010 5:58 am

    These audio updates can not be verified by me. You must use your own intuition!!! Posted as is!!!

    Galactic Federation Of Light Lady Nada May 11 2010

    With sacred Christed blessings I extend my arms of love to you now to cradle you and your soul in a pure blissful light that flows directly through me from the soul of the Creator. I come forward once more emanating love to continue my communication from the weekly message of last week where I spoke of my abilities of activating an individual's soul and assisting them in realising the truth that exists naturally within them. I reminded you that you are more than you currently realise and imagine; that you hold a wealth of Creator power, love and enlightenment within you which is waiting to be aligned to and expressed. With the title of Keeper of the Soul Keys bestowed on me I feel a great need to express myself to all and make myself available to be of assistance to each of you beautiful light beings in existence on the Earth, in order to aid your alignment and integration with the Creator's soul.

    In my previous communication I offered you an invocation that allowed you to connect with my energies and to become receptive to a cleansing and purification in preparation for further soul discovery. Now I wish to continue this process of soul acceptance and share with you a simple but special meditation that will guide you in aligning on a deeper level with your soul.


    Please gain a relaxed state of body and mind, allowing your breathing to become your predominant focus to assist in the manifestation of peace within and around you.

    Please say,

    'Lady Nada please channel your soul light, the eighth ray light, the Christ consciousness light and the Creator's light deep into my being to raise my energy vibration, to increase the volume of light that I hold and to clear all unneeded energies from my entire being, thus manifesting a pure and clear outlook that promotes the presence of clarity within me. Allow me to experience your light pouring through my being now as I sit in a state of peace.'

    I, Lady Nada will step forward and stand before you, placing my energy hands over your heart chakra to assist in my light penetrating your heart chakra.

    Imagine, sense or acknowledge your heart chakra being filled with light, this light then flows throughout your being.

    The light holds the intention of connecting your soul with your heart chakra to allow a pure and sacred expression of your soul. Imagine your soul flowing from the depths of your being to connect with your heart chakra.

    Let your mind or focus rest within the energy of your heart chakra and your building soul energy, your mind is experiencing a deep alignment with your soul and heart chakra.

    Let us sit together, I will sit before you and let us simply observe the magnificence, peace, beauty, purity and enlightenment of your soul. Retain your focus on your heart chakra and soul; simply be open to feelings, experiences, ideas and insights flowing into your mind from your soul.

    You may also wish to say,

    'I accept the essence of my soul.'

    Take time to experience this fully, it may take practice, faith and dedication

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    Post  JesterTerrestrial on Wed May 12, 2010 6:54 am

    Have a listen...or a read... If you want!!! Decide for yourself if this message is truth by using your own intuition!!! ALL THE TIME!!! PEACE JT!

    Galactic Federation Of Light Archangel Gabriel May 11 2010

    We understand that you wish to examine what is going on with the
    some enlightening human beings at this time. We are hearing that many
    are falling into despair. They are bone weary, soul weary if you will,
    and wonder where on earth they will find the energy to go on. Our
    answer is nowhere! You will not find the energy on earth to continue,
    however, through aligning with the endless spiritual supports that are
    in place, you will be able to navigate this quite beautifully.

    understand that this is a play on words. However, we wish to point out
    that if you are looking around you on the earth for support, that is
    not where it exists. It exists in your alignment with Source. Do you
    see? All of the loving supports are in place for you. You have worked
    hard to move yourself into this alignment yet many choose to step
    slightly out of it. When you are in your highest alignment you
    understand that there is nothing to do but just Be. You understand that
    everything is divinely perfect and you can observe without being
    unpleasantly effected by what is going on around you. By being in
    alignment, you choose to take that higher perspective that brings peace
    and love, acceptance and excitement for the change energies that are
    swirling around.

    Now if you have, for whatever reason, stepped
    out of your highest alignment, you will find yourselves very
    uncomfortable indeed. When you are out of your highest alignment you
    lose your sense of Creator Self. You fall into the illusion that things
    can be wrong or bad. You lose sight of the purpose of the wonderful
    process that is going on around you. Sadly, you lose your view of the
    beauty and the sense of love and support that is always available to
    you. You buy into the illusion. It is so unnecessary, Dear Ones.

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    Post  JesterTerrestrial on Thu May 13, 2010 3:39 pm

    Well sounds like some very good advice in this message from a source that I can not verify for you at all!!! You must do it yourself by tuning into your own intuition. Peace JT!

    Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa May 12 2010

    Do you not say that the darkest hour comes before the dawn, and for you that has been a period of many years in which you were pushed further into the lower vibrations. However, the new dawn has commenced, so you find yourselves placed in between experiencing both the old with the emerging changes. These will firmly establish the foundation for a new civilization that is forming out of the 3rd. dimension. Such a time comes to all developing civilizations when they outgrow the old system. It begins when a reasonable percentage of you have woken up, and are seeking the pathway to the Lighted realms. What you strongly desire and focus upon comes to you, and in this particular time it has the power of the Higher Beings behind it. Believe us inasmuch that the opportunity is open to everyone, and it is entirely a freewill choice. We will therefore confirm once again that you should make allowances for the path others choose if it is different to yours.

    Changes inevitably cause inconvenience and even hardships, but out of it all you will benefit as never before. Literally everything that you could ever have wished for will be yours. It is not with reference to acquiring material gain, although you will have all that is necessary for a happy and harmonious life. It is your spiritual perception, and ability to create love and balance wherever you go and with whom ever you meet. Living in harmony with all life is a high level of consciousness, and shows that you have achieved a state of Unconditional Love. That Dear Ones is your goal, and you will get there and merge with your Higher Self.

    In the midst of so much turmoil you could be forgiven for dropping your guard, and getting pulled into the lower vibrations. Do not worry providing you can check yourself from going too far, and it is clearly a good sign if you can pull back before too much harm is done. It is normally your emotions that run away with you, and if additionally your ego has come to the fore they can be difficult situations to control. Such an experience can be a lesson learnt and in the long run be of value so do not allow it to get you down. Forgiveness of Self is so essential to your progress, and in so doing you will find it easier to forgive others. Such ability is a sign of a soul that has progressed far on the path of evolution.

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    Post  JesterTerrestrial on Thu May 13, 2010 3:43 pm

    Galactic Federation Of Light Sheldan Nidle 11 May 2010

    Selamat Balik! We return to relay more information about what is happening in your reality. Right now, much is occurring that is leading to a final resolution of your confusing and chaotic world. The death throes of one era and the start of another tend to overlap, and this is the case with what is now being played out in this reality. The old guard is only now recognizing the fact that your present reality is beyond saving. It is like a severely punctured boat, and the holes are just too numerous to be repaired. It is time to let it sink and look for a suitable replacement. But the dark cabal, which runs this old guard, thinks otherwise; it feels that, somehow, magic can still be pulled out of the hat in time to save the day and that, somehow, this dilemma can be solved. The dark persists in this hope despite the fact that the old guard and its many associates now maintain that no such magic is anywhere in sight and as a result are busy deserting the proverbial sinking ship. Thus, any hope of keeping the status quo is soon to be doused. Our Earth allies see this and gladly welcome these new recruits to their cause.

    The latest discussions with the dark ones are now tinged with desperation. Their panic grows by the hour and the extent of this panic colors the last moments of their time in power. Never before on your world has a group accustomed to ruling a whole planet been vanquished in this manner. Normally, in the past, this comeuppance came about via a series of physical catastrophes, and while Mother Earth has provided some degree of physical destruction, the global havoc the dark had banked on using for their ends did not materialize. Instead, it is government's financial and institutional shortcomings that have led to the dark's downfall, and this setback to their plans irks them. The global populace is on the verge of taking charge and running the villains out of town. Your world is about to learn many things about subjects none of you could have imagined. These revelations are to reestablish who you are, your true history, and why you are here. Hidden deep within many sequestered dark libraries are truths which we intend to expand on. These tell the stories of your origins and of how the Anunnaki and Co manipulated you for decades.

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    Post  JesterTerrestrial on Thu May 13, 2010 4:18 pm

    Part 1/3 Galactic Federation Of Light Metatron May 03/12 2010

    Masters, your life is a journey of exploration. Your sojourns upon the Earth are a marvelous opportunity to discover and to explore what is within and without you. You are on an exquisite odyssey of algorithm. The third dimension serves to assist you in moving higher, and thus works hand in hand with the algorithmic puzzle by facilitating and prompting the outward manifestation of inner spirit through frontal mind.

    The octaves available in the third dimension are highlighted in your initial tarriance and campaigns of the Earth Plane. But as you progress the 3rd dimension must give way to the higher crystalline octaves of the 5th dimension for true advancement toward Mer-Ki-Vic 'enlightenment' to occur in Ascension.

    Accordingly as you progress in the path of enlightenment, there are many experiences that will unfold in your journey. In the beginning of the Quest, the crossroads and forks are comparatively easy to see in terms of which road should be taken. For initially the impetus of decision is based upon the rather obvious contrasting polarity of what may be termed black and white, decisions between right and wrong, love and hate. Choices are relatively easy at this stage, although it may not seem so at the time.

    So as you progress, it is truly a gift that trial and error allow you to see your missteps. Each of you will make mistakes, but in these errors of growth it is imperative to always be gentle with yourselves, and also be nurturing of others along their paths. We tell you in certainty that when you review your lives at later stages of retrospect you will be in awe of the journey you have taken. You will marvel at the seeming hardships and personal trials and retrospectively wish you had been more aware of the beauty of all around you, and delighted at the serendipitous juxtapositions of the intricate tests that seemed most difficult. So take time in the NOW, as you move forward to simply delight in your BEINGNESS.

    Part 2/3 Galactic Federation Of Light Metatron May 03/12 2010

    So as we have stated, because you all need to learn how to love and also to create responsibly, you plan & have total separate lifetime strings in Power 'set-ups' and Love 'set-ups' in which the focal study and experience can become so vastly different that they become extremely polarized.
    Personalities within each evolve so differently in some cases that what may be termed a soul fragmentation or soul polarization seemingly occurs within the multidimensional holograms of your 'lifetimes'. Some of you would be quite shocked at the extremities. Many of you in your spiritual contexts would feel repulsed by the personality expressions you have experienced in learning power, and vice versa. Thus the 'soul fracture, yet all must be harmonized and 'retrieved' and reconciled into soul harmony. The good in each must be chosen, and that which does not serve released.
    This retrieval and harmony can and must occur . A process of this is taught in the, Mer Ka Va phase, the 2nd level of the Mer-Ki-Va Crystalline Light Body. Because as you reach the more complex stages of lifetimes then, you blend the two life streams, and this is among the most complex of puzzles, and one of the last pieces required for true Mastery.
    And so as you retrieve the soul, and many of you are doing that NOW, you will blend the 2 chains of studies into the present experience. This presents a great challenge, for at times you will come to algorithmic 'forks in the road' along the pathway of enlightenment where you must choose between two directions.
    A fork in the road appears that will seem to you to be right in either direction. The fork is between Power and Love, and both dear ones are necessary. So the decision is which takes precedent, and that lesson is among the most difficult you will encounter.
    Love does not mean allowing someone else to step on your foot, and Power does not mean stepping on others feet who are in the way' when you are sure you are right;
    The Double Edge of Leadership;
    For those who achieve influential authority in spiritual leadership, the decision process becomes so much more critical, for responsibility to enact the truth is required to keep what has been learned. Influence, Dear Ones, is the double edged sword of spiritual leadership and it must be tempered and ever wielded in wisdom.
    All of you are sparks of Creator. All of you are family composed of Divine Mind. So remember as you move forward, to realize that love is a frequencial key that can never be forgotten. Yet there will be times when all humans do forget. And I speak to all of you herewith.

