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    Learn about the PRESEARCH ecosystem


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    Learn about the PRESEARCH ecosystem Empty Learn about the PRESEARCH ecosystem

    Post  mudra Sat Feb 20, 2021 1:34 pm

    Learn about the Presearch ecosystem

    Presearch is building a complete ecosystem to support the PRE token and provide the world with a decentralized search engine that is powered by the community, for the community.

    The ecosystem includes:

    Presearch token
    Decentralized search engine
    Presearch nodes
    Keyword staking
    Presearch marketplace
    Ethereum blockchain

    The Presearch Engine harnesses the power of a number of the world’s top search engines and other data sources to provide users with a compelling search experience that offers great results, protects user privacy, provides more choice and control, while also being censorship-resistant.

    PRE Tokens
    Rewards in the form of PRE tokens, the Presearch cryptocurrency are provided to searchers to incentivize them to switch to the Presearch Engine from Google and other search engines.

    Presearch Nodes
    Presearch nodes can be installed on any computer or server that supports Docker, and provide the computing resources to power the Presearch Engine. Those running nodes are also rewarded with PRE tokens.

    Presearch Keyword Staking
    The Presearch Keyword staking platform enables advertisers to bid on keywords using PRE tokens to have their ads displayed. Whoever stakes or commits the most tokens to a keyword has their ad displayed.

    Presearch Marketplace
    The Presearch Marketplace enables keyword stakers and node stakers, as well as project supporters to purchase PRE tokens directly from the project with Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD.

    Ethereum Blockchain
    The Ethereum blockchain enables PRE token holders to easily transfer, sell, buy and store their PRE tokens, as well as view all transactions on the network in an open, transparent manner.

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