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    Post  Carol Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:42 pm

    2011 PREDICTIONS Bunnyminilop
    2011 is the Year of the Metal Rabbit
    2011 Animal Prediction: Astrology & Horoscopes

    Horoscopes and astrology signs of the zodiac predictions aren't always accurate. However, it doesn't stop millions of people from surfing online 24 hours a day for just one reason: to know what to expect tomorrow or check out what the coming year holds for them.

    As for the Rabbit Year, Chinese astrology and horoscopes predictions, Indian astrology predictions and other free online astrology services say 2011 will be the year of peace. It also can mean that the Rabbit year may bring one's friends and family closer. Let's take a look at some 2011 animal prediction.
    Read on * Chinese Zodiac – 2011, Year of the Rabbit

    1. Rat – 2011 brings new perspective in life, however it is not a great year for rat people. The career goes up, but rats should be very careful if they sign some new contracts in the future.
    2. Ox – 2011 is also not a perfect year for Ox people. However, there could be some good and happy moments in life in all aspects. The new year can bring all good in general luck. What's more, it can give a great opportunity for Ox people to gain financially.
    3. Tiger – 2011 is a great year for the tiger people, especially in terms of career. It is also the year of romance, wealth and opportunities for tigers. 2011 brings many surprises!
    4. Rabbit/hare – of course, it's a great year for rabbit people. There is a success in career and private life. Generally speaking, it is very rewarding year in all aspects of life for rabbits. Interestingly enough that in the Vietnamese version of the Chinese Horoscope, the Rabbit is replaced by Cat.
    5. Dragon – 2011 brings changes, challenges and opportunities. If earlier some doors were closed for dragons, this year the doors will be open. However, Chinese horoscopes predict dragons should be very careful in accidents, which involve metal, for example, knives, cars or other metal items.
    6. Snake – it will turn out to be a good year for snake people. It is a great year for career, business and love. However, the Year of the Metal Rabbit may not be a good year to make investments. Also, snakes should take care more about their health, it needs more attention. Also, astrologists and predictors suggest avoid working for many hours in front of the computers or laptops.
    7. Horse – the new year brings many changes in life for horse people. It's a busy year, but 2011 is much better than 2010 in comparison. Horses will see positive and negative moments in life. However, it is highly recommended for horses to stay positive no matter what happens in life.
    8. Goat/Ram/Sheep – busy, but a wonderful year for goat/ram/sheep. Actually, 2011 is called the best of years to make new plans, get into new projects and meet new people. It is a good year for finances and investments, but there is a need to be careful with money - as they come and go quickly.
    9. Monkey – monkey people will be happy, because the Rabbit year brings many happy and exciting moments. 2011 is the year of luck in romance, career, finance and wealth. However, monkey should try to keep their money.
    10. Rooster – it could be a difficult year for rooster people. Plus, the year's element – metal – is also not favorable for roosters. Rooster may gain financially, but 2011 may bring some money difficulties.
    11. Dog – 2011 is fantastic and amazing for dogs! Lots of happy moments during the whole year. However, dog people should take care more about their health and work a lot if they want see some changes in life.
    12. Boar/pig – 2011 is an interesting year for pigs. Many problems can be resolved. The Rabbit year is much better than the Tiger one, horoscopes say. There will be new perspectives in business and gain in finances. Nevertheless, pigs should also pay more attention to their health in the coming year.

    The Rabbit Year is said to be fortunate. Almost everything will come more easily in 2011. The year of the Metal Rabbit promises to bring peace, joy, calmness and many happy moments.

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    Post  Carol Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:11 am

    Reading the headlines of the future
    Brain transplants, political scandal and more: here’s what 2011 holds
    By Briony Smith, Special to QMI Agency

    Last Updated: December 28, 2010 12:00am

    New Year's Eve is one of the best nights of the year—not for the parties or even the kiss at midnight, but that sense of promise. So aren’t you dying to know what’s going to go on in the year ahead?

    We know you’re aching to find out, so we chatted with Nikki, a noted Toronto-based psychic who's predicted everything from Tiger Woods’ divorce to the mine disaster in Chile.

    Apparently, she says, 2011 is going to be an up-and-down year. “There is a lot of doom and gloom this year, but the good thing is that there will be such great strides in medical breakthroughs,” she says.

    2012 will loom large over the next year: the infamously catastrophic year (Nostradamus and the Mayans predicted that the world will end then) could mean possible earthquakes and assassinations toward the end of 2011.

    But there’s a bright side, Nikki says: “There will be a sense of togetherness, and a return to family life.”

    So what’s in store?

    PREDICTION: George Clooney will get married.

    The once-married dreamboat has claimed he’ll never walk down the aisle again. “But this is the year,” Nikki says. Who’s the lucky gal? “The chances of him marrying [current girlfriend, Italian model Elisabetta Canalis] are about 50/50.”

    PREDICTION: The Playboy Mansion will burn down.

    Not the mansion! “This will probably be an accident,” Nikki says. The fire could start at a party, she says: “they get pretty crazy!”

    PREDICTION: A gold rush will occur in Hawaii.

    Think the Klondike was crazy? “Gold mining companies will go big on this one,” Nikki says. People will “absolutely move” there in an effort to cash in on the craze.

    PREDICTION: Michelle Obama will have another baby.

    Nikki predicts that the President’s daughters Malia and Sasha will get a brand-new sibling—or two! It could be a boy or a girl, but is more likely a set of twins, she says.

    PREDICTION: Sarah Palin will get divorced.

    Rumours that the former veep nominee and her hubby of many years could be headed for splitsville have been swirling for a while. “This could get a little messy,” Nikki says.

    PREDICTION: A giant spider nest and spiders will be found in South America.

    Chalk it up to global warming. “There’s always new species being found down there!” she says.

    PREDICTION: The first brain transplant will take place.

    Nikki previously predicted the first face transplant. 2011 is all about the medical breakthroughs, she says, and the United States or Britain might be the first to perform a brain transplant. “It’s the next step,” she says.

    PREDICTION: A huge breakthrough in the cure for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

    One of the best breakthroughs for the year will be progress in the fight against these deadly diseases. “This will come from stem cell research,” according to Nikki.

    PREDICTION: A horseshoe-shaped UFO will be spotted over Roswell, New Mexico.

    “It’s the uncommon shape of the horseshoe that’s interesting here,” Nikki says. “There will be a lot more sightings this year. I feel that there are other planets with life in the universe—something very Avatar!” There will be more UFO sightings, and even possibly news on the alien life front.

    PREDICTION: There will be a big scandal involving a Washington politician—and cheating will be involved! “

    So who’s the dirty dog? “It could be a senator, or even one of Obama’s people,” according to Nikki.

    PREDICTION: Longtime Hollywood power-couple Warren Beatty and Annette Bening will split up.

    The twosome have been together for almost two decades, but “they’ve just outgrown each other,” according to Nikki. “It probably has something to do with their children, or perhaps a difference of opinion. It’s a combination of a lot of things.”

    PREDICTION: A Hollywood starlet will give birth to a dwarf.

    “Sometimes it’s the wildest predictions!” Nikki says with a laugh (she predicted that bird attack for Fabio on a roller coaster!). “I see the cover of People for this one,” she says.

    PREDICTION: Lady Gaga will try out acting.

    The wonderfully weird chanteuse will try her hand at both dramatic and comedic roles, including a possible turn on Broadway. Nikki says, “I see her taking a role similar to Burlesque,” the surprise smash musical starring Christina Aguilera.


    Want some more insights into 2011’s major new headlines? Check out some of Nikki’s other predictions for the new year!

    •Natalie Portman will win an Oscar for Black Swan.

    •A 500-pound salmon will be discovered in British Columbia.

    •Hilary Clinton will win the Nobel Peace Prize.

    •A bionic eye will be invented by a French scientist.

    •A big computer virus will take out large swathes of communication for a 48-hour period, which could affect air travel.

    •Jessica Simpson will marry and have a baby.

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    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Post  Carol Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:13 am


    Prophecy 2011 - 1 :

    Last year's earthquakes in the beginning of 2010 where the start of "tribulation", in 2011 everything will get worse.

    Prophecy 2011 - 2 :

    At the end of the year solar activity will get worse, with in 2012 peaks like never seen before.

    Prophecy 2011 - 3 :

    The end of the catholic church will happen in the period 2011-2012, will start in 2010 (St-Malachy prediction) Update prophecy # 18 !

    Prophecy 2011 - 4 :

    When solar activity increases, heavy storms will hit US coastal areas.

    Prophecy 2011 - 5 :

    The West will one day be at war with Iran, Russia or China. The third big war is near: as early as the end of 2010 (Baba Vanga) and likely no later than 2012 (Nostradamus). This will be the war of a more horrid version of the first and second AntiChrist, the Third Antichrist !

    Prophecy 2011 - 6 :

    War could break out between India and Pakistan / China, India will win the war if it will happen in 2011-2012.

    Prophecy 2011 - 7 :

    Global economic collapse, Europe is big trouble, Euro and watch Spain, Portugal, Germany ...

    Prophecy 2011 - 8 :

    Before the start of the third world war you will see clear sings in the sky.

    Prophecy 2011 - 9 :

    As predicted in the year 2010, the economic bubble will explode.

    Prophecy 2011 - 10 :

    If Israel attacks Iran, the so-called world war III will start - If Israel does not attack Iran, it will be destroyed. Whatever they do, it won't be a good thing. It's to late to "save" the world.

    Prophecy 2011 - 11 :

    Massive floods and rains will hit the earth worse than in 2010 !!!

    Prophecy 2011 - 12 :

    Massive earthquake in western hemisphere !

    Prophecy 2011 - 13 :

    Vladimir Putin is the AntiChrist after Lenin and Stalin, Putin will destroy most of the world if not stopped by the already returned Christ. The beast with the 10 crowns in revelation is the return of Russian Communism with the Antichrist as leader. Putin is using muslims to weaken the west, the attack will be sudden.

    Prophecy 2011 - 14 :

    The president of the Arab Republic of Egypt Muhammad Hosni Mubarak will die at the end of the year 2010 or in 2011.

    Prophecy 2011 - 15 :

    Mabus will die at the end of 2010 or in 2011, Mabus is the US President Barack Hussein Obama OR the Egyptian President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak. Mabus is NOT "The Antichrist", most people think he is but that is NOT true ! Nostradamus wanted to give a sign, when Mabus dies horrible things will happen to the world. He also didn't say Mabus would be assassinated, he just "dies".

    Prophecy 2011 - 16 : *** UPDATE !

    More secrets will be revealed like predicted in 2010 ... greater secrets !

    Prophecy 2011 - 17 : *** UPDATE !

    Suprise attack in Korea? Signs are not clear yet, more soon !

    Prophecy 2011 - 18 : *** UPDATE !

    Benedict will die in 2011-2012, read St.Malachy Prophecy !

    Prophecy 2011 - 19 : *** UPDATE !

    Vladimir Putin will become the new russian president in 2012, he was - is not and will be again, the prophecy of the AntiChrist !

    Current evaluations :

    Important : Watch out for Moammar Gadhafi !

    On May 11, 2011 a close approach seen in the sky between Venus and Jupiter. I would connect this with the rise of the new Messiah figure.
    On Nov. 8, 2011 asteroid 2005 YU55 passes very close to earth, .4 - 1.4 Lunar Distance. Its 130 meters wide, about 400 feet, so 120 Megaton estimated energy if it hit earth, so a very large H-Bomb size explosion. Interesting that it is 3 days before 11-11-11. This NASA link lets you follow its orbit: asteroid 2005 YU55
    Nov. 11, 2011 or 11-11-11 is an interesting date because 11:11 was a New Age related number. A New Age or New World date? And in Revelation 11:11 the Two Witnesses are raised from the dead. Also note that 11-11-11 is exactly 93 years or 51 666 day intervals after World War I ended on 11-11-1918. So perhaps 11-11-11 will be a time of peace on Earth. Could it relate to Revelation 11:11 - the Two Witnesses?
    When the conflict between Iran and Israel escalates in 2011, N-Korea could attack South Korea because the US needs its troops on other places, in the chaos a war could break out between India and Pakistan, India and China, if this happens Russia could take Europe, it's possible, the current economy does't help peace.
    Prophecies of 2009 - 2010 - 2011 and 2012 could be delayed when the last 3 and 1/2 years start on Dec 21th 2012, if not delayed the third world war (WWIII) will start in 2010 or 2011. Update : Apocalypse will not be delayed as signs of Hopi Indians and the Nostradamus Comet are fulfilled (Blue Star on Dec 11, 2009)
    The sign predicted by the Hopi Indians, the arrival of Blue Star has happened on Dec 11th 2009, when "Blue star" arrives, soon the third big war will start acc. Hopi Indian prophecy, read more about all the prophecies of these native americans.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Post  Carol Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:19 am

    CRAIG'S PREDICTIONS 2011 (Spirit & Destiny Magazine)

    Predictions made for Spirit & Destiny Magazine on 9th September 2010. (Includes three repeated predictions that were not used by Fate & Fortune magazine.)

    1. Two Industrial explosions – one in Indian that is reminiscent of the Bhopal disaster in scale and another in China

    2. In August, three UK soldiers win Victoria Crosses for daring night raid deep into Taliban stronghold.

    3. Denial of Service attack on USA Banks by foreign country causes failures to Internet.

    4. Tropical Island is evacuated due to volcanic eruption

    5. Earthquake in California and the famous Hollywood sign is damaged.

    6. Wild animal disease scare results in mass slaughter of livestock.

    7. The Spring month will see angry demonstrations over wage and pension cuts

    8. William and Kate Royal Wedding Plans announced.

    9. In February the Beckhams reveal that are planning a divorce.

    10. Liverpool win the FA cup

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Post  Carol Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:25 am

    2011 Predictions: From Prices to Presidents, Predictions Abound2011
    Predictions are widespread and vary from the health of the economy, to changes in political policies and even outcomes of major sports events.
    According to Lookout on Yahoo News, the top five 2011 predictions are:

    2011 Predictions - calendar

    • The stock market will continue to make gains, consumer spending will pick up, and corporate profits will remain on the rise. But unemployment won't come down much, and inequality will keep growing.
    • Someone, somewhere in the United States, will face criminal fraud charges in connection with the foreclosure mess.
    • Rightly or wrongly, Julian Assange won't be convicted of a crime, whether in connection to the WikiLeaks disclosures or to allegations of sexual assault in Sweden.
    • Conservatives will label EPA administrator Lisa Jackson a socialist, as the agency steps up efforts to regulate carbon dioxide.
    • The challenge to President Obama's healthcare overhaul will come before the Supreme Court. By a 5-4 vote, the law's constitutionality will be upheld, with Justice Kennedy siding with the court's four liberal justices in the majority.

    The Financial Times predicts that when it comes to the economy, the Euro will survive, China will remain strong, WikiLeaks will face competition from ‘copy cats’ and “not to celebrate just yet”- the dark days aren’t over. House prices in the U.S. are predicted to continue to fall.

    Reuters's Felix Salmon said “I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the US homeownership rate fall a lot in coming years, back down below even its long-term mean around 64%. And if that happens, prices—both to rent and to buy--are almost certain to fall from current levels.”

    Weighing in for 2011 sports predictions are the Bleacher Report and Andy Glockner of Sports Illustrated.

    Glockner believes that neither the Duke’s men’s team nor UConn’s women’s team will win the national title in college basketball. The Bleacher Report predicts that Terrelle Pryor will enter the 2011 draft and that Michael Vick will return as the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback.

    And one of the biggest predictions for 2011 is a prediction for 2012- will Sarah Palin run as a presidential candidate?

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Post  Carol Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:28 am

    2011 Nikon Predictions
    Will he ever stop? (Yes, in 2012 when my calendar says the world ends ;~)
    If you haven't seen my 2010 predictions and results, you can click here and get to that page. I suggest you do so before reading on.

    2010 turned out to be a better year than everyone expected in camera sales. Many companies had a nice bump to their interchangeable lens camera sales (Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Olympus) while others are still mostly hanging on (Pentax, Samsung, Sigma, etc.). Curiously, 2010 was not a full frame year. Nobody did much of anything other than come out with new FX lenses during the year. We got a lot of APS/DX and m4/3 action, but not a lot else. 2011 will be different. Really.

    Some interesting things did get said or done in 2010 that need to be called out:

    * Olympus admitted that, other than the E-5, the old 4/3 DSLR is mostly dead. They'll continue to make the lenses, but no one now expects any new 4/3 cameras. Olympus is now dedicated to m4/3. That means they're missing high end and low end models and a lot of lenses. Overall, Olympus's imaging business continued to decline in 2010.
    * Sony decided that flapping mirrors are passe and is moving to a lineup of mirrorless and pellicle mirrored cameras, despite the light loss it involves. This seems to be a little ahead of the curve to me, as EVF isn't there yet and Sony hasn't exactly set the world on fire with high ISO results (especially considering that the new Sony's run hot at the sensor as it is ;~). But ahead of the curve is better than behind.
    * Nikon committed to using only Nikon-design sensors. That doesn't mean that the sensors don't have elements from other makers in them or that they stopped using Sony as a supplier, only that Nikon's sensors appear to now be 100% exclusive to Nikon. When you compare a Nikon DX 14mp or 16mp camera to a competitor's, any difference in image quality is now completely engineered by Nikon. The results so far look very promising, so Nikon is on to something.
    * The big boys (Canon, Nikon) still haven't gone mirrorless. That's unexpected given the clear sales trend happening in the high compact to low DSLR realm. They can't continue to ignore mirrorless for long, though. Surprisingly, I'm not sure they fully "get it." (More on that in a bit.)
    * Leica is back. The new(ish) owners and management of Leica made mostly all the right decisions and the company is back in the black and growing again. Of course, now that supply is meeting demand, the real question is can they follow that up with more good product decisions, or are we back to the "we'll make lots of limited edition versions" again?
    * Panasonic was the first to take a stab at a camera with cellular phone (as opposed to vice versa) with the Lumix Phone. We'll see more of this as the camera makers try to figure out how to protect the compact camera market, but I don't see it succeeding any time soon. We've watched a lot of cell phone companies withering and dying when they missed the last turn (smart phones), and the camera companies just don't have the marketing or carrier contacts to pull this off.

