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    Acute Hearing

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    Acute Hearing Empty Acute Hearing

    Post  Dream Catcher on Thu Nov 21, 2019 10:29 am

    Acute Hearing Immort12
    I was in hospital for a day, and while I was there many things occurred. I could hear high-frequency communication like the key-pad numbers on a cell phone 50 feet away. Now, with some skill, I know I could note every number pressed like MORSE CODE. During the day I heard a jingle coming through the hospital computer main-frame, and I recolonized it, sounding from the Great Race movie and heard twice. Its a unbelievable message from my twin! This American Indian image was a direct result from that visit and immortality energy. The nurse reminded me of my twin and with that energy must have channeled Sekhmet as showed me on her cell phone was the Goddess of Medicine and why I've still alive. It was at the same moment, I was about to be insulted over my conspiracy theories with our corrupt, manipulated DNA and date I have composed a document that goes back to Persia and the Peacock Angel. The hospital wanted to have me accessed by a psychiatrist,claiming it was the governments duty,would I agree to an examination, .was about me hearing voices, then the sparks flew and Mothers energy came out of me as Horus. This renal female doctor tried to up-stage me in from of a lot of interns who walked out when I roared, I crushed her ego. They didn't even give me discharge papers. To them I was a lab-rat, and them are a death-cult, priests of the devil. I refused to be any part of it. Mother told me while I was in the hospital these ones are fallen-spirits. I had a look at what 4% represents on my kidney flration, I should be dead, the nurse said as she spoke with this Mother Sekhmet energy. It was then, I discover this nurse breeds Persian Tigers. and that the connection with my twin, nick-named Tiger and my findings on the Christ Myth, and the fake Jesus. Not knowing it but surely my higher-self assisted in me choosing the Indian, that reflects my energy, only to discover, this American Indian looks like Neo from the Matrix movie and has to suggest my immortality forth-coming or in process with Mother Sekhmet at the helm.
    Acute Hearing I .mmort10

    Tonight around 12:30am (Australia Time) I could hear this music, Kung Fu Fighting lyrics... AS FAST AS LIGHTING

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