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    The Short Comings of Our DNA and the Matrix - My Side of The Story


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    The Short Comings of Our DNA and the Matrix - My Side of The Story Empty The Short Comings of Our DNA and the Matrix - My Side of The Story

    Post  horus Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:57 pm

    The Short Comings of Our DNA and the Matrix - My Side of The Story Conairtotalrecall

    Below this paragraph is written material that shattered my thoughts to a recent threat from a Darkened God Source, but it was not my God of Love & Light, it was a God of Fear who threatened to take away my Light and the recall was partly erased, but I was able to construct enough to establish it was a Red Indian wanting to cut my throat and scalp me as a Sitting Bull program. I put all this stuff away a year ago last August. It was pointless talking to all the deaf ears on this planet, and the few numbers I did share with was enough to get the dark ones worried, back then I was more like a savior, but no more, that was the past and now my twinflame has my full attention so I will add to this post with some guidance. Since Brook and Andy have raised the RED PILL and all about our DNA-MIND-PROGRAMS and I joined here recently, since then I have being attacked, even as I write these words I could feel the pain like needles. By the time I finished this paragraph it was gone. In time I will try to explain to all in the simplest way where ABBA and JABBA energies fits all together. ABBA-FATHER is our Creator, while we have a WANNA-BE GOD who is a carbon photo-copy who is a SLUG I see as JABBA and smokes a Hookah just like the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. This false god that attacked me recently was Jehovah, I could read his signature looking so full of fear. I have files and graphics that stretch for miles on end and I'm not going to dig it all up to upset the tranquility that is around me, but hideous remarks continue from a loony-tune energy. I'm going to focus on what I see as the truth who has been calling all the shots to my brother. There is a lot however, I have forgotten, but its all documented and my Creator has a record of everything I revealing at great risk of a soul abduction. Tonight while searching for some material to a Pray Mantis post on GLP, and I was just having some laughter at the entire string, but somehow, PAO Galactic Federations Members energy came to me to check out and I found a link to the Saurians. From that, I continued a search and came across a video stating Enil was Jehovah and it came across he was in the same camp as Thoth. As soon as I read those words Enil was Jehovah it backed up what I have said all along and to past findings, plus a war in going on heaven between Enki(good) and Enil(evil) from past energies, and all the material I have collected in my dreams that began with a Dreamworld energy and RNA energy lead to EKKA (Enki) that fit to the movies CON-AIR and TOTAL RECALL to every starseed coming to a prison planet from other worlds thinking this orb is a Paradise only to find their past-lives have been blocked because the physical form is a lower frequency and they do not know who they are. I'm not saying everything below is true when everything so far in our past has been built on foundations of lies, but within this (below) I can read what I discovered in other ways like some guessing game. I do have a story to tell you.


    It seems that the Pleiadeans who speak here tell us that Mankind was in a much better state before the Annunaki-gods arrived. These 'gods' just tore up our D.N.A. in order to be able to use us for their own purposes. An original plan that was made by prior gods is given, the plan of the 'LIVING LIBRARY'.

    Mankind is an experiment. Mankind has been designed. So has just about everything else that exists within creation. Prime Creator -- we will use that term -- began the whole shebang a long time ago, in this that you call your local universe, for an experiment -- for greater, what would be called from your terms, self exploration-- self gratification -- self expression. Prime Creator, as it would be, brought energies and essences to life -- extensions of itself in this what you call your local universe -- endowing extensions of Itself the same gifts that It had. Prime Creator in this your local universe gave willingly and freely of its capabilities. Now there are many other universes -- many other ways of designing universes. This one is designed as a free will zone. All would be allowed -- all things.

    And so, these extensions of the prime creator went out, and began to experiment with the Prime Creator's energy as it existed within themselves. And of course they took to task what the Prime Creator said. The Prime Creator said, Go out and create, and bring all things back to me . Quite a simple assignment, is it not? Go out and create, and bring all things back to me. In other words, l am going to gift you of myself -- you go out and gift of yourselves freely, so that all that you create in this universe can understand its essence, my identity. We are anthrophilosophizing our Prime Creator a little bit here.

    Now, these energies-- we will call them Gods -- Creator Gods -- went out, and began to create their own hierarchy. And each succeeding hierarchy created another hierarchy -- to endow --to assist in the development of this, your local universe. Eventually, in one of the galactic systems, the plan came together to create the place that is called, 'Earth-- designed originally to be an Intergalactic Exchange Center for information. Ah, an incredible plan -- a beautiful place -- located on the fringes of one of the galactic systems, ideally to be reached from one galaxy to another -- existing close to many what would be called way portals -- the highways that exist for energies to travel throughout what you call your space zone.

