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    The Method


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    The Method  Empty The Method

    Post  NANUXII Sat Jun 20, 2020 4:53 pm

    I would like to open a dialogue to discuss and develop an idea on Digital Neutralisation of corruption within the financial sector.

    The idea outlines a Method of scaling the value of money ( fiat currency ) so that it gives a more level playing field.  It still allows for individuals to accrue wealth and maintain it in accordance to their lifestyle and ambition however it will stimulate spending so that cash flow and commerce will grow exponentially.

    The System introduces a new tax incentive as well. a Flat 15% across the board which helps people be ambitious to strive.  The more you make the more you get to keep. There is also a tax free threshold of 10Kpa everything after that is taxed 15%. And you dont have to do a tax return every year because your taxes are automatically deducted.

    There will be no more double dipping of taxes eg. You can only get taxed once !  for every dollar earned, no taxes on land, gasoline,tobacco, alcohol , no taxes on food , no taxes on inheritance in fact once you have paid tax on your earned dollar you are not obliged to pay tax on it ever again which happens all the time in fact its pathetic that realistically on every dollar earned you end up paying over 70% in taxes on that dollar no matter what threshold youre in.

    The following statements are here to promote dialogue:

    The system will stimulate job growth

    It will stimulate investment

    It will stimulate Spending

    It will allow people of low to middle incomes to come out and start living.

    Housing will be more affordable for all.

    No double dipping will also stamp out favoritism between government and large companies by the way of tax deductions.
     less corruption means more for everybody.

    Ok so here is the basic premise behind The Method

    With digital credit there can be a system put in place that incrementally decreases the value of money by virtue of its spending trends and a capped amount.

    EG : A ceiling of 5 million $ meets a 1:1 ratio in terms of money value.  

    When an individual has more than 5M everything over that decreases in value automatically.

    IE. Every dollar on a scale after 5M devalues incrementally down to zero. People that want to invest their money can to accrue wealth by way of " Land Banking " EG if you want to invest you can do so in a favored way by purchasing housing or develop land that is then used as affordable housing for low income families. If you do this you can accrue wealth through land banking and still maintain a 1:1 ratio on your 5M$ cash.

    Conversely for people of low income say under 50k pa their money increases in value on a scale upwards. Ostensibly the lower your income the greater buying power your dollar has to equate to an amount that all people can survive on comfortably.

    EG : if you only earn 10K pa your money has the buying power of 25K    If you earn 49k your money has the buying power of 60 K   anything over 50 K stays at a 1 :1 ratio up to 5M$

    The system must stay SIMPLE in its machination so that all can understand how it works. There will be no regulatory legaleze terms or government red tape involved in the system in fact the system is regulated between employer and employee and their chosen banking institution.

    Banks will be regulated in that their only function is to regulate incoming and outgoing of funds for tax purposes. They can only charge a maximum of 1% interest on any loan and no variables will be allowed. Banks can only lend on a 1:1 ratio of money held or they can buy gold to lend from that as their store. Bank notes or Money can be exchanged for gold minted coins.

    if you accrue 10 minted coins they then get double the buying power ( not their value ) when spent as a group of 10 coins or more.

    The systems money value is inherent to its global value which will increase in buying power by virtue of the health of its economy.

    all ideas and criticisms are welcome


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