    Once again I'm going to break the current two-year stretch (2010 results, 2011 destiny) down by company:

    * Canon: Canon missed a memo somewhere. The camera market is changing, but they seem stuck on executing on the old memo. Basically: more pixels, more video, same camera. Some things (autofocus comes to mind) are getting a little stale in the Canon world, while other companies seem to be pushing lots of new tech into their equipment (pellicle mirrors, new focus systems, new metering systems, etc.). This needs to change or the overall trend of Canon being nibbled to death will continue. I don't see any evidence yet that Canon is going to change, though. 2010 was more of the same. Everyone will be looking to see if 2011 is more of more of the same.
    * Nikon: Pretty much everything they've touched since the D3 has turned out to be pretty darned good, with only the D3000 and D5000 lagging, and the D3100 has since fixed part of that. While the cameras have a bit of the "more pixels, more video" aspect that's driving Canon, there's a lot more happening under the covers that's helping. We're getting new tech in focus and metering systems, sensors that seem to have some secret low light sauce to them, and more. Nikon still is playing the "traditional DSLR" card 100%, but they're simply doing a better job of the underpinnings than Canon seems to be doing. That's gained them sales growth and market share so far. Unlike Canon, there are statements coming out of Nikon that seem to indicate that they realize that they need something other than "another DSLR with more pixels" in the coming year. But is the "other" camera really the right one? More in a bit.
    * Sony: 2010 was the year Sony took off on a tangent. NEX and Pellicle mirror cameras are definitely both a bit on the side of non-traditional DSLR plays. The inexpensive full frame thing failed, as did the dozens of low-end traditional-DSLRs-with-minor-differences thing. Somewhere in the organization Sony execs sent and responded to a different memo than the one Canon didn't see. Sony's is a high risk, high reward (or big failure) strategy. Ironically, the best NEX camera is the video model, the NEX-VG10. But Sony has a lot to work on still for stills, even if they get the A700 replacement out and maybe a new full frame sensor flagship: lenses. They need more lenses (NEX, APS, full frame, you name it). Without those lenses, the rest of the strategy will almost certainly fail to bring Sony up to the Nikon/Canon level. The NEX was a good idea, but we're stuck at three lenses, two of them way too big for the camera (compare a Samsung NX100 kit with the NEX5 kit).
    * Olympus: Well, how about downsizing the downsize? 4/3? Dead. m4/3? Our future. Okay, I'll buy that strategy, but it's missing both the low and high end camera and a lot of lenses. It's make or break time for Olympus in interchangeable lens cameras. Like Sony, they're making a bet outside traditional DSLRs, and that's high risk, high reward (or big failure). Unlike Sony, Olympus has a handful of lenses out, with more coming. Panasonic executing on the same mount doubles the lens available, so m4/3 looks more adaptable to a shooter's needs than NEX does at the present time.
    * Panasonic: The sneaky engineers at Panasonic had a few things up their sleeve, and they're showing up first in the GH2. They, too, have decided that it's m4/3 or nothing (that's three bets on red; anyone for black?). But Panasonic made one very major mistake in 2010: they responded to the GH1 firmware hacking by trying to stop it. Doh! Not. The. Right. Decision. The hacked GH1 was probably the best DSLR-based video camera on the market in 2010 (the much more expensive 5DII being a close second). The one thing you need to understand in tech is that when your customers tell you something important via things like hacks, you'd better listen. The Japanese companies are not very good at integrating customer information correctly back into engineering. Instead, they often do the opposite of what they should. If the GH2 turns out to be unhackable, that was a bad decision. Very bad. Go ahead and make your best and most important customers upset. Yeah, that works.
    * Pentax: Last year I wrote: continues to plug along the same path as before and continues to get the same results. Hmm. I don't think I need to rewrite anything here ;~). Yeah, finally deciding to ship the 645D worldwide was a good idea, but shipping 100 or so high-end cameras to the US at the end of the year isn't going to solve Pentax's major problems. Now that Nikon's not driving Sony's sensor production, Pentax is going to be looking for sensors, too. My guess is that they'll be the first Aptina customer. Hope that sensor performs.
    * Fujifilm: So some of the guys got together and prototyped a retro tribute camera in their spare time, yeah, that's a viable strategy to save the camera division. Did they even use a Fujifilm sensor? Doesn't anyone else see that Fujifilm is continuing to fade in almost every respect?
    * Leica: For most of 2010 Leica's thing was trying to get production up to demand. Now that 2011 is arriving, that problem is solved. Now what? This is the year we see if Leica's resurrection was real. Unfortunately, I'm betting that their year consists of introducing a few M and S mount lenses, plus an X2 with a different lens. That's not enough to sustain them, IMHO.
    * Sigma: a revised SD-14 and DP1 and 2 pretty much were like the proverbial tree that falls in the forest: did anyone actually hear those announcements? These cameras needed more than the "things we should have done earlier" updates they got, but at least we got the SD1 announcement. The SD1 is intriguing, as the Foveon technology does have a few nice aspects to it, and having 15mp without an AA filter or Bayer demosaic should highlight one of those very nicely. I know it was Photokina and all, but the SD1 announcement felt too much like a "hey, we're still relevant" cry than something a meaty product positioning.

    Here's my momentum chart for 2010:

    More falling than rising, I see. The companies that are falling need to have a very good 2011, I think.

    That's my message for 2011: have a good year, and you'll be fine; have a bad year, and you're in critical condition at best (you may be dead). So who's going to have a good year and who's going to have a bad one? Well, let's go to the predictions.

    Some overall predictions:

    * Mirrorless video continues. Both Panasonic and Sony now have dedicated video cameras derived from their mirrorless camera systems. This trend will continue, with Samsung likely to be next in line. Of the video companies, Canon is conspicuously absent from this trend. The question is whether the still camera companies will cross over, too. Yes, they will. But they may not get there this year.
    * Larger sensors return. No full frame cameras in 2010, plenty of them in 2011. The question is whether we really need them or not (yes, I know 100,000 of you will immediately write me "I want a D700s or D700x", but frankly, the current crop of full frame cameras from all makers is pretty darned good; if you're not getting good results now, a newer camera isn't going to help much).
    * Growth. The market is back to some modest growth overall. Even compact camera sales will see some growth this year. DSLRs? About 15% growth in unit volume is my guess. Much of that is upgrade cycle: the cameras coming out now (e.g. D7000 or K5) and into next year do represent a big enough leap for much of the installed base that they'll take the leap. And the mirrorless expansion happening at the bottom end of the market will continue as no one has quite sorted it out right yet and people are still experimentally buying.
    * Dirty secrets. I think this may be the year that many of the little secrets the camera makers have been hiding will start coming out more into the open: alteration of raw files, manipulating gain factors, non-linear and error-prone ADCs, mismatching greens in Bayer filtration, and a host of other little things that some of us have known about for quite some time but which generally don't get much press. Why now? Because at the levels we're now getting to with sensors, people are starting to realize that some of the differences they're seeing at pixel peeping and measurebating levels can't be explained by "new sensor technology." There's a strong temptation by the camera companies to market "sensor advances" when it may be "processing changes" or changes to something other than the electronics in the sensor that are being made. Personally, I don't much care how an advance comes, as long as it doesn't get in the way of my capturing optimal data. Today's data and image processing is so much more sophisticated than yesterday's, we're getting some nice benefits in our photos. So, other than knowing what's being done and why, I don't care. There's no great conspiracy involved here, despite some Internet cries to the contrary.
    * Smartcamera. Smartphones are ubiquitous and have cameras in them. Turn that around. We've seen two announcements now of cameras that have phones in them. This trend will continue as the camera companies start to realize that competent cameras in phones will eat up the sub-US$300 compact camera market. The camera companies think of the low-end compact cameras as "gateway drugs" to higher end products. Get someone hooked on a low-end camera, when they need new features or performance, they buy upwards, starting with the same brand (assuming you didn't totally botch the low-end product experience ;~). But smartphones are changing that equation, so the camera companies are rushing to figure out how to get in there before companies like Apple and Microsoft and RIM and Google steal their customer. Unfortunately, the engineering is the easy part. Dealing with the wireless carriers will prove to be the undoing of this effort by the camera makers, I think. And every one of the camera companies would have to up their customer service levels incredibly to even stay in the same game as a company like Apple, which traditionally tops the categories it sells in.

    For individual companies, we'll start with Nikon:

    * A Big Up Year: overall sales and profits will rise continuously through the year, as Nikon is coming into the year with four winners (D3100, D7000, D3s, D3x) and three strong contenders that just need updating (D5000, D300s, D700). Add to that the new system (keep reading), the fact that this is a D4 year, and that Nikon's sensors seem to thrive in low light these days even with pixel increases, and the year looks good.
    * D800: announced by end of March 2011.
    o D700-type body, new Nikon FX high resolution sensor fabbed by Sony
    o 18-24mp
    o 4-5fps
    o 1080P/24/25/30, 720P/24/25/30/60
    o 100% viewfinder
    o EN-EL15
    o MB-D12 grip
    o Yes, it's still coming. At Nikon speed (didn't anyone at Nikon ever watch Star Trek? Impulse Drive is the slow speed; we want engineering at Warp Speed ;~)
    * D400: announced late in the year (August or later). The real question is what changes from a D300s?
    o The D7000 16mp sensor, but with faster frame rates (both still and video)
    o A new focus sensor, likely a derivative of the D4's
    o 1080P/24/25/30, 720P/24/25/30/60
    o Hard core pro body (more gasketing, possibly integrated grip)
    o Integrated GPS?
    o EN-EL15 battery?
    o Or, here's the alternative rumor: 24mp Nikon/Sony DX (yes DX) sensor in the D300s body with the D7000 metering and autofocus. This alternative doesn't make sense to me because it is literally at the limit of discernible resolution returns. Moreover, virtually all of Nikon's DX lenses will come up short in resolution, meaning we'd need another cycle of DX lenses. Makes sense from the "we'll make things that force them to buy again new" standpoint, but makes no sense at all when examined from a practical standpoint. Moreover, this would be the end of the line for DX as far as I'm concerned. Final note: if 24mp DX is the D400 alternative chosen, then the D800 probably won't appear in 2011. Nikon would be very confused trying to market a high megapixel D400, D800, and D4 at the same time. Thus, I'm sticking with 16mp, more hard core pro, as outlined above.
    * D5100: a necessary update of the D5000, probably coming in the first quarter
    o 14mp Nikon sensor
    o D5000-like body and controls, but with the D3100 sensor
    o EN-EL14
    * D4: announced by August 2011
    o new Nikon 18mp sensor with at least D3-like capability, maybe better
    o completely new AF system
    o better metering system (upgraded from D7000)
    o Hard core video features (perhaps even 1080P/60)
    o Integrated GPS
    o USB 3.0
    o Updated UDMA specs
    o Big question: D4h and D4x, or D4 only? The high-megapixel FX sensor rumors swirling around Sony include a Nikon variant. The question is whether Nikon has moved up the pro "studio" camera to be introduced with the pro "performance" camera again (last time that happened was the D1h/D1x intro). I think the odds are good that they could, as the only real engineering difference is the sensor, and the sensor appears to be ready. Still, there's a big potential pileup in terms of marketing differentiation if Nikon pulls out all the stops (D400, D800, D4h, D4x). I can't see them doing more than three of those choices in one year, and even that is expecting them to be aggressive. I expect at most two high megapixel announcements (D4, D800).
    * Coolerpix: Yes, finally a larger sensor Coolpix. And it turns out to be the missing mirrorless camera the executives have been talking about. Should be launched by February, certainly within first four months of year.
    o Larger sensor, all Nikon, but it's not as big as DX. That means:
    o New lens system (call it MX for now), which means a 28-105mm equivalent, a wide angle prime, a 50mm prime equivalent, a 70-300mm or 80-400mm equivalent, maybe a superzoom equivalent
    o Video capability as per D3100/D5100
    o EN-EL16
    o So why is Nikon saying they reinvented the camera? I have two predictions here: unique optional EVF display (head mount) and a modest amount of user programmability. Wow, I don't believe I just wrote that. But yes, this is a camera you're going to interact with differently than ever before. Unfortunately, that's feeling a bit like the Coolpix with projector idea to me, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.
    o This is not a m4/3, NEX, or NX competitor, as it turns out. Well, it is in the sense that it is a small, mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses. But Nikon seems to be shooting low in the market. Compact camera consumer low. That means very small size, even with some big focal length ranges. But it also means a small sensor and everything that brings to the table. I have to really wonder if Nikon got this one right. The things I do know about it seem like they're swinging at a user who doesn't exist. Again, Coolpix projector feeling...
    * Nikkors: Some of the missing Nikkors are no longer missing. By the end of 2011, the remaining missing Nikkors will all be here:
    o A 80-400mm f/4-5.6 replacement, with AF-S and a new optical design.
    o A 70-200mm f/4 addition.
    o A long Micro-Nikkor: may not be 200mm. Nikon may try to kill two birds with one stone again by making it 180mm and faster than f/4.
    o 50mm f/1.2G. Why? I don't know.
    o A 24-70mm replacement. I'm guessing 24-105mm f/2.8 VR, and announced with the D4. This is an aggressive prediction as I've specified it. But the main prediction is being unnoticed: 24-70mm replacement. I don't think Nikon will sit on 24-70mm and just do something like add VR. I believe they'll take the opportunity to push the specs a bit. You can read that any way you'd like (22-70mm, 24-85mm, or my 24-105mm).

    I'm a little worried that Nikon also got pulled into the 3D craze. That Coolerpix could be 3D or have a 3D option. Certainly there will be a Coolpix of some sort that does 3D in 2011, otherwise Picturetown 3D and Nikon's new 3D picture frame make no sense. But 3D, especially for stills, is a technology looking for users, not the other way around. I suppose this means we'll have a Coolpix with built-in 3D projector, too ;~). Yeah, those will sell like hot potatoes. Not!

    To summarize what I think Nikon's interchangeable lens lineup will look like at the end of the year from top of the line to bottom:

    D4 and D3x (though possibly D4h/D4x combo instead)
    CP8000 (mirrorless)

    Yes, this would mean that the D90, D300s, D700 go away. Yes, this would mean that the D3s sensor goes away. Yes, those are scary thoughts.