    Part 3/3 Galactic Federation Of Light Metatron May 03 12 2010

    The Double Edge of Ego;
    Your savants, sages and religious texts all tell you that the release of ego is the key to finding God. But there is indeed a great gap of conception between this advice and its understood application by most humans. Ego resides within the frontal mind, the conscious mind, and is the requisite tool in polar-duality of the 3rd dimension that enables one to have an empirical awareness of self and individuality.
    So it is then necessary to separate aspects of ego that serve your growth and those that do not. Otherwise how can any human on the spiritual quest of 'enlightenment' grasp the complexities of 'surrendering ego'. A crisis of inner communication will often occur, and it is something that all humans in duality must resolve, irregardless of their level of light quotient;
    The Spiritual Peter Principle;
    But we tell you, ego is inevitably the culprit that creates, in your vernacular, the spiritual 'Peter Principle'.
    Your 'Peter Principle' in business and managerial aspect, states that one can rise to ones level of incompetence. That what gets you promoted on one level, gets you fired on the next! In a slight juggling of syntax, we tell you that in Spiritual Growth, humans often rise to their level of inexperience, and that inexperience can frequently lead to a temporary fall from grace.
    When ego leads to arrogance an electrical short circuitry occurs in the base level of the auric field. The requisite 13-20-33 circuitry is then disconnected, the 'signal' of clear communication to higher self is lost, displaced by varying waves of static and interference.
    Ahankara represents the aspect of exaggerated self importance that leads to arrogance. The true path is the experience, oft thru trial and error , cause and effect, of realizing that surrender of ego means recognizing the divine spark within each of you, and the willingness to allow the subtle voice of higher self , of the Divine-Self to lead the way. As such ego must be regulated and monitored by self review. And that self-review must be given voice in a state of open neutrality. In self review the ego must be released and actions viewed from your inner 'third person', allowing the possibility that you may be in error. Therein is the challenge...and a worthy purposed one.

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    Post  JesterTerrestrial on Thu May 13, 2010 5:31 pm

    I Just listened to this one too... well... this is a very interesting update...that is posted as is. PEACE JT!

    Part 1/3 Galactic Federation Of Light Ashtar May 4/10 2010

    Well, Good Evening, Everyone! This is perhaps going to seem a bit more solemn than some of our gatherings, at least, but there are reasons for it. There are momentous happenings in the world. Momentum is being felt everywhere on the planet. Those of you who are our Family are well aware that we have said, There will be exposures, there will be the light shining into the darkest of places all over the planet, and sure enough, the light is there.
    You know what happens if you are at the seashore and you want to explore the tide pools, and the minute you turn over a rock all of the little critters underneath that rock, particularly the ones called crabs-they scurry, they dont want to be seen, they value their privacy and they feel safe and comfortable in that dark place that is created underneath that rock? Well, of course, they are innocent creatures, members of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia. And so they have no hidden agendas they have only themselves, their physicalities, which have been hidden, and so they scurry and hurry out of sight as fast as they can, because having that rock turned over to those innocent ones presents a kind of a threat, or danger. And so you bless them as they go about finding another rock to climb underneath, or swim underneath, and you say, Thank you that I have spent some time with you, in close connection.
    Well, then we have these guys in the dark hats. Theyre a little different, arent they? Yet they are in some respects the same, the same as you, Beloved Ones, they inhabit human bodies-occasionally they do a little shape-shifting and reveal the true nature of some of them, but for the most part they look like you. They speak the same languages as you in your country; they have presented themselves as beings of light, some of them, there are those who serve as the speakers, or what we call the mouth pieces, for them, out there telling you how great your life is and what a wonderful world of opportunity you have, how free you are, and yes, if youll just work a bit harder you too can climb to the top of whatever ladder or whatever mountain top you want to climb, and so on and so on.
    Well guess what, you all know, momentum is now with the light. And so even those who have been managing to hide away, at least hide away some of their most heinous and atrocious deeds, activities, and so on-theyre in the spotlight now, and this is wondrously fabulous news indeed, is it not? The dominoes are falling rapidly. There really isnt much of a place where these ones can hide. You know theyve been banned, or shall we say somewhat restricted. They cannot leave for their other hiding places that they had prepared upon the Moon and upon Mars, and further places away. Those whom they have brainwashed into committing criminal and treasonous acts, and harm and damage, destruction, and yes, suicide the brainwashed ones, are starting to show up. And it is becoming quite apparent that this is an activity that these ones have been engaged in for some time.

    Part 2/3 Galactic Federation Of Light Ashtar May 4/10 2010

    Well, these same dark hats have been doing these dark programs over and over again for eons, centuries, Beloved Ones. So were painting the picture that theyve been pretty powerful, arent we? Guess whos more powerful? Guess whos got the momentum? We do. YOU do, and thats what were doing, were co-creating with you the ultimate Freedom, the Joy, and the Peace on Earth. And along with that comes unlimited abundance for each and every being. Well, we suppose that there are those who might even be able to lose, squander, whatever, the great abundance that is about to come to every person in the world, but we dont see it as really being too likely.
    The next step, by the way, is the money the abundance of money, dollars, yen, or whatever, backed by gold and silver with no more speculation! Values will be set and will be uniform. Paper currency will have gold, silver and precious metals backing it worldwide and there will be no discrepancies or differences in values for traders to become wealthy on. You see, its all going to roll out from the Bank of St Germain.
    The bankers worldwide are in the process of getting their final preparations. We have to mention that among those who have been at the top, there arent too many left except in holographic form. There are some who have been wearing dark hats, they have been what you might call inside people who are now coming forward into the light and revealing that they have been part of the light and been part of the plan for bringing the light all along. They are called white knights, whove had to put dark hats on and now they are coming forward.
    There are some coming forward in your houses of Congress and the Senate. We The People have even gotten a couple of letters from such beings that most of you have never heard of, but its posted. Plus we have the millions of Lightworkers in the human bodies who came with the express purpose of being the early risers, theyve wakened up already; theyre doing their thing, theyre doing their missions. And for those of you who are not quite sure what that is, or are seeming to be on hold, just wait. Its going to get really big and really great! And were all together in this.
    Now, we know, we know, the announcements havent happened yet. Well are you ready for the announcements? What work is there to do to further them along? Well, weve already given you the DVD project. If you have not participated, get with it. Fabulous Fran has been quite busy putting the white light upon the states, the Senators, and the Representatives who have received DVDs, or people who have committed. Get on your telephones, get with your emails, call up your friends, your family, your business associates who live in areas that are not where you are necessarily, but whose Representatives or Senators need to get a DVD. If you are not sure, look up their zip codes. You can go on the fabulous website, www dot we the people for peace dot org, and determine whether their representative has been named or not, because only the ones who have received DVDs are listed there.

    Part 3/3 Galactic Federation Of Light Ashtar May 4/10 2010

    Now, Obama could be quite influential, and we have asked preparations, knowing that we would make a suggestion. And that is you might want to fill up your computer airwaves with emails to Obama. You could simply ask him to call upon us to help. We know this is not exactly in the nature of the way that the announcement was planned to take place, but these are extraordinary circumstances. Again, understand, we will hear you and we will mitigate to the greatest extent possible; we cannot promise to show up in the skies over the Gulf coast of Louisiana and the other states of the United States, but we will do everything we can do. We have to have permission; we have to be called forth.
    So we have asked Fabulous Fran to be ready to give you the way that you can send emails to Obama. Might as well go right to the top because, you may have noticed, hes getting some awards and some kudos from around the world. You have a leader who dares to speak of Love; you have a leader that is so trusting that he will put dark hats front and center so that they can come under the exposure of the spotlights which are upon them.
    He knows the ultimate, believe me he knows that the announcements will be made; he knows that planet Earth is on an Ascension path, dont doubt it. He may at times say or do something that makes you think he is a dark hat but he has been a white hat all along. He has had to play along in order to rise to a position of empowerment where can make a statement such as, No more drilling offshore. He couldnt have done that when he first came into the presidency office, but he sure has done it since.
    Trust. Believe. And if you have some doubts look into your own hearts, Beloved Ones, and see the Love there and see the connections and the communion. And save just a very few minutes of your time, get your energies high and send on wings of Love emails to Obama. So we shall ask fabulous Fran to come to the telephone at this moment so that she can tell you where to send it:, Use the email form on the site to send your message).
    Ah yes, speaking of mothers, shell be with us later, speaking of Mother Sekhmet, in the call but thank you so much to Fabulous Fran. There will be, ah yes, we have some wondrous transcribers even now who will put these words into writing and we shall get them out on the wings of Love through the internet to all of you as fast as they can be prepared. So you will have that address as a reminder in case you need a reminder. Im getting pretty good at this stuff. Well, I had a little help. So thank you so much to the wondrous women who are in this audience tonight [in the room where the call is originating]. We asked them to participate in this co-creation and so they have. So we ask that you do this. Speak directly with us, but also if you can, find it in your hearts to do yet one more Ashtar project, please, please, please get those emails flying on wings of Love and lets see what happens!

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    Post  JesterTerrestrial on Sun May 16, 2010 10:27 am

    Galactic Federation Of Light Uriel May 13 2010

    Through your ascension journey you bring forth new possibilities for connection into the realities you call your life. For each reality you know, there are countless others you have not yet considered. They wait for you to acknowledge your potential, creative power, divinity and mastery. Each new experience is simply new to you, as it has existed in your field of potential for lifetimes, waiting for the right energy to allow it to give birth. These new realities come into being through your heart, as you move energies from the lower chakras into your high heart.

    Living through your heart is a new dimension of being, where all life and every reality exists as a stream of energetic potential. On the material plane and in lower vibrations your heart is experienced as emotions. Within higher dimensions your heart is experienced as pure potential awaiting form. The emotions are always shifting, expecting, demanding and judgmental. Potential is light centered, unwavering, loving, detached and joyful. The emotions are mirrors of the past; potential is held within the present moment.

    Within each of you is the light of God, the spark of divine presence that is waiting to burst into the joyous expression of your true self, that which is held within the still, quiet presence of your heart. When this light is connected to your emotions they expand your reality with the manifestation of your highest potential and you witness the birth of your divinity in human form. Then every aspect of your reality resonates with the light from your heart and you can know heaven on earth. Without light, the emotions stay within their energetic cycles and are limited to their own expression.

    For each limiting emotion you feel there is a heart centered truth you can use to transform it. Anger is lightened by peace, fear by love, sorrow by joy and any limiting illusion into unlimited truth. When you live through your heart you are living fully within your Self, expressing the glory of your divinity and expanding the reality you know into the truth of your dreams. Humanity needs the example of heart-based living so it can see beyond the limitations of its illusions of fear and into the truth of its divinity. Greet each person from your heart, send them light and be the light for the world. As you expand your heart you also expand the earth's energetic matrix and allow it to hold more light, providing human with an ascension paradigm that will guide its unfoldment to the fulfillment of the promise of heaven on earth.

    Galactic Federation Of Light Mother Mary May 13 2010

    There are so many lessons that you choose to learn while you are in human form and many of them can only be learned through contrast as that is how humans learn best, through understanding first what something is not and then learning what it is.

