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    New “Astral” Currency Is Coming


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    New “Astral” Currency Is Coming Empty New “Astral” Currency Is Coming

    Post  Eartheart on Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:31 pm

    Georgi Stankov, March 1, 2016

    Dear George, you basically have written the Declaration of Independence, with included directions, for the true state of necessary existence for a multidimensional human being to operate in the state of Now and may be the most important document ever produced. Congratulations. – Brad Barber


    This is a key project I am cherishing since the 90s when I fully understood the nature of money as a mirror image of the properties of energy. According to the new physical and mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law, there is only energy, i.e. All-That-Is is energy. Hence any new monetary form that will substitute the current failed Orion-Ponzi financial system will have to express the properties of energy in an ideal manner. I have dedicated a plethora of articles on how this new digital, numerical system of payments and transactions should operate. Essentially, the new monetary system will function as the SI system in physics and will have no value in itself.

    By the way, I have proved that all physical dimensions and units in the SI system can be reduced to two dimensions – space and absolute time (= frequency), which is space-time. Space-time is how humans perceive energy with their limited senses in a 3D world. I have shown how money reflects the properties of space-time, precisely the fact that space and time are canonically conjugated constituents that behave reciprocally to each other in a dialectical manner. When space expands, the frequency (time) decreases and vice verse. Space is inversely proportional to energy s ~ 1/E, while frequency is proportional to the amount of energy in a system f ~ E. It is also important to stress that linear (conventional) time is identical to space t=s, linear time is a pleonasm (synonym) for space.

    The discrimination of these two identical physical quantities by the human mind is the source of all cognitive illusion of this species in an incarnated state.

    In finance, the inflation of money, the amount of printed paper money is equivalent to space and this inflated currency is inversely proportional to the energy it carries, in other words, its value decreases. All observed monetary phenomena, such as inflation, deflation, devaluation etc. can be easily explained with the nature of space-time as perceived energy by humans – with the reciprocal character of its constituents, space and time. This theoretical elaboration is indispensable for a proper understanding of the new currency project below.

    Here I will present the new currency “Astral” that shall be introduced in all the new 4D worlds immediately after the current Orion monetary system collapses and the whole old matrix will be dissolved. There is no doubt in the meantime that this pivotal event will happen this year and the month of March seems to be a period of linear time with a high probability for the occurrence of this event. Hence the urgency of this key project in the ascension scenario for this uppermost mother planet.

    Since the beginning of this year, I have entered a very intensive discussion with Brad to explore all the aspects of this new project and find out the optimal point in time to introduce the new “Astral” currency, first in the USA and then immediately thereafter worldwide. We have come to the unanimous conclusion that we are on the cusp of a total collapse of the financial system and that it is very important to be ready mentally and intellectually for this project when the global crash happens. Furthermore, we are aware of the fact that we create with our thoughts this project which is already a reality in the new 4D worlds.

    As we have seen these last days and weeks, it is not so much that we shall ascend and disappear from this reality, but that we shall bring the 5D heaven here on this uppermost mother planet. This will happen initially for certain areas around the globe where cities of light already exist and where the vibrations of this holographic model have reached the threshold of the 12th level of upper 4D and prepare it for its phase transition into the new 5D reality. Sedona and Jerry are the wayshowers in this intricate process of individual and collective ascension as we have already seen.

    The phase transition to the cities of light will be first accomplished by the PAT and the first wave of ascension candidates and then many other second wavers and incarnated transliminal souls as walk-ins will follow us. Their number is increasing exponentially again after the latest major ID shift in January when many of them experienced physical death on lower timelines.

    In the following, I shall outline the basics of the new currency “Astral” that we shall introduce as ascended masters immediately after the total collapse of the Orion monetary system and the shutdown of all banks in the western world. This new project, on which Brad and I are elaborating since the beginning of 2016 very intensively in daily correspondence that also includes a thorough analysis of the ongoing financial drama worldwide, is meant only as an interim solution in the transition period before the nature of money is understood by all the people so that it can be fully abolished.

    This transition period describes the time immediately after the total collapse of the financial system, which may as well happen in March, but definitely this year, and will last as long as the collective consciousness reaches the threshold of full awakening. In order to understand how urgent this project is, you must bear in mind that the ruling cabal and their banksters have already plan B and plan C when their current plan A to enslave humanity through the financial yoke of the existing Orion monetary system fails.

    For instance, there is now a lot of talk for a global reset of the financial system by introducing again the gold standard. The arguments are not new and they all end up in the attempt to save the current failed financial system and the old currencies, first and foremost the worthless dollar as the epitome of toilet paper money. Hence none of these plans present a viable solution, a true reform of the monetary system according to the new spiritual principles we, the PAT, advocate, but are only petty efforts to mend the old system and preserve the status quo. This, as we all know, will not happen and that is why we have developed the new “Astral” currency that will substitute the dollar, euro, yen and all the other fiat currencies.

    This is Plan A of the PAT and all the first wavers, which will be the new ascended masters and Logos Gods of the new 4D worlds. They will represent the true spiritual hierarchy of the new humanity and this includes the introduction of a new just system of payments and transactions in the interim phase of transfiguration of this mankind to a transgalactic civilisation.

    All current critical experts in finance actually pour water in the mills of the ruling cabal with their inadequate financial proposals and ideas that stem from a highly compartmentalized thinking and a total misconception of the guiding spiritual principles behind any human existence, evolution and creation.

    These alternative thinkers, who Brad and I quote from time to time to keep you informed about the current state-of-the-art discussion in the financial sector, are not much different from the numerous economically and financially ignorant light workers who advocate the idea of the dark secret services about the existence of “hidden St. Germain’s funds” that will be opened miraculously to the masses by some obscure “enlightened” secret societies and will spread bonanza among all humans. Naiveté has always been the greatest trap for all humans that makes them an easy prey to dark manipulations and lies.

    I shall explain below what St. Germain’s secret funds truly are. He is now constantly in our fields and communicates both with Carla and myself on various topics. As I have reported, he came to us with aplomb during the opening of the Christmas Portal on December 25th and promised to guide us in this final ascension phase. He has kept this promise and is around us all the time since then. He is encouraging Carla to use the violet-golden flame, the new chohan of which she is, to transmute this reality and she is now using it in a very powerful manner to transform this unjust, deceptive Orion-Ponzi monetary system into a just system of payments and transactions that will bring prosperity and peace to the whole humanity. The essence of this new system will be the topic of this essay.

