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    David Icke's participation in documentary "Don't mention the Reptilians"


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    David Icke's participation in documentary "Don't mention the Reptilians" Empty David Icke's participation in documentary "Don't mention the Reptilians"

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:46 pm

    Strange enough I found that the link I shared here earlier, leads to my gmail account. I'm listening to Simon Parkes August 28 Capricorn Radio
    interview and Simon mentions David Icke's chapter "Don't mention the reptiles" whereupon I chose to look into it, coming back to this thread.

    The Biggest Secret, a pdf 541 pages book by David Icke.*DlMBPjJr5MfPph50TsvUd0RPisBk2QuGKVy0A__/DavidIckeTheBiggestSecret.pdf

    On page 40, in the Chapter "Don't mention the reptilians" of the book, David Icke writes
    "Other dimensional?
    My own research suggests that it is from another dimension, the lower fourth dimension, that the reptilian control and manipulation is primarily orchestrated.
    Without understanding the multidimensional nature of life and the Universe, it is impossible to follow the manipulation of the Earth by a non-human force.
    As open minded scientists are now confirming, Creation consists of an infinite number of frequencies or dimensions of life sharing the same space in the same
    way that radio and television frequencies do. At the moment you are tuned to the three-dimensional world or third dimension and so that is what you perceive
    as your reality. You are tuned to this station in other words. But, as with radio and television, all the other stations are broadcasting at the same time and if
    you move your radio dial or change the TV channel you can connect with them. When you do this, the station or channel you were tuned to before does not disappear, it continues to broadcast, but you can’t hear it or see it anymore because you are no longer on its wavelength. So it is with human consciousness.
    Some people (everyone if the truth be told) can tune their consciousness to other wavelengths and connect with information and consciousness operating
    on that frequency. We call this psychic power, but it is merely the ability to move your ‘dial’ to another ‘station’."

    Original post, now with the correct link

    This is a link to a short comment of David Icke, on the nature of being human on this planet.
    It's a trailer example of his role in the documentary "Don't mention the Reptilians" by a Project
    Avalon-member and filmmaker, called Chris Turner (username: Elephantintheroomfilms).
    Others, like Simon Parkes, James Bartley, Mary Rodwell and Bill Ryan, are present in it too.

    Yesterday I received the monthly newsletter of P.A. and one of the topics in it is this documentary.
    Take notice or not, of these Tuney Tunes from a virtual past, maybe with a Belgian beer Toast

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    David Icke's participation in documentary "Don't mention the Reptilians" Empty Re: David Icke's participation in documentary "Don't mention the Reptilians"

    Post  NANUXII on Mon May 11, 2015 12:54 pm

    Pretty much every one on that list are insiders.

    Can i say something about ike thats always made me wonder ...

    How on earth does he publickly state the queen is a lizzard and then play wembley ?

    theres something fishy about that ...


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