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    Post  Carol on Fri Sep 24, 2010 10:47 am

    Kealani - Book in Process Templar

    Prologue - The Dream - 3rd rewrite

    The dream began the way it always did.

    Sitting astride his mount a cool lavender grey mist swirls about him. He urges his well-trained roan onward up through the damp old growth oak woodland along the treacherous winding rocky path. With each hoof-step he hears rocks and some of the smaller pebbles roll and tumble, rolling over and over gently down behind him.

    Kealani - Book in Process Knightstemplar

    He is wearing a white, dirt-stained tunic over dark leggings that stretched down to his knees. Emblazoned on the front of his surcoat is a plain blood red splayed, eight-pointed cross of the Merovingian kings of France, a symbol of martyrdom. About his waist a mock medieval belt is girded with a sword. Upon his head a helmet to help protect his face from the low-lying tree branches that barred his trail. Underneath his helmet, damp with sweat, is shoulder length wavy black hair.

    Due to exertion he feels trickles of sweat run along his spine in tiny rivulets down into the small of his back. Hearing his horses’ labored breathing and upon each exhalation he also saw small puffs of steam blowing out from the nostrils. The scents surrounding him were mixed and consisted of a combination of his own musky sour body odor, his horse's sweat ~ along with the scent of the oak forest floor’s soft and decaying leaves pressed underneath the climbing hooves.

    Tensing his well-formed muscular thighs he gives his heels a kick into the heaving ribs and uses his spurs to urge his horse up and over a rotted oak log that had fallen onto their path. His mount, dark as a moonless night itself, was next to invisible. It made him look more like some sort of ghostly specter, bobbing up and down, wafting along haphazardly through the deep dark forest.

    His ongoing internal experience of an alluring inner power draws him onward and upwards. With little light to see properly his upward trek is mostly by instinct.

    His soul is protected by the armor-of-faith and his body protected by the armor-of-steel. Doubly armed, he fears neither demons nor men. His is of a monastic order and uniquely suited to carry out this life-threatening treacherous mission. This is a sacred, spiritual quest. He is both honored and humbled.

    A cold easterly breeze rushes across the exposed areas of his face lifting the small bristles of his dark beard. In the crook of his left arm, hidden behind his shield is a small delicate glowing bundle wrapped in soft white linen cloth. He must deliver this treasure before the full moon rises from behind the high rocky peak and before the dark oppressive clouds clear to reveal a starry sky currently hidden and obscured. No one must know his mission. No one must discover his secret.

    He must achieve his goal. He must reach the summit. He must. Failure is not an option.

    Out of the corner of his left eye he catches movement.


    The small hairs on the nape of his neck bristle and lift up.

    Friend or foe? Did they spot him?

    Even at his own peril he must continue and urges his mount to quickly move forward. Menace or not he refuses to waver from his mission.

    He has sworn to keep the secrets of his Order and to 'faithfully defend and maintain the holy Christian faith ~ under no less penalty than loss of life, by having his head struck off and placed on the point of a pinnacle or spire, his skull sawn asunder, and his brains exposed to the scorching rays of the sun, as a warning to all infidels and traitors.'

    In a flashback of his initiation he recalls being given a skull along with a taper candle and told to walk slowly round the darkened room again, seven times, keeping his eyes fixed on those 'two emblems of life and mortality' and swear, 'May the spirit which once inhabited this skull rise up and testify against me, if ever I willfully violate my obligation of a Knight Templar.'

    To complete the oath he is told he must 'Seal it with his lips seven times on the skull.' The Grand Password is 'Maher-shalal-hash-baz' (Isaiah 8:1) The Grand word is 'Jesus Emmanuel.' The sign is an imitation of Jesus hanging on the cross, with the arms outstretched, the feet crossed, and the head bent to one side. He, but a mere mortal, could do no less then Christ.

    If asked, he would willingly give his life. Yet this sacred treasure he carries must reach its destination. He must protect it and get it safely to the small clearing at the highest point of the summit. There the answers await him. Then he will see with his own eyes, and know for himself, the truth.

    In Latin, he quietly mutters to himself, “Veritas, Veritas, Veritas.”

    His destiny lies with Veritas.

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Post  Carol on Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:44 pm

    Lawrence Whipple Observatory
    Mt. Hopkins in Santa Rita Mountains, Arizona


    As a new professor at the University of Arizona teaching Atomic & Molecular Astrophysics along with Extragalactic Astronomy & Cosmology, Dr. Mark Alexander Kealani, whose tousled dark brown fell onto his broad forehead was bent over adjusting his iPod. His chiseled square jaw face, a good strong mouth was set in consternation as he sat at his desk, perched on top of Mt. Hopkins outside of Amado, Arizona, 55 km south of Tucson in the Santa Rita Mountains behind a very energetic radiation imaging telescope array system (VERITAS). Whipple Observatory had a unique ground-based gamma-ray observatory that he needed to gather data for an in-depth research paper he was working on. He was fortunate to still be under the sponsorship of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. However, at the current moment his dark chocolate brown eyes were set with purpose and concern.

    Even though it was summer at the upper elevation the evening was cool. Inside he was quite comfortable. After making his adjustments he tucked his Apple iPod into the left pocket of his long sleeved blue cotton shirt. A headphone jack was connected from his iPod to the small ear bud neatly positioned in his right ear. Frowning he was still pondering over the strange email he had received from his cousin Mathew, another astrophysicist doing research far south of the equator at Anglo-Australian Telescope. Mulling over what he had read at home on his personal computer Mathew just shook his head.

    With respect to research telescopes, Mark knew some of the world’s top rated are the Hubble Space Telescope (located in Earth orbit), Keck (more than twice the AAT’s size) in Hawaii where he first got his first taste of how truly awesome space is, the Very Large Telescope (VLT, which comprises four telescopes twice the size of the AAT) in Chile, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the 2MASS telescope. So where did that leave the humble Anglo-Australian? It’s number five.

    He also knew within his circle of friends and contacts that AAT’s track record for scientific productivity and impact was well respected, so his cousin’s unusual request puzzled him. In fact, they often shared coordinates of locations in space that each thought provided an awesome viewing of one sort or another so why the secrecy? What made this sighting different? So what if the earth’s sun was one of a binary set. Obviously the other sun, if there even was one, wasn’t much of a threat even if it was a red/brown dwarf that had been out in space millions of miles away in some sort of elliptical orbit and hadn’t been spotted in thousands of years until recently. Or was it?

    Anglo-Australian Observatory Star Trails

    His cousin, Mathew wanted him to covertly check on the following set of coordinates but not say anything to anyone about what he may or may not find. In the email, Mathew claimed to have viewed confirmed NASA footage of a binary sun to our solar system’s sun headed this way. Mathew wrote that he was afraid to use his own personal computer and had sent the email from an Internet café using a newly created dummy yahoo account. Since he was stationed far south of the equator in Australia he could already track this red/brown star from his location. Mark thought Mathew a bit paranoid, yet Mat was family and family helped one another.

    Mathew had also identified a public source of the same information on YouTube, titled the DNIr4808n video. Of course in Mark’s mind if it was on YouTube it was likely a fake. However, Mathew claimed that in September 28, 2008 someone identifying himself as DNIr4808n posted a 1 minute and 13 seconds long SPT disclosure video where the first 59 seconds is redacted, because it mentioned names. YouTube pulled it the next day and closed DNIr4808n's account. DNIr4808n's disclosure never appeared again, until now due to Marshall Masters downloading a copy of it before it disappeared. Only a handful of copies of the original DNIr4808n disclosure video survived.

    Mathew also sent the YouTube link to Marshall Master’s latest research video where he presented his analysis. Mark would follow up on the link but doubted it would lead to anything valid. He really didn't believe there was a binary star to the sun and just thought the whole effort and exercise in futility.

    Exasperated he gave a heavy sighed, "Nutters. The whole Internet is cluttered with nutters."

    However, Mark’s curiosity was one of his better attributes and wondered what type of analysis had been performed on the video. Then he speculated for about one nano second about the individual who posted it. According to Mathew, DNIr4808n was never heard from again. Well then, where was DNIr4808n? Mathew had added a quote from the YouTube website, ”What can be said about the DNIr4808n video in general, was that the text was very sincere and exhibited an excellent understanding of critical Planet X, orbital concepts.”

    "Hmm?" he mused out loud. A mystery. Mark enjoyed mysteries. The least he could do is verify the space coordinates from his current Arizona location.

    Now time to get back to some serious work. He had already downloaded one of his favorite nighttime talk radio programs of Dr. Michio Kaku on his iPod. He could listen while he took a look. He enjoyed Dr. Kaku's perspectives in both string field theory and quantum field theory. Of course his imagination fired up upon reading Dr. Kaku’s best seller book, Physics of the Impossible, that examined the technologies of invisibility, teleportation, precognition, star ships, antimatter engines, time travel and more. All of which, Dr. Kaku regarded, as things that are not possible today - but that might be possible in the future.

    As a Ph.D. graduate and now professor in astrophysics, Mark was continuing his research in the imaging and spectroscopy of extragalactic, stellar, and planetary bodies, as well as gamma-ray and cosmic-ray astronomy. But in his personal opinion, quantum physics was where the true cutting edge for science existed. Still the imaging telescopes fascinated him. He continued to wonder. Could he catch a glimpse of this binary star? That is, if it existed in the first place.

    Perhaps the imaging telescopes that had an array of four 12m optical reflectors for gamma-ray astronomy in the GeV - TeV energy range could find something. This array of imaging telescopes were deployed such that they permitted the maximum versatility and give the highest sensitivity in the 50 GeV - 50 TeV band. They might at least prove nothing was there.

    Whipple observatory was known for its pioneering work in ground-based gamma-ray astronomy and a great place to explore the universe. However, the Subaru telescope on Mauna Kea was what first wetted his appetite for this type of study and research. The mere thought of attempting to understand the universe from the viewpoint of physics also captured his imagination.

    Just what is the mathematical relationship between quantum physics and the physical realm? And of course the possibility of multiple dimensions layered like pages in a book and time space, let alone the concept of time travel was more then just a little bit intriguing. But he was unlikely to ever meet up with or see a time-traveler in space unless Dr. Who, a Galliffreyan Time Lord, decided to leave the BBC's world of science fiction and fly by in his TARDIS.


    Born on the Big Island of Hawaii Mark fondly recalled his family’s treks on 'aloha' Friday evenings around the new moon when the night sky was darkest. His father worked in construction on the hot dry western side of the island in the Kailua, Kona area.

    After working out in the tropical sun all week his father could hardly wait to load the family into their beat-up old rusty pick-up truck and head out along the upper highway to the turn-off at Saddle Road, then on up to the Mauna Kea Recreation Area campground for an evening of barbequing, sky watching, counting comets and making fantastical wishes upon each individual one that streaked by. His father would often tease them by saying that god was tossing the comets across the earth’s upper atmosphere so that he could watch them skip across the surface like pebbles on a lake.

    Excited and happy the children helped load the truck bed with folding chairs, warm clothing for the cold nights, sleeping bags and their picnic dinner, which often included cold potato/macaroni salad, cooked steamed rice, lao laos [both chunks of fish and beef wrapped in taro leaves and steamed until juicy and tender], small boiled purple sweet potatoes, thermoses of both hot and ice cold green tea sweetened with local honey, marinated strips of teriyaki beef and chicken for barbequing at the camp ground grill, along with freshly home-baked banana bread, Hapia (coconut pudding) and warm sugar-coated malasadas (donuts) for dessert.

    Dependent upon the weather, Mark, along with his six brothers and sisters would pile into the back, with their parents and the youngest of the brood riding in the cab up front. They along with various aunties, uncles and cousins would make their traditional 'new moon' aloha Fridays treks, when the weather was clear and settle themselves under the world’s most superb night-sky viewing point that was almost literally in their own back yard.

    Of course every now and again when a new baby was born the adults would make an interesting side trip, just a short jaunt, to Lake Waiau, about a mile and a half from the summit. Lake Waiau is sacred to the Hawaiians as this is where they would bring the umbilical cords of their babies and place them in the lake to give them "the strength of the mountain."

    Keck Observatory atop Mauna Kea

    At 13,796 feet, Hawaii’s tallest dormant volcano on Big Island is the home of a number of International Observatories including the W.M. Keck Observatory, Mauna Kea Observatory, the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope, and the Caltech Sub millimeter Observatory along with the Subaru telescope.

    The Subaru telescope is one of science’s most awesome achievements as the Subaru has the largest single-piece mirror in the world that sees deeper into space and photographs a wider area of space than conceivable just a short time ago. Operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and the University of Hawaii, the optical-infrared telescope draws stacks of research applications from students and scientists from around the world. One of every six or seven applicants is lucky enough to be granted even one night's viewing and after many, many attempts he finally got lucky. So did Mathew.

    Mauna Kea means, White Mountain, so named because in winter it’s slopes are often covered with snow. Its remote location makes it among the premium peaks in the world for land-based astronomy, as the skies are clear enough 330 nights or more each year.

    Subaru – the Japanese word for the constellation Pleiades roughly translates to “gathering.” Sometimes he would think of his extensive family was like the Pleiades. Often times various aunts, uncles and cousins came together gathering at the camp ground area, unloading containers of food onto the surrounding picnic tables, fired up the grills and meeting around a fire pit to ‘talk story’ and share what was happening in their lives.

    During the new moon, some of the more adventurous teens and adults would gather at the Onizuka Center International Astronomy Visitor Information Center to acclimate to the altitude at the 9,000-foot level before driving up to the summit for that spectacular 360 degree panoramic view of the midnight sky.

    Due to the air being very thin above the 9,000-foot level, it was too dangerous to take the younger children, any pregnant mothers and elder family members with respiratory or cardiac problems further on up to the summit. In fact, a small child’s brain can swell at the higher elevation, which could possibly result in death. Subsequently, a number of the other family members chose to stay behind with the keki (children) in the campground area below and do their sky watching from the southwest side of the dormant volcano.

    The adults would lay the sleeping bags across the bed of the truck and the children, wearing their coats, would all climb in and snuggle down. Warm and safe they noisily whispered, making jokes, giggled, look for the more well known constellations like the Big Dipper and pointed up to a passing comet making wishes on each comet streaking by.

    All the family, with the exceptions of the littlest ones, who usually had fallen asleep by the time their dinner ended, took great pleasure in gazing up into the canopy of stars scattered above their heads. Oftentimes after dinner, while waiting for the sun to go down below the horizon, the aunties and uncles would sit in a circle around the fire pit and sing in the gathering darkness with various other family members who had brought along their ukuleles. It was both comforting and peaceful listening to the adults harmonizing, laugh and sing while playing various favorite Hawaiian songs.

    Later, as an adult, Mark often thought to himself that this was life at its best. There he was with his belly full of his favorite foods surrounded by loving family gazing up at the spectacular entertainment provided by God’s own mighty hand. Life couldn’t get any better.

    Mauna Kea Summit

    It was during one of these treks up to Mauna Kea that he experienced his heart full and his mind inspired. He suddenly knew what he wanted to do with is life. He wanted to learn more about the heavens that cradled this lovely water planet and consciously chose to make this his life’s mission. His cousin Mathew also was inspired and the two of them launched onto a similar career path - only Mathew was stationed in Australia. Their fathers were brothers so the families often spent a lot of time together while growing up. However, the two of them had a special bond, which traversed the distance between their locations. Mark wondered if Grace, the Kealani's ranch housekeeper, had been texting Mathew recently with that Planet X information. Grace was a die-hard Coast listener and who knows what visions she was having these days.

    Fortunately, while growing up and living in Lakeland, only a 10-minute bus ride from Waimea, Mark had an opportunity to visit the Keck Observatory office location where the computers capturing images of what was happening in space were downloaded from the Observatory atop Mauna Kea.

    He would often spend hours at Keck doing volunteer work during summer vacations and after school learning what he could before graduating from high school and heading off to college in Hilo for his undergraduate work in astronomy at the University of Hawaii.

    His father would pick him up at Keck’s after work on his long drive back and together they would head on home where supper was usually in the process of being prepared. His mother baked sweet bread daily for their evening meals and the scents from the kitchen always made his stomach growl with hunger.

    As a youth, there he was. Out in the middle of ‘Big Blue’, isolated by thousands of miles of water in the heart of the Pacific Ocean enjoying the best viewing of the night sky he had ever witnessed.

    The door to the office opened and Mark jumped, rousing himself from his trance.

    "Oy. Doctor Kealani." A younger woman with reddish brown hair walked in, holding a folder.

    "Nice to see you too, Sara." Mark smiled, pushing his glasses up his nose (they had slipped down as he'd been thinking).

    "No time for our daily banter, you really need to look at these photos." Sara held out the folder, and Mark took it, his smile fading slightly.

    The photos were of the constellation of Orion. He stared at them for a moment, and then looked up at Sara.

    "Uh... What am I looking at?" Mark asked, blinking in confusion.

    "Can't you tell?" Sara asked, looking at him in annoyance. "Look at the belt."

    "I don't..." Mark sighed, and then looked back at the pictures. As he looked at the belt of Orion and his eyes widened. "That's not possible. Are you sure these are accurate?"

    "I've checked. Last night was a clear one. She jokingly added, "and there were no planes, helicopters, or anything else that would have interfered with the image." Sara shook her head, brushing her bangs out of her face.

    "There's a fourth star." Mark tilted the photos towards her, and his glasses slid down his nose again as he looked at the woman. "That's IMPOSSIBLE." He over-pronounced every syllable in the second word.

    "I know, Doctor!" Sara snapped angrily. And just you don't think I'm a complete idiot, I did cross check against what NASA had up and they had the western hemisphere of Orion completely blacked out!

    "What is it then, another UFO?" Mark asked irritably.

    "Might as well be." Sara shrugged, pulling her coat back up her shoulder as it had slipped down her arm.

    "You need to get a smaller jacket." Mark observed cynically.

    "You choose now to mock my clothes?" Sara demanded, her voice cracking slightly.

    "I'm not mocking, I'm trying to divert attention from a bunch of Photo- shopped pictures." Being a die-hard skeptic Mark rolled his eyes.

    "Photo-shopped?" Sara bobbed her head in exasperation. "Doctor, this is serious!"

    "Oh, I'm serious too." Mark leaned back in his rolling chair, making a serious/mocking pout. "I'm serious about the fact that you need to stop bothering me when I'm working."

    "And what are you working on, Doctor?" Sara asked, putting her hands on her hips.

    "..." Mark spun in the chair a little, before allowing a guilty smile to slide onto his face. "...I've been reminiscing."

    "Yeah, well, reminisce after you find an explanation for this, Doctor." Sara turned and stalked towards the door.

    "Technically, you work for me." Mark pointed out dryly.

    "Oh-!" Sara made a very irritated noise before she slid out the door.

    Mark chuckled, spinning in his chair again before looking at the pictures again. For a brief second, he felt a flicker of confusion hit him.

    "...Nope." Mark closed the folder and tossed it onto his desk, placing his hands behind his head.

    "...Photo-shopped, definitely."

    A chill ran down his spine.

    He recalled that NASA funded the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) an infrared wavelength astronomical space telescope, which was launched out of Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on 11/20/09. The earth orbiting satellite carried a 40 cm (16 in) diameter infrared-sensitive telescope, which was being used to survey the entire sky over the course of 7 months through images made in the 3 to 25 um wavelength range.

    'Hmm,' he thought to himself. 'They must have been searching for something really hard and found it if they went to all that trouble of blacking out the western hemisphere of Orion so the public couldn't see. It was past seven months when WISE was first launched. And then there were reports of an increase in meteors falling to earth up to twice a day instead of the past normal of once a month.' He'd also read recent reports of fireballs coming in that broke windows with their sonic booms. And then he thought back to when the Neat Comet C/2002 V1 (NEAT) appeared in November 2002, the 7th brightest comet seen in 70 years. The comet was hit by a Coronal mass ejection (CME) during its pass near the sun but didn't break up as expected and after the comet left LASCO's field of view around February 23, an object was seen at the bottom of the images. Although technicians dismissed this as a glitch, rumors persisted that the comet had been expelled from the sun. Mark knew different.

    And then there was that report about sufficient evidence suggesting that NASA had deliberately tampered with satellite imagery depicting a comet changing its flight path after interacting with the sun on February 18, 2003. That just showed NASA couldn't be trusted to tell the public the truth. He wondered what was NASA up too this time and what they were they hiding? Did Sara really find something? Is something really big headed this way?

    Well, at least for now, here he was, atop Santa Rita Mountains doing what he loved most. Exploring God's own glorious handiwork and now some mysterious Planet X and now that he had a mind to... he just may take a look at the western hemisphere of Orion for himself... after he finished his paperwork.

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Post  Carol on Fri Sep 24, 2010 4:04 pm

    Kealani - Book in Process Hawa2571
    Waipio Valley, Big Island

    Standing on the Rim

    He was standing in the back of the family’s rusty black pick-up with his brother at the rim of the Waipio Valley on the Honokaa side of the canyon looking down at the lush tropical forest that included native koa, ohia, red gum, rainbow eucalyptus, along with Norfolk trees. Waipio Valley is the largest and most southern of the seven valleys on the windward side of the Kohala Mountains. Waipio is a mile wide at the coastline and almost six miles deep. Along the coast is a beautiful black sand beach.

    The dramatic view was breathtaking. Its steep cliffs shelter this sacred valley. On both sides of the valley there are cliffs reaching almost 2000 feet with hundreds of cascading waterfalls during the raining season. He had an incredible panoramic view of sky, cliffs, valley, forest and foamy waves rolling in wave upon wave at the edge of the deep blue ocean always took his breath away. On there way from Honokaa to Waipio Lookout Point they had to drive past banana and fruit groves, bamboo and ferns. Traveler’s palms, gardenias and purple ginger also graced the countryside.

    Standing at the valley’s rim he could see below the colorful patch-work quilted taro farms and the Waipio River, originating from the back of the sheer canyon wall from the largest waterfalls, including one of Hawaii's most celebrated waterfalls, Hiʻilawe Falls which cascaded almost straight down from the canyon’s rim 1,300 feet.

    Kealani - Book in Process Waipiotruck
    Hiʻilawe Falls

    Passing through tropical rain forest the winding river meanders through the fertile valley and flows out to meet the ocean. During the rainy season sometimes one could see up to 22 different waterfalls flowing down the various canyon walls. Waipio (Waipio) in Hawaiian means “curved water” Their lovely Waipio River flows through the valley until it enters the ocean at the beach. He recalled that the air in the valley often times had musty smell to it, yet is almost magical with the melding aromas of plants and flowers from all around the world. Indeed the river’s pathway was beautiful as it was surrounded by a world-class botanical garden. Pools of water were often lined with ginger and when in bloom the scent heavenly.

    However, the paved pot-holed road, if one would want to call it a road, is steep and wrapped its way around the side walls of a cliff that was created to drive down into the valley. It is considered the steepest road, at a good 25% grade, in the United States and possibly the world. In order to travel into the valley, the family had to be in 4-wheel drive and shifted down into low gear. Tourists without the proper transportation weren't so lucky. If they wanted to go down to the black sand beach they would have to hike down to the valley floor and then hike back up. The valley itself was unique in the world and attracted several million visitors every year, second only to Big Island’s active volcano Kilauea.

    Once inhabited by an estimated 4,000 to 10,000 people there were few who currently lived in the valley. The reason being the danger from tsunamis, which could inundate the shoreline quickly, and quite unexpectantly. There was no warning. One of the most destructive Pacific-wide tsunamis - and the most severe in the Hawaiian Islands - was generated on April 1, 1946 at 12:29 GMT by a large earthquake near Unimak in the Aleutian chain of islands of Alaska.

    Now only a handful of locals, taro farmers and fishermen reside further towards the back of the valley year round. Human activity is largely confined to tourists from around the globe who brave the steep walk down the narrow road to the beach and then back up topside. He could see their faces beat red on their return upward trek to the rim from over-exertion, dehydration due to not bringing along enough drinking water for the hike back up, exposure to the wind and no protection from the tropical sun.

    Waipio Valley is also known as the Valley of the Kings and sacred to the Hawaiians. He recalled something he had learned in his Hawaiiana classes in 5th grade about the Valley once being the home of King Kamehameha.

    He also remembered reading in class that Waimea means reddish fresh water, ancient Hawaiians believed that Waimea had healing properties and they would bring their wounded soldiers to the waterfall and lay them in water for healing. The water has it's reddish tint due to the iron oxide found in volcanic soil that gets washed down along the way, and perhaps it is healing physically. Some of that water also flowed from the upper rim in Waimea on downward toward the waterfalls of Waipio Valley.

    Of course the smaller Hawaiian children loved to race out into the ocean and meet the foamy white waves, then do a quick about-face and race back from the bubbly, frothy water across the black wet sandy beach to the safety of their parents protective, loving, suntanned arms.

    When the trade winds blow mists into the valley’s waterfalls at sunset, one was often blessed with an extraordinary view of a spiraling rainbow within the depths of the valley. In fact, it wasn't uncommon for trade winds to blow clouds and mist in from the northeast and shroud the Waipio Valley rim from the Waimea side of the canyon. However, when this did happen the mists would also surround the waterfalls, but not today. Today it was clear as a bell. There was not a cloud in sight. The blue sky was clear from horizon to horizon. And tonight, tonight was the summer solstice, his birthday.


    Deep down he knew it was going to be a beautiful star filled night. His view of the ocean and along across the variant blue colored waters of the Hamakua coastline was unobstructed and extending out to where sea meets the sky both merged into one brilliant blue canvas. The waves were hypnotic as they continued to swell, rise up, crest and then break into wide white ribbons of bubbly foam crawling up onto the black sand. The outline of the adjacent island, Maui, reminded him of one older song from 1947 that his grandmother liked to listen to, "Bali Hai". Standing on the rim he could view Haleakala, a massive shield volcano that forms more than 75% of the Hawaiian Island of Maui in the hazy distance.

    His father parked the family’s’ truck atop at the lookout area so that they could all enjoy the view before venturing down the treacherous narrow one-lane road.

    Standing tall he continued to enjoy a myriad of colors contained along the Valley’s crescent shaped coastline when suddenly, his heart leaped in his chest. There, out in the water, off to his left, almost out of view was a pod of about forty or fifty spinner dolphins playing in the water jumping and spinning in the air before joyfully splashing down into the warm waters below. The distant thunderous sound of the waves crashing and dolphins’ songs beckoned him. He longed to join them. He imagined himself already there in the sea.

    The air was balmy and scented with the perfume of plumeria blossoms along with the salty scent of the ocean. The tropical breeze ruffled his long dark hair that tickled his neck then, like a long lost lover, softly caressed his bear skin.

    This valley was a place of such sheer beauty that the most benevolent and creative of all the gods and goddesses of nature could only have conceived it.

    Kealani - Book in Process WaipioValley

    His father was ready to make the drive down which is difficult at best. At the bottom of the paved road they had to make a sharp right-hand turn to onto the deeply rutted dirt and often muddy road that ran along side the river through large rocky puddles and through the tropical rain forest toward the beach. His father had been stalling but had finally worked up enough courage to take them down. It’s a scary drive and the rusted skeletal remains of trucks and cars that fell off the road’s cliff edge dotted the tropical landscape. Albeit covered in vegetation but nevertheless a grim reminder of what could happen if one wasn’t very, very careful.

    The valley is considered a sacred place to Hawaiians and therefore it was also sacred to James. On previous trips he and his siblings had explored ancient burial caves located in the walls of the cliffs and even searched behind some of the waterfalls at the back of the canyon. This was also where the annual family reunion took place, which was scheduled for the upcoming weekend. He was looking forward to seeing his aunties, uncles and cousins because when in the Valley of the Kings they all came with their best stories of ancient myths, chants and songs that actually originated in Waipio to share.

    It was because of these many happy memories, along with the knowledge of the sacredness of this amazing place, that James wanted to spend the night of his sixteenth birthday lying on the black sand atop his bamboo mat, so that he could listen to the hypnotic sounds of the waves washing ashore all the while cradled under a canopy of stars nestled within the velvet night sky.

    It was because of these many happy memories, along with the knowledge of the sacredness of this amazing place, that James wanted to spend the night of his sixteenth birthday lying on the black sand atop his bamboo mat, so that he could listen to the hypnotic sounds of the waves washing ashore all the while cradled under a canopy of stars nestled within the velvet night sky.

    It was the summer solstice. The full moon’s glow would fill the forested valley floor with its soft radiant light and illuminate the ever-changing waters of the ocean. The dream was repetitive. He felt both anxious and excited. Tonight wasn’t just any other night. Tonight he would dream.

    Kealani - Book in Process MokuluaMilkyWay

    The dream began the way it always did.

    Sitting astride his mount a cool lavender grey mist swirls about him.

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Part 4

    The Volcanologist

    One of his most brilliant students had left him a cryptic message in his teacher’s inbox insisting he meet him at the harbor and accompany him out to where he had discovered a new underwater volcano. Professor James Alexander Kealani thought to himself, ridiculous. If there were a new underground volcano he would have already been notified via one of his USGS email alerts. So far today, when he checked his email ~ nada, nothing.

    Volcanoes have been his passion for over twenty years. First as a volcanologist for the U.S. Geological Survey, and now as a private Consultant and professor at the University of Hawaii on Big Island, James’s overwhelming curiosity pertaining to volcanoes continued to expand. The more he learned the more he wanted to know.

    As a volcanologist and professor, he was teaching a few summer courses before taking a year long sabbatical to study what was happening with volcanoes, both underwater and above ground, globally. Due to some pretty major recent eruptions, the ash and ongoing out gassing was having a detrimental effect of the world’s climate.

    James, a little over six feet tall with sun streaked brown hair and stormy blue eyes was well built, well muscled and deeply suntanned from his years in the sun and surfing the waves at numerous Hawaiian beaches. Subsequently he was also very athletic and just as comfortable in the water as he was trekking all over various mountainous volcanic landscapes.

    “I swear, this better not be a joke.” He muttered as he pulled his laptop into its case, pushing his glasses further up his nose. He paused in the act of grabbing his coat to look at a picture of his family, which he had tacked onto the wall of his office at the college. His daughter, Claire, was clinging onto his leg, her green eyes looking vacant, even in the picture.

    James sighed, his shoulders sagging. His daughter had been born with autism, and it had affected the family in such a shocking way. It literally was like a volcano had erupted in their home.

    His son, Kaleo, had withdrawn into a depression, and had started getting into trouble at school. Cathica, his wife, wasn’t acting her normal cheerful self anymore, and she spent most of her time at home trying to force Kaleo and himself to speak, with varied results.

    He supposed it was to be expected, but he still didn’t like it. James sighed again, looking at the picture in a sort of exasperated way. He looked at the pixilated image of himself and his family, thinking vaguely. ‘I wonder if Daniel has the same problems…’


    He hadn’t spoken to his twin brother in over a month. True, his brother was incredibly busy, as he was a new professor at the University London School of Economics over in England. He was so far away, yet for some reason- James shuddered. He wasn’t sure why, but he did. Pulling his coat off the hook and grabbing his car keys from the desk behind him, he took a last minute glance around his office, and then left the room.

    Kealani Pronunciation: (KEH a LA nee)

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Part 5

    Cathica - 2nd draft

    Cathica loved the smell of baking bread. Each afternoon, she would prepare several, very easy ~ no knead loaves for her family’s daily consumption.

    She set aside in separate glass bowels 3 cups flour, 1 ½ cup water, and 1 ¼ teaspoon salt and ½ teaspoon yeast for each loaf she planned on baking. First mixing the dry ingredients together she added the water and squished it all with her bare hand until the mixture was thoroughly blended. The batter was sticky and she had to wash her hands for the next step, which was to pour the sticky batter into an ungreased bowl, cover it with a clean dish towel, sit it in a warm spot and allow the batter to rise for the next 19 hours. If she started the batter at 3 pm she could bake it as early as 5 am just in time for breakfast and before the school bus came to collect the children. If she started preparing the batter in the evening at around 9 pm, it would be ready for baking around 4 pm the next day in time for when the children arrived home from school.

    Four to six hours before the risen batter was ready to bake she used her large wooden spoon to fold the edges in toward the center and then turned the whole mixture upside down in the bowl for the final rising. About 15 minutes before she was ready to bake, Cathica would then place the uncovered Pyrex containers and their matching lids into the oven to preheat at a 500-degree temperature.

    Once heated, she used her well-padded oven mitt to pull out the hot rack and containers. She would then pour each batter mix into its individual round Pyrex dish and put on its lid. Once covered, the rack was pushed back into the oven and closed its door. She set the timer for 30 minutes. When the timer rang she turned off the oven, uncovered the bread and allowed it to sit in the oven for another 10 minutes while the crust hardened. The interior of the bread was moist, the crust hard and crunchy. She liked this type of bread because it often reminded her of the delicious San Francisco sour dough bread she often bought at Fisherman’s Wharf.

    Now all she had to do was prepare herself a nice hot cup of Earl Grey tea and relax for a few moments in her rocking chair out on the deck enjoying the cooler breezes of afternoon trade winds while waiting for the baking loaves to be done.

    Cathica was born in San Francisco, California but spent her summers in Hawaii with her aunties on the island of Maui while growing up. In high school she was considered one of their best students, cheerful, slightly hyper, quiet but assertive. Lanky as a teen at five foot-nine she was deeply tanned with splotches of freckles on her shoulders and across the bridge of her nose. Her long naturally wavy sun-streaked hair was a reddish brown auburn and gathered into a knot on the crown of her head that was held in place with a long graceful pair of lapis blue enameled chopsticks. Her intelligent almond shaped eyes, slightly slanted at the corners like their cat, were emerald green with tiny brown flecks.

