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    Straw bale  Empty Straw bale

    Post  Carol on Sun Oct 25, 2015 3:12 pm

    The ModCell® building system offers prefabricated timber frame panels incorporating straw bale and hemp. The panels are relatively cost effective and make large-scale, carbon-negative building commercially viable. The straw bale and hemp panels provide excellent thermal insulation.

    ModCell® panels can be utilised in most builds as easily as conventional timber frame panels and so their applications are virtually endless, including offices, schools, housing and commercial buildings.

    ModCell® also features a roof cladding system, which together with the panels can be quickly and efficiently installed, creating buildings with thermal performance up to three times higher than the current building regulations require, and meeting the demanding PassivHaus specification. As a result, ModCell® buildings can have zero heat requirements, saving money and CO2 emissions.

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