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    Tips for Securing Assets


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    Tips for Securing Assets  Empty Tips for Securing Assets

    Post  Carol on Sat Apr 26, 2014 9:24 pm

    Tips for Securing Assets
    Securing assets is putting funds into precious metals (long term investment); income producing property; MCA Account or having funds in hand;

    Purchase precious metals ~ gold/silver ~ digital money
    [ ] Monex
    [ ] Sterling / Dinar Banker
    [ ] Bitcoin (digital money)

    Set up MCA and purchase foreign currencies (multi-currency account)
    [ ] HSBC
    [ ] Wells Fargo
    [ ] Sterling (exchange for hard foreign currency)
    [ ] EverBank, headquarters in Jacksonville, Fl; offer progressive international investments not usually found at other banks

    Purchase land & rental properties (add liens at 110% to prevent against being sued for frivolous lawsuits)

    [ ] 100 unit apt building (minimum) 3 yr performance record, maintained well
    [ ] hotel
    [ ] rental income properties
    [ ] REITS
    [ ] MLPS
    [ ] EFTS / REITS / ETF (exchange traded fund) is big collection of stock ~ Instead of 20 REITS an ETF holds all of them (poor performance lately)

    What Exactly Is a REIT?
    "A Real Estate Investment Trust is a business that buys real estate. Typically they specialize in one particular slice of the commercial market," he explains, pointing out that a REIT buys a series of properties, manages them, collect rents, and then passes that money along to shareholders.....

    [ ] investment that pays high dividends
    [ ] MLPs = Master Limited Partnerships - they invest in oil, energy and gas.


    Set up annuities and life insurance

    [ ] (Permanent Life Insurance policies) typically return 4-5% annually tax-free (be sure to have a rider [beneficiary] to protect principal)
    [ ] State Farm
    [ ] Prudential

    Investigate other investment options
    [ ] AAA-Rated, Tax-deferred Insured Municipal Bonds, return around 5% annually
    [ ] Stock Portfolio (Preferred Stocks-Bonds)
    [ ] Life Settlements
    [ ] US Agency Bonds
    [ ] Currency baskets
    [ ] Oil & Gas

    Self Directed Brokerage Account: Seek advice from a tax attorney and a CPA. There is a downside to the "election" to "opt out" of that certain part of the IRC and treat currency as a commodity, and that is a limit on losses on commodities.

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    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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