    Her figure was now nicely filled out as a result of bearing her two children, Kaleo and Claire. Yet, she was quite trim from racing after them while also managing the family’s horse ranch. Cathica’s husband James commuted by car to Hilo most days during the week to the University of Hawaii where he was employed as a full-time professor of history and volcanology.

    Sipping her hot tea and wrinkling her nose, Cathica recalled the very first time she spotted James at the Volcanoes National Park Visitor’s Center that had been established in 1916. Volcanoes National Park is actually Hawaii’s most visited tourist attraction, with nearly 9,000 visitors coming to the park each day. Here, visitors from around the world come to camp at the park, hike past the Halemauau crater, check out lava tubes and maybe even catch a glimpse of hot lava which was also on her list of things to do and why she was at the park.

    Kealani - Book in Process Kilauea
    Kilauea: The World’s Most Active Volcano

    Cathica was at the Visitor’s Center to sign up to go on an evening walk out onto the hardened lava fields (if one were to call hard grey/black molten rock ~ fields) to view some of the red/orange lava trails that flowed down toward the ocean’s edge where they eventually dropped off into the sea.

    James was the tour guide for Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park Service and was busy sorting out which tourists would go with which tour guide and when she first spotted his aura among a group of tourists. It was that she could even see an aura that got her attention.

    She had enjoyed wandering around and reading the various displays about the results of 70 million years of volcanism, migration, and evolution -– ‘processes that thrust a bare land from the sea and clothed it with unique ecosystems, and a distinct human culture.’ Of course the main attraction was that the park highlighted two of the world's most active volcanoes, Kilauea and Mauna Loa.

    Kilauea has been continuously active since January 1983 along the east rift zone and is considered the most active volcano in the entire world. The second active volcano on Hawaii’s largest island is Mauna Loa – both are located at the southeastern most end of the chain of a volcanic “hot spots” that have shifted over the past several million years.

    Earlier she had toured near the southwestern edge of the caldera of Kilauea known as the “fire pit,” and also is known as Halemaumau (House of Everlasting Fire). Cathica recalled reading how Halemaumau at times had contained a lake of boiling lava. The pit is enlarged periodically by steam blasts and collapsing walls. Typical eruptions consist of lava flows forming lava lakes in Halemaumau or elsewhere on the caldera through fissures and rift zones.

    Of course, not to be forgotten was how the dramatic volcanic landscape reminded her of what the moon’s terrain must look like. What amazed her was how lush one side of the park area was with tall majestic ferns while the other side venting steam and out gassing was a completely rocky blac barren landscape.

    She was reading about how large volumes of lava move in lava tubes beneath the hardened surface of recent flows and where skylights would form when the roof of a lava tube collapses, revealing the molten lava flowing like a river within the tube when she noticed this soft brilliant light glowing in the center of a small group of tourists nearby.

    Curious and intrigued she wondered where the light originated. At first she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her. Then she looked to see if any shafts of light were coming through the window or being reflected off of something. Nope. Instead she realized that the light emanated from an individual and that his back was turned towards her. As she continued to look at his she saw how the luminous light surrounded his upper torso and emanated outward from his body for about 30 inches. Her breath suddenly caught in her throat.

    She was somewhat awe stuck, as she had never seen anyone’s aura before. Cathica had read about such things but had never experienced seeing an aura before. The sight of someone’s aura had quite literally taken her breath away. She wondered to herself, who is he? Standing there and staring her patience was rewarded as he finally turned his face toward her direction. Upon catching a frontal view of him Cathica’s emotional inner defenses suddenly melted. She experienced an overwhelming sense of chemical attraction and was somewhat at a loss as to what to do about it.

    Usually she was too busy to notice guys ~ because at age 23 she was on the fast track of a Master’s program studying oceanography and had decided to round out her educational experience learning more about volcanoes. Subsequently Cathica determined that she also needed to study and learn more about undersea volcanoes. Living on Hawaii’s Big Island, the next logical step in her thought process was to start at the top, literally, of an active volcano and learn what she could about its history and possible current eruption projections for the future and how they would impact the ocean surrounding the islands. Hence, Kilauea was a better bet then most for study with regard to accomplishing her objectives.

    Gathering up her courage she decided she needed to at least say something to this amazing person. As he looked up from his roster to scan the tourists he was in the process of sorting out, she caught his gaze. What Cathica didn’t realize is that where she was standing ~ in an open doorway, back lit by the tropical sunlight, standing tall, looking majestic with her lovely face cast in shadow and her billowing wavy hair the colors of molten red/orange lava cascading down across her suntanned shoulders; in that frozen moment of time she looked like one of the more famous paintings of Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of Fire.

    Kealani - Book in Process Sacred%20Fire%20of%20Pele

    James was equally taken aback. He stood there for a moment gazing back at her. Captivated by what he saw and without any conscious thought, almost as if in a trance, he walked over to where she was standing. He smiled at her and in a kind masculine voice said.

    “Beautiful, right?”

    She would never forget those first words he said to her.

    Taken off guard and feeling quite awkward she had stammered something in reply. But he had smiled, his blue eyes so full of warmth.

    “It’s an example of how fragile most other things in life are.” He chuckled. “Cool, hard and stony on the surface, but raging with a burning passion underneath, and if we just scratch the top-“

    Again, he chuckled, shaking his head. “Oh, I don’t know! I was never that metaphorical!”

    “I thought it was pretty good.” Cathica smiled, as she couldn’t help herself.

    “Oh, well. Shows how much I know.” He smiled, pushing his glasses back up his nose. “But I do know that my name is James Kealani, and what I want to know is your name. And then maybe I’ll treat you to a coffee as payment for my horrible metaphors.”

    Feeling somewhat off-balanced by James’ question and somewhat befuddled she began stammering… “Err, ah, my name? Oh, my name. Cathica. My name is Cathica Hunt.”

    Cathica felt like such an idiot. Usually she was very self-confident but staring into his stormy blue eyes completely undid her. What does one say to a luminous being? She was questioning her own sanity and trying to sort out in her head if he was even real or was she just dreaming.

    Having just had an experience, which she had read about somewhere of what it is like to exist outside of time and space, where a moment is forever, and then landing back into the reality of real life was like diving off a cliff of the northern California coast into a very cold dangerous ocean. In an attempt at clearing her thoughts Cathica gave her head a little toss and refocused on James laughing eyes.

    She quickly lowered her eyes, then glanced back up, blushing, with a smile lighting up her entire face she happily answered.

    “Coffee would be great.”

    After that, everything flowed like lava.

    Taking another sip of her now warm tea, Cathica sighed. Their first meeting seemed like yesterday. Had it really been 14 years? Where did all of that time go? Just then she heard a ding. From the heavenly scents wafting out from the kitchen doorway she could smell that the bread was done.

    Ah, how delightful.

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Part 6

    Lost At Sea - 5th draft

    James was on the way to his little red spider Eclipse convertible flipping open his cell phone to call home when he was interrupted by his student, Simon, sitting in his 4-wheel drive white Toyota truck, gesturing with his arm and shouting from across the parking lot.

    “Hey Prof, over here. Hop in.”

    This was the same student who had left that cryptic message in his in-box along with some coordinates and some type of key. Simon insisted James meet him at the Wailoa Sampan Basin and Boat Harbor where his father’s boat was moored. He also insisted he had discovered a new underwater volcano.

    James was annoyed. He was waving Simon off when suddenly Simon doubled over the steering wheel and started retching. He looked ghastly. Deeply concerned James rushed over to Simon who was trying to catch his breath and could barely speak.

    “Take me to the hospital.” Simon gasped, wrapping his arms around his stomach and with a look of anguish he muttered through clenched teeth, “S-s-something’s wrong.”

    Opening the driver’s side of truck, James pushed Simon over into the passenger seat on the truck, quickly buckled up and literally roared out of the teacher’s parking lot to the Emergency room several blocks away.

    Simon kept gasping… and struggled to get his words out.

    “Take my boat, take my boat. P-p-please. P-p-please. Take my boat and go to these coordinates. P-p-promise me.” In his sweaty palm was a scrunched up piece of paper with some numbers written on them that he pressed into James’ chest.

    Attempting to calm Simon down James kept repeating, “You’re going to be okay. Take it easy. It’s going to be okay.” But Simon didn’t seem to be responding.

    While attempting to calm Simon, James’s own heart was racing as his adrenalin had given him a sucker punch and kicked in. He had no idea what was going on with Simon but whatever it was, it wasn’t good.

    Throughout the brief trip to the ER, in between gasps and trying to catch his breath, Simon kept pleading with James to go out to the site of the coordinates. He wouldn’t give up pleading until James promised to do so. Simon insisted James go immediately. It was of paramount importance that James not delay.

    Simon wanted James to see for himself what he discovered. This request was too important to Simon for James to turn him down, which in ordinary circumstances he would have. James was apprehensive and thought Simon delirious. However, out of a sense of duty to his student, who clearly was not doing well, he reluctantly agreed.

    Simon gave a huge sigh of relief. He needed his professor to see for himself what was there and no, it wasn’t a new underwater volcano. It was something else. It was something much more. He had no clue what it could be. However, he knew it was important. All those lights under water. It intrigued and scared him. And so… did the black helicopter that later followed him back to the harbor. That black helicopter was really scary.


    Early the previous Sunday morning, Simon was out in the ocean using his father’s boats underwater sonar array equipment. His father had installed a wide array of electronics to provide streamlined and precise positioning systems for water-based application that also provided wireless telemetry options to allow for remote viewing. He particularly enjoyed the underwater search systems, video systems, side scan sonars and bottom scanning sonar. He was listening to an old CD of the Beach Boys cruising along when the acoustic pingers alerted him to something underneath him. Something big.

    Simon’s initial thought was Kohola. A Pilot or Humpback whale, which Hawaiians refer to as - the god of animals in the ocean. These whales can migrate 3,000 to 5,000 miles round trip from the Alaskan waters in the winter months arriving in November and stay thru May to breed or give birth to their calves in the warm waters off the Hawaiian Islands. Relying upon stored energy they don’t feed during this time but do spend time resting, playing and mating. If fortunate one can often view from the shoreline their various acrobatic displays of Pec (fin) slaps, tail slapping which can be heard for miles and breaching where the humpback uses its tail to launch itself out of the water, propelling its entire body into the air and then landing back onto the surface with a huge resounding splash.

    Simon thought it odd that the scanner would be locked onto a whale, as he didn’t notice any previous spouting. He recalled how sometimes water vapor whooshes out the whales blowhole reaching up to heights of 20 feet. In concert with the blow is the sound of rushing air that can be heard up to 800 feet away. On average, adult humpback whales take a breath every ten to fifteen minutes, but can remain submerged for as long as forty-five minutes. However, Calves must rise to the surface every three to five minutes to breath. If it were an adult it was possible it was submerged and he had just missed the signs.

    Simon recalled to mind one time standing on a rocky, lava outcropping along the Hamakua coastline looking down and over a deep area of dark blue ocean when a curious Humpback whale swam near where he was standing. It moved in close and gave him a few gentle friendly pec slaps. Simon was amazed at its size. The grey whale was positioned just at an angle where he actually looked down into its blowhole. At the time he thought to himself a full size summa wrestler would easily fit into that opening and there would still be room for someone else. He was impressed.

    Kealani - Book in Process B-whale1

    He heard another ping, ping… ping. Could it be a pod of whales?

    Simon stopped the engine, walked back to the rear, aft end of the boat and looked down. With his Polaroid sunglasses on he could look past the glare on the water’s surface down into the water. He vaguely made out some lights deep underwater moving about. A submarine? Now he was worried. Just where was he? Was this a friendly or rogue submarine? He looked more closely and also noticed what appeared to be some stationary lights. Was he near some secret undersea military base? Just what had he stumbled upon?

    Even though the air was still and it was hot, Simon broke into a cold sweat and felt panicky. If he could see something. Clearly, whoever it was might be able to see him as well. Simon had an urgent urge to speak with someone right away, but to whom? He didn’t want to look like an idiot, nor did he want his dad to think he was just joking around using the boat without permission and getting himself into trouble with the military.

    Who did he know who would take him seriously? He knew he wasn’t crazy. Was he? Who could he trust with this information? Who wouldn’t ridicule him or put him down? Then it hit him. A bolt from the blue illuminated and clarified his confusion.

    There was someone he could trust, someone he could confide in and would at least listen. His professor. Dr. James Kealani had just been covering underwater volcanoes in their last class. He could use discovering a new underwater volcano as a ruse to at least lure the professor out onto the boat and have a look/see. Dr. Kealani may initially think Simon a nutter but once he showed Dr. Kelego what he had discovered he knew he would feel relieved.

    Simon used the ships GPS tracking device to lock onto the coordinates and wrote them down in a small brown note pad that he carried in his bright yellow t-shirt pocket. As soon as he returned to the harbor he added the name of his boat, tore out the sheet and wrapped the boat key in it just in case. He also wrote a second set of coordinates down for himself on another scrap of paper, which he tucked into his tan cargo pant short’s pocket. Simon hoped he could convince his professor to meet him at the harbor. Simon knew he wasn’t crazy. He knew he saw both stationary and moving lights beneath the sea. The ships sonar verified it. He just had to stay focused and use his intention to get Professor Kelego on the boat and lead him to his discovery.


    Ever since Sunday Simon had a sense that someone was watching him… following him. He was feeling paranoid. After making the sighting Simon had been trying to contact his professor. Monday was a holiday, so no school. Monday night someone had broken into his apartment while he had been out at a movie. Feeling somewhat desperate, he left several phone messages at the administration office on Tuesday and finally, the last message with the written down coordinates and boat key he dropped into Professor Kelego’s teacher in-box earlier that Wednesday morning.

    Spotting the Professor in the parking lot was a spot of good luck. That is until he suddenly got sick in the truck. He didn’t know what was happening to him. He was afraid. Very afraid.

    The Emergency Room staff directed James to the waiting area where one of the nurses later came and told him they were doing what they could for Simon and asked for some personal information. All James knew about was Simon’s last name. James gave the nurse the University Administrative office number and suggested someone call there and obtain additional information on who to contact in case of emergency.

    As he thought about it perhaps there would be more personal information, at least an address on Simon’s truck registration. James made a quick trip out to the truck and found the registration missing from its slip holder attached to the visor on the driver’s side. He checked the passenger’s visor, the console between the seats and then the glove compartment. Nothing. He thought that odd. Where was it?

    He sat there and thought to himself for a moment. Since he couldn’t do anything else to help Simon he decided to at least honor his request and take Simon’s boat out to the coordinates given to him. Feeling somewhat relieved that at least Simon was in the hospital getting good care he started up the truck and headed to the harbor.

    Out at sea and out of sight of the islands he was coming close to the coordinates Simon had given him when he spotted a small pod of 13 Spinner Dolphins. They looked happy following along in the boats wake. Several dolphins that were spread out were taking turns leaping out of the water into the air making as many as six or seven complete spins before diving back into the ocean, finishing up with an emphatic side slap on the surface that created a dense bubble cloud underwater.

    James continued to watch them take turns leaping into the air and twisting around landing in a back or belly flop. One dolphin calf was so close to the boat when diving back down it splashed water up near where he was sitting.

    James recalled reading somewhere that the power of a spinner dolphin’s spin comes from the tremendous acceleration under the water and the torque of the tail just at the dolphin breaks the surface. The aftermath of the spin, the sound of the slap can be picked up even at a distance by other dolphins through echolation.

    By now, after sitting under a tropical sun, James was hot and dehydrated. He was close to the GPS coordinates Simon had given him. He still felt a bit of anxiousness yet was unwinding from all of the stress associated with what happened. He wonder how Simon was doing and still fretting about not calling home before leaving the harbor.

    However, James left his cell phone in Simon’s truck. He also had left his Polaroid Xoor black sunglasses in his convertible and ended up using his arm to shade his eyes while still squinting under the bright sunlight. With the sun directly overhead salty sweat continued to drip down from his forehead into his eyes stinging them. His regular glasses that he used for seeing distances kept slipping down his nose. It was humid. Even with the wind created from the boat whipping around his tousled hair he felt hot and sticky.

    He continued to keep an eye on the dolphins at play and longed to join them. The cool seawater was inviting. A head over tail leap with mid-air somersault of one particular energetic male decided him. Spray cooled his face. It was time to strip off his clothes and jump in.

    Kealani - Book in Process Flippergate

    While climbing on board he recalled spotting some fins, and goggles with snorkels in one of the open bins next to the seating area. “Hmmm,” he wondered out loud. “Looks good.”

    Time to join the dolphins..

    James slowed the boat down to a stop and allowed it to drift while he undressed. Stripping down to the buff one could see his broad well-developed sun tanned shoulders from his years of swimming in the ocean. He stood a little over six feet with sun streaked wavy brown hair that was neatly trimmed at the neck and ears. His eyes were brilliant blue yet had a tendency to change with his mood.

    Standing in the buff with only his heavy plain wide band 24-karat gold wedding ring, Invicta Divers watch, and medium weight infinity gold link chain necklace with an unusually designed solid gold crucifix dangling from it, he searched for a pair of fins in his size.

    He selected some goggles and found navy colored fins that fit his feet.

    “Ah, ha. Success.” He muttered and with his suntanned arm wiped sweat off his brow.

    He sat to put the navy blue fins on and left his glasses sitting atop his pile of folded clothes.

    Next goggles. He tried several and picked the larger one that fit his face when he sucked the air out. Taking hold of the goggles with his left hand he spit into them and with his right thumb smeared the saliva all around the inside of the lens to help prevent them from fogging up.

    James dropped the rope ladder down over the outside edge of the boat. With the fins pointed away from the boat, using his heels he climbed half way down, pushed himself away from the ladder, extended his arms shoulder length out to the sides and jumped in feet first.

    Whoosh! Splash! Creating his own bubble cloud the cool effervescent water instantly surrounded his body covering his hot sweaty skin with its healing liquid balm. Ah, how wonderful! Transitioning from the hot tropical sun into the cooling waters of the ocean was bliss. He used some seawater to swish out the spit, put on the goggles and adjusted its snorkel so that he could breath with his face down in the water.

    Curious, the dolphins moved in closer to where his long muscular suntanned legs were treading water. Ducking his head under the water he could hear how noisy there were. Vocalizing and using a complex array of whistle sounds are how dolphins talk to one another. They also identify themselves with sounds (signature whistles) they make while trailing bubbles from their blowholes.

    James swam with the dolphins numerous times. One summer at age seventeen he had worked as one of the life guard swimmers on at dolphin tour boat name Makani Kea (white wind). Each morning before the sun rose up out of the east over Mauna Loa, all of the tourists had to board the boat. Once aboard the Captain skimmed across the early morning swells along the coastline looking for pods that had returned from their nighttime feeding areas and were now resting in various coves along the rocky lava shoreline. It was here the tourists would slip off the boat’s sides or back end and swim with the dolphins. All in all it was a great experience for the tourists except for the few unfortunate ones who got seasick and upchucked in the boat.

    James remembered reading about how dolphins pinpoint their prey through echolocation, in which some of the click train sent out bounces off an object and returns to them in hologram form. He thought dolphin’s directional hearing and ability to detect sound amazing, and also recalled how dolphins then interpret this returning echo to determine the object's distance, shape and other characteristics.

    Dolphins enjoy playing. Spinners often make a play toy, an object from their environment. In the past James used to play games with them that included passing a bit of seaweed or leaf that they would drape on one of their fins and pass back and forth. It was also fun diving through the silver ring bubbles they made and sometimes a dolphin would allow him to hold onto it’s dorsal fin and pull him along both up top and under water. Being pulled along was exhilarating and showed a very special trust between man and dolphin.

    James particularly was drawn to the dolphin’s curved smile; their smooth sleek silver/grey skin and how friendly they were. There was something about hanging out in the ocean with the dolphins that always made his heart expand with joy.

    The pod, all together, dove under the water and began circling the boat.

    With goggles, fins and snorkel he easily saw the pod in play under the surface beneath him and paced them with his strong long-legged kick. Some were swimming directly under him and two others were along side of him. Next to the spinner dolphin on the left was a calf following along underneath its mother.

    His head underwater he could hear them calling to each other using sonar. James continued to feel the healing energy they gave off move both through and around him. At last, he was releasing, relaxing and letting go of some of the earlier tension that had built up within him.

    What appeared to be a lead socialite female dolphin swam up alongside him as if inviting him to take hold of her dorsal fin.

    Deciding not to pass up such a rare invitation he obliged her and took hold. Just as he had taken a gentle, yet firm grip, she dove downward with the entire pod once again following her. Luckily he had managed to get a good breath of air with his snorkel before this sudden dive.


    Whomp, whomp, whomp… thundering overhead, stirring up and spraying water underneath, the pilot was lowering his rotary craft down to get a good look at the unoccupied boat.

    The black helicopter continued to hover.

    The dolphins, luckily with James in tow, came up for air and were already heading with great speed away from the boat, out to sea.

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Post  Carol on Fri Sep 24, 2010 4:58 pm

    Part 7

    Daniel - 3rd draft

    Daniel Kealani woke with a start. Danger. He sensed and smelled danger. He was covered in a cold sweat and the first word that sprang to mind was, James. James is in trouble.

    As twins Daniel and James shared a very special telepathic link. So special that with the 11-hour time difference while one slept the sleeping brother would dream what the other awake brother was doing.

    Daniel had majored in economics at Cal State Berkeley and upon graduating had begun his career at the Swiss Bank located in San Francisco’s downtown financial district. After graduating he had found a little studio apartment on the second floor on Green Street where he was close to all the shops located along the street below. Due to the difficulty in finding a parking place he didn’t have a car and so needed to be centrally located. Daniel took the bus from the corner of his street to work everyday and BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to visit his friends in Berkeley. San Francisco was also a 4 1/2–hour flight to Kona, Hawaii and another reason he enjoyed working there as it allowed him the opportunity for frequent trips home and to attend various family functions like birthdays and weddings.

    Daniel enjoyed sports, rugby, running, biking and was quite athletic due to his years of hiking, surfing and snorkeling in the warm Pacific waters of Hawaii. Sometimes he would don on a wet suit and brave the cold waters of the California coastline near the Presidio or make a trip with friends down to Carmel and dive there. He also dived for abalone further north of San Francisco and enjoyed pounding the meat, dipping it in batter and frying it up in garlic and butter at the beach. Sometimes he and friends would have fresh sweet corn on the cob to barbeque to go along with their seaside meal.

    Daniel had been a foreign exchange student in his junior year of high school and had ended up staying with a family out in the French countryside who owned an inn and restaurant. Subsequently Daniel, who had been a very picky eater as a child, developed quite a cultured palette. As a result, he discovered cooking was fun. Among the various dished he prepared, he would often make pasta from scratch and mix up a nice basil, olive oil and pine nut dressing to pour on top.

    Daniel was the youngest of seven siblings (five brothers and two sisters). During his last summer living in San Francisco, while on vacation in Italy with his oldest brother Luke, a priest living at the Vatican ~ tragedy stuck the family.

    Their parents had gone to Hilo to pick up some building materials from Home Depot, take in a movie and then stopped by the Garden Supply Center to pick up a bread fruit tree. They also stopped across the street at the Thai restaurant to get some takeout coconut curry soup to bring home for supper. Just before leaving Hilo they called the kids at home to let them know they were on their way back. On the drive home a squall blew in off the ocean from the windward Hamakua side of the island. Squalls, heavy torrential rain, last only a few minutes, most of the time.

    Daniel recalled how it rained in San Francisco. The clouds all bunch and stack up on the coast, then push on in and rained all day long. Cloud after cloud scudded and were joined together like one long dark gray coverlet blanketing the entire sky from horizon to horizon. Yet in Hawaii, out in the middle of the ocean, the rain patterns were different. Heavy rain clouds are interspersed with empty blue sky.

    His parents had already passed the Akaka Falls State Park turn off, past Maulua Gulch and were coming into the second steep long curve of Laupāhoehoe Gulch when the squall hit. There was nowhere safe to pull over. They could barely see out the window and were already on the long narrow stretch spanning the gulch. They were more then half way home and driving along the curvy tropical forested coastline highway when an oncoming commuter bus slipped, hydroplaning a bit on the rain slicked road, and slid part way across the divider line in front of them. It happened so fast. In an attempt to avoid a head on collision with the bus his father quickly turned the steering wheel to the right and crashed into the heavy cement guardrail barrier. Their parents died instantly. The bus driver and all passengers survived. His father would have been happy to know there was no other loss of life and that his sacrifice meant something to the other families involved.

    However, Daniel’s own family was devastated. The community was devastated. In Hawaii, everyone is family. All the aunties and uncles were in tears. The cousins were in tears. And his siblings at a complete loss as what to do were also in tears. The memory of his parents still created a huge pain in his chest and still brought tears to his eyes.

    There was a huge Catholic funeral at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Honokaa where the family attended church each Sunday. Both his father and mother were lecturers who read during mass. His father was also a Eucharistic Minister who visited the sick homebound parishioners to administer communion to them each Sunday afternoon. His mother had a beautiful soprano voice and was one of the cantors who led the congregation in song throughout mass. The church was packed and those who didn’t fit inside stood outside looking in through the open arched windows.

    His parents had requested in their wills that they be cremated and their ashes placed in one urn. After their funeral they wanted to follow an old Hawaiian tradition and have their ashes wrapped in tea leaves, then rowed out in a long boat canoe two miles from the sandy shore and left scattered in the sea. Around the simple urn and a photo of their parents renewing their wedding vows in this same church, the children had draped dozens of colorful fragrant leis.

    Prior to mass starting some of the local musicians were softly playing on their guitars and ukuleles On the Wings of a Snow White Bird.

    Daniel had that same sick feeling in the pit of his stomach that was there the night of his parents’ death. Sweating profusely his shaky hand picked up the phone and punched in the number for the airlines to catch the first flight out of Heathrow, England to Kona International Airport at Keāhole, Hawaii.

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Part 8

    Lost at Sea Redux - 4th draft

    Kealani - Book in Process The-cove-underwater

    James Kealani continued to watch the black helicopter the best that he could given how his mask limited his peripheral vision. Straining, looking back over his shoulder through choppy sea spray created by the dolphin’s movement, he only caught glimpses. He continued to bob up and down following the flow of the dolphins undulating movement. At one brief point he thought he saw two dark shadowy figures jump out of the lowered helicopter into the water near the boat. Another quick look and he thought he saw the boat fading into the distance as if someone was on board taking the craft from where he had left it adrift.

    Jesus, Holy Mother of God! He panicked. Was he really stranded out in the middle of Big Blue with no protection against predators such as sharks or means to keep afloat other then by his own steam, or with the help of the dolphin that was still pulling him along? What the hell was he going to do now?

    No one knew where he was! No one other then Simon and Simon didn’t look too good the last time he saw him. How would anyone know where to find him? He wasn’t even in the primary boat channels, he couldn’t see where the islands were nor did he see anything on the 360-degree blue watery horizon. No sail boats. No fishing boats. No transport barges. No ships. No land in sight. Even if his wife started a search for him there was no way she would know how to find him. He had left his car parked at the University. He hadn’t told anyone where he was going. His cell phone was accidentally forgotten on the car seat back in Simon’s truck along with his computer but that wouldn’t be found until when?

    This literally was a fine sea kettle of fish that he was in. What was he to do? How long could he survive out here in the middle of the ocean with just a small pod of dolphins? He had no fresh water to drink and he hadn’t eaten in hours. This was not good. This was not good at all.

    Tired and discouraged he let go of the lead female’s dorsal fin. The pod slowed down and once again began to circle around him as he alternated between treading water and floating suspended vertically underwater - feet down - using his snorkel for breathing.

    He silently prayed, "Our Father who art in Heaven...."

    Somewhat later he realized it was surprising that the pod hadn’t taken off and left him out there all alone. He was grateful that they were still here. Adjusting his position floating on his back in the water he reflected on his family, his soul mate Cathica, his children Kaleo and Claire, his twin Daniel, Grace, his dead parents and all of the other relatives.

    He was deeply saddened that he would never see his family again. Given the current circumstances he just couldn’t see how that was possible.

    He wondered. Would Daniel sense what was happening? Daniel was in London and due to the time difference often would dream about what James did during the day. Sometimes it was a bit unnerving how strong their telepathic connection was and how it continued to deepen over the years.

    Floating on his back James mused and thought back to the night of their sixteenth birthday. He and his brother Daniel had talked their parents into allowing them to camp overnight on the black sandy shore down in the Valley of the Kings, Waipio Valley. It was the summer solstice and the full moon shown brightly. They lay on their bamboo mates softly talking into the night. After many hours of listening to the waves rolling in and watching the starry night sky each teen finally lulled to sleep by the hypnotic sound of the waves began to dream.

    The dream began the way it always did…

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Part 9

    Daniel - Part 2

    In the cab on the way to the Heathrow, Daniel Kealani Pronunciation: (KEH a LA nee) tried calling his brother on his cell phone but with no luck. He left message after message but there was still was no response. He had also tried the landline at the ranch house in Waimea but it was always busy. The flight to San Francisco was thirteen hours long and 5,371 miles (8645 km) away. In San Francisco he could pick up his connecting flight to Kona, which was only 4 ½ hours long and another 2,388 miles (3,843 kilometers) away. That was a total of 7,759 miles or almost 18 hours in the air if he was lucky and if his planes didn’t run into any headwinds. He would be exhausted by the time he reach his destination and lord only knows what he would find when he arrived.


    Veritas - Marks & Jonah’s Skype Chat - 3rd draft

    After Sara left and while musing over the information his cousin Mathew Kealani in Australia sent him, Mark heard a Skype ping on his computer – Jonah, another friend in New Zealand stationed at an intelligence agency at the Waihopai Valley Government Communications Security Bureau base was chat skyping him. What a coincidence? Or was it?

    The functions of the GCSB include signals intelligence, communications security, anti-bugging measures, and computer security. For the purposes of its signals intelligence activities, the GCSB maintains two "listening stations"; a satellite communications interception station at Waihopai and a radio communications interception station at Tangimoana.

    Hmmm, was someone already monitoring Mathew’s and his emails? He thought himself too low on the totem pole to be of any consequence and then wondered - what on earth was Mathew up too?


    [10/10/10 3:55:36 PM] Jonah: hi Mark - how r u?

    [10/10/10 3:56:01 PM] Mark: busy sorting out if these pictures Sara brought in to me are photo shopped, fake or real. And you?

    [10/10/10 3:56:15 PM] Jonah: oh cool - just busy at work

    [10/10/10 4:01:33 PM] Mark: I was just reading an email from Grace about the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness. Finally figured it out.. who is who.

    [10/10/10 4:01:50 PM] Jonah: sounds interesting

    [10/10/10 4:01:54 PM] Mark: Starseeds…

    [10/10/10 4:01:59 PM] Jonah: ok - so who is who?

    [10/10/10 4:02:01 PM] Mark: PSI abilities

    [10/10/10 4:02:07 PM] Jonah: yes

    [10/10/10 4:03:24 PM] Mark: ahhh, have you read James Casbolt?

    [10/10/10 4:03:38 PM] Jonah: never heard of him

    [10/10/10 4:03:43 PM] Mark: but the good guys for the most part are Pleiadians

    [10/10/10 4:03:51 PM] Jonah: yes that i did know

    [10/10/10 4:03:56 PM] Mark: they have half-human hybrid off spring. I just read where ‘The Tribe of Dan traveled from Dan just below Mt. Hermon and went up into Greece around the time of the Exodus. In Greece, they were known as the Spartans. From Greece they traveled to France where they were the Merovingian Priest-Kings and other French Royal lines.’

    Also learned that this is a very holy bloodline with powerful PSI abilities. “Archangel Michael is named as a physical watcher in the Middle East in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The battle between the ‘Sons of Light’ and the ‘Sons of Darkness’ still rages today.

    The reality was these ‘Star seed’ descendents had special PSI abilities. These abilities were still in the person’s genetic memory from their star ancestors and included ‘the ability to project their consciousness out of the body and perform an ancient form of advanced remote viewing.’ Information from:

    [10/10/10 4:06:01 PM] Jonah: very interesting - I’ll have a look at that link

    [10/10/10 4:06:18 PM] Mark: It's an eye-opener and I suspect accurate. It is consistent with my cousin’s other research over the years from a variety of sources

    [10/10/10 4:06:50 PM] Jonah: I wonder how much of modern corrupt religion came out of that lot

    [10/10/10 4:06:59 PM] Mark: most, but it goes way back

    [10/10/10 4:07:19 PM] Jonah: yes - 25,000 years?

    [10/10/10 4:07:31 PM] Mark: sons of light and sons of darkness have been at war for a very long time - almost over, I hope

    [10/10/10 4:07:52 PM] Jonah: I agree. I think we will see tangible changes soon ...just looking at the link now

    [10/10/10 4:16:39 PM] Mark: have you heard anything from the Auckland and Wellington Observatories about a strange light in Orion’s belt? Looks like an extra star. Or anything about a Planet X? Supposedly bi-nary star to the sun? Or how about any super big mother UFO ships?

    [10/10/10 4:18:34 PM] Jonah: yes - like the ones near the sun?

    [10/10/10 4:23:20 PM] Mark: see this?

    [10/10/10 4:24:13 PM] Jonah: yes saw that - i actually have some images from the NASA site

    [10/10/10 4:24:21 PM] Mark: oh?

    [10/10/10 4:24:25 PM] Jonah: I’ll get you the google co-ordinates

    [10/10/10 4:24:28 PM] Mark: want to pass them on? That would be great

    [10/10/10 4:26:26 PM] Jonah: looking now...

    [10/10/10 4:26:33 PM] Mark: ok

    [10/10/10 4:26:55 PM] Jonah: there is this to start with: (blacked out for security reasons)

    [10/10/10 4:27:18 PM] Mark: they have them? …ty

    [10/10/10 4:28:57 PM] Mark: I think ET was working with the sun

    [10/10/10 4:29:26 PM] Jonah: hmm doing what?