    St Germain is inspiring me to develop and forward this project to the entire humanity as the only possible alternative when the old matrix fully collapses and the masses will be in utter despair. It opens the brightest perspective for the rapid transformation of present-day humanity into an evolved and enlightened transgalactic society. Although most of the elements of the new system of payments and transactions have been developed by myself about twenty years ago, St. Germain gave me the missing links in February 2016 that helped me to complete the new idea.

    As I shall explain below, the new “Astral” currency will be a total reset not only of the old Orion-Ponzi financial system but also a total reset of the current human society. It will lead to the rapid abolition of the national state with all its repressive institutions, such as tax (state revenue) systems, central banks, all kinds of banks, the entire judicial system dealing with these issues, including all drone-professions such as accountants, financial and real estate brokers etc., associated with these unproductive activities. Hence the scope of this project is of gargantuan proportions – it will be the actual driving force behind all the societal and economic changes that will very soon transform this humanity.

    The Spiritual and Organisational Principles of the New “Astral” Currency

    Recent History of the Project

    The elaboration of the spiritual and organisational principles of the New “Astral” currency was inspired by my HS and most probably by St. Germain on January 27th for the first time when I asked the following theoretical question to myself and Brad in a letter to him:

    “Dear Brad,

    our last exchange of ideas led inevitably to the simple and key question:

    “Why do we need all these investor-guys with their funny money to come to us and sponsor our project when we know that their money is worthless and why waiting for their minds to change for the better? It is as if “to fleece a mouse”, to quote a German saying – nothing will come out of these people?

    Hence all of a sudden all the pieces of the new project came together regarding:

    1) What you have said about Bitcoin, gold and other new alternative currencies.

    2) What I have so far written about a new neutral digital numerical system of payments and transactions that will operate like a SI system in physics and will serve as a measurement of human achievements and needs without any value in itself.

    3) your personal experience with Bitcoin and

    4) our assessment of the current situation on the ground – the intransigence of the financial guys and humanity as a whole and the irrelevance of their worthless money. It is as if trying to make a good wine out of vinegar.

    In addition comes a concept which I developed more than 10 years ago for a CEO of a big German bank with headquarters in Munich, whom I knew but of course he did not respond to it as he was scared by the boldness of my ideas. However at that time my HS urged me to present this concept as it was part of the HR strategy for a change on this planet and I was the wayshower. Now I would like to amalgamate all these points.”

    Before that we discussed the possibility of establishing a new fund in the USA to promote the new patents and technologies based on the new theory of the Universal Law. I have calculated that only the innovations and registration of new effective cell-stimulating drugs in the pharmaceutical industry will save up to $ 500 billion futile R&D and will generate new sales in at least the same amount each year. Considering the massive death of all “unicorns” (new companies that allegedly develop innovative 3D technologies) in the USA in the current crisis after they have wasted hundreds of billions dollars of invested capital without any return, I proposed to Brad that it is time to establish a new fund to promote the new technologies of the Universal Law, including new forms of treatment in the health care system and new technologies in the industry based on superconductivity.

    We discussed the various possibilities of attracting new investors after they have lost a lot of money in the current financial crash that has wiped out since the beginning of this year more than $15 trillion of wealth. However we both had the uneasy feeling that our new project would not work the way we initially conceptualized it. As is the case with all such projects that are divinely inspired, one must think big and start from the basic premises of the new theory of the Universal Law.

    We came to the conclusion that we do not need the current toilet paper money and their frustrated owners to honour our work and future contributions to humanity as ascended masters.

    Instead we shall create ourselves a new currency and establish the spiritual and organisational principles for the foundation of a new kind of emission and investment bank, which will be, however, not called a “bank” as this word has a lot of bad reputation. Instead we shall call it:

    Emission and Investment Cooperative (EIC)

    The new currency will function exactly as the digital numerical SI-system of payments and transaction I have presented in the past but will have the name :


    Hence we shall create an EIC with a new currency “Astral”.

    This new currency will be rooted in the implementation of all the new 4D and 5D technologies. Its assets will be the new technologies coming from the Light. Ultimately, this currency will be the representation of the ascension process of humanity and Gaia to higher dimensions before all money can be abolished. In this way we shall achieve our goal very effectively and we shall eliminate the old rotten guys and their worthless paper money as they no longer serve us and because they do not represent the new ascending reality. Besides, the old currencies have to be eliminated anyway in the coming crash as this has been postulated and discussed by the PAT in the past.

    The name “Astral” was deliberately chosen for the new currency. Apart from English which is a very reduced language in terms of grammar, all other languages have gender, German, French, Italian, Spanish and all Slavonic languages for instance. In this case “astral” is a masculine currency (“astro” would be neutral and “astra” feminine). It is more powerful to say, this item costs two astrals than to say it costs two astro, which is weak as a neutral noun. It sounds very much as “the Spanish real” at the height of Spanish real power when this empire conquered America. We need masculine energy behind the new currency to make the necessary transformation from the current debt-based, worthless fiat currencies such as the dollar to the new currency that will be rooted in the energetic power of the source. How? I shall explain below.

    The new “Astral” currency and the EIC will follow precise, simple, self-evident spiritual and logical principles based on the nature of energy because money is only a substitute and a mirror image of the properties of energy:

    1) The “Astral” will be available to everybody who accepts it independently of physical work but dependent on his/her real needs. It is an inviolable, divine right of everybody to possess and use this currency according to the spiritual principles that exclude greed, avarice, manipulation and speculation, etc. In other words all human vices that arise from the notion of separation from the Source and the rejection of Oneness will not pertain to this currency. People who display these vices will have no access to Astrals and the EIC. They will have to put up with the old currencies, in case they still exist or to barter until they evolve sufficiently enough as to accept the new currency which will bring immense abundance and prosperity to the whole humanity, as I shall show below.

    This exclusion will be implemented very easily by the following further principles and criteria:

    2) There will be no interest rates or any other virtual derivatives or means that create artificial inflation of this currency.

    3) There will be no speculation towards other still existing currencies. These principles apply for the interim phase, later on they will be self-evident when all other currencies cease to exist.

    4) The new Astral has its assets in heaven, i.e. in all the new technologies that will come through this currency from the higher realms and through us as ascended masters and will be disseminated on the new earth in the interim period of transition before all money including the “astral” can be eliminated. There is another key reason why the new Astral currency is rooted in heaven, in the higher dimensions or the source, which I shall discuss in depth below.