    Think about how you learned about temperature. You learned about hot by experiencing hot. You learned about cold by experiencing cold. You learned that one temperature is really the absence of the other. You learned all of this through contrast. If you did not first know what hot was, you would not understand cold. You need to have something to compare it to for it to make sense to you.

    You live in a world of duality at this time and this is how you learn the easiest based on how human brains work at this time. This is changing, but this is the situation for now.

    You decided what your life lesson was going to be before you came into physical form. This is the case for all of you. Your reason for coming into human form is to learn what it is like to be human and you come into each incarnation with a plan for what you will learn.

    If your main lesson while you are here is to learn about love, you are going to encounter situations that will teach you both what love is and what love is not, for it is not possible in a world of duality to know what something is, like hot, with out knowing what something is not, like cold.

    So, if your main life lesson is love, you will most likely decide to get the more difficult part of this lesson out of the way first and be born into a life situation where you first learn what love is not to learn the absence of love. You may be born into a family that is abusive or neglectful or just does not know how to express love to their children.

    You will spend many years exploring all of the aspects of what love is not. And along the way as you journey through life, you begin to learn lessons of what love is by getting connected to people who can teach you what it is like to really feel loved, to learn in wholeness what love is.

    You can judge this to be learning through situations that are bad or challenging and by learning through situations that are good and enjoyable, but what you have chosen to learn is the entire range of what love is and what love is not. This is the complete lesson about love.

    Galactic Federation Of Light St Germain May 13 2010

    We are in the Wesak New Moon.
    Open your Heart to the tremendous
    energies of Love pouring in from the Ethers
    There are at this time ongoing battles with the
    dark Ones who are playing their last fear cards
    before they leave this game altogether. They have
    been treating life on this Earth as play things.

    This New Moon Energy with Mercury Direct is just what
    we need to cleanse away and contain all that cannot sustain these High
    Energies of Love. The games are over. The dark Ones no longer
    have power here. They may cause inconveniences or aggravations,
    and they will continue to do so as they desparetly try to hide from
    the entire Planet that their bank accounts are completely empty.
    Do love them more, have compassion for them, and thank them for playing this role.

    There is good news for you. As we come into this Great Shift everything will become easier. The Illusion of what the believed reality has been will simply fall away as a moment in time. The joblessness, homelessness, and hunger will be a thing of the past. The Day of Emergence as has been promised by Maitreya is here now. All that has been missing in these lives, will come into being in New Ways which will delight beyond your dreams. At the same time, all of the Illusion of control and oppression will fall away.

    Now this Taurus New Moon with Mercury Direct shine the Light of Trillions of Suns on the Seed which has been planted. The Intensions since the Wesak Full Moon in April are set into play. There is no turning back. Everything on the Planet is being lit with this Bright Light and this Alchemy has every atom absorbing love at faster and faster speeds. The cultivation of the ground has made a ripe gestation for the sprouting of this Buddha Christed Krishna Seed in the New Moon. Everything in this Dimension is One Harmonic Unified Resonance. This new Light, active Love, resets the energy potential in the Master Hologram. This High Energy of Love has the ability to reset the Program in the Matrix. Because we are all connected by electromagnetic pulses within the Earth Grid, we effect each other and every person on Earth with our thoughts and emotions.

    As Earth works with the recent assault on the Seas, do not despair! The Light Source pouring in from the Antimatter Universe, pouring through the Alchemical Emerald Light merging with the Sun at Mercury and pouring in through the solar winds, combining with ions in space, bombard the Seas which heals them. The Forces of Light are working to mitigate the impact. Take in the Light from the Sun everyday and allow it to pass through your third eye, into your heart and down through your feet into Mother Gaia. As you do this, your body cells ignite with these greater fire letters and key codes that heal the cells. This healing in billions of people effects the rivers and effects the Seas as we are all connected electromagnetically through the Force of Mother, the mitichlorians, through Love.
    This Wesak New Moon brings the sprouting of new Forces of Love more powerful than
    any ever seen on this Planet. Be In Joy! Emergence is Here!


    Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa May 14 2010

    Eventually time will wait for no man because certain targets have to be reached to prepare you for Ascension. The cleansing of Earth is vital and necessary to clear your karmic responsibilities to Mother Earth, and we do not really desire to compress too much into the last few months that remain, before the end of 2012. We can do it, but we want you to play an important part in these end times. As you take back your power your energies should be directed towards establishing a new society, that is governed by rules of Law that are both fair and honestly applied. There is much that exists that is not in accordance with such aims, and it is your influence and demands that can change it. Speak up Dear Ones and your voices will be heard, and there will be favorable changes.

    We dearly wish to see you sail through the final days of duality, and for quite some time now you have been given every guidance to see that you do. If you experience difficulties particularly where other people are concerned, please bear in mind that in the time that is left major karmic promises are being played out. These take place with your permission and cooperation, and indeed anyone who is touched by what happens. With a more informed understanding of what it means, you should be prepared for the outcome and able to take it in your stride. If you feel you have been cast as the victim, remember that you agreed to take that role. See it as an opportunity to express yourself as a soul that is leaving behind the old system, where blame is usually apportioned. The lessons for everyone should be apparent, but all are equally involved. When you have acted out your part and the play is over, allow the final curtain to come down on it.

    This lifetime for you is a defining point, to determine whether or not you can progress sufficiently to take the quantum leap forward that is being offered to you. Intent is the first step, and from thereon you should be able to find your own pathway. Your life will change track onto one that carries you into the Light, and you will begin to open up to your true Self. Each of you can rise up, but you will need to set your sights upon what you want, and how you see it manifesting for you. Simply put, you stay within your Light at all times and allow yourself to flow with events. Hopefully you will ride along on the crest of a wave, and sweep all aside that no longer serve your purpose. Change you must, if you wish to follow through and establish a firm path to Ascension.

    Galactic Federation Of Light Archangel Michael May 15 2010

    I am in you the Brotherhood of Light

    And we are here today to pass that came the time to the light in action, and from now on it is no more "time to loose " with speculation interiors.

    We ask the loved ones to focus on only in manifestation of the light and not to lose your will to serve, we are here today to help in increasing your
    predisposition to the sacred work everyday ,in energy and force.

    Decree in favor of the earth and to the brothers who are still asleep as they chose another destination. As your group is called lightworkers We are Light in Action -
    "all the group of lightworkers in the earth" we are here to work together with your hearts and your triune flames and our triune flames they are one. Within the same
    purpose of enlightenment and love for all beings in evolution. We are very pleased with your work of love and we know that you are constantly being testing, do not be
    alarmed as this is for a better improvement of your resolutions. As beings of light on ascension and we're holding hands, we are different beings with the same way.
    With the energy and support of light inside and outside of each one of us (you). In love and light we ask you to do not worry about events, that are to come, in the coming months.

    They are needed as was already stated by the brothers of the command Metratron.

    I know that the brothers are lucid and aware of the importance of the break with the ties of the dark with the humanity and with Gaia.

    At this moment, we only ask you to be on the light, regardless of what happens around you, do not give the rope to the watch of the ego, which produces only nonsense,
    to disperse and make the brothers lose time and energy into sterile creations, which will not serve for nothing. From now on, feel our presences together since the
    unification is done in its latest stages. On the 17th of this month will be the end of the process of unification.

    On behalf of the Brotherhood of ligth I am Archangel Michael and I stay with each one of you for eternity.

    PS: you will meet at 14:00 hours(Brazil time) and be receptive to 15:00 pm, no matter if you have chores, just open your hearts and bind me in your interiors.
    The illusion of the daily duties that is still needed in your life, will not disrupt your direct and intimate contact with the light, even if you are walking down the street,
    going to your jobs, or any other chores. Just connect with us.

    So it is!

    Galactic Federation Of Light Lemurians May 15 2010

    The present energies are most fluctuating, are they not ? The reason being that huge shifts are taking place internally not much has changed in that regard, except that, their intensity has increased what seems like a jolt of extremely dense and dark energy washing over the planet can equally be viewed as a wave of light it is a matter of inner guidance and tuning those times sometimes, more and more, during the same week, or even the same day when one feels ones focus shifting between despair and loveliness quite a lot on our plate.

    What we must realize is that this work is being done as gently as possible with ones perspective of the changes determining, inwardly, what is happening outwardly. Everyone is affected, those who are spiritually open to some degree are able to see, rather feel, the energy fluctuations those who have a different, yet equally valuable, insight will notice it differently conversations can change at the drop of a hat to positive or to dense expressions of pessimistic viewpoints within seconds.

    What is really going on is that our hearts are being activated being in the heart what difference is there in this teaching than 20 or more years ago ? None. This is where one must keep ones vision in order to be as well as possible. In these times of accelerated everything, especially inner shifts the heart will now take the lead, as has always been foretold the analysis of ascension may be useful to some degree but with a heart connected to the Divine one knows one is provided with the exact ingredients for ones own ascension.





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    Post  JesterTerrestrial on Sun May 16, 2010 10:21 pm

    Galactic Federation Of Light Saul May 16 2010

    When life throws you a curved ball, embrace it! Nothing in your life happens by chance; every event you experience has been planned and has a purpose. However, while you remain immersed in the illusion, it is very difficult for you to perceive this, let alone understand what it is trying to show you. This is OK!

    You planned your life paths very carefully prior to incarnating to provide you with the lessons you chose to learn, knowing that when they occurred you would not understand them. Within your limited state of human consciousness, understanding of that order is impossible because the lives of all humans affect each other in myriad incomprehensible ways.

    Apart from the fact that you can never be alone — because God and your spiritual support team are always with you — you also incarnated as part of a group whose purpose is to help one another achieve their spiritual aims and goals. This is an energy network to which you each belong, and even though you may never physically meet or come in contact with a very large number of those in your group, the way you live, the beliefs you hold, the activities in which you engage, and the attitudes that you demonstrate affect all of you.

    If you had knowledge of that it would be impossible for you to follow your chosen path because you would be constantly concerned about your standing and your affect on your group. Your paths are all perfectly planned so that the necessary interactions will occur at exactly the right moment, allowing you total freedom to choose an appropriate response in the moment, as it occurs. Depending on your stage of spiritual growth, and the needs of the others in the group, a selection of options from which to choose your response will occur to you, and whichever one you use will enable all of you to make progress in your human learning process.

    Remember that everything you think, say, and do affects many others apart from yourself, and for the most part you will get minimal feedback or awareness of the real effect that you have had in any situation.

    Egos may clash, or agree, but their influence in the greater scheme of your incarnational group is tiny, because ego-driven or ego-guided activities and responses just distract you from your true life purpose. They bog you down in an emotional swamp, where you find yourselves apparently needing to attack others or defend yourselves from the attacks of others, and in which judgment, blame, and condemnation of others wrong views and behaviors must be encouraged and promoted — to bring peace!

    Galactic Federation Of Light Kuthumi May 16 2010

    I am Kuthumi of the Great White Brotherhood, the Council of Light. I come in answer to my messengers call to answer this question from one desiring to remember.

    I thank you for this question as my answer will assist many in this time of remembrance. Firstly I must explain that you are all souls as you travel the dimensions and the great web of Light. You are inter dimensional beings of light. The body you use is simply an overcoat. Yes, an overcoat which houses your entirety of bodies including the power centre's and your personality.

    When you breathe your final breath, an aspect of you rises to the next plane of vibration, the next dimension. The silver cord which has held you to your physical body is broken. There can be no going back once this occurs.