    [10/10/10 4:29:32 PM] Mark: I had heard reports from inside sources how they were trying to prevent massive CMEs and solar flares. They are working towards altering the timeline again and the future with respect to the sun's activity. ET is helping.

    [10/10/10 4:31:47 PM] Jonah: which ET?

    [10/10/10 4:32:05 PM] Mark: that I don't know but I do know who it isn't... grays and reppies. Maybe I'm wrong. It could be them if they didn't want to see X-rays and gamma rays from the Sun help humankind make a genetic leap of species. After all it is now becoming more known that periods of radiation cause people to become more intelligent and make great advances in society.

    [10/10/10 4:32:43 PM] Jonah: I hear a lot about the Galactic Federation of Light - wonder where they feature in all this?

    [10/10/10 4:33:02 PM] Mark: they want the major earth disaster as does J-rod from the future because that is what happens in their timeline - otherwise they may not exist if earth escapes its predicted catastrophes.. but if the Reptilians are in control of what is happening with the sun and prevent the increased gamma rays and X-rays from reaching the earth they could stay in control of the governments of earth. And I just had another bazaar thought. What if the chem-trails from airplanes are also an shadow government attempt (controlled by the Son's of Darkness) to prevent these X-rays and gamma rays from reaching human kind with all those chemical cloud covers they create?

    [10/10/10 4:33:55 PM] Jonah: hang on - I thought these ET's were supposed to be from 4th plus density and operating outside time

    [10/10/10 4:34:18 PM] Mark: future ETs, 46,000 years - not sure how this all plays out as it is very complicated. Burish worked with a J-rod. I think that is what the J-rod told him

    [10/10/10 4:35:21 PM] Jonah: yes P+46 and P+52

    [10/10/10 4:35:39 PM] Mark: correct

    [10/10/10 4:35:54 PM] Jonah: the 52's are supposed to be the good guys

    [10/10/10 4:35:59 PM] Mark: yes

    [10/10/10 4:36:21 PM] Mark: well who knows... the grays want to populate earth with their gray/human hybrids - the reppies want us for dinner, neither seems attenable

    [10/10/10 4:37:01 PM] Jonah: I just don't know what to believe!!!

    [10/10/10 4:37:16 PM] Mark: understood – it’s very confusing.

    [10/10/10 4:39:41 PM] Mark: just being a human being is a big enough job

    [10/10/10 4:39:50 PM] Jonah: BTW here are the co-ordinates for the spy base: -41.576389, 173.738889 where the other info is located at in New Zealand.

    [10/10/10 4:40:23 PM] Mark: wow! …ty

    I look at it like this... these star beings are our ancestors - and unfortunately the recent human hybrids have bugs (hive-mind) and lizards as their ancestors. I wonder if they all have PSI abilities…? One would think so. All of life is created by god... even star beings - and the battle between light and dark is throughout galaxies, meaning the lessons must be learned whoever it is; choices must be made. Life is about learning and growing and expanding to include the impossible.

    [10/10/10 4:41:50 PM] Jonah: so that still begs the question: What happens to us at the end of the cycle?

    [10/10/10 4:45:07 PM] Mark: no one knows. The future is not written in cement. We still have a say and have an affect on what is to be. A conscious collective consciousness is a verra, verra powerful thing.

    [10/10/10 4:46:43 PM] Jonah: yes

    [10/10/10 4:46:45 PM] Mark: I do think the galactic super wave will come and it will wake those asleep up. Then it's anybody’s guess, but to be honest - wonder about the wave too.

    [10/10/10 4:48:34 PM] Jonah: yes i agree with that much - the blue light of the wave that has been on its way for 25,000+ years

    [10/10/10 4:49:00 PM] Mark: some think 2012 will be just like any other day and it will be and others are convinced the galactic wave is heading our way now

    [10/10/10 4:49:15 PM] Jonah: well i guess time will tell!

    [10/10/10 4:49:25 PM] Mark: yup - in the meantime, chop wood and carry water (smile)

    [10/10/10 4:50:31 PM] Jonah: indeed - just live life as we are meant to and whatever will be, will be

    [10/10/10 4:50:31 PM] Mark: meaning the only thing we need to worry about is our daily lie
    [10/10/10 4:50:33 PM] Mark: lie
    [10/10/10 4:50:35 PM] Mark: life
    [10/10/10 4:50:39 PM] Mark: f is sticking

    [10/10/10 4:50:46 PM] Jonah: yup - that too

    [10/10/10 4:51:39 PM] Mark: so what do you plan to do next?

    [10/10/10 4:51:50 PM] Jonah: next?

    [10/10/10 4:52:50 PM] Mark: I don't know about the GFL

    [10/10/10 4:53:11 PM] Jonah: well they feature in a LOT of changelings

    [10/10/10 4:53:15 PM] Mark: I really don't go along with channeling - some believe and others not

    [10/10/10 4:53:28 PM] Jonah: hmm

    [10/10/10 4:53:36 PM] Mark: been there, done that, am over it

    [10/10/10 4:53:46 PM] Jonah: (smirk)

    [10/10/10 4:53:52 PM] Mark: I prefer direct ET contact – hopefully from the human looking aliens

    [10/10/10 4:54:04 PM] Jonah: yup - that would be the ultimate

    [10/10/10 4:54:16 PM] Mark: if they have something to say do it in person

    [10/10/10 4:54:25 PM] Jonah: if they are out there i wish they would just get the hell on with it!

    [10/10/10 4:54:34 PM] Mark: they are and they do - there are over 114 different types

    [10/10/10 4:54:55 PM] Jonah: i need to see tangible evidence at the end of the day

    [10/10/10 4:54:59 PM] Mark: but they are talking with others

    [10/10/10 4:55:05 PM] Jonah: i.e. CONTACT

    [10/10/10 4:55:08 PM] Mark: Billie Miers was on target, a contactee.

    [10/10/10 4:55:10 PM] Jonah: yes, yes - i believe he is

    [10/10/10 4:55:37 PM] Mark: so there are authentic contactees who share what they know

    [10/10/10 4:56:02 PM] Jonah: what do u think of Sheldon Nidle?

    [10/10/10 4:56:08 PM] Mark: not sure about Nidle. I think it’s about humankind waking up

    [10/10/10 4:56:15 PM] Jonah: yes definitely

    [10/10/10 4:56:20 PM] Mark: what is your take on him

    [10/10/10 4:56:32 PM] Jonah: I "feel" he is credible

    [10/10/10 4:56:54 PM] Mark: link?

    [10/10/10 4:57:00 PM] Jonah: standby..

    [10/10/10 4:57:06 PM] Mark: ok

    [10/10/10 4:57:24 PM] Jonah:

    [10/10/10 4:58:06 PM] Mark: is he a channeler?

    [10/10/10 4:58:15 PM] Jonah: contactee - there is also:

    [10/10/10 4:58:30 PM] Jonah: all very similar messages, and of course,

    [10/10/10 4:59:36 PM] Mark: Blossom does not do it for me at all. I’ve read some of Mathew messages – similar. I'm just practical.

    [10/10/10 5:01:32 PM] Jonah: i go on my instinct - gut feel. It has always served me well

    [10/10/10 5:01:55 PM] Mark: indeed - so what does your gut tell you?

    [10/10/10 5:02:28 PM] Jonah: that something big is about to happen - late this year or early next

    [10/10/10 5:02:43 PM] Mark: ahhh - well I fully expect a major financial meltdown after the elections in Nov

    [10/10/10 5:03:20 PM] Jonah: yes i agree - it will go global

    [10/10/10 5:04:06 PM] Mark: global... hmm, don't suppose they are going to try to introduce a new currency or the global standard? - for the global standard?

    [10/10/10 5:04:53 PM] Mark: I would love to see free energy get out into the Market. ET’s are very involved with China. Do you think it might be ET related or some more earth changes?

    [10/10/10 5:05:38 PM] Jonah: yes i get that too

    [10/10/10 5:05:59 PM] Mark: They really want to take down the US

    [10/10/10 5:06:05 PM] Jonah: both - out with the old - in with the new. End of the Illuminati helped by the ET's

    [10/10/10 5:06:44 PM] Mark: hmmm, what a shock to America - only their money will be good in the US, not elsewhere. Well we only have 26 months left until 2013

    [10/10/10 5:07:56 PM] Jonah: yup - 802 days until 21 Dec 2012

    [10/10/10 5:08:16 PM] Mark: Astralwaker was saying the sun would do major stuff in 2013, expand and then slough off it's exterior like taking off a coat

    [10/10/10 5:08:37 PM] Jonah: well i suspect we won't be here in this Density then

    [10/10/10 5:08:38 PM] Mark: See the moving ‘The Knowing’...? That is what he thinks will happen.

    I'm so confused Jonah. I listened to Andrew Basiago talking about time traveling to the future - 2047 (?) in New Mexico and things looked great. Now how is that if we all go off to another density... unless he went there?

    [10/10/10 5:10:35 PM] Jonah: did he report any animals or people?

    [10/10/10 5:11:00 PM] Mark: people on those scooter mobiles

    [10/10/10 5:11:42 PM] Jonah: perhaps time travel doesn't take into account density shift. Also timelines vary from moment to moment - like Quantum realities.

    [10/10/10 5:12:04 PM] Mark: I listened to over 15 hours of different interviews with him. I think he is telling the truth

    [10/10/10 5:12:20 PM] Jonah: yes and that is just it - his truth. Events and timelines are what we create for ourselves - we have the power of creation by thought - law of attraction

    [10/10/10 5:13:12 PM] Mark: in fact I recall reading about quantum physics and just how advanced our secret gov scientists really are. That’s why their very advanced quantum physics research in on Mars in the future

    [10/10/10 5:13:43 PM] Jonah: you talking about jump room technology?

    [10/10/10 5:13:54 PM] Mark: that and other stuff

    [10/10/10 5:14:31 PM] Jonah: yes - i think the negative ET's gave us (well them) a lot of advanced technology before they bugged out in 1995

    [10/10/10 5:16:31 PM] Mark: who bugged out?

    [10/10/10 5:17:03 PM] Jonah: the negative ET's that were working with the US Govt, not sure which group - the group controlling the Greys

    [10/10/10 5:17:48 PM] Mark: the grays and reppies are still here - the group controlling the greys are the reptilians

    [10/10/10 5:18:12 PM] Jonah: yes well you see i thought the planet had been quarantined

    [10/10/10 5:18:42 PM] Mark: some left, not all.. in fact according to what I read they were coming back for an invasion in 2012

    [10/10/10 5:18:58 PM] Jonah: were?

    [10/10/10 5:19:09 PM] Mark: but the son's of light will stop them or so I read

    [10/10/10 5:19:16 PM] Mark: earth

    [10/10/10 5:19:21 PM] Jonah: ok, so who are the SOL?

    [10/10/10 5:19:28 PM] Mark: everyone likes earth for its resources

    [10/10/10 5:19:42 PM] Mark: the good ETs and ancestors of the human race

    [10/10/10 5:20:01 PM] Jonah: Interesting acronym - SOL because that is the name of our Sun

    [10/10/10 5:20:12 PM] Mark: ahhh, yes

    [10/10/10 5:21:04 PM] Jonah: so - do they come from a higher Density???

    [10/10/10 5:21:17 PM] Mark: off-world

    [10/10/10 5:21:25 PM] Jonah: yesssss

    [10/10/10 5:21:46 PM] Mark: not sure about the inter-dimensional

    [10/10/10 5:21:52 PM] Jonah: ahh

    [10/10/10 5:21:57 PM] Mark: those in human form yes

    [10/10/10 5:22:13 PM] Mark: we can all travel inter-dimensionally

    [10/10/10 5:22:17 PM] Jonah: then they may well reside in/on the sun in a higher Density

    [10/10/10 5:22:22 PM] Mark: we have the ability - there is that

    [10/10/10 5:22:34 PM] Jonah: we have just forgotten - the veil

    [10/10/10 5:23:13 PM] Mark: I've heard reference to that in the past... head for the sun and not the tunnel of light - then Pane said head or the center of the Milky Way - it gets confusing when the information is conflicting and then Pane has a mark against him with respect to the grays - meaning the grays can be deceitful little buggers and out for themselves so who knows if the info they share is accurate - is Pane getting is info from the grays is what I wonder about

    [10/10/10 5:26:05 PM] Jonah: i would say head for the centre of the universe - meet the incoming wave ...but the sun would be a good starting point

    [10/10/10 5:27:02 PM] Mark: center of Milky Way... now there we are, without our body trying to figure out where the hell is the center of the Milky Way

    [10/10/10 5:27:36 PM] Jonah: i think at that point it would be more intuitive

    [10/10/10 5:28:01 PM] Mark: hah!

    [10/10/10 5:28:08 PM] Jonah: hmmm - who knows?

    [10/10/10 5:28:22 PM] Mark: just use intention - that should do it, right? Say... first I would like to go to the center of the sun - I think

    [10/10/10 5:29:03 PM] Jonah: no idea - just cos you no longer have a body doesn't put u in a higher Density - so that might be a problem

    [10/10/10 5:29:16 PM] Mark: Is the Sun a portal and if so to where?

    [10/10/10 5:29:43 PM] Jonah: i believe the energy emanating from the galaxy goes through the Sun - then the Earth - to us

    [10/10/10 5:29:59 PM] Mark: That is the thing about portals... where do they end up?

    [10/10/10 5:30:09 PM] Jonah: now that IS the question

    [10/10/10 5:30:21 PM] Mark: hmm, now that is an interesting concept and one I've not thought of before

    [10/10/10 5:31:20 PM] Jonah: and i know that there is higher energy coming from "out there" - I have felt it. I was at home not too long ago... I felt nauseous all of a sudden for no reason...

    [10/10/10 5:31:49 PM] Mark: Stargates, I understand, but dimensional portals is another ball of wax

    [10/10/10 5:32:09 PM] Jonah: next day I read in a channel that there was an increased energy wave ...and that was one of the consequences

    [10/10/10 5:32:40 PM] Mark: hmmm, no wonder you believe channeling. Who was the channeler?

    [10/10/10 5:32:55 PM] Jonah: trying to think who it was...sorry cannot remember

    [10/10/10 5:33:11 PM] Mark: ok

    [10/10/10 5:36:10 PM] Jonah: I have to say my life has been altered and save too many times for there not to be an intelligent universe

    [10/10/10 5:36:36 PM] Mark: I absolutely concur. Too many close calls and still here means something bigger is going on.

    [10/10/10 5:37:32 PM] Jonah: yes - we were meant to be here for the end of times - I am utterly convinced

    [10/10/10 5:37:35 PM] Mark: How did you almost bite the dust in the past?

    [10/10/10 5:37:56 PM] Jonah: Fell asleep whilst driving on a windy road at 100kph - was woken by someone grabbing my upper left arm and shaking me awake - twice - and I was the only person in the car!

    [10/10/10 5:38:40 PM] Mark: omg!

    [10/10/10 5:38:44 PM] Jonah: i would have died for sure

    [10/10/10 5:39:14 PM] Mark: that would have made a believer out of me for sure!

    [10/10/10 5:39:43 PM] Jonah: well it did me - I didn't put it together until much later in life when i became involved with all this

    [10/10/10 5:40:12 PM] Mark: anything else?

    [10/10/10 5:40:11 PM] Jonah: THAT is how I know

    [10/10/10 5:41:08 PM] Mark: ahhh

    [10/10/10 5:41:30 PM] Mark: What do you think of the PX stuff... fact or fiction?

    [10/10/10 5:41:40 PM] Jonah: PX - no idea what that is

    [10/10/10 5:41:52 PM] Mark: Planet X – Nibiru

    [10/10/10 5:42:03 PM] Jonah: Ahh - hmm don't know - 50/50 on that

    [10/10/10 5:42:18 PM] Mark: - in 1976 Zecharia Sitchin published The Twelfth Planet -Nibiru, “a planet is approaching our Solar System and is the cause of great concern for those who know about such cosmic phenomena. These facts are duly related through all the “Universal Floods” of different religions and cultures. The consequence of the very close proximity of Nibiru will be great upheaval in all corners of our planet. The internal fire will bring about innumerable volcanoes and earthquakes. When Nibiru is very close, a complete revolution of the Earth’s axis will take place. Throughout all the ages, great sages have thoroughly investigated the return of the “Red planet” and have alerted us about this cosmic phenomenon”

    I just remembered… duh! My cousin Luke was at the Vatican Observatory here in Arizona five years ago and claimed to have seen PX. Said it was red/brown and difficult to spot. I just dismissed it and forgot he said he’d spotted it.

    [10/10/10 5:42:23 PM] Jonah: I don't feel anything on that

    [10/10/10 5:42:47 PM] Mark: could be another mother ship disguised as a planet

    [10/10/10 5:43:02 PM] Jonah: maybe

    [10/10/10 5:43:08 PM] Jonah: ...other things...

    [10/10/10 5:43:21 PM] Mark: heck, the ship in front of the sun in the NASA photos is the size of earth

    [10/10/10 5:43:34 PM] Jonah: how about i have known each building I eventually was going to work in - except the one i am in now!

    [10/10/10 5:43:50 PM] Mark: some think it is a binary star to the sun

    [10/10/10 5:43:55 PM] Jonah: nah

    [10/10/10 5:44:17 PM] Mark: Now that is good. You have precognition abilities

    [10/10/10 5:44:27 PM] Jonah: oh yes - it happens a lot

    [10/10/10 5:44:41 PM] Mark: hmm, tell me more?

    [10/10/10 5:44:42 PM] Jonah: I just know that I am meant to be where I am right now. The directions my life has taken has led me to where i am now

    [10/10/10 5:45:35 PM] Mark: okay.. understood

    [10/10/10 5:45:57 PM] Jonah: It is like a life contract - led and directed but with free-will still playing a part Every time i have gotten off track - i have been put back on

    [10/10/10 5:46:23 PM] Mark: understand that one too - my BIGGY was when Christ appeared before me. Made me a confirmed believer

    [10/10/10 5:47:15 PM] Jonah: It has been frustrating at times - when I have wanted to head in one direction everything has conspired to stop it and send me where I am meant to go

    [10/10/10 5:47:49 PM] Mark: omg, I can't tell you how many times that has happened on this end too

    [10/10/10 5:48:04 PM] Jonah: There you go - put it all together now

    [10/10/10 5:48:04 PM] Mark: Roadblocks

    [10/10/10 5:48:08 PM] Jonah: yup

    [10/10/10 5:48:22 PM] Mark: career wise... a very narrow path to follow

    [10/10/10 5:48:28 PM] Jonah: yup

    [10/10/10 5:48:36 PM] Jonah: always the same "theme"

    [10/10/10 5:49:02 PM] Mark: There is one road I would have like to taken and my life would have been so different

    [10/10/10 5:49:17 PM] Jonah: bet you wouldn't have been able to do it. I believe everything happens for a reason, as do the people we have contact with - just like us right now - as i said everything happens for a reason

    [10/10/10 5:55:14 PM] Mark: some lessons can be very painful

    [10/10/10 5:55:26 PM] Jonah: yes - but that is agreed before incarnation - then you are born and the veil of forgetting drops in

    [10/10/10 5:55:47 PM] Mark: true, I did remember some

    [10/10/10 5:56:05 PM] Jonah: your guides do their best to help you along and remember what you came here for - they step in at the right moment - as in my case with the car - i was not meant to die. I am meant to be here for the end times

    [10/10/10 5:57:00 PM] Mark: it seems so much easier in between with no veil and then kaboom

    [10/10/10 5:57:22 PM] Jonah: yup - and that is what the higher Densities are all about. They too have life lessons. They are just aware of them and we are not - it also means that lessons take much longer in higher Densities. much would you learn from a Poker game where the hand is known? There would be no chance involved, as the outcome is already known.

    [10/10/10 5:59:57 PM] Mark: well I certainly never thought of it like that before

    [10/10/10 6:00:16 PM] Jonah: 3rd Density or Duality is literally Light and Dark

    [10/10/10 6:00:37 PM] Mark: BTW, Sara skyped me about something she and you were going to do?

    [10/10/10 6:00:39 PM] Jonah: we have to descend into the Dark in order to learn the lesson and find the Light. …yes

    [10/10/10 6:00:52 PM] Mark: I like that

    [10/10/10 6:01:08 PM] Jonah: we are now "in the Light" at the very end of the cycle

    [10/10/10 6:01:23 PM] Mark: what are you two planning on doing?

    [10/10/10 6:01:35 PM] Jonah: set up a lightworkers website

    [10/10/10 6:02:10 PM] Mark: and what will you do?

    [10/10/10 6:02:15 PM] Jonah: it will have just the sort of things we have talked about today

    [10/10/10 6:02:34 PM] Mark: ahh

    [10/10/10 6:02:36 PM] Jonah: I'm really just facilitating - but I might contribute

    [10/10/10 6:02:58 PM] Mark: hmm

    [10/10/10 6:03:13 PM] Jonah: today was co-incidental BTW - just saw u online ...mind you there really is no such thing as co-incidence

    [10/10/10 6:03:59 PM] Mark: agreed

    [10/10/10 6:04:04 PM] Jonah: Anyway Grasshopper - what have we learned today?

    [10/10/10 6:04:09 PM] Mark: I usually don't spend time skyping anymore. We have learned you don't think PX is out there but that the blue wave is.

    [10/10/10 6:04:54 PM] Jonah: yes

    [10/10/10 6:05:09 PM] Mark: and you?

    [10/10/10 6:05:26 PM] Jonah: we have also learned that we are here for a life purpose and guided along the way

    [10/10/10 6:05:58 PM] Mark: this is true

    [10/10/10 6:06:40 PM] Jonah: and now I must go - take care - might try to get you online from home next week

    [10/10/10 6:07:16 PM] Mark: me too... thank you for the time friend

    [10/10/10 6:07:25 PM] Jonah: anytime

    [10/10/10 6:07:51 PM] Mark: I'll me here working on this new data... enjoy the links and thank you or the other links too

    [10/10/10 6:08:00 PM] Jonah: no probs - c u

    [10/10/10 6:08:11 PM] Mark: (wave)

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Kealani - Book in Process Empty Re: Kealani - Book in Process

    Post  Carol on Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:16 pm

    Part 10

    Grace - 5th draft

    Grace and her husband Francisco Castulo, both Filipino had worked at the Kealani horse ranch for thirty years now. Francisco first migrated from the Philippines to the Hawaiian Islands during the time that workers were being recruited to work out in the sugar cane fields.

    Francisco first spotted Grace in the choir at Christmas Eve Midnight Mass and silently thanked God for creating such a beautiful petite woman. Her luxurious black wavy hair gently framed her sweet oval face, cute turned-up nose, rich dark coffee-colored eyes and fell elegantly down to her delicate waist. Her skin was the color of light brown sugar toffee. Her mouth a lovely delicately made cupids bow. When he first heard her clear soprano voice singing “Alleluia, Alleluia,” he was mesmerized as the lilting sound was both enchanting and hypnotic. He thought to himself this is what angels must sound like. When she smiled her face shown with the light of the stars, moon and sun. Of course he fell head-over-heels in love and spent the next two years pursuing her until she graciously said yes to the last of numerous pleas to marry him.

    To understand Grace one must also understand her heritage. Many Filipinos are given Christian names primarily because the majority of the Philippine population is Catholic. Theirs is a loving gentle, gregarious, generous, happy people who believe that instilling respect in young minds is of primary importance. They are also very close with family members and like to stress public harmony. They tend to be super-sensitive toward hints of potential personal clashes due to the possibility that if indulged in someone is bound to lose face, which would then lead to further trouble.

    They value getting along and believe in building strong personal bonds that often carrying throughout a lifetime. They are loyal to those they care about and oftentimes one will hear children calling their neighbors and distant relative “auntie” and “uncle.” This is also very common among the Hawaiian people as well where others are often viewed as extended family and cousins. Living on an island, the truth of the mater is that many of the people really are extended family and cousins, so respect is given to and expected from everyone.

    Grace and her family were deeply religious as was Francisco’s. They were married in a huge Filipino Catholic ceremony with all of their families gathered and crammed together into the narrow wooden pews at Our Lady of Lourdes in Honokaa. Grace often spent several hours a day in prayer praying her rosary. She carried the plain rose-colored wooden beads in her pocket and often when she had a spare moment, fingering her beads, would close her long dark-thickly lashed eyelids and silently murmur her Hail Mary’s and Our Fathers. Over the years Grace also developed the gift of prophecy. Father Peter told her it was a gift from God and to come to him first whenever she had a precognition. Father Peter, their parish priest, kept a small diary of Grace’s prophesies but never spoke of them to anyone other then his Bishop.

    At age seventeen, Grace began picking up odd housekeeping jobs for some of her neighbors to earn some extra money for her family, and herself in her last year of high school in Honokaa. She did such a through job of cleaning and making everything look so organized that soon the word spread so that her services were in constant demand. It was during this time that she came to the attention of the Kealani's. Upon graduation from high school, Mrs. Kealani asked Grace if she would like to work full-time for the family helping with the housework, cooking, gardening and caring for the children.

    Joseph Kealani, one of many Paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys) worked for the Parker Cattle Ranch and was exceptionally busy out on range helping with breeding cattle, calving, sitting in the saddle herding them into various ungrazed pastures, then after calving time herding them to where they would be branded, tagged and marked. Tall, lean, lanky, well muscled with dark brown eyes, wild black curly hair and deeply tanned he could be spotted among other Paniolo cowboys in his long-sleeved blue cotton shirt and sweat stained tan-colored wide brim cowboy hat, sitting on his reddish brown roan driving cattle to be loaded up, and taken to the slaughter house or shipped off-island to the mainland. When he wasn’t busy with his job at Parker he was developing his breeding stock on his own 122-acre horse ranch in Waimea. After Francisco and Grace were married Mr. Kealani offered Francisco a job at the ranch as caretaker so he could be close to Grace and help with the horses outdoors.

    Mrs. Kealani, Katherine, Kathy or Kat, was originally from Joseph, Oregon and grew up on her parent’s cattle ranch where her father raised registered Shorthorn and Hereford cattle, later adding Saler and Angus to their herd. They also raised a variety of crops. Early on in life Katherine was informed that she was named after St. Katherine, the name of the Catholic Church that her family attended in Enterprise, Oregon. She never could figure out if that was something to live up to or to live down. It pretty much depended upon whose company she was keeping at the moment. Kat was very fair-skinned, five foot four inches, perfectly proportioned, slender with blue eyes, thick shoulder length honey-colored hair and a splash of freckles across her nose. Her years of helping out and working on her parent’s cattle ranch made her quite comfortable with horses and in a saddle. In fact, during her high school years she used to do barrel racing at the local rodeos and one year was even crowned rodeo queen.

    After the long cold winters in northeast Oregon, Kat begged her parents to allow her to attend the University in Hawaii and actually experience a winter where she didn’t have to wear long-underwear under her clothing, gloves, turtleneck sweaters along with an additional long woolen scarf she could pull up over her chin and hooded parka just to keep from freezing in the 26-degree weather. Even in August it would sometimes snow in Joseph as in July and June. It wasn’t unusual to wake up on the ranch at the foot of Mt. Joseph and have the temperature gage read 28 or 29-degrees in August or September. As soon as it was above freezing, Kat was fine and went around without a coat. But below that magic number of 32-degrees it was too cold even for her.

    In Hawaii Kat eventually received her teaching credential and decided to compromise on where to live on the Island. She didn’t like the hotter humid climates of Hilo or Kailua Kona, both on the coastline and each nearer at sea-level elevations. Instead, she choose to relocate to the interior of Big Island in Waimea also known as Kamuela at a nice elevation of 2670 feet (814 m), where the air is nice and crisp. Kamuela reminded her a lot of Joseph with its cowboys, cattle and small town atmosphere. Parker Ranch was the reason Waimea (Kamuela) became the center of cattle rearing in the entire state of Hawaii, so it stands to reason cattle ranching was a huge influence on the development of the town’s unique paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) personality. Kamuela even had it’s own rodeo arena located at Parker Ranch on the south side of town. Yup, she felt right at home among the various Hawaiian cattle ranchers and cowboys.

    Kat often thought there was something to be said about that independent spirit and friendliness that existed in this type of rural setting. She was staying. Cheerfully, she donated her faded old red long-johns to the local Salvation Army thrift shop for some brave soul who would venture up top on Mauna Kea for an evening of sky watching. She happily began her new career in teaching out in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

    One thing she was sure of. It may be cool in Waimea, but it was NEVER buried in four-feet of snow and NEVER got down to 22-degrees. Any temperature above freezing and she was quite comfortable. One would often see her on her off days in her short-sleeve white tee shirt with Yippee ki-yay! on the front in super large yellow lettering This cowgirl was home.

    That was how Katherine Wick ended up in Waimea. How she met Joseph Kealani was at the rodeo in Waimea. During an intermission Kat was showing off her barrel racing skills for some paniolos. One look at Kat racing on her horse in her clinging white tee shirt with a huge yellow Yippee ki-yay! printed on the front, her fearless courage as she took one dangerous hairpin turn in the air leaning way over to the side, her determined face only inches from the earth, Joseph was hooked. He didn't realize he had been holding his breath until she had completed the race at which point with his elbow poked his older brother in the ribs and announced with a big grin on his face, "I'm going to marry that cowgirl!"

    Currently, Mrs. Katherine Kealani was teaching at Kamuela Elementary and throughout the school year was quite busy. Her own preschool off-spring needed someone full-time at home who was nurturing and also good at running such a busy household while she and her husband were at work.

    Grace was the eldest daughter of a large family herself and discovered the work at the Kealani's felt to her just like a duck taking to water. It came easily and naturally. It also made her feel important and proud to be doing something that was of benefit to all of the people in her life including the Kealani's as well as her own family.

    It was shortly after becoming a full-time housekeeper for the Kealanis that Francisco first spotted Grace that enchanting Christmas Eve. Most people wouldn't describe Francisco as good looking. He was self-effacing and unassuming, a bit insecure and would often complain when stressed. He was embarrassed that his skin color was so dark and his accent so pronounced. However, he was also very, very kind, funny often cracking jokes and truly interested in others. People felt comfortable around him. He was one of them.

    Soon afterwards first spotting Grace, Francisco often showed up at the end of her workday off Mud Lane at the Kealanis. There he would wait with one tropical flower after another in hand that he had selected just for her. Francisco would tell her that each flower was just a pale reflection of god’s beauty next to her own. At first Grace was both shy and quite embarrassed by Francisco’s attention. Somewhat overwhelmed, she asked one her four brothers to be sure to be at the Kealani’s before Francisco arrived so she wouldn’t have to face him alone. Of course Francisco was so engaging that she often heard peels of laughter from one of her brothers drifting upon the trade winds currents, ringing out from where the rose arbor was situated at the front gate. Their laughter was just as good as any doorbell alerting her to their presence.

    Of course each little Kealani would call her auntie often shouting out, "Auntie Grace, Auntie Grace" which warmed her heart and made her happy to be a part of such a large well-established family. She liked working out at the end of Mud Lane road in the rural area of Waipio, located upon the flat area along the rim above Waipio Valley. On clear days she had a fabulous view to the south of Mauna Kea ~ sometimes topped with blinding white snow and on the opposite side, to the north was the variant, ever changing azure deep blue waters of the sea. With the mists blowing in on the trade winds and the sun angled just right she would often catch glimpses of brightly colored rainbows stretched across the horizon. And in the middle of her view, after a squall or monsoon she could enjoy the sight of the many waterfalls that draped and flowed down along the tropically forested canyon walls of Waipio Valley.

    Not to be missed was also the view of the horses grazing in lush green pastures that gave the scenic landscape an even more admirable quality of beauty. And when it was cold, cloudy, rainy and gray she would light a blazing fire in the fireplace where she and the children gathered to eat popcorn, play board games and do their homework. She thought her life blessed and made sure to spend time each day in prayerful adoration of the Lord and his sainted mother, Mary.

    Thirty years later Grace was still petite at 4’8” tall, still slender weighing just less than ninety pounds and having worked hard all of her life was very strong. One wouldn’t think to know what a strong woman she was unless they saw her in action. Her hair still long, pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of her slender neck was now streaked with silver gray. Laugh lines curved around the corners of her heart shaped mouth and almond shaped eyes. She still had a sparkle, was very forgiving of other people and still carried her rose-colored beads in the pocket of her brightly colored apron that she wore when working out in the garden or in the kitchen.

    What was unusual about Grace was that she was a die heart conspiracy theorist which began when Luke, the eldest Kealani son - who later became a Jesuit priest himself, told her about Father Malachi Martin being on this late night talk radio program. Father Martin was a former Jesuit and professor at the Vatican's Pontifical Biblical Institute. From 1958 to 1964 he served the Holy See at the Vatican in Rome. Grace thought to herself that if anyone knew what was going on in the church behind the scenes, all those secrets that most parishioners would never have a clue about it would be Father Martin. Pope Paul had even instructed Father Martin to report directly to the reigning Holy Father whoever he may be, or to some member of the papal Curia the reigning Pope designates. Father was forthrightly devoted to prayer as was Grace and Grace felt she had found a spiritual guide to help focus her prayerful intentions.

    Since Grace was an early to bed and early to rise sort of person she asked Luke if he would record the program for her. Luke did better then that. He ordered her streamlink where the program would be downloaded daily and she could listen to it whenever she wished or when she did her housecleaning during the day. The following day after Luke showed her how to access the recorded radio program Grace sat down with a nice cup of green tea and listened. She was impressed and astonished at what a learned man Father Martin was. He spoke at least 10 languages and had a Ph.D.. She was shocked at what a controversial commentator he was on the Vatican and about other matters involving the Church. She never realized how the Church had been infiltrated by evil or the spiritual warfare that was occurring.

