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    Post  mudra Fri Nov 05, 2021 12:58 pm

    CRATER EARTH 7a8a6410


    Not an uninteresting perspective

    Forget everything you know. Be prepared for some amazing information. It will connect many dots for both; the flat-earthers and the sphere people.

    Recently I came across the YouTube channel of Godgevlamste. He has a range of videos about a very interesting theory - not flat Earth - but different and it makes sense.


    Imagine a guy who has discovered amazing things regarding the world we live in, or perhaps we must say: we live on. Things that will completely change world history and society. Imagine a guy who has the skills to describe and explain  well and clear a difficult subject with many sub-subjects. Imagine a guy who can bring information in a funny way with a smart touch of humor and is willing and able to correct previous mistakes, and brings new theories. All based on well explained facts. That guy is Godgevlamste, the guy who made the Crater Earth video series on YouTube.

    The Videos

    The videos of Godgevlamste are very clear to understand but you should have some knowledge about the world to fully comprehend the information presented in his videos. Godgevlamste uses very simple and easy to understand illustrations to explain some of the difficult subjects. Perhaps you'll recognize a Monthy Python style of animation. Along with a soundtrack which is sometimes strange and funny, his videos are very informative to watch and can be entertaining as well.

    Because you'll be taken on a journey while watching his videos, we strongly advise to watch the Crater Earth series in row order (top to bottom), starting with the first video. Personally I had to stop watching after a few videos to avoid information overload. A nice break with fresh air and a cup of tea or coffee can get you further on this information highway.

    Channel: Godgevlamste on YouTube

    Is the moon a reflection of a gigantic earth ? - 9.4.2017
    Is the moon a reflection of a gigantic earth ? ( part two) - black sun , polaris - 9.17.2017
    The moon is a reflection of a gigantic earth , final proof !!! - 3.2.2018
    The Illusionary Solar System : the starmap revealed - 3.31.2018
    We live on a Bigger Earth , Atlantis revealed - 5.1.2018
    Antartica : the final " flat earth " map - 10.15.2018
    The Walt Disney flat earth map - (no date mentioned)
    The Sun : portal of the parasite - 2.4.2019
    We did land on the moon, but not the way you think !! - 3.27.2019
    Ice Age map , confirming Flat Earth - (no date mentioned)
    The Scams of Renaissance Cartography - 5.13.2019
    The Vikings were Jews - 5.20.2019
    Crater Earth and the Phantom Planets - 8.3.2019
    Empire of the False Christ - 10.10.2019
    Artificial Intelligence , and what they “forgot” to tell you !! - 9.10.2019
    Escape from Flat Earth - 12.7.2019
    Secret of the Labyrinth - 1.20.2020
    The eye of RA - 2.4.2020
    The blood of Christ - 3.1.2020
    Ter-ra Forming Earth - 3.31.2020
    New York and the third temple of Solomon - 4.9.2020
    Ground Zero , the rebuilding of Giza - 4.22.2020
    Planet of the APE - p - 6.27.2020
    Crater Earth : continents and timezones - 7.28.2020
    The official new World Map - 8.13.2020
    Crater Earth and the split- off society - 8.22.2020
    Crater Earth : disclosure ? - 94.2020
    Crater Earth : More evidence - 9.18.2020
    Crater Earth : Flipped Americas - 11.4.2020
    Crater Earth : the gates of Hell - 11.28.2020
    Crater Earth : Polar shift and mudflood - 1.2.2021
    The Capitol Hill Ritual - 2.28.2020
    Crater Earth : The Hivemind Queen - 2.28.2021
    Crater Earth : Arch - ons - 3.4.2021
    Crater Earth : Torture in Time - 5.1.2021
    Crater Earth : Sirius B - 5.30.2021
    Crater Earth and the Mindcontrol Machine - 7.1.2021
    Crater Earth : Dragons , Virgins and Gold - 10.1.2021
    Crater Earth : in search of the BenBen stone (part 1) - 11.1.2021


    Posts : 23055
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    Post  mudra Fri Jan 07, 2022 8:05 am

    In search of the Benben Stone part 2

    In search of the Benben stone final part

    Posts : 23055
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    Age : 68
    Location : belgium


    Post  mudra Fri Feb 04, 2022 5:00 pm

    [size=24]Ra Waves[/size]

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