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    UNDOING THE PROGRAMS BY Della Van Hise : Temporary Free download


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    UNDOING THE PROGRAMS BY Della Van Hise : Temporary Free download Empty UNDOING THE PROGRAMS BY Della Van Hise : Temporary Free download

    Post  mudra on Tue Dec 24, 2019 2:42 am

    The quantum shaman workshop Undoing the Programs
    By author Della Van Hise

    is freely downloadable through the ap Amazon Kindle from dec 24 until december 26

    Thanks to Della for her spirit of giving.

    [url=Undoing the Programs: Unlocking Your Infinite Potential (Quantum Shaman Workshops) (English Edition)]Undoing the Programs: Unlocking Your Infinite Potential (Quantum Shaman Workshops) (English Edition)[/url]

    "About the workshop

    An intensive workshop for seekers at all levels - the secret key to achieving prosperity, worldly success, spiritual advancement, and most of all unconditional love.

    This workshop gives you the tools for getting rid of the programs and belief systems that keep you from achieving your greatest success in this world, and may actually be preventing you from embracing your highest potential in the realm of Spirit as well. If you are feeling frustrated with your progress in life or on your path, chances are you are battling internal programs of which you may not even be aware!

    What are programs? They are ideas in which we have placed belief to such a degree that we live our lives as if the program is real, when it may only be a belief system put onto us for so long that we can no longer see where the programs end and the Whole Self begins.

    "As long as a man truly believes he is powerless, he has no reason or motivation to seek the source of his own power." (Orlando)

    This workshop offers you the tools of clarity and increased awareness on all levels - from your own thoughts and ideas, to the larger programs running the world in which we live. Those who have taken this workshop in the past have said that it taught them how to get out of their own way so that the power of their Intent could finally begin to manifest.

    Don't miss this life-altering opportunity!


    Shifting the assemblage point of our programs...

    As you go through your day observing one of your programs, begin asking yourself how you would live or behave or simply be different if you did not believe, for example, that “what goes around comes around.” What if you did not believe in karma or reincarnation? What if you did not believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman? How would it affect you personally? How would your life be different if you let go of just one of your belief systems?

    The purpose of asking these questions is that the questions themselves are actually the groundwork of the new foundation which begins replacing the old programs as the warrior begins actively participating in her own evolution. Without asking those questions, without testing the waters of a new paradigm, we exist almost wholly within the programs which run in the background, usually by default. We believe something because we perceive that we have always believed it, and often we even accept it as Truth when there is little or no evidence to support it whatsoever.

    What we believe about reality
    has nothing to do with reality itself."

    Love Always

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