    * Fujifilm. The X100 will be a small nova in the photographic world. Gushed over initially when it finally appears but then the reality will hit and it'll just be regarded as another interesting, but-too-expensive-for-what-it-really-is compact camera, much like the Leica X1. Yes, there will be an X200, probably announced before the reality sets in. Note that the compact camera lineup will be getting the same scrutiny by the buying public: interesting, but not enough. The promise of the F300EXR didn't quite match the reality, either. Ditto for the follow-up models, so 2011 will see Fujifilm again lose compact camera market share.
    * Sony. Not too difficult to predict that the A700 replacement appears, though I think there are some surprises to those that haven't been paying attention: pellicle mirror, more megapixels, GPS inside option, etc. Looking at the feature list on paper the camera looks like a Canon and Nikon killer. But it isn't, it's just another Sony (oh, I know I'm going to get beat up over that line). Competent, but a little unfocused in target user (and interface), and not quite at the same pixel peeping level as its competitors. Hey, what about the rumored 24mp APS sensor? Answer: how many lenses does Sony have that could resolve well on that? Four? Five? So putting a camera out with what is essentially the maximum for useful APS pixel count doesn't seem like it would be a big winner given the other constraints (e.g. lenses). (One source does tell me that Sony has 4-5 Zeiss lenses planned for 2011 launch, including a 200mm f/2, so perhaps these will fill that void and give the 24mp users something to shoot with.) You don't really want to put out a camera that might cause a majority of its users to start posting "it wasn't worth it" messages all over the net. Still, the multiple "economy full frame" excursion that Sony went on seems to imply that they'll throw just about anything at the wall to see if it sticks, so we probably will see a 24mp crop sensor camera from them, and it may be the A700 replacement. I'll just go on record as saying that would be foolish. I don't think it's difficult to predict that Sony have at least two more NEX models by the end of the year and at least three more NEX lenses. What's tougher to predict is what happens with full frame. I think we'll see one more stab by Sony there, mainly because it was already in development before the upper management started questioning the large sensor payback. So which is it: full frame with video, or full frame with a pellicle mirror, or both? Given what I know about the sensor development, the video is a given. So my guess would be both. Meanwhile Sony, like Panasonic, will join the compact-camera-with-built-in-cellphone game (call it the Sony Erickson Cellular Alpha, or SECA for short).
    * Canon. A 1DsIV seems pretty certain, and I think it'll be 32mp or more (remember, Canon's still executing off the same "more pixels" memo). A 5DIII seems certain by the end of the year, though I don't see it going the more pixel route. Instead, it'll be focused on trying to lock down the video user. So do we get other DSLRs, too? Well, I'm perplexed about that. Where exactly do you go after the T2i, 60D, and 7D? More pixels takes you up to that APS useful max, and I'm not sure that the 18mp sensors are delivering all that much more in the first place. I'm not hearing a lot of Canon DSLR future info out of Japan other than the high end. No, I think Canon is at a crossroads with DSLRs. The old strategy is about to stop working. Note that I said that growth in 2011 is partly due to upgraders, but I don't see the Canon crowd crowing at their upgrade opportunities. Some of Canon's best design decisions, meanwhile, have been being made in their top compact cameras (S95, G12). Is it possible that they'll figure that out and get the mirrorless religion based upon these designs? I have my doubts. I'm betting on an incremental T3i body as the lone new cropped sensor DSLR, with 60D and 7D follow-ups scheduled for 2012. Can you see why Canon's slowly losing momentum?
    * Olympus. We should get three m4/3 bodies from Olympus in 2011, but we'll probably get two: E-P3 and E-PL2. The latter will be the incremental improvement to the E-PL1 and attempt to try to keep them in the game at the low end of the mirrorless realm. Basically, that means a US$499 camera or less with lens at retail, which means that the main development drive is in engineering out costs, not making a better product. At the other end, Olympus needs a solid-as-a-brick, pro m4/3 body, and I'm guessing that Olympus will make that the E-P3 and keep the E-P2 in the lineup as the middle. There's a possibility I'm wrong, and that they'll update the E-P2 to the E-P3 and add a higher end, more pro model, but that seems like a lot of work for Oly in a short time. True, the 4/3 DSLR engineering teams aren't doing anything any more, so that argues for the three-body introduction scenario. Okay, so I'll take what I wrote back and say E-PL2, E-P3, and E-P5 will appear. Like Panasonic (see below), we'll have the lower models continuing the current sensors (with modest updates) and the upper models upping the megapixel numbers. We already know that we're getting a super telephoto zoom (~70-300mm variable aperture, or is it the 90-250mm f/2.8 in m4/3 garb? I want the latter, but it'll probably be the former), a 50mm macro, an 8mm fisheye, and a 12mm wide angle lens in early 2011. I think we'll only get one additional lens delivered in 2011, and that would be a pro-caliber mid-range zoom (14-45mm f/2.8?) with the high end body. But by the end of the year I suspect that we'll have a new lens roadmap that shows us a couple more high specification m4/3 lenses (fixed aperture zooms), another prime (likely 25mm), and another consumer zoom of some sort. Two additional things came on my radar just after I wrote this: Olympus is trying to finish buying a cell phone seller (ITX Corp, a Japanese cell phone store chain which they currently own 82% of), and Olympus is exploring a larger sensor idea they're internally calling Super4/3 (to replace the old 4/3). So the question is: will Olympus try pushing outward from their current compact and m4/3 core? My answer: yes.
    * Panasonic. The GH2 got launched late in the year, so the high end for Panasonic seems set for 2011. Meanwhile the G2 isn't out of date, either. Thus, it's the GF1 type camera that's where the action will be. We'll actually get two variants: a lower level replacement for the GF-1 (call it the GF-2 [actually announced a week after I wrote that line]) and a higher level supplement (call it the GP-2). The lower end continues the current 12mp sensors (updated slightly), the upper end gets the GH2 sensor. Lenses are tougher to figure. But I suspect that, like Olympus, by going upscale with a model Panasonic needs to do the same with lenses, so we'll get something like a 14-45mm f/2.8 and a 45-100mm f/2.8 pairing, maybe in Leica garb. What we really need is a 10mm or 12mm prime, though. Panasonic seems to be hot on the wides, so I'm going to bet that we get something like that in the lineup announced in 2011, too. We already have good word that we'll see a 25mm f/1.4 in the coming year from them. Panasonic is making decent cameras, but they need to get their marketing and sales up to a higher level. And all the "G's" and "2's" in their naming (GH-2, G2, G20, GF-2) aren't helping. Talk about confusing the potential buyer.
    * Leica. The easy parts are these: at least two more S mount lenses, at least two more M mount lens revisions. A follow-up to the X1, basically the same camera with a different lens (call it the X2, probably with a 35mm f/2 lens [the rich man's Sigma DP2]). I'm going to go out on a limb and predict a Leica variant of the GP-2, which basically gives Leica a modern interchangeable lens rangefinder-sized replacement, albeit a rebadged one. That would be a pretty good addition to their lineup, actually, but the real issue here is that Leica would need to get on the m4/3 lens bandwagon. Please! Pretty Please? A Leica prime line of 12mm, 14mm, 18mm, 25mm, 40mm would be so welcome by the m4/3 crowd it would be perpetually out of stock, even at Leica prices. But they won't do it (sorry about that sudden cold shower). They'll hold the fort: 2 M and 2 S lenses and an X2. Or maybe they'll expand slightly: I'm not sure if the X2 is this or not, but Leica will expand, adding a full frame compact (fixed lens) during the year.
    * Samsung. I haven't written about them much, but they've been quietly iterating trying to find a sweet spot that'll give them some leverage. The NX100 may be the trick (I'll have more to say about it soon). Samsung reminds me a bit of Panasonic on a several year tape delay: they started into DSLRs with a bit of a joint venture (Samsung:Pentax, Panasonic:Olympus), have a great deal of photographer-centric thinking in their designs, and are progressing towards their own system and style. But what Samsung still haven't quite figured out is the "system" aspect of interchangeable lens cameras. Three lenses are not nearly enough, especially when they're all low specification. Also, the Samsung sensors and digital processing aren't exactly topping the charts in image quality, yet, either. But the NX10 is an attractive and usable camera. So we'll see if Samsung figured that out themselves. If we see variations of the NX10 design and the right NX lenses announced in 2011, they get it. If not, well, they're still stumbling around in the dark looking for the light switch (when it's already at their fingertips). We will see a video camera with the NX mount in 2011, though. Samsung also needs to get their marketing and sales act together, too (at least here in the US; not sure how it is in Europe at the moment). I don't have much in the way of other predictions for Samsung, as you can see, partly because they're off the main Japanese design circuit where most of the rumors and rumblings I hear occur. But I think it clear they'll have another NX body or two (NX200, NX20) and at least another lens there. Current rumor is that the next lens will be a fast telephoto.
    * Ricoh. Ricoh's made it a bit easy on me: they've published their roadmap for 2011 already: 28mm equivalent wide angle should be shipping soon after I write this, the 24-70mm APS module will come next, and we'll get a module with a lens mount of some sort. So the only real question is "what lens mount?" There are only two that make a lot of sense to me: M or m4/3. Anything else makes for lenses that are too big for the body. Okay, there's an outside chance at C mount, but that's so oddball, even Ricoh wouldn't pursue that. Here's the kicker: that 24-70mm APS module is going to rock the high-end compact world. Somehow Ricoh will have done what none of the traditional camera makers really achieved: a shirt pocket APS sensor camera. Yes, it'll be a big shirt pocket, like the P7000 and G12 need, but here's the thing: the GXR body is pretty darned good. So if a 24-70mm APS module with a retracting lens works as well as it should, this is the sleeper compact of the year. Who needs mirrorless?
    * Pentax. Full frame? Probably not, though if things pick up for them, that project might get quickly green-lighted. Mirrorless? Yes, though I don't know any details yet. which will appear in the first quarter of 2011.

    Finally, a word about my predictions. I write these to be provocative; to generate discussions about the health of the companies whose products we use and how they might best serve us in the future. When I write that I think a company or product line might not be long for the world, it's not that I want that to happen. Personally, the more players we have, the more competition we have and the faster we get new technologies and innovations that will make our lives as photographers better. While I make a modest living off of documenting Nikon products, I don't consider myself a Nikon fanboy. Nikon themselves don't think I'm a fanboy ;~).

    Okay, one more provocative prediction: interchangeable lens camera global market share guesses for 2011. The following numbers have been revised slightly from my original projection after looking at the most recent financial statements from the camera companies:

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    10 Predictions for the News Media in 2011

    1. Leaks and Journalism: A New Kind of Media Entity

    In 2010, we saw the rise of WikiLeaksWikileaksWikileaks through its many controversial leaks. With each leak, the organization learned and evolved its process in distributing sensitive classified information. In 2011, we’ll see several governments prosecute WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for his role in disseminating classified documents and some charges will have varying successes. But even if WikiLeaks itself gets shut down, we’re going to see the rise of “leakification” in journalism, and more importantly we’ll see a number of new media entities, not just mirror sites, that will model themselves to serve whistle blowers — WikiLeaks copycats of sorts. Toward the end of this year, we already saw Openleaks, Brusselsleaks, and Tradeleaks. There will be many more, some of which will be focused on niche topics.

    Just like with other media entities, there will be a new competitive market and some will distinguish themselves and rise above the rest. So how will success be measured? The scale of the leak, the organization’s ability to distribute it and its ability or inability to partner with media organizations. Perhaps some will distinguish themselves by creating better distribution platforms through their own sites by focusing on the technology and, of course, the analysis of the leaks. The entities will still rely on partnerships with established media to distribute and analyze the information, but it may very well change the relationship whistleblowers have had with media organizations until now.

    2. More Media Mergers and Acquisitions

    At the tail end of 2010, we saw the acquisition of TechCrunch by AOL and the Newsweek merger with The Daily Beast. In some ways, these moves have been a validation in the value of new media companies and blogs that have built an audience and a business.

    But as some established news companies’ traditional sources of revenue continue to decline, while new media companies grow, 2011 may bring more media mergers and acquisitions. The question isn’t if, but who? I think that just like this year, most will be surprises.

    3. Tablet-Only and Mobile-First News Companies

    In 2010, as news consumption began to shift to mobile devices, we saw news organizations take mobile seriously. Aside from launching mobile apps across various mobile platforms, perhaps the most notable example is News Corp’s plan to launch The Daily, an iPad-only news organization that is set to launch early 2011. Each new edition will cost $0.99 to download, though Apple will take 30%. But that’s not the only hurdle, as the publication relies on an iPad-owning audience. There will have been 15.7 million tablets sold worldwide in 2010, and the iPad represents roughly 85% of that. However, that number is expected to more than double in 2011. Despite a business gamble, this positions news organizations like The Daily for growth, and with little competition, besides news organizations that repurpose their web content. We’ve also seen the launch of an iPad-only magazine with Virgin’s Project and of course the soon-to-launch social news iPad application from Betaworks.

    But it’s not just an iPad-only approach, and some would argue that the iPad isn’t actually mobile; it’s leisurely (yes, Mark Zuckerberg). In 2011, we’ll see more news media startups take a mobile-first approach to launching their companies. This sets them up to be competitive by distributing on a completely new platform, where users are more comfortable with making purchases. We’re going to see more news companies that reverse the typical model of website first and mobile second.

    4. Location-Based News Consumption

    In 2010, we saw the growth of location-based services like Foursquarefoursquarefoursquare, GowallaGowallaGowalla and SCVNGR. Even Facebook entered the location game by launching its Places product, and GoogleGoogleGoogle introduced HotPot, a recommendation engine for places and began testing it in Portland. The reality is that only 4% of online adults use such services on the go. My guess is that as the information users get on-the-go info from such services, they’ll becomes more valuable and these location-based platforms will attract more users.

    Part of the missing piece is being able to easily get geo-tagged news content and information based on your GPS location. In 2011, with a continued shift toward mobile news consumption, we’re going to see news organizations implement location-based news features into their mobile apps. And of course if they do not, a startup will enter the market to create a solution to this problem or the likes of Foursquare or another company will begin to pull in geo-tagged content associated with locations as users check in.

    5. Social vs. Search

    In 2010, we saw social media usage continue to surge globally. Facebook alone gets 25% of all U.S. pageviews and roughly 10% of InternetInternetInternet visits. Instead of focusing on search engine optimization (SEO), in 2011 we’ll see social media optimization become a priority at many news organizations, as they continue to see social close the gap on referrals to their sites.

    Ken Doctor, author of Newsonomics and news industry analyst at Outsell, recently pointed out that social networks have become the fastest growing source of traffic referrals for many news sites. For many, social sites like FacebookFacebookFacebook and Twitter only account for 10% to 15% of their overall referrals, but are number one in growth. For news startups, the results are even more heavy on social. And of course, the quality of these referrals is often better than readers who come from search. They generally yield more pageviews and represent a more loyal reader than the one-off visitors who stumble across the site from Google.

    6. The Death of the ‘Foreign Correspondent’

    What we’ve known as the role of the foreign correspondent will largely cease to exist in 2011. As a result of business pressures and the roles the citizenry now play in using digital technology to share and distribute news abroad, the role of a foreign correspondent reporting from an overseas bureau “may no longer be central to how we learn about the world,” according to a recent study by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. The light in the gloomy assessment is that there is opportunity in other parts of the world, such as Asia and Africa, where media is expanding as a result of “economic and policy stability,” according to the report. In 2011, we’ll see more news organizations relying heavily on stringers and, in many cases, social content uploaded by the citizenry.

    7. The Syndication Standard and the Ultimate Curators

    Syndication models will be disrupted in 2011. As Clay Shirky recently predicted, more news outlets will get out of the business of re-running the same story on their site that appeared elsewhere. Though this is generally true, the approach to syndication will vary based on the outlet. The reality is that the content market has become highly fragmented, and if content is king, then niche is certainly queen. Niche outlets, which were once curators of original content produced by established organizations, will focus more on producing original content. While established news brands, still under pressure to produce a massive amount of content despite reduced staff numbers, will become the ultimate curators. This means they will feature just as much content, but instead through syndication partners.

    You already see this taking place on sites like or, both of whose technology sections feature headlines and syndicated content from niche technology publications. In this case, it won’t only be the reader demand for original content that drives niche publications to produce more original content, but also its relationship with established organizations that strive to uphold the quality of their content and the credibility of their brand. Though original content will be rewarded, specialized, niche publications could benefit the most from the disruption.

    8. Social Storytelling Becomes Reality

    In 2010, we saw social content get weaved into storytelling, in some cases to tell the whole story and in other cases to contextualize news events with curation tools such as Storify. We also saw the rise of social news readers, such as Flipboard and Pulse mobile apps and others.

    In 2011, we’ll not only see social curation as part of storytelling, but we’ll see social and technology companies getting involved in the content creation and curation business, helping to find the signal in the noise of information.

    We’ve already heard that YouTube is in talks to buy a video production company, but it wouldn’t be a surprise for the likes of TwitterTwitterTwitter or Facebook to play a more pivotal role in harnessing its data to present relevant news and content to its users. What if Facebook had a news landing page of the trending news content that users are discussing? Or if Twitter filtered its content to bring you the most relevant and curated tweets around news events?

    9. News Organizations Get Smarter With Social Media

    In 2010, news organizations began to take social media more seriously and we saw many news organizations hire editors to oversee social media. USA Today recently appointed a social media editor, while The New York Times dropped the title, and handed off the ropes to Aron Pilhofer’s interactive news team.

    The Times‘ move to restructure its social media strategy, by going from a centralized model to a decentralized one owned by multiple editors and content producers in the newsroom, shows us that news organizations are becoming more sophisticated and strategic with their approach to integrating social into the journalism process. In 2011, we’re going to see more news organizations decentralize their social media strategy from one person to multiple editors and journalists, which will create an integrated and more streamlined approach. It won’t just be one editor updating or managing a news organization’s process, but instead news organizations will work toward a model in which each journalist serves as his or her own community manager.

    10. The Rise of Interactive TV

    In 2010, many people were introduced to Internet TV for the first time, as buzz about the likes of Google TV, iTV, Boxee Box and others proliferated headlines across the web. In 2011, the accessibility to Internet TV will transform television as we know it in not only the way content is presented, but it will also disrupt the dominance traditional TV has had for years in capturing ad dollars.

    Americans now spend as much time using the Internet as they do watching television, and the reality is that half are doing both at the same time. The problem of being able to have a conversation with others about a show you’re watching has existed for some time, and users have mostly reacted to the problem by hosting informal conversations via Facebook threads and Twitter hashtags. Companies like Twitter are recognizing the problem and finding ways to make the television experience interactive.

    It’s not only the interaction, but the way we consume content. Internet TV will also create a transition for those used to consuming video content through TVs and bring them to the web. That doesn’t mean that flat screens are going away; instead, they will only become interconnected to the web and its many content offerings.
    More Social Media Resources from Mashable:

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    NRO Symposium
    2011 Predictions
    What might happen in the upcoming year? We asked a few of National Review Online’s sages to prophesy the events of 2011.

    Domestic affairs: 2011 will be the year that the full scale of our fiscal crisis becomes clear, even to politicians. They will likely be able to postpone the inevitable for another year or so, though. (The inevitable being real, massive reductions in federal and state spending, entitlements cut to the bone, major public-sector layoffs, etc.) Start practicing the term “QE3.” Of course, the longer the politicians postpone it, the worse the crash will be: but politicians always think the horse may sing.

    Federal bailouts of states and cities whose finances have collapsed will become a major issue. Citizens of better-managed jurisdictions, and Tea Partiers everywhere, will object mightily, and the rest of us will watch in horror as the deficit doubles, but the bailouts will happen anyway for fear of a devastating crisis in the bond markets.

    Numerology: People will make a great fuss about 11/11/11.

    Vocabulary: The word “austerity” will be heard a lot.

    The culture: Obsessive texting on tiny communication gadgets will become so widespread that at some moment in some daylight hour of 2011, nobody in the U.S.A. will be speaking to anyone else.

    Foreign affairs: One country will leave the euro, probably Germany.

    China will begin visibly to turn the corner from Wirtschaftswunder to 東亞病夫 (Sick Man of Asia) as all the rising graphs start to flatten out. Environmental degradation, class resentments, demographic cratering, corruption, and fiscal reality will gain ground over resource development, embourgeoisement, entrepreneurial energy, Party authority, and grandiose government projects. Just a beginning, nothing very dramatic: a big-city demonstration out of control here, a local food or water crisis there, some high-profile corruption trials, continuing intractable price inflation …

    Math: Some generous publisher will offer me a handsome advance to write a book on the Banach-Tarski Paradox.

    Leadership: Barack Obama will turn 50, the age at which Confucius said he knew the will of Heaven.

    My predictions for 2011 will be 12.7 percent more accurate than my 2010 elections were, which is to say not very accurate at

    By the end of the year, WikiLeaks will be recognized as the “Napster” of data-dump sites and Julian Assange as the Shawn Fanning of a phenomenon that totally eclipses his importance.

    The mainstream media will, by the end of the year, start to rekindle its love for Obama after a few months of bickering and sniping over his alleged move to the center.

    Obama will face another moment arguably similar to the Iranian Green revolution, only this time in North Korea. He will opt for stability over freedom, again.

    There will be a large number of very successful symbolic cuts to the budget and too few substantive ones.

    Newt Gingrich will do much better than expected in the pre-primary debates, garnering support from both anti-establishment conservatives who don’t think Sarah Palin is electable and from mainstream conservatives who don’t think Romney is conservative enough.

    The total number of “serious” candidates seeking the Republican nomination will be over twelve. The number of “serious” candidates running after the South Carolina primary will be less than six.

    Guantanamo Bay prison will not be closed.

    Fidel Castro will die.