    You are met with much light energy, and all aspects of you are united at this point. The memories of the personality are incorporated into the soul memory, the akashic records.

    The physical body is discarded for its purpose is done and the physical matter returns to the Earth. No material possession can travel with you as you cross. All is left behind. After all, you were only the guardian of those things. You only possessed them for a speck of time. You see now where your true treasure lies. How much light energy do you bring with your soul? Have you stored your riches in Heaven or Earth?

    And let me ask you, what do you call Heaven. Do you think it here in my realm, far away from you. Out of reach. Do you think it is bargained for?
    My friend, I tell you truth. Listen to my words, please. Heaven is available to you now right now on your planet. You do not need to wait until you pass over, no. I will tell you the secret. It is you who creates your own Heaven, yes indeed. It is so. Some of you may be disbelieving of me. To those I say, open your eyes, open your heart. Seek truth.

    Heaven is not far away from you. It is true in other dimensions you are able to create at will but only if your heart is open, loving and your soul light strong and radiant. For it is then that you are open and flow with the Source. So you can create anything with a pure desire, a thought. For no negative emotion resides here. I spoke previously of your shadow self, the final challenge to overcome. Now I tell you of the rewards when you overcome that challenge. This is possible to accomplish now on your Earth plane.

    Seek to raise your own vibration. Allow another the responsibility for themselves. Turn away from all lower vibrations and emotions. As you do this you begin to store your riches in Heaven. You understand every physical instrument you use is only yours for a time, to make your journey on Earth easier.

    You cannot take anything with you. Therefore live simply, in peace. Respect all life. Grow in light, in truth.

    As you so this, you go through a transformation process. You begin to create your own Heaven. As I have said in previous teachings, light, carried within the soul is the only energy you bring with you when you cross over. This is your treasure.

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    Post  CetaceousOne on Mon May 17, 2010 12:21 am

    So, if your main life lesson is love, you will most likely decide to get
    the more difficult part of this lesson out of the way first and be born
    into a life situation where you first learn what love is not to learn
    the absence of love. You may be born into a family that is abusive or
    neglectful or just does not know how to express love to their children.

    You will spend many years exploring all of the aspects of what love is not.
    And along the way as you journey through life, you begin to learn
    lessons of what love is by getting connected to people who can teach you
    what it is like to really feel loved, to learn in wholeness what love is.

    This really resonates wth me and my experiences this time around....

    Thanks for posting these for our consideration J.T! Galactic Federation Of Light - Audio Updates - Page 3 Icon_biggrin

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    Post  Nebula on Mon May 17, 2010 11:07 am

    JesterTerrestrial wrote:
    Galactic Federation Of Light Archangel Michael May 15 2010

    I am in you the Brotherhood of Light

    And we are here today to pass that came the time to the light in action, and from now on it is no more "time to loose " with speculation interiors.

    We ask the loved ones to focus on only in manifestation of the light and not to lose your will to serve, we are here today to help in increasing your
    predisposition to the sacred work everyday ,in energy and force.

    Decree in favor of the earth and to the brothers who are still asleep as they chose another destination. As your group is called lightworkers We are Light in Action -
    "all the group of lightworkers in the earth" we are here to work together with your hearts and your triune flames and our triune flames they are one. Within the same
    purpose of enlightenment and love for all beings in evolution. We are very pleased with your work of love and we know that you are constantly being testing, do not be
    alarmed as this is for a better improvement of your resolutions. As beings of light on ascension and we're holding hands, we are different beings with the same way.
    With the energy and support of light inside and outside of each one of us (you). In love and light we ask you to do not worry about events, that are to come, in the coming months.

    They are needed as was already stated by the brothers of the command Metratron.

    I know that the brothers are lucid and aware of the importance of the break with the ties of the dark with the humanity and with Gaia.

    At this moment, we only ask you to be on the light, regardless of what happens around you, do not give the rope to the watch of the ego, which produces only nonsense,
    to disperse and make the brothers lose time and energy into sterile creations, which will not serve for nothing. From now on, feel our presences together since the
    unification is done in its latest stages. On the 17th of this month will be the end of the process of unification.

    On behalf of the Brotherhood of ligth I am Archangel Michael and I stay with each one of you for eternity.

    PS: you will meet at 14:00 hours(Brazil time) and be receptive to 15:00 pm, no matter if you have chores, just open your hearts and bind me in your interiors.
    The illusion of the daily duties that is still needed in your life, will not disrupt your direct and intimate contact with the light, even if you are walking down the street,
    going to your jobs, or any other chores. Just connect with us.

    So it is!


    I really resonated with this message. JT! thanks for posting it.



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    Post  hippihillbobbi on Tue May 18, 2010 9:10 am

    Thanks as ever, JT.


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    Post  JesterTerrestrial on Wed May 19, 2010 7:43 am

    Well there sure are a lot of messages. And there are also some very amazing things said in them. Much has resonated as true to me as I listen to them and I do feel that these few here im about to post are very intresting as usual...PEACE!!! ON THIS PLANET!!!

    Galactic Federation Of Light Ashtar May 17 2010

    As you continue to rededicate yourself each day to your Mission
    on the Ground Crew, look around for new practices you may add.
    Chanting, yoga, tai chi, walking in nature, sungazing, a new lighter
    diet, meditation, etheric traveling, gardening and all forms of keeping your
    Temple healthy. The body protects the Temple of the Soul. The Human Suit
    needs love and daily care. It needs exercise and it needs rest.
    Everything in balance.
    As you add new habits, be consistent. Keep at it day and day out. Allow time
    for new habits to gel as Lifestyle. Consider vegetarianism. Ask for your nutrients to
    come in through the Etheric Body. Drink pure water, loads of it.
    Here is something to try:
    Sit cross-legged on the ground. If you are able, do this outside under a tree.
    Breath deeply.
    Imagine a central shaft running from your crown to your perineum.
    See the energy flows through your bottom from the Earth out the Crown to the Universe.
    Now as you breathe feel the energies coming in from the Earth flooding your energy centers up to your Heart. Hold the Energy coming into the Heart, up from the Earth in your Heart Center, allow it to swirl in and pool there for 5 deep breaths.
    Allow Sunlight from Father Alcyone to pour into your Third Eye and see it shines on the Energy held in the Heart. Allow the Mother Energy from Earth, coming up from the Base Chakra of Conception to combine with the Pure Consciousness of Father from the Sun pouring into your Third Eye. These Energies combine in your Heart and now allow them to flow up through the Crown. These energies float out to the Universe.
    As you do this, you infuse everything around you with more Love. This will effect all living things around you. This Love touches the soil, the grass, the trees, the air, the water, the birds, animals, people, nanites, sun, moon and sky.
    The next time you practice this technique, as you bring in the energies from the Earth, it will be an energy which holds more Love. Continuing this practice changes the World. As you inhale Love from Earth and exhale Love to Universe, you circulate more and more Love. Soak in Peace. Be Peace. Be Love.
    Try this each day and be sure to dedicate your practice to a person or situation.

    Galactic Federation Of Light Archangel Michael May 15 17 2010

    At this frequency, the planets ascension is imminent. As I have said in several prior transmissions, the earth IS ascending. Her process if undisputed and so, those of you who are in vibrational alignment with her will arrive in this new dimension at certain point in the process. Furthermore, there will be the creation of a energetic connection; with an ability due to the shared energies of the new and old earth, for those who awaken and continue their process beyond the earths tipping point, to transmit themselves there as well. This window will not be open for a lengthy period of time—the energetic requirements to ensure safe transmission are substantial and this window will only remain open for a short while in an effort to liberate those who are close but not yet aligned with the planet at the point of her ascension. (How much time is not too long?) Oh a decade or twoits variable. As many of you that are ascending arrive in the Terra Nova (the new land/new earth), much of the supportive energies for ascension will no longer be on the planet which will itself exist in a parallel dimension--nothing will be lost. Only those with a clear and strong inner connection to all-that-is and direct communication with their non-physical guides will have the focus and clarity to complete their transaction for ascension. And this too is uncertainall that is certain is the intention to hold this opening available for as long as possible, but once it becomes nearly impossible for humans to make this transmission, the connection will fade.

    This new land is an energetic frequency within the universe which is held and already in contact with your planet. The placeholders are energized and sustained by the beliefs of many of you, and initially and continually by the ascended masters and those who Sananda has brought together for the purpose of creating the geometric and energetic structures which are connecting with the earth and which will welcome and merge with her at the point of change when she transmits into her new fifth dimensional frequency entirely.

    You will awaken in the world you know, and yet it will be magical and transformed entirely. It is a blessed and amazing moment and will not escape your notice! No you will feel it coming and when you arrive everything will be heightened, clearer, and especially the radiance and the way things look will take on a totally new experience within your physical form as the ability to see beyond this single incarnation into the soul dimension of others—people, plants, weather—soul energies and timeless energies will be visible and available and the fluid which is light flowing between and within all of you in one unified swirling mix will be discretely felt and understood. This will be the basis for much crying, hand holding, hugging, smiling, laughing, weeping, dancing and all other forms of delight. Celebration will be contagious and extended.

    Galactic Federation Of Ligh & The Pleiadian Councl of Light May 17 2010


    As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

    We see that you sit at an intersection of whom you once were and who you shall become. You read the roadmap of your past actions and reactions and expect to find the future in those schematics. You see where you have fallen and none have picked you up. You see where you have allowed yourself to be emotionally strangled into a place of limited breathing and limited acceptance of air into your lungs. You wait for the world to exhale so that you can breathe in what it good, what is grand and what is your purpose. The carbon monoxide of others thoughts and negativities waif through the air that surrounds you so you breathe shallowly, you inhale less possibility.

    In the fullness of time, we appear to be seen by heart and inner eye. In the fullness of light we stand in front of all shadows, all doubts, and all fears. In the fullness of heart we enter gently as the family and friends of light gather to show their love, their appreciation, their acceptance of you into their hearts. We are the Pleiadian Council of Light. We work within the sacred geometry of humanitys outpost. We represent the schematics of what is human and humanoid of nature.

    You try to escape what is too human, what has become undone, what has become frayed. you now enter a corridor of time where situations that were once hidden and covered from your eyes are exposed. The time period for looking and examining your life so closely with hairline precision comes to an end. The choices of the last two years brought you fully into a place of belief or doubt. The last two years of time have asked you to look at the vulnerability of your humanness, of your flesh, of your desire to stay or to leave the outskirts of earth. In the last two years you have questioned God. You have asked does that big G God exist or this world justified by the all the little g gods? You have faltered in the storms, you have faltered in the choices and you have faltered in the quickening. Time elapses and lapses upon itself. All that you have learned comes to an Apex of reforming your thoughts, your intentions and clarifying what still lingers in your heart, mind or soul.

    Galactic Federation Of Light Archangel Michael May 17 2010

    Dear children of Light it is time of the foundry of the threefold flame of divine love in your hearts ,chakra base and
    pineal glands.

    I humbly hope for the Lightworkers get off of your ignorance of the ego and look within your hearts.

    Nude of dense vibrations and polemics calamities produced by the ego and false believes of superiority, who inflates
    inside of your universe of light, which materialized in the flesh.
    Your body is a temple of divine light,and from today you are being called to transmit the vibration of the truth through
    your hearts uninterrupted through the syllables "metalized " or "verbalized" of OD - ER - IM - IS - AL .
    In earlier infusions I led you to anchor in full force the divine fire and from now on it is your responsibility of work
    verbalizing the decrees and doing your sacred internalization.
    You can do mentally,but the ideal is to do with the hands how we already teach you and if is possible with a crystal in
    the center of your hands and verbalize with the intention of love and light so you will emanate a light with a divine triple
    action of light and love.