    On the program Father Martin referred to his book, Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Living Americans. He also spoke about his experience as an exorcist and of having performed thousands of minor exorcisms, and participated in a few hundred major exorcisms during his lifetime. He truly was an enemy of Satan.

    Grace had led a sheltered life so hearing Father Malichi Martin's account of his work as a spiritual warrior and devoted to prayer truly inspired her. She decided to help Father by offering up prayers whenever she heard of something evil taking place in the world. Of course her late night radio program provided her plenty of fodder and sources of information as to where to direct her prayerful intentions.

    Basically, Grace became committed to fighting evil. In her own small way, as just one lone individual, she offered herself up as one of the faithful who would stand alongside such a brave, courageous, loving man and pray for others. Grace became addicted to listening to her late night program as it delved into one conspiracy theory after another. She discovered that hearing about what was going on helped her focus her attention on what needed to be prayed for next. And she had also learned how direct god's legions of angels to help in areas that were troubled by war, strife and catastrophic events. Grace was a peaceful warrior as her spiritual mission grew to thwart evil wherever she could. She didn't need be a priest or nun to help those in need. All she needed to do was to pray for them.

    Surprisingly, several years later Grace developed the gift of prophecy and precognition. She began to dream of catastrophic events before they happened. Grace spoke with Father Peter about this and he thanked her for trusting him enough to sharing her visions. Both Father Peter and Grace thanked the Lord for this gift because it meant they could get a head start on evil by directing their prayers to help alter various negative potential outcomes and hopefully lessen their impact on the people involved.

    Grace tended to keep her visions private but did discuss them with Father Peter. Father Peter suggested that they develop a prayer circle who were committed to praying for those in need on a regular basis and also to joined in the prayer circle during those special occasions when a vision presented itself. It was about this time she learned of the Intercessors of the Lamb, those priests and nuns who were devoted to prayer. Feeling an inner calling she made arrangement through Father Peter one year to attend one of their seven-day spiritual silent retreats. It was while staying with the Intercessors of the Lamb Grace Grace experienced and learned how to use some of the more powerful prayers of protection against evil. She was spiritually armed. She also was affirmed as she discovered one first starts with prayer rather then waiting for something to happen. She worked with love. The Lord's love for her and her love for the Lord.

    Today was her day off. Grace woke up agitated, restless and troubled.

    Last night she had a disturbing dream. In her dream she clearly saw one of the twins laying flat on his back on a blue background encircled within a moving silver ring. Grace felt uneasy. She shivered and got chicken skin. Little tiny goose bumps popped up and ran down along her arms. The hairs at the nape of her neck rose a she shivered again. Something was wrong. Not sure what to do Grace called the church and asked to speak with Father Peter.

    Father Peter wasn’t there. He was off island in Honolulu at a monthly meeting with the Bishop and other parish priests.

    Upon hanging up the telephone Grace's hand immediately went to her well-worn rosary beads that she still kept in her apron pocket and she began to pray. She knew something was wrong but couldn’t quite pinpoint in her dream, which twin was in danger, or even what the danger was.

    Her well-worn small capable brown hands trembled.

    “Oh, dear God.” She prayed. “Please keep my baby safe.”

    Making the sign of the cross she softly spoke in her native language, "Sa ngalan ng Ama, at ng Anak, at ng Espiritu Santo."

    Followed by the Apostles's Creed.... and then "Our Father Who Art In Heaven...hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. Amen."

    "Hail Mary, full of grace..."

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Kealani - Book in Process Empty Re: Kealani - Book in Process

    Post  Carol on Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:21 pm

    Part 11

    In the Air - 2nd draft

    Twenty hours later that included a two-hour layover in San Francisco, the Hawaiian Airline’s plane touch down in Kona. It was already dusk outside and Daniel was bone tired. Back in his London flat, he had quickly packed an overnight bag so he didn’t have any luggage to declare, or worry about as he had already cleared customs in San Francisco. Stepping out of the plane into the warm, humid tropical air was a bit of a shock after being cooped up in an airplane for so many hours and coming from the cooler climate in London.

    On the plane he had tried to sleep but only did so in fits and starts as the small children in the seat in front of him were a chattering off and on throughout the flight. One little blond haired boy of around age three, peering out the window at the landing gear, mused out loud to his older brother…

    “What if the wheel comes up and eats one of the wings?”

    And then upon spying the black rocky lava prior to the wheels touching down excitedly added, “I can hardly wait to let my feet walk on the lava.”

    His tired, bored older brother turned to him and replied, “Why?”

    Inwardly, Daniel chuckled to himself and thought back to both his own two children visiting with his ex-wife in France and then about his own childhood on the island. Painful memories coursed through his mind. He brought his hand up to his face and pinched the bridge of his nose. His parents. Now James. James? Where was he?

    After his parents death he managed to get a transfer from USB in San Francisco, California to its UBS branch London, England. Then when the banking industry did its nose-dive and began downsizing, so did his marriage to Marguerite. He had met Marguerite in a nightclub while living in San Francisco. Marguerite was French and on a visa attending college at San Francisco State University. She was a good five-foot nine-inches with shinny straight dark shoulder length brown hair and dark brown eyes. Both her face and body were somewhat angular and athletic looking but she had an attractive aristocratic nose and full generous mouth. After one look at Daniel she decided then and there to do whatever it took to make him hers. Of course she was also looking for a way to become a US citizen and marrying someone from the States was one easy way to do so. Besides, he was handsome, smart and later she discovered worked for a bank. He was bound to make a lot of money and she would live the good life. Of course she loved him… or so she thought, that is until his needs were in conflict with her own.

    Being young and in a new country, Marguerite was very emotionally insecure and needy. The only daughter of elderly parents they also tended to indulge her. As a result she was very, very spoiled. However, spoiled as she was, Marguerite could put on a good false front with the best of them. With someone like Daniel on her arm she felt empowered, like a queen. Without realizing what was happening to him, Marguerite’s neediness turned Daniel away from his family because really, like the energy vampire that she really was, Marguerite needed all of his attention for herself. Emotionally, she was like a bottomless pit that could never be filled.

    As for Daniel, having just lost his parents and almost three thousand miles from his family, he too felt a tremendous emotional rift and void in his life. He never realized what an emotional anchor his parents were until the day they were gone. It was like waking up and discovering that both Mauna Kea and Mona Loa had disappeared off the face of the earth. He was devastated.

    Daniel thought by transferring to USB in London and putting as much distance as possible between the source of his internal pain related to his home in Hawaii, that the intense sadness he experienced would lessen. He also thought by losing himself in Marguerite’s neediness, which at the time he had misinterpreted for love, that he wouldn’t have to experience his own deep loss. Of course he didn’t recognize that what he thought was love was something else. He just knew he needed her as much as she needed him and that was good enough.

    Marguerite, in her final semester, quit college in the States and followed Daniel to London where she moved into a small upstairs flat with him. Bored and needing attention she felt neglected as Daniel was in a new job, in a new country and putting in many, many hours of overtime to keep up with his colleagues. Daniel was also ambitious and wanted to make a real career for himself with USB so often took on other educational pursuits to further his profession. All of this took more of his free time.

    Initially, Marguerite, who did not work, inwardly felt that she should be a kept woman. She was resentful and bored. To entertain herself she dabbled in art classes. Then she decided to return to college for yet another degree and majored in art with Daniel footing the bill. Feeling guilty about being away at work much of the time Daniel was all to happy to pay her way with hopes that one day she would also start making money to help build up a nest egg so that they could eventually buy a home. That never happened. Throughout the entire marriage Marguerite never worked or helped out financially.

    After her second year of art studies, Marguerite got pregnant with their first child, Rose and a few years later had their son, Joseph. What Marguerite didn’t realize, prior to having children, is that she wasn’t the maternal type, she really didn’t like Daniel’s family and she didn’t want to be tied down living in a city, in England. She was French!

    What she wanted was to return to her old lifestyle at Montpellier in southern France where she could live the pampered self-centered lifestyle her parents had accustomed her to - unencumbered. Montpellier, a large city with southern French charm and a university dating back to the Middle Ages, where students make up a quarter of the population is innovative, fast-moving, was just a few hours from Paris and not too far from Provence. She longed to stroll along the streets lined with boutiques and sit down at one of the sidewalk cafes and take in the aroma of a freshly brewed café au lait. She did not want to be tied down by a husband who always worked (now out of work) - who left her alone caring for the children. Her resentment guided her decision to leave. Somehow this family picture no longer fit into the picture of the lifestyle she now sought.

    Marguerite left Daniel along with their two children after deceiving him into thinking she really did love him, they would remain best friends but she just couldn’t live the existence he was living because she needed to be elsewhere, away from him - and away from their children. She cared for him but was not in love with him. When the economy took a nose-dive, due to major financial downsizing at USB, Daniel lost his job. The reality was that Marguerite was too self-centered and just didn’t have the emotional reserve to give to anyone other then her aging parents and to herself. The false front dropped away and the real person, the person who was narcissistic and self-absorbed stepped forward and took charge.

    Once again, Daniel was devastated only this time it was worse. With his parents death he had no control over what happened. With his wife leaving him he felt tremendous guilt and blamed himself. He would often catch himself mentally going around in circles thinking “If only I had done this, or if only I had done that.” It really wouldn't have mattered because they wanted different things out of life.

    Marguerite had left and there was really nothing he could do or say that would change her mind. A few years earlier, in an attempt to lift her out of one of her depressions, they had traveled to Montpellier and decided to purchase a small two-room apartment so they would have a place to live while in France on their family vacation skiing trips. After she left, Marguerite moved to France into their apartment. She sometimes worked as a cook in one of the hotels to help ends meet. He did pay her alimony to help maintain her in France and insure a place for the children to stay when visiting their mother, which really wasn’t that often.

    Now, his own financial reserve was stretched and he needed to rethink what he was going to do career-wise. As the primary caretaker of two young children he couldn’t put in the type of hours at work he was accustomed to doing. He needed to re-evaluate his career options - along with career options that allowed him to spend more time with his children.

    While undergoing the six-months he was out of work and looking for work, Daniel would frequently spend Saturdays with some of his old friends playing golf when the kids were off on play dates with their friends. This is when he had some free time to visit with his mates at the golf course and chat. One of his older friends, a retired professor in the group mentioned that a professorship was open at University of London, School of Economics (LSE) and thought Daniel might enjoy both the change and challenge of teaching. Teaching would at least allow Daniel to have the same holidays off as his children and also allow for more flexibility then the schedule he had at the bank.

    Perhaps this was fate stepping in taking hold and redirecting him into a lifestyle similar to his twin. James appeared happy teaching. Maybe it was worth taking the risk. He certainly wouldn’t be making the money he had while as USB, but then all the money in the world wouldn’t have helped his situation with Marguerite. What does one do with a wife who has children and is not maternal?

    Daniel was still smarting. How could Marguerite just up and abandon him after telling him she loved him? What was that all about? It certainly wasn’t the type of love he grew up around where family self-sacrificed and stuck together. He just didn’t understand it. And the worst part was how her leaving also affected their children. They suffered too.

    Rose was now into the Goth look and very rebellious. Thankfully she was stereotypical teenage girl. However, she recently dyed her beautiful brown hair black and wore heavy black eyeliner that highlighted her brilliant blue eyes. He wasn't too sure how he felt about her recent obsession with the Twilight book series or her friends, a bunch of other girls who like Twilight. However, her liking Tom Cruise and David Tennant seemed pretty normal. At least she currently didn't have have a boyfriend so he didn't have to worry about that and was relieved when she dumped the one she did have after discovering he was cheating on her. She wasn't too happy when he twisted what happened with their friends, so she was now a social outcast.

    His son, Joseph, or 'Little Joe' named after his grandfather, was a video game nerd who had brown eyes like his grandfather and thick black curly hair. He also remembered on his brother's visit to London last summer how Claire talked to his son more then anybody in the family. He was touched how much patience his son showed Claire and thought the two of them were very special.

    Now as a single parent, Daniel missed his twin and family more then ever. His respite from the emotional roller coaster ride he was on came each evening when exhausted he fell into bed and dreamed. Each night - he traveled home… all 7,756 miles away, half way around the globe to Hawaii where he enviously watched James and Cathica. His heart ached for the kind of relationship they had. Their laughter was delightful and the smell of baking bread heavenly. Being at the beach enjoying watching the children playing in the surf enchanting. God, he missed home.

    Through his own emotional pain of having lost Marguerite through divorce he eventually realized that a very vital part of him had closed off when his parents died. By not working though his grief and experience the love he had to give, along with the love freely given to him, he had cut himself off from what mattered most, family, his family. The spirit of aloha was his heritage and he had walked away from it just as Marguerite had walked away from him. How tragic. How utterly, utterly tragic.

    Wiping away a tear that had leaked out of the corner of his stormy dark blue eyes with the back of his hand, he grabbed his overnight bag from the overhead bin and walked off the plane, outside down the stairs onto the black tarmac.

    The exotic enchanting fragrant scent of plumeria flowers carried upon the evening’s tropical warm gentle trade winds tenderly caressed his face like a long lost lover and sweetly greeted him.

    He was home.

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    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Part 12

    Moana (Hawaiian for ocean), 3rd draft

    Throwing her arms up in the air and trotting off to the coffee machine for a much-needed early morning espresso Moana exasperatedly exclaimed, “I cannot keep up with my life. I cannot.”

    At age 34, Moana Angelo, a local island girl with mixed Hawaiian, Chinese and Portuguese blood carried herself as royalty. She was royalty. In fact, there were a number of Chiefs in her linage and this was something she gratefully paid homage to. From her Hawaiian blood she had inherited her round face and long thick dark wavy brown hair. From her Chinese blood she inherited her almond shaped eyes. From her Portuguese blood her light colored tan skin and hazel eyes. At 5’11” tall, weighing 190 pounds, Moana strong shapely athletic figure was statuesque and beautifully proportioned. Her fearless strength and stamina was developed over her many years swimming in the sea. To Moana, the ocean was her sanctuary, her church.

    Moana’s personal presence demanded respect. But it wasn’t the respect one would give out of fear or anger… it was the respect one gives willingly, lovingly out of the spirit of aloha.

    Moana was of the island and created from many cultures. She was a bridge between diverse populations because she respected all cultures. She sought to understand the various cultural traditions of the various people she met and reflected back to them the aloha spirit.

    Due to her multicultural heritage Moana viewed herself as a liaison between these different cultures. It was because she respected all cultures. Since she was not prejudice - others were drawn to her and respected her in return.

    Moana and Cathica were best friends and met at the University of Hawaii as students studying oceanography. Moana was the youngest of five with four older brothers. Cathica was like the sister, along with her other dear hanai sister Malia, Moana never had. Moana was happy when Cathica married James, her best friend Malia's brother. Their relationship was built over the years on shared interests and family.

    Moana and Cathica treated each other as extended family, each enjoying the company of the other. They may not be related through blood but their spirits were of one song, one aloha.

    When James didn’t come home Cathica frantically called Moana. She was worried. It was past time James would have been home. She didn’t know where James was and didn’t even know where to begin to look for him. She did call the University and Security later notified her that James’s red convertible was still there in the teacher’s parking lot. But no one on campus had seen him since noon and no one had a clue as to his whereabouts.

    Cathica tied up her telephone line during major part of the day calling all of his and her friends trying to find someone who had seen James. No one had. However, she passed on the word and had them calling all of their friends and family. Then Cathica started calling the hospitals to see if he had been taken there. Nothing. She also called the police but since he hadn’t been gone that long they really couldn’t do anything. However, Moana with her huge extended family knew numerous people and if anyone could get the word out to those people in outlying areas, it was Moana.

    Moana also suggested that Cathica leave Kaleo and Claire with her children so that she would be freed up to continue to search for James. Besides, it was best if the children were distracted with visiting their cousins and not know that their father was missing.

    Meanwhile, before Moana went to pick up Cathica’s children from Paauilo Elementary School, she got busy on her cell phone and started calling everyone she knew in the Hilo area to be on the lookout for James.

    Normally, Grace would watch Kaleo and Claire after school if Cathica needed help, but Cathica also had Grace contact the church earlier in the afternoon and go over to start a telephone tree from the office contacting their fellow parishioners. Knowing Grace Cathica expected her to be praying her rosary and also setting up some prayer circle while at church, so it comforted her to know those close to her were doing what they could.

    Cathica had delayed calling James’ twin brother Daniel in London. Not wanting to worry Daniel, Cathica wanted to wait at least 24 hours to see if James had gone off with friends and had just forgotten to call her. If he had gone off with friends ~ he was going to be in so much trouble when she caught up with him. James would have a lot of explaining to do to stay in her good graces.

    By the time Cathica did try to contact Daniel there was no answer. Just an answering machine clicked on.

    Hmmm? She wondered. He seemed to be missing too. How odd.

    Moana had a bad feeling about James car being found in the University’s parking lot and no one knowing where James was. She knew how James was very conscientious and often called Cathica several times throughout the day just to say hello and see how she was doing. And he always called Cathica up before leaving to come home from Hilo to check if she needed him to stop by the store or pick up the children after school to bring them home.

    Moana was worried for her friends and couldn’t put it out of her mind. She thought back again to James not calling Cathica to let her know where he was and not answering his cell phone. This was not good. This was not good at all.

    Silently Moana called out to the sea to help them. The sea was their mother and nurturer. The Hawaiians said that when the earth first started the first thing that was born deep down in the dark inky water was the coral. Then came the creatures that glowed in the dark like the sea urchins and sea cucumbers. Moana felt a deep inner urge to connect with the sea so she drove her car to her favorite cliff site, Waipio Lookout, where she got out and at the rim stood tall and straight, facing the horizon. She called to her ancestors and the many Chiefs of the island whose blood also flowed through hers.

    With her arms outstretched toward the sky and ocean she chanted an ancient Hawaiian prayer ~ her melodic voice lifting up, the trade winds carrying the prayer out over the ocean waters beseeching the sea to return James Kealani unharmed.

    She knew that wherever James was… it wasn’t on land. If he were on land he would have begged, borrowed or steal to find his way home.

    Moana knew deep within her soul that only the sea knew where he was now and the sea’s secrets were only for the few who knew how to listen.

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    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Part 13

    The Imposter - 2nd draft

    Daniel had picked up a 4x4 white Jeep rental vehicle. It had been awhile since he had driven Mud Lane road and he didn’t have a clue as to what the road conditions were. Mud Lane wasn’t labeled mud just for no reason. If he wanted to ensure reaching his destination then he needed something reliable to get him there. He wasn’t too thrilled that the Jeep was white because he had a good idea what color it would be when he was ready to return it.

    He decided to drive along Highway 19 along the coastline. It was warm and pleasant with the windows down and smelling the sea. Before reaching Kawaihae Harbor area, Hwy 19 veered right and started to wind upward heading from the dry side of the island, upward northeast, into the wet zone. The white jeep continued climbing into the higher elevation and cooler climate. Now the cloud covered night sky was overcast and drizzling. He rolled up his window and headed through and beyond the town of Waimea.

    Several miles later, arriving adjacent to the golf course Daniel made a left hand turn. He was at Mud Lane. He stopped shifted into neutral and then 4-wheel drive. Daniel continued driving through the densely canopy covered tree-lined lane in thick squishy mud, and continued traveling through large puddles where the road dipped down and back up again. It was so dark that the Jeep’s headlights just looked like a thin pencil line reaching into the black inky darkness straight ahead of him.

    Daniel was dog tired and exhausted from lack of sleep. His body ached from sitting in the cramped airplane coach seating area for the past 18 hours. His vision was bleary and he was driving so slowly it felt as if time had just stopped. When was he going to get there? How long would it take before he reached his parents front door? Only now, with his parents dead, and under the conditions of Kealani Family Trust where family members are entitled to live at the ranch or other properties owed by the trust, the ranch was now James and Cathica’s front door.

    The home of his childhood was just around the next curve… he sensed it more then he could see it and was now operating on instinct. He recalled the large hot tub his parents had installed for all of them out on the side-covered lanai overlooking the ocean. He wondered if it was turned on. It certainly was the weather for it. He longed to uncoil, stretch out his long limbs in the hot bubbling water, have a nice glass of Merlot and unwind. Then sleep. Only here in Hawaii, with the eleven hour time difference gone, he would not dream of James.

    He may not dream at all.


    Daniel pulled into the carport and saw a light flickering through the study window that faced the front porch. He wondered if Cathica was up or if James was okay. Walking up to the porch with his overnight bag in hand he was drawn to the light like a moth to a flame. Peering into the study window he saw Cathica lying on a soft white repose chaise with deep ruffles rimmed around the bottom like a skirt. A 19th century Samsara French tapestry, woven in time-honored tradition of the Flanders region, incorporated plush cotton yarns intricately interspersed to create the dramatic designs behind her head in rich, earthy tones.

    There was a fire in the fireplace casting a romantic golden glow into the room which reflected in the crystals from the hanging chandelier. Her hair was wavy, long and flared out across the pillow like a halo in a blaze of various gold and red hues. Her skin was delicate looking almost translucent. Her soft dark long lashes rested upon the upper area of her rose colored cheeks. Her mouth was the shape of a cupids bow soft and sensuous looking. Across her lap her long slender fingers rested upon a raspberry-colored soft cashmere throw.

    Her bare feet peeked out at the bottom from underneath her lightweight crinkled cotton gown with a charming vintage rose print on a vivid green background. Other little details included a low cut front yoke held up with a thin strap on one side the other strap fallen and draped down over her tanned shoulder. There were also rows of dainty pintucks above a wide ruffled flounce. Cathica was truly a vision and Daniel could easily understand how James had fallen head over heels.

    As if sleepwalking, Daniel entered through the unlocked French front doors and walked over to the open study door. He caught a whiff of Cathica’s scent. Her hair smelled of freshly baked bread and ginger. Intoxicated, he set down his bag and slowly crossed over to where she lay sleeping. Just one kiss he thought. One magical stolen kiss was all he sought.

    He leaned over and his heavy gold chain and cross fell out of his open neck white dress shirt. Very gently, very, very softly he continued to lean down and press his lips to hers. Cathica murmured in her sleep. “Hmmm” and barely whispered, “You’re back.”

    A bit chagrined and taken aback at being caught in the middle of taking a stolen kiss, Daniel quietly replied… “Y-yes, I’m home.”

    Cathica reached up and pulled on his gold crucifix and chain lowering his head back down to hers, looked up into his eyes and softly said, “I can see that.” Then she kissed him back deepening their connection.

    Gently pulling away, so as not to offend her, Daniel continued, “and now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to get out of these hot sticky wrinkled clothes and climb into the hot tub with a very large glass of Merlot. Then I need to go to bed and sleep for at least a week.”

    Cathica, not to be put off so easily, sleepily quipped, “You’ve got some explaining to do Mister. I’m not done with you yet.”

    Backing away, yet still facing her for several steps while he maneuvered himself out the study door, Daniel gave a little wave, turned and made a quick get-away to the bathroom that led out to the hot tub area to check the spa’s water temperature. “Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph,” he whispered. The water was blissfully hot.

    In a brief moment of panic he realized that Cathica thought him James. Totally exhausted he anxiously thought to himself, “Now what? A reprieve?” At least for now he could release, relax and unwind in the spa for an hour or so and think about what to do next.

    That is if he didn’t fall asleep in the spa first.

    Cathica's kiss had awakened an almost forgotten deep longing within him. However, her words that followed chilled him to the bone.

    James was still missing.

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    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Part 14
    Kealani - Book in Process HIHW_dancinghbws

    Unexpected Friends - 2nd draft

    Treading water, James spotted a 45-foot, 70-ton humpback whale observing him. Moving in closer the whale turns his head carefully so as to bring his plate-sized eye within inches of James. Of course its eyes are on the side of its head, so it had to turn to look at him. It came within inches. James caught his breath. There was this softball-size whale eye looking straight at him. But then it stopped—stopped on a dime. It floated along side James. He is so gentle that he barely disturbs the water… with the merest flick of his tail he could easily send James spiraling uncontrollably or crush him like an insect. But it doesn’t. It is just highly curious probably wondering what this human is doing stranded out in the middle of the ocean accompanied by spinner dolphins.

    James had been diving for about twenty-five years and had some amazing encounters with dolphins, sea turtles, squids, and other whales. Wherever and whenever James encountered dolphins and/or whales his heart filled with a tremendous feeling of love. He had shared this story with his family who also experienced similar feelings—each of them observing an especially deep connection with the dolphins and whales. But the encounter with this whale was just that amazing.

    The whale was within inches of him. It had decided to swim alongside him when the dolphin pod headed further out to sea to feed. The whale was doing big circles around James who was following the action, when all of a sudden—boom! James gets bumped on his backside - in his shoulder. He turns. There is a second whale literally by his other shoulder checking him out. Here he was between these two 45-foot semi-trucks, which easily could crushed him. The callosities—the rough parts of skin that a right whale has—are like cement. When these type whales are three feet or four feet away from someone, one gentle lift of its head, and it would be like being hit by a sidewalk. That didn't happened. They were just highly curious and wanted to know what he was about.

    Most whales he had seen underwater while diving in these surrounding beautiful clear blue waters looked like they were just floating in space. He often has images in his mind's eye of how they would look up in the heavens surrounded by a starry black sky floating along.

    Yet, he realized this situation was highly unusual. These whales remained on the ocean's surface floating alongside him. His heart filled with tremendous feelings of love and hope. Surprisingly… these gentle creatures were keeping him company and swimming in circles around him, protecting him, just as the dolphins had been doing previously.

    How odd was that?

    If only Daniel could see this... he wouldn't believe it.


    Kealani - Book in Process Dolphinmerka

    Francine Hart, artist of this picture, Dolphin Merkaba, the image was inspired by something that two scuba divers actually saw off the coast of Hawaii.

    Another woman, Chandra said: ..there is an ark of dolphins on the coast all pointing towards the hotel. The whales are creating sacred geometry grids in deep water...they do the same work under water as we are doing on Earth.

    Kealani - Book in Process NewBornBig
    ‘Newborn’ by Jean Luc Bozzoli

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Cathica and Daniel – Ice Breaker - 2nd draft

    Awake, Cathica sleepily thought joining her husband in the spa a good idea. She would pour some ruby red Merlot into her $4.95 wine glasses that she had picked up from Wal-Mart, hand the glasses to him, step into the spa, cuddle up and get him to tell her where he had been for the last 23 hours. And if he didn’t have a satisfactory explanation she would give him a piece of her mind by letting him know what a jerk he was for worrying her and everyone else by not calling any of them.

    Cathica went into the dining room to get the Merlot she kept in the hutch and two clear wine glasses. Filling them three quarters full she put the cork back in the bottle and carefully made her way to towards the lanai where she could hear the spa’s jets bubbling away. As she neared the bathroom she heard the shower running.

    “Hmm,” she thought to herself. Why not surprise James and greet him in the shower instead. Cathica softly walked barefoot through the sliding glass door outside and set down the glasses on the adjoining wooden ledge. Stepping back into the bathroom, she slid the thin nightgown straps off her shoulders letting green cotton shift fall into a pool around her slender ankles. She gently stepped out of the garment, her gold toe ring catching the light, headed toward the shower, pulled aside the shower curtain and stepped in walking up to where her husband, sudsy and with his five-o-clock shadow - was standing under a full spray of water.

    Minutes earlier, Daniel decided he needed a cold shower before climbing into the spa. First for cooling off his passion and next just to wash off the sour smell of perspiration from the long journey half way around the globe. After lathering up his body he lathered up his hair with a bar of white ginger scented soap, closed his eyes and was just about to rinse his hair when he heard an ear-splitting piercing shriek, followed by high-pitched screaming, “Turn it off! Turn it off!” The loud screeching screams continued just mere inches from his ears.

    Completely taken by surprised, startled and frightened out of his wits, Daniel’s arm went flinging out to the side, smacking Cathica in the head, the bar of slippery soap knocked from his grip and flew across the enclosed area landing up against the slate tiled wall with a resounding thump, then slid down onto the wet gray tiled shower floor.

    Unfortunately, Daniel lowering his head downward to rinse off the suds, allowed a jet of the icy cold water to hit Cathica full in the face and bare chest. She was shrieking, pounding him with her clenched fists and trying to get by him to turn the cold water off when Daniel’s delayed shocked reaction kicked in and shouted, “Jesus H. Christ! What the bloody hell are you doing in here?"

    ~ ~ ~

    His eyes stinging from soap suds, Daniel was still groping for the unfamiliar shower handle to turn off the jet of icy cold water. Cathica was in a full fury and he wasn’t too happy himself. What does a man say to his brother’s wife while standing in the shower together wet, cold, shivering and naked?

    Cathica was still in a state of shock and furious that who she thought was her husband was demanding to know why she was in the shower with him. How dare he! First he takes off for hours without letting anyone know where he was worrying everyone to death and now in a very nasty mood firmly insists to know why she joined him. His behavior was so out of character. Normally, he would step closer, embraced her and try to shield her from the freezing cold water. Who was this person? James?

    Looking more closely at the familiar man standing before her Cathica noticed that his skin was much lighter then James and that he was a wee bit taller. He had the same colored hair, the same mouth, the same colored eyes, the same gold cross and chain around his neck. She was confused. Then her eyes scanned down to his ring finger and she saw he wasn’t wearing the gold wedding band that she had placed on his finger on their wedding day. Her eyes widened.

    OMG, she thought to herself. Daniel! She had kissed and was standing naked in the shower with her brother-in-law, Daniel! Stunned, she didn’t know if this was a sin or not - but clearly she would be mortified to confess this incident to Father Peter in the confessional next Saturday.

    Overcome by shock then rage, Cathica swung her arm back and gave Daniel a resounding smack in the face. How dare he deceive her! He tricked her when she was most vulnerable. He kissed her pretending to be James! No wonder his wife left him!

    Daniel, stunned by Cathica’s unexpected violent reaction, went deadly quiet and narrowed his stormy blue eyes. He gave her a withering look then did an about-face and turned the cold water back on. By this time Cathica was already scrambling out of the shower looking for the big sage colored terry cloth bath towel. She yanked it off the towel hook and wrapped it around her chilly wet body. With the shower still running and Daniel inside, she stooped down, snatched up her nightgown, stalked off to the Master bedroom, turned the lock and wedged a chair up under the door handle.

    Cathica deeply regretted not fetching her glass of wine. She could use a good stiff drink about now. However, under no circumstances did she intend to go retrieve it with brother-in-law, Daniel, freely walking stark naked around her house.

    Cathica shivered and pulled the soft comforter up around her bare shoulders. Daniel was here? That would explain why he didn't pick up his phone in London.

    She had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. That meant James was still missing. She felt ill.


    After the awkward encounter in the shower, exhausted Daniel climbed into the hot bubbling water and stretched out his long legs and took a deep sigh. Spying the two wine glasses on the shelf he reached for the closest one and took a long satisfying drink finishing off the glass. He drank the second glass too. He was angry. He should have told Cathica who he was right from the start but couldn't bring himself to do it. Even though he felt remorse he still would have stolen a kiss if given the opportunity to do so again. He had loved her from afar for years. He envied his brother. Cathica was everything he would have given his right arm to have in his own life. He didn't think it unusual to experience the feelings he felt - but acting on them was another matter altogether. In the past he masked how he felt pretty well when James and Cahica visited with their kids last year. But now - she wouldn't feel safe around him. She would always wonder when he might make a move on her again. He had betrayed both his brother's and her trust. What was a stolen kiss should have just been a brotherly peck on the cheek or forehead. Not the deep connection that aroused his inner passion.

    When he realized he loved her, he chose to keep his distance to protect himself and his brother. He suspected his brother James knew how he felt but remained silent. It was a forbidden love. Something he had to put out of his mind. But how could he keep it out of his mind after kissing her. Everything that was missing with Marguerite was there before him in Cathica. And not only that, she had responded to him. There was no denying the chemical attraction between the two of them.

    He sighed deeply and closed his eyes, the hot water soothing his muscles and working its magic. He was drifting off... lazily drifting off... He was dreaming. He was floating in the deep blue sea surrounded by dolphins and two humpback whales. James?

    He silently called out to the starry night, "James. James where are you?" Suddenly he knew. Oh my god!

    He knew exactly where James was!

    ~ ~ ~

    How was that possible? How on earth did James end up out in the middle of the ocean? And where? And what were the dolphins and two whales doing? He sensed they were there to protect him. He clearly saw James floating in the water... was he dead? No, he couldn’t be dead or Daniel wouldn’t have dreamed where he was. No he wasn’t dead yet. But who knows how much longer he can last out there all alone?

    Given the late hour Daniel was unsure about what to do. He thought of his sister Malia. If only he could contact Malia. Even then, he didn’t know if he could reach her in time or even where she was. He didn’t know if she was on assignment or a mission god knows where. In fact, there was a lot about his older sister’s life that he had no clue about. But he did know she had contacts… lots and lots of connections.

    However, even if he spoke with Malia now there was no way of knowing if anyone could get to James before something dreadful happened. He had left his cell phone in his pants pocket, which also stored all the telephone numbers of his immediate family along with various aunts, uncles and cousins. It was time to act. It didn’t matter what the time was - at least he could alert everyone and mobilize them.

    He climbed out of the spa, grabbing a bath towel on the way to where his clothes were hanging on the hook and took out his cell phone. First to call on the list - Malia.

    ~ ~ ~

    Malia had been wondering when Daniel was going to show up. For the past twenty hours or so she had been getting images of him flying and knew he was on his way to Hawaii. She just didn’t know his flight schedule or when he would arrive. And then there was the drive from the airport to the ranch where she knew he would head. Everyone in the family had already been alerted to James disappearance and were already searching for him… and a number of them had already received images of him being in the water. Only no one knew where.

    Earlier in the day Moana and contacted Malia right after she had spoken with Cathica. Moana knew if anyone could find James, it would be Malia. Malia was special. Very special.