    So, the original plan was brought about, and let us say that there was impeccable scurrying and shuffling -- all kinds of things -- to bring about individual representatives of all of the galaxies, so that they could have their representatives here upon this planet. Now some of these Creator Gods, as their jobs were defined to be, were what would be called -master geneticists- -- able to take some of this stuff -- the Creator Gods were able through their hierarchies to bring about and discover and to tie these molecules together-- encoded molecules of identity -- of frequency-- of electrical charges -- to create, Life. And so many sentient civilizations -- many, many, many --gave of their DNA, willingly, to have a representative of their coding -- their DNA-- on this planet. And the master geneticists set to work, and they designed what would be called varieties of species-- some human -- some different than human-- some what you call animals -- all by playing with the varieties of DNA that the sentient civilizations contributed to make this exchange center of information -- this Light Center.

    When we speak of Light. We speak of information. Those of you who have had experiences where you allowed Light to come into your physical body, unflegingly know that once you expose yourself to Light, you begin to increase the amount of information. Your perceptions -- everything about yourself -- begin to change -- you begin to awaken. The darkness of the veil is removed. So when we speak of Light, we speak of the return of information-- the intending of bringing a great amount of information to this planet, whose frequency has been drastically controlled -- but that comes later in the story.

    So, the plan of the Earth was a grand one. An as these Creator Gods did not exist in time as you know it, let us say that a few hundred thousand years -- a few million years -- in their terms, were nothing. And different energies were brought to existence. There have been species of man -- yes, just like you -- man looking like you, whose DNA were intact at one time who developed very highly evolved civilizations. This, of course, was a long time ago -- we are speaking prior to 500,000 years ago upon your planet. We are not speaking of civilizations that. you call Lemuria , or the civilizations that you call Atlantis -- that is what we call modern, man . We are talking about civilizations that are ancient -- civilizations that -- to give you a little scoop, for those of you who like a scoop --let us say that they are buried under some of the ice caps under what is called your far, far Southern continent -- Antarctica. But that we will save for another evenings discussion.

    So, this project as it would be called Earth, was fought over. It looked enticing It looked to be something of desirability of ownership by others -- and so during Earth's early history there were wars in your space for ownership of this, your planet. Had you ever wondered who owns Earth? Prime hunk of real estate? You think that it is ownerless in space? Ah, you have something to learn about space territories. So there were changes , as it would be, of administration. And the original planners, who by the way, we will say the original planners of your universe of course were of the Family of Light. They designed an information center -- they designed a place where galaxies would contribute the information. The Earth was to be a library-- do you understand -- a Cosmic library a place of incredible beauty -- a place of experimenting how information could be stored through frequencies, through the genetic process.

    So, the skirmishes took place. Different zones of the Earth became -- let us say -- lost -- to certain original owners, and the Earth became a place of duality. It became a place of course in this free-will universe, where others, who had the right to do what ever they wanted -- because it is free-will -- came in and took over. We call it raiding your Earth. They did like corporate raiding on Wall Street. Do you understand? They raided the Earth. The raid that you are now to be concerned about is a raid that occurred approximately 300,000 years ago-- what historically speaking you would call, from a Biblical point of view -- certainly from most of your esteemed scientifics -- the beginning of human civilization. But it was only the beginning of the later phase -- as we said, what we call modern man.

    The interesting thing about the skirmish that occurred about 300,000 years ago, is that a certain group of entities came, and they fought in space -- as of course many others have fought in space for this Earth principality, this territory, this prime hunk of real estate -- and they won. They beat out Light. It gives you a new idea of Light, doesn t it? So it became their territory. There was great radioactivity -- nuclear action-- much of the Earth was rent asunder. And the original specie -- human creation -- the Adam man, as it would later be called -- was in great destruction -- scattered.

    So those new gods -- those new creator gods-- were also master geneticists. They understood the process. They understood how to create life. They wanted this territory for their own reasons. Let us give you another hint about why territories are created, and why territories are held.

    There is consciousnesses in all things. This your scientifics will one day step off of their ladders and begin to realize. And then you will begin to really own the planet yourselves. There is consciousness within all things. Consciousness communicates continuously. Consciousness vibrates -- or can be led to vibrate -- at certain --what would be called electromagnetic frequencies. Electromagnetic frequencies are very interesting. They tend to act in a variety of ways. One of the ways that we are going to be concerned about in speaking with you this evening is that electromagnetic energies of consciousness can act as 'food'. Feel that concept out -- it can act as food. So that means that just like apples can be prepared an eaten and ingested -- in a variety of ways, perhaps consciousness could be prepared and ingested in a variety of ways. Do you understand?

    So, some entities, in the process of their own evolution, began to discover that as they created life, and put consciousness into things through varying the frequencies -- through modulating the frequencies of forms of consciousness. They could feed themselves. They could keep themselves in a existence. They began to figure out that this is how the Prime Creator nourished itself. It sends out others to create a food source for itself.

    Now, the new owners of your planet -- this principality in space out on the fringes of your galactic system had a different appetite-- different preferences than the former owners. They nourished themselves off of fear. They nourished themselves off of chaos -- though fear was their primary food source. In some ways, it fed them -- it stimulated them -- it kept them in power. Understand? So 300,000 years ago, these creator gods that your Bible speaks of --that the Babylonian tablets speak of -- that texts all over the world, in actuality, speak of-- they came, and they rearranged what would be called the native specie man. And they rearranged what would be called your DNA, in order to have you broadcast within a certain limited frequency band. This has been going on for a long time now.