    As I was saying, we are not more take your hands and we do not drive you like a small and uninformed child because
    you are not. Now you know the truth and know that you are a being of light,and you know of your responsibility as
    lightworkers and this goes for all human race without exception, even the brothers who chose other ways because
    they are also aware on the interiors transformations of our beloved Gaia.
    Beloved from now onwards the divine order of you heart is to produce more light, more peace and more love,
    how much more you can do and ignore the voice of your ego and embrace the light that lives within you that is
    in whole steam and is present in the middle of you.

    Now I will infuse a little more of ultraviolet energy within your hearts........

    Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa May 17 2010

    With the feeling that you never have sufficient time each day to do everything you want, it is not surprising that Man is generally seen as being impatient. Considering that your expectations have been lifted many times without seeing the predicted results, we commend you for exercising great fortitude and looking ahead to the time of completion. All said and done, the whole purpose of all that is taking place is directed towards a satisfactory conclusion to the cycle of duality. Your time in it has all but finished and yet in the remaining period, you will see the most rapid succession of events that at times will take your breath away. In truth you have been steadily making your way towards Ascension for many, many years. The recent ones have promised much without visible signs of progress, yet all of the time you have been edging nearer to the inevitable changes that must take place. Now you are experiencing the chaos that comes with the cleansing of the old systems, and at times it has unfortunate consequences. However, it is the prelude to the introduction of new ways of handling the problems that have developed. Be assured that all will turn out to your satisfaction, and in many instances far exceed your expectations.

    We stand at the ready and are urging our allies to push on, and they do so having received assurance of our assistance at every turn. We do far more in this way than may be evident, and a most important function is the continual monitoring of Mother Earth. We ensure there is an ongoing balance to avoid extreme consequences, and are particularly concerned with the areas subject to earthquake activity. We can accurately predict where and when they may occur, and although we cannot interfere with necessary changes we can lessen their effects. We have for many years going far back into the last century, dealt with many problems arising from pollution and nuclear fall-out. We have limited contamination to avoid as far as possible genetic damage to the future generations. However, Man uses various energies to power his inventions that radiate out damaging rays to your health. Most of this is known to you, but little notice is taken by those who profit from them. Our technologies will deal with these problems, and we will introduce you to clean, healthy and safe devices.

    Galactic Federation Of Light Master Hilarion May 16 2010

    Beloved Lightworkers of the World,

    Long has it been since each of you have felt good in your daily lives, for all about you now, the changes and transformations are taking place. Your bodies are enduring a great pressure and this translates into high emotions and eruptions that leave you feeling that you have not gained an iota of Light quotient for a very long time. Dear Ones, this is the Ascension process, this is how your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies become purified so that you may rise into the higher dimensions. In days of long ago, this was accomplished by living a solitary life with full focus on this process, in this now time, this process is occurring within each Human upon the Planet and it is happening continuously without ceasing. The only way out is within, for the answer to greater comfort and ease lies within your Being.

    As you strive to reconnect to the balanced Being you once were, before the advent of the greater energies that are now being poured upon the Earth, remember that you are in the forefront of this process, you are the volunteers who chose to come at this time to go through the same process as each Being upon the Earth and also to rise up and increase the Light quotient within the mass consciousness grid. This you are doing, Beloved Ones, even though you seemingly have had no input to add to the Light quotient, for you yourselves ARE the Light and by participating in this process, you are overcoming all the illusions of Humanity and will soon stand in the full Light of your Greater Selves. Take heart, Dear Ones, and be compassionate to yourselves and others. This is a very testing time for all upon the Planet and much of the accumulated dross of the ages is being released, transmuted and transformed.

    Each of you knows intrinsically that this is the service you came to perform and that somehow you would instinctively work your way through it, and you are. Hold to your visions of the highest good and greatest outcome for the Earth and all upon Her and it shall be so. Even if for just 5 minutes every day, invoke the Light of God that never fails and send it forth through yourselves out into the World around you, to heal and bless all within your radius of influence. This helps more than you can imagine, Beloved Ones, for it is your Light that is the grounding force upon the Earth and that Light is very much needed. Stay the course, Dear Hearts, keep ever at your task, put in your best efforts each day. That is all that can be asked of you in these times. Your intentions are more powerful than you can fathom at this time so practice setting your intentions on paper and repeating these each morning, preferably at the same time each morning. This will assist in bringing to you that which you truly desire and will also assist you in leaving behind all that does not resonate with the greater Light coming through you.

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    Post  Carol on Fri May 28, 2010 4:53 pm

    Given how this situation has continued to play itself out Mercuriel and I have decided to place the 3 threads (GFLight, GFLies and GFLDebate) into 3 seperate forums with posting restriction for a few members regarding the GFLight and GFLlies thread. Anyone can post in the GFLDebate thread. The originator of a thread will have access to their own GFL thread.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Post  CetaceousOne on Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:51 pm

    This particular message is really tickling my ear.... Galactic Federation Of Light - Audio Updates - Page 3 Icon_bounce

    Message from SaLusa for 18 June 2010

    The waiting game continues and we are exerting more pressure than
    ever on the dark Ones, to withdraw from the impossible situation they
    are in. If they persist in their ways and continue to cause turmoil, we
    shall exercise our prerogative to force them out. Not physical force,
    but measures that will allow us to dictate to them the manner in which
    they will be removed. Circumstances are such that we are yearning to
    start working with you, to tackle your immediate problems. We are of
    course acting behind the scenes, so be assured matters will not be
    allowed to get out of hand.

    The only consolation for you is that the longer it takes for us to
    get started, the more people are turning to the Light. That helps raise
    your mass consciousness levels which is guaranteed to take you nearer to
    Ascension. After all, your upliftment is the whole point of what is
    taking place, and many great Beings are close to Earth to speed the
    process up. It is going well and to expectations, and will accelerate
    once the plan for Ascension can get fully under way. How near you are to
    such wonderful events, and it is our wish that Disclosure comes very
    soon. It just needs such a thing to start the ball rolling, and it will
    open the way for many changes.

    At present, where the Gulf Oil spill is concerned it has awakened the
    public to the dangers of drilling for oil on the seabed. As a result
    the call for it to be stopped is growing, and as we have so often
    pointed out, you have power if sufficient of you get together. The
    positive energy arising from it will find a way of manifesting what is
    called for, even if it shall take a little time. We are on one level
    ready to respond to that request, and are well equipped to clear up the
    mess quite quickly. First however we see the likelihood that BP will be
    given more time to rectify the situation. However, it must not take much
    longer as the environment is already badly affected. So let us see what
    the outcome is, and as we do we will be waiting in the wings for our call.

    When we tell you all of your problems will be solved, we mean that
    precisely. It cannot be done overnight, but one of the priorities is to
    organise abundance so that eventually no one is without sustenance.
    Since we observe your whole world we know where the worst cases of
    poverty and decay exist, where basic needs are not covered and medical
    services barely exist. We will deal with those urgent problems very
    quickly, and what we want to see is living standards lifted up. The
    Illuminati have persistently ignored these conditions, and have kept
    people down deliberately as part of their population cleansing. The
    poisoning of the earth, airways and seas is just one part of their plan
    but it will not succeed as they intended. We have constantly monitored
    these situations, and have unbeknown to you ensured that the affects are
    watered down.

    It is as well you know about our activities, as we are certainly not
    idle and simply waiting around for First Contact. We have so to say,
    nursed you along for many years and we talk in terms of thousands and
    not just hundreds of years. This is the type of service the Galactic
    Federation are involved in all over the Universe. It gives us such joy
    and satisfaction to help other civilisations, as they make their way
    towards the Light. If you have the urge to also serve in that way, we
    can assure you that the opportunity will be given to you in the near
    future. Some of you are in any event returning to your Space families in
    a happy re-union on your home planet. Your lives will change beyond
    recognition, and of course all to the good and fitting for souls that
    have ascended.

    Do not lose sight of your expectations and keep them in focus, and
    that will carry you through some turbulent periods that are still to
    come. Bear in mind that some souls have planned to leave the Earth
    before the end time, and they will carry little or no trauma with them.
    Once in the Astral regions much attention and caring is given, to ensure
    a prompt return to normality. Illnesses, disabilities or injuries will
    no longer exist, and if they do it is only in the persons mind. In other
    words, you have the power of thought to overcome them. There are
    different astral levels, but most souls will find themselves in what is
    known to some as the Summerland. It is Dear Ones a matter of where your
    vibrations fit in, and if they are very low there are levels that are
    almost devoid of Light. You would automatically be drawn to the one that
    resonated to your vibrations. Hence, if you raise your vibrations upon
    Earth, you will be one of those who will go to the higher dimensions
    upon Ascension.

    Can you believe that you are approaching the half-year point already,
    and if anyone still doubted that time is speeding up what more proof
    could they have wished for. You are moving out of linear time and will
    leave behind all of the irritating aspects it causes you. You
    continually race against the clock, which rules your lives, and how nice
    it will be when you are free from its restrictions. In the future you
    will be free to move around from one place to another, into the past, or
    forward into the future and your experiences will be quite different to
    now. Life will be exciting and full of challenges, as there is so much
    to discover that is outside of your present existence. On the other hand
    life on Earth is hardly dull but it is hard work to make progress, and
    you have little time for personal pursuits. The playing field is not
    level, and some people have utterly boring lives barely scraping a
    living but for all that it is a chosen experience. Yet others have
    wealth and every comfort money can buy, yet it does not ensure
    happiness. Is there perhaps a lesson to be learnt from the contrasting
    lives people have, and isn’t it true that everyone seeks a happy and
    fulfilling life. That my friends will come with Ascension for absolute
    certainty so put your present troubles aside and do not let them get you

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius and enjoy the moments when I can lift you up.
    There is after all so much to look forward to, and the pathway of Light
    will open up very soon. With your knowledge, you can also help others
    to get through the remaining months of this cycle. We wish everyone knew
    of the Golden Age that is almost upon you, one that brings Love and
    Light and your release from the pull of the lower vibrations. An Age
    that is a tribute to the love and glory of God, and The Creator.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

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    Here are a couple new ones...there were just to many to keep posting...check the youtube channel to see updates for yourself if your interested...all posted as is. As always...your own intuition is required in every moment of your life!!! Peace JT!

    You hear from many sources that your reality is an illusion, yet for you it is quite real as you experience the physicality of the 3rd. dimension. Yet it is an illusion inasmuch that it is not your true reality. For that reason it has been correctly referred to as an experiment, which you willingly offered to take part in. The consciousness of All That Is which you refer to as the Creator, desired to know how its godsparks would deal with separation as experienced in duality. You part in it is drawing to a close as the cycle ends, and unless you wish to continue experiencing in the lower dimensions you will be lifted up again. Subconsciously you have memories of your time in the higher dimensions, and that is why for most of you that idea of Ascension is welcomed. Some souls have become so used to your present dimension, that they cannot imagine anything better and are fearful of change. Problems arise about what will happen to your family and friends, and naturally you have concern for their wellbeing. Be assured that each soul has its own path to follow, and whilst you may come together in families that is not a permanent arrangement. You attract each other because you have certain experiences you desire, and all of you benefit from the family set up. Of course there are some beautiful loving relationships, and it is most likely you will meet again in subsequent lives. Even in those that prove volatile, there are often souls that already know each other and because of the love they have, will sacrifice it for the purpose of helping each of them to evolve. Believe it or not, once you return to the "other side" your earthly experiences can be put aside, and love returns between those who were at loggerheads on Earth with each other.

