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    The Hotel Continental Harwich UK


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    The Hotel Continental Harwich UK Empty The Hotel Continental Harwich UK

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Thu May 07, 2015 7:37 am

    The Hotel Continental Harwich UK Gordon10

    This is a painting I found hanging in the Hotel Continental, where I've stayed many a night, before my holiday journeys
    through the UK, during 15 years. It's a fascinating place and there's an even more fascinating story behind it.
    The owners, Gordon and Blossom Hoyle had an idea and tried to make it manifest in this Hotel. Accompanied by art
    authentic thinking and a fondness of breasts in works of art all over the place. Gordon and I had our early bird morning
    coffee and enjoyed great conversations. He has given me once a ride in his green Rolls Royce, to the ferry.
    Imagine seeing a man like the one in the painting and the video (website) sitting behind the steering wheel, looking at
    me with a smile, seeing my surprise at that very unusual combination Blink That's the excentricity of the English folk.
    Gordon is a typical Lancaster guy. He'se given me a signed copy of his poem book.

    Now the hotel is for sale, on the market in a lottery, for BP1000 a piece, needing 1000 people to buy it. Gordon treats much
    of his doings and diddings as a game in creative ways that I've begun to grow very fond of. Blossom, Gordon's wife, and I
    had a possible last conversation, before they move abroad. She told me "We're very sad for having to leave this place after
    trying to make it into something special. There are only a few people who can see what we're doing and try to achieve.
    We've got very outspoken ideas".

    Well..... see for yourself if this is so Cheerful For your entertainment and a bit of inspiration and art-warming, read what's
    being said and shown in the link below:

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