    Europe’s financial crisis will get far worse. At least one country will actively try to leave the Euro, causing a major political crisis.

    China will experience a major economic correction, causing global concern over Chinese political stability.

    A rise in global food prices will create an international crisis.

    By the end of the year, no one will think the Newsweek–Daily Beast merger was a good idea.

    There will be no major international global-warming agreements.

    My predictions for 2012 will have a lot more jokes.

    — Jonah Goldberg is an editor-at-large of National Review Online. 28, 2010 4:00 A.M.

    In sports: No New York franchise will win a championship in 2011. The Jets will fire Sal “Day Tripper” Alosi, but he’ll land on his feet and star in a reality-TV show.

    On the war: President Obama will continue to play Predator Whac-A-Mole with al-Qaeda on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. He will be right to do so. Noam Chomsky will repeatedly and publicly call him a war criminal. Noam Chomsky will be called a racist.

    In politics: Sarah Palin will announce her intention to run for president in 2012, then announce a week later that she was only kidding — that she just wanted to see what the op-ed page of the New York Times would say. Frank Rich will call her a war criminal. Frank Rich will be invited to the White House.
    On television: The funniest show on TV will be Family Guy, ending the ten year reign of C-SPAN’s live coverage of Tavis Smiley’s State of the Black Union. (Smiley has said he will no longer hold the event.) If you never thought SOBU was funny . . . well, I guess that GED’s not working out for you, is it?

    In books: Having been ignored by critics and readers, my latest novel, Sloth, will win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. At the awards dinner, I will give a stemwinder of an acceptance speech decrying the sphinctering effect of MFA programs on American fiction . . . in the middle of which I will wake up and kiss Victoria Principal.

    — Mark Goldblatt’s latest novel is Sloth, from Greenpoint Press.

    After the last two terrible years, 2011 is going to be a tipping point, and I think the country will tip in a positive direction, thanks largely to the Tea Party, the heroes and heroines of 2010. The apparent lurch to the left two years ago was the result of mistaken identity. Here are my predictions:

    The Republicans and the Tea Party will disappoint the media by getting along swimmingly. The Republicans know what a mess they left behind the last time they were in power. This time they know they must be sober and will begin the process of cutting back on spending. This is not because of the perfectibility of Republicans — it is because of the Tea Party and because the financial situation has become so dire that we are at a tipping point. The public will throw out the (Republican) bums if they don’t do what they said they would do.

    The Left will be emboldened by the president’s tepid attempts to bow, ever how ungraciously, to reality. They are far more numerous and more radical than many realize, and they will go wild in 2011; the Democratic rump in the House, under the fetching leadership of San Fran Nan will wage holy war on every sensible proposition that comes before them. But there will be no real effort to mount a primary challenge against Barack Obama: They know their own. When Edward Kennedy ran a primary challenge against Jimmy Carter, Carter still looked enough like the southern Baptist gentleman to appear alienated from the Left. Today the Left knows that Obama is as good as it gets.

    The rich will start sticking up for themselves. Hey, we mid-income bloggers can’t be the only ones making the argument for you Richie Riches. The rich must stand up and say that, in a country founded by people who sailed across the treacherous Atlantic and founded a great (exceptional, even) nation on wild shores and went on to prosper, making money and doing well is no sin. We must be charitable to those who fail, but we must realize that those who succeed help society more than the next government handout. I think we’re at the tipping point on this issue, too.

    President Obama will go completely gray. He thought this job would be a lot of fun. He thought it was all about talking. But it isn’t. Most presidents have experienced failure before they reach this high office — he had not and now he doesn’t quite know what to do. I predict that he will give serious consideration to not running again. I know which way I want him to decide. I don’t go along with those who think he has rescued himself with the tax deal. The fight to dismantle Obamacare is going to prevent the president from posing as a centrist, as he did during the campaign.

    Republicans will learn to avoid the words “American Dream.” These are the words that seem to make Speaker-to-be John Boehner cry. It’s not a good look. But you know what? I think that, as long as it’s not a daily occurrence, Americans won’t mind Boehner’s tears. They are genuine. We elected a glamour puss for president last time. I predict that 2011 will be the year we reject charisma. This is good news for a whole batch of Republican hopefuls, including, most notably, Mitch Daniels. It is not good for Sarah Palin.

    — Charlotte Hays is co-author of Being Dead Is No Excuse: The Official Southern Ladies Guide to Hosting the Perfect Funeral.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Mitt Romney will seriously consider not running for president.

    Jeb Bush will seriously reconsider not running for president.

    Hillary Clinton will not resign and run for president.
    I will finally stop making presidential-primary predictions.

    Sarah Palin will continue to be the subject of at least one MSNBC news story a day.

    We will stop talking about mama grizzlies because mama grizzlies have officially broken the longtime conventional insistence that conservative women don’t quite count as serious women.

    At a quarter after one and a little drunk, country group Lady Antebellum will officially cross over to pop.

    Michael Steele will become an MSNBC commentator.

    I will live-tweet Dana Perino at the Country Music Awards (see below).

    I will compile all of my near-decade-long blogging output into an encyclopedia-sized series of bad predictions.
    — Kathryn Jean Lopez is an editor-at-large of National Review Online.

    2011 will be a great year for education reform and a devastating one for teachers’ unions. The historic Republican gains in state legislatures will give innovative governors the opening to push for bold reforms. Governors across the country, from Daniels in Indiana to Scott in Florida to Martinez in New Mexico, won’t let this opportunity go to waste.

    While Sarah Palin will draw the most media attention in 2011, the mainstream media won’t be able to demonize all the emerging Republican women. Be on the watch for new rising GOP female stars.

    Sarah Palin will realize she can have the most positive impact — and frustrate the Left the most — by staying out of the presidential contest, remaining as a lightning rod for Republican-bashers and a king-maker for aspiring Republican leaders.

    New Jersey’s Chris Christie will run.
    — Carrie Lukas is executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum and the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism.

    Sarah Palin will announce that she won’t run for president.

    Large numbers of American troops will remain in Afghanistan.

    Fidel Castro will die.

    The New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl, the Detroit Red Wings will win the Stanley Cup, the Los Angeles Lakers will repeat as NBA champs, and the Philadelphia Phillies will take their second World Series title in four years.

    — John J. Miller is NR’s national correspondent and the author ofThe First Assassin. His personal website is

    There will be dramas and panics to spare (Portugal will be next), but the euro will still be around at the end of 2011, bolstered by ever-increasing eurozone budgetary harmonization. The EU’s ruling class has invested too much political capital in this project to allow it to fail: whatever the cost — and the cost will be very high, economically, politically and socially.

    No clear leader will have emerged in the GOP contest for the presidential nomination. Beyond the declared (or more or less declared) candidates already out there, Paul Ryan will not (alas) run, but Mitch Daniels just might. Mike Huckabee could well have a go, fusing social conservatism with a dash of leftist economics, while Jim DeMint might well be tempted to have a go. Sarah Palin? I have no idea.

    The financial plight of many states will continue to worsen, and the muni market will lurch deep into crisis.

    Iran and North Korea will end the year looking pretty much as they look today, except that their nuclear programs will be further along. Cyber-attacks can only do so much. One game changer could be if the Grim Reaper comes calling for Kim Jong Il. If his son actually succeeds his unlamented father, it will be as a figurehead, with the real power resting with one or two generals. Could they be (relative) pragmatists?

    Silvio Berlusconi will continue to be Europe’s most entertaining prime minister. Belgium will continue to be Europe’s most unnecessary country.

    The Japanese will continue to reject the advice of those who claim (wrongly) that large-scale immigration is the answer to the “problem” posed by a declining population.

    Vladimir Putin will announce that he is “running” for the Russian presidency in 2012.

    As always, terrorism remains a hideous wild card. Recent events in Stockholm are just the latest warning.

    — Andrew Stuttaford is a contributing editor of National Review.

    continued at link

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    These are from Coast. Feel free to share your predictions as well. Big Grin 2
    Predictions for 2011, Part I:
    On Thursday night, Ian Punnett hosted Part I of the Annual Predictions Show, asking callers to share one event they see coming in 2011. Here are some of the predictions Coast listeners made for the new year:

    Cal predicted a military coup in North Korea, which will lead to an improvement of that country's relationship with the West.
    Tom in Salem, Oregon foresees a major discovery at CERN that will relate to the heaven dimension, where souls go when people die.
    Cornelius said George Noory will marry in 2011; Jim in Dallas specifically said George will marry on November 11, 2011.
    Nancy predicted an 8.1 earthquake will hit along the San Andreas fault in mid-March.
    A subterranean tunnel will be found under the North American or Asian continent which could lead to Bigfoot's discovery, stated Charles of North Hollywood.
    AJ in Fort Meyers envisions the two big wrestling divisions, WWE and TNA, having serious money problems.
    An Illuminati sex slave scandal will be revealed, said Simon from Baltimore.
    Robert in Bloomington, Ill. foresees nanotechnology being used to heal people.
    Charles in Riverside, CA predicted a collapse of the music industry, with several large labels filing for bankruptcy.
    'Synchronized walking' becomes very popular, said Greg in Iowa.
    Barb in Ohio predicted the largest sale of flowers ever, from mid February through early May.
    Stone in Kansas City, MO said that Yellowstone will "stretch its jaws," with increased earthquakes, but no major eruption in 2011.
    A major cruise ship will disappear in the Bermuda Triangle, predicted Seth.
    Shane shared a vision of a small military conflict that will take place on January 14th that will lead to a larger conflagration.
    John in California said the Zodiac Killer will finally be identified in 2011.
    A private research company will begin cloning people for organ donations, said Alex.
    Ian also reviewed callers' predictions made for 2010. Here is a sample of the hits and misses.

    The Dollar will crash. We are going to go to another financial currency.
    President Obama goes on live TV to announce that aliens do exist, and has a green alien speak on camera.
    Ground opens up, sky is bright orange, massive earthquakes.
    Edgar Cayce's Hall of Records will be found in the Grand Canyon.
    The disappearance of sea lions in San Francisco after Thanksgiving is a prelude to an explosion in Yellowstone.
    In the wake of recent terrorist attacks, it will force the government to tip its hand and reveal what has up until now been a secret form of teleportation.
    Deadly attack on a freighter off coast of Somalia; international military force will launch attack on bases of Somali pirates.
    35% of pest control operators in the United States will use non-toxic chemicals in their businesses.

    Predictions for 2011, Part Two:
    Ian Punnett hosted Part II of the Annual Predictions Show, asking callers to share one event they see coming in 2011. Here are some of the predictions Coast listeners made for the new year:

    Janet in Slipknot, Iowa predicted that the United States will normalize relations with Cuba, allowing for President Obama to have a photo op on Cuban soil.
    2011 would be the "year of the floods," warned Joe in Pittsburgh, who foresees the central US being ravaged by such disasters.
    A prominent MMA fighter will reveal that the UFC is fixed, said Rich.
    George in Kansas City envisions that, due to the eruption of an undersea volcano near Italy, the Vatican will uproot and move back to Avignon, France.
    Butch predicted that Tiger Woods will connect with a Hollywood starlet, which will result in an improvement to his floundering golfing career.
    Harold foresees an impact on the moon, possibly from a meteorite, throwing dust in the air and creating "a pretty nice light show in the sky."
    The latest fashion trend to emerge from the hip hop world will be skirts for men, predicted Jenny.
    Osama Bin Laden will finally be captured by the United States, thanks to the help of an informant, said Tony in Bethlehem, PA.
    Nathan in Davenport, Iowa said that Wikileaks will reveal that President Obama is really a reptilian.
    Attempting to go 2-for-2 (see below), Cornelius predicted a Super Bowl victory for the New Orleans Saints.
    Tornadoes will hit Los Angeles, warned Zacharia.
    James in Topanga Canyon, California predicted that a scandal will cause Vladamir Putin's ouster from the Russian government, resulting in new Russian leadership which will align the nation with China.
    The end of reality TV will happen in 2011, said Bill in Santa Cruz.
    Citing health concerns, Joe Biden will remove himself from the next presidential ticket, paving the way for Hilary Clinton to take his place as Obama's running mate, predicted Tom in Minneapolis.
    Michael in Oregon foresees Coast to Coast becoming the #1 talk show in the world in 2011.
    Ian also reviewed callers' predictions made for 2010. Here is a sample of the hits and misses.

    Major celebrity will admit to being abducted by aliens.
    Nuclear reactor will mysteriously detonate on its own in North America.
    Newly discovered comet will be visible to the naked eye.
    A tsunami in California will reveal an underwater reptile species.
    Undeniable proof of Bigfoot is found and it is revealed that the government is breeding the creatures at 'Area 52.'
    New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl (as predicted by the same Cornelius who called in this year).
    Google will be rocked by scandal.

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Various Psychic Predictions Links

    More Sylvia Browne Predictions for 2010 and 2011
    * “I predict a great rise in skin cancer in children until 2010. There is a lot of media coverage about the UV rays and many products to protect people against them. But people are still often careless when it comes to the sun. Then again, people could pay attention – and reverse this prediction right out from under me. I would certainly be all for that!”

    * “There will be a worldwide investigation into the Vice President’s death with both pleasant and unpleasant surprises. A lot of attention will be paid to one of the investigative congressional committees and serious accusations will be made regarding missing funds. Finally, it will be revealed that their accusations are part of a conspiracy to damage the American people’s faith in their government, with the media manipulated to “fan the flames,” and the committee will be vindicated in the end.”

    * “I predict that a small cubicle will become available in doctor’s offices sometime in 2009 and it will be heated to a very precise temperature. There may be a special vapor placed into the cubicle. Patients will stand in the cubicle for approximately five minutes and the rhinitis germ will be destroyed.”

    * “Another wonderful bit of good news on the health front with this discovery – since this cubicle can easily take on the rhinitis germ, many people that have breathing problems with allergies and asthma complications will find some breakthroughs as well. We will see this cubicle discovery used for healing for those with breathing disorders. The cubicle will become available in 2009 or 2010.”

    World Predictions - 2011 predictions:

    A celebrity will lose their life as a result of an avalanche at a European ski resort.

    Japan will suffer 3 big earthquakes.

    Forest fires will again devastate parts of Australia.

    New excavations will uncover treasures in Egypt.

    A shoot out at a restaurant in a major US city will see many dead.

    An oil tanker will spill its load causing major environmental damage affecting the Indian Ocean.

    Three sets of Octuplets will be born this year.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    World Predictions for the Year 2011 - PART 1 - These Predictions will cover from Sept 06, 2010 to Sept 2012 - Sept 06, 2010 12:15 am. CDT.
    Most Predictions will occur now to 2012

    This is the first installment of my 2011 series that I will write in the next few months and I do plan on adding some more content to the 2012 series as well this year..

    This coming year will begin a long countdown to the year 2012 and it will be exciting as a time for change around the world...Not necessarily the type of change that is bad or negative per se, but more of a time of responsibility for our actions and Spirituality...

    There will be a lot of new discoveries that will help make our lives better and the unveiling of secrets that many of us have waited decades to witness...and so it is....

    Prediction #1: A Gov agency like Homeland Security will put out false articles to get feedback information and to trap or Identifying radical individuals leaving comments on the page blogs...

    Prediction #2: Military Support for Iraq will go beyond 2012 as a crisis hits the country in 2011...

    Prediction #3: Several miners (at least up to 3) may not survive the Chilean mine accident and be rescued...they may be separated from the rest due to another cave-in from the rescue team, or water leaking into the mine...

    Prediction #4: China will infiltrate North Korea once President Kim Jong il dies...

    Prediction #5: A lost pioneer/expedition will be found in Antarctica, when a large ice shelf breaks apart before 2012...

    Prediction #6: A new undiscovered lateral (going East to West) earthquake fault line will be discovered in the Midwest...

    Prediction #7: Missing time for a lot of people will start to occur more frequently in the next year and become a mainstream topic, or TV show...

    Prediction #8: A major outage of cell phones will happen for a 2-3 day period of time in 2011 by Spring...

    Prediction #9: Japan's economy will take a sharp decline in the next year and alter the positive gains realized in the US after a panic financial report is revealed..

    Prediction #10: A chemical/Radiation spill or leak will affect the South Eastern part of the US sometime before the end of 2011 or early 2012...

    Prediction #11: Internet transactions will be taxed before the end of 2011 as a national sales tax will be enacted by the Gov...

    Prediction #12: Russia and China will make a military pact that will be greater than NATO by 2012...

    Prediction #13: Bimini will reveal her Atlantis secrets before 2012 is over after an earthquake or storm shifts the sands and a great city comes to life that was never seen before...

    Prediction #14 : Life on another planet will be discovered before 2016, with plants and water being the first finds...Mars will play a key part in this discovery...

    Prediction #15: A scientific discovery on how to penetrate a wall or dense object will be discovered whereby a person can put their hand through a wall or door like it was invisible...

    Prediction #16: Water in a major river will mysteriously start to disappear in an African country once the earth opens up in large sinkholes or crevasses...

    Prediction #17: A new electronic device will be invented that is better than a cell phone but will allow people to call anywhere in the world easier and more affordable...

    Prediction #18: Proof of ESP and Psychic abilities will be more mainstream and accepted by science by 2012 as new detectable electrical impulses are discovered concerning the brain...

    Prediction #19: Censorship on the internet, newspapers, and on television will increase over the next 2 years as we get closer to 2012 by world governments...

    Prediction #20: A new Pope will be installed before 2013 after the untimely death of Pope Benedict XVI due to an illness of pneumonia or a heart attack..

    Prediction #21: Former Russian President, Vladmir Putin will be injured in an accident or explosion where he will be scarred...

    Prediction #22: Critical or sensitive information about US Gov military actions/plans will continue to be leaked around the world and undermine credibility with Muslim countries in 2011...

    Prediction #23: The controversial Mosque in NYC will never be built as planned and will incite violence in New York city in the New year and in other countries as retribution...

    Prediction #24: An earthquake will hit the nations capital before 2012 that will damage the White House and/or surrounding buildings ...

    Prediction #25: A new type of military psychological operations will be tested on people in the US in the coming year, it will be some type of test to see how people will react to a major event by our Gov before it happens...(Some people will refer to this as a "false flag" operation test)...