    What we are trying to do is get you to see how little your time on the Earth resembles your true abode. In duality it is of course a challenge most of the time because of the absence of Light, although that is quickly changing as you create a pathway of Light to Ascension. However, because of the contrast between the dark and Light, you do have some illuminating experiences that can be most ecstatic and uplifting. The Earth is certainly the place to test yourself, and indeed that is the very reason you took the challenge on. If you wish you can sit on a cloud and play your harp for all eternity, but there is so much you can do to bring knowledge and understanding to yourself. You are naturally always seeking and expanding your Light, as you make your way back to the higher dimensions. As ascended Beings we are also still searching, and we have the Galaxy within which to have new experiences. Join us and we shall travel far and wide, and home will be wherever we station ourselves as we take it with us. We refer of course to the gigantic Mother Ships that are like enormous cities, and provide for your every need.

    We want you to be excited at the thought of becoming Galactic Beings, because that will be your future selves when you have become fully conscious Beings. The plan already exists for your growth into such a Being, and you will be overjoyed at the prospect once you know the details. We will participate in your advancement, and Ascension is the first real step towards it. In time your lives in duality will seem so distant, that the memories will soon be forgotten. After all you are ascending with the new Earth in all its beauty and fully restored to its pristine condition, so why indeed would you want to think of her in other way. There is of course beauty on Earth now, but it is a pale reflection of what she will soon be, so you have some idea of what splendors are in store for you.

    Greetings, We are the Arcturians,

    Sometimes the information that you receive from your higher expression of SELF comes in an "out of time" fashion. This type of higher dimensional communication confuses your ego/self, which allows your Soul/SELF to more easily take charge.

    In fact, since traveling through the NOW of our Corridor, you may be experiencing increasing confusion about your position in time and space. The past is fading into a distant memory and feeling more like a past life than your present life. This is because your future life is now your present life.

    Yes, you are NOW the fifth dimensional being that you wished to become. Of course, you are not just fifth dimensional, for you are multidimensional. However, your consciousness, beliefs, expectations and perceptions have switched from being just third dimension, to being also fourth dimension. Now, you are concurrently having experiences of your fifth dimensional SELF.

    The confusing part is that you still live in a third dimensional life in which you "work," take care of your responsibilities and live in your earth vessel. This earth vessel lives in your earth home and takes time to travel through space in your car vessel. You are becoming many beings all at once. Each dimensional expression of your SELF is living within the appropriate frequency vessel to calibrate your consciousness to the beliefs, expectations, and perceptions of that frequency of reality.


    By day, you likely appear to be a "normal" physical person. Then, by night you are having increasingly lucid dreams about other realities, activities and people. Just to keep you "awake" to your SELF, you are also having flashes of BEING fifth dimensional. In these moments of the NOW you are able to believe that you have an expression of your SELF that resonates to the fifth dimension.

    Because of this belief, you expect to have conscious experiences of this frequency band of your Multidimensional SELF. Your expectation then directs your perceptions to catch a glimpse of your fifth dimensional reality through the corner of your eye. Furthermore, your expanded perceptions are all coming online.

    At first, they frightened you. Or, you became so excited about your ESP experiences, that you actually "shut them off" by falling out of the fifth dimensional Flow and back into the "real world." Oh, but what is the "real world" now? Is the real world the one in which there is horrible damage being done to Gaia's precious ocean while fear runs so strong that the Elementals must express it through weather and "natural disasters?"

    On the other hand, these disasters are not "natural," for they are the direct result of humanity's fear, anger, greed and need to control others—whatever the cost is to the planet. This need for power over others is the final battle of polarity before the Center, the Fulcrum Point in-between the extremes, can be found.


    You are discovering that if you can stay relaxed and believe in your SELF, your newly activated Multidimensional Operating System can easily download and integrate your fifth dimensional perceptions into your earth vessel. Once this download and integration has been completed, you will need to "restart" your computer/brain.

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    Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa July 19 2010

    Fame and wealth are looked upon as an achievement to be desired; yet so often they are difficult to handle. Your privacy which you value is intruded upon and literally your life is not your own. Some people are prepared to withstand such a loss, and live out their make believe lives in circumstances that are no guarantee of happiness. Show business is surrounded by glamour and the need for success, and failure is often experienced with inconsolable grief. So who can lead a so-called ordinary life and find happiness and satisfaction. The majority of people are in lives where they struggle to make ends meet, or even to survive. Yet some manage to find a purpose in life that does give satisfaction, and it is through serving others. When you have found a way to help others, it gives an inner feeling of having discovered a true path, that allows you to express your love and experience fulfillment.

    There is within each one of you a desire to love and be loved; yet not everyone can express that in terms of freely giving of themselves. The energy of love is powerful and can work miracles, and costs you nothing to share with others. When it is given without seeking reward, and with no conditions you are well on the way to being able to give unconditional love. That indeed should be the goal you are working towards, and if you struggle to achieve it do not be too concerned. With the ever-increasing upliftment of the vibrations you will naturally attract higher energy to yourself, and it will become much easier to hold the love vibration. Everyone can work towards such levels, and those that are successful rarely seek fame or gain beyond what is necessary for their immediate requirements. Lightworkers know their life plan and are not distracted by the search for fame, although it sometimes comes with success. It is knowing how to control it that prevents it from taking over your life, so that you can continue with full focus on your work.

    Service to others is not necessarily seen as an attractive occupation, yet its rewards are manifold. You cannot take anything with you when you complete your life plan, but you will have the inner growth and joy of having spent it in a beneficial way. It does not require that you become one of the leading lights, and every contribution however small helps uplift the level of the mass consciousness. The capitalist way of thinking tends to promote greed, but there are of course some successful people who because they are blessed that way, do not forget to share their wealth. Because of it they sometimes achieve exceptional levels of generosity, but it is not the amount that is important but the thought behind it. This is exemplified by the biblical story of the widow's mite, as she gave when her needs were as great as anyone else's.

    Part 1 Of 2 Galactic Federation Of Light Saint Germain July 19 2010

    I Am Beloved Master Teacher Saint Germain, and I come today with a
    message of Awakening. This is an important time on earth, for She is in
    her final stages of labor, She is getting ready to push, and with Her
    pushing will come the death of the old world and the birth of the new
    World. We wish for You to look upon what is happening in this way, for
    perhaps it will not seem so violent if You do. Giving birth to new life
    can be painful, in fact, it is what You on earth expect. You do not
    believe that giving birth can be easy, yet We assure You, it can be...
    and there was a time many centuries ago when it was, however, those
    days are no more and You all hold the belief that birth must come with
    great pain. It is for this reason You are experiencing this transition
    into the Higher Dimensions with such physical pain in Your own bodies.
    There is always another way, and letting go of what no longer serves
    You does not need to be painful. However, You do not believe that
    things can be easy. You hold fast to Your belief that life is hard.
    Truly, it is Your belief in suffering that carries You on Your journey
    here on earth.
    We come now with a Message, and it is that each and every one of You
    are a midwife to the birth of The New World. You say how? How can
    we do anything? We have told You this for many hundreds of years, and
    We come to You now with the same message today;
    The time of critical mass is drawing close, Dear Ones, and while it
    would seem that You are to put Your focus and attention on the world
    and all of its problems, that is not WHAT YOU ARE TO DO. We know that
    this, in and of itself, will cause some of You to shudder and question
    the validity of this message. But, if You truly understand the world
    You are living in and the power You have, You will KNOW this is TRUTH.
    The world You are seeing with Your eyes is not real. It is illusion!!!
    YOU MUST GET THIS SOON, Dear Ones, the time is critical for this lesson
    to be learned. The world You see is a projection of Your own mind, and
    the thoughts You think are what You see in Your world. The POWER YOU
    POSSESS IS IN YOUR MIND. The war You are fighting is not of the
    physical, it is not over material possessions or of an earthly nature,
    the war is in YOUR MIND. Your mind is the battlefield and Your emotions
    are the ammunition!! PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. This message is vital for
    tipping the scales in the favor of LOVE and LIGHT.
    You are being attacked at a mental level, by thoughts and images
    projected at You as mind bombs of FEAR. Your mind and Your emotions are
    what is at stake here, and they are using Your own thoughts and
    emotions as ammunition to destroy You. Your world will be born anew,
    and She will exist for You on another plane of Higher Consciousness,
    YOU WILL BE LEFT HERE. This is not to scare You, this is to let You
    know that You are not fighting against BP, You are not fighting to save
    Ones, that is the distraction they want You to focus on! Your focus of
    Your bombs are of LOVE, Your holy land is in Your own mind. You must
    protect Your minds from the images and thoughts being thrown at You
    from every level and angle. We are here to help You, and in order for
    You to know what You are to do, You must know what You are fighting
    for and what Your ammo is. You are fighting for the freedom to think
    and use Your mind as You wish, and You are fighting with a Higher
    Vibrational Energy than they are, LOVE.

    Part 2 Of 2 Galactic Federation Of Light Saint Germain July 19 2010

    Many times We have used this analogy, but it is simple and it cannot be
    more simple so that everyone can understand. Imagine You are looking in
    the mirror. You see a reflection of Your self in the mirror. The
    reflection shows a pimple on Your face. Now, upon seeing this pimple,
    do You reach to the mirror and try to pick at it? No ,You address the
    sore where it exists on Your face! The reflection is simply showing
    You what is coming from within You. The same is true for the world You
    live in and see around You. Some things are completely personal to You,
    because they are an animated expression or reflection of Your own mind,
    or, there is something traumatic and catastrophic that is happening on
    a global scale, such as the Gulf oil spill. You may say, I didn't
    create that! I didn't have any such thoughts about the gulf, or oil
    spills before that happened." The truth of the matter, is that the
    collective mind is the catch all for all the negative thoughts and
    emotions You send out, and if the mass mind is collectively negative
    about being powerless to the oil tycoons, then Yes! You did help to
    manifest this disaster! The first step to healing is taking
    responsibility for what You have contributed, whether that is
    constantly complaining every time You fill Your gas tank, or whether
    You have had to sacrifice some recreation because gas prices have made
    You poor. All of it expands in Your reality the more You focus on the
    illusion. Energy flows where attention goes. This is a simple enough
    law to understand and live by, isn't it? Yes, it requires discipline of
    the mind and an earnest desire to live a life that You have co-created
    with Source Energy, but, Dear Ones, this is Your Power. While You must
    address the effect, You must not put all of Your attention and focus
    there. Cleaning up the Gulf is much much different than focusing more
    damaging amounts of negative energy back into the collective mind, by
    hating BP and those focused on destroying the earth. You think You are
    being pro-active for change by hating what is in front of You, but The
    Law of Attraction is here to teach You that what You hate or send
    energy to, no matter what the vibration, You are calling for in Your
    experience. You are not helping Beloved Gaia by sending hateful
    thoughts and emotions to the people You feel are the villains! You are
    not victims, Dear Children, You are the co-creators!! As soon as You
    realize this, You will have made a tremendous shift in Your
    consciousness. You must control Your thoughts and emotions!
    The Law of Attraction was not introduced into Your thought stream so
    that You could use it to manifest more material possessions and fulfill
    Your greedy and selfish ways. The Law of Attraction was introduced into
    Your mental streams of consciousness so You could harness the power of
    it to change Your world and use it, not for personal gain, but for
    GLOBAL ABUNDANCE and ASCENSION. Materialism is what the old program
    would want You to use it for. Your Higher Self has a completely
    different agenda for the use of The Law of Attraction. If Like attracts
    Like, through the power of intention, thought, and positive emotion,
    how can You apply this Law to undo what You have done?? What could You
    intend to attract that would benefit the world and GAIA, as her
    midwives??? This is Your tool for helping her birth the new world, and
    You are using it to Your own selfish gain. Wake Up Dear people of earth
    and realize You are not HUMAN BEINGS, You will never know Who You Are
    if You continually look to the flesh as proof of Your reality and

    Galactic Federation Of Light Ashtar July 18 2010

    Greetings powerful hearts,

    A time of great opportunities is upon you. You have the matrix within you to create a new world. All it requires is the choice to act from your guidance. You are now emerging from all that has gone before as masters of a powerful new light. The new creation is dawning within each one of you and is dawning at the core of the planet Earth. The energy now emerging from the galactic centre or core is heightened greatly what with all the recent solar and planetary activities.