    What part do you play in it? Why are you here? Why are you created here in this story? For some of you, this is just like a dream. We are reminding you of what you know inside of yourselves. We have come onto your planet to trigger your memory banks. We have come onto your planet to inspire the human race through the Family of Light, to begin to create their own reality. We, as Pleiadians, create our experience. We come back through what is called time in your terms, into what would be called perhaps, our past, into a vestige of representatives of Light, in order to share a frequency with you -- a frequency that each one of you has agreed to carry on this planet -- to change the DNA of the rearranged human race. This is a big story -- it could make headlines, you know.

    Now, of course the original planners were not about to lose the territory -- did you think they were going to give up so easily? Of course they exist in a different time sector than you. So the new owners came and worked in their laboratory, and created workers, created versions of humans with a different DNA -- the two-stranded double-heli DNA. They took the original DNA of the human specie, and they disassembled it. Yes isn't that clever? They disassembled the original DNA. And they left it, of course, within the human cell -- they simply split it apart.

    Within the human cells are what we call Light encoded filaments -- fine glosimar threads of energy that carry information. And when those glosimar threads are working together -- like a cable -- fiber optics as it would be -- they form the heli -- the helix of your DNA. Of course when you were rearranged, you were left with two heli -- the double helix -- half lit. In other words, anything that was unnecessary -- that would keep you informed -- was unplugged. And so you were left with a double heli that would keep you in what would be called certain controllable, operable frequencies. And you were set, of course, on your free-will zone -- you, we are speaking of the humans, not necessarily those of you in this room of course -- you are the Family of Light, which is more than human-- much more than human. We will get to that in a bit.

    And so, let us say that something like an electrical fence -- frequency fence -- was put around the planet. Some of you have seen what your technological scientifics have created an electrical fence that you can keep animals with in? So it is that the electrical fence was put around your planet -- as a control as to how much the frequencies of the humans could be modulated and changed. So, as the story goes -- this frequency was set around the planet, and it was made very difficult for frequencies of Light frequencies of information to penetrate. And, when these Light frequencies were able to penetrate the frequency control, who was there to receive them? -- the DNA was unplugged. The Light encoded filaments were no longer organized. And so the creative Cosmic rays that bring Life did not have something to plug into and to hold onto.

    Now there were many noble experiments. And of course the original planners began to call on what would be the Family of Light, to go to infiltrate the project to begin to incarnate -- to begin one-by-one to bring Light information into the place it was lost. And so the Family of Light began its work here -- coming into a system that was devoid of Light -- devoid of information-- and allowing through what would be called the redefining of the laws of man to let these creative Cosmic rays pierce the body individual by individual -- and then group by group. In very small numbers throughout these eons were these frequencies of information brought onto your planet. In times, great battles were fought-- wars were fought -- information was always looking to be expressed. The original planners knew that, Cosmically speaking, this was a lesson for them, in allowing in understanding the creator gods who took their project.

    And so they set about to create their own version of a plan -- at a time when the frequency of the Earth would be altered -- a time when the owners would perish if they could not change their frequency. Their food source would be taken away -- food source of fear food source of anxiety chaos -- hunger -- despondency. Get the picture?

    Guess who is removing the food source? You are! As members of the family of Light, you are renegades. You are systems busters. You love to go in and cause trouble. You are famous, your branch of the Family of Light -- your division you are famous for going into system of reality and altering the frequency bringing always, information. It is not your task, as members of the Family of Light, to proselytize. You simply, as members of the Family of Light go into systems, and you act as a receptacle, and you receive the creative Cosmic rays into you body, the bodies that you occupy as humans because you are in disguise as humans -- and your begin to allow a process to take place. Because you are codified, and your memory begins to rise and you begin to respond to the plan that you came here to participate within -- to alter the frequencies -- to hold to keep -- to maintain a certain frequency -- and then to live it -- and as you live it, you affect everyone, every place that you go. This is what you are doing now.

    There are many who understand their assignment. There are many whose memories are beginning to rise. We will explain in a few minutes how those memories begin to arise.

    The plan to change the frequency modulation of the human specie has to do with the rebundling of what would be called your DNA, the rebundling of the Light-encoded filaments. There is a plan that is gigantic at this time. That you, as members of the Family of Light, are operating in many, many places. In other words, you are not just on assignment on Earth. You are multidimensional, and you have many other versions of yourself where you are busting systems. Paradigm breakers as it would be. So it will be part of your assignment to make contact with these selves, and to understand how other versions of your selves are handling their dilemmas-- how they are busting their systems. Because you see, there are certain Gods, as you would call them Gods, who are behind this process -- what would be called a universal process.

