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    Nukes at the WTC on 911


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    Nukes at the WTC on 911 Empty Nukes at the WTC on 911

    Post  MartinTimothy on Sun Aug 04, 2013 1:49 am

    Nukes at the WTC on 911 Kkkiu

    A missile struck the WTC moments after the air strike on the South Tower, however false evidence presented by Jack White and Christopher Bollyn, a gif animation titled the Japanese Object, and the lack of smoke or any plume of dust on the NY skyline at the appropriate time, muddied the waters!

    As the second jet rammed its target, “that was an explosion,” says Stephen McArdle a tax consultant from inside the Marriot Hotel, he was taping as part of an FBI sting operation, then comes a longer and much louder explosion, the second explosion was the detonation of the missile’s warhead. Greg Smith 2002.

    Nukes at the WTC on 911 4dc21acf309d Nukes at the WTC on 911 4bc70dc09d5c
    Japanese Object gif - WTC Floor Plan

    The above side on view, says the Japanese Object would need to be on an entirely different flight path were it going to impact anywhere near the towers!

    Nukes at the WTC on 911 B891f521805d
    Jack White’s 911 Studies.

    The demolition wave visible in profile, in the frames at left in Jack White's montage above, means the images were taken at the start of the collapse of the South Tower, at 10:00 am, not at 9:04 as stated.

    Nukes at the WTC on 911 0ade9c58864d

    Christopher Bollyn @ American Free Press: A massive explosion devastated World Trade Center 6, the eight story US Customs building, immediately after United Airlines Flight 175, smashed into the South Tower at about 9:03 am.

    AFP Photo caption: The flame in the photos, of the mysterious burning object passing through the South Tower, is almost pure white and leaves a dark trail, is this the burning remnant of a DU penetrator.

    Reply: The flaming wreckage Bollyn says might be a DU penetrator, is thought to be an engine, and a brightly burning magnesium wheel rim, part of the landing gear of the plane that struck the ST, which had a different trajectory than the missile, as well the shot above shows, WTC 6 remains undamaged after the collapse of the South Tower!

    Nukes at the WTC on 911 Ee979436f106

    The gif animation compiled from Evan Fairbanks video, taken in NY on the morning of the attacks, is cropped before the missile, which is on the correct trajectory to cause the gash pictured at ground level east of the North Tower, streaks into view.

    Nukes at the WTC on 911 Fairbanksmissile Nukes at the WTC on 911 911wtcplacahole

    That there was minimal smoke and dust attests to the nature of modern armaments.

    Witness statements..

    Nukes at the WTC on 911 Mikepecorarot

    Mike Pecoraro: "The two decided to ascend the stairs to the C level, to a small machine shop, where Vito Deleo and David Williams were supposed to be working. When the two arrived at the C level, they found the machine shop gone. There was nothing there but rubble, Mike said. We're talking about a 50 ton hydraulic press gone!

    The two began yelling for their co-workers, but there was no answer. They saw a perfect line of smoke streaming through the air. You could stand here, he said, and two inches over you couldn't breathe.
    We couldn't see through the smoke so we started screaming, there was still no answer.The two made their way to the parking garage, but found that it, too, was gone. There were no walls, there was rubble on the floor, and you can't see anything he said.

    They decided to ascend two more levels to the building's lobby. As they ascended to the B Level, one floor above, they were astonished to see a steel and concrete fire door that weighed about 300 pounds, wrinkled up like a piece of aluminum foil and lying on the floor.

    They got us again, Mike told his co-worker, referring to the terrorist attack at the center in 1993. Having been through that bombing, Mike recalled seeing similar things happen to the building's structure. He was convinced a bomb had gone off in the building."

    Nukes at the WTC on 911 Willjimenopapdt

    Will Jimeno, PAPD: Our inspector commandeered a bus, and we sped down the sector cars opened the way for us. We go to the north tower, and then we go under the buildings to go to the south tower, to get to the lobby there.

    We are one floor under the main concourse area, where all the stores are, and pushing a cart filled with equipment, air masks, helmets, axes, tools, and so on. On the back of the cart, pushing, is Antonio Rodrigues, and just to his left is Christopher Amoroso.
    Suddenly I hear a loud noise and look over to the sarge and say, "Hey, Sarge, is there a second plane coming?" And, just then, it is like an earthquake when the plane hits the south building.

    We are just about in the middle of the concourse, between the two buildings, just below and a little south of the big golden globe, when huge parts of the tower and shock waves come down into the plaza area, cracking all the cement. The whole concourse above us collapses.

    There are a lot of civilians all around, and I don't know what happens to them, but I think it has to be bad. I can see Liberty Street before me as I feel a ball of debris hit us. Now, I see a huge fireball coming at us, and I yell, "Run! Run towards the freight elevator!"

    Dominick runs first, I am behind, and the sarge is behind me. Antonio is behind the sarge, and Chris is bringing up the rear, Chris never makes it, because the shock wave pushes him back into the main concourse area, and he takes the worst of it.

    Dominick and I and the Sarge, just make it around the corner, but Antonio doesn't. Everything just starts hitting us, and then the wall comes down on top of me. I am flabbergasted. My friend Dominick is crushed down in the push-up position, and my legs are pinned completely by heavy concrete. Sergeant McLoughlin sees the walls breaking apart, and they are falling on him.

    And the ceiling falls on him, [pinning him] twenty feet away from me. I can't see him, but I can hear him. I keep calling out for Amoroso and Rodrigues, calling and calling for two minutes straight, there is no response