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    Free food factory : support this project it's awesome !


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    Free food factory : support this project it's awesome ! Empty Free food factory : support this project it's awesome !

    Post  mudra on Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:07 am

    The Free Food Factory: A free to shop organic grocery store

    Dan Martin Brings You a Free to Dine & 'Shop' Restaurant/Grocery Store, filled w/Organic Non-GMO Produce & Protein Grown/Raised Onsite!

    "Just because it hasn't been done doesn't mean we can't do it!" -Andy Green (Broke the Sound Barrier)

    The Factory, or "3F Project" as it's now being called, is the brain child of Dan Martin a retired (at 25) Boeing Aerospace Engineer who left society completely 10 years ago to be 100% self-sufficient and live off the grid.

    A completely, Free to dine and 'shop' grocery store and restaurant.

    NO catches, NO hidden fees, No cash registers!

    Where? Everywhere... We'd like a Factory in EVERY city, EVERY country, for EVERYone!!!

    The Factory offers free food to anyone and asks nothing in return. Imagine a locally grown, organic, non-GMO farmer’s market quality grocery store that offers healthy fruit, vegetables, seafood, nuts, spices, herbs, etc. Now imagine that it's all free. You walk down the aisles with your cart, get a little of this, some of that, eeew nice, Tilapia! And that's it! There are no cash registers, no cashiers, no costs. But don't expect us to bag it for you! Just kidding, of course we do that too!!!

    Why? You'll have to read on for that...

    read on:

    Free Food Factory

    Like Dan Martin's Free Food Factory page on facebook: Arrow

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    Awesome project this needs to get through and become a worldwide project.
    Please share with others friends.Thanks .

    Love Always

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