    Right now, it looks like it is a very local, Earthly process. It is much more involved then all of that. The Earth is assisting, in its own way, the evolution of the Universe. The Earth is where things are happening at this time -- it is the destined point of frequency modulation. And the human DNA is the recipient and the beginning of this whole process that it is going to affect many, many, many worlds. So, as members of the Family of Light, you agreed to come onto the Earth many times, in many guises, and many different time frames as it would be, to learn the ropes -- to figure out the territory, as it would be -- to become trained to experience Earth and to prepare yourself for the time when the frequency alteration would be designed into the plan, and where you would all be called to incarnate in large numbers, and to bring the plan into action.

    This is the plan that is in operation, as we can most neutrally explain it to you, on your planet at this time. This is why the Family of Light, everywhere, is beginning to unite. One thing you must all realize -- you must focus on what you have in common, not what you do not have in common. As members of the Family of Light, you bring information lo the planet neutrally to stimulate your own growth. You need to do this.

    The specifics of the plan have to do with an evolving DNA -- a DNA that will evolve from two heli to twelve heli. These twelve heli will correspond to what would be called 'energy centers-- chakras, vortices whatever clever name you wish to attach to them inside and outside of your body. There are millions of you at this time on the planet on assignment, who have agreed to do this. Handfuls of you are becoming impeccable. The handfuls are affecting the others, and soon you will begin to have great clarity as to who you are, and what your assignment is."

    some lines were changed by Noh-Ra and they were updated here in January 2000

    The caduceus is one of the most ancient of symbols. You might best know this symbol as the DNA structure and healing used by the medical profession. Since ancient Mesopotamia the caduceus presented two serpents intertwined (the central nervous system) around a staff (the spinal column) with the wings (the "swan") on either side (the two hemispheres of the brain, with the circle in the center representing the pineal gland, or the central sun and psychic center within). It also symbolized the kundalini energy.

    This was originally the symbol for the Sirian-Anunnaki creator god, Enki, (who some call an Archetype), was the chief of the magicians, "the one who knows," and infamous for being the serpent of the Garden of Eden (the great laboratory in So. Iraq), who helped create lifeforms in test tubes half a million years ago. (The symbol is also based upon the winged globe for the planet Nibiru.) Biblical writers called the healing serpent Nehushtan. The Hebrew word for serpent is "nahash." The root of the word are the Hebrew letters Nun, Het and Shin, which means "to guess."

    In India, the "nagas" were the serpent gods/goddesses. In the Americas there was Quetzlcoatl (Thoth). The entire world has worshipped the serpent for its wisdom, but ironically, it was not really about snakes at all - unless you feel you have to "guess" what a snake is up to! Why was the snake chosen? For its cleverness, ability to survive in the harshest of environments, and again, its shape resembling the flow of energy up the spine. And perhaps because it naturally instilled a bit of caution or awe in people.

    The serpent always represented wisdom, life and healing. It was not considered an evil being until much later days in the Christian and Jewish religions. Enki transferred the power of the caduceus to his son Ningishzida (Thoth), the healing god, and then to others of his family because it was a code for the bloodline of Enki's heritage.

    The story of the serpent becoming an evil symbol began with the wars between Enki (Adonai) and his Pleiaden brother, Enlil (Jehovah). These conflicts began at birth and had to do with birthright to the royal throne of the Nibiruan civilization in which their father, Anu, was the leader. This story later was reflected in Cain and Abel, and all the stories throughout your times of brothers competing for power.

    Although there was love between Enki and Enlil, they were used by Anu for his own power game. The brothers often did not see eye to eye on many issues, especially when it came to supporting human beings. Enlil never had patience or compassion for people, and on several occasions, Sodom and Gemmorah as one example, he literally nuked them out of existence. He attempted this again during the time of the Great Flood but Enki (and those who supported him) took swift action to alert the Noahs around the planet of the forthcoming dangers. Anu, Enlil and the other Anunnaki who sided with Anu were outraged with Enki for doing so.

    In the Garden of Eden situation, Enlil was furious that Enki permitted humans to have access to knowledge, thereby becoming more "godly," and equal to the Anunnaki. To strike back at Enki, and in the attempt to regain his power over humans, Enlil vowed to tarnish Enki's reputation by spreading the idea that the serpent of wisdom was evil. Enlil tried to wipe out knowledge of the DNA coding Enki gave humans, and of what the Anunnaki used in order to have longevity (gold).

    However, Enlil was not completely successful because most of Enki's plan had worked. For centuries afterwards, humans attempted to duplicate the concoction of gold the gods used to maintain their youth and health, and those with the knowledge were able to manufacture substitutes for a while. But, much also had to do with the DNA content of the individual. The more pure DNA from Enki's side, the better chance one had of having longevity, etc. Then, combine the DNA with spiritual awakening to the body, blood, and spirit with nutritional supplements, and each human will know who they are.

    Why did Adam eat from the Tree of Knowledge and not from the Tree of Life? Without getting into complex detail, Enki puts it bluntly: With the Tree of Knowledge humans had the chance to figure out everything on their own in time, to be equal to the Anunnaki. Had they eaten only from the Tree of Life, they would live but not have been more the wiser. The Tree of Knowledge was specially genetically treated.

