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    David Icke in Uluru Ayers Rock - Australian Tour 2011


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    David Icke in Uluru Ayers Rock - Australian Tour 2011  Empty David Icke in Uluru Ayers Rock - Australian Tour 2011

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Thu Jan 08, 2015 10:29 am

    I wonder why this tubby is published much later: December 20 2014.

    I found that Davids comment is true, relating to red rock and red soil or sand, as being powerful, with a special energy.
    For Devon soil, in the South West of the UK, has that color and the cliffs of Dawlish, along the coast are red sandstone
    rock formations. Years ago, I was given a ride by a witchy woman, going from a nearby village to Totnes and she yelled,
    with the windows of the car open, on a warm day in June "The feminine energy here, present in all that red soil, is so
    powerful that many women are a bit hippy trippy by it and in need of grounding" I found that she was quite right, during
    my stay in Totnes, recently. Some colorful ladybirds of paradise seemed a bit veiled in couds or an overdose of esoterical
    highs and lows, not knowing if they were coming or going.

    It's a very small world out there, in Totnes, in fierce competition, once you're part of the scene of alternative practicioners,
    10 for 1 client in need of it, to give an idea of the numerous flyers and practices all over the place. It's a little world with
    a strong social control and network. Not exactly my cup of tea, I'll feel better while settled somewhere around that little
    gem of a town, free to come and go. At the same time, it was heartwarming, to experience many in the street greeting
    and willing to chat. Very helpful too in giving advise and information. On Christmas Days, everybody wishes each other
    happy festive days and this wellwishing went on until after New Years day Cheerful

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