    5) At the beginning, the Astral will be pegged to gold (and silver), say 100 astrals for one ounce gold. This will be done in an ideal way and all the owners of gold will accept this pegging. We do not need to possess a single ounce of physically mined gold to peg the astral to gold. Here are some considerations why:

    – According to point 4), the new Astral has its assets in heaven, i.e. in all the new technologies that will come through this currency and will be disseminated on the new earth in the interim period of transition before all money including the astral can be eliminated.

    – Gold is no asset at all from a higher perspective but it has gained a historical importance as a universal means of accumulating material wealth in the old 3D reality.

    – However, it cannot function as a flexible system of payments and investments due to its physical character and scarcity. Storage and transport of gold poses huge logistical problems to any gold currency in a dynamic and quickly evolving society and economy where money in circulation must be very easy, flexible to all conditions and fluent.

    – That is why the cabal was able to easily eliminate gold as a currency when the last modern reset of the Orion financial system towards the NWO was done by Nixon in 1971. He abolished single-handed the gold standard of the world currency dollar and thus created the current worthless fiat currencies.

    – On the other hand, if all old currencies lose their value in the coming crash, this would not help gold to acquire its past importance as the elite may introduce another form of paper money which will exclude gold and there is a lot of fear among owners of gold nowadays that the state will confiscate all the gold and silver in the coming crash as the governments did during the Great Depression.

    – If the cabal implements Plan B and creates new currencies based on minimal amounts of gold, this new gold standard will be only of symbolic character due to the fact that the actual amount of gold available on this planet is infinitely small compared to the amount of money in circulation necessary to keep the world economy afloat, even if all debt and speculative financial bubbles such as derivatives are being eliminated by a global jubilee. The dilution of this new gold standard will soon lead to the same situation as this year where the crash is inevitable and has already commenced.

    Alchemical Gold Versus Physical Mined Gold

    The idea to peg the new Astral currency to gold is both of practical and theoretical character. Essentially, the new currency does not need any gold to reform the current fiat currencies and function in a perfect manner as we have discussed above. However, in the interim period of transition we have to consider the collective mindset of humanity which is entirely clustered around the concept of money as something of greatest value. All human activities are now measured in money and there is a general notion that anything that does not attract money, as is the case with our spiritual activities, including writing this essay on money reset, is of no value. This is the classical Orion mindset of the current debased humanity in the End Time and we have to consider this deplorable human condition in our new project to reform this Ponzi financial system when it crashes in the coming days and weeks.

    When the current fiat currencies lose all their value in the coming hyperinflation as a result of the unwinding of all debt in form of bad loans, virtual derivatives and asset bubbles caused by infinite QE and printing money out of thin air, the people will demand in their desperation for a new currency that is based in real value. The argument that the new astral 4D and 5D technologies are valuable and sufficient assets of the new Astral currency may not convince many people, who will not be fully awakened when the crash will come and a new reset of the Orion monetary system will be necessary. In their prevailing agnosticism, they may tend to accept the bogus Plan B or C of the ruling cabal instead of our proposal for a new Astral currency. Especially as it will take some time for us as ascended masters to introduce the new astral technologies in the new 4D worlds.

    As you may have noticed, all my argumentation deals with the transition of the current 3D holographic model to these new 4D worlds as in 5D, in New Lemuria, where we shall ascend, there will be no money from the very beginning. We will be able to immediately create anything we need and desire. These soul technologies of immediate creation will not need any form of money as an interchangeable system of payment and transactions for our immediate energetic creations. This should be cogent to all my enlightened readers who have followed our discussions on this website from the very beginning.

    When I say that we have to accept physical gold for the time being as a gold standard for our new Astral currency, this is only done in view of the many people who have made their savings in gold and with respect to human tradition where gold plays a key role as a collateral of wealth. It is only a necessary compromise to bridge this interim period that will be characterized in the first place by a gaping discrepancy between rapidly ascending reality and still existing gnostic deficiencies among the masses that will prevent them from grasping the full scope of this cosmic change at the beginning. In fact, by pegging the Astral currency to physical gold gained in mines we will simply eliminate all the current unhealthy and bogus speculations in currency and gold exchange markets. By pegging the Astral to gold we will de facto eliminate gold as a collateral currency without the owners of gold being able to realize this at first. I will explain below why.

    My explanation has to do with the alchemy of gold and with us as the masters of alchemical reaction, both in physical bodies as shown on this website and especially as ascended masters in crystalline light bodies. It is well known that the concept of alchemy has evolved around the attractive idea that humans can create gold from other inferior and cheap metals and compounds in secret alchemical reactions. While nobody has ever proved this to humanity, there must be some truth behind this alchemical tradition that fascinates all human minds. Of course it is not possible to produce gold from lead for instance, but as I learnt recently it is possible to produce gold from mercury.

    And here comes the bug. This alchemical gold is pure and has no isotopes. While all natural gold, even when it is 99.99999…% pure, contains various isotopes that can be used to determine where this gold comes from as every gold mine has its specific isotopic “fingerprint” that is known to the state mints. If you are in a position to produce pure alchemical, free of isotopes gold from mercury in an alchemical reaction, and try to sell it on the market, you will be arrested immediately because the cabal do not want humanity to create gold. I did not know this fact until recently, but then it triggered some further thoughts in my mind regarding our new currency project.

    It is obvious that we can introduce the new Astral currency only after our ascension. Before that the old matrix must fully collapse. The current rapidly dissipating 3D holographic model can be likened to two trains that travel at full speed in opposite directions – the old matrix train into the abyss and the ascension train towards heaven. In this case if we appear as ascended masters and present the new currency, we can always tell the people – with respect to their old point of view – that we can create alchemically as much gold as we need to found the new Astral currency on gold standard.

    We must demonstrate that we can create pure alchemical gold, which should be peanuts for any ascended master. This does not mean that we shall create this gold in big quantities, just as today there is no longer any gold in the vaults of the FED or the other central banks as it was stolen by the cabal. But the very notion that such alchemical gold exists in the astral planes – hence the name of the new currency – and can be manifested by us anytime if needed, will be enough to establish firmly the new Astral as a world currency based on true gold standard when the dollar collapses. There are now a lot of rumours that this kind of reset may be in the making with regard to the old currencies, but it will be too late as we shall come up with our currency. That is why we must ascend before the final financial collapse happens and the dark cabal could make their own insidious reset of the old currencies.

    It will be sufficient for the people to know that it is possible to create alchemical gold anytime and that there is no need for humanity to mine gold in the old cumbersome manner as at the time of the Neanderthalers who were genetically enigeneered by the PTW to work in the gold mines. The new Astral currency will not only be rooted in the new 4D and 5D technologies, but also in the new gold standard based on pure alchemical gold as created by us as ascended masters. This will sweep away any critical arguments regarding the value of the new currency from a conventional point of view as there will be many small emission and investment cooperatives (EIC) which will create astrals on a local, community based level as I shall explain below.