    Enki did not trust Anu any more - too many tricks had been played between them. He knew had Adam eaten from the other tree - it would not ensure wisdom or spiritual evolution. Instead, it would more likely result in primitive human living for eons without evolution.

    Enlil's revenge against Enki continued. He punished women, those who were the ones who took great pains and suffered from being the early experimenters in birthing the new generations of god/human, by creating a dominant patriarchy which destroyed and disrespected women from then on. He also created the scenario blaming the rest of human's problems on women. The "original sin," and the "temptation of Eve." This did not go well with his daughter, Inanna, and her temples of female healing and trantra were all destroyed, her name wiped out for the gifts she brought to humanity, and women were enslaved and punished.

    The battle between the brothers continued into the time of the Exodus. The staff with the caduceus was also one of Moses' tools. (Yes, Moses, Aaron, and Ankhenaton and his children, Hatshepsut, are part of Enki's family.) Moses's staff, often utilized by his brother, Aaron, was made famous for performing miracles. Another connection between the staff and the serpents occured during the Exodus when the staff was seen to transform into snakes. Aaron was high priest and had been trained in magick. He and Moses received instructions from a collective, including Enki, Thoth (who taught Moses the alphabet) and Enlil. (Moses and Ankhenaton are incarnational Vibrani soul projections related to Enki.) However, during the Exodus, Enlil soon took over, as Jehovah. At that point, Enki withdrew. The Hebrews then based their religion on what was received from these Elohim, but also missed a piece of vital information about their own divine heritage and what the Ten Commandments were really all about. (If you would like to know what they were originally intended to be, please read The Ten Commitments.

    Moses was contacted by both sides of the family during the Exodus. Sometimes he didn't know who he was hearing or what to do. Enki and Enlil communicated with him and this created confusion, separation of beliefs. Enki encouraged humanity to have their own connection with the source within themselves, and to live according to the belief in the One God, All That Is. Enlil's (Jehovah) made threats and imposed actions of violence against those who did not follow his orders. Eventually, the people broke down and chose to follow him out of fear. And we all know pretty much what has happened since then, eh?

    Another symbol the Anunnaki left on earth is the six pointed star, the hexagram - also known as the Star of David. This symbol represents many things. With the apex pointing upwards, it relates to spiritual/cosmic energy coming down to Earth (and male); the apex pointing down relates to earth energy rising upwards to the heavens (and is female). It has to do with ying/yang, positive/negative, fire and water, and so on. But, the point at which these two triangles intermingle and become the star with total integration, is the point of creation, the doorway into other dimensions and some people call this the Merkabah. You will find this star in the mythologies of other cultures, such as those in the Yucatan and India.

    Luckily, the heritage of the caduceus lived on. In some versions the staff is capped with a solar disk or even a crescent moon. Nisaba, one of Enki's daughters and one of my past lifetimes as a direct incarnational aspect of Enki (which I still am), also held a similiar staff topped with an "ankh." For some, the staff symbolized Hermes/Mercury. Throughout time different civilizations in India, the Americas, Greece, Egypt, including the great mystery schools and secret societies have renamed and used it. In Christianity the archangel Michael was associated with this staff. The sirens became the staff for two serpents they held in their hands. This staff was considered to be so powerful it was able to raise up the dead.

    From this symbol of the serpent the power was transferred to the symbol of the dragon, who continued to hold the knowledge. The dragon could "divine." This is one reason why we say we and you are of "divine" heritage. You will see a version of the caduceus as the winged solar disk in Ancient Egypt, which incorporated the knowledge of one's divinity and eternal soul, along with the traditional knowledge of what it stood for. Therefore, you will see this symbol above arches and entrances into temples and royal structures to remind those who enter who they really are. And this means not only the DNA connection to Enki but the divine soul-being as coming from the Source, itself. The symbol of the winged Isis represents the female goddess, blood connection in birthing humans who mated with "the gods." The first such goddess was Enki's sister, his wife Ninti, the great scientist, Ninmah. The "ankh" came from Enki's name and is a key of how he and Nin worked together to create humans from the Neanderthal.

    Enki and Enlil have worked for thousands of years to repair the damage done to Earth and humanity by their squabbling. Enlil still gets impatient sometimes, but he and Enki have learned to respect one another and find ways of working together. It is their hope that you, too, will overcome the "bad blood" between brothers, sisters, families, which has long passed and see that you are truly of the same one family. All of it, in all ways divine.

    When you see the caduceus, know you are triggering your own genetic memory and seeing your heritage. Each one of you holds within you the DNA, in varying degrees, the wisdom and ability to achieve eternal life, from Enki's and Ninti's line. Since Enki, there have been other off-planet beings who added in their own DNA to the human species. So, you are all a mixture - and all one family from the One God, and extraterrestrials. Within you is the consciousness with which you can liberate yourselves through knowledge, which the serpent of wisdom symbolizes, of who you are - the real messiahs.