    These Predictions will cover from Nov 26, 2010 to Nov 2012 - Nov 26, 2010 07:15 am. CDT.
    This is the second installment of my 2011 series that I will write in the next few months and I do plan on adding some more content to the 2012 series as well this year..

    **** The first 17 predictions were submitted to the French parapsychology website "Need to Know " ( ) this morning for my yearly contribution and will come out sometime in December after they are translated....I'll post a link here once they go online...The rest of the predictions are new as of today too.

    Prediction #1: 2011 will be a year of economic change for most people by late Summer from high food cost and major shortages all over the world due to soaring grain and corn prices...Expect to see food protest in China, Russia, the UK, and USA....

    Prediction #2: North & South Korea will continue their fighting and economic collapse is coming to N.Korea before late Winter which will trigger a revolt in their country by citizens wanting change, the leader at that time, Kim Jong Un may not survive the revolt, or he may go into hiding in China...

    Prediction #3: Russia and China will sign a major military pact that will make them a dominant world power rivaling NATO....

    Prediction #4: Hackers will attack the Google search engine site and cause internet problems for several days. ...

    Prediction #5: Contaminated dog food made in China will be found again this year after many animals die from poison found in the food....

    Prediction #6: A major volcano eruption in Indonesia will become the largest in that countries history killing many, the people there need to leave now to be safe. ...

    Prediction #7: Death or major illness affects Playboy Founder, Hugh Hefner that changes his adult entertainment empire...

    Prediction #8: A device to allow people to levitate will be built where you can walk on a platform and levitate...

    Prediction #9: US High tech military weapons will go missing after being accidentally lost, these appear to be a new type of rocket or high explosive. ...

    Prediction #10: Cuba will once again be in the news with major changes in Government policies that will allow many new countries to invest in their economic future...

    Prediction #11: Video cell phones will be developed where you can see the person that you're talking to during a conversation....

    Prediction #12: The U.N. will get involved to set limits or conditions for mine safety after people are killed in African mineral mines.. ...

    Prediction #13 : Japan and China will have a military standoff after more ships are sunk near a disputed Japanese Island by China almost bringing these countries to war, Russia will intervene to settle the dispute.. ...

    Prediction #14: Panic will occur when Pope Benedict XVI will fall during an attack, illness of pneumonia is also around him from too much travel. ...

    Prediction #15: Many countries will push their governments to the limits for change in 2011 due to shortages of food, money, and help. The U.N. will be a point of focus for help when bad weather and conflicts divide many nations. ...

    Prediction #16: The US economy will start to recover after the Summer months when policies and protections start to energize more people to be hired and companies begin to expand. ...

    Prediction #17: A new revolution will start in France to go back to conservative sound monetary practices and the removal of long standing politicians....


    Prediction #18: Illness seen around TMC Host, Robert Osborne ...

    Prediction #19: A new High tech internet search engine that tracks peoples web surfing habits will be uncovered..

    Prediction #20: The US military will sabotage President Obama's administration by leaking damaging information on him to the public....

    Prediction #21: A quick chill machine (Insta-chill) will be released/invented like a microwave in reverse ...

    Prediction #22: Seafood supplies will be down next year until at least 2-4 years...or beds will move farther East. ...

    Prediction #23: Illness/death seen around Las Vagas famed entertainer, Wayne Newton ...

    Prediction #24: Major changes in news gathering and reporting will come next year with stations moving more to the center (conservative approach) & more responsible news and less political slant.

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    These Predictions will cover from July 2008 to July 2012 - Posted July 29, 2008 11:29am. CDT.
    This is a four year Prediction Series but most Predictions will occur in 1-2 years:

    Prediction #1: I see China going through a coup da'tat involving the military starting in 2009 and then later a major change in the political front with a young man rising to take control of the country . (The protests and events surrounding the Olympics this year will set the stage for someone that is linked to a major political party to eventually rise to power. I see the names 'Ying or Yung' tied to this movement to start bringing democracy to China by 2010 and could be a Monk or the 'seed' of a major religious/Spiritual leader. It will take 3 yrs to bring the country out of Chaos by 2013)...

    Prediction #2: Former President Vladimir Putin's life is in danger and I don't see him surviving several attempts to kill him by opposing political members and the Russian Mafia... (He holds too much power over the fate of the Russian people and forces are at work to remove his influence over the country...They may succeed in 2009 or early 2010 which would create Political turmoil in Russia for several years) . ***UPDATE Jan 31, 2009 Headlines: 'Violent clashes in Russia as angry protesters call for Putin to resign over economy' ...***UPDATE Feb 11, 2010 Headlines: 'Communists predict wave of anti-Putin protests' ...

    Prediction #3: The Russian and Chinese troops will each be on alert at their borders due to a dispute and alarming Political unrest in each country (2008-2010)... ***UPDATE Aug 11, 2008 Headlines: 'Russia-Georgia border awash with troops, militiamen, refugees.' ***Aug 18, 2008 : I listed in an earlier Blog that Russian Troops would be mobilized with Poland..('Poland in news with unrest with Russia -soldiers mobilized - 2009.')......Now I know that it will be true in the next few months due to the treaty Poland has with the US to deploy a new missile shield......The US will be helpless in stopping this invasion... ***INFO Aug 26, 2008, Headlines: 'Russia threatens military response to US missiles' ...***UPDATE March 12, 2009 Headlines: 'US warships head for South China Sea after standoff' ...

    Prediction #4: India will be at war with Pakistan over a border conflict that will cause many many people to die needlessly. (I see an outside Muslim influence starting this war with bloodshed that will be blamed on the wrong people...(Kashmir involved) 2008-2010. This vision disturbed me more than any other due to the unnecessary slaughter of thousands of innocent lives)...(The removal of Musharraf will be the start of the conflict mentioned above.....Military people in the Pakistani Gov are now working behind the scenes trying to figure out how to Kick the US out of the region....! Bad things are about to come from this change of the Presidency.....) ***INFO Aug 18, 2008 Headlines: 'Musharraf resigns as Pakistan president' .... ***UPDATE Sept 12, 2008 Headlines: 'One killed, 70 wounded in Indian Kashmir clashes' ...'troops fired bullets and tear gas shells to break up renewed protests by Muslims against New Delhi's rule in the disputed region'... ***UPDATE Sept 12, 2008 Headlines: 'Pro-independence protests in Indian Kashmir'...'Tens of thousands of Muslim protesters gathered in Kashmir's biggest city Friday for a pro-independence rally calling for Indian authorities to leave the troubled Himalayan region'... ***INFO Oct 26, 2008 Headlines: 'India deploys extra troops to halt Kashmir protests' ...'Indian authorities deployed thousands of troops across Kashmir on Monday to prevent demonstrations planned to mark the 61st anniversary of New Delhi's rule over the region.'...***INFO Nov 28, 2008 Headlines: ' 125 dead, 327 injured in Mumbai attacks'...***INFO Nov 27, 2008 Headlines: ' Bombay attacks: India points the finger at Pakistan'...***INFO Dec 9, 2008 Headlines: 'Pakistan: We're ready for war with India' ...***INFO March 21, 2009 Headlines: 'India has 'proof' of Pakistan role in attacks' ... ***INFO March 21, 2009 Headlines: 'Pakistan fires at Indian army positions: India' ...

    Prediction #5: I do not see 'Either' John McCain or Barack Obama as the President of the US in 2010! - (That means that one or the other will die while in office and/or the Vice-President will be the Acting President at that time.....I see a group of powerful people behind the scenes preparing for this event in 2008 - why do you think both camps have failed to reveal their VP choice so late in their campaigns?)

    Prediction #6: I do not envision Barack Obama surviving his Presidential bid and if true, it will create a racial divide in this country like nothing that has been seen before...There will be Martial Law in major US cities due to violence... ***INFO Nov 4, 2008 Headlines: 'Obama triumphs, will be first black US president' ... ***INFO Aug 26, 2008 Headlines: 'Plot to Kill Obama: Shoot From High Vantage Point' ... ***INFO ..Oct 27, 2008 Headlines: 'Feds disrupt skinhead plot to assassinate Obama' ...***INFO Nov 6, 2008 Headlines: 'Fears Obama May Not Make It To White House'... 'A MILITARY-style operation to keep Barack Obama alive was under way yesterday within hours of his victory'... ***INFO Nov 10, 2008 Headlines: 'Sarah Palin blamed by the US Secret Service over death threats against Barack Obama'... 'Sarah Palin's attacks on Barack Obama's patriotism provoked a spike in death threats against the future president, Secret Service agents revealed during the final weeks of the campaign '... ***INFO Nov 14, 2008 Headlines: 'Obama has more threats than other presidents-elect'...***INFO Nov 19, 2008 Headlines: 'Baltimore police: Armed man mentioned White House'... 'Armed man asked cabbie to take him to Washington, mentioned White House' . ..***UPDATE Dec 10, 200 8 Headlines: 'Hawaii man charged with threatening to kill Obama'... ***UPDATE Jan 29, 2009 Headlines: 'Colo. man accused of threatening Obama surrenders'... ... ***INFO March 12, 2009 Headlines: 'Man arrested near Capitol with guns, sword' ......***UPDATE April 16, 2009 Headlines: '16 dead in Mexico shootout ahead of Obama visit ...' ..***UPDATE June 04, 2009 Headlines: ' Man Charged With Threat Against Obama in Utah' ... 'Federal prosecutors have charged a man with making threats against President Barack Obama after he allegedly told a bank employee in Utah he was on a mission to kill the president' ... ***UPDATE June 05, 2009 Headlines: ' NYC man charged with threatening Obama, Sotomayor' ... 'NYC man charged with threatening to "blow up" Obama, Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor' .... ***UPDATE Aug 14, 2009 Headlines: 'ABCNEWS: Fear Grows for President's Safety as Hate Groups Thrive...' ...

    Prediction #7: Beginning now to 2010, California will sustain damage from an Earthquake that will cover an area in the Central area of the State for about 100 miles (North to South) to include the Sacramento Valley/San Joaquin Valleys. (This event will start large fires as molten lava rises from the Valley floor to the surface creating crevasses that will later become lakes separating a portion of the State into two parts. Areas now known as the Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Valleys will fill with water creating a large lake one day...It appears that the Valley floor will drop and the San Fransisco bay water will fill this area over time. The safe area from this event (and others) will be from 350-400 miles inland (East) from the Pacific coast)... * **INFO Aug 4, 2008 Headlines: '800 Degree Ventura Hot Spot Puzzles Experts'.....'A two-acre patch of land north of Fillmore heated up to 800 degrees Friday, and firefighters and geologists are unsure why.' ...***INFO March 5, 2009 Headlines: 'Mysterious Shaking Rocks SoCal...'

    2011 PREDICTIONS Map_california_central_valley-MOD-1

    Prediction #8: A Great tidal wave/Tsunami will hit the West Coast by 2010-2011 mainly on the Northern shores of California, Oregon or Washington State.....Massive causalities, flooding and damage will be reported... ***INFO Nov 30, 2008 Headlines: 'CA Coastal Cities Get Tsunami Warning Signs' ...***INFO July 21, 2009 Headlines: 'Earthquake could unleash devastating tsunami along west coast of America, scientists warn' .. .'A future earthquake off Alaska could create giant killer waves that would strike ports and cities as far south as Los Angeles, British scientists warned today. They said the risk of such an event was far greater than previously thought after analysing sedimentation along the coast'.......

    Prediction #9: Japan, Burma, Hawaii, China, Taiwan, Indonesia will have Great tidal waves/Tsunami/storms during the years now to 2011...I see 2 -3 large events during this time....especially for Japan ...***UPDATE Nov 16, 2008 Headlines: 'Indonesia issues tsunami warning after strong earthquake' ...***UPDATE Nov 16, 2008 Headlines: 'USGS reports 7.5 magnitude Indonesia quake' ...***UPDATE Nov 23, 2008 Headlines: 'Strong quake, aftershocks hit Indonesia's Sumatra: seismologists'... ***UPDATE Jan 4, 2009 Headlines: 'Series of powerful quakes kills 4 in Indonesia'... ***UPDATE April 15, 2009 Headlines: 'Magnitude 6.6 quake hits off Indonesia's Sumatra-USGS ' ... ...***UPDATE Aug 08, 2008 Headlines: 'Strong earthquake shakes Tokyo area' ...'TOKYO (AP) - A strong earthquake shook Japan's capital and surrounding areas Sunday, halting trains and a professional baseball game, but there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties...The USGS measured the quake at magnitude 7.1," ... . . .***UPDATE Aug 08, 2009 Headlines: ' 1 Million Evacuated as Typhoon Hits China' ... 'A typhoon pummeled China’s eastern coast Sunday, toppling houses, flooding villages and forcing nearly a million people to flee to safety. Officials rode bicycles to distribute food to residents trapped by rising waters' ... .***UPDATE Aug 16, 2009 Headlines: '1,000 still stranded as Taiwan storm aid arrives' ...'Typhoon-battered Taiwan tries to reach more than 1,000 survivors as foreign aid arrives' ....***UPDATE Aug 16, 2009 Headlines: 'Magnitude-6.8 quake strikes off Japan' ...'Magnitude-6.8 quake strikes off Japan's southern coast, generates tsunami warning' ... ....***UPDATE Oct 01, 2009 Headlines: 'Indonesian Quake Toll at 1,100, Thousands Missing' ....***UPDATE Oct 04, 2009 Headlines: 'Taiwan Evacuates Over 6,000 as Typhoon Lingers' ...'Taiwan had evacuated more than 6,000 villagers by early Monday as Typhoon Parma lingered in seas near the island, bringing heavy rains and the risk of deadly mudslides, a rescuer said'.... ***UPDATE Feb 26, 2010 Headlines: 'Quake, minor tsunami hit southern Japan' ...'Japan's Okinawa island received its biggest seismic jolt in almost 15-years on Saturday when a powerful earthquake struck, triggering minor tsunami tidal waves' ... 'The 7.0 magnitude quake was measured at a depth of 22 kilometres (14 miles) and was centred 81 kilometres east-southeast of Naha in Okinawa, the US Geological Survey said' ...***UPDATE Mar 04, 2010 Headlines: 'Powerful quake strikes southern Taiwan, 96 injured' ...'A powerful earthquake and more than a dozen aftershocks jolted southern Taiwan on Thursday'...

    Prediction #10: Japan is due a very bad earthquake that will kill many people....(It appears to be on the South end of the Islands near North of Osaka/Kyoto. It looks like this will be a new fault or a split from an existing fault that wasn't thought to be there before?? (see arrows) This may be what sends a Tsunami in motion that will affect everyone close to the 'Ring of Fire'Pacific earthquake zone...) ***UPDATE Sept 10, 2008 Headlines: 'Major quakes hit Japan and Indonesia'.....'A magnitude 6.9 earthquake rattled Japan..'... ***INFO Oct 19, 2008 Headlines: '7.1 magnitude earthquake rocks Tonga'...***INFO Nov 2, 2008 Headlines: 'Magnitude 5.1 earthquake shakes Guam'... ***INFO Nov 4, 2008 Headlines: 'Magnitude 6.3 quake strikes off Vanuatu' ***UPDATE March 17, 2009 Headlines: 'Undersea volcano erupts off Tonga coast' ...'Undersea volcano in spectacular eruption off Tonga coast; no danger to people, Tonga, a 170-island archipelago about halfway between Australia and Tahiti, is part of the Pacific "ring of fire"...' ...***UPDATE March 19, 2009 Headlines: 'Magnitude 7.9 - TONGA REGION' ... ***UPDATE March 20, 2009 Headlines: 'Major Pacific earthquake prompts tsunami warning' ... 'A major 7.9-magnitude earthquake shook the South Pacific nation of Tonga Friday, prompting a tsunami warning but causing no major damage, officials said.The quake occurred near fault lines in the Pacific "Ring of Fire" where continental plates in the earth's crust collide and earthquakes and volcanic activity are common.' ...***UPDATE March 20, 2009 Headlines: 'Underwater volcano sends huge columns of ash into Pacific sky' ...


    Prediction #11: Stephen Hawking will not be with us long and will be called home before 2010. (Stephen Hawking was born on 8 January 1942 - 300 years after the death of Galileo in Oxford, England). He is a very old soul and has helped all of us in many ways but he has fulfilled his journey so that others can carry on his dreams...He is very impatient because time is short and Science has not learned to connect Science and the Soul yet...Mr. Hawking has told many people in high places what to expect during this time but many will fail to listen to him...when he is gone it will be too late to ask questions... ***INFO Oct 24, 2008 Headlines: 'Stephen Hawking to retire from prestigious post' ... ***UPDATE April 20, 2009 Headlines: 'Stephen Hawking hospitalized, reported very ill' ...

    Prediction #12: There will be many discoveries to find other worlds during this time (2010) with an opening in the Cosmic Matrix. A cosmic matrix has the potential of unifying our knowledge of the physical to the spiritual levels of reality that will allow space travel to other dimensions...(worm hole). Many new planets will be discovered between now and 2010 after a major breakthrough in science that will be discovered that will help define this concept... ***UPDATE Oct 28, 2008, Headlines: 'Evidence found of solar system around nearby star'...***INFO Nov 19, 2008 Headlines: 'Discovered: Cosmic Rays from a Mysterious, Nearby Object' ...***INFO Oct 06, 2009 Headlines: ' NASA telescope discovers giant ring around Saturn' .. 'NASA's Spitzer telescope discovers gigantic never-before-seen ring around Saturn' ... ...***UPDATE Oct 19, 2009 Headlines: 'New “SuperEarth” planets point to alien life' ... 'Astronomers have found dozens of new planets outside the solar system, adding weight to the theory of developed life in other parts of the universe. Six of the newly found planets are several times bigger than Earth, increasing the number of known "SuperEarths" by more than 30%. Most planets discovered so far are far bigger, with many Jupiter-sized or even larger' .... ... ***UPDATE Oct 19, 2009 Headlines: 'Lots more planets found outside solar system' ...'Cosmic population boom: Europeans find more than 2 dozen new planets outside solar system. Astronomers have found 32 new planets outside our solar system, adding evidence to the theory that the universe has many places where life could develop' .. .

