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    Learning to channel


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    Learning to channel Empty Learning to channel

    Post  Jaan on Mon Dec 09, 2019 1:30 am

    This question is for a family member who is interested in learning to channel. She's been expressing this wish now for two or three years. She lives in a part of the world where I'm sure there isn't a course like this.
    So, may I ask if anyone can recommend an online course to learn channeling and also offline courses - if she wants to travel to attend...
    Also any other advice I can share with her would be appreciated.
    P.S. Hope I'm posting this in the correct place...!

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    Learning to channel Empty Re: Learning to channel

    Post  Carol on Mon Dec 09, 2019 7:42 am

    The Monroe Institute might be a good place to learn Jaan. Friends were happy with what they learned there and this is someplace I would go if I were pursuing more work in consciousness development of this type.

    Robert Monroe was a successful and distinguished business executive, dedicated family man, and noted pioneer in the investigation of human consciousness. He invented the Hemi-Sync® audio technology and founded The Monroe Institute®, a global organization dedicated to expanding the uses and understanding of consciousness. Monroe and a growing group of fellow researchers began to work on methods of inducing and controlling this and other forms of consciousness in a laboratory setting. This research led to the development of a noninvasive and easy-to-use enhanced binuarl beat audio guidance technology known as hemispheric synchronization or Hemi-Sync®. In 1974, the original research group was expanded to become The Monroe Institute, an organization dedicated to conducting seminars in the control and exploration of human consciousness. A year later, Monroe was issued the first of three patents for "Frequency Following Response" or FFR, which is part of the Hemi-Sync method of altering brain states through sound.

    The Gateway Voyage® is a residential program at The Monroe Institute.
    Gateway Voyage Participant Interview May 2016

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