    In this way we shall practically eliminate physically mined gold, which represents the dense 3D holographic model of incarnation and will substitute it with the new alchemical gold standard rooted in the higher realms. This is also the most effective way to eliminate all kinds of fraud and manipulation on the new currency as I will show below.

    For the time being we may use two gold standards:

    – the physical gold standard, which will be of less value, and

    – the new alchemical gold standard, to which only we as the new ascended masters and Logos Gods will have access and monopoly. This will be part of our spiritual hierarchy, so to say, the material symbol of our leading position in the new 4D worlds.

    Of course, I am aware that I am talking now about an artifact as who needs gold in an evolved society which can only prosper without money as it is based on direct individual and collective creation? I am just putting forward this aspect for the interim period before the people learn to live without money and will be ready to discard our new Astral currency after they have comprehended the true nature of money. But in the meantime this should be a powerful argument that will offset any attempts to compromise the new Astral currency.

    Can you imagine, what it would be if you are able create at any place on the planet gold or transport it from one place to another through teleportation in case it is necessary. In this case we do not need to resolve any logistical problems regarding the storage and distribution of gold in a cumbersome 3D manner as for instance the Dutch Central Bank has with its gold these days. This is where most gold-based currencies of the old way now fail. Now you can peg the new astral currency to alchemical gold in a fixed price and everybody will accept it as they must believe that we can create an infinite amount of gold. And believing is everything in finance and all human existence.

    This is precisely what the St. Germain’s secret funds truly represent, about which the New Agers are talking so much and in which they are investing such great expectations to save them from their difficult life in 3D. I realized this on February 2 (Groundhog day where no shadow was seen and early spring, understand reset and Ascension, was predicted) to the full extent, although it is very simple. It is not a coincidence that St. Germain visited us on that day again and we felt immediately his powerful presence.

    We have raised now our frequencies so high that such contacts are very easy. As you know, Carla is the new chohan of the violet-gold flame and thus the heir of St. Germain on this earth. She is under his guidance for more than two years now as reported on this website. I also sense him strongly as of lately but we work together on a different level.

    He inspires me to actively create new concepts for the new 4D worlds which will be populated predominantly by the new ripe souls who will finish with their young soul cycle during the incoming final ID shift as I have explained in my soul age model. The big wave of young souls that is on the cusp of entering the ripe soul age cycle currently live in North America and that is why I am here to guide them and to establish the social conditions for the new 4D humanity. As has become obvious these days, these souls cannot generate the necessary ideas how to reform the current debased humanity to a new enlightened civilisation on their own and need badly my help.

    This is also the reason why Brad and I decided to promote this project first in the USA and Canada, before we can implement it worldwide. We also considered the fact that the dollar is the world currency with more than 65% of the total amount of money in circulation and that this fiat currency is the chief culprit for most financial fraud in the system.

    Before we can establish the new “Astral” currency, the dollar must be abolished as world fiat currency without any foundation. This is happening now during the impending financial collapse that is a world drama with many parallel and simultaneous acts. We have contributed significantly to this crash by bringing clarity about the real causes of this event of paramount importance in the ascension scenario. In a certain way, we can claim that we have written the plot of this drama – in my case since 1997 – and then we have left the cabal and their banksters to act out the script we wrote for them how to oust themselves from power in the End Time.

    This is essentially the purpose of this new project – how to reset the old financial system and economy in an enlightened manner under consideration of all the spiritual and organisational principles that arise from the new theory of the Universal Law.

    I am sharing this with you now as to have a more complete overview and prepare your arguments accordingly when you ascend or when you will have to support this new Astral currency while still in a physical vessel. Because, although the success of this project is guaranteed and already a reality when we shall ascend, we should not ignore the possibility that very soon monies in old currencies may begin to flow into this project when the financial system will begin visibly to crash. The disappointed old investors with new transliminal souls as walk-ins may very well decide to come to us and beg us to ennoble their worthless money through our alchemical reaction and turn it into gold-based astrals. This all will be of highly symbolic character, as there will be no capital gains in the new currency system as I shall explain below. But what is the current Orion monetary system? It operates only with false symbols. Ours will be true instead.

    Finally let me mention that pure, alchemical gold, free of isotopes, is also the best means to achieve longevity. It was already used by past civilisations and that is why we have the gold standard nowadays. It symbolized immortality and ascension. Pure alchemical gold will play a huge role in the future healing of human bodies in the new 4D worlds, so that the people can live 200-300 years or even longer. Abundance and longevity (good health) always go hand in hand. When the alchemical gold standard will be dropped, it will remain a symbol for human longevity and the inner endeavour of the incarnated soul to transcend this material reality, ascend and return to the Source.

    Further Organisational and Ethical Principles of the EIC and the Use of the New “Astral” Currency

    The emission and investment cooperative, EIC will be the new human organisational form of the new Astral currency. It will also follow several very simple, self-evident, spiritual and gnostic principles that reflect the essence of energy:

    1) There will be no fractional banking and that is why we do not use the word bank, but EIC.

    2) Emission of new Astrals. For instance, when a big project for the manufacturing of new technologies is about to start, there will be a financial plan that outlines all investments, such as purchase of commodities, human work force, etc. Then the amount of money will be immediately created by the EIC for this project. This is not a loan as in the new astral currency there will be no loans but only money in circulation that reflects exactly the amount of creationary work done by humanity.

    3) The same holds true for any personal income. Anybody who accepts the astral, will receive automaticaly an income in astrals that will be easily calculated as an average income for a decent life in the new enlightened society.

    4) In this way the new Astral currency will prohibit the occurrence of inflation which is the source of all evil in finance today. There will always be an ideal correlation one to one (a dynamic equilibrium) between money created and in circulation on the one side and the needs of the people and the assets of the real economy on the other side.

    5) The Astral currency will automatically preclude the existence of private property and the accumulation of material wealth. For instance, when a new young couple wants to acquire a house as to have children, who will be the highest good in the society, then the necessary amount of money to purchase a house will be automatically generated. Later on this will not be necessary as there will be enough houses to live in.

    6) Universal income will be guaranteed for all those who accept the Astral. There will be no savings and accumulation of wealth. If somebody is frugal and saves from his universal income, he can spend the rest for communal services on behalf of other people or make a donation for other creationary work in the collective. That is why I use the word “cooperative” instead of bank.