    The choice is now yours to act. You have to wait or await no longer. The energy is there to build upon whatever you choose to create. You are the masters and know best how to do this. The planet is emerging now from a long period of chaos however this will continue to abate for sometime longer as this has been a period of great acceleration and expansion. The universe and the cosmos and of course the planet earth is expanding in it's capacity to hold more light vibration than ever before.

    Continue to meet beloved friends and create change beloved hearts. This is truly now the name of the game and the guidance emerging from the higher realms which is really found in your own hearts. You need look no further than this glorious place to witness and experience all that is occurring throughout the entire blessed creation. You are quickly approaching zero point. Balance is beginning to emerge but it has not been without it's challenges. It is a flowering and this always takes a gentle patience and needs time.

    Understand dear friends what is now passing before you, that which is being dismantled and left behind and witness the sheer gravity of all that lays ahead of you. So much is now being settled to pave the way for the new. Old situations that no longer serve are being let go and once more the nature of the day is one of change. Once you can move with ease and grace with the growth and change then this makes the path smoother for all to witness and move forward with.

    Proceed forward now with a sure heart that the light emerging forth from you all now has a worldwide plan that is assuring your victory along the path of infinite growth. It is you who are making the change. The reason we are here in such infinite numbers is because you have called us forth. This is the endless power and supply that you infinitely have at hand. Continue to look forward no further than your own heart for the answers. Many of you have so many questions at this time.

    Rest easy in the fact that the answers are already there and that they lie within you. Take solace in the warmth of your heart flame and take this time for yourselves. The gentle healing touch of the universe touches each one of you now. Take peace in this also. Until we speak again.

    In love and much regard,


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    Thanks JT! Galactic Federation Of Light - Audio Updates - Page 3 Icon_cheers

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    CetaceousOne wrote:Thanks JT! Galactic Federation Of Light - Audio Updates - Page 3 Icon_cheers

    you betcha!!! Bleh Heres a couple more that I just listened to and really enjoyed. I can not prove the truth of these messages. There is some very interesting subjects discused in these messages that might be worth listening to. PEACE!!! JT!

    Galactic Federation Of Light The Council of 12 July 27 2010

    You are living in a world that is in spiritual crisis. You have known about this crisis for some time, for you are one of those who volunteered to be at the forefront during Earth's great shift. You knew that this lifetime would be unlike any other, and that it would hold both great opportunities and immense challenges.

    Your earlier lifetimes prepared you for this pioneering role, and for facing and resolving crises of all shapes and sizes. Because of the spiritual veils, and the normal tendency to forget what you knew and did before, you don't remember having had all of this training!

    We tell you here today, though, that you have had lots of experience with facing the unknown. You have had warrior training--not just to go into physical battle like the typical human often does--but to engage successfully as a spiritual warrior.

    You as Spiritual Warrior

    A spiritual warrior understands what true power is and knows how to use it. A spiritual warrior learns about boundaries, balance, bravery, and how to build bridges of light. He or she becomes skilled in working with such energies.

    There are levels of proficiency, developed over time. Most skills are developed over a long succession of lifetimes, during which the spiritual warrior is faced with repeated challenges and obstacles. Sometimes you will have one skill more developed than others. That's okay. It's a natural part of your uniqueness to excel more quickly in some areas.

    Keep in mind, though, that in order to be at the forefront like you are this lifetime, you needed to have developed at least some of each of the basic skills in earlier lifetimes. Some of those skills may be rusty this time around, but you did lay a foundation for them.

    Go easy on yourself, then, for sometimes feeling like you are playing with only part of your deck of cards! You wouldn't be here now if you could not discover how to assemble your full deck, and make it work for you.

    The Record in Your DNA

    You, as a Divine Changemaker, have the ability to do this. You are encoded to do it. Your DNA has a record of this encoding, too. You are encoded to adapt to change with a higher consciousness. You are encoded to navigate the unknown with your heart. Deep within your memory, you have a knowing of what it's like to live fully from your heart.

    Galactic Federation Of Light Sheldan Nidle July 27 2010

    Selamat Balik! We come again! Great turmoil has descended on your reality! The turbulence needed to push the dark cabal from its seats of power is underway and numerous agreements are now being implemented that will accomplish this goal. Groups within America are coming together armed with plans and legal documents that demonstrate the illegality of the current American administration and that show just cause for the investiture of new governance. Concurrent with these developments are similar proceedings in many other nations which are being carried out by our Earth allies. Remember that with regime change come the deliveries of your prosperity funds. Several governments are now defying the US regime and secretly staging a challenge to the legitimacy of its rule, and various military and law-enforcement organizations are close to actively joining in the struggle. In short, we are seeing events that can at long last bring all this out into the open. Meanwhile, the collapse of the economic system gets closer and closer. The final push to topple the dam of dark control on your world is on!

    Meanwhile, Mother Earth continues to move this reality nearer to her moment of change. The odd weather patterns are bringing strong typhoons, floods, and torrential rains to the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Oceania, thereby issuing a warning that the world you have known is approaching a massive change point. This is the point where Mother Earth shifts your 3-D realm into a 5-D one. Obviously you cannot remain as you are and survive the reconfiguration of the surface world, and this is a primary ingredient of the reasons for first contact. Those still in charge of you persist in harboring the insane notion that they can somehow prevent the inevitable. This reason alone is grounds enough for removing the present incumbents with their rabid obstructionism from power. There is much to be done once these minions of the Anunnaki are gone. Earth is still a fragile place, with ecosystems very near the end of their viability. Redressing this damage requires a global effort, supported by the swift release of a number of now-suppressed technologies. Then there is the question of full UFO disclosure.

    Our Earth allies understand the whys and the hows of disclosure. It is an operation that must be carried out in such a way that it is beyond doubt that we are benevolent and of the Light. Too many factions in your society over the years have spread a dogma demonizing anyone who is not of this Earth. Further, the existence of Inner Earth needs to be presented alongside a new, fully proved geological model of the planet. The people of Agartha have compiled a series of joint announcements that are sure to resolve this requisite. The purpose of this information is to ease your world into an acceptance of the fact that you are not alone and that the world is put together quite differently from what is taught. Once these new facts are squarely proven, our own announcements can proceed. What we desire is, first, to assist you in rehabilitating Mother Earth's surface world. Then we wish to introduce certain Light-tech devices, which, together with many now-suppressed on-planet technologies, can remedy the ecological problems that have been wreaked.

    Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa July 28 2010

    As one individual you can at times feel your presence extending far beyond your physical body. It can be so powerful that you can link with nature and understand its song. It is the desire and belief that it is possible that opens you up in that way. Certainly nature loves to communicate with you, and it can shift from a level of simply feeling, to one of direct contact at a conscious level. There are no boundaries where it is concerned, and some of you will know that there are Beings who can for example communicate with Mother Earth. Everything has a degree of consciousness, and it is not uncommon for some people to talk with trees or plants. Have they not reported that when it is done with love, that there is a response? To others without that experience or belief, it is not understood and even looked upon as silly.

    When you ascend such matters will be fully understood, and you will be able to communicate with all life around you. Once you can accept that you have such capabilities try using them, and in time you are sure to get results. Could it be that your gardeners who have so called "green fingers" love what they do, and love their plants? Think about it, and realize that every soul is seeking love and is uplifted by it. Some feel unloved and believe that they are separated from God, yet it cannot be so as you are always enfolded in Unconditional Love. You have an expression that "love makes the world go round" and this could not be truer. Love is Light and it is lifting up every soul and also Mother Earth. It is the powerful energy that is breaking down the lower vibrations, as they cannot continue to exist in its presence.

    Love is really all you should be concerned about, and the more you can create together the quicker you will progress to Ascension. As has often been stated, Love is the glue of the Universe, Love is God, Love is the Creator. The lack of Love allows the darkness to creep in, and causes separation and eventually the breakdown of matter. It reaches a point where it can no longer hold its form and disintegrates. If you have ever heard reports of what it is like in the lowest astral levels, you will know that the vibrations are so low that it is almost completely devoid of Light. More to the point matter is unable to hold its form and tends to fall apart. Imagine being a soul who has dropped to this level through their lack of Light. It is a miserable existence and is their Hell, because they have allowed their godsparks to become so dim. For those of you who are concerned about what happens to such souls, we can assure you that Angelic beings wait for them to express the desire to return to the Light. It is then that every assistance can be given to help them climb that steep hill that faces them on their journey back to it. Remember Dear Ones, no soul is left to flounder or without guidance no matter how far they have fallen.

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    Post  CetaceousOne on Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:21 am

    Message from SaLuSa for 6 August 2010

    SaLuSa 6-August-2010
    We encourage you, as always to participate in bringing the changes
    about that are so near to commencing. Through the Law of Attraction
    whatever you are focussing upon you will bring nearer to manifestation.
    You have already successfully moved beyond past times that were heading
    for a different result to Ascension, and now it only remains to, as you
    would say, to get the ball rolling. Your mere presence is helping uplift
    others, and by your example you are doing far more to help them than
    you realise. You are helping create the ideal conditions for the end
    times, that in reality have been slowly coalescing for some 40 years.
    Since the turn of this century you have taken a great leap forward, that
    has ensured that the end times bring you victory over the dark Ones.

    Matters are certainly coming to a head, and our allies are very near
    to achieving a major success. The dark ones continue with their attempts
    to foil progress, but it is now impossible for them to stop the Divine
    Plan. They are somewhat of a nuisance, but before long their power will
    be completely taken from them. Your consciousness levels are perpetually
    rising and with it comes the realisation, that you have been
    deliberately held back from understanding that it is your destiny to
    ascend. You have always had every right to decide your own future, and
    you each have the power to walk the path of your choosing. Each life you
    have had has been deliberately planned to awaken you to your true self,
    and allow progress by overcoming the lower energies. For so long you
    have been led to believe that you are some inferior Being without
    rights, and made beholden to the draconian laws intended to keep you in
    the dark. Now more of you are awakening, and the picture has changed so
    much that it is you who are dictating the course of Mankind.