    Copyright 1998, Noh-Ra Amrani

    §4: Comparison

    Perhaps it's hard to be objective, but when I compare these three stories there are a few things that strike me. First some similarities between the three texts: All of them talk about 'gods' coming to Earth in the same time period: about half a million years ago and the tinkering on or creation of Mankind about 300.000 years ago. They all seem to agree on the origin of these gods, namely from 'the fringes of our galactic system', which is in alliance with the Nibiru-theory which states that Nibiru was once part of the Sirius A system, but 'got caught' by our Sun. On this planet the Annunaki are supposed to live and from this planet they would have come to use their influence on our planet. Both Zeccharia Sitchen as Noh-Ra Amrani agree that Enki was much more sympathetic towards humans than was Enlil. The Pleiadeans only mention the gods of the Bible and the Babylonian tablets, which most likely are one and the same. (for the Dutch: bomen in Eden)

    Now for some differences: Zeccharia Sitchen says that the Annunaki-gods created mankind from Apes. Noh-Ra Amrani talks about test tubes, while the Pleiadeans talk about 'rearranging' the original 12 active strands of DNA to only two. Noh-Ra Amrani claims that Enlil was Enki's Pleiadean (!) brother, while the Pleiadeans only seem to mention the gods from the fringes of our galactic system to have rearranged the humans. I wonder what is behind this difference.

    In a correspondence with Noh-Ra Amrani, she says the following about the family-relationships:

    The Anunnaki were an off-shoot from the Pleiades. Enki was of a Sirian mother (Idjinni) and he was raised on Sirius and joined the Anunnaki, his father and brother, etc., later on when he was called in for his scientific expertise. Of course, he was in contact with them but didn't spend as much time with them until the Earth experiments. Enlil's parents were both Pleiadean.

    Source of this material:

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    This is all very interesting and a lot makes sense to me. However my question would be: Is Thoth a good or a bad guy?

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    horus wrote:The Ten Commitments...

    1. Pursue the dream in your heart.

    2. Create new ways to generate positive energy.

    3. Know what you believe in & why.

    4. Find your place thru choices you make.

    5. Believe that you are all-ways more.

    6. Nurture yourself as a friend in need.

    7. Seek lessons of life hidden in every moment.

    8. Know that your mind is the lifeblood of your future.

    9. View confusion as a prelude to clarity.

    10. Cherish the Earth, thankful for each breath you take.

    Double Thumbs Up


    Peace, Light, Love, Harmony and Unity...

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    The Short Comings of Our DNA and the Matrix - My Side of The Story Snakesdna

    My story is long and detailed showing how I was part of a program like everyone else’s life-stream, and now everything is being revealed, showing every corner, every turn and bump in the road that was being steered by the program. Currently I’m challenging pain with one of my legs. I took a pain killer for two days and I knew there had to be another way. I also said to my self, hang on a minute, this is not real. Here I am, spiritual, why should I be dealing with this rubbish, is this a test or not, I let go of something that is not real and the deeper I went within talking to God – Creator the pain became reduced with better sleeping patterns. Each one of us has been a 'prawn' on a game-board, there are winners and there are losers in this space & time we live in. I am guided to what I want to tell (and expose) here, this seemingly has to be part of all the DNA energy I'm received attached to Mind/DNA programming and orchestrated by false gods. What has happened now with the post content so far is, I've exposing the program that had contained me has now blown off some of its gloss (on me) in 3D and this post below just may be the reason, reading DNA material has triggered something because I already have 12 string DNA, 10 where junk DNA which I had not acknowledged. Maybe it's up to us individually to re-activate them. I looked on the internet and just like so many 'New Age’ followers who go to these paid courses and give their energies away, that’s crazy, I’ve never taken any instructions on this spiritual path, and like some 3D thinkers yesterday could not except me not taking a pain killer when I was going to override it. All my results come from my own will-power and growth have all come from within and it’s been a D.I.Y project. What I post here, results from energies worth reading. You will see, it all fit together. I don't endorse the web-site below or any other; if it resonates I'll just copy and save it.
    Activate your dormant DNA
    Imagine if you woke up one morning and realized that you had dormant superhuman abilities that were waiting to be unleashed. That once you activated these abilities, you could manifest anything you desired in your life, live a life without drama, create your ideal physical body, become immune to all disease, and REVERSE the aging process. Imagine if you realized that you could actually change your blueprint of life, your DNA, to enable you to expand your creative potential, provide access to your subconscious mind, and become intuitive, clairvoyant, and know instantly what your purpose is in life. There is now a process which will allow you to do all these things and more, and it is called DNA Activation.