    Here are some further organisational rules as to how the new EIC will be founded and run:

    7) We, the new ascended masters, shall establish the first central EIC according to our spiritual rules. It will be a major entity for the introduction of all the new 4D and 5D technologies.

    Cool But essentially every community can establish a local EIC as long as they follow our rules and have been granted a permission by us. As we shall have the monopoly over the alchemical gold standard, nobody will be allowed to emit the Astral currency without our approval.

    9) The future society will be organized around local communities as the national state with all its repressive institutions will be abolished for ever and we, the ascended masters and the representatives of the new spiritual hierarchy on the new 4D earths shall be the driving force behind its abolition with the new Astral currency. In the first place this would mean that there will be no taxes, no IRS, no financial control, etc., but also no armies and other criminal activities such as narco-traffic that are now sponsored by the state on behalf of the ruling cabal. This is a very important social aspect of the new currency that is more than a simple reset of the old failed financial system. It will transform the entire human society.

    The communities will be organized according to the principle of 12, 12 x 12 makes the smallest unit of 144 members, where 12 is the ideal number for a large family of three generations who will begin to live together again as was the case before the beginning of the 20th century, i.e. before the Orion cabal destroyed the traditional family with their rogue emancipation of the women. It is important that the children are taken care of and educated by their grandparents as the young parents will be too inexperienced in life. The parents will take care of their grandchildren when they are more ripe. The current society with its Orion economic system of exploitation has split the family and the fundamental dynamic of the family unit shall be re-set.

    This is a huge topic as to how the new society will be organized in a practical manner but it has a lot to do with the new Astral currency. 12 x 12 x 12 = 1728 members makes a bigger community, a kind of a village nowadays. Such a community can apply and acquire the right to found a local EIC for its needs. It will be run as a cooperative and all decisions for new investments and emission of new astral accounts will be made democratically according to the best intention, for the benefit of this community and with due respect to other neighbouring communities that will also be based on spiritual principles.

    10) All these entities (as local EICs) will be obliged to total transparency on the Internet or a similar new network so that everybody can check the accuracy and trustworthiness of these emission and investment organisations. Before they are founded, they will need a special astral certificate from us and will be obliged to follow the spiritual principle of total transparency as outlined in the guidelines given to them by us as ascended masters.

    11) This certificate can be withdrawn immediately by us if an EIC infringes on the new spiritual rules. We must reckon at the beginning with the fraudulent nature of humans and there will be quite a few black sheep. In fact we shall know in advance if there are such potential fraudsters when an EIC is founded. But we may nonetheless give them a certificate to open it as it is still a planet of free will. As we shall have immediate knowledge of everything that is happening worldwide, we can quickly intervene when there is fraud and close a local EIC. The people involved will have to use a neighbouring EIC and after they get rid of the culprits they can apply again.

    12) The most important thing is to teach the people that fraud is not worth trying as one reaches furthest with honesty.

    13) All such decisions to withdraw an EIC certificate will be immediately published on a worldwide register for all the people to read, including a precise description of the type of fraud. Everything will be based on full transparency and immediate action.

    14) Nobody who has committed fraud will be punished, but only excluded for a while from the Astral system until he/she learns to behave honestly. I am sure this will be a very easy game for us. And this kind of immaculate justice will be understood and honoured by everybody as it will hurt nobody but will only expose most effectively any injustice or lie. This is immediate karma in action.

    15) It is very important that such EICs will be established simultaneously all over the world as this is the easiest and most effective way to eliminate the national state as the source of all evil – from financial and political fraud, to wars and genocide. Hence the actual ramifications of the new Astral currency will be much bigger and manifold than just reforming the financial and economic system. It will be the stepping stone for the new enlightened humanity. Hence the importance of its theoretical elaboration now so that it can be implemented with one fell-swoop when the critical point in time is reached. And it may as well be in March, but definitely not much later, the way the events are beginning to unfold in February.

    We are now creating the reality we shall experience when the old matrix dies and then descends visibly on this uppermost mother planet. The new reality will be only for the more enlightened souls first, but it will intercept with the old descending one for a while as to serve as a bridge for many fence straddlers to come to us. This is how I see it now. This energetic co-existence will be short-term, but it will be the most critical phase in the whole transformation process when swift and optimal decisions are mandatory to curtail the negative aspects of the collapse of the old Orion matrix.

    We must therefore have crystal-clear ideas how the new currency system will principally operate as to establish it on a global scale when the final ID shift will come. If we do not do it, there is nobody else. We have to start thinking big, which means to include the entire humanity and not leave anybody in the rain. Then it is up to them to decide whether they want to “dance in the rain” or use our umbrella. But not in the old way when banks offered you an umbrella for sunny days and took it away when the rain began. We should do it better.

    As I mentioned already, our EIC will be a major central cooperative as it will be responsible for the introduction of all the new technologies on a global scale. The power and the acceptance of the new Astral currency will lie in the general acknowledgement of the people that it is a just monetary system of payment and transactions for the interim period until all money is eliminated and that it is, among many other things, a powerful vehicle for the promotion of new advanced technologies that will improve immediately the life of the people worldwide.

    Besides, the fact that every community will have the divine right to issue astrals if they comply with the ideal spiritual principles as advocated by us through the central EIC, the very nature of this currency being rooted in the HR will convince the people that this is the only money system that is just and not only for the benefit of the whole humanity as long as it dwells in the new 4D worlds, but that it also embodies the ascension process in a very concrete manner.

    I read in a famous textbook on economics written by a Nobel Prize winner (not that I care much for them) years ago what is the key question of economics: “What is money? Why does money exist?” – The answer was: “Money exists only because it is accepted by the people.” As we see, already the old theory of economics implies that we do not need any specific money to organize our economy and social life. As long as a particular digital form of payments and transactions is universally accepted as a system of measurement of human creationary activities, it will meet the needs of humanity and will function in a perfect manner as a mirror-image of energy = All-That-Is. In the knowledge of this function, the new Astral currency will be universally accepted by the entire new humanity. Because it will be a guarantor for true democracy and the biggest barrier for a new enslavement of humanity which the ruling cabal will try to install with a bogus reset of their collapsing Ponzi system, before they will be ousted from power this year by our appearance as ascended masters.

    The new Astral currency will have all the spiritual power because it is rooted in heaven, because it is part of the ascension process of humanity, hence the name, and because it will be the vehicle for the introduction of new technologies, that will transform humanity to a transgalactic species.

    Gold has no such assets. But we can use gold as interception to the material world for a while as to distance ourselves from the old fiat currencies that will crumble very soon. Hence the urgency of our project.

