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    Spiritual Block Engineered In C1 Atlas Bone? Worth investigating...


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    Spiritual Block Engineered In C1 Atlas Bone? Worth investigating... Empty Spiritual Block Engineered In C1 Atlas Bone? Worth investigating...

    Post  Carol on Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:51 am

    One of my favourite threads...

    A must do to raise you awareness I think


    Talks about it being misaligned in our DNA...

    A method to align it

    And a discussion here I've listened to:

    Search for interview with Michael Hane here:

    Definitely something I'm going to look into...


    Well come the weekend I'll be able to tell you how it went.

    I'm booked in for Wednesday early evening the guy on the phone said over 500,000 people had had it done so far from monks, nuns and healers etc to people with bad backs. It does sound like a treatment to have done.

    It is a little more than I was expecting £140 but it is only paper money and it is nowhere near the £1100 I just spent having my Amalgams removed.

    It does cover two sessions as they want you to return to make sure it has stayed aligned so 2-4 weeks later you need to return. So £70 per session is pretty reasonable when you see it like that and if it spiritually heightens something and helps with my Reiki and higher self communication I will be well chuffed

    It would be interesting to see if pure Africans have this aligned from birth which would give the DNA change argument more strength.

    He did say that mothers who have this done before pregnancy have children who are aligned too. I am obviously going on word of mouth here but hey...


    Check the link at the start of the thread
    There is a norwegian link so I assume by this it must be in your country somewhere...

    I had it Wednesday as stated I wanted to leave a it a few days until I posted... but yes the description is pretty accurate. They knew their stuff and says it is possible to do it without the tool but it would take 4-5 trips using standard techniques (and if someone stopped it could slip back if they doid not continue). I have to go back in 2 weeks to check I am still in alignment as it can pop back due to muscle memory etc.

    They also said there was resistence again this technique in the states as it can mean people do not need to return to a back man regularly once fully healed. Greed again fighting...

    It kick starts your body starting to heal itself and you get some pains in areas where you have had isses in the past (which will pass). I had a thoarasic back issue and then RSI which both came back. I have been full of energy since and feel good.

    Quite frankly I'm not sure how much yoga you would need to do solve this if it is possible. I've been doing pilates, yoga, chi ball and tia chi almost constantly for 3 years now about 5 - 7 hours a week sometimes more and mine was still mis-aligned. It is not something I would trust with a standard back man. This person has been a body worker for many years and is well aware of the topics which are discussed on this forum, but they were not aware of this forum.

    Recommended I read a book called Cosmos by Jude Currivan

    I can confirm the uncomfortable procedure and the two bruised areas for 2 days... but I'm still here smiling though

    A couple of discussed points:

    We discussed the Africa topic and they said they've treated africans but these may not have been pure africans.

    If a women has it then is pregnant the baby is born aligned. Interesting

    A number of blocks were discussed but they said that this one was the main 'link pin' to getting the others sorted... 13 were mentioned! Sounded like your body would heal the others or most of them...

    Talked about water and water energy, something I was already well on the way to with distilling and re-energising the water. Going to get a 'Living water vortex jug' and a Mini Classic II Distiller.

    I'll ask more in 2 week

    My summary of what was on the video I was shown:

    The bone being mis-aligned actually traps two main blood flow areas into the skull one side more than the other by the video I was shown and is so misaligned that the bone is behind or infront of two pins which it should sit the opposite too which ever it is. There is a technique to it and I'm sure it could be replicated and has I believe as I've seen something else in a yoga magazine. This was the original technique though and with something this critical I'd rather go to the best trained people. It isn't that expensive really as I've spent more than that on a night out in the past before I was awake. Now I drink mineral water when I'm out I have some spare money for this sort of stuff as it is usually the beer than made the night 'disappear' and the wallet fairies to steal all your money on kebabs and other things

    My personaly view is it is probably rotated one way to trap a certain side of brain from being as active as the other side.

    The pre-blurb warniungs were it could lead to a healing crisis etc if you are not ready for it and can cause other issues if you back is already out of alignment so please be careful if you're not that fit. So far I've not had any issues...


    Found some more information on it discussed here...

    and in this thread it discusses other blockages ! Something about J seals...

    Can we ask our Higher self to unblock these?


    Found some movies here that work explaining what happens when it is misaligned. This company is different to the method I had done.

    Interestingly I think we are definitely onto something with this C1 procedure and spiritual awareness due to my other thread here:

    Worth a read to fully understand the levels they will go to


    Some more information in this link may be of interest.

    This is the movie I was shown just before I had the procedure:



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