    The finishing line has been in sight for some time now and as the
    changes in your solar system begin to bite, those of you who have a
    higher state of awareness are feeling the powerful energies around you.
    They are bringing peace in times that outwardly continue to be chaotic,
    but providing your focus is on Ascension they will not unduly affect
    your well-being. Naturally Earth changes will impinge themselves upon
    you depending on where you live. Be assured however, we are fully aware
    of the likely results and are always present to lessen damage to life
    and limb. However, Mother Earth like you has a cleansing to carry out,
    and it is inevitable that some of you will get caught up in it. You will
    be found where it is intended that you be for the end-times, and you
    will have known this before you incarnated. Experience is what you are
    on Earth for, and it has been your choice as to how much you have taken
    on. Many have seized this last opportunity, to clear much of the baggage
    that has been with them for a long time. It is why this particular
    period has been full of incidents, and testing that has given you hard
    times. Remember however that it has all been a part of your evolutionary
    path, as you have returned to the Light.

    Everyone has been given the same opportunity to lift their
    vibrations, and much of this is decided by your choice of life style.
    Some will not give up the lower vibrations, and are clearly unready for
    the changes required to overcome them. There is no judgment about such
    choices, as it is your life and you are entitled to experience it as you
    desire. With it as always comes responsibility for your actions, and
    anything that harms another will later be a lesson to be learnt. In
    these times it can rebound on you quite quickly, and that is to your
    advantage if you are intent on returning to the Light and ascending.
    Love is the key to all situations as you will eventually find out.

    We notice there are more situations arising that are bringing about
    confrontations, both at a personal level and on a nation wide basis.
    This is a symptom of the times you are in, where energies that need
    clearing are surfacing so that they can be transmuted. It poses a
    question of how best to deal with it, and your power to do so lies with
    your ability to use your Light and you will then be successful. Nothing
    can withstand the powerful love energy, and as you have limitations
    whilst in a physical body it is an exercise in control and focus. Do you
    not hear of instant healing, and wonder how that can be when sometimes a
    malignant growth can be totalled changed by such energy. When we tell
    you that you are more powerful than you realise, it is a truth that you
    will soon understand. When you ascend it will increase tenfold, and you
    will rise up to such levels that people would think you are a god.

    It is what happened in your ancient times when the Annunaki allowed
    the people to hold them in awe, because of their seeming ability to
    perform miracles. As you will realise not every advanced Being is
    necessarily spiritually advanced. It is possible for you to learn how to
    make an assessment of people through intuitive thinking, and feeling
    the energy they emit. However, some people can be very charming and
    deceitful at the same time. Life is one challenge after another, and
    this is why physical incarnations can speed up your evolution. To live
    on the Earth is in fact an attraction for that reason, and why you have
    returned time and time again. Now you have come to the end of your
    journey, and are set upon making good any karma you may have
    outstanding. To put it simply, it is rectifying your mistakes and
    learning the lessons that you choose to experience.
    The rest at:

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    Post  JesterTerrestrial on Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:28 am

    There have been many great updated that i cant verify in the last few is one of them.
    PEACE!!! JT!

    Galactic Federation Of Light Sheldan Nidle August 10 2010

    Selamat Jarin! We come with more to discuss with you! Your world is being transformed by a number of large solar flares that are adding a new boundary layer to the upper atmosphere. These new sections are being used to return the exosphere to a degree of normalcy, and the lower atmosphere, too, is seeing an increase in ozone. In sum, an extensive exchange is taking place between the gaseous mixtures of the boundary layers of the upper and lower atmospheres. In addition, repairs are being made in many areas where the blending of oxygenated air and nitrogen-filled air takes place. Similar changes are happening in Mother Earth's mantle. Here, temperatures are rising in places where tectonic plates meet, and this jump in temperature helps to reduce the incidents of volcanic activity. As more of these plates prepare to lock, the probability of larger earthquakes can increase. We work with the planetary Elohim to ready Earth's surface for a grand transformation that is very close.

    Because the time for these changes approaches rapidly, we have requested that our Earth allies accelerate the remaining steps preceding the manifestation of their overall agenda. On one hand, your present societies are being torn apart by the inadequacies of its current structures and being undermined by urgent social needs exacerbated by shrinking economies; on the other, a huge, hidden abundance awaits you, held back by the non-resolution of the conflict between the dark cabal and the Earth allies. Governments around your globe are in peril and their citizens are in want and fear. The future seems bleak when in fact the reverse is true! We have watched as this long, weary struggle winds down, and have observed the astonishing obstinacy of the dark. In the past, these tactics won it many victories, but not this time! This time its nemesis is upon it! What amazes us is how difficult it has been to dislodge it from power. Happily, our Earth allies have proved resilient enough to surmount this refusal to go. The final elements to remove the dark legally are now being put together in a series of special negotiations.

    These negotiations are producing the formal documents to legally and swiftly transition to new governance. An immense amount of detail is being provided by many courts in America and by several international courts. Switching this planet over to Common Law is essential for bridging the gulf from your present setup to a prototypical galactic society. What this amounts to is guaranteed personal sovereignty for each individual and protection against any interference of the unalienable rights underpinning this axiom. Liberty and freedom are important conditions for what lies ahead. Prosperity is another aspect of what the new governance is all about. Our Earth allies have secured the gold that is needed to underwrite the disbursement of global prosperity; moreover, these depositories are in places where Mother Earth needs them in order to ensure her own well-being. This quiet revolution is about not only changing the very nature of governance but providing a supportive environment for your expanding consciousness.

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    Post  JesterTerrestrial on Wed Aug 18, 2010 6:44 am

    Hi...there has been quite a few more updates posted on the youtube channel since i posted them here on the forum. Anyway...i just listned to this unconfirmed information and really enjoyed it. Feel free to use your own intuition to sort the truth from lies. peace JT

    Galactic Federation Of Light Master Kuthumi August 16 2010

    I Kuthumi enter your energy fields once again. I come to guide you through the great changes of your evolutionary process. You have entered a new creation of being. There is no going back, that is not possible. Indeed it is time now for much of your past experiences to be released from your emotional bodies and held only as a distant remembrance on the mental body. In this way any emotion is overcome and released.

    This is essential on your path of awakening and empowerment, for old emotions of resentment, pain and anger will merely hold you where you are now in your progression process.

    You will not progress forward, but stagnate. This will lead to depression and great loss of vital energy and Light.
    It would be a very wise exercise to sit quietly and take an overview of your emotional body. Ask to be shown that which your sub-conscious mind holds deeply. I can tell you that you will not like what you are shown -- either by your higher self or another person through comments and events. No, you will not. Why do you think it has been hidden so deeply for so long? I remind you that you are no longer the same person who so skillfully buried that emotional event. You have grown, attitudes have changed. So do not fear. Please do understand that the poison must be released before complete healing can take place. Think of how much lighter you will feel. Think of the higher vibration you can now carry without a hidden weight holding you back. You see in this way you develop purpose and understanding of the necessity to deeply cleanse.
    You are creating a further change in attitude, in vibration, in Light. You are empowering yourself even more through this process. You may call on us here, the Council of Light, the Arch-Angels and the many spirit guides who come to assist you and uphold you in their unconditional love.

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    Post  JesterTerrestrial on Wed Aug 18, 2010 6:56 am is some more interesting unconfirmed information...PEACE JT

    Galactic Federation Of Light Sheldan Nidle August 17 2010

    Selamat Jaram! Much has happened since last week! The dark cabalists are scrambling to procure their survival and our Earth allies are maintaining the pressure on them. At present, the dark is working on a plan to use its growing debt as leverage to amass desperately needed capital without which it faces massive bankruptcy from which it can never recover. Knowing this, our Earth allies are focused on denying this infusion of assets to the dark. The prospects are that the dark cabal's strategy to accrue new monies is to fail, and our Earth allies expect this situation to end with the dark's capitulation. When this moment arrives, the dark has no choice but to agree to the terms laid down by the Earth allies. This is when the triumph we have long discussed with you becomes reality! Our Earth allies are ready at that time to formally begin the inauguration of a series of caretaker governments that are to set in motion the various procedures and programs that we have been discussing with you.

    These changes in how government on your world operates are the next step on your road to full consciousness. The purpose is to realign government so that it actually reflects what you the people truly intend, and consequently, an extensive exchange between government and the public needs to begin. It is one thing to be accountable, and quite another to be truly representative of public opinion. The intent of the new governance is to have many different opinions come together and be openly expressed. This national conversation need not be muddied by quaint political maneuvers; rather, the objective here is for a range of possibilities to be fully discussed and a reasonable plan of action agreed to by all. Such a proposal requires that the public become aware, educated, and prepared to enter into this national dialogue. Creating such a milieu is a prime goal of these new regimes, which means that in the initial stages, government will be without a working legislature and an ill-conceived judiciary. The point is to re-create these branches so that they uphold Common Law and honor its citizenry.

    Another major goal is to review all that was instituted by former governments and work swiftly to correct what is unconstitutional or ineffective. Government manifestly needs to alter its underlying principles, and these caretaker regimes come to power with a well thought out and lengthy agenda. This agenda involves more than bringing prosperity and common sense to this realm: it is about allowing a new consciousness to rise up and be fully embraced. Mother Earth has endured humanity and its dark masters for 13 millennia, and it is time now to graduate to perceptions that bring the power of the Light into full play. You have been marinated for eons in a witches' brew of lies, innuendo, and manipulation, which have brought your societies to the brink of extinction. This folly needs to be replaced with something completely different. This something must be righteous, far-reaching, and inspiring, and able to be quickly manifested by government and, above all, by each of you. This something has been thoroughly mapped out by our Earth allies and by us, and is capable of laying the groundwork for first contact.

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    THE LAST FEW MESSAGES HAVE BEEN INTERESTING!!!Might be worth a least for fun...maybe there is some truth to them. There sure are a lot of messages. I do like the idea of experiencing but still have given these messages a listen. Peace. JT


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    Galactic Federation Of Light SaLuSa August 27 2010

    We are with you to give guidance, and just one of many sources that do so. In accompanying you to Ascension, we are bound to ensure that you reach it. It is therefore a dual role that is to enlighten you as to what you may expect, and how to prepare for it. Because so many have a rigid mindset new ideas are not easy to accept, but we know that if you are faced with the truth it will have an impact. It is the messages that are conflicting with your understanding that cause confusion. In these instances you will know that we often recommend you go within. When you are told that you have all knowledge within, it is because on a higher level you are the sum total of everything you have learnt. Your difficulty is distinguishing between your Higher Self, and your ego that controls your daily life. That is why we strongly recommend that you make time to find those quiet moments when you can go within.

    The way to a greater understanding is much easier if you keep an open mind, and respect those sources that are acceptable to you. You may not necessarily agree with everything that comes from it, but at least set it aside for further reference. As seekers of the truth you will surely have already found that information seems to come to you without you looking for it, and supplies the missing piece that completes the picture. That is how the Law of Attraction works, and proves that what you focus upon will come to you. It has been established that you are not your physical body, in which case you may wonder why you cannot tune into your Higher Self. It is because it exists at a much higher vibrational level than you normally use. Therefore you have to prepare yourself before attempting contact.

    In this present time when the Earth is being constantly flooded with Light, you will find that your consciousness levels are expanding. With it will come the ability to commune with your Higher Self almost at will, and we know that many of you have developed such a link. The paradox here is that although we talk of "higher vibrational levels" where your Higher Self is concerned, it is not outside you but within. You are a complex Being with a number of different aspects, and exist on many levels at once. However, that knowledge will wait for a future occasion when you have lifted your consciousness levels to a greater understanding. It is useful to have the idea in mind and as more information comes along, you will be partially prepared for it.

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