    Those who possess physical gold, can exchange it with Astrals if they wish so as they will surely not exchange it with dollars when it loses its value in the coming hyperinflation when one ounce will be worth at least 20,000 dollars or more as what would these people then do with this toilet paper money? It will be the same as during the inflation in Germany in the 20s and in Yugoslavia in the 80s which I personally experienced. Nobody used paper money in these countries when the hyperinflation hit them. These currencies will simply vanish from circulation and the new astral will quickly substitute them.

    In the short interim period, all transactions, e.g. in stores etc. can be made in Astrals and other local currencies before they are abolished by using the same electronic devices. In Europe, two years before the euro was introduced, we got our bills in the two currencies, in euro and in DM in Germany. While our currency will be pegged to both physical gold and to pure alchemical gold and will not be an object of devaluation, the dollar and all the other national currencies will be hugely devalued towards gold and the Astral. This will be factored in the prices of goods and all other bills. Hence there will be some people who will continue using the old currencies, before they decide to come to us and accept the astral in this interim period.

    This is grosso modo the essentials of our new currency project that will be the most powerful tool of the PAT as ascended masters to transform this society. This explains the urgency of this project so that we are prepared when the financial crash and ID shift come. This will be the time of our ascension and the immediate implementation of the new Astral currency. In order for this to happen we must develop this concept now. First comes the idea and only then its materialisation as an external reality.


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    New “Astral” Currency Is Coming Empty Real Value here

    Post  Eartheart on Sat Jun 04, 2016 9:36 am

    Most Dramatic Event in the History of Mankind on May 30, 16.00 PM Pacific Time
    by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 4, 2016

    We’ve made it!

    Georgi Stankov, June 3, 2016

    Finally the Elohim came to us early this morning and began to give a message to Carla with visuals and words that were so complex from a scientific and gnostic point of view and defied human language that Carla called me and asked me for help. We began to discuss the information she had already received, while the Elohim actively participated in our discussion and enriched the message with new insights and visuals. Carla is now writing the message after we assessed and grasped the core information and I will give you in advance my version of it.

    Indeed, when I was urged by my HS under the experience of the unique intensity of the sudden barrage of source energies on May 30 to publish this urgent dramatic announcement

    “Something dramatic is happening or will happen very soon. It started at 16.00 pm Pacific Time. I have no idea what it is but am sure to get more information. This is an urgent announcement to the PAT to attune to this event and each one of you to see if you can get more information. That’s it for the moment.”

    I knew that I was participating actively in a unique event of gargantuan cosmic proportions never experienced by mankind before. As we now know it was the utmost divine intervention – “the Hand of God” – as the Elohim told us that took over the destiny of earth and humanity on that day and ever after.

    Let me explain with my words what the Elohim conveyed to us as it involves quantum physics beyond human comprehension and daily language and also the history of this planet since eons of time. I shall begin with physics. The dense holographic model of this earth is the product of the condensation of energy flow from the source since eons of time. As energy is another word for structured information (light codes of the source), we can say that the flow of energy to earth and its human population has been severed from the source and All-That-Is for so long time that there was practically no exchange of source energy and light codes between us and the rest of the universe. This flow of energetic information has been actively manipulated and suppressed by all dark entities such as archons and extraterrestrials since the beginning of time. But essentially this condensation and separation of the earth’s holographic model was created and reinforced by the collective thoughts and polarized emotions of the incarnated human beings, which are in the centre of this incarnation experiment and were under the massive thought control of these dark entities. The end effect was the creation of impermeable layers of very dark, goo-like energy layers that surrounded this planet and kept it under information quarantine from the rest of the universe.

    In this context the Elohim refrained from using the usual dimensions from 3rd to 12th but simply said that earth and humanity were separated almost completely from the infinity of All-That-Is due to cutting the information flow of the quantum source field particles as light codes to this planet and holographic model. Since the introduction of Christed consciousness on earth 2000 years ago at the time of Apollonius of Tyana and his followers, most of which were previous incarnations of the current PAT members, the source has begun to blast this dense impermeable holographic earth model with divine source field particles and light codes as to loosen its dense structure and open it step by step. Some of the changes manifested as new thought patterns as well as tangible source waves that engulfed the entire planet and its population.

    “Human belief systems are light code systems” Carla told me as she just came into my room and quoted the Elohim. If a human does not believe in the creationary potential of the light as an epitome of soul energy coming from the Source, then his mind system is shut down for these light codes that are responsible for the free flow of information within All-That-Is and the mind becomes a closed, dark system. Extrapolate this at the collective level and you have an energetic structure that is so dense and impenetrable that it cannot interact with any other sentient system throughout All-That-Is.

    This extreme level of condensation of the energetic structure of this holographic model was deliberately established by the dark entities that were themselves already fully separated from the source when they came to this planet and needed the still incoming soul energy of the incarnated human beings for their own destructive purposes. Destruction of the divine creation is the only kind of perverted creation the dark ones know and value. This is an aspect of their separation from the source. I am aware that this is well-known to you but I have to mention it at this place for the sake of clarity because it shows you where the problem with this earth lies from the perspective of the higher realms. It is a cul de sac that precludes a further organic evolution of mankind from within.

    This holographic model of human incarnation can be only saved through divine intervention when massive blasts of source energies are directed towards it. They loosen and break up its dense goo-like structure piece by piece until it is fractured and can become permeable for the informational flow of light codes from the source. This is what the Elohim define as divine intervention or the “intervention of God’s hand” in the destiny of this planet and humanity, which is what ascension is all about. This leads to the evolution of the human species but it cannot happen from within alone and definitely not by efforts on the part of the vast majority of incarnated human souls. That is why All-That-Is needed us, the PAT, as harbingers of source light and ascended masters in physical gestalt to transmit this flow of light codes through our personal expanded fields onto this planet. This also explains why I was able to recognize immediately the magnitude of this, as the Elohim defined it, “magnificent event” that is the pinnacle of human evolution since eons of time.

    Let me explain the importance of the energetic event on May 30th, 2016 based on what the Elohim told us. Since the introduction of Christed consciousness 2000 years ago, the aim has always been to loosen and break up the dense goo-like energetic structure of matter which was created by collective human thoughts of separation from the source. Within this energetic structure the quantum edifice of matter was at the atomic and subatomic level completely isolated from the free flow of energy information in form of light codes coming from All-That-Is, which includes infinite levels, dimensions and worlds. Now you can visualize for the sake of didactic presentation the quantum light field of the Source as a steady laminar stream of light that penetrates and imbues all forms of creation in an unrestricted manner. This free flow is an indispensable prerequisite for immediate creation.