    Malia had a precognition the night before James disappeared hours before Moana’s call. But Moana confirmed what her intuition had already told her. After the confirmation she went to work and managed to track down that James had taken his student to the hospital from one of the nurses on duty the day before and later the student’s truck had been identified at the harbor parking lot – missing its registration slip. Now why was it missing its registration slip? However James’ cell phone and laptop were left on the truck's front seat. James would have never left his cell phone and laptop willingly in someone else's vehicle. When she called the hospital to check on the student she discovered that he had died. Murdered? That was a possibility and if so, she knew wherever James was that he was likely next. Or was he kidnapped? And then there was the question as to how he ended up out in the ocean? Obviously by boat. But with who? Whose boat?

    After more digging she uncovered that Simon, the dead student’s father had a boat with sonar. But that boat was safely moored in the harbor.

    And if James had gone out on that boat why would he go out on a boat with sonar? Sonar? What on earth was he searching for in the sea? He was a volcanologist and history professor. Could he have gone out, come back and then disappeared? Malia knew of some off-limit areas where there was an undersea military site and an alien undersea city. She had been to both. He couldn’t be out in either of those locations? Could he? They were heavily guarded by both military and alien technology. And the first was not somewhere anyone would ever want to cross over into.

    Frantic she pulled in all of her favors to search for her baby brother. She wished that Daniel would hurry up and get on the island. She knew they didn’t have much daylight left. She just needed to get a location. Some type of fix or coordinates she could use to narrow the search. After all, the Pacific Ocean is a very big place!

    Through both her military and personal connections Malia had managed to get some search air support until it got dark. Friends from where she had worked who had access to helicopters had been making systematic searches along the cost and out as far as it was safe for them to go. She had family who owned a few of the smaller private planes who also volunteered to go out and widen the search over the ocean. Where on earth could James be?

    There were several reported sights of pods out a ways off shore and one pod out at sea acting a bit strangely swimming around in a circle… on the surface of the water forming a silver ring. Later someone reported they say two humpback whales swimming around in a circle but dismissed it thinking they were just playing. Humpback whales? This time of year? It was too early. But no one spotted James. Not anywhere. She was worried. Very worried.

    Her cell phone vibrated in her pocket… she read Daniels name on the window. Finally.

    “Malia” Daniel rushed, “I know where James is...”

    Relieved she responded, “I’m glad one of us does because I’m not having any luck. Out with it - where?”

    "I saw him in the ocean with 12 spinner dolphins and 2 humpback whales. They’re swimming around him, protecting him."

    "What? Spinners and whales?" She thought that odd. Yet it makes sense now given the two reports radioed in from the air search team. Only one report was of dolphins swimming around in a ring and the other of two whales. Not of them all together! Now what?

    “Can you get an idea where the coordinates were and send out some of the family’s fishing boats?” Daniel asked hopefully. “I know it’s dark now and nothing can be spotted by air but if we can get some of our boats into the area maybe there is a chance of rescuing him.”

    Malia was always fond of her baby brother. He was smart. Maybe not too smart when it comes to picking out his first wife but smart when it comes to analyzing information.

    “Okay, I’m on it brudda. I’m glad you’re here. If something happens to James - and we don’t get there in time - Cathica is going to need you.”

    Daniel sighed and silently thought to himself, if only. He replied sadly, “I kind of made a mess of it here already.” Cathica likely hated him. Who knows how she would react when he saw her next.

    “What?” curious Malia asked wanting to know the details.

    Feeling the relaxing effects of the spa and wine Daniel was finally relaxed enough to feel sleepy – not just exhausted. Earlier, on the flights out he was too worried and agitated to even take a nap on the plane. Now he felt like he could sleep for a week. Leaving the search in his capable sisters hands he felt relieved.

    “Later sis.” He replied, hoping to post-phone telling her about the embarrassing image of standing naked in the shower with Cathica slapping him in the face - stuck in his minds eye. “I’ll fill you in after you mobilize the family and get the boats out in the water. I’ve been up since yesterday and am fading fast. I need some sleep. Jet lag is dragging me down. Call me if you hear anything. Meanwhile, I’ll be sleeping in the guest bedroom at the ranch.”

    “You know I will. Don’t worry bro. Aloha and welcome home.” Relieved Malia slid her cell phone closed.

    Now the search was up to her. Daniel confirmed what she already knew, what she had telepathically picked up as had the rest of the family. All of them had sensed James was not on the island. All of them had sensed he was somewhere out at sea… yet none of them could pinpoint where. That was what was disturbing. It was as if the earth’s electro magnetic field was distorted in some way. How could all of them not get the location? It just didn’t make sense.

    Well, she guessed she could start with locating the pilots who spotted the unusual dolphin and whale behavior. And then she would call Moana. Moana was one who listened to the sea and understood what it had to tell her.

    …And it was time to contact the Omega undersea base. The dolphins and whales swimming around James were involved in some odd behavior. Did any of the dolphins swim off for help? That thought made her think deeper, was it possible for this group of spinners to be in contact with the Extraterrestrials. If that was the case - on a very slim chance the Extraterrestrials may rescue her baby brother. It was possible but not likely. And then of course a shark could get him or worse yet, Black Ops. Who knows what would happen to him if the rogue secret government military got their hands on him. Daniel was exceptionally telepathic. They could easily fake his death and keep him locked up for the rest of his life to use in all types of ungodly mind-control experiments. Being eaten by a shark or drowning would be a mercy, compared to what they could do to him… or worse yet, what their reptilian or Gray buddies could do. Of course if the Grays got their hands on him they would be milking his sperm to use for their hybrid babies because of his DNA. Holy Mary, Mother of God! What a mess. Her family was already in danger and she did her best to keep the family’s secret – secret. The only time they were even really allowed to discuss it was on their treks up to Mauna Kea at the camp ground or down at the back end in Waipio Valley for family gatherings.

    Usually the group of Extraterrestrials that she worked with tended not to get involved in these particular types of civilian rescue situations. They tended to work for humankind as a whole and from time-to-time selected individuals to help communicate their message to the populace at large. Over the years they haven’t been that successful and the major populace tended to think anyone with a message from Extraterrestrials was a loon. However, with all of the increased UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and USO (Unidentified Submersible Object) sightings - along with disclosure from numerous military personal who had actually been involved in a variety of top secret projects, the word was getting out.

    Colonel Philip Corso, Charles Hall, Clifford Stone, Bill Kirklun’s story of Eisenhower at Edwards who he walked into and spent 40-45 minutes in a UFO, Dwynne Arneson, USAF Lt.Col., Charles Halt, USAF Col., Milton Torres, USAF - fighter pilot, J.J. Hurtak, Paul Hellyer, J. Allen Hynek and many other notables, including over 400 ex-military involved in top-secret activities involving aliens and UFOs had disclosed what they knew to Dr. Steven Greer. A number of these individuals had personal interviews posted on either YouTube or had transcripts of various interviews printed on numerous websites. The information was out there for anyone interested in looking.

    With the Internet… hidden information getting into the public arena was viral. And if anyone wanted to take the time to check out one of these disclosure websites, a very good source was Paola Harris who had managed to interview numerous notables in the UFO field and provided the interview word-by-word in the many books she wrote.

    In Malia's opinion people needed to get a grip and accept this other reality. They need to bridge the skism that the shadow government and big corporations created. A skism created so that they – the shadow government military complex and their business associates could have all the power and control of all of the money for themselves.

    Extraterrestrials (off-worlders/star people) are real. Extraterrestrials are here one this planet. UFOs (“fast maneuvering” craft or “Fastwalkers”) are real. Alien bases on earth and under the sea are real. She saw how the general population thought all of this as science fiction, but it isn’t.

    Extraterrestrials work with the military and have been since the 1938 – probably even before that date. Time Travel is real and has been ever since the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943, when the military ripped a hole through the fabric of space-time and became part of the collaboration on time travel technology. The aliens appeared on the Edridge deck and said, “We can show you how to create this wormhole.”

    She had listened to Al Beilick's interview where he reported that one specific alien (Reptilian) groups agenda “happened on 12 August 1983, when they locked up with the Eldridge, or the ship they called the Eldridge, and on 12 August 1943, they threw a hole in space-time, forty-years wide, in which to let their own large ships through, because their ships were in a war with somebody else and they wanted to get through to this Universe.”

    Two military experiments from different time periods (1943 and 1983) synchronized and locked in. That was done very deliberately, not only to pull the Eldridge into Hyperspace, but in order to produce a sort of wormhole effect - to actually [cause] a breach in space-time large enough for the aliens’ ships to get through.

    Bieliek went on to explain that they knew they were being propelled through something (a wormhole) and describes a slight feeling when going through space-time. The first trip can be quite nauseating.

    However, Colonel Philip Corso had the feeling that the aliens at Roswell were from the future, coming back to warn us about nuclear power, and he believed that they were time travelers. He personally told Paola Harris, “We have discovered a Time Machine!”

    Malia thought to herself, 'Surprise. Time to wake up and wrap your mind around this reality people because “free energy” is what’s going to save the planet and it’s already here being controlled by the very few who want power and control for themselves. Time to wake up and take what rightfully belongs to all the people of the earth. Time to wake up and be counted.'

    As Grace often said, “The sheep are separating out from the goats.” The sheep being the peaceful spiritual warriors who serve mankind, whereas - the goats, only serve themselves.”

    Malia couldn't understand 'Why don’t they (the goats-shadow government, banksters and big corporations) want the people to have FREE ENERGY? What’s wrong with making the world a better place and getting off a crippling monetary system? What’s wrong with giving everyone a means to light their home or power their vehicle without creating any harm to the environment?' The way it is now there is absolutely nothing for the peaceful warrior and everything for the goat. There was just something inherently evil about that type of mind-set and behavior.

    Malia gave a deep sigh and wonder if Omega Project had any super soldiers she could wrangle to help search for James. Unfortunately, they too were half way around the globe near Puerto Rico. Was there anyone else close by? She could use some multi-dimensional capabilities about now. Only she had to get those dang coordinates. Pronto.

    ~ ~ ~

    While her hani/adopted sister was more into science and alien technology - jetting off to who knows where, Maona was a mother of four and saw her first responsibility to her family… and everyone was family. Her deep spiritual connection to family and all that ‘is’ allowed her to tap into the mysteries of the sea and its creatures. Frequently the dolphins or whales would contact her via telepathy and warn her of an impending earthquake, tsunami, incoming storms, high surf and sought her out when she made time to visit and swim with them in the ocean. Moana may not have mechanical equipment to search for James but she had the dolphins and the whales, her cousins, who she knew in her heart would help.

    After putting her family and Cathica’s children to bed she sat out on the lanai and thought what to do. It was already night and this was the time that the dolphins went out to sea to search for food and eat. It was unlikely any of them would be close to shore this late and even if she did go to the beach it was too dark to see them. Besides, this was when it was dangerous to be in the water as the dolphins are there during the day to protect the people from any sharks. She would have to wait until early morning to visit with them. Before the sun rises she would drive down to Waipio Valley. She had to get to the sea.

    As she sat and meditated she put the image out, the same one she had sent out upon the trade winds upon first finding out James was missing. When standing on the cliff - following her ancient Hawaiian prayer, she sent out a telepathic image to her friends in the ocean. She envisioned them forming a protective circle around James keeping him safe wherever he was. She thought him lost perhaps on a boat somewhere not knowing how to get home. And she saw her friends keeping him company guiding him to safety.

    Maona was deeply spiritual. She knew in her heart wherever James was that he was safe. If he were not the entire family would instantly know if something bad happened. They would know if he died just as they all knew instantly when his parents died. It was so odd how that first death triggered their knowing, their connectedness to one another. She had read of indigenous aboriginal tribes in Australia that had this ability and later came to realize it’s a gift that humankind was born with and perhaps lost along the way. And she thought those human beings who stayed close to the land and the spirit within - retained their gift… while those who drifted away from the spiritual path lost this gift. And then she thought of those of a particular bloodline (like her family) they seemed to have this gift too.

    Odd - how it works, this telepathic connection. It was if they were all points of light on a grid – almost like those older versions of Christmas tree lights where when one light went out the whole string went out. Only with the family, if one member was in danger the whole family sensed it. Their string of Christmas lights lit up. They were all connected whether they wanted to be or not. And as time passed, Maona realized that being connected to god’s spiritual path and each other was a good thing. A very good thing.

    Just then the phone rang. As if mirroring her own thoughts, Malia asked her to meet with the family in Waipio Valley early the next morning. They would pick her up early on the way down.

    ~ ~ ~

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    Kealani - Book in Process Pleiades_aao
    The Pleiades Bloodline - Initiation - 2nd draft

    The dream began the way it always did.

    Sitting astride his mount a cool lavender grey mist swirls about him.

    He had almost reached the summit when he observed the large round bright yellow orb coming up over the scraggly craggy mountain peak.

    He gave a great sigh or relief and gently positioned his small bundled up close to his heart. It seem like he had been traveling over such a long, long time. Not just the time in the span of one night, but the time that it takes to span lifetimes. It seemed like years before he finally reached this sacred destination. And now he would see for himself.. see with his own eyes if the stories of the maiden was true. Was she really from the cluster of blue stars that reached out towards Orion? Did one of the sisters periodically walk the earth and help bring compassion to the land? Did they really speak without moving their mouth and have eyes the color of violets? Did they really walk across the vast distance of deep black velvet space upon a rainbow bridge of light? Tonight he would find out for himself if this was true. It was of utmost importance that it was.

    The surrounding area was flooded with bright candle lit moonlight creating long inky shadows stretching down along the mountainside. The light of the moon was so bright it hurt his eyes. He looked down and determinedly continued his climb.

    He must reach his goal.

    Failure is not an option.

    Soon... so soon. He was almost there.

    Ducking down under the last low lying oak branch he first caught sight of her as he raised his head and looked over into the irregular shaped clearing. She was just stepping into the clearing through what appeared to be a portal hanging in space, ringed in glowing blue light giving off flashes of gold sparks.

    He could clearly view her star sisters still shinning brightly, the familiar star cluster located in the constellation of Taurus in the moonlit sky.

    Seven Stars, Seven Sisters focusing their radiant spiritual onto the earth to help create this timeless moment.

    His horse halted and gave a snort. He caught his breath and just stared awestruck. She was really here just as they had promised. A maiden, one of seven from the Pleiades star system had just stepped onto the earth.

    She was wearing a long silver white gown with long flowing sleeves. Around her neck was something that glowed giving off an iridescent bluish light, rainbow colors that appear to move and change as the angle at which he saw them. They had a lustrous, brilliant appearance and lit up her face in a most unusual fashion. Her pale colored glowing blond hair was long, flowing with a mind of its own swirling about her delicate oval shaped face and deep-colored violet eyes.

    Motionless he continued to stare in a state of disbelief. He was told she would arrive at the precise moment he did, when the full moon crested the mountain's peak - but he doubted. He was a man of faith but also he believed in what he could see, feel and touch. He felt so humbled, so blessed to be in her presence. His bundled made a slight movement as if responding to the maiden's radiant energy.

    Tonight was the night. Was he worthy? Awestruck, as if in a trance, he gently nudges his horse forward easily covering the distance between them. The soft white bundle in his arm stirs again.

    She smiles and raises her hand, palm facing towards him in greeting. He takes another quick breath as seven beams of light flow out from her palm, all identical, just as they were in the heavens. Who is this wonderous star being?

    His bundle stirs again and a small delicate hand reaches up as if to respond in greeting. He carefully pulls aside the soft white linen to reveal an infant… struggling to sit up and gaze at the maiden. He repositions the babe so that she can see who stands before them. He noticed that as they got closer to their destination his bundle began to glow. It was eery. He fondly looked at the babe in his arms and was surprised seeing the seven points of light reflected in her clear violet-colored eyes. They are of the same bloodline. All of them. The babe is his sister. Their mother dead. The mother was a star sister, a maiden who had stepped through the star-portal the last time. His tiny sister - his mother's replacement. She must be returned to their home in the stars.

    He is deeply saddened. To lose both so close together causes him great inner pain and suffering. His suffering lessened. He has reached his goal.

    He gently hands his aunt the babe and dismounts.

    The maiden standing before him, holding the babe in her left arm extends her right shining palm closer to his forehead. He feels heat emanating from the seven points of light in her palm as they come to form an apex transforming into one blue laser point, a steady stream of intense brilliance rapidly flows towards him - lighting pierces his forehead between his brows. Blinding light fills him and he spills out into space. He is a dew-drop, one small point of awareness floating within an ocean of compassion. His heart is healed. Within that timeless moment he explores the vastness of the universe and myriad of constellations. He explores their home world and experiences all that is. He sees into the past and the future. He exists outside of time and space. He is the dew drop and he is the ocean. He experiences singularity in all of its glory and now he knows. He is connected to the source of all knowing. His past and future lives stream by. He is connected to his star family. They are as one. He experiences a deep sense of abiding inner peace.

    Meanwhile, off in the distance he barely makes out the the sound of hooves growing louder. DANGER!


    BRAYING. LOUD penetrating braying abruptly startles him.. his ear drums hurt. SMACK, across the face - pain. His brother hit him while flailing about in his attempts to push donkey’s head away. He is shouting and yelling at the wild dark brown donkey who wandered over to where they had been sleeping. Curious, donkey began sniffing them around their heads, checking them out and decided to say hello... His brother - fully roused was frantically waving it off then bounded up chasing the donkey back into the tropical forest.

    The braying, inches from their heads was a piercing sound and scared the piss out of him. He was in a fury. Just when he was in the middle of finding out how to use a Stargate Portal that stupid donkey decides to sing them a Birthday song.

    He hears his brother shout, "Bloody H-E-double toothpick!"

    He recalls when only a few hours ago they were perched on the rim of Waipio Valley, early home of King Kamehameha. And how according to legend, there was a bright star in the sky on the night he was born. In those times many thought the star was really Halley's Comet, which was visible in 1758. Believing that the star portended the birth of a fearsome conqueror, a chief named Alapai tried to have the baby killed, but the child was secretly rescued and brought up in isolation in Waipio Valley. Has history been repeating itself throughout the ages? Only instead of a king, a maiden, the Knight’s sister was brought to the Star portal instead of a valley? Was she safe with the aunties of the Pleiades? Was she even real? Or was this just a dream. A dream similar to the ones that preceded it.

    He remember how excited he was sitting in their dad’s rusty rickety four-wheel drive truck letting their gaze travel out over the valley, like pilots flying low over the tropical jungle, looking down upon the winding river, the different rectangular green sections of taro patches, the tree tops of koa, ohia, noni, red gum, Norfolk, rainbow eucalyptus, and monkey trees. Their gaze continuing to sweep across the panoramic view of cascading mountain streams and ginger lined pools, waterfalls dropping straight down from the cliffs into the crashing surf spraying up against the sheer rocky cliff side. Their gaze taking in the unending view of the sea then swept out to the horizon and back again toward the ribbon of surging white foam, which washed up onto the crescent strip of black sand beach. Catching a glimpse of spiraling rainbows arching down within the depths of the lush valley. Seeing further off in the distance, nestled within the ocean mist and rimmed in white fluffy pearl blue gray clouds was the faint outline of Mount Haleakala, the neighboring island Maui’s, famous volcano.

    He was so full of anticipation standing at the rim where they all could touch, feel and see where lush green earth, deep blue sea and clouded sky met in a mystical marriage of the elements. Did another mystical marriage occur somehow – some type of spiritual initiation?

    Wide-awake they were both back on their bamboo mats, staring up at the starry night sky, lying on the black sand beach in the Valley of the Kings where the frothy waves rose, swelled and ebbed onto the wet sandy shore. His mind, racing.

    The next morning he would speak to his father and ask him about the dream that always occurred on the night of the full moon.

    ~ ~ ~

    Early the next day he asked his father, Joseph, to walk with him along the shore.

    The dream had been so personal that he never really spoke about it to anyone, not even his brother. But last night made such an impact he needed to talk to someone. Everything about the dream seemed so real. The smells, his feelings, what he saw.. all of it happened just as if he had been there instead of sleeping on his mat by the shore.

    While walking they had steered beyond some of the bigger boulders and back toward the forested area when his father pointed to a fallen log and suggested they sit. Then he began to tell his son of the Spiritual Quest that each youth of their family must make. The quest was a deeply personal one as it was the exploration of their faith and why the family was Catholic. His son didn't understand but his father had a gift for him. A gift he had been planning on giving his son on his sixteen Birthday, today.

    He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small gold colored flat box 2 inches wide and 3 inches long. He handed to his son and smiled saying, "Now it is your turn."

    His son was confused. "Open it" His father asked.

    Holding the small treasure in his brown hands the youth carefully lifts off the lid and discovers inside a solid gold infinity chain holding an unusually designed 18 k gold cross. He stammers... "f-for me?"

    His fathers warm brown eyes crinkled at the corners as he smiled. "I think it's time you begin your own spiritual quest. The cross is a key to a puzzle box I have for you. In the box are two journals. One that belonged to me with notes from your ancestors, your great grandfather, your grandfather and me... and the second one is for you to fill out. It's time for you to discover for yourself what your spiritual path means to you and how it is to guide you throughout your life. There are secrets in the first journal that have been passed down from our ancestors for hundreds of years. After you read the first journal we can speak again of these matters again. I have another secret to be shared with you that I must tell you. It too is for your ears only as it was passed down from my father to me, and his father to him all the back through time. The journals secrets are for your eyes only… no others. Remember this. Remember and promise."

    His son looked up into his father’s eye and saw a single tear slowly slide down his cheek. He understood just how important this was to him and that a torch was being passed along from his ancestors to his father and now onto him. This was a sacred moment and worthy of his father's respect. He took a big sigh. This was a huge commitment and he was only sixteen. He looked up at his dad and solemnly nodded his head.

    "Yes dad, I understand. I promise."

    Placing his gold chain around his neck with the unusual gold cross hanging down on his chest he thanked his father.

    Joseph thought to himself he would share more about the family’s DNA secret - along with what happened to him when he started on his own spiritual quest with his son later. He never had an opportunity to do so. Several months later Joseph was killed in a car crash along with his wife Kat.

    Fondly placing his hand on his son’s back he silently signaled it was time to head back to the others. The two of them got up and walked to where the surf was foaming upon the black sand. His father continued speaking softly to him as the two of them, very similar in build, walked barefoot along the shoreline, leaving their footprints, side-by-side, in the wet sand.

    It was time for his son to understand the importance of their family bloodline and how it was mixed with the star people from the Pleiades. Only his father now knew - that it was his son who was the one that they had all been waiting for. His son was the reincarnated Knights Templar who risked his life to take his infant sister to the Stargate. It was he who had saved her. He was the one that artifact belonged too - along with its secret and how to use it. The secret of the "Blue Apples." A gift from their star ancestors and the key to opening the Stargate. The Knights Templars protected the artifact in a secret cave that was located under a fast flowing river in Eurpoe somewhere. They understood the secret, but did not have the key to use it. The ancestors also knew that one day... far off in the distant future, this one would return and use the "Blue Apples" to visit his sister in the stars. Joseph now understood it was his son who was the first-born of the family's mixed bloodline and whose seed initiated the birth of the new DNA code, the third strand and junk DNA.

    ~ ~ ~

    “Which maketh Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south.”

    — Job 9:9

    “ Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades,
    or loose the cords of Orion? ”

    — Job 38:31

    “ Many a night I saw the Pleiads, rising thro' the mellow shade,
    Glitter like a swarm of fireflies tangled in a silver braid. ”

    — Alfred Tennyson, Locksley Hall

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Kealani - Book in Process KailuaBeach-Sunrise

    Malia & Moana – The Sighting 3rd rewrite

    Standing in the waves at a deserted sandy beach on the west side of the island, water up to their waists, gazing out at the whales breeching and dolphins leaping, Moana excitedly raised her right suntanned arm pointing out, towards the horizon waving it expressively, “Look! L-look at that small white cloudish thing over there!”

    “Where? Which one? What’s it look like?” asked Malia who was holding her long dark hair back off her forehead with her arm. She was scanning the early morning salmon peachy-colored dawn sky in the furthest distance. Off to her right she could barely make out Maui with its ring of puffy pewter, lavender, red/orange clouds wrapped like a halo around the top half of Haleakala.

    It’s white, moving too fast for a cloud… it’s coming down from the sky and sort of round. Can’t you see it? It’s edges are kind of feathering out.” said Moana.

    Awestruck, Malia excitedly replied, “Yes! Oh, yes! I see it. It’s in the distance.” slight uncomfortable pause… “a-and heading this way.”

    As the strange apparition continued to float/fly towards the shoreline, Malia squinted her eyes and asked, “Odd. You don’t think it’s a ghost or something do you Moana? Is there something following it?”

    Somewhat confused, while having thoughts of Casper and his ghostly trio and having left her driving glasses in the car, Moana was unable to make out details in the distance, she answered back, “Where?”

    “Over to the side of it.” Malia, still squinting was trying to get a better look. Slightly to the side - behind the glowy orb was a lenticular cloud with a long tail, and both ADVANCING AGAINST THE WIND towards them. Each girl stood rooted in the wet sand, waves lapping around their strong slender bodies watching the bright ball of light in the sky increase in size. Whatever cloud following it continued to slowly move closer to the shoreline overhead where they were standing. Five, ten, fifteen minutes passed - as they stood transfixed watching the pearl soft white steady light grow in size as it approached the deserted beach where they stood in the surf. By now the skin on their feet was likely shriveling from standing in the water so long.

    Transfixed, unable to move, being devout Catholics, both girls were having flashes of Our Lady of Medjugorje stories and wondering if this was going to be some type of apparition similar to the various Marian visions they’d read about. They recently had a heated debate about Our Lady's apparitions to Mariana. Malia was still trying to sort out if she thought Mariana was delusional whereas, being Hawaiian and the great granddaughter of Chiefs, Moana accepted the sacred connectedness to the land and her ancestors. Knowingness and visions fit right in with her family’s life experiences.

    Bending her head back, gazing up Malia experienced a deep sense of peacefulness. Was this Mariana’s experience? Malia was holding her breath… was the Sacred Mother going to appear?

    “Oh my Gosh!” Her hand flying to her throat, Moana gasped. Shocked, she pointed up and loudly whispered. “Look at that ship and all of those lights that just turned on.” While the ball of light was still overhead, the lenticular cloud that was hiding the ship faded and just disappeared revealing a huge spacecraft. The ship was following the ball of light.

    Dumbstruck Moana and Malia watched the lights coming in close and moving overhead. Everything suddenly got quiet - as if the world stood still.

    A sense of calmness descended on them as they continued to stare up at the underside of the large ship.

    Underneath the aura of calmness Malia muttered, “Err, this is like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, isn’t it? Look at how humongous that thing is. It has got to be at least the size of the football field.” “Do you think they are going to stop?” she anxiously asked Moana.

    “I h-hope not… this is a bit too weird for me.” Moana nervously stuttered thinking to herself she could probably handle apparitions of the Virgin Mary much easier then actually sighting insect type looking aliens with froggy shaped heads, huge wrap-around buggy black eyes, long skinny skeletal arms with only three fingers and gray dolphin-like smooth skin walking out the ships’ open port hatch.

    The brilliant orange underside was a solid glow with a darker marbling color around the outer edges. But mostly it was really a deep red-orange. Not real red and not real orange, but what one would call a red-orange.

    Feeling calmer then usual Moana quipped, “So tell me Malia, do you think it is one of ours or one of theirs?”

    “What do you mean one of ours?” said Malia, irritated at not knowing what to expect next.

    “Well… why can’t it be some type of back-engineered space-craft made by the Secret Government like in Star Trek Next Generation, SG-I or something like that?” answered Moana.

    Moana was really hoping it was one of ours… really, really hoping that there was some secret Air Force program out of the Edwards AFB in California that had this thing built. She was really hoping the ship overhead had real people inside and not some type of unknown alien space creatures. Actually, looking at the size of it she was sure it could hold hundreds of living beings. She really wanted it to be the human variety and not some type of aliens ready to launch a space invasion like in that movie “Independence Day.”

    Moana’s oldest brother had been in the Air Force stationed at Edwards AFB in California and tended to tease her when she was little about aliens and secret military spacecraft threatening to send a gray after her if she didn’t mind and go to bed. Of course he would elaborate on how they easily could move through walls and float around so she wasn’t safe unless she was actually in her bed… He was terrible and scared the pee out of her. She didn’t want to believe him but she wondered. Years later she had read a story about an abductee and how the little 4-foot gray aliens kidnapped people and how they also had the ability to control minds. Moana knew she wasn’t up for that type of experience. Definitely not!

    “Well it sure isn’t the Star Trek Enterprise!” Malia scoffed.

    “Err, maybe not…” Moana conceded. “If it was it’s missing the name on the starboard hull.”

    “Unbelievable! The size of this thing boggles the imagination.” Calm but scared, Moana stammered… “S-so do you think they are going to beam us up?”

    Whispering in Maona’s ear, Malia joked (which is what she often did when she is nervous or frightened), “Well, if they do I’m leaving a trail of yellow waters in my wake.”

    Scoffing, in shocked amusement, Moana responded, “Well, in that case, I hope they beam me up first as I left my Mary Poppin’s umbrella in the car.”

    “Don’t be such a spoil sport Moana… ya know I was just teasing you. I pray to god I don’t ever pee all over you.”

    “You’re not the only one prayin’ girlfriend…” Moana softly chuckled.

    As the last vestige of mist dissipated Malia exclaimed, “Holy Mary, Mother of God! Will you look at that! It’s got to be only 200 or 300 feet up overhead and it’s so close over us it’s covering the whole sky.” Jokingly she added, “Holy molly! I hope it doesn’t land on top of us and flatten us like pancakes.”

    “Pancakes? At a time like this you think of food? Somehow I think this is a good time to start praying…. instead. Which Gods or Goddesses do we start with?” risked Maona.

    “All of them.” Malia furtively muttered. “I don’t want anyone to be offended.”

    Just then both ball of light and craft lifted up into the sky and shot back out over the ocean, circled twice, the craft shooting off to the heavens while the ball of light made a dive down into the deep water.

    Shocked, stunned and emotionally affected both high school girls, seventeen, just stood for a moment open-mouthed.

    As if coming out of a stupor Moana announced in a firm no-nonsense voice, “That’s it Malia! There is no way I’m going swimming in there with that glowy thingy, what ever it is, cruising around with the dolphins, whales and sea turtles underneath me. No way! I’m not that brave - not today. I’m sticking to dry land and heading up mauka (hillside, inland away from the sea).”

    Taken aback, still in a state of awe, Malia curiously responded, “You don’t suppose they have an underwater city down there somewhere, do you?”

    Overwhelmed, she began to cry.

    ~ ~ ~

    Underwater Alien Bases - 1st draft

    After the sighting incident both Moana and Mialia decided not to speak of it to anyone. That is anyone other then Father Peter of course - who probably knew everything that ever happened to each and every one of his parishioners. However, they often spoke of that remarkable day between themselves and ventured back to the same location repeatedly over the years catching glimpses of UFOs entering and departing from the ocean. However, in attempting to discover just where alien underwater cities could exist Moana took to the sea studying oceanography, whereas Malia, took to the skies becoming a pilot for the tourist helicopter services before joining the USAF Special Forces and being stationed at Edwards AFB for a brief period between assignments.

    Moana became so fascinated with alien undersea bases that she ended up studying oceanography, where she later met a fellow student and now her best friend Cathica, the woman who eventually became Malia’s sister-in-law. Meanwhile, Moana learned that some of the most notable discoveries have been deep ocean canyons, which rival the Grand Canyon. Her primary area of interest was deep trenches around the world including the areas surrounding Hawaii which she had made a map of and kept taped onto the back of her bedroom door.

    So far she had identified a number of potential and actual underwater bases. Some of these included:

    The Bermuda Triangle - AUTEC. The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center which is a laboratory said to be used by the U.S. Navy for weapons testing and underwater research. UFO and USO activity in and around AUTEC fuels speculation that the U.S. government is secretly working with extraterrestrials; engineering and testing alien technology.”

    Malta islands in the Mediterranean south of Sicily has sightings going back to June 18, 1845.

    There were also rumors of bases off the coasts of Northern South America; Puerto Rico Trench; Russia; under the North Sea; Scotland; Patagonia Coast, Argentina; Azores Islands, Portugal; Spain; Canaries; Canada; Japan; Australia, USA off the California coast adjacent to Catalina Island; Dominican Republic; Spitzbergen, Norway, Newfoundland, Alaska Puerto, Andros Island, Bahamas, North and South Poles.

    In fact, these alien bases were all over the place and could be underground just as easily as deep down in the seas. From what she was learning about all the 114 different types, varieties and places these star beings came from she was convinced that many of them probably thought earth their personal Disneyland, Home Depot, Costco and vacation resort.

    Surprisingly (from the various photographs she had seen)... many of the off-worlders look just like humans and there would be no way of knowing if one was sitting next to you on the roller coaster, or standing in the supermarket check-out line. Although given the food the GMO is trying to sell to the consumers she suspected they would be more into the organic grown foods.

    ~ ~ ~

    As a result of her career path in the USAF, Malia also discovered that the U.S. military had authorized the construction of technology along with remotely controlling unmanned vehicles that are traveling underwater- traversing the oceans. These are fast moving oceanic homes for robot warriors and some humans. The underwater vehicles are warships and aircraft carriers. These giant warships contain hidden pools within, from which unmanned submarines are deployed and returned, unseen by most human eyes. Their weapon systems include vertical-launch missiles, ultra precise, which can shoot down or target incoming rockets, cruise missiles and unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

    Moana had recently run across some of the same information on the web and asked Malia about it. Moana found the latter information very intriguing. If the military is already working with extraterrestrials why do they want to shot down UFOs? What's out there that they don't want the rest of us to know about? From what she had learned about time travel and the first reptilian standing on board of the Eldridge in 1943 wanting to make a bargin with the military in exchange for giving them a Wormhole (Time Travel technology) that stretched from 1943 to 1983... and allowing the Reptilians their huge ships to escape into our dimension from those they had been warring with - she figured humankind was not being looked after by people in key positions to make critical decisions for the planet.