    What exactly is DNA Activation?
    Most people know that DNA is the 'blueprint of life' and is located in every cell of the body. In addition to each chromosome 2 strand double helix of DNA, there are an additional 10 etheric strands of DNA available to each human, which have been dormant since the beginning of recorded history. Each additional strand possesses attributes that permit the individual to perform greater human accomplishments. Scientists acknowledge that we currently only use 3% of our current 2 strand DNA. Thus we live in a society where people are sick, unhappy, stressed out, create wars, have difficulty experiencing love, and are totally disconnected with the universe. Most people have to meditate for many years just to have a so-called 'mystical' experience, that's how disconnected we are now. Imagine activating 100% of your 2 strand DNA, PLUS 10 additional strands! You will go from using 10% of your brain to becoming a multi-dimensional being with psychic, telepathic, and manifestation abilities beyond anything you've ever dreamed of. Plus, you will stop the aging process and actually start to rejuvenate to look and feel YOUNGER. This is the Original Divine Blueprint, what man USED to be. It has been written that Jesus had 12 strands of DNA activated. There have been children born throughout the history of humanity to raise the frequency of the planet that have more than 2 strands of DNA active - they are known as Indigo children. These are the incredibly intelligent, loving, and amazing children that are being mistakenly diagnosed as having A.D.D. because they are too smart to pay attention in class. Your DNA is your blueprint of life and is what controls every single function inside each of your cells. If you change your DNA, you really will change your life.

    How can there be additional strands of DNA and what does this look like?
    The portions of the DNA chain that science has presently identified as the "Double Helix", represent only the SURFACE portions of the chemical, elemental, and electrical components of the active DNA strands. Science has yet to identify the MULTIDIMENSIONAL spectra of DNA manifestation, and has yet to realize that within the structures of detectable DNA, there are levels of structure and function that direct the operations of the entire genetic blueprint, which are not currently detectable by the contemporary scientific method. The human DNA imprint will always appear from external analysis, as a 2 strand Double Helix configuration. But what is not understood, is that within the Double Helix there are, and will be progressively more, additional Double Helix strands, which fuse together and add their operational coding into the active DNA imprint. As science evolves into comprehension of the multi-dimensional spectrum, the understanding of the tree structure and function of DNA will progressively advance. But one does not have to wait for science to catch up with a rapidly evolving humanity in order to begin advancing the functions of their DNA. Through the processes of bioregenesis, we are removing ancient blockages within the human anatomy that have been blocking natural DNA activation, and then we are restoring the Original Organic Imprint for Health, that is the birthright of our species. We are progressively reordering portions of the "junk DNA" and stimulating portions of the DNA into activation.

    Why is DNA Activation important right now and how does the Earth affect our DNA Activation level?
    We are directly connected to the Earth and exist as part of the Earth. Like a baby that is in their mother?s womb, the body of the mother is actually the OUTER body of the baby. So anything that happens to the mother forms an energetic imprint and affects the child. For example, if the mother smokes or drinks alcohol during the pregnancy, this goes directly to the child and forms imprints, which may manifest as physical birth deformities or genetic problems which eventually manifest into physical disease. So it is the same thing with the Earth and us. The Earth is OUR outer body. This is why it is called Mother Earth. Our morphogenetic field (form holding blueprint) exists as part of the larger morphogenetic field of the Earth. If something happens to the Earth?s energetic grids, then we inherit these problems into our own grids. Our energetic anatomy is exactly like the Earth?s, with chakras, meridians, axiatonal lines, and DNA. Our 13th chakra is actually one we share with the Earth and exists at the Earth?s core. So if a cataclysm happens with the Earth and it pokes a hole in the Earth?s grids, then what happens is that ?hole? is poked into every person?s DNA on the planet.

    And this has been one of the main influences and problems with our DNA throughout history as there have been many cataclysms. The Earth distortions in history have actually created a planetary DNA distortion that has made every living organism?s DNA on the planet to falsely appear as Base-4, with only 4 chemicals. Humans are supposed to have 12 chemical nucleotide bases. This would allow us to have 144 physical chemical chromosomes as well, whereas now we only have 46. Also the original Angelic Human DNA Template which most people on the planet have, called the Diamond Sun DNA Template, is 12 strands, allowing for 12 dimensions of consciousness, and is built for transmutation from carbon to silica based body, and eventually pre-matter liquid light. This body is not meant to ?die?. It is because of the DNA distortions in ancient history (25,500 B.C) that have blocked people from bringing light into their field and naturally evolving through DNA activation. Most people on the planet only have 3 strands active, which only allows 3 dimensions of consciousness and thus they are stuck in 3D. We are at a very important point in history right now because we have the ability to regenerate our original organic imprint for health. And we don?t need science and fancy equipment to do this. We are just required to learn how to use what we came in with ? Our mind-body-spirit system to direct our mind to alter the scalar waves by which our DNA is composed.