    Prediction #13: A rip in the fabric of time that only opens once every 10,000 yrs will occur during this period...Scientist are working very hard right now to be ready for this event....I'm being told that this window of opportunity will occur between the 1st 4 months of the year and the last 4months of the year 2010... ***INFO Aug 8, 2008 Headline: 'September launch for 'Big Bang' machine' .... 'The Cern laboratory will start stepping up the power with the hope of reaching a new threshold of energy by the end of this year. Further increases are planned until the equipment runs at full power, probably by 2010' ...***INFO Oct 28, 2009 Headlines: 'Large Hadron Collider switched on after year of repairs' ...'After starting it with a bang, which promptly turned into a whimper, scientists have quietly powered up the Large Hadron Collider for a second time' ....

    Prediction #14: Contact with beings from other Galaxies will be made known during this time... (Those with knowledge of these beings will be told beforehand when to expect them)...The time is long overdue for the truth from many Governments to reveal what they know about this subject...Many sightings will occur around the world at the same time and be reported by the news media....Daily! ...***INFO April 22, 2008 Headline: 'Aliens exist and UFOs are covered-up by US government, says ex-astronaut
    Alien life does exist but the truth is being covered up by the United States government, former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell has claimed."

    Prediction #15: Riots in the USA will start now through 2010 with fire seen in many larger cities...Civil strife will occur with Black uniformed (military) troops seen in many cities across the US. Unnecessary death and destruction will ensue...If you live in any major city you need to be prepared for this event..! ***INFO Nov 2, 2008 Headline: 'Elite combat brigade for homeland security missions raises ire of ACLU' ...'In the next three years the military plans to activate and train an estimated 4,700 service members for specialized domestic operations' ... UPDATE Aug 05, 2009 Headlines: 'Volence Erupts At Rep. Castor's Town Hall In Tampa' ...'ALLS TURN VIOLENT!'... ...***UPDATE Aug 07 2009 Headlines: 'Cting safety concerns, officials cancel Sen. McCaskill event...'... Other Aug 07, 2009 Headlines: 'PEOPLE SHOUTING AT PELOSI IN DENVER'...'Physicians jam meeting in Houston: 'Don't want socialized medicine'... 'VIDEO: UNION THUGS UNLEASHED'... '6 arrested after St. Louis meeting'... 'TOWN HALLS TURN VIOLENT'.... ..***UPDATE Aug 10, 2009 Headlines: 'Voter Outrage At Congressinal Town Hall Meetings' ... ..***UPDATE Aug 11, 2009 Headlines: 'Lawmakers Face Angry Crowds on Health Care' ...'Jeers and taunts drowned out Democrats calling for a health care overhaul at town halls Tuesday...'
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

    Future Inventions by 2012
    This is a multi-year Prediction Series:

    Prediction #1: Vehicles will be equipped with devices that will automatically apply the brakes when you get too close to an object.

    Prediction #2 High school students can elect to go to class on the Internet.

    Prediction #3: Small semi-permanent magnetic tattoos will Identify children if they are lost.

    Prediction #4: Forensics will ID a person at a crime scene with a device that can see aura like energy patterns.

    Prediction #5: New MRI like device uses light waves to see illnesses... ***UPDATE Dec 14, 2009 Headlines: 'Star Trek' gadget to detect cancer' ...'A Star Trek-style gadget that can detect cancers and other diseases without the need for surgery is being developed by scientists' ... ***UPDATE Jan 26, 2010 Headlines: 'New technology gives 3-D views of arteries' ...'Cardiologists could soon have 3-D images of patients' coronary arteries at their fingertips and better treat heart disease thanks to a new software unveiled by researchers on Tuesday.

    Prediction #6: New Biometrics devices can ID 10 to 50 things about you even what you've eaten in last 24-hrs with just a DNA sample... ***INFO Nov 11, 2008 Headlines: "Why veins could replace fingerprints and retinas as most secure form of ID"

    Prediction #7: Improvement in DNA research will identify & cure almost all diseases.

    Prediction #8: Low Orbit Space travel will be commonplace... ***UPDATE Oct 23, 2008 Headlines: "The new Concorde: Supersonic jet will get you from London to New York in just three hours"...***UPDATE Dec 2, 2008 Headlines: "Company selling rides to the edge of space for $95,000... ***UPDATE Dec 07, 2009 Headlines: 'VIRGIN GALACTIC unveils first commercial spaceship...' ...' Billionaire Richard Branson Monday unveiled the first commercial passenger spaceship, a sleek black-and-white vessel that represents an expensive gamble on creating a commercial space tourism industry' ...

    Prediction #9: Home magnetic healing devices will be mainstream... ***INFO Oct 20, 2008 Headlines: "Magnet device aims to treat depression patients"

    Prediction #10: Electric cars will be the standard that can run all week on a single charge.

    Prediction #11: New anti theft device will virtually eliminate auto theft,

    Prediction #12: Every car will be equipped a GPS system and cameras and will record all driving activities on a car computer in case of an accident

    Prediction #13: New understanding of how the brain works will allow doctors to erase bad memories in the brain and reprogram them with pleasant thoughts... ***UPDATE Oct 23, 2008 Headlines: "Traumatic memories 'could soon be erased from your mind'... "Scientists say they are able to erase painful memories, paving the way for new treatments of debilitating phobias and stress disorders" ...***UPDATE Dec 10, 2009 Headlines: 'Bad memories can be erased without using drugs, reveal scientists' ...'It has been the stuff of science fiction for decades. Now scientists have found a way to wipe out painful memories. ..They have shown that if we are forced to recall something negative very shortly after the experience, it can be 'rewritten' for the better'...

    Prediction #14: All televisions screens will be transparent and as thin as a dime..

    Prediction #15: All food labels will have a color coded sticker that will change color when the food is spoiled or tampered.

    Prediction #16: Clothing will be able to electrically change colors at a push of a button.

    Prediction #17: Pneumatic shoes will be adjustable so you can increase or lower your height at will for comfort.

    Prediction #18: Collar devices for animals can be activated to allow the owner to let them sleep while they are away in a state of suspended animation.

    Prediction #19: Painless Laser tattoos will be the rave with lifelike pictures being placed on the body.

    Prediction #20: Computer hard drives will be as small as a grain of sand.

    Prediction #21: Body worn devices that can electrically induce a tan will be common.

    Prediction #22: Whole computers will be the size of a matchbox and can be plugged into a car to receive the Internet anywhere you go like an Ipod or mp3 player does now.

    Prediction #23: Wireless biometric devices will safeguard our homes and allow family members to come and go but will alert you if a stranger approaches...and store that information in case a crime is committed.

    Prediction #24: Windows in you car will automatically change different colors based on the temperature outside to cool your car or for protection from the sun.

    Prediction #25: Devices used by police can scan a person from a distance to determine their mental threat level & will be used in airports.

    Prediction #26: A merit system will be in place to rank public officials that will determine if they can run for office again.

    Prediction #27: Children under 21 years of age will be running for public office during this time... ***UPDATE June 9, 2009 Headlines: '16-year-old runs for city council...' ... 'Fremont Teen Runs for City Council' ...

    Prediction #28: New Synthetically produced foods will rival organic foods for healthiness... ***UPDATE Jan 27, 2010 Headlines: 'No-Kill Test Tube Meat Nears
    In vitro meat's evolution' ...'With the meat industry's demands on the environment multiplying, New Harvest's Jason Matheny says we're getting closer to creating a processed product that will have significantly less impact.
    Coming to the rescue is a dedicated consortium of international scientists, particularly a research group funded by the Dutch government, who have made dramatic progress toward the production of in vitro meat' ....

    Prediction #29: Teachers will be replaced with interactive computer generated people in some electronic classrooms.

    Prediction #30: Light sources for our homes will last years without electricity.

    Prediction #31: Standard work weeks will be cut back to a 4 day week so families will spend more time together.

    Prediction #32: Commercial trucks and cars will be driven by remote control without drivers on routine routes.

    Prediction #33: New homes will be built with super lightweight synthetic energy saving panels that are as strong as steel but allow a home to be built at 1/4 of the cost now without using wood, saving trees.

    Prediction #34: Eye glasses will be worn that will have a tiny camera inside that can record & store everything you've seen during the day for later playback on a computer.

    Prediction #35: Wireless devices the size of a shoe box will heat and cool your home.

    Prediction #36: Food will be heated with devices without burning you if you touch it.

    Prediction #37: Beds will be designed to protect you and allow you to sleep without interruption from noise or negative energy.

    Prediction #38: Water used for showers in our homes will be immediately sanitized and ready for re-use locally...***UPDATE Aug 25, 2009 Headlines: 'Scientists design plant filtration system that lets you drink your own SHOWER water' ...

    Prediction #39: New dissoluble paper products will allow us to reduce trash to a small amount compared to that of today.

    Prediction #40: Complete homes will be modular and portable so when you move they can be taken apart and relocated easily.

    Prediction #41: Mentally ill people can elect to have brain transplants so they can live a normal life.

    Prediction #42: New booths will be common where a person can enter and have their energy fields reprogrammed to remove negative vibrations and balance your system to feel good.

    Prediction #43: Children and parents will be able to read each others thoughts without talking... ***UPDATE Oct 07, 2009 Headlines: 'Brain-to-brain communication demonstrated' ...'Brain-to-brain ("B2B") communication has been achieved for the first time by Dr. Christopher James of the University of Southampton' ..

    Prediction #44: New Wireless Energy devices placed near beds will safely allow women to keep from getting pregnant if they don't want too... ***INFO Jan 04, 2010 Headlines: 'Forget Viagra! Sound waves can send your sex life into orbit' ...

    Prediction #45: Marriages licenses will be based on contracts of 4yrs, 8yrs, etc. in the future..

    Prediction #46: Multiple partner marriages will be allowed in some States.

    Prediction #47: There will not be any (economic) borders with Mexico or Canada in the future, only one continent..

    Prediction #48: Schools will segregate boys from girls to promote higher learning in some classes.

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Psychic Michelle Whitedove's 2010 Predictions

    2010 and Beyond Predictions:

    2010-2011 is a time for getting back to the basics. It is a time to downsize. Grow gardens, have a water source, improve the basic quality of your life, and be in your integrity.


    -World wide people will intuitively begin to migrate to safe havens. I “SEE” that many third world immigrants are starting to return to their homelands. Inhabitants of industrialized nations will begin to seek out new places to live such as third world countries where they can afford to live comfortably.

    -A continued downturn economy leads to a societal upheaval and emotional distress. A mass depression has descended on humanity. Pharmaceutical companies will continue to prey on consumers by marketing antidepressants by way of TV and print ads, so that people go to their doctors and ask specifically for these drugs. These drugs only help to create a fog in the mind, numb the emotions, and blind the people from seeing the ugly truth. Self medication is not the answer. You must find the light within yourself. Be the light for the people around you.

    -Focus on yourself, go within. Learn to be self reliant and independent. Grow gardens. Can and preserve foods. I see that Neighborhood co-ops will increase. The barter system will become a more popular method of trading goods and services.

    -Rural communes will spring up as people join forces to create self sufficient communities from 2010-2014.


    -US government is being run by corporations not the voters.
    Stimulus packages are a sham, they helped to increase US government debt to 12 Trillion dollars. I “See” that these packages were designed fill the pockets of Big Business, while purposely letting millions of individuals go bankrupt.

    -The US Government is working against its citizens, purposely the economy is declining and the cost of goods and services will continue to rise.

    - Obama will continue to breaks his pre-presidential campaign promises. The people of the world have been deceived and I stand by my 2008 prediction of Obama’s character. Ultimately, the people will turn against him.

    -United States troops will not be coming home in 2010. In fact war will escalate in the Middle East.

    -China will establish more influence over US policy. In 2010 there will be heated words when China warns the USA to stay out of Asian Policy and Conflicts. China is already the new Superpower.

    -Our government will feel the need to join with Canada, and Mexico to form a North American alliance.

    -Mexico has become the capitol for depravity; human trafficking, sex slavery, drugs, and murder. It’s like a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

    -Governments will continue to release propaganda as fear based medical announcements of pandemics.


    2010-2014 Dogmatic Religions will fall. The masses feel that the church has let them down with scandal after scandal, and parishioners are not receiving the answers needed in times of hardship. There will be a falling of false prophets. During this shift of consciousness, spiritual leaders will need to be living a life of integrity. People are going back to the basics of real spirituality: The one thread that runs through all religions is Unconditional Love.


    -In 2010 commercial real estate loans are the next big bubble of bad loans that will rock our economy. For now, I see that New York is the only place holding real estate value in the USA.

    -Inflation will turn into hyperinflation. The US economy/stock market will crash again in 2010. So get prepared. Start by cutting your costs now. Look at your biggest debts first: housing – consider multigenerational living or housemates, share the cost of housing. Look at ways to make additional money; part time jobs, selling items etc.

    -Gold will continue to rise over the next few years, continuing to hit all time highs as faith in currency dwindles. As I have said since 2003 BUY GOLD NOW, I predict that ALL precious metals will continue to be a good investments along with high quality precious gems.


    -Unemployment is higher than being reported. In 2010, Many employers will continue to decrease benefits and hours. Many more jobs will be computerized. More jobs are going overseas. Due to unemployment, personal bankruptcy, the bad loans for housing, the number of homeless will drastically increase.

    -New all time highs of murders, violent crime, suicide, gang violence, & the mafia is running rampant.

    -Censorship is here. Big business broadcasters will be watering down the news and avoiding hard core investigations unless it serves them. Tabloid journalism will continue to dumb down the people. There will be only the illusion of a Free-Press.


    -Solar Power will be on the rise as people are looking for cost cutting methods and going Gree
    n. I encourage everyone to invest in themselves and the Earth.

    -Tiny Electric Cars and Tiny Hybrid Cars will be the new trend in the US.

    -Television and computers will merge into one unit. It will be the end of Cable TV as we know it. It will be the end of buying software to install at home. Everything will be integrated and On Demand as Applications for business and entertainment: music, streaming seminars, concerts, interactive classes, games, and first run movies. Business program applications to create flyers, resumes, and spread sheets will all be downloaded, (installing software discs will become extinct). This is the next big industry.

    -By 2012 most movie theaters will go out of business. There will only be a niche for Specialty Theaters remaining.

    -Communication Technology will improve by leaps and bounds. Cell phone integration with TV and movie type services will be the norm.


    Monopolies are coming back. Big business will continue to run the US
    . The Government used to break up monopolies for unfair practices but now our future is full of them. Though buy-outs, mergers, acquisitions, the peoples choices will be limited and price setting will be standard: Airlines, Banks, Tele-communications, Healthcare options, Insurance, industry farming.


    -I “SEE” that eventually there will be a National Health Care system in the US. The people will not have a voice in deciding on this new system.

    -In the coming years 2012-2014 your social security card and your health care card will merge into one tracking device.


    2010-2012 Natural catastrophic events will continue to rise to unprecedented levels.

    CONCERNING 2012:

    2012 is not the end of the world. It is the end of an era, socially, politically, and medically. It’s a major transition period and the beginning of a new spiritual consciousness. The Awakening process has already begun. The veil between this world and the next is lifting.

    Sending you Love, Light, and Peace

    Michelle Whitedove

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Health Ranger's predictions for 2011 - 2012; an era of self reliance and human awakening

    Learn more:

    (NaturalNews) What's ahead for 2011 - 2012? This time in human history promises to bring forth more changes than any other similar duration of time known to our civilization. I believe the changes that will occur in the next two years will rock the foundations of our economies, governments and belief systems. In the end, after considerable turmoil, I see a great expansion of human consciousness and a maturing of the human race. Here are the details...

    More people growing their own food

    Beginning in 2011 and continuing for many years beyond, we will see an explosion in the number of people growing their own food. People see the big trends in the food supply fast approaching: GMO contamination of crops, the loss of local food production due to FDA interference, the crackdown on small farmers, and even disruptions in the global food supply.

    As people realize the importance of having their own home-grown source of food, we will see a surge in backyard gardens, food storage and in-home production methods such as sprouting and food dehydrating.

    We will see a strong "back to basics" interest surge leading up to 2012, with many people choosing to move out of high-density cities (or even high-density nations) and seek self-reliance in more rural areas.

    This will also reveal renewed interest in home-grown meat production with more people growing (and eating) their own chickens and cows rather than relying on processed, factory-farmed meats.

    Increased awareness of natural remedies and health freedom

    The natural health community will achieve significant victories over the next two years in awakening people to natural remedies, medicinal herbs and the core ideas of health freedom. The monopolistic pushers of pharmaceuticals are fighting a desperate, losing battle to try to keep people ignorant, but they will lose that fight and natural medicine will ultimately emerge as the healing method of choice for an increasing number of people.

    Natural childbirth will continue to gain recognition around the world, and more parents will begin to question the ADHD drugging of their children. The industry of psychiatry as we know it today will continue crumbling under the burden of fraud and criminal behavior, finally collapsing well before 2020 thanks to the efforts of a few groups, notably CCHR.

    The global shift away from pharmaceuticals and toward disease prevention and nutrition will accelerate in 2011 - 2012, with vitamin D leading the charge. An increasing number of people will learn about top nutrients such as resveratrol, astaxanthin and omega-3s. Nutrition education will become increasingly evident in public schools, and many school lunch programs will be reworked to remove more processed dead foods and increase real nutrition.

    Significant victories will be achieved over water fluoridation, mercury fillings and GMOs (see below). The vaccine issue, however, will remain highly contentious. Victory over seasonal flu vaccines will take many more years...

    More people waking up to reality

    Today, most people are sleepwalking through their lives, functioning as cogs in a giant machine of which they have no knowledge and no control. Over the next two years, that will significantly change. More and more people will be awakened into a state of awareness. They will realize that living out their lives working mundane jobs, watching television, eating junk food and taking pharmaceuticals is not fulfilling their true purpose in life, and many will seek a higher purpose.