    For example, Moana thought any sane and normal person having a good look at what a reptilian looks like and think that Satan himself manifested on that ship who was knocking on that open dimensional portal crying, "Let me in, let me in" would have said, 'Uh, I don't think so.' And instead of being wise and having some common sense, like the Three Little Piggys when the big bad wolf was banging away on their door with each of them saying, "No, No, not by the hair on our chinny chin, chin." they opened the fricking portal letting those big bad wolves in! Personally she thought whoever was in charge of making that particular bargin was fricking insane, mentally unbalanced and ought to be shot if he wasn't dead already.

    Anyone with an ounce of brains would figure out, given how ugly these aliens looked and the warriors that they were, that this was someone you would not want to let into a human neighborhood. Not only that... one wonders just who was after these big bad a-ss dudes and what had they done to be involved in wars for who knows how many hundreds or thousands of years - along with who was it they were escaping another universe from. These particular aliens have a much longer life span then humans and are really scary looking. And from the reports and photos she saw, they too were involved with a human/alien hybrid program and that was just plain creepy.

    Anyway, that was her take on it after reading through all the information on the website.

    ~ ~ ~

    Milia Kealani quickly discovered that it wasn’t unusual for underwater bases to be located near areas of deep-water basins, such as the Puerto Rico Trench not far from the sanctuary of the Humpback whales in the Caribbean. In fact, she had recently been assigned for a brief period of time to work at the Seagate, a seabed base in the area of Puerto Rico.

    In discussing Seagates with Moana (public information that wasn’t classified), Malia had let on that the Seagates were military locations where DNA research is conducted with humans and dolphins.

    Moana had shared with her that she already learned of this possibility via the Internet on FaceBook from an abductee friend who was one of the subjects being used for these types of experiments. Her poor friend had gone into great detail about what she recalled, often experiencing Post Traumatic Stress on recall, and frequently breaking down crying while attempting to talk about it. Her friend lived also claimed to have been a MILAB (military/alien abductee) since childhood.

    The scary part was that Malia was close to the Omega Project scientists who were creating hybrid people that had inherited dolphin characteristics which included special abilities such as advanced telepathy, multi-dimensional capabilities and echo location abilities.

    She had learned that both the dolphins and whales interfaced with these Super Soldier hybrids and transmitted critical information to them on a regular basis. She was asked to participate because of her own strong telepatic abilities that had been enhanced upon joining the service.

    Of special note Mialia also discovered through a special alien contactee friend of hers on Big Island that the dolphins in Hawaii interfaced with certain aliens on a regular basis. Her friend actually had a drawing posted on the internet of the dolphins on board of an alien space craft in large pools of water equipped for dolphins - located on a giant disk-shaped underwater spaceship vehicle that was submerged with whales passing by the large port hole windows on the outside.

    She often thought back to that first sighting with Moana and had wondered if that ship had been one of the ones used with the dolphins.


    Kealani - Book in Process Kinsley2

    Kealani - Book in Process 3468668_cffa_1024x2000

    Kealani - Book in Process LEMURS

    Kealani - Book in Process Atoll

    Kealani - Book in Process MrPeculiar-tropicalcity-1

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Loss of Faith

    At the Vatican ...

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Malia [Hawaiian for Mary] – 2nd draft

    Malia and Moana met at Honakaa High School in their sophomore semester. Both girls enjoyed, paddling, kayaking, swimming with the dolphins and scuba diving so through their sport activities became best friends. They spent so much time together that their friends and families started calling them M&Ms - the teenagers thought it amusing. Walking into a room together someone would often affectionately shout out, “Hey, the M&Ms are here.” They would wave and laugh.

    At the onset of June, the Kealani families would pool their money together and rent a condo on the beach for the summer months just so everyone could get their fill of sun and surf before the school year started. Meanwhile, during the school year Moana talked her older brother into taking them to the Kona side on weekends and Holidays so the two friends could kayak and swim in the ocean. All in all it was a good life and their friendship deepened over the years.

    Moana met someone she fell in love with out of college and married while Malia made a different type of commitment. She was married to her adventurous life starting when she first learned how to fly a plane belonging to her uncle and then a helicopter while still in high school. She loved the freedom on being in the air and in the sea.

    Malia was rather tall of stature, very athletic, with long wavy black hair, an oval face, dark brown eyes like her father - her appearance more like her father’s side of the family, whereas she got her photographic memory, high IQ and PSI abilities from her mother's side. She was recruited indirectly by the military as a teen. At first she thought her being recruited likely due to her high IQ, and her numerous UFO sightings. Later she learned she was approached as a result of Project Oaktree, which had been originally set up in Britain to locate gifted children and had somehow managed to make it’s way across the Atlantic Ocean. Basically Project Oaktree was looking for the descendants of the ‘Tribe of Dan,’ which is the so-called ‘Lost Tribe of Israel.’

    Malia was born with a photographic memory and PSI abilities that developed after her first sighting. She also consistently tested in the top 97th percentile in the nation in math. Subsequently her mother often got letters and emails from the International School for Talented Youth inviting Malia to participate in their program. This Notable University also claimed it was sponsored by all of the US Presidents since program’s inception. However, the lure for Malia was their applied physics laboratory. As a senior in high school while doing research on a science project she had discovered the Institute of Noetic Sciences Institute founded in 1973 by Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell and began reading everything she could get her hands on regarding physics, especially quantum physics.

    After her UFO sighting Malia had developed a passion for understanding how this worked and shared this passion with her younger brother Mathew and her cousin, Mark both now astrophysicists. They too were part of the M&Ms clique having shared similar interests – UFOs and space. Yet each of them approached quantum physics from completely different perspectives.

    Malia later deduced it was this that Project Oaktree and its sister organization in the US fishing - trying to find all the gifted children they could to recruit by offering them an opportunity to attend these special programs in Washington, D.C., Maryland and other places into their special secret intelligence program. However, those children who presented high testing scores across the Nation names were given to Project Oaktree’s sister organization in the US and then passed onto the School for Gifted Children who were sent letters of invitation to the children’s parents inviting their child to participate in their special programs.

    In learning more about Project Oaktree from one of her team she decided to research the ‘Tribe of Dan’ and read the following: “The Tribe of Dan traveled from Dan (‘Kaish’ in Hebrew) just below Mt. Hermon and went up into Greece around the time of the Exodus. In Greece, they were known as the Spartans. From Greece they traveled to France where they were the Merovingian Priest-Kings and other French Royal lines. From France they traveled to Scotland, Ireland and America. They were known as the ‘Tuatha De Danann’ in Ireland and Celtic clans, such as the ‘Campbells’ in Scotland. They were worshippers of the Goddess of energy, such as Asartes and Ishtar and were heavily into animal shamanism, such as bird and snake symbology. The eagle is one of their symbols, and the eagle on the American coat of arms and the NSA symbol represents the Tribe of Dan. The owl is also another of their symbols, which represents the ‘angel’ Ishtar.”

    Her mother’s family lineage followed along this French Royal line into Scotland and one of her ancestors was married to King Henry the 8th. Her grandmother was also Rh Negative and a redhead whose PSI abilities were somewhat scary. Her great-grandmother was from Scotland. Given the stories of her great-grandmother she appeared to have evangelist convictions and a strong spiritual inner life. She definitely was not into the politics of the church but was very much into the sacredness of the mass. If it had been up to her great-grandmother, women would be priests.

    Malia also learned that this is a very holy bloodline with powerful PSI abilities. And much to her dismay discovered that “The Luciferian religions believed that by abusing children and people of this bloodline, they are directly attacking God. She knew full well from her own personal experience that the battle between the ‘Sons of Light’ and the ‘Sons of Darkness’ still rages today. Hence her inner need to keep her families DNA secret, secret.

    For a long while she wondered why are the 12 tribes of Israel so important and who physically ‘seeded’ these bloodlines? To her surprise she discovered there was much more to it then just being “God’s chosen people.” The reality was these ‘Star seed’ descendents had special PSI abilities and that these abilities were still in the person’s genetic memory from their star ancestors. With respect to her specific Starseed ancestors this included ‘the ability to project their consciousness out of the body and perform an ancient form of advanced remote viewing.’ That certainly explained her numerous out of body experiences, whereupon she would discover her consciousness in other physical locations on earth, other planets and at times in other spiritual dimensions. On a lark, she even experimented doing a remote viewing session with a teammate to the star cluster Pleiades. Malia was somewhat stunned when she realized the beings on the planet Erra were somewhat shocked she had done this without the artifact or electronic device. They must have realized their hybrid descendants were coming of age.

    Of course Malia also speculated that Project Oaktree was really looking for Starseeds, the human descendents of the Watchers to recruit and use in the battle between the ‘Sons of Light’ and the ‘Sons of Darkness.’ Unfortunately, the children selected almost always thought it was the Sons of Darkness who had gotten hold of them and submitted them to unspeakable insensitivities. Not one of these children were ever asked if they wanted to be trained as warriors in the battle between and ‘Sons of Light’ and the ‘Sons of Darkness.’

    Given what she now knew, Malia couldn’t see having a husband and children if her work was always putting hers or possibly their lives at risk. Now and then she would see someone but the relationship tended to fall apart given her erratic schedule. She just couldn’t reconcile herself to keeping secrets from a man she was married to, or having to lie about where she went all the time. She had too much personal integrity to do that to someone she loved. Besides, who would believe that her life was more like the character, Samantha Carter, from that old TV series SGI where she could easily go to Mars, the moon and other distant places using the military’s Stargate Jump rooms. People would not believe it. In fact, they would think her a loon and mentally unbalanced.

    By the time she was twenty, she was involved in advanced remote viewing programs, Project Blue Horizons at an underground facility in Hawaii. She used her remote viewing abilities to track where the different UFOs were going and coming from… and what they were up to while on the planet. Malia also frequently traveled through wormholes visiting other underground bases. To date, there are about 4,000 underground bases that she was aware of.

    She knew that her family would have a sh*t fit if they knew what was really going on in her life. As long as she managed to stay out of danger she didn’t trigger the family PSI grid. Those few times she was in a fix they all knew something was up but were so confused with the images they got that they eventually dismissed their own inner knowing. And as long as she never, ever spoke about any of this to anyone – ever, she wouldn’t be subjected to the mind-control that others who were conditioned from early childhood were.

    And of course, no one out in the civilian world would ever believe that she was a Time Traveler other then the retired Col. Corso, who had sadly passed on and the other members of the time travel program. Because when she traveled off world to Mars… it was always to the future. She was one of the couriers who took top-secret documents back and forth between the two planets and their different time zones.

    It was so simple – leaving the planet. Just hop into a huge rectangular elevator using Tesla jump room technology in Santa Fe, New Mexico, or on the 8th floor in El Segundo California, or at the Hickam Air Force Base only 14 miles northwest of Honolulu, or at the NSA facility called Blue Moon. Blue is code word meaning extra-terrestrial related. Blue moon is an underground facility beneath Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico where the military secret government was building free energy devices, developed from extraterrestrial technology, for use in space. There were a number of jump rooms throughout the United States including Stargates on the east coast. In less then twenty minutes she’d arrived in an underground bunker where the "elevator" was located on Mars. The elevator was the teleport jump room. Radiating energy is always there and can bend time/space and can be used to open up a portal tunnel. She had also heard from a military friend that the Tesla research data that made this possible was stored at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

    And no one would ever believe that the office she walked into on Mars looked just like one of those long office rooms at Pleasanton with desks and chairs and holographic computers which they kept at the Mars base. Nor would anyone believe that the Martian landscape really does look like what was depicted in that movie ‘Total Recall’ with Arnold Schwartnegger and that was the view out the window when sitting in the Cafeteria. Then there was a teleporter at Curtis Wright for time travel. And no one would believe that they were already using free energy, or were a good fifty years ahead of all technology that was available to John Q. Public. Nope. She really couldn’t talk about this to anyone because even though it was all-true; the public had been lied to consistently for the past 60 years - all the way back the first known alien crash at Roswell when John Q. was told that it was a weather balloon. Since the public was always kept in the dark their small-world reality could not possibly embrace the truth. The truth was just too big of a concept for them to grasp as reality.

    In fact, the average person would probably freak out if they knew just how many different type of aliens are here. There are at least 118 different extra-terrestrial races that the NSA knows about, involved in the affairs of this planet, a number of which actually have bases on earth. Both good and bad. And she just couldn’t see them wrapping their minds around human and alien business deals or partnerships. Instead, the general public would think all of that science fiction and insist it was a hoax just as they had been conditioned to think; just like some people in present time entertain the idea that the moon landing was faked. It wasn’t. It was real. And so was ET who was there to greet the US astronauts. It would seem the moon is their base and they weren’t too happy with the humans who had unleashed the atomic bomb and still warring with one another showing up in their backyard. Nor were they too happy with the US military who had ripped a hole in time and space to allow the Reptilians to enter our Universe either. No. They were not.

    Malia was happy for her friendship with Moana because she got to live vicariously through her friend’s life what it was like to be married and having a family one returns home to every night. It was normal. Her life was not. She actually enjoyed both worlds and looked forward to the day that everyone had the opportunity to walk across that bridge of understanding. She often thought, wouldn’t it be great if kids in school could actually use holographic computers or go off world to Mars on field trips. There were a number of Stargates around the US and it would be easy to bus them over where they too could experience Mars first-hand in one afternoon.

    ~ ~ ~

    Malia did have memories of what it was like when her parents were alive but theirs was a unique relationship. Her dad often told the story of how he first saw her mother barrel racing with her face only inches from the earth as she made a sharp turn leaning way over to the side on her horse speeding by. That cowgirl impressed him from the onset and he never got over her. He was always bringing her flowers or little thoughtful gifts. He wanted everyone to know just how much he loved his wife and always paid attention to her when they went out together.

    Her mom was equally considerate of her dad and would do little things in return to show her appreciation. It was she who probably asked dad to stop at the Thai restaurant for coconut soup before heading home knowing how much he liked it on the day their car crashed. And it was likely her dad that had wanted to stop at the Garden Center to buy the breadfruit tree her mother had been wanting. Her parent’s marriage was something she wondered if she could have ever live up to if she had married. But for now, she just shoved that thought out of her mind and refocused on what to do next.

    Then she thought reality is created by collective thought. She needed to get the family together at Hannah’s spiritual retreat - healing and training center, Hale Lani, located on 40 acres half way between Honokaa and Waipio Valley. The land was bought by her father to breed mini horses on and was where Grace and her husband Francisco lived when not working at the ranch on the rim. Her sister Hannah was a therapist and had developed a holistic center to train practioners in the healing arts and to provide free healing services to the people on the island.

    Using some of the life insurance money from their parent's death in the family trust, Hannah had Hale Lani built in the shape of a donut. A large round bamboo two story building with the center open to the elements. In the middle of the donut was an outdoor area with pool, spa, flower gardens and an aquaponics system, which provided fish and fresh nutritious produce for the Center. The healing practioners at the Hale Lani were primarily vegetarians, but on occasion ate fish and some meat. They have no medical problems for they control their health by using their own mental powers. They would start their days in meditation followed by an hour of yoga and or Tai Chi. Then they would split off half attending classes and practice sessions and the other half seeing people who had come for treatment (free-of-charge). Most of the days were passed in silence with only the sounds of various wind chimes, birds and from the various animals. Inner peacefulness was an attribute they each respected.

    There were a number of little areas in the middle of the Center that were designed for meditation with little streams, waterfalls and tropical flowers. Herbs were planted in abundance and used for heath benefits as well.

    Hannah had the center built where it was completely self-sufficient collecting rainwater off the copper roof into underground cisterns for drinking, using gray water for irrigating the fruit trees and using solar panels along with a wind generator for the little electricity that was used. There was no TV or radios at the Center, nor cell phones. Only a landline was used for communication and the DSL for computer access. The copper roof was designed as a Faraday Cage for the building and there were several hidden doors that led to other areas of the house which were off-limits. Even the wine cellar was hidden and there was an underground shelter and emergency food storage area for climate type of emergencies. The mini horses pulled small Amish carts for transportation around the property and lived off the grass maintaining the exterior landscape. There was a coffee and tea tree orchard and bee hives which also produced wild honey. An exterior circular fence on the outside of the building allowed for another protected aquaponics garden area and was maintained along with other healing herbs and a variety of fruit (papaya, banana, citrus, plum, apple, mango, lychee) and macadamia nut trees.

    Outside of the fence was a large pond for the ducks. Chickens had free range, were all named and provided fresh eggs. Since they were all considered pets they never ended up on the dinner table. If one died it was buried with wild grass as its pillow, tropical flowers as its blanket and then covered with earth. A number of cats were free to roam outside and helped keep the garden free of rodents. One small miniature long hair doxy name Rosie was free to roam within the Center’s living area.

    The center also had numerous orgone pyramids placed around the facility and there was one in each of the treatment rooms and meditation areas.. Orgone generators can also neutralize the DOR fields which surround ELF and Microwave cell phone towers, alien Reptilian portals, satanic ritual sites, masonic temples, and nuclear reactors.

    One of the rules of Hale Lani was no cell phones within the perimeters. Everyone had to keep their cell phones in their cars when visiting. This is why Malia liked Hale Lani as a gathering point… because everyone knew their cell phones had to stay in the car. Once everyone arrived they would then all load up in one of the white 4-wheel drive vans and go down into Waipio Valley where they were safe from electronic surveillance. Malia would not risk the ‘Son’s of Darkness’ finding out about her family. At least in the Valley of the Kings they could speak freely about what to do and what sort of plan of action they needed to develop in looking for James. However, my now, even Malia was worried.

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    The Bloodline's Spiritual Quest.

    Christ was created not made. One must discover this spiritual truth for oneself.

    Kealani - Book in Process DNAimage

    “I can say to you, in all sincerity, that among “us”, within our cities and families, possibly within your body, there is a new species of human that is being birthed! This new species demonstrates within themselves the potential living within each individual sharing our world today. Many people are being born with extra DNA, but it’s the ones who are mutating during their own lifetime that has got the scientists interested.”

    ---Gregg Braden

    Kealani/Wick's Decendent's DNA - 2nd draft

    Cathica was driving. She woke Daniel up at the ungodly hour of 4:45 am. Still half asleep Daniel was grouchy, irritable and embarrassed from what happened the evening before. Cathica offered him a cup of Kona coffee in one of those Starbuck’s stainless steel mugs with the screw on cap and also brought one along for her self. She was giving him the silent treatment except for letting him know that the immediate family - along with Moana were meeting at Hale Lani and then heading down into Waipio Valley for their 'talk story' powwow. He wasn’t sure what to expect but was happy to be meeting with his siblings and Moana. He closed his eyes and mentally drifted seeing if he could still reach out to James. James was alive, but where?

    Cathica was still fuming and decided it best not to say anything least she would say something while still angry that she would regret saying later. She was filled with conflicting emotions alternating between despair, dread, hopefulness, worry, shame, embarrassment, anxiety and fury. She decided to give Daniel the silent treatment until at least he apologized. She didn’t sleep well and was miserable. They all knew James was out at sea somewhere… but where? Was he even alive after all of this time? Malia reassured her that he was but they couldn’t pinpoint his location. He appeared to be lost even to them. She was also looking forward to seeing Moana and ask about the children. Meanwhile, she was grateful the family was coming together to discuss what was going on and what to do next.

    Malia had spent the night at her sisters and she too was exhausted. She had spent a good part of the night going into a trance state remote viewing where James location was and was still at a loss.

    Hannah was very contemplative. Her other brothers Mathew and Keoni had arrived earlier. Daniel had managed a call to Mathew from the Heathrow Airport prior to boarding the plane for his long flight to Hawaii so Mathew could do the same. Mathew caught a flight on Qantas out of Australia to Hawaii, eleven hours away and had his uncle waiting for him in Honolulu in the family plane who flew him into the Waimea Airport. A bit jet-lagged he was now sitting in the kitchen preparing tea for his sisters.

    Grace had spent the night in the ohana (small house) next door to Hali Lani and had been ceaseless in praying her rosary and asking for divine help in locating James. She has already got the prayer circle started the day before and organized the entire family around the globe using her email account to contact them over the Internet and ask them to join the family in prayer.

    Moana had got up early and prepared steamed rice for breakfast for the children before leaving. She knew her husband would take care of feeding everyone and get the children off to school and the baby sitter. She too was praying to the creatures of the sea to keep watch over James and protect him until they could rescue him.

    Little did any of the family know that James was about to enter a new phase of his life -without them. Nor did they have any clue what that would be until later that seven year old Claire and Daniel figured it out. James had disappeared. He was no longer in the sea. He wasn’t even on the planet.

    ~ ~ ~

    Hannah drove the van and stopped to pick up Moana on the way to Waipio Lookout where they had first stopped, said a prayer and asked for god’s blessings. Then she drove down the steep winding road in 4-wheel drive low-gear with the headlamps on, as it was still dark outside. By the time they reached the Valley floor it was dusk and the sky was slowly filling with light. Hannah turned left at the bottom of the road and drove along the river toward the back of the canyon.. she passed the view of the Hi’ilawe Falls and came to Waipio river - which she had to drive through onto the road on the other side. At the next river crossing she turned left into the water and followed the river upstream to another road on the right about a quarter mile and drove out onto that dirt road that led them to the back of the canyon where they would not be seen or heard as there was much to discuss.

    It wasn’t lost on the women that Cathica was giving Daniel the cold shoulder and there were all curious as to what was going on. But this wasn’t the time to press for details, as there were other pressing matters they needed to pay attention to. All were quiet. They also sensed that energetically something had just shifted. Daniel sensed that James presence was missing. For the most part each was lost in thought and their own inner emotional landscape. Only Cathica was the outsider. She was James’ wife but she did not share the DNA link that bound the rest of them together. Nor was she privy to the family secret.

    Both Hannah and Malia had research any information on DNA they could find on the Internet and Keoni looked into it from a historical perspective. On their sixteenth birthday their father gave each of them a gold cross, which also worked like key to unlock a locked puzzle box with their Hawaiian name etched on the top. Joseph challenged each of them to begin their own spiritual quest and find the answers for themselves – why they were Catholic and what was so special about their DNA.

    Hannah had gotten interested in DNA from a health perspective and was seeing the results with the staff and patients at Hale Lani. There had been recent research on spontaneous genetic mutation because the new DNA appears to develop during the course of an individual's lifetime in response to a life challenge such as recovering from the HIV virus rather than appear as a new form of the code detected at birth. In these instances, the genetic code has learned to express itself in a new way that serves the individual's survival.

    What finally spelled it out for her and made complete sense as to her families PSI abilities was what Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues discovered in their cutting-edge research with regard to the more esoteric nature of DNA. They simply did not believe that 90% of our DNA is ‘Junk DNA.’

    She had cut and pasted the following information from the research she had downloaded and emailed it to her siblings (Luke, Malia (Mary), Mathew, Keoni (John in Hawaiian), Daniel and James) thinking they would appreciate knowing about this. It explained a lot.

    It read:

    From the German book Vernetzte Intelligenz by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf (summarized and translated by Baerbel):

    “The latest research explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light-auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind's influence on weather-patterns and much more. The Russian scientists also found out that our DNA can cause disturbing patterns in the vacuum, thus producing magnetized wormholes! Wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges in the vicinity of black holes (left by burned-out stars). These are tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness.

    What we are seeing here is ‘Hyper-communication’, where information is passed inter-dimensionally. It is as though the DNA acts as a ‘Stargate’ between this dimension and others. In the book there are several stories of how this information is downloaded via DNA.

    For example:

    1) The Italian composer Giuseppe Tartini for instance dreamt one night that a devil sat at his bedside playing the violin. The next morning Tartini was able to note down the piece exactly from memory, he called it the Devil’s Trill Sonata.

    2) For years, a 42-year old male nurse dreamt of a situation in which he was hooked up to a kind of knowledge CD-ROM. Verifiable knowledge from all imaginable fields was then transmitted to him that he was able to recall in the morning. There was such a flood of information that it seemed a whole encyclopedia was transmitted at night. The majority of these facts were outside his personal knowledge base and reached technical details about which he knew absolutely nothing.

    It was also noted how this information can be passed between individuals who’s DNA is ‘turned on.’ This helps explain how many of the Psychic Children can exchange complex concepts to each other through an invisible web. It is the DNA communicating over vast distances:

    We now know that just as on the Internet, our DNA can feed its proper data into the network, can call up data from the network and can establish contact with other participants in the network. Remote healing, telepathy or remote sensing about the state of relatives etc. can thus be explained. Some animals know also from afar when their owners plan to return home. That can be freshly interpreted and explained via the concepts of “group consciousness” (pod mind) and “hyper communication.”

    Russian researcher Doctor Vladimir Poponin put DNA in a tube and beamed a laser through it. When the DNA was removed, the laser light continued spiraling on its own, like it would through a crystal! This effect is called ‘Phantom DNA Effect.’

    It is surmised that energy from outside of space and time still flows through the activated wormholes after the DNA was removed. The side effect encountered most often, in hyper-communication and also in human beings, is inexplicable electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of the persons concerned. Electronic devices like CD players and the like can be irritated and cease to function for hours. (Several of Hannah’s family members had this happen when they got irritated where the copy machine would break down, a wrist watch would quit working, or personal computer crash.) When the electromagnetic field slowly dissipates, the devices function normally again. Many healers and psychics know this effect from their work.

    DNA and Solar Radiation

    Maurice Cotterell, author of The Mayan Prophecies and Astrogenetics studied the effects of solar radiation on humans for over twenty years and discovered that genetic mutations are caused through the action of ionizing radiations. He has found that X-rays and gamma rays from the Sun are the key factor in genetic leaps of species.

    The DNA is spliced which causes the genetic mutations. Ionizing radiation and magnetic radiation from solar flares on the Sun’s surface and other sources have acted upon developing genera causing mutational leaps in species. He also discovered that these periods of radiation cause people to become more intelligent and make great advances in society. These claims are mapped out in detail in The Mayan Prophecies. The sunspot cycles are part of this mutational process. Cotterell found that the suns solar flares peak in an 11.5-year, a 187-year, a 3,740-year and an 18,137-year cycle, which increase in intensity on respective peaks. 1991 was the peak of an 11.5-year cycle where sunspot activity was at an all time high. It is theorized by many that the peak of all the cycles together are destined to meet in December 2012.

    Hannah had talked with Cathica about DNA and healing but never really discussed with her the family secret - which primarily applied to just the siblings and now their offspring - including Cathica and James’ children. It seemed now was the time to share with her what the others knew since James was missing. It was possible for Cathica to connect with James but... who knows?

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    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Powwow (Talk Story) in Waipio - 2nd draft

    Everyone climbed out of the van and stretched and looked about for a place to sit, stand or pace.

    “Okay. Where do we start?” Said Daniel, pushing his glasses back up, squeezing the bridge of his nose and addressing the others.

    “I guess we need to compare notes” Hannah softly replied as she settled herself on a rather large tree log.

    “Who wants to go first?” Asked the dark curly haired Keoni, who felt like he knew the least of what had been going on other then that James was missing. He was clueless, frustrated, wanted action and was pacing about. Keoni is an archeologist and the joker of the family with an incredibility lack of ability to sense the mood of others. He usually was so caught up in his own thoughts that he tended to be oblivious of the emotional atmosphere of those around him.

    “Well”, raising her voice from her seat in the open door of the van, Cathica pitched in, “I need to know where James is and if he’s safe.”

    “I just don’t know.” Mila added sitting down next to her sister and placing her hands on the log on either side on her long legs, “I tried to get a fix on him last night and none of us, not even the air searchers knew.”

    “Well what about the boats?” Daniel, casually leaning up against the front end of the van with his hands shoved into his pants pockets asked.

    “What about the boats?” Added Mathew, who had also been out of the loop. “Are they at least at sea and in the general area you think James may be in?”

    “That’s the problem.” Replied Malia. “Last night it was too dark and the pilot had a general idea of a location but by now for sure, that pod and the two whales will be gone.”

    “I think the least we can do is get out there and take a look - close up,” answered Keoni. “I’d be willing to go out and look myself on the family fishing boat.”

    “Listen, we need to do this systematically. I can always fly one of the helicopters over the area and drop an inflatable life raft if he is at sea, and also drop one of you in the water with him. We just need to get those coordinates.” Malia frustrated turned to Daniel. “Don’t you have any clue where he is? You two used to play hide-and-seek and always knew where the other was hiding. Where is he?”

    Daniel pinched his nose and took a deep sigh. “I'm at a loss. On the way down here I experienced a shift in the energy and don’t feel James at all. I don’t know what to do, or where he is. I just know he’s not dead.”

    “Oh my god, oh my god,” cried Cathica. “You can’t feel his presence and don’t know where he is? How can that be? The two of you have been dreaming what each other have been doing for years. What happened? Why can’t you get a picture of where he is now?”

    Daniel, feeling like a failure, shrugged. “For some reason I just can’t sense where he is at the moment. It’s as if he just disappeared. I don’t experience any sadness but I do sense frustration from him. It is as if he is just out-of-reach, on the other side of a veil… but not dead. It makes no sense to me.”

    Cathica didn’t know what to say or do. She looked to her sister-in-laws and Moana.

    Moana catching Cathica’s gaze just said, “He was rescued. But I don’t know by whom. I do know he was being protected while in the water and that’s all I sense now.”

    Hannah had been quietly watching all of them and taking in what was being said. “Perhaps he is not with us… in this dimension.”

    “Are you completely mad Hannah? Shouted Daniel whose emotional reserve dipped down below empty. “Bloody Hell! What on earth do you mean by not being in this dimension? ”

    “You don’t have to raise your voice to me Daniel,” his sister older Hannah softly replied. “We are all worried and concerned.”

    “What about the key? Didn’t you do the research dad asked us all to do?” asked Mathew.

    “The key?” Daniel fingered the gold cross around his neck and looked deeply chagrined. “I left my puzzle box at the ranch when the folks died. It was just too painful to remember life without them. I stopped the Spiritual Quest then.”

    “Well that would explain it then.” piped up Keoni.

    “Explain what?” asked Cathica, who had no clue about what they were discussing.

    “It would explain how he ended up with Marguerite and divorced,” said Hannah.

    Furrowing her brow Cathica looked confused. “What do you mean Hanna?”

    “What I mean is that he took a detour from his spiritual quest and got lost.” Answered Hannah.

    “What do you mean, got lost?” Now curious Cathica wanted to know what the big secret was.

    “It’s simple Cathica,” answered Mathew. “Dad set each of on a spiritual quest when we turned 16 to discover for ourselves - why we were Catholics and what our spiritual path was. He told us once we knew, knowing would help guide us throughout life. It looks like Daniel went down the path of materialism. Not that materialism is a bad thing. Just that being focused on materialism tends to detour one off the path where making money is more important then how to live life from an inner spiritual core. Money is nice. Making money is necessary for most people. Maybe with the exception of Luke - whose a priest, but given our society, money is needed to survive, buy a home, raise a family and care for them. Only what dad was trying to teach us is that when we have a close personal relationship with god, our cup is always full. If we seek money for money’s sake, no matter how much money one has the cup is always half empty.”

    “Oh.” Cathica was still trying to sort out what this all meant.

    “Maybe we should tell her,” sighed Daniel.

    All the others turned and looked at Daniel with very serious expressions on their faces. Each of them had personally promised, “not to speak of the journals or the secret to anyone… not even their spouses.”

    That was one of the reasons that three of the seven never married. Keeping secrets from a spouse was something they felt uncomfortable with. They just thought it wrong but also understood the potential dangers.

    Even Moana raised her eyebrows and looked questioningly at the others. She thought she knew everything about her hani adopted family and she was just finding out they had been keeping a major family secret from her. This must be some big important secret.

    Of course Cathica felt like the outsider. She recalled Grace once telling her how it is in small towns and on islands. “No matter how many years you live in a place that you’ve moved too, you are always considered an outsider because you weren’t born there. Being born in the area and sharing life together, while growing up is what made locals, local. To a local… pretty much everyone else is a tourist.” Most tourists from the big cities had very little concept of what extended family was in small communities. This attitude was pretty normal and the way things were, but it didn’t make it easy for the newcomer who had to prove his or herself over years of selfless sacrifice to some cranky old-timers who often times quipped, "Well what have you done for me lately?"

    'The secret?' What secret was that she wondered.

    "What is the secret? In fact what is so important that it can’t be talked about with anyone outside of all of you?” Cathica demanded. She was angry. This was supposed to be her family and she felt like an outsider.

    Malia was busy thinking back to when she first started keeping secrets and realized it started with her dad on her sixteenth birthday and the with Moana when she was seventeen and they had their first UFO sighting. She figured her whole life was filled with secrets so kept quiet, as she really didn’t know what to say. However, she did notice her brothers and sister fingering their gold crosses and could tell they were likely thinking similar thoughts.

    Mathew was clearing his throat clearly uncomfortable and looked to Hannah who was also thinking it was time to include both Cathica and Moana in on the secret. Looking from Cathica to Moana and then the others she asked them. “Well, given the circumstances don’t you think it might be okay to share the secret with these two?”

    Looking around the circle heads nodded. It seemed it was time.

    “It’s okay with me.” said Daniel.

    “Easy for you to say that Daniel as you have been gone the longest and didn’t even follow through on what you had promised dad,” quipped Keoni.

    “Okay, okay, okay,” Mathew chimed in attempting to keep potential sibling rivalry troubled waters from bubbling over.

    “I guess its okay,” said Malia reluctantly wondering if this would someday be a huge mistake.