    We are in the middle of an ascension cycle, which is literally a time continuum shift. From now through 2012, the planet is going through this time continuum shift, which only happens once every 25,556 years (called a Euiago cycle). What is happening is that the particles that make up the Earth?s auric field are speeding up in pulsation rhythm to prepare for this shift into ascension from dimension 3 to dimension 4. Since the particles that make up the Earth?s auric field are speeding up in pulsation rate, and we exist as part of the Earth?s auric field, the particles that make up our OWN auric fields must also speed up. This is happening now through 2012. This means that one must have at least 4 strands of DNA active to make the shift into dimension 4. And this is why DNA activation is so important now. If you have energetic blockages ? auric attachments, karmic imprints, DNA distortions, or unnatural energetic seals, then you will not be able to speed up the particles and accrete the frequencies necessary to make this time continuum shift. And the higher frequencies coming into your field will speed up the body deterioration process and many result in physical problems or discomfort. Many people are noticing these ?symptoms? now and this is why. They are also noticing how time is speeding up. Our evolution is directly and intimately tied to the Earth?s. And the actual purpose of the Angelic Humans is to assist the Earth with what is happening now. This IS ?why we are here?. Because by raising our own frequency and bringing more light into our fields by DNA activation, when enough people do this and it meets ?critical mass?, this will actually reset the distortions in the Earth?s grids so that we can all ascend together in 2012. All masters that have come, are here, and will come know about DNA activation and spiritual evolution does not happen without it.

    What are the reported benefits and results of DNA Activation?
    DNA activation removes the energetic blockages to you embodying your Higher self, Over-soul consciousness, Avatar self, and Rishi - the part of you closest to Source or God. So consciousness expansion is one of the main benefits and after the sessions, you will be more aware of everything, especially what your purpose is and why you incarnated here at this point in "time". You will start to become aware or see things that others cannot see - some of the hidden agendas going on and how to make decisions to help you and your family in the best way possible. Your dormant brain functions will start to become active, especially your pineal gland. This will help to start tapping into your 7 Higher Senses, and you will be able to use these on a daily basis with practice. Some of the physical benefits reported by clients include thicker hair growth, weight loss and stabilization of desired weight, increased energy, and rejuvenation of various muscles. You will start to see how your body is just a thought form as well, and you can change your body more easily with focus, so you won't have to work out as much. Emotionally, you will go beyond your personal dramas, the aggravation of everyday life. Your body will undergo a detoxification, which will bring old emotional issues to the surface to be released forever, to no longer cause disease and poison the body. You will also experience a renewed sense of confidence and security, and will project that to others, which will allow you to have more fulfilling relationships, increased trust and discernment, and the attraction of soul mates. Almost everyone also reports much quicker manifestations of that which they desire.

    What type of healing occur after having DNA Activations?
    Spontaneous healing can occur at the time of activations. These usually have to do with acute physical and emotional disorders. After the activations, there is a purification process that begins to detoxify the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. There have been many patients who have cured themselves of cancer and other serious diseases after having the DNA activations.

    When you say you become one with God, what exactly do you mean by this? And how does this help one manifest thing?
    In reality, we are all just forgotten Gods. We are all one being and one consciousness and everything in the universe and all universes is part and exists within ONE consciousness identity. It has feelings, desires, intentions, and free will. And most importantly, it has the ability to manifest thought. Because we are each an aspect or a face of that collective identity that some people choose to call God, or some people choose to call Source, there are many other words for it, because we are units or the faces of that Source, we are also imbued with the potentiality and characteristics of that Source. Which means as Source, as God manifest, we as smaller aspects of God taking place within God also have the ability to manifest. If we know what we are doing! We are pieces of God who have forgotten who we were, and with the forgetting we forgot HOW to do it. We can look at us as the many masks that Source wears when it chooses to come into manifest holograms to experience the individuation.


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    With so much comfirmation coming with every post, the truth is becoming very real, including this false god who tried to mentally rape me with his pedophile energies last night dispite all the protection I use. He was more of less saying to me, "Go and f--k your self". You have no idea just how evil and wicked this false god is. Everything I know about him is coming out from a tin of worms. The entire setting was around a church energy, the home of pedophilia and his breeding ground, all I saw were young boys around him.

    I will continue my story here but for now these are all part of the exposured energies of the human experiment that has enslaved humanity. Imagine you are flying to Paradise by Con-Air and arrive at this Fantasy Island (Jurassic Park) that is run by reptilians who look human. Think about it as Dizziland and you have lost your soul memories from jet-lag.

    Actress Fairuza Balk showing her cat's teeth in the movie The Island of Dr. Moreau as Aissa, and recently it was a name given to me. The African meaning for Aissa is 'greatful'. In this movie she was just another human experiment as a Cat. Its only just energy, but it just proves what I'm trying to tell how our DNA has been engineered. I just happen to turn on the TV and this movie was on a few days ago and how timely I thought and I had been awake for 33 hours gathering data. I watched the last 45 minutes of this movie and saw her scream and leap like a cat. Her face was shown the following day and I knew who it looked like, sister of Natalie Wood!

    The Short Comings of Our DNA and the Matrix - My Side of The Story Fairuzabalklanawood2

    This remake of the 1977 film stars Marlon Brando, Val Kilmer, and Dragonheart's David Thewlis. Set in the year 2010, Dr. Moreau (Brando) has successfully combined human and animal DNA to make a crossbreed animal.

    Aissa Dancing to Night Bird:
    The full music track: Night bird-Deep Forest

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