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    Jadam - low cost organic farming - Farming with nature..

    Vidya Moksha
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    Jadam - low cost organic farming - Farming with nature..  Empty Jadam - low cost organic farming - Farming with nature..

    Post  Vidya Moksha on Wed Jul 31, 2019 4:06 pm

    I came across 'Jadam' today. A first look would suggest this is wonderful resource.

    About the author and founder ;

    Youngsang Chowas born in 1965 in Hwaseong,Gyeonggi province, Korea. He graduated from Suwon High school and Aju University (chemistry), and completed master's degree in horticulture at Chungnam University. After completing his military service at the 706 Special Forces, he started organic farming and raised animals himself from 1991 in Asan, Chungnam province. He went on to establish "Jadam Organic Farming" and started to promote this farming system through books and website ( He established "Jadam Natural Pesticide Institute" in 2002 from where he continued his research while integrating knowledge from many experienced farmers which ledto the completion of the system of ultra-low cost Jadam  organic farming. He invented and developed many technologies for natural pesticide which he voluntarily did not patent but rather shared through books and website. His "Natural Pesticide Workshops"teaches the essence of ultra-low cost Jadam organic farming. Lectures, too, are disclosed on Jadam website and Youtube.

    How to make JADAM Wetting Agent (JWA)

    there is a copy of the pdf on my forest garden thread.

    I havent read it all yet, but looks to be on a par with Schauberger's work (though completely different)..

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