    Hannah was nodding her head in the affirmative. She understood what her sister must have been thinking given the secrecy of her own life and also the frustration of Keoni. But she felt she owed it to Cathica, James wife and Moana to tell them the secret. So she did.

    Stunned silence followed. “Oh” was all that Cathica could say.

    Moana just wisely nodded her head, as this was the most normal news of the week. “Okay,” she said. “Now that we know, what do we do next?”

    Putting her hand to her back and stretching upwards, Hannah said, “I think we need to get a list of everyone’s PSI (intuitional) impressions first and see if we missed anything. Next, just in case, someone needs to do a fly-by of the area everyone thought James might have been in. Maybe something was left behind? Then we need to figure out what to do if James is not coming back.”

    “Not coming back? Oh no!” Cathica cried. “No! No. What will I do? What about the kids? Who is going to take care of us?”

    “Well put me first on the list,” quipped Malia falling back into her old habit of making jokes when stressed.

    Hannah giggled then covered her mouth adding, “Opps, I guess that wasn’t funny.”

    “Oh no. We can’t do that (have Malia taking care of James’ family),” joked Keoni. “But I do have a scathingly brilliant idea. Why don’t we have Daniel stay and take James’s place? After all they’re twins. Who would know?”

    “What?” screeched Cathica gulping recalling the horrid experience of last night.

    “Just a minute,” said Daniel. “Don’t I get a say in all of this? And what do you mean by taking James’ place?”

    “Well,” reasoned Mathew, “We still don’t know where James is. And we don’t know who has him. We all sense he is alive, right?”

    “Right,” said Malia.

    “Right,” said Keoni.

    “Right,” said Hanna.

    “Right,” said Moana.

    “Right,” said Daniel.

    “Wrong,” said Cathica. “I don’t know anything other then that James isn’t here. That is ALL that I know.”

    “Understood,” Hannah kindly replied, “but on reflection I think it just might work and solve a few current problems.”

    “Like what?” Asked Cathica sarcastically.

    “Well, first, Daniel can show up at the University and take over James’ classes. We might find out who else might be involved or how James ended up out at sea. Then with his working there at least there is an income to help out with expenses. Albeit, Daniel would have to bone up on James’ volcanic and history course material. And then with Claire and Kaleo having Daniel there would be more of a comfort then not having anyone there at all. As for you Cathica, Daniel can help with what James did when he was home.”

    At this point, Cathica almost choked and started coughing violently. If she had been drinking her coffee she was sure she would have spewed it all over everyone. And now knowing what she was dealing with regarding her own kids and potential PSI abilities, she was already in a state of overwhelm. Besides, none of them, not one, knew her secret. The secret she had been keeping from James until she was sure. She was 10 weeks pregnant!

    OMG! What was she going to do? Having Daniel underfoot lusting after her would not do. And then she had her own conflicted feelings towards him. The chemical attraction seemed to flow both ways but she didn’t know if that was because they looked alike, were brothers… or if it was because the brothers were two different people and she was attracted to both. Would she have ended up with Daniel if she had met him first? She was so confuse and now had a headache. What a mess. She just wanted her own husband home, safe and sound.

    “Err,” Cathica mumbled, “I just don’t know having Daniel pretending to be James is such a good idea. What am I going to tell the kids? How do you suppose they’ll feel knowing their Uncle Dan is pretending to be dad?”

    Mathew piped in, “I think Daniel being there would be a good thing. It would be worse for the kids not to have someone there. Since none of us know where James is it will give the kids a chance to adjust to the possibility their dad may not come back.”

    “Oh no,” groaned Cathica, “Not come back? I don’t even want to think about that possibility.”

    Both Malia and Moana had been watching this whole exchange with their own thoughts racing through their minds. Daniel - pretending to be James? It could work. It would be difficult but in the end it would also be the best temporary solutions for the moment and it might give them some leads on what happened to James. Only they would have to include the police in this plan. Malia was still thinking they had no clue who took James. A fishing boat could have picked him up but not likely. The back ops could have found him, more likely. Or perhaps, on a very slim thread, maybe, she thought, he was rescued by some friends up there, as her gaze swept up toward the heavens. Moana caught her Malia’s look toward the sky and knew what she was thinking because she had similar thoughts herself. They would have to speak about this later when they had some privacy. Moana also wondered if James had been picked up by someone down there.. in the sea from the underwater base. After all, it was a possibility as well.

    Both simultaneously spoke, “I think it’s a good idea.”

    Cathica glanced over to the two of them, frowned and gave a huge sigh of resignation. From the looks on their faces she knew she was defeated. There was no way she could change their minds. She’d been around the two of them long enough to know a matriarch command when she heard one. It was settled. Daniel would take James place at work and at home… but definitely, not in her bedroom.

    Daniel had been listening to the whole discussion with numerous feelings of his own coursing through him. Now what? The rest of the family were determined he stay. He had just started a new job. He had kids of his own who were scheduled to fly home to London in a few days. He needed to get back. But he couldn’t leave. Not the way things were here in Hawaii. Not with James missing. The reality was he was needed here more then in London and he would just have to have the kids fly out to Kona. He could just imagine how being in Hawaii would go over with Rose and her Goth look at Honokaa High School. And how would he explain their presence here? Suddenly, he found his voice and chimed in, “What about my own kids? What do I do with them?”

    Hannah looked at Daniel thoughtfully and personally thought her niece and nephew would be far better off here with the family then left in France, or with a nanny in England. “Okay,” she mused. “Bring them here and we will just have to tell them the truth.”

    “What?” Squeaked Cathica, looking over at Hannah. “The truth? Why can’t they just stay with you at Hale Lani?” She wasn’t sure how she could handle the situation with her own two kids, her husband missing, her brother-in-law pretending to be her husband and being pregnant. What with Father Peter say? And now they want to add two more kids to the mix. If they were coming, so, was Grace and Francisco. She needed all the extra emotional support she could get. However, Cathica did think it helpful that Daniel was there given the possibility of her own kids PSI ability and Daniel helping them out if and when it might manifest. But she also needed her privacy and enjoyed her alone time when the kids were at school. She just didn’t know if she was up for such a drastic change.

    “I think I’m going to be sick.” Cathica moaned and unfortunately didn't turn her head quick enough and threw up on both Moana and Malia. She felt miserable and embarrassed. Morning sickness. It was their energy that swung the tide and stuck her with Daniel in her house. She was not happy.

    “Oh, my,” said Hanna rolling her eyes and giving a small sympatric shake of her head. “You don’t look to good. Maybe you should lie down in the back seat of the van.”

    Meanwhile, Keoni was laughing his head off while Mathew was chuckling and attempting to hide a smile behind his hand. Daniel was busy backing away thinking with the smell of vomit he may be next to up chuck.

    Malia and Moana both said, “Phewie!” and very carefully walked over to the river to wash off the stink.

    'Poor, poor Cathica,' thought Hannah. Her whole life has turned upside down and may never be the same again. It reminded her of when her parents died. This was going to be difficult for all of them.

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Grace wanted to experience the deeper meaning of prayer in a Roman Catholic setting among the priests and nuns. However, she still couldn't believe what she witnessed. She gave a little shudder.

    She was sitting in a room with Father Ambrose, four nuns dressed in their white and teal blue habits, and a woman they were praying over.

    The Battle for Souls

    Kealani - Book in Process Michael_and_the_Demon_Old_Paint
    Michael and the Demon

    From listening to Cathica’s and Daniel’s conversation in the Valley of the Kings, Keoni, the family historian knew those two were completely clueless about the significance of his sibling’s bloodline. When he had accepted his father’s challenge – to seek his own spiritual truth and to find out why the family were Catholic he decided to do what he loved best and study archeology along with ancient history. This eventually led him to the Dead Sea Scrolls where he first learned about the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness.

    Keoni decided it was time to fill his baby brother in on some very important details regarding the battle over souls and let Daniel know just how important his decisions are during the time where 'the lambs separate themselves from the goats.' As Edmund Burke wrote, "ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS THAT GOOD MEN DO NOTHING." After all, humankind was in a fight for their own immortal souls and if one didn’t stand up and be counted, one could easily be lost to the Sons of Darkness.

    The way Keoni had sorted this out or himself is that: first, one must develop a personal relationship with god; second, one must bend their knee (humble themselves before) Christ, the original Son of Light (SOL) by accepting and recognizing the miracle of his life and his relationship to god; and third, one must live life from an inner core of spiritual integrity (with heart/mind/soul integrated) and be willing to be a warrior for the Son of Light, if and when called upon to do so.

    During the drive to Hale Lani, with all of the van windows opened to air out the sour smell from Cathica's accident, Keoni reached out to his baby brother and risked saying, “Daniel, I feel sorry for you brother. But my sorrow extends beyond our brother James.”

    Daniel was resting his head against the headrest, eyes closed, thinking. His brother’s comment left him puzzled. “What are you taking about Keoni?”

    “I feel sorry for you. I mean brother - you're lost, not just James, but you too.” Keoni sadly shook his head.

    Daniel still emotionally and physically exhausted, quietly replied. “Care to explain?”

    Keoni gently inquired. “Are you sure you’re up for this bro?” Everyone, except Cathica had heard this story before on one of the family’s evening trips up to Mauna Kea and were surprised Keoni decided to 'talk story' now.

    Cathica worried about James and still feeling queasy sat up a little straighter to listen better. She asked. “What story is this Keoni? I don’t remember hearing it.”

    Hannah chimed in and replied, “That’s because it is an old story that Keoni told us awhile back before you married James so we just never thought to mention it to anyone.”

    “Why not?” Daniel asked, feeling irritated that he had been left out too.

    “Well,” clearing his throat, Mathew added, “it’s a bit unusual and most people just wouldn’t believe it even though we all know it to be true.”

    “I don’t understand.” Cathica had already heard the tales of the Menehune - tiny dwarf size people, who live in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian Islands, far from the eyes of normal humans.

    She had also heard the tails of how they built temples (heiau), fishponds, roads, canoes, and houses in a single night. What Cathica didn’t realize and the locals understood is that many myths originated from something that really happened.

    As exhausted as Daniel was his curiosity was piqued. “Okay, Keoni. How about filling me on what I’ve missed out on while I’ve been off island.”

    Keoni was glad his brother asked. He had learned the hard way that those who do not ask really aren’t interested and don’t listen. He took a deep sigh and released it. He was relieved that Daniel was willing to listen.

    Keoni’s rich baritone voice filled the van capturing everyone’s attention. “This is an ancient story of Sons of Light & Sons of Darkness."

    The battle between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness crosses dimensions and spans galaxies. And just as Christ had been born and made man so that he could come and free the souls of humankind, souls trapped in the 3rd dimension, so did the angels (Sons of Light) come to help as well. Only these beings, these angels had physical bodies just like Christ did. The Watchers were the extra-terrestrials.”

    “Okay. Stop for a moment,” piped in Cathica. “Where on earth did you did you get that information? Everyone knows angels are spiritual beings - and don’t have physical bodies.”

    “What to bet?” challenged Mathew. Doing the work that he did, Mathew already knew UFOs were real, along with Planet X and so were extraterrestrials. ...and so were the stories of angels manifesting in physical from during times of personal need to assist a human. He was deeply concerned. He knew there wasn't much time left. It was time to talk to the others about preparations when they got back to Hale Lani.

    “Well, prove it.” Snapped Cathica.

    “If you learned it was written in the Dead Sea Scrolls would you believe it?” asked Keoni.

    “Maybe…” Cathica grudgingly replied, then added. “and maybe not.”

    “Well that explains it then, doesn’t it?” added Hanna.

    “Explains what?” asked Daniel.

    “It explains why we don’t share this story with outsiders.” Said Malia.

    Cathica felt hurt and incensed as Malia’s statement just confirmed what she had been feeling for the past 24 hours. As far as she was concerned - someone wasn’t walking their talk. “Out with it!” She demanded. “I want to hear all of this story from the beginning to the end. I want to know WHERE you got your information from, and just WHY you think this is true, and WHY the rest of the Christian world will think you’re all loons and should be committed.”

    Daniel started laughing. He couldn’t help himself. He was a family member and felt like an outsider as well. He was thinking along the same lines as Cathica and she just saved him the embarrassment of expressing outloud the exact thought him self. He admired Cathica's fiery spirit. Then Mathew started to laugh along with Moana.

    “Exactly!” Malia joked. “We are a family of loons and all should be commit ted.” At which point she burst out laughing because she had the biggest secrets of any of them and knew they wouldn’t believe her either.

    In fact, Malia was remembering some of the mind-control conditioning some of her more experienced team members went through along with suggestions given them under hypnosis: “This is not happening,” “Never talk about this or people will think you are crazy,” “If you talk about this people will hate you,” “This is all a dream,” “This is a movie,” “If you start to remember you have a panic attack,” “If you start to remember you will die.”

    She laughed so hard tears were streaming down her dark suntanned cheeks. Malia was glad her first UFO sighting was with Maona and that they were just observers of something so awesome. And she was grateful she didn’t have to face the Sons of Darkness in the same manner as some of her friends had in the military. She thought of her fellow ‘Sons of Light’ soldiers’ as the bravest humans she knew and saw them as gallant souls. She also knew it was because of them she was alive today.

    It seemed that the laughter had finally broken the ice, whereupon everyone relaxed and were finally ready to settle down and listen to Keoni’s story.

    Still chuckling, Keoni settled himself and began again. "Well the story goes like this:

    The Watchers had good and evil amongst them. Archangel Michael is identified in the Dead Sea Scrolls as a ‘physical’ watcher in the Middle East - as is also mentioned the battle between the ‘Sons of Light’ and the ‘Sons of Darkness.’ This battle still rages today.

    The Watchers were the extra-terrestrials who were the original beings that seeded the 12 Tribes of Israel’s bloodline. Their original descendants, hybrids (half extra-terrestrial and half human) were born with the ability to project their consciousness out of the body and perform an ancient form of advanced remote viewing. Hence, the name “Watcher.”

    At this point Cathica rolled her eyes skywards yet remained silent.

    "Subsequent descendants (originating with the Tribe of Dan and later included the Spartans, the French Merovingian Priest-Kings, ‘Tuatha De Danann’ in Ireland and Celtic clans in Scotland) - have the ability to see ‘far into the distance.’ This is a very holy bloodline with powerful PSI abilities and although descendants may not practice PSI abilities themselves, these abilities are still in their genetic memory from their ancestors.

    There are also deeper issues, which connect to the so-called ancient “Nephilim” of the Bible.

    It was not uncommon to find the Sons of Darkness in charge of running various shadow government facilities and also control the connected underground bases. They “are a hard-line military regime that is ultimately a religious cult centered around the “corrupt” Zionists and Rosicrucians” and are members the Sons of Darkness. These shadow government underground facilities are also used as religious centers “where so-called ‘black magic’ rites are performed, ancient deities worshipped, and children trained and sacrificed.” Black Magic (the control of electro-magnetic energy for harm) is the oldest form of military technique known to man. Unfortunately, the Sons of Darkness tend to develop a type of bloodlust that is very dangerous, Many of the children involved in these programs were kidnapped, then used by their governments for covert operations and trained from a very young age.

    Keoni had learned from James Casbolt this particular story and how many of the secret religious orders of today (such as The Magi, The Zoroastrians, The 33rd Degree of Zion, The White Lotus society, The Rosicrucians, etc) are divided into two main factions. One is loyal in their beliefs to the so-called fallen angels, who were loyal to the fallen angel Lucifer, at the time of the Great Flood mentioned in the Bible. The fallen angels were known in Hebrew as ‘Irin,’ meaning ‘those who watch.’ This is translated into Greek as ‘Grigori,’ meaning ‘Watchers.’

    Keoni explained... "During the age of the ‘Church Fathers,’ from the fourth century onward, the Book of Enoch started to become suppressed. This led to the strange decision by St Augustine (AD 354-430) that the Book of Enoch was too old to be included in scripture. Rabbi Simeon Ben Jochai also worked toward the book being pushed underground when he declared that all are cursed who believe ‘angels are flesh and blood beings that physically came to earth.’ This is exactly what they are - ‘angels’ are extra-terrestrial beings. The benevolent sections of the Illuminati and other secret societies (Sons of Light) are loyal in their beliefs to the angels of Yud-heh-vav-heh, which is one of the Hebrew names of ‘God.’

    This is why the “real secrets” of Freemasonry are taught at the 33rd degree. “The Watchers descended from other planets onto earth in ancient times onto Mt. Hermon just north of Dan/Kaish in the Middle East. This mountain is on the 33rd degree latitude. When someone reaches the 33rd degree of masonry, one then enters the ‘Illuminati’ degrees and are taught the ‘secrets of the angels’.”

    Angels (Sons of Light extraterrestrials) and Sons of Light humans, both trained and untrained, have “come face-to-face, sometimes even in conflict situations, with malevolent and terrifying extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional life forms. These ‘xeno-breeds’ are so terrifying to witness, the sight of one could kill or drive insane most ordinary men.”

    Malia with her photographic memory could recall word-for-word what she read at Casbolt's website and filled in the blanks for herself. The parts Keoni didn't say. For example:

    “This happened in the 1960’s during the infamous ‘Dulce battle,’ when scientists at the genetics facility were taken hostage by reptilian-like extra-terrestrial life forms who had been working with the U.S. Government underneath the New Mexico desert. The Special Forces teams who went in for the attempted rescue had to be hypnotized and drugged to cope with the situation.”

    Keoni's story triggered a flash back for Malia where she was standing in B17 hanger in California when one of the space discs, 40 feet in diameter, using magnetic propulsion (free energy) flew in and landed not 20 feet away from her. Upon landing - she saw to the right of the door hatch, black lettering - USAF. Two sickly-pale, thin, about five foot tall beings exited. Their coloring reminded her of someone who never saw sunlight, pasty looking. They were not aliens and they were not humans.

    The beings' bodies were small (thin) so their heads look twice as big as the ratio to that of a person. They had tiny jaws and large black eyes twice the size of a humans. That is until one reached up placing his finger in the corner of his eye and popped out the black lens (sun guard) that had been covering it. The black covering was some type of lens like sunglasses. The actual color of the beings eyes were a clear light blue. However, what stuck her most about them and something she would never forget was the smell. They smelled foul - like rotted meat. That's when she knew for certain that the Sons of Darkeness, demons were the crafts pilots - that our government had made a treaty with demons! It made her ill.

    They didn't seem to mind her standing there. One of them came up to her and asked in a rich baritone voice if she would like a look inside. Not wishing to offend him or waste an opportunity to see what the interior of the craft looked like she said, sure. Inside the door hatch she saw chrome interior walls and two chrome seats.

    Afterwards, the being tried to use hypnosis to make her forget but she only pretended to go under and instead remembered. How could she ever forget their foul oder. That oder of rotted meat that oozed off of them? She would not. She would remember everything. She even remembered the short, grey-colored bio-robot beings, small military “bio-robots” that are part machine and part organic, known as PLF’s (Programmable Life Forms). These are used in the AL/499 (England) base and also shipped to various military bases in England and overseas. She later found out that the development between growth stages of these bio-robots is rapid and is approximately 3 months. Depending on what the PLF’s are being used for, they have 3 fingers and a thumb, and some have 4 fingers and a thumb."

    Keoni's voice interrupted her grim thoughts.

    He was telling the others about what he had recently read on the same website regarding the children being kidnapped. Casbolt said, “The Illuminists will argue that only individuals trained from childhood in certain ‘blood trials,’ where each level becomes more dangerous, can survive the military campaigns they will carry out as adults. They say this is not just a matter of national security for any one country but the survival of the human race.”

    Malia could understand but still could not condone kidnapping and training children from early youth to battle with demons and splitting their personalities in to bits through torture just to condition them to forget how awful these beings are. Why not use clones? Did the clones have souls that could be compromised? Or were clones too easy to overcome in battle? This she didn't know. She just thought there had to be another way to prepare the Sons of Light (spiritual warriors of Christ) to do battle with the Sons of Darkness (Lucifer's demons). She already knew that the NSA is very interested in creating genetically enhanced assassins and espionage agents who have certain inborn genetic traits such as PSI/psychic ability. This had been going on since WWII when Hitler was trying to create his “Uberman” (superman in German). They were basing their “new man” on a race of warrior Plieadian humanoids they had come into contact with from Aldebaran. This is a genetically enhanced soldier with heightened senses, intelligence, strength, and paranormal abilities such as telepathy. That was why Project Oaktree was still operational more then sixty years later as they were still looking people of certain bloodlines genetics (like the Celtic Blues on her mother's side of the family) who have a predisposition to paranormal/PSI ability, as these abilities are in the genetic memory of people of these bloodlines, even if they have not practiced psychic ability themselves.

    As with most groups, Malia knew that there were both positive and negative factions within the NSA involved in an internal war with each other. In fact, the whole global intelligence community has descended into chaos with much infighting going on between rival factions, often in the same organizations. After all she worked for the SoL, a positive cell in the USAF and was with the positive fraction working toward the evolution of humankind.

    Malia had lucked out as another insider friend provided her with highly classified documentation that teaches how to control your own brain waves just in case the project found out about her bloodline. She passed that information onto her sister and therapist Hanna. These self-mastery methods are similar to very advanced meditation, but using machines and advanced physics created by PHD bio-physicists. Hanna had the neuro-biofeedback electronics in one of the hidden rooms at Hale Lani and helped the younger fellow SoDs, under the age of 30 recall memories in detail what happened to them in the facilities where the mind-control procedures occurred. Memories were stored in compartments of their mind. Utilizing the various techniques she had learned, Hanna was able to trigger the amnesic barriers around these compartments where they began to break down. With Hanna's help these SoL's mind-programing was uncovered where they remembered what the programming was. In this way the different splits in personality was also integrated and the individual had conscious access to the hidden programmed memories that had been stored in their mind. Malia generally did a session with Hanna when she returned from an assignment to make sure all parts of her memory were integrated and functioning at optimum capacity.

    These mind-control programs were installed into her brethren and classified under Greek letters, which are also the name of specific brain waves. For example, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta, and Omega. For example, the Theta program is a PSI/telepathy program that enables them to physically see Scalar based radio sound waves and manipulate these sound waves with their minds. The most important technology the intelligence community uses is scalar/radio sound based so one can imagine how important this ability would be to an individual involved in espionage."

    Malia recalled reading that "The brain has the ability to receive, give off, and manipulate radio waves. If you hold a glass or a shell to your ear, the static-like hissing sound (like the sound of rushing air) is the glass or shell acting as a container and “capturing” the radio sound waves that the brain is giving off. The brain has a telepathic receiver and transmitter that uses sound waves. In fact, thoughts are simply scalar sound waves that most people cannot see but are very real. Hence “Tele”pathy, “ Tele”visions, and “Tele”phones. It is even possible to see waves of light coming off people’s heads, off of antennas on people’s houses and cars, and off of mobile phone masts. One of her friends had even showed her how to use her cell phone to take pictures of these radio waves. Sound waves look like someone has dropped a pebble into a pond, and ripples are coming out in circles and waves."

    "They call this MPO (Manifest Production Observership) and LERM (Light Encoded Reality Matrix). LERM relies on the integrated functioning of three important organs in the body: the cortical brain complex (which includes the old reptilian, old mammalian, and necrotic brains), the heart, and the visceral or enteric brain. LERM is taught to initiates of the highest levels of Freemasonry, as well as the NSA people. People who understand it can manifest their desires into reality extremely quickly. This secret technology is years more advanced than anything in the public domain and is science that was developed at the Pine Gap underground NSA in Australia, as well as other places. These documents point towards pure consciousness existing as pure sound on a higher frequency or dimension." But she had already known this through her years of spiritual practice and meditation.

    She thought of her remote viewing experience in an underwater NATO facility off the coast of Corfu in Greece and remembered how some vaults like in Fort Meade, where the CLASS-8 files are stored - contains hardware so advanced it can detect remote viewers entering through tiny fluctuations in air and then disable them with electro-magnetic/scalar waves. She had also remote viewed human-animal hybrid military genetic creations along with extra-terrestrial beings from different planets and star systems. She later communicated with these beings up close and in person. She wondered if any of them might help her find James. But then, it would be such a huge risk to contact them and could tip off the Sons of Darkness as to the true DNA genetics of her family. Malia was afraid for her nieces and nephews who could easily be kidnapped and used by the Sons of Darkness. She dare not risk it and thought back to her brother Daniel, James' twin. He had to know where their brother was. Maybe with a little rest he could sort it out. Maybe even dream James's location.

    It was also time to talk to her family about the new information she had received on DNA mutation and what was headed this way. She would wait until they sat down at breakfast at Hale Lani. At least there everyone could get something to eat and make their calls before heading off in different directions in their search for James.

    [Author's Note: Info from James Casbolt [James' website has disappeared however his original information is also at:]

    Kealani - Book in Process SuperStock_1788-1695

    Kealani - Book in Process St--Michael-Overwhelming-the-Demon-1518-Raphael-301583

    Kealani - Book in Process Painting-of-angels-demons-w

    Kealani - Book in Process AngelAndDemon

    Angels and Demons fresco painted on the wall next to the Tower of Pisa in Italy.

    Intercessors of the Lamb

    Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, other Sons of Light were engaged in their own spiritual warfare work. This group exists within the Roman Catholic Church and consists of priests, brothers, nuns, and lay people called to discipleship by the Holy Spirit and are formed in the Heart of Mary to continue the Lamb of God's redemptive mission through His powerful "burden-bearing" ministry of intercession. Grace remembered first hearing about them from a fellow parishioner who had attended one of their retreats. She learned that Intercessors of the Lamb was a mixed community of hermits where Priests, Brothers and Sisters are consecrated to God through the public vows of chastity, poverty, obedience and zeal for the salvation of souls. The main apostolate of the association is prayer for priests.

    She had read that they maintain a nation-wide network of "Companion" groups that pray in unity with the Intercessors and wanted her prayer group in Hawaii to become a Companion group as well. Grace recalled reading that the Intercessors nun's habit is a teal scapular, which expresses the society's role as intercessors. Sr. Danika Boever said, "The reason why we have teal [scapulars] is we're intercessors here on earth ... Our prayers go to heaven and we're kind of bridging the gap. And so, with earth being green and heaven being sky blue, we're in the middle. Blue and green makes teal."

    Through Grace's urgings, Father Peter contacted Father Ambrose about Grace attending a seven day retreat at the Intercessors of the Lamb spiritual retreat center. Grace was committed to learning about spiritual warfare and how to be a peaceful warrior for Christ. She had been learning as much as she could by reading Father Malachi Martin's books and talking with one of the nuns from the Intercessors of the Lamb. She felt a deep inner calling to attend their retreat as she had a premonition in which her hani (adopted) family was coming into a period of great danger. She needed to be spiritually prepared. She had approached Father Peter several months’ back and he made the arrangements for her to attend the retreat. Hanna had helped Grace with the flight to the mainland and Francisco drove her to the airport to catch the red-eye to San Francisco where she would then take the connecting flight to where the retreat was taking place.

    What Grace and Father Peter did not know was that Father Ambrose was not only a priest but also a CIA agent. Over the years his remote viewing talent combined with prophetic ability developed to the point that both the Vatican and CIA used him to help guide them through catastrophic earth changes, various disasters and political upheavals.

    The retreat involved seven days of silence where she was instructed not to speak to anyone. Grace was only to allow the spiritual director and lord speak to her. While walking through what she thought was a deserted area in the gardens she inadvertently overheard one member say to her spiritual director...

    "On the eve of August 27th I started prophesying about the retaliation of Israel toward Iran. This was not the first time, but I knew it was now. On that same night I prophesied about unusual winds that would begin to blow during the fall season of this year, specifically in the Northwest. This word was related to a previous word the Lord had given to me about a unique sound that had been released into the earth causing enormous angels to appear in the earth. The force of their wings strengthened the wind, causing the waters to rise from the seas higher than any other time.

    Today the Lord said to me again, “The winds are coming. The winds are coming.” These winds represent a spiritual rage that is rising up in the earth, destined to avenge the word of the Lord. These winds are to be taken literally. There are literal winds that are coming upon this nation as a result of what is occurring in the spirit. The word the Lord gave to me was “retaliation.” Which means the prompting of Israel attacking Iran would be the result of something Iran had done to them. Retaliation is an action taken in return for an injury or offense; it is a violent response to an act of harm or perceived injustice. As a nation, we are fully aware of what it means to retaliate against those who have caused great injury and death to those we love. There is also a spiritual retaliation that is rising in the earth that will make previous instances seem very small; after all, our battle is not against flesh and blood. We, the people of God, are retaliating against the forces of darkness in a manner the enemy has long dreaded."

    Grace gave a shudder. This was close and personal and she sensed again her family was involved in this battle. She was invited by Father Ambrose to join him along with four nuns to pray over one of the retreat members who had been a victim of ritualistic abuse and was possessed by demons. While praying over this poor woman - one nun was thrown up against the wall while being attack by demons. Grace continued to pray for Satan’s hold to be broken. She realized that the spirit of retaliation is severe. The nuns chanted the prayer of protection showing Grace how to shield her against the Sons of Darkness. Together they prayed...

    "Mother Mary please totally cover me in your mantle of protection against the spirit of retaliation so that you have me totally covered and sealed so they cannot see, feel or hear any part of me. Hide me in the wounds of Jesus where I am totally protected from all harm and shield me in the precious blood of Jesus. If there are any attacking demonic spirits that try to come after me please Mother Mary grant Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael (all of the major spiritual warriors) special deliverance warfare powers to do warfare for me on my behalf and whether I’m awake or asleep I give you full control Mother Mary for my life."


    Each year those individuals within the Catholic Church belonging to The Intercessors of the Lamb would hold a conference where various nuns, priests and very specially selected parishioners attended to confirm visions of upcoming earth changes and escalation of catastrophic events. Their mission ~ to save souls.

    The Intercessors of the Lamb also use remote viewing to go to horrible places, places of Satanic Rituals, to help change things. It was during this past summer’s conference that Angelica, a very devote parishioner was asked to attend. Angelica had the gift of prophecy. She had been in almost daily contact with Father Ambrose informing him of the various visions she had been having. She recently had visions of two strong quakes in China along with other devastating quakes in Japan, Italy, California and more rattling in Midwest occurring within the next 12 months. She also saw rogue waves in the ocean and the gulf stream to England slowing down where it would be colder in Europe. She saw unusual weather patterns which jeopardized food production. And she also saw terrorism attacks from within the United States by arsonists taking advantage of geographical areas stricken by drought in an continues attempt to undermine the United States resources including its economy.

    Other Catholic visionaries had reported similar confirmations of Angelica’s prophecies where they had also seen a series of similar images in dreams or deep prayerful meditative trances. The religious significance of frequency, intensity and locations of multiple catastrophic events indicated that indeed these were the end times as written in the Bible.

    Father Ambrose decided it would be of spiritual benefit for all of them if Angelica joined them at their annual conference and participated in their remote viewing sessions. Her prophetic abilities along with his own to anticipate future events and developments was astonishing.

    In order to prepare Angelica for this work Father Ambrose needed to take her through her past lives to test her visions and her strength to participate in spiritual warfare. Surrounded by nuns Father Ambrose and Angelica entered into a deep meditative state where he guided her back to a crypt in Bethlehem next to Jesus and Mary who reached out and embraced her. Angelica’s inner emotional blocks release, brilliant light - brighter then the sun, filled her with all the graces she had received from receiving the Eucharist daily in mass. Angelica felt reborn.

    Angelica was being prepared to enter into the realms of hell and needed to experience the purity of god’s love before entering into those dark places. She only had Father Ambrose’s spiritual presence and the shield of Christ to protect her from the agony she would witness and experience while in the realms of hell. Prepared and shielded by the Blood of the Lamb, using remote viewing Father Ambrose first guided her to her pre-birth situation at the time her mother wanted to have an abortion. Satan wanted her dead. Prior to birth, while still a soul in heaven, she had offered herself up to bring as many souls to heaven by allowing herself to experience suffering. At this place, a place where the soul exists between births, her birth father spoke with her asking her if she was sure she wanted to take on this difficult mission, as it would be excessively burdensome. Angelica was a spiritual warrior and insisted upon doing it anyway. It was her life. She wanted to suffer - so that through her suffering she could bring as many souls as possible back to heaven. She was willing to offer herself up for the Lamb and do whatever it took to accomplish her spiritual mission.

    She was ready to open up the areas where her memories had been blocked and explore the horrors within. She was a spiritual warrior for the Sons of Light and would not abandon her mission – her spiritual mission of saving souls. But now it was time for her to also save herself with the help of the Sons of Light. Surround by other spiritual warriors they helped her do battle against the Sons of Darkness.


    As Father Ambrose led Angelica’s spirit into the past to one particularly brutal ritual where Angelica had been given to Satan as his wife, both he and Angelica underwent a major satanic attack. Angelica saw two dragons coming at them. The nuns and priests forming a circle around Father Ambrose and Angelica kept praying. They were frantically attempting to stop the attack in its tracks when they were all overwhelmed. One nun passed out.

    Father Ambrose warned her in advance of each demon as he started to deliver her from them.

    He told her, “Get ready you have seven demons. It is going to start out easy and the last ones are going to be really hard.”

    Angelica was sitting in a prayer with two nuns holding each of her hands.

    He told her, “Okay, get ready.”

    When the demon came out it was very, very painful. As he delivered them it got harder and harder for Angelica to pass them out as they are ripping her up inside. She was sweating bullets.

    Father Ambrose announced, “Mary deliver her!”

    Father Ambrose continued ordering the serpents out, “In the name of Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, come out of Angelica and go immediately to the foot of the cross.”

    If the exercised demons are not sent immediately to the foot of the cross they can jump onto somebody else.

    When he got the last serpent out it almost broke her back and she could hear her spine cracking. The nuns were in semi-shock as they had never been witness to something like this before. However, Father Ambrose was in total control.

