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    Spring Cleaning


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    Spring Cleaning Empty Spring Cleaning

    Post  RedEzra on Wed May 21, 2014 11:47 am

    There are a lot of categories and sub sections on the forum so I suggest some small changes to ease navigation through the Avalon mists. For instance all posted topics can fit just fine within some sub sections of five chief categories: Welcome, General Discussion, Spirituality and Philosophies, Science Esoteric or Not and Art from the Heart.

    The three GFL sub sections under General Discussion for example can get together into only one within the Spirituality section which is also a natural place for Thuban, Wicca, Shaman and Secret Societies. I think this will improve the intimacy of the forum and also the accessibility and dynamics of exchange among members. What do you think ?

    So without further ado here is a suggestion for Categories and Sub sections for future topics.

    ** Welcome
    * Guidelines
    * Forum Feedback
    * Introduce Yourself

    ** General Discussion
    * Universal Lounge
    * News & Views
    * Whistle Blowers
    * Best Reads

    ** Spirituality and Philosophies
    * Spiritual Sanctuary
    * Thuban Philosophy and Material
    * Wicca Shamanism Secret Societies
    * Galactic Federation of Light

    ** Science Esoteric or Not
    * Earth and Solar Observations
    * Healthy Living
    * Finance
    * Community Building
    * Free Energy Esoteric Physics
    * Planet X
    * Extra Terrestrials
    * Pre & Post Diluvial Civilizations

    ** Art from the Heart
    * Member's Creations
    * TRANCOSO's Tracks
    * Inspirations
    * Avatar, Sig & Banner Requests

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    Spring Cleaning Empty Re: Spring Cleaning

    Post  mudra on Wed May 21, 2014 12:29 pm

    Hello RedEZRA,

    The Mists began with a small number and has been built according to members wishes as we went along.
    The main posters here have been here almost from the start and I imagine they sail through the forum as easily as I do.
    Mercuriel who does all the technical admin work here is rarely online. His twin flame Hadriel sadly died in a not so long distant past and he is slowly recovering from the great loss this has been to him.
    Due to this I feel the changes you propose aren't something that would be forseable at this point on time.
    I don't exactly know how the forum outline looks to new members but Sanicle and Bobhardee  who both joined the boat  later than most of us found their way here.

    These are my  first thougts about your suggestion but let's see what others have to say.

    Love from me

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    Spring Cleaning Empty Re: Spring Cleaning

    Post  RedEzra on Wed May 21, 2014 5:24 pm

    Sorry about the loss of a loved one sooner or later we all leave passing through here today gone tomorrow. So it is and sad it is and life can be a lonely walk longing for a soul no longer here but somewhere.

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