    In the past ( please observe that I do not use the word ‘current’ anymore) holographic model matter on earth and its accompanying energetic fields in the electromagnetic spectrum became so dense that the atomic structure consisting of the numerous elementary particles as electrons, neutrons, protons, quarks etc. was completely severed from the free informational flow of the source. One can imagine all elementary particles of matter at the quantum level as turbulences along the steady stream of source energy that begin to form space-time forms as solitons or quantum standing waves along this laminar flow. Please observe that in modern quantum physics all elementary particles are described as rotational waves that build distinct energetic spherical fields with constant energy (see Volume II on physics). These forms are still fed by the constant flow of source energies at the subatomic level as everything is interconnected in All-That-Is and exists as U-sets, i.e. they cannot exist on their own. But the more these quantum solitons solidified as elementary particles of earth’s matter, the more they became impermeable for the free flow of source information in form of light codes and turned into almost closed systems.

    Hence in order to change this holographic model and to fill it with more light before it reconnects and becomes part of All-That-Is, the dense quantum structure of matter had to be loosened and broken up in the first place. Only then could the superimposed mental and emotional structure of all humans be also loosened and en-lightened as this collective system contributes decisively to the condensation of the quantum structure of matter in this holographic model. As we all know, first comes the thought and then the physical form.

    Therefore the source has begun with its intervention to bring more light into the dense, closed holographic model since eons of time and in a more significant manner since our first crucial appearance as messengers of God around Apollonius of Tyana who later became the prototype of Christ and gave birth to a new religion – Christianity. One major information component of this religion in the field of painting (iconoclastic) was the introduction of the notion that every human beings represents a condensed energetic field of source light codes that build a distinct aura around the head and the human body and is the actual medium of communication with other incarnated beings and with the higher realms. “Aura” is a sum-up term for the numerous levels of energetic fields that build the physical human body as solidified organic matter, which, as I have proved beyond any doubt, operates as a complex electromagnetic system where each cells constitutes a spherical condenser and is regulated by the modulation of the electromagnetic gradient across its cell membrane in a uniform manner. This holds true for all the elements of the cell, including the DNA which is dynamically regulated by supramolecular solitons. The latter are specific quantum fields along the molecular structure of the DNA-helix.

    This explains why any evolution of humanity and this holographic model must happen simultaneously at the quantum level as well as at all superimposed complex levels such as human belief and emotional structures (U-sets), which, as one can read in the literature, have changed throughout the ages and various cultures. For example hysteria was a very common psychiatric disorder in the 19th century in Europe as depicted in fiction and this led to the introduction of Freudian psychoanalysis that tried to explain this disorder with suppressed emotional energies at the subconscious level. Nowadays the predominant psychiatric disorder is depression which is another form of suppression of the free flow of light codes from the soul to the emotional body of the incarnated personality. This happens through restrictive mental thought patterns that reject in the first place the existence of such energy flow from the Source. This time the healing of depressions is not done by unlocking these energetic blockages, but by the use of chemical drugs that are cell-inhibiting and decrease the flow of energy in the cells and neurons at the quantum level as I have proved in volume III. This explains why most of humanity was turned into veritable zombies in the current End Time as part of the strategy of the dark cabal to dumb down humanity and prevent ascension. As I said, the only form of creation these dark entities know is destruction through further separation from the soul and obstruction of the free flow of information and light codes.

    Vice versa, the only strategy of the Source to counterbalance this downward spiral was the constant beaming or better blasting of this dense holographic model with higher frequency source light waves as to change in a forceful manner its dense quantum structure and the superimposed emotional and mental structures of the incarnated human beings. As I mentioned already, the first Christians who were much more spiritual and medial than the present-day believers could see with their third eyes the golden-pale yellow light of source codes that emanated as aura around the human bodies and depicted it as a halo around the heads of their saints, who were in fact us, the PAT, as previous incarnations. The most remarkable pictures can be seen in the first churches on the European continent such in the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, in Ravenna from the early 6th century:

    Ravenna, Italy -- Beautiful Byzantine mosaics. Portrait of Empress Theodora by San Vitale.

    Image result for st apollinare classe in assisi, italy, paintings, pictures

    Since then the history of mankind has been shaped by the amount of source light that was able to penetrate the dense holographic model of earth and open the minds of the people. It has been a very slow process of progression and awakening of humanity. Several peaks were reached during the Renaissance and later on during the Age of Enlightenment, especially after 1800 when also the concept of modern science began to evolve and the idea of electromagnetic fields was firmly established. There were significant blasts of source light codes in the 30’s, then in the 60’s, which led to the beatniks and the flower power movements and the inception of the New Age. Then the Elohim listed the most important waves of light codes from the source that loosened the dense earth quantum structure in 1987 (first harmonic convergence), 2000, 2011 through 2014, and now 2015 – 2016.

    And here I come to the core information of this Elohim message with respect to the most dramatic event in human history that happened on May 30th this year and was reported by myself in real time, so that the entire PAT had the privilege to give testimony to humanity first hand. This was only possible because I am the open human conduit to the Source and feel all these energies directly flowing through my body and fields. Based on my long experience with these waves, I can interpret their quality and information content in an impeccable manner. This most dramatic event in the history of mankind, which the Elohim defined as “magnificent”, was the ultimate phase shift of Gaia and humanity to a completely open system that is permanently and irrevocably connected to All-That-Is. This was the ultimate ascension of Gaia and humanity par excellence. What will now follow will be the consequences of this unique paramount phase shift.

    As the Elohim told us, we have been working on this project since the Fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, later on in Egypt and Ancient Greece and in many other epochs and unknown past civilisations of humanity. Finally, on May 30th, 2016 at 16.00 PM Pacific Time we could reach this energetic threshold and trigger this flash point, this massive tsunami of light codes that engulfed first my body and fields and then that of the PAT and the entire planet and connected it since eons of time of information quarantine for ever with all dimensions, timelines and parallel worlds of All-That-Is. It was a total opening and superposition of all infinite energetic fields in the Omniverse with that of Gaia and humanity according to the principle of constructive interference.

    This phase shift is the actual ascension of Gaia and humanity and it happened on May 3oth, 2016. Since then all levels – the quantum atomic structure of matter with all its elementary particles up to the most resilient energetic system, the human mind ego, including the emotional body – are fully opened to the source light codes and the information flow can stream without any resistance. It is the introduction of the ubiquitous condition of superconductivity in matter, the utmost level of permettivity, that is also the basis of immediate creation, which we began to create last year.