    Father Ambrose then said, “Mother Mary take that demon out, and finish the job now! He knew Angelica was totally exhausted and didn’t have that much life left in her. Everyone was exhausted and overwhelmed.

    Father Ambrose then said he saw three demonic babies in her. Angelica was in shock. He told her that the first two wont be too bad to deliver but the third one would be difficult. Angelica saw everything psychically that Father Ambrose could see.

    He said, “Get ready, you’re going to give birth.” Before she even has a chance to think of demon babies coming out of her he said, “Mother Mary, kill that baby!”

    Then Mother Mary appeared in front of Father Ambrose and Angelica eyes and took that demon baby and stomped it. The shock element that she even had those things in her was monumental. She had total amnesia of even knowing about all of her years of ritual abuse before Father Ambrose revealed it too her. Exhausted Angelica returned to her room with one of the sisters to rest. Back in Angelica's room the nun witnessed two huge angels about 9 feet tall. They were standing over Angelica - and stood watch over her while she slept.


    Grace felt honored and humbled to witness Angelicas spiritual battle and prayed her rosary throughout the many hours it took for Father Ambrose to free Angelica from the demons. She had learned much. Afterwards, Grace talked with Father Ambrose about her own extended family and concerns… but even Grace knew not to tell anyone about the special abilities of the Kealani family, even to this priest.

    Note: Christian meditation aims to heighten the personal relationship based on the love of God that marks Christian communion.

    In her book The Interior Castle (Mansions 6, Chapter 7) Saint Teresa of Avila defined Christian meditation as follows:

    "By meditation I mean prolonged reasoning with the understanding, in this way. We begin by thinking of the favor which God bestowed upon us by giving us His only Son; and we do not stop there but proceed to consider the mysteries of His whole glorious life."[12]

    Gospel of Matthew, c. 1700.

    Quoting the Gospel of Matthew[11:27]: "No one knows the Father but only the Son and anyone whom the Son wants to reveal him" and I Corinthians[2:12]: "But we have received the Spirit who is from God so that we may realize what God has freely given us", theologian Hans von Balthasar explained the context of Christian meditation as follows:

    "The dimensions of Christian meditation develop from God's having completed his self-revelation in two directions: Speaking out of his own, and speaking as a man, through his Son, disclosing the depths of man.... And this meditation can take place only where the revealing man, God's Son, Jesus Christ, reveals God as his Father: in the Holy Spirit of God, so we may join in probing God's depths, which only God's Spirit probes."


    Personal note: In trying to write this last section on Angelica (a true story), I had spent a few hours working on it when the computer froze as I was doing research in another window on something related. Usually when the computer freezes I have to reboot and lose everything thing I have in the edit section at Mists (I did not have this in word doc). I took a break came back and the computer was functioning properly again... when I saved the text the little "cheers" emoticon was at the bottom of the text. I did not put it there.

    I left out the worst parts.. of this true story that I was given permission to use and may use it in the next book for a later sequel.. but I did what to share what happened as these things are real.

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Star Gates & Time Travelers


    Before we get into the Grid, we need to know exactly what a Stargate is, because these are its main access points. A Stargate is an etheric inter-dimensional energy alignment between two points in interstellar space, which allows high vibrational energies to pass through long distances of space, along the space-time continuum. Put most simply, it is a sub-space vortex through which energy may pass. This passage of energy is most unrestricted during a solstice or equinox, when the position of the planet is such as to allow an optimal amount of energy through to Earth.

    During a Stargate ceremony, cosmic energy is brought into the Earth through a meditation and conscious intention; participants virtually act as "conductors", by connecting their physical bodies and conscious mind to the energies coming to the planet. New and enlightening information may be brought to the Earth this way. During a Stargate ceremony important ‘earth work’ may also be performed, such as the alignment of the Earth's Etheric Energy Grids, which is what the Children are involved in.

    The Stargate alignments are particularly crucial at this time, as the vibration of the Earth is speeding up as we continue to move through the photon belt. Stargates allow high vibrational interstellar energies to permeate the etheric grids of the Earth with ease and grace, and in doing so allow the energies to fully integrate into the etheric grid structures of the Earth. As we are also connected to the grids and the Earth, it also serves as a chance for spiritual growth within the individual as these high-vibrational energies permeate our own energy matrix and can influence DNA mutation and higher states of consciousness.

    There are many Stargates around the Earth and many new ones are appearing as the energetic structure of the Earth is changing. Stone circles, the Pyramids, hill-tops and sacred sites all over the world are recognised as Stargates, but as humans, we need to step in and become the new conductors for this new type of energy. These ‘node-points’ around the planet have been mapped out by such visionaries as Bruce Cathie, Richard Hoagland and the team of Becker and Hagens, but as we will see later, this work does not only need to be carried out at ‘points’ on the grid.

    The Vortex phenomenon that happens at these sites depends on certain Solar, Astrological and Galactic frequencies. Sometimes there is more energy coming into the Earth, which is when it is useful for Grid-work. At other times the energy is streaming out from the Earth, usually through these node-points. An example of the later was when a group of hippies were camped inside Stonehenge and the stones were struck by lightning. Witnesses saw them all disappear, leaving only their charred tent pegs (from Vanished: Strange Cases of Unsolved Disappearances by Stephen Wagner). David Wilcock believes that the higher energy vibration of the lightning activated the Vortex that Stonehenge had been built to harness, which in turn caused this to happen. He also believed this enabled the builders of the monument to travel through space and time.

    Kealani - Book in Process Hawaii19-5Grid

    Hawaii and the Star Tetrahedron

    In the early 1990s Richard Hoagland, a former NASA scientist, had become intrigued by what appeared, in NASA photographs, to be a number of Pyramids and a Sphinx clustered together in a region called Cydonia on the surface of Mars. As his research continued he recognized that Cydonia sits astride the 19.5-degree latitude on Mars, and that furthermore so does the ‘eye’ on Jupiter and the most active volcanoes on Earth which are on The Big Island of Hawaii. (Also on Earth the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan of Mexico sit on the 19.5 line). He was pondering these coincidences when another researcher, Drunvalo Melchizedek, who was primarily interested in sacred geometry, noticed that if you place a Star Tetrahedron (which is composed of 2 interlocking 4-sided tetrahedrons) so that it fits inside a sphere with its points touching the surface of the sphere, then if the two opposite points of the tetrahedrons are the ‘poles’ of this sphere, then the other points of the tetrahedrons touch the sphere at 19.5 degrees north and south of the ‘equator’.

    The Star Tetrahedron is significant because it is one of the shapes that energetic interdimensional vehicles, known as the ‘Merkaba’ or ‘Light-body’, manifest as. At Planet Earth’s 19.5-degree latitude we have the intersection between the light body of the planet with its surface, and since light-bodies have the ability to connect us to other dimensions, at this latitude we have an energetic predisposition for inter-dimensional experience. Hence the massive volcanoes on Mars, the eye and Moon of Jupiter, two volcanoes on Venus, a ‘dark spot’ on Neptune, dark cloud bands on Saturn and the Volcanoes of Hawaii.

    Kealani - Book in Process Jupiter
    Jupiter’s red spot and Moon at 19.5 degrees latitude south (Courtesy of NASA)

    Spherical Geometry & 19.5 Degrees
    throughout the solar system

    Kealani - Book in Process Startet
    The Piri Reis map

    19.5 degrees north and south are the latitudes where the apex points of a star tetrahedra within a sphere
    will contact that sphere's surface, when one apex is positioned at the north or south pole.

    On the Sun: sunspot activity and the region of peak temperatures is limited to 19.5 degreees north and south.

    On Venus: the presumably active major volcano complexes Alpha and Beta Regio are near 19.5 degrees.

    On Earth:
    Mauna Loa, Hawaii (19 degrees 28 minutes N, 155 degrees 37 minutes W) The largest shield volcano is at 19.6 degrees north. This is Mauna-Kea volcano on the island of Hawaii. (19.5 exactly where our home is located)

    Mexico City, Mexico (19 degrees 23 minutes N, 99 degrees 10 minutes W) The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan is at 19.6 degrees north.

    Dzibalchen, (Yucatan), Mexico (19 degrees 28 minutes N, 89 degrees 46 minutes W)
    Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island (19 degrees 18 minutes N, 81 degrees 26 minutes W)
    Mount Emi Koussi, Chad, Africa (19 degrees 47 minutes N, 18 degrees 34 minutes E)
    Mount Kalsubai, (near Bombay), India (19 degrees 33 minutes N, 73 degrees 43 minutes E)
    Mountain near Xiangkhoang, Laos (19 degrees 17 minutes N, 103 degrees 17 minutes E)
    Mountain near Potosi, Bolivia (19 degrees 13 minutes S, 66 degrees 22 minutes W)
    Yasur Volcano, Tanna Island, Vanuatu (South Pacific Ocean) (19 degrees 31 minutes S, 169 degrees 25 minutes E)
    Mount Samuel, Northwest Territory, Australia (19 degrees 13 minutes S, 134 degrees 8 minutes E)
    Gweru, Zimbabwe, Africa (19 degrees 31 minutes S, 29 degrees 49 minutes E)

    On Mars: the "vast" Olympus Mons shield cone volcano is at 19.5 degrees.
    On Jupiter: the "red spot" which is an obvious vortex is at 19.5 degrees.
    On Neptune: in 1986 Voyager II discovered a similar spot at 19.5 degrees north.

    Based on Richard Dannelley's book, Sedona: Beyond the Vortex and Bruce Rawles

    Why '19.5 degrees' is Significant

    19.5 degrees is the angle that's been found by researchers (Richard C. Hoagland, Stanley McDaniel, Erol Torun, Horace W. Crater, etc.) to be repeatedly encoded in the structures of Cydonia. It is viewed as a definite 'signal in the noise' - some kind of a 'message' left there by some intelligence. 19.5 is called t, the 'tetrahedral constant', because of its significance in tetrahedral geometry (a tetrahedron is a pyramid shape composed of four equilateral triangular sides): the apexes of a tetrahedron when placed within a circumscribing sphere, one of the tetrahedron's apexes touching the north pole, the other three apexes touch the surface of the sphere at 19.5 degrees south latitude. Why this number would be important to the builders of the Martian structures is not clear (though Hoagland is theorizing that it has to do with what he calls "hyperdimensional physics").

    Nile Time-Map & tetrahedral geometry -- 19.5 degrees

    The emphasis on 19.5 degrees is not confined to the Martian structures. It has been found to be associated with various ancient structures here on earth - Giza pyramids, Avebury (the largest stone circle in the world, near Stonehenge), Pyramids of the Sun and Moon at Teotihuacan, etc.

    It is also worth noting that the Egyptian hieroglyph for Sirius, the brightest star in the sky which was extremely important to ancient Egyptians, is an equilateral triangle which can be viewed as a 2-dimensional representation of a tetrahedron; and in the Egyptian translation, it means a doorway... a sort of 'stargate'.

    Curiously, it has also been observed that 19.5 degrees is closely linked, for some reason, with the NASA space missions (for example, Mars Pathfinder landed at 19.5 degrees lat. of Mars on July 4, '97). In fact, not only did Pathfinder landed at 19.5 N, the longitude of the landing site was approximately 33 W - which is the very number of the longitude of the apex of the Great Bend of the Nile (33 E)! Now, this strongly insists on the relevance of the Nile numbers, and someone behind the scenes is well aware of it.

    As we move on, the number, 19.5, will also be very important in my Nile Time-map theory. Perhaps, as the Nile-Mars connection bridged by '19.5' appears to suggest, Mars was somehow involved during the 'Prometheus / Pandora period'.

    Bruce Cathie & The Discovery in the Oceans

    Back in the 1950’s Bruce Cathie was working for the New Zealand Military. When he was out flying planes and spending time on boats he kept seeing UFO’s. By 1965 he realised there was a pattern emerging as to the flight paths of these crafts. He became fascinated by this and soon discovered the UFO’s were indeed following straight-line paths. He mapped them out and found a ‘grid system’ over New Zealand and the surrounding ocean. This led him to the realisation that the entire Earth had this ‘Grid’.

    Cathie is not a trained scientist or Mathematician in any way, but upon reading his work, you can tell he has an advanced knowledge of his subject. In fact his work was so far ahead of his time several Government agencies have offered him $millions to sell them his research and to keep his mouth shut about his ongoing discoveries.

    A French researcher by the name of Aime Michel had been carrying out similar work in Europe. She had found that the distances between parallel flight-paths were estimated at 54.46 kilometres. Converted to nautical miles, Cathie discovered that the paths were exactly 30 nautical miles apart. One nautical mile is exactly one minute of arc on the Earth’s surface; therefore sixty nautical miles would be one degree of arc. There are 360 degrees in a circle or sphere, so what we have here is a harmonic between the Earth’s Energy Grid and the shape of the sphere – the Earth itself! Perhaps a long time ago it was the Grid discovery that gave us the mathematics of the circle. Cathie checked his discovery with many other UFO researchers and found that his theory was being taken seriously, much to the dislike of the ‘Government Agencies’.

    Kealani - Book in Process WaterAerial
    Image of the ‘Aerial’ 13,500 feet deep in the ocean.

    The oceans held the next stage of his global-grid formula. He had noticed that many reports of UFO’s entering the sea at certain locations. He put these locations onto his grid-map and found them to be crossing points on the grid. But it was a photograph of an unknown structure 13,500 feet deep off the coast of Cape Horn in South America that really caught his attention. It appeared to be a large metal ariel of some sort with geometrically placed bars protruding out from it at certain angles. He checked his grid-map and found that this was also a major crossing point and that the direction bars corresponded with the direction of the grid lines. This piece of information and his research up to that point allowed him to form a detailed version of the grid he had discovered. David Wilcock was the first to point out that Cathie had unknowingly discovered the cube and octahedron inside a sphere – the first stage of the platonic solids within the Grid.

    The underwater structure and UFO’s entering the ocean links with the research of Joan Ocean. She says that the Government’s sonar experiments disrupted these electro-magnetic lines of the Earth so that the UFO’s could no longer navigate our oceans. It also suggests that there are indeed underwater bases set up by ET’s. Cathie also once saw a fast-horizontal moving UFO ‘fire’ a glowing rod into the sea at a precise vertical angle that defied the laws of physics. He concluded that the UFO had aimed the rod at a particular point on the ocean floor, which could have been linked to the ‘aerial’ found at Cape Horn.

    The Platonic solids

    The five Platonic solids hold the key to understanding the Planetary Grid system. Already we have seen that the cube and octahedron are present in Cathie’s work. Hoagland unlocked the star-tetrahedron, so now we only need to find the icosahedron and the dodecahedron. Here is a diagram of the Platonic solids in a sequence that relates to the progression of vibration, the ancient Indian theory of how they correspond to colour sequence and the notes in a ‘pure Diatonic’ scale. Therefore what they are really showing us is the dimensions we, and the Universe are slowly travelling through. We are currently in the ‘Octahedron’ or ‘Third’ dimension/density and will soon be moving into the ‘Star-Tetrahedron’ or ‘fourth’ dimension/density (Wilcock believes we already have shifted – we just haven’t let go of the third yet).

    Kealani - Book in Process PlatonicSolids
    The ‘Octave’ of Platonic Solids (Wilcock 1999)

    This gives us an indication of the importance of the Star-Tetrahedron Platonic solid and its relationship to the next phase of our evolution. All the teachers who are teaching the ‘Merkaba’ technique might be on to something. It is as though it is a preparation for the next dimension. One thing that needs to be made clear before we continue is the nature of dimensions. ‘Density’ is a more appropriate word, because it is the third density we are in and not really the third dimension. Dimensions exist simultaneously, whereas densities show a distinct progression to higher frequencies. So from now on, density will be used instead of dimensions.

    Maurice Cotterell discovered that the Sun also has the same inner Octahedral geometric structure, as can be seen in this diagram. The main sunspot activity is located at these precise geometric points.

    Kealani - Book in Process SunOctahedral

    The Icosahedron & Dodecahedron Grids

    The energetic matrix of the Icosahedron Platonic Solid has been discovered within the Earth. There are twelve outer points on an Icosahedron and Ivan P. Sanderson, found that the locations of these points are places where very strange phenomena such as loss of time and disappearances took place. The Bermuda Triangle is one of these ‘Vile-Vortices’ and so is an area near Hawaii. Therefore Hawaii is on both the Star-Tetrahedron and Icosahedron grid-points and gives an understanding of why ceremonial work is so potent here. It is literally ‘touching’ two of the major geometric Grids of the planet.

    Sanderson’s discovery ignited a world-wide interest and three Russians scientists: Nikolai Goncharov, a Muscovite historian, Vyacheslav, a construction engineer and Valery Makarov, an electronics specialist, took on the job of constructing a map that determined the Earth’s “Matrix of Cosmic Energy”. They super-imposed a Dodecahedron onto the map and came up with this result:

    Becker and Hagans improved this map with the help of the work of Chris Bird, who wrote his article on the ‘Planetary grid’ in the New Age Journal of May 1975. They had a meeting with him and they eventually made the Grid compatible with all the Platonic Solids. Here is what they said about the completed Grid:

    These new lines and points, in conjunction with Sanderson’s, now matched most of the Earth’s seismic fracture zones and ocean ridge lines as well as outlined worldwide atmospheric highs and lows, paths of migratory animals, gravitational anomalies, and even the sites of ancient cities.

    Kealani - Book in Process PlanetaryGridMap2

    The Planetary Grid System shown [here] was inspired by an original article by Christopher Bird, "Planetary Grid," published in New Age Journal #5, May 1975, pp. 36-41. The hexakis icosahedron grid, coordinate calculations, and point classification system are the original research of Bethe Hagens and William S. Becker. These materials are distributed with permission of the authors by Conservative Technology Intl. in cooperation with Governors State University, Division of Intercultural Studies, University Park, Illinois 60466 312/534-5000 x2455. This map may be reproduced if they are distributed without charge and if acknowledgement is given to Governors State University (address included) and Mr. Bird.

    Kealani - Book in Process Gridnumbers

    Some notable megalithic sites around the world are built at earth grid points:

    (1) Giza, the Great Pyramid
    (3) Tyumen oil field, USSR
    (4) Lake Baikal, USSR, many unique plants and animals
    (9) Hudson Bay, present location of north magnetic pole
    (11) Northern British Isles, Maes Howe, Ring of Brodgar, Callanish
    (12) Mohenjo Daro-Rama Empire culture
    (13) Pyramids in Xian, China, the largest in the world
    (14) Southern Japan Dragon's Triangle, great seismic activity
    (16) Hamakulta, nearby lies Hawaii, scene of high volcanic and earthquake activity
    (17) The sophisticated canal civilization of Cibola
    (18) Bimini, the site of huge man-made walls underwater, discovered in 1969, the date that Edgar Cayce had predicted that evidence of Atlantis would be discovered
    (20) Algerian megalithic ruin
    (21) Megaliths at Axum, the Coptic Christian center in Ethiopia
    (25) Bangkok and Angkor Wat
    (26) Sarawak, Borneo, site of ancient megalithic structures
    (28) Pohnpei Island, Micronesia, site of the megalithic city of Nan Madol
    (35) Lima, Peru, boundary of the Nazca Plate, Pisco, the Candlestick of the Andes & the Nazca Lines
    (40) Gabon, West Africa, natural atomic reactor in operation about 1.7 million years ago
    (41) Zimbabwe with its ancient mines & structures
    (44) The Maralinga Atomic Test Site, which also has megalithic ruins
    (47) Easter Island and its megaliths
    (62) German underground Antarctic base?

    Based on David D. Zink, Ancient Stones Speak: A Journey to the World's Most Mysterious Megalithic Sites (Dutton 1979).

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

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    Claire 2nd rewrite

    The seven year old girl was sitting on the floor in the living room surrounded by piles of colored pencils all arranged in groups of four. She had brown hair like her father only a little bit darker and her mother's green eyes - only they were dull. The inner spark was missing.

    One two three four. One two three four. One two three four.

    The number of times Claire swished the colored pencil across the paper didn’t change as she colored her drawing. She knew what she was doing, and she was perfectly aware of how much she needed to finish this.

    “Honey?” Her mother’s voice broke across the perfect rhythm in her mind. It irritated her, but she figured that her mother didn’t mean to disrupt the pattern. She couldn’t hear it.

    “…Hm?” Claire asked, lifting her head away from her drawing and blinking. Blinking had a pattern too. One two three four….

    Her mother walked over to her and knelt next to her. “Sweetie, I made some bread. Do you want any?”

    “…Four, please.” Claire murmured, looking back at her drawing and swiping the colored pencil across it again. One two three four, one two three four.

    She could hear the slight exasperation in her mother’s voice. She couldn’t help it. She knew her mother loved her, but she was frustrated. Their family was stressed because of her. Claire knew that.

    “Alright, sweetie.” Her mother stood up and walked back out, leaving Claire to her drawing.

    One two three four, one two three four. Claire put the pencil back, then picked up a green one. The picture was something special.

    It showed her where daddy was.

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    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Kealani - Book in Process 6a00d8341bf7f753ef013486a1cefc970c-500wi
    Nemesis, Inbounder, Lumi, Nibiru, Wormwood

    What's Coming Our Way

    Nemesis = Orcus (Gov. Designation for It) = The Inbounder = Nibiru = Wormwood = Planet X =Corot 98 = Subject: Lumi 229

    Vatican Space Program (KEREGMA - In conjunction with McDonald Douglass) located It in '87 (IIRC) with Their "Siloe" Deep Space Probe...

    S.a.A.M.e orbits It as well as 5 or 6 other Bodies.
    Red/brown dwarf star
    3 to 5 times the mass of Jupiter
    Located in the western hemisphere of Orion?
    Confirmed Nasa Footage of Nibiru (The Second Sun) Revisited (May Shock You)

    Nibiru Planet x Corot 9B Nemesis Wormwood

    John Moore who is outstanding.

    This is the first of 12 youtube videos which was originally made in March 2008.

    I just finished watching all 12 segments of this and it is a must watch for anyone who wants to know the truth about Nibiru Planet x Corot 9B Nemesis Wormwood. Time is almost up but it is the seas.. that are important.

    The 10th planet in Bible is Wormwood.. the closer you are to the equator the better off you will be because the climate isn’t going to change that much. It comes through the solar system interacting with electro plate, gravity and earth. NASA and Navy personnel were all told about abrupt climate change and rapidly rising oceans. Changes would take about 30 days. Oceans would become violent with massive violent ocean waves. According to Moore and others this can happen anytime now. When it does seismic activities will play a big role. Midwest has new Madrid seismic zone that will be triggered 9.3 earthquakes US navy said to expect at least 3 of these quakes.

    Moore also said according to his sources that Russia and China are prepared to invade and take over the midwest grain growing belt as they have stored supplies in Canada and Mexico for that time. Even Walmart has shelters built underground.

    WISE looks at our universe in the infrared part of the spectrum. Like the Spitzer space telescope, WISE is hunting for heat. The difference is that WISE has a much wider field of view, and so is able to scan a greater portion of the sky for distant objects. Summary: Is our Sun part of a binary star system? An unseen companion star, nicknamed “Nemesis,” may be sending comets towards Earth. If Nemesis exists, NASA’s new WISE telescope should be able to spot it. Nicknamed “Nemesis” or “The Death Star,” this undetected object could be a red or brown dwarf star, or an even darker presence several times the mass of Jupiter.

    Why do scientists think something could be hidden beyond the edge of our solar system? Originally, Nemesis was suggested as a way to explain a cycle of mass extinctions on Earth.

    Kealani - Book in Process Orcus_25
    Subject: Lumi 229
    Its a System - Not just a Planet...

    WISE began scanning the sky on January 14, 2010 and NASA recently released the mission’s first images. The mission will map the entire sky until October. Part of the NASA WISE mission is to search for brown dwarfs. WISE will easily see an object with a mass a few times that of Jupiter and located 25,000 AU away. it is also in search for signs of a companion to our Sun.

    Oort Cloud
    What is disrupting the Oort cloud and sending comets towards Earth (2 a day as compared to one or two a month). Our solar system is surrounded by a vast collection of icy bodies called the Oort Cloud. If our Sun were part of a binary system in which two gravitationally-bound stars orbit a common center of mass, this interaction could disturb the Oort Cloud on a periodic basis, sending comets whizzing towards earth.

    Proton Band

    Galactic Wave from Center of Galaxy

    Kealani - Book in Process Galaxy_plane_ecliptic-redo

    Earth Crossing the Galactic Plane
    Earth crosses the Milky Way’s galactic plane (also called the galactic equator) twice a year, every year. The winter solstice sun will also align with the galactic plane on December 21, 2012, the ecliptic – the projection of the Earth’s orbital plane onto the stellar sphere that intersects the galactic plane near the solstice points. The solstice points were in alignment with the galactic equator as recently as the year 1998. That’s why these points are so near each other on earth's sky’s dome. The sun will be in front of the constellation Sagittarius on each December 21 solstice. Sagittarius is shown as a Teapot on this sky chart. On or near each December solstice, the sun crosses the plane of the Milky Way galaxy above the spout of the Teapot, a bit north of the galactic center. On a dark, moonless night, one can view the great boulevard of stars that is the Milky Way running astride the galactic plane (equator). .Every
    65 million years or so, the solar system passes through the galactic plane, our next trespassing will be in 2012. The galactic plane is the most dense part of the galactic disc. During its journey around the galaxy, the sun and Solar System wobbles above and below the galactic plane similar to bobbing up and down like a horse on a carrousel through the dense, central portion of the Galactic Plane. The earth crosses the plane every 33 years yet other sources give a figure of 27 - 36 million years. For example, The sun's path is inclined about 25 degrees to the plane of the galaxy and is headed toward a region in the constellation of Hercules near its border with Lyra. The sun oscillates through the plane of the galaxy with an amplitude of about 230 light-years, crossing the plane every 33 million years. There is the "Shiva Event" hypothesis that mass extinction record shows evidence for a periodic component of about 26 to 30 Myr, and an ~30 Myr periodic component has been detected in impact craters with recent pulses of impacts in the last 2-3 million years. A cyclical astronomical pacemaker for such pulses of impacts may involve the motions of the Earth through the Milky Way Galaxy. As the Solar System revolves around the galactic center, it also oscillates up and down through the plane of the disk-shaped galaxy. This cycle should lead to quasi-periodic encounters with interstellar clouds, and periodic rotations in the galactic tidal force with maxima at times of plane crossing. This "galactic carousel" effect may provide a viable perturber of the Oort Cloud comets, producing showers of comets in the inner Solar System. These impact pulses, along with stochastic impactors, may represent the major punctuations in earth history.

    A summary of the Shiva Hypotheisis written by Rampino appears here.
    "Recent evidence is converging on the conclusion that mass extinctions coincided with comet or asteroid impacts, and that periodic comet showers, triggered by the Solar System's motions
    through the Milky Way Galaxy may provide a general theory to explain impact-related mass extinctions. The cyclic extinctions are followed by explosive evolution of the surviving species that re-filled the many life niches emptied by the global catastrophe, so we have named this idea the "Shiva Hypothesis", after the Hindu deity of cyclic destruction and renewal."

    From historical data records indicated a possible cycle of these mass die offs associcted with a similar cycle in the occurrence of large impacts on the Earth. Furthermore, it seems that clusters of craters of similar ages are closely correlated with the mass extinction episodes. These results suggest that many impact events on Earth were part of a periodic, most likely from showers of comets, leading to periodic mass extinctions. This may be related to a known astronomical cycle-the motion of the Solar System up-and-down through the plane
    of the disk-shaped Milky Way Galaxy. Astrophysicists have determined that the Solar System revolves around the center of the Galaxy about once every 220 million years, and as it does so the Solar System bobs up and down like a horse on a carrousel through the dense, central portion of the galactic disk. In this cycle, the Sun and planets pass through the dense region packed with stars and clouds of interstellar gas and dust every 26 to 30 million years. The passage of the Solar System through the galactic plane could lead to gravitational disturbance
    of some of the trillions of comets that orbit the Sun in the so-called Oort Cloud, resulting in periodic showers of comets in the inner Solar System.

    THE HOW AND WHY OF THE MAYAN END DATE IN 2012 A.D. by John Major Jenkins

    Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions (Paperback) by John Major Jenkins

    Galactic Center
    The gravitational center of the Milky Way Galaxy in which our Solar System is located; our sun and other stars of the Galaxy revolve about this center which harbors a super massive black hole. It is located in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius, Ophiuchus, and Scorpius where the Milky Way appears to be the brightest. It is a barred spiral galaxy with spiral arms
    Kealani - Book in Process Hubble2005-01-barred-spiral-galaxy-ngc1300

    Because of the interstellar dust along the line of sight, the Galactic Center cannot be studied at visible, ultraviolet or soft X-ray wavelengths. The available information about the Galactic Center comes from observations at gamma ray, hard X-ray, infrared, sub-millimetre and radio wavelengths. The central parsec around Sagittarius A* contains thousands of stars, the Galactic Center is also rich in massive stars

    The parsec is a unit of length, equal to about 3.26 light-years. The parsec measurement unit is used in astronomy.

    A star is a massive, luminous ball of plasma held together by gravity. The nearest star to Earth is the Sun, which is the source of most of the energy on Earth. Other stars are visible in the night sky, when they are not outshone by the Sun...

    Gamma ray
    Gamma radiation, also known as gamma rays , is electromagnetic radiation of high frequency . They are produced by sub-atomic particle interactions such as electron-positron annihilation, neutral pion decay, radioactive decay, fusion, fission or inverse Compton scattering in astrophysical processes...

    The complex astronomical radio source Sagittarius A
    Sagittarius A
    Sagittarius A is a complex radio source at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. It is located in the sky in the Sagittarius constellation...

    appears to be located almost exactly at the Galactic Center, and contains an intense compact radio source, Sagittarius A*, which coincides with a supermassive black hole
    Supermassive black hole
    A supermassive black hole is the largest type of black hole in a galaxy, on the order of hundreds of thousands to billions of solar masses. Most, if not all galaxies, including the Milky Way, are believed to contain supermassive black holes at their centers....

    at the center of our Galaxy. Accretion of gas onto the black hole, a region of space from which nothing, including light, can escape. It is the result of the deformation of spacetime caused by a very compact mass. Around a black hole there is an undetectable surface which marks the point of no return,...

    , probably involving a disk
    Accretion disc
    An accretion disc is a structure formed by diffuse material in orbital motion around a central body. The central body is typically a young star, a protostar, a white dwarf, a neutron star, or a black hole. Gravity causes material in the disc to spiral inward towards the central body... around it, would release energy to power the radio source, itself much larger than the black hole. The latter is too small to see with present instruments.

    Sun Magnetic Polar Reversal 2012, Dr. Michio Kaku
    Increased solar x-ray and gamma rays (Maurice Catterll)

    Kealani - Book in Process Vatt
    Vatican Observatory (Specola Vaticana) in Castel Gandolfo, Italy

    The Vatican's Observatory

    [color=darkblue]The Vatican Observatory (Specola Vaticana) is an astronomical research and educational institution supported by the Holy See. Originally based in Rome, it now has headquarters and laboratory at the summer residence of the Pope in Castel Gandolfo, Italy, and an observatory at the Mount Graham International Observatory in the United States.[1]

    Kealani - Book in Process MtGrahamObs
    Mt. Graham's Vatican Astrophysics Facility, known together as the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT)

    The Large Binocular Telescope (LBT, originally named the Columbus Project) is located on 10,700-foot Mount Graham in the Pinaleno Mountains of southeastern Arizona and is a part of the Mount Graham International Observatory. The LBT is one of the world's highest resolution and most technologically advanced optical telescopes.

    Kealani - Book in Process Smt_photo1
    Radio Telescopes

    Kealani - Book in Process File:Lbt2

    Kealani - Book in Process Summer%20Storm%206

    Kealani - Book in Process Mountgrahamob
    Mt. Graham

    Mount Graham International Observatory (MGIO) is a division of Steward Observatory the research arm for the Department of Astronomy at The University of Arizona. It is located in southeast Arizona's Pinaleno Mountains near Mount Graham. Scientific researchers from around the world make use of the MGIO facilities.

    Kealani - Book in Process Vatt
    Vatican Observatory (Specola Vaticana) in Castel Gandolfo, Italy

    The Vatican's Observatory

    [color=darkblue]The Vatican Observatory (Specola Vaticana) is an astronomical research and educational institution supported by the Holy See. Originally based in Rome, it now has headquarters and laboratory at the summer residence of the Pope in Castel Gandolfo, Italy, and an observatory at the Mount Graham International Observatory in the United States.[1]

    Kealani - Book in Process MtGrahamObs
    Mt. Graham's Vatican Astrophysics Facility, known together as the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT)

    The Large Binocular Telescope (LBT, originally named the Columbus Project) is located on 10,700-foot Mount Graham in the Pinaleno Mountains of southeastern Arizona and is a part of the Mount Graham International Observatory. The LBT is one of the world's highest resolution and most technologically advanced optical telescopes.

    Kealani - Book in Process Smt_photo1
    Radio Telescopes

    Kealani - Book in Process File:Lbt2

    Kealani - Book in Process Summer%20Storm%206

    Kealani - Book in Process Mountgrahamob
    Mt. Graham

    Mount Graham International Observatory (MGIO) is a division of Steward Observatory the research arm for the Department of Astronomy at The University of Arizona. It is located in southeast Arizona's Pinaleno Mountains near Mount Graham. Scientific researchers from around the world make use of the MGIO facilities.

    Kealani - Book in Process Copyoflightshippic

    Einstein discovered that the 12 major elements that are in our body are also present when a star is born.

    Science has discovered what ancient peoples always knew,

    we are literally made of stardust.

    We're just Stardust (Shadow) gathering Starlight (Light of Creation)..."

    - Carl Sagan

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