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    The Death Of Paul McCartney - September 11, 1966


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    The Death Of Paul McCartney - September 11, 1966 Empty The Death Of Paul McCartney - September 11, 1966

    Post  Seashore on Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:15 pm

    The following is a mind-boggling interview:

    The Sage of Quay Radio Hour
    Published on Sep 12, 2016

    I was recently a guest on Sofia Smallstorm's podcast where I discuss the death of Paul McCartney based on the book The Memoirs of Billy Shears.

    The level of detail contained in the book by "encoder" Thomas E. Uharriet is incredibly extensive (666 pages) and leaves the reader understanding that we have been listening not to James Paul McCartney for 50 years but to his replacement William (Bill) Shepherd who at the time of Paul's death on September 11, 1966 was a talented yet unknown studio musician.

    **Photo correction in the slide show. At the 30:22 mark the person pictured is Neil Aspinall and not Phil Ackrill.**

    Part 2 - Paul Is Still Dead - Silly Willy With The Philly Band:

    * Website:
    * Memoirs of Billy Shears (Amazon):
    * Billy's Back (Abridged Memoirs):
    * The Winged Beatle (YouTube):
    * The Rotten Apple Series (YouTube):

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