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    Roundtable Discussion Including TT Brown's Daughter


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    Roundtable Discussion Including TT Brown's Daughter  Empty Roundtable Discussion Including TT Brown's Daughter

    Post  Seashore on Tue Mar 31, 2015 7:45 am

    This is an interesting video from the 2014 Secret Space Program Conference.  TT Brown's daughter talks about what it was like for her being the daughter of someone on the cutting edge of science and technology.

    Here's part of the Description:

    Published on Mar 9, 2015

    . . . Speakers : Henrik Palmgren, Mark McCandlish, Linda Brown, James Gladman, Jesse Fritch

    Sit back and enjoy a lively discussion between Henrik Palmgren Mark McCandlish and James Gladman about the documentary film created by James Allan Higgins (1964-2013) The Fluxliner story. Linda Brown the daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown will share some stories about her father. Jesse Fritch will give some commentary on a Military radar UFO footage taken on S13 site in Nevada.

    And here is the documentary referenced in the video, zero-point, which was produced by a student (James Allan Higgins, now deceased) for a thesis at the Savannah School of Art and Design:

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