    Read also:

    * Superconductivity of Mind Leads to Superconductivity of Matter and Photon Space-Time
    * Magnetism, Polarity and Superconductivity as the Basis of Creation – Message 6

    You must bear in mind that until this moment matter on earth was highly polarised and fractured so that it was impossible to change it from within and only very slowly, incrementally from without. Now the laminar flow of source light codes of information have completely engulfed the fractured quantum fields of all elementary particles which until now existed as closed solitons, standing waves and fully connected to All-That-Is. The barrier that existed between them and the yellow-golden source light has been fully dissolved on May 30th and the entire energetic edifice of this earth has been engulfed in this pale yellow-golden source light as depicted in early Christian mosaics and frescos. And I am sure that you all have felt the blissful character of this energy after May 30th. When I first sensed this incredible phase shift on May 30th I immediately called Carla who was driving in her car to inform her about this event. Shortly before my call she had already seen with her third eye this beautiful pale yellow-golden light of source codes descending upon earth and knew about the uniqueness of this dramatic event.

    This is actually the ultimate phase transition, or better “phase shift”, about which I have been speaking for years with respect to the actual planetary ascension of Gaia and humanity. From that moment onwards the earth holographic model is an open energetic system that can freely interact with all the dimensions and levels of All-That-Is and exchange light codes of creation with the Source. Actually, the old earth no longer exists and you all have felt this huge change in perception and some of you have reported this on our website. This phase shift has eliminated for ever the past interminable separation of this planet from the multiverse and is thus the beginning of its true evolution to a transgalactic civilisation. Each individual has now the possibility to move to whichever dimension he wants to and is ready for. We should no longer speak of 5th and 6th or higher dimensions as we exist in all these dimensions simultaneously as well as in the lower 3D and 4D, and all these dimensions and levels are superimposed on this uppermost mother planet and participate in the free flow of light codes.

    This night I had a key dream that illuminated this fact which I learnt only after I woke up and the Elohim came. I was dreaming that Carla, myself and a group of PAT members were in the mountains where there was a lift to the top. The whole place was full with crowds of excited people that built a big line waiting for the lift. At the entrance to the lift every person was given a ticket with a number and there was a big screen that announced the number of boarding, so that the people knew when their turn was as the line was very big and there was a lot of hustle and bustle. When the PAT group came to the entrance of the big lot in front of the lift, where the crowds were waiting to get on the lift, we were given special tickets with a different colour than the normal ones and without a number. We asked why and the employee told us that these are special tickets for privileged people who do not need to wait in the line but can go to the front and take the lift immediately whenever we want. Needless to say that the lift in my dream symbolized the ascension lift and that the many people waiting joyfully in front of the lift represented the first and second wave ascension candidates that are now waiting to be lifted. We, the PAT, have already ascended and that is why we need not wait in the line but are able to take the lift whenever we want without any further waiting.

    Then this dream converged into a second dream where we were in big classes in which ascension was taught. The instructors told us that we can stretch the ascension process into numerous individual events in linear time but we can as well condense them to one single event and ascend all of a sudden. They added that this is possible especially for the PAT as we have actually ascended and already exist in many dimensions and timelines. This dream repeated many times till I woke up this morning and then the Elohim came immediately to us.

    I promised you already on May 30th that we shall get more information on this most dramatic, most significant and magnificent event in the entire history of mankind when the episode is finished and today I am bringing you the good news. This is the ultimate culmination of the light work of all of us since eons of time and it is a moment in time to celebrate in the full consciousness what incredible miracle we have accomplished.

    What comes next? Miracles abound. For me and Carla it began the next day, Tuesday. An old friend and a schoolmate of Carla visited us. She is a young soul and very limited and judgmental in her views but otherwise a very kind person. When she came in the morning I was struck immediately by her high frequency emanation – she was glowing and looking at least 10 years younger. I immediately felt very comfortable in her presence and had the feeling that I have known her all my life which surprised me very much. She was also very relaxed and thoughtful. There were no trivial comments or the usual complaints. She was a completely different person and made many unusual and thoughtful remarks which Carla has never heard from her before. I had the impression that she was in a kind of trance and at the end she only complained that she is very tired which is unusual for her as she is a figure skating coach and has always been in good physical shape.

    After she left I shared my impressions with Carla and told her that I think that she is a walk-in of a new transliminal soul. Carla had a sudden knowing that it was even an Elohim soul who we must know from our soul monad and that is why we felt so comfortable with our guest. Today we got again the confirmation from the Elohim that this was a deliberate visitation by our Elohim family which borrowed the body of our friend for a while as to come to us and give us consolation after the energetic tortures of the last few days. Also to show what is possible now in the new ascended state, which humanity has entered after this earth was fully opened to the light codes of the source. From now on we must expect such encounters regularly as this is part of the new open energetic system of Gaia that can interact with all levels and where even Elohim can come to us in human gestalt. They told us that they could inhabit our friend’s body only for a short period of time as it was not accustomed to their high frequency energies and that is why she was so tired physically. We shall now meet with her next week and are eager to see if the Elohim soul will be in her body again or only her old soul.

    I am telling you about this remarkable experience as to illustrate what is possible now so that you should be prepared for such miracles and experience them in a conscious manner.

    In order to project what will happen in the coming days you must bear in mind that May 30th was the most auspicious date in the history of mankind and this planet since it began to descend to lower frequencies in the late epoch of Lemuria and Atlantis. It represents an irreversible phase shift from a closed and partially closed system to an entirely open energetic system at all levels – from the quantum level to the human ego-mind level. This opens infinite venues depending on the degree of individual spiritual evolution. It is the pinnacle of energetic transformation of Gaia and humanity.

    For us I expect the manifestation of our ability to create immediately at the quantum level and to become once again the true alchemists we all are in the higher dimensions. For the masses I expect sudden bursts of awakening that will startle them at first until they get used to it. The old matrix must now crumble within days as it has no longer any energetic support from the crystalline grid that vibrates in full resonance with the light codes of information coming from the source. The old matrix was based on numerous blockages and resistances that were built in its energetic structure and kept it alive. Just as currently all elementary particles of matter have changed their subatomic structure and have become more expanded and fluid, so does the old Orion matrix. It is dissolving while opening to this new free information flow from the Source and thus hugely expanding into a new state of superconductivity.

    We have entered the most decisive and exciting phase in the ascension process for which we have been waiting for so long, not only in this incarnation but in numerous past lives. This is the Good News which the Elohim herald to us and you all should fully embrace now and make it part of your life as to be able to participate actively in the coming stream of miracles.

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