    An increasing number of people will come to understand that their lives are mere illusion -- that they've been following programming set out for them by others, and that if they wish to truly achieve freedom (of mind), they must break out of the patterns that have been constructed for them.

    As a result, we're going to see more people rebelling against the status quo while simultaneously expanding their own awareness of the bigger picture -- how things work in our world and what their role might be in uplifting our shared reality.

    In the short term, this might result in a tremendous amount of strife, but in the end, it will give rise to a true uplifting of consciousness among the people in our world.

    Specific upcoming victories in the world of natural health

    • The People will achieve significant victories over GMOs. I believe that We the People will ultimately win this battle against GMOs in America. As information about the dangers of GMOs continues to spread, people will increasingly demand that GMO foods be labeled. With enough support (perhaps in 2012, but probably later), a law will be passed requiring that GMO foods be labeled as such, and that will spell the beginning of the end of the GMO era in America.

    • The FDA will, one way or another, be forced to admit that mercury fillings ("silver fillings") are dangerous for human health. At the very least, the agency will warn that children and expectant mothers should not be exposed to silver fillings. If this does not happen, you can expect a popular revolt against the FDA and a loud cry for the dissolution of the entire agency.

    • The next big public health battle will be over water fluoridation, and you can expect NaturalNews, the Fluoride Action Network and many other organizations to turn up the heat on the dangers of water fluoridation. Expect to see the fluoride pushers eventually forced to back down and admit that the fluoride dripped into the municipal water supplies is actually collected as a toxic waste byproduct of the phosphate mining industry. (We are releasing a significant mini-documentary on this topic in the next 30 days.) The reputation of the ADA -- which has backed mercury fillings for decades -- is headed into the dumpsters.

    • On the issue of freedom and liberty, I predict a surge of interest in Libertarian political philosophy from both former Democrats and former Republicans who realize that the path to prosperity and freedom is found in individual liberty and personal responsibility. I see the Tea Party suffering from disillusionment as its own elected members betray its supporters with more taxes and Big Government spending. Expect to see Ron Paul and Rand Paul do extraordinarily well in the coming years (as long as they stay on principle), and watch for a groundswell of popular support for the once-again-new idea of sensibly limited government.

    • Watch for a rise in the Tenth Amendment movement in America as an increasing number of Americans fight back against what they see as a dangerous expansion of the power of the federal government. With the TSA in your pants and the FDA in your greenhouse, there's no telling what part of your life Big Brother wants to control next. America was founded on the idea of limited government, and I believe we'll see a powerful, passionate movement that seeks to bring the federal government back down to its Constitutionally-mandated size (which is a fraction of its current size and scope). The Tenth Amendment, by the way, specifically reserves all rights not specifically granted to the federal government to be held by the States or the People. The Constitution, for the record, never granted the federal government the right to run a health care system, nor to give away the power to coin money to a private banking cartel, nor to inspect your backyard food production operation that you use to produce jams and jellies for the local farmers' market.

    Specific short-term predictions

    • Expect a new Big Government war on internet freedom. Mostly due to the Wikileaks releases, governments around the world are going to desperately attempt to police the internet and clamp down on web-based free speech. This will likely result in an online war between the "empire" (the USA and the UN) and the "rebel alliance" (the internet hackers such as 'anonymous').

    • By the end of 2012, I predict significant food supply disruptions in North America, brought about either by radical weather affecting crop yields or perhaps the invasion of disease indirectly caused by the over-use of pesticides or GMOs. The number of people in America struggling to feed themselves and their families will rise along with food prices (see next). This will inevitably result in a huge increase in crime (burglaries, thefts) at precisely the same time that cities are laying off local law enforcement officers due to budgetary restrictions.

    • Expect to see food prices climb with alarming speed over the next two years. Wheat is already on the rise, and even meat prices will surge up sharply before the end of 2012. While food won't disappear, it will become significantly more expensive, causing more people to shift to subsidized foods (corn, sugar, etc.) which also happen to be some of the worst foods for your health. GMOs are cheap in the short run... until you get your hospital bill.

    • Oil prices will also trend sharply upwards over the next two years. We will almost certainly see oil at $150 per barrel and possibly even at $200 for a brief time. This will of course impact food prices, the transportation industry and virtually the entire economy.

    • By late 2012, the economic downfall of the United States will have accelerated, and the inevitable collapse of the U.S. dollar will by that time have become apparent to virtually everyone. The ability of the U.S. Treasury to auction its debt will drop sharply as ratings institutions either downgrade U.S. debt or publicly threaten to.

    Long-term predictions

    • Over the next decade, I predict a disappearing "health middle class" and a great divide between the healthy and the sick. The healthy, you see, are consuming superfoods, getting sunshine on their skin and taking nutritional supplements on a daily basis. The unhealthy are eating processed foods, taking prescription medications and following the advice of their ignorant doctors even if it kills them. There will be fewer people of "average" health in America in the coming years. The masses will gravitate toward disease and sickness while the informed few (such as NaturalNews readers, raw food vegans, superfood fans and so on) will get healthier and more productive.

    • By 2025, the FDA as we know it today will be ancient history, and a new era of food freedom and health freedom will have swept across the former United States of America. Marijuana will become a key crop for raising revenue for the states (or the equivalent governing entity), the pharmaceutical industry will have severely downsized, and the scientific censorship of the FDA will have been abandoned to a chapter of the dark history of America. Millions of doctors, oncologists and useless government bureaucrats will find themselves out of work or, in the most extreme cases, subjected to court trials for their crimes against humanity.

    • By 2030, it will become obvious that all those people treated with vaccines, chemotherapy, pharmaceuticals and conventional medical procedures are largely infertile and dying from degenerative disease. Also by this time, those individuals who ate diets largely made of GMOs, processed foods and artificial chemical additives will discover they, too, are infertile and diseased. The dying, diseased people of the western world will look back upon the "age of medical science" with hatred and disbelief, and the vaccines, chemotherapy, mercury fillings, water fluoridation and other poisons that are common in our world today will, by 2030, be written up in the history books as examples of humanity's incredible capacity for self-deception and faulty thinking, even in the realm of so-called "science."

    Health Ranger predictions are already coming true

    Many of the predictions I made a year ago have already come true, by the way. These include:

    • China unleashes armies of corporate espionage hackers onto western nations (now verified as true through Wikileaks cables)

    • A worldwide shortage of rare earth metals (already under way)

    • Food supply disruptions (disruptions have been widely reported throughout 2010)

    • Honeybee population collapse spreads to other species (bats are now threatened, too)

    • Weather patterns become increasingly radicalized (also widely reported in 2010)

    • Medical imaging scandal unfolds as older patients begin to show serious health damage from radiation via mammograms, CT scans and more (widely reported in medical journals in 2010)

    • War on health freedom ramps up, targeting raw milk, homeopathy, herbs and supplements (major raids have been conducted this year on food co-ops and raw milk producers)

    • New attempts are made to destroy internet freedom (the UN is now planning to roll out internet police, and the U.S. customs department has been seizing websites for the last several months)

    These are just some of the many predictions I made one year ago. Many more will yet come true in the years ahead. Overall, by the way, I remain optimistic about our future, if only because it is evident that by living through suffering, oppression and slavery, enough members of the human race will finally see the importance of health freedom and take the necessary action to regain it and defend it for generations to come.

    In the grand experiment of nations and civilizations now playing out across our tiny planet, those nations which forget the importance of health and freedom are doomed to eventually destroy themselves. Only those nations which recognize freedom and invest in the health of their citizens have any sustainable future. And one day, such a nation of truly free people will undoubtedly rise from the ashes of whatever is left after the current global miscalculations run their course.

    Learn more:

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Professional astrologer Linda Schurman shared her predictions for 2011 and beyond. A new cycle starting in March will encourage people to "wake up and take command over their lives," she said, adding that there needs to be a re-localization of families, friends, and groups, banding together to help one another. Her financial investment suggestions include gold and silver, data security companies, and energy & agricultural commodities.

    The economy will worsen, and there'll be an upsurge in crime, terrorism and violence this year, she predicted. But the next great crisis, she continued, will be global water shortages caused in part by droughts and fires. Schurman said we'll come out of the current depression by 2018, only to fall into another one by 2020. However the period of 2024-2026 will usher in a new kind of economy that is more egalitarian, and a new energy source that doesn't run on fossil fuels. She also foresees a significant earthquake on the West Coast that will extend down into Mexico, occurring between May and June 2012.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Trends analyst Gerald Celente discussed some of the top trends for 2011. He also sees increased levels of crime, with older people becoming involved. "Crime is becoming as American as apple pie," he quipped, from the welfare cheat to the Wall St. con artists to the politicians. Another trend will be a "Crackdown on Liberty," with encouragement to report on fellow citizens, and mechanical drones (already in use Houston and Miami) spying on people, he warned.

    Other trends included "Screw the People"-- efforts by the "authorities" to extract funds to meet fiscal obligations, and "Alternative Energy"-- employing new physics to create useful devices. Celente also debuted a new trend he called "Know the Hand that Feeds You." He foresees food prices skyrocketing, and increased incidents of tainted foods & recalls, leading to a big demand for clean foods. See his full list (PDF file) of trends for 2011.

    1. Wake-Up Call
    2. Crack-Up 2011
    3. Screw the People
    4. Crime Waves
    5. Crackdown on Liberty
    6. Alternative Energy
    7. Journalism 2.0
    8. Cyberwars
    9. Youth of the World Unite
    10. End of the World
    11. The Mystery Trend

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    2011 Predictions by Starfire Tor

    1. Incoming meteor or comet strike (will learn how to use force fields in 2011
    2. Nuclear threat real
    3. More of the same with earthquakes and weather because we are in time wars (by ETs), editing the timeline, it is a manipulation
    4. See advancement of whale and dolphin (are non-human people) movement as they are more intelligent then humans
    5. Dow has always been a pawn and will level out, possible go up
    6. No help for gas prices another event will have to happen to stop it
    7. "New science" has been discovered, which can be used to rebuff incoming objects like meteors or asteroids. According to Tor, this new technology will also be used to restore the ozone layer and cleanse the atmosphere as well

    2010 PREDICTION #1
    Initial Report

    It is well known that earthquake scientists are not able to predict earthquakes with any accuracy. They readily admit this, because the earthquake science they work with doesn't come with enough useful information to form predictive capabilities. I am confident that my knowledge of Time Shift science can predict earthquakes in a way, and in a window of time, that scientists can't. Based on this December 31, 2009 to December 21, 2010 Time Shift arc, I've determined that there will be a significant uptick in earthquakes during this time. I'm in California, so I know that the earthquake uptick in California will be many times greater than usual. Earthquake scientists will admit this, but only guess at why this is. Major killer earthquakes will ravage the planet, and they will erupt in clusters. Activity on the sun will power up and at least one powerful geomagnetic storm will be entangled with a Time Shift, and powerful Time Shift created quakes. I can only hope that earthquake scientists will someday recognize that knowledge of Time Shifts - including Time Shifts and solar activity and geomagnetic storms - gives them essential knowledge about some earthquakes. Otherwise, these scientists will forever be left without much needed tools to protect and serve.



    The 2010 Prediction # 1 has multiple hits. The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, and Co-Existing Time Lines represent interconnected devices, phenomenon, and events in which our reality and dominant current time line is constantly being edited and restructured. The Core Matrix acts as a core hard drive, where all of the programs and program elements for time lines are stored, accessed, and transmitted. The many time lines are actually time lines that exist in the same space, separately by frequency. This is why I refer to them as co-existing time lines, instead of referring to them as parallel timelines or parallel worlds. The brain is the interface to the Core Matrix, and a bio device that can download data, transmit data, and sustain the integrity of time line programs.

    My research into this phenomena has yielded some fascinating information, including how to recognize information related to Time Shift events. I have recognized and developed Time Shift criteria. In many ways a Time Shift is like the wind. It’s a force that by itself is a natural energy that can’t be directly seen, but can be detected when it exerts it’s force on other objects like leaves. When we are outdoors, and we see leaves blowing around, we know that wind energy is doing that. Blowing leaves tells us that wind exists. Like the wind, a Time Shift can be detected when it exerts its energy and causes changes in the reality stored in our brains. One example of a changing reality, which reveals that a Time Shift has occurred, is a phenomenon called The Time Shift Living Dead. Read about Time Shift Living Dead, and you’ll understand why this enigma exists, and why it is evidence that a Time Shift has occurred.

    Another type of evidence, that a Time Shift has happened, is a time slip enigma. The best documented time slip in history is the one experienced at The Magic Castle in 2006, which was experienced by Whitley Strieber, Anne Strieber, and Starfire Tor.

    Precognition is defined as an act of acquiring knowledge, of an event, in advance of the occurrence of that event. Through my research into Time Shifts, and related phenomena including psychic dreaming and precognition, I discovered the secret science of the dreaming and psychic brain. I was able to ascertain that the majority of precognition episodes are due to the brain’s interfacing with The Core Matrix, as the brain downloads bits of streaming data that from various co-existing time lines. The most common experience, of this brain-Core Matrix interface download, is experienced as dreams and waking visions.

    What may seem to be a precognitive future event episode, in relation to the experiencer’s dominant time line, is actually a near current event in the co-existing time line where the info was obtained. This means that the brain is picking up streaming data from a co-existing time line program where the perceived events have already happened. The many timelines may be co-existing in the same space, but that does not mean that events in that time line are in perfect sync with all co-existing time lines. This makes a precognition episode a dual time line memory. The person recalls information that would seem to be in the future, when in fact it’s information obtained from a co-existing time line whose events are playing out at a different time. The brain usually becomes assimilated with the time line program, so that these things don’t happen. When they do I call it having a dual time line memory.

    A Time Shift event can be detected by various criteria, just as a blowing leaf gives away the existence of the wind. One of those criteria is that certain earthquakes and other geophysical events. These events do not cause Time Shifts, but instead are caused by a Time Shift. One criteria, in a list of many criteria, has to do with solar activity. Some of this particular Time Shift criteria may prove that the solar activity itself helps to create Time Shifts. Some of the criteria may show that the Time Shift caused certain solar activity, and not that certain earthquakes cause Time Shifts. Therefore, certain earthquakes can be determined to be Time Shift caused earthquakes, by studying solar activity. Not all earthquakes are caused by Time Shifts, but some of the ones from 2010 are Time Shift related earthquakes.

    One of the criteria I use in determining which earthquakes are Time Shift related, but certainly not the only criteria I use, is solar coronal holes. Coronal holes are areas where the Sun's corona registers as being darker, colder, and with lower density plasma than usual. Coronal holes are linked to unipolar concentrations of open magnetic field lines. The fast moving elements of the solar wind can travel along open magnetic field lines that pass through coronal holes.

    The photos below are of solar coronal holes, which are related to Time Shift related earthquakes and the Time Shift time arc going from December 31, 2009 to the December winter solstice of 2010. I’ve also included the coronal hole photo from December 2004, when the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami hit killings hundreds of thousands of people and animals. Note that days prior to that event, there was no coronal hole. But on the day there was. Check out the other coronal hole photos, and their corresponding dates to some large earthquakes. The Haiti killer 7 magnitude earthquake happened on January 12, 2010 – only twelve days after the start of the Time Shift time arc. Read the caption. It says “A solar wind stream flowing from the indicated coronal hole should reach Earth on Jan. 12th or 13th.” Now take a look at the huge 8.8 earthquake in Chile on February 27, 2010. It happened only three weeks after the Haiti earthquake. On that date there was also a coronal hole. But two days before the Chile quake there was no coronal hole. All of the quakes I pointed out are Time Shift related quakes. There is much more to document about this, and more will come later as the documentation is compiled and understood.

    .2010 PREDICTION #2 Results


    Initial Report

    Watch the health care bill battle very closely. You will see this battle unfold in some very mind boggling and troubling ways. Just when you think that the health care bill is down and out, it will suddenly be resurrected in ways that leave many people baffled, angry, and helpless. This includes the news media and political pundits. But the health care bill will pass no matter who or what is in its way. Because I know this, the health care bill situation is nothing more than scripted political theater with a known ending. To anyone paying attention, this dead again-alive again health care bill's passage in 2010 will look like what it was - a series of 'jump shot' 'what the ...' time line edits. This in no way implies that the Obama administration has anything to do with Time Shifts. What I can say, is that the Obama Administration health care bill agenda was met under the flag of a series of Time Shifts - whether the Obama administration knows it or not.



    The 2010 Prediction # 2 has multiple hits. The current US healthcare and/or health reform bill efforts have created nothing less than political warfare, with the American people and the US at risk. Few if any politicians actually read the material, and because of a lack of transparency the American people were shut out of the nuts and bolts of potential legislation that would affect their lives – and for too many in the worst of ways. Because of all this, this so-called health reform legislation is more about political warfare than what legislation is actually the best for America and the American people.

    2009 showed proof of the above, and by the end of 2009 the healthcare bill was stalled as only mostly democrats were behind it as the political war raged on. Both the House and the Senate missed deadlines. Since the Democrats were in political control, after President Obama was elected, what was eventually signed by democratic members of the Senate in December 2009 went nowhere.

    But people who already had insurance, especially single people and families who pay their own way without help from a company alliance, saw their health insurance companies petition to raise their premiums to outrageous and unsustainable levels – as if premiums weren’t high enough already. This was nothing less than health insurance companies trying to get as much money as they can, from people who can’t afford it, before healthcare legislation kicks in – regardless of whether that legislation is sincerely helpful to the American people.

    Healthcare reform efforts were also affected by dramatic changes in the political balance of power. Ted Kennedy was a big supporter of the healthcare bill, and his death in August 2009 lead the way to a political surprise that shocked democrats and put the passage of the healthcare bill in serious jeopardy. This is because Ted Kennedy was a democrat and the person that was elected afterward and who filled the empty seat was Scott Brown the republican. Brown's victory put a possibly insurmountable obstacle before a health care bill, that only days before was looking good after revised versions of it had passed both the House and the Senate.

    Despite the political warfare, and the last minute obstacle that should have scuttled the healthcare bill, it did get passed and was signed into law on March 23, 2010. The machinations to get this passed and signed were astounding, but the problems it brings have not gone way. Republicans have not given up the war and still want to see the healthcare bill either totally gone or seriously revised.

