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    A Free Energy Device for the People ?


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    A Free Energy Device for the People ? Empty A Free Energy Device for the People ?

    Post  mudra on Sun Apr 05, 2015 1:39 pm

    Former Nuclear Director At The Department Of Atomic Energy Of India Unveils Free Energy Device

    Anyone who has heard of Nikola Tesla has no doubt heard of the concept of a free energy device.  A recent article talks about a renegade scientist who is trying to bring free energy to the people.  It states:

    In much of the mainstream scientific world, electrical generators that produce any efficiency higher than unity have been ruled out due to the Law of Conservation of Energy (LCE), but things are changing, and so is science (as it always has). Over the past few decades various scientists -including Nobel Prize winning scientists -have demonstrated that there is an energy that exists in so called “empty space” (space is just a construct that gives us the illusion of separation).

    Science has shown us that atoms aren’t sitting in a void, they’re in fact sitting in a sea of energy. Once physicists realized that this energy is there, the next question was whether it could be tapped, or used to develop new, clean green energy generators that run of off this energy. The answer is yes. Back in the 1980′s a researcher at Hughes laboratory by the name of Robert Forward demonstrated a phenomenon dubbed the “casimir effect” which proved that yes, this energy could indeed be tapped and possibly used to generate energy. (1)

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