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    Solutions: Spontaneous Order


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    Solutions: Spontaneous Order Empty Solutions: Spontaneous Order

    Post  giovonni on Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:09 pm

    First - let me give much thanks to our host Carol - Mercuriel and Mudra for providing and
    allowing for a stable, peaceful, and progressive atmospheric posting platform ...

    Also my appreciation to this forum's many outstanding ongoing posting members ...  Lawless

    Which has maintained the spirit of a true alternative community ... Thubs Up

    I will share this excellent observational video offering here now:  

    Solutions: Spontaneous Order


    "When you hear the word "order" do you automatically think of government? What if I were to tell you there’s an entirely different conception of societal order, one that doesn’t revolve around hierarchy but in fact specifically refutes it? Well there is, and it’s called “spontaneous order.”


    Published on Apr 20, 2018

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