    2010 prediction # 2 interfaces with 2010 prediction # 3, so both predictions should be viewed as a continuation of the other.

    2010 Prediction # 3 Results

    2010 Prediction # 9 Results


    News Reports

    History of the Passage of the March 2010 Health Care Reform Laws

    During the 2008 US presidential election, then candidate Barack Obama (US Senator, D-IL) campaigned for the need to reform the American health care system, stating that the cost of health care was a "threat to our economy" and that health care should be a "right for every American." After assuming office in Nov. 2008, President Obama urged Congress to pass health care reform in weekly addresses, speeches, a nationally televised address to a joint session of Congress on Sep. 9, 2009, and his State of the Union addresses in 2009 and 2010.

    On Dec. 24, 2009 the Senate approved similar health care reform legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (HR 3590) in a 60-39 party-line vote. No Republican Senator voted for the bill. Some Republicans argued that the bill was unconstitutional, socialistic, too costly, and would increase health insurance costs for those who are already insured. This bill was estimated to cost $871 billion over 10 years, would require most Americans to have health insurance, and would extend coverage to 31 million uninsured Americans. The CBO estimated that the bill would reduce the federal deficit by $138 billion over 2010-2019.

    Negotiations to reconcile the House and Senate bills stalled in Congress after Scott Brown (R-MA) won late Ted Kennedy's (D-MA) vacant Senate seat in Jan. 2010, causing Senate Democrats to lose their Republican filibuster-proof majority of 60 seats. On Feb. 22, 2010 President Obama unveiled his own proposal bridging the Senate and House health care bills, placing pressure on the House to pass health care reform legislation. House Democrats advanced the their amendments to HR 3590 as a new budget reconciliation bill, which is a form of legislation that requires only a simple majority and not a supermajority of 60 votes in the Senate to be approved.




    Health-Care Deadline Challenged as Republicans Stall (Update2)
    Starfire: By Kristin Jensen and Laura Litvan - December 17, 2009

    Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Senate Democrats, trying to round up 60 votes for health-care legislation, face new challenges to their goal of passing a bill by Christmas as they confront both Republican stalling tactics and other pressing business.

    The Senate took up a $636 billion defense-spending measure that includes $128 billion for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. That and Republican delays -- such as insisting that each amendment be read word for word -- mean work won’t resume on health care until the weekend. And the votes needed for passage aren’t yet assured, said Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.

    “Members have expressed concern, indecision,” said Durbin, the No. 2 Senate Democrat, adding that talks with the chief party holdout, Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, continue. “We won’t move forward without knowing we have” the 60 votes that will be needed for passage, Durbin said.

    Durbin expressed confidence that Democrats would pass the health bill by Christmas, a goal set by Majority Leader Harry Reid. On the Senate floor, he urged Republicans to work with Democrats for quick approval of the military bill, already passed by the House, so lawmakers could return to health care.

    The 10-year, $848 billion Senate health plan is designed to cover 31 million uninsured Americans and curb medical expenses. Like a measure passed Nov. 7 by the U.S. House, it would require Americans to get health coverage, offering expanded aid for the poor and creating online insurance- purchasing exchanges to help the uninsured buy policies.

    Read Aloud

    Partisan clashes over the legislation broke out on the floor yesterday. Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn demanded that a Senate clerk read aloud every word of a 767-page amendment by Senator Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent, that would have opened up government insurance to all Americans.

    After almost three hours of reading, and as Durbin convened a news conference to complain about the Republican tactic, Sanders withdrew the amendment. Coburn’s attempt to object was overruled, and Sanders proceeded to give a fiery speech in favor of a single-payer, fully government-run insurance system.

    Later, Reid and other Democrats took to the Senate floor, to show their support as Sanders demanded that the full Senate vote immediately to shelve a pending Republican amendment by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas that was designed to delay tax increases in the measure. Her proposal was defeated, 56-41, and signaled the potential for other Republican proposals to be shunted aside.

    McConnell Protests

    Republicans, who say the bill might crowd out private insurers, raise taxes and widen the federal budget deficit, left little doubt of their intentions to try to stop it.

    Republican Leader Mitch McConnell took the floor to defend his party’s right to force a reading of amendments. He protested allowing Sanders to withdraw his amendment, saying “the plain language of Senate precedent” requires that all 100 senators agree before a lawmaker can withdraw a measure.

    The Kentucky Republican said public opinion is moving in the opponents’ favor.

    “The American people are saying, ‘Please don’t pass this bill,’” McConnell said at a news conference. He said the public is aware of the potential risks of higher insurance premiums and cuts to Medicare spending, which would finance half the legislation.

    Public Opinion

    McConnell pointed to a Washington Post-ABC News poll that found the public’s disapproval of President Barack Obama’s handling of health care is at a new high of 53 percent. The Dec. 10-13 poll was based on a survey of 1,003 adults and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

    Some Democrats have been critical of the Senate measure, with former party chairman Howard Dean urging lawmakers to kill the bill because he said it has been weakened too much.

    In response, former President Bill Clinton today warned that failure to get a bill now would be “a colossal blunder.” In a statement, he said, “This is a good bill: It increases the security of those who already have insurance and gives every American access to affordable coverage.”

    Clinton, whose attempt at health-care reform collapsed in 1994, added, “Take it from someone who knows. These chances don’t come around every day.”


    If the Senate passes its bill, the measure would have to be reconciled with a version approved by the House on Nov. 7.

    Senator Joe Lieberman, a Connecticut independent whose support is crucial because Republicans are united in opposition to the measure, said he is ready to back it after Democrats signaled they are poised to drop a proposed new government-run insurance program, as well as a plan to expand the Medicare program for the elderly to people as young as 55.

    Nelson, who last week tried unsuccessfully to amend the bill to include tough restrictions on abortion funding, rejected a compromise by Senator Robert Casey, a Pennsylvania Democrat who also opposes abortion.

    Without further modification, it isn’t sufficient,” Nelson said in an interview with KLIN, a radio station in Lincoln, Nebraska. He said he has other concerns about the bill, including new taxes, and doesn’t want to be rushed.

    “I’m less interested in a deadline than I am in getting it right,” Nelson told the radio station.

    Sanders Unhappy

    Sanders said he is still not behind the measure because the public option was dropped. Still, a pivotal Senate Democrat who expressed reservations in recent weeks -- Mary Landrieu of Louisiana -- said yesterday she will vote with Democrats “barring any significant changes” to the legislation.

    The bill is “in the best shape it could be,” Landrieu told reporters.


    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Ford [Motor Company] will have record sales year and G.M. starts to make a comeback.
    Clean energy becomes more available when a millionaire puts his money where his mouth is and starts a business making affordable solar panels.
    Here are some predictions for 2011 from some of the leading psychics, seers and mentalists from around the world.

    LaMont Hamilton
    Revolt in Cuba by summer's end, food shortages become an issue.
    Debate over Creation Theory vs. Evolution will find both are partially right.
    Mandates for a cashless society by 2012 will begin.
    Major bartering site opens up on the Internet like eBay.
    Several more cruise ships will be damaged/sink at sea.
    States initiate move to leave the Union; Hawaii/Alaska will be first.
    Major discoveries involving lost civilizations in the U.S. will be found during the second half of the year.
    Eiffel tower attacked and partially damaged.
    Post office see major loses in revenue again this year.
    MySpace sold/merges with Facebook.
    Terrorist will attack a cruise ship in the ocean/port this year.
    Accident/mishap seen around actor, Steven Segell


    2012 will loom large over the next year: this could mean possible earthquakes and assassinations toward the end of 2011.
    The Playboy Mansion will burn down.
    A gold rush will occur in Hawaii.
    Michelle Obama will have another baby.
    Sarah Palin will get divorced.
    The first brain transplant will take place.
    A huge breakthrough in the cure for Alzheimer’s and dementia.
    A horseshoe-shaped UFO will be spotted over Roswell, New Mexico.
    Lady Gaga will try out acting.
    Natalie Portman will win an Oscar for Black Swan.
    Hilary Clinton will win the Nobel Peace Prize.
    A bionic eye will be invented by a French scientist.
    A big computer virus will take out large swathes of communication for a 48-hour period, which could affect air travel.

    Sidney Friedman
    Lady Gaga becomes a university teacher.
    A photo shows Justin Bieber kissing and groping with two women.
    Colin Firth and Natalie Portman win Oscars.
    U.S. economy continues to improve, slowly but surely.
    A major league baseball player inexplicably dies on the field.
    An explosion in the sky in the middle part of the U.S.
    A major bridge malfunction in New York City.
    Part of either New York City or Washington D.C. goes dark, perhaps as a result of some tremors.
    Earthquake activity in the Midwest and eastern part of the United States.
    New Jersey governor Chris Christie will be the Republican front-runner among Republicans.
    Malicious cyber attacks on Apple operating systems and on smartphones increases dramatically.

    Judy Hevenly

    Prince William and Kate Middleton's marriage produces a girl.
    Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell (New York heiress) wed.
    Academy Award winners: Best Film, The Social Network; Best Director, David Fincher for The Social Network; Best Actor, Colin Firth; Best Actress, Natalie Portman; Animation Feature, Toy Story 3.
    Stephen Hawkins nominated for a Nobel Prize.
    Discovery of gold in Jamaica.
    Fidel Castro's death will unleash a popular revolt against Cuba's communist establishment.
    An electricity outage in Las Vegas.
    Another eruption of Iceland's volcano will cause havoc for air travel.
    A new solution to the common cold in the form of a special steel pendant.
    Sarah Palin announces her candidacy for president.


    President Obama will be face problems not faced by any other U.S. president.
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be caught on camera "broken and devastated."
    Billionaire Bill Gates will enter politics.
    U.S. airports will be the target of terrorist attempts because of weak points.
    WikiLeaks will expose financial scandals.
    A major assassination will be hailed as the crime of the century.
    A disaster will bring Israel closer to its neighbors

    Diane McGill

    With the economy being at a low, more people will realize that they need to spend more time with loved ones,
    By February, the economy will see a jump.
    By mid-summer there will be a baby boom for those in strong, committed relationships.
    This will be a quick winter.
    President Barack Obama will be pulling out more U.S. troops this year.

    The Psychic Twins (Terry and Linda Jamison)

    Obama will not be re-elected. On November 20, 2010, the Psychic Twins predicted that Barrack Obama will be a one term president and that he will not be re-elected. Policies of President Obama will be challenged and he will have a difficult time pushing his agenda through.
    Do not underestimate the power of Sarah Palin. More women will come into power in politics and the corporate business world as more women will become the CEOs of fortune 500 companies.
    Job recoveries, especially in the second half of this year, albeit they are slow job recoveries.
    The auto industry, healthcare industry, scientific technology services, engineering, finance and accounting field will provide most of the job opportunities.
    Medical breakthroughs for diseases such as cancer in general, including lung cancer, colon cancer, bone cancer, as well as diabetes, heart diseases.
    In medical diagnosis, people will be able to swallow small cameras in order to have them diagnosed

    Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker

    Two massive industrial accidents: India has a nuclear disaster, China a huge chemical factory explosion.
    Leading politician dies in a plane crash.
    Paul McCartney makes a record with Yoko Ono in honor of John Lennon.
    Denial of service attack on USA banks by foreign country causes failures to Internet.
    Tropical Island is evacuated due to volcanic eruption.
    Earthquake in California and the famous Hollywood sign is damaged.
    Wild animal disease scare results in mass slaughter of livestock.
    Spring will see angry demonstrations over wage and pension cuts
    In February the Beckhams reveal that are planning a divorce.


    At the end of the year solar activity will get worse, peaking in 2012.
    When solar activity increases, heavy storms will hit US coastal areas.
    The end of the Catholic Church will happen in the period 2011-2012.
    War could break out between India and Pakistan / China; India will win the war if it will happen in 2011-2012.
    Global economic collapse; Europe is big trouble.
    If Israel attacks Iran, the so-called World War III will start. If Israel does not attack Iran, it will be destroyed.
    Massive floods and rains will hit the earth worse than in 2010.
    Massive earthquake in Western Hemisphere.
    The president of the Arab Republic of Egypt Muhammad Hosni Mubarak will die at the end of the year 2010 or in 2011.
    Pope Benedict will die in 2011-2012.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    John Hogue Predictions for 2011

    John Hogue is a modern day seer. He uses his own gift of future insight along with the geopolitical savvy of a Noam Chomsky to unravel the complex issues affecting us today. Voices such as these are needed in our times.

    John Hogue began documenting his own prophecies and interpretations of others in 1983. He released his first book "Nostradamus and the Millennium" in 1987. It sold 700,000 copies and was translated into nine languages. Seventeen books and 28 years later, his understanding of Nostradamus' coded texts, as well as his grasp of the art of prophecy itself, has deepened with experience, earning him the distinction of being hailed around the world as a preeminent authority on Nostradamus and collective prophetic traditions. Hogue's documented predictive track record into the new millennium has achieved an aggregate accuracy surpassing 80 percent.

    John Hogue has received wide international recognition appearing on over 100 television and 800 radio shows on four continents. His North American Television appearances include Ancient Prophecies Part I-IV (NBC and the Learning Channel), The View (ABC), Unsolved Mysteries (CBS), Prophecies of the Millennium (FOX), A&E's Biography-Nostradamus, Sightings (FOX/SyFy Channel), Ancient Mysteries with Leonard Nimoy (A&E), Nostradamus-A Skeptical Inquiry (Discovery Channel), The Other Nostradamus (History Channel), the Today Show (NBC), Nostradamus Decoded (Discovery Channel), and History Channel's The Next Nostradamus, Nostradamus 2012, The Nostradamus Effect and Brad Melzer's Decoded.
    His international appearances include television spots on CNN International and interviews on BBC World Radio. He is the author of 17 books-and-counting, with over 1,400,000 in print in 19 languages.

    1. This is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. See how far the rabbit hole goes. . . From Beijing, all the way down into the pockets of politicians in Washington to influence and steal US elections.
    2011 PREDICTIONS Neptune
    2. As Hogue predicted for 2010, the Hurricane Season was quiet in the Gulf of Mexico. The signs are changing in 2011. Prepare for the stampede of the worst hurricane season in the Gulf and along the Atlantic coast in five years. Find out the date when the next great Haitian disaster comes in Predictions for 2011.

    3. The planet Neptune (God of the Seas) returns to its home sign of Pisces in 2011. Prepare yourself for a year of great worldwide ocean storms, tempests and monsoons never before experienced in living memory. See if your town or city is in the cross hairs of superhurricanes.

    4. The military junta of Myanmar (Burma) seeks to build an atomic bomb. North Korea will threaten to drop an atomic bomb in 2011.
    2011 PREDICTIONS China-imperialism

    5. Despite it's breathtaking growth, the People's Republic of China is a totalitarian society. When China eclipses American influence in the coming decade, it will push a totalitarian agenda upon the world at large. It expects "you" to bend and bow to "its" authority.

    6. Success in business and in life follows a path of an anti-hierarchical future in the Aquarian Age. Individuals work for mutual gain by free-associating and freethinking beyond the narrow and specialized mindsets of the dying Piscean Age.

    People of Haiti, you won't be spared

    in the Hurricane Season of 2011. You will be visited by Mother Nature's call for help, screaming in the winds of tropical storms crowding the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean in such frequency and intensity not experienced since the catastrophic 2005 Hurricane Season that broke the levies of New Orleans and scrubbed the Mississippi coast down to house-foundation bone with Hurricane Katrina. Houston, you will be visited. Your fields of refineries clutched, clawed by superstorm winds and oceanic surges.

    New Orleans, it's good your levies have been rebuilt for they will be greatly tested near Labor Day, August 2011.

    North and South Americans, earthquakes will keep crawling northward up your western coasts. This time they reach the US shore rocking Los Angeles, San Francisco, perhaps Oregon and Seattle with moderate to major quakes of 5 to 6 magnitude. Prepare for deep droughts to linger and intensify in the central interior climates of every continent.

    World War III
    World War Three begins in 2010 but not the war anyone imagined. Read it from the source that forecast last year's climate changes with nearly 100 percent accuracy. Mother Nature declares war on humanity.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    2011 in Numerology & Prophecy
    Date: 01-13-11
    Host: George Noory
    Guests: Glynis McCants, John Hogue

    In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants gave her analysis on how, 2011, the year of "four," will manifest and what we can do to make the best of it. "Four represents truth; it's all about honesty. I actually call it 'in your face' truth so that means anyone who is up to no good," whether in politics, or entertainment will get busted.

    For example, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks will get his comeuppance this year, she said.

    Pres. Obama is in a cycle of 7 this year, where people either "thank God, or think they're God," and we saw a new humility in him in his recent speech, she said.

    North Korea and South Korea could be in a conflict, as their leaders are in uncompromising cycles this year, she commented.

    Mother Nature also looks to be uncompromising this year, so we'll see a continuation of the extreme weather, McCants added.

    She also spoke about the match of Prince William and Kate Middleton, noting their numbers appear to be compatible.

    The date 11-11-11 is significant, as a kind of doorway. On this day in November, she suggested sitting down with a white candle and writing down what you're trying to achieve-- "which doors do you want to close and which ones do you want to go through?"


    In the latter half, authority on prophecy and the occult, John Hogue, shared his predictions for 2011 & 2012. Among his insights:

    Regarding terrorism, we should be concerned more about native and "lone wolf" violence occurring in the US.

    Although Obama "came into his destiny too soon," he'll be reelected for a second term in 2012. He may face a Romney/Huckabee ticket, but Jeb Bush actually has the best chance to defeat him.

    The Tea Party might break away from the Republicans to form their own party.

    The extreme rhetoric of the right and left, will fade somewhat by March.

    Storms will pick up in 2011.

    The Queensland and Brazil floods are not a fluke.

    The recent die-offs indicate the climate is in trouble.

    By 2012, gas will be priced at $6 to $7 a gallon.

    European banks are in a bad state, but may be bailed out by China.

    Two failed states could cause concern in 2011-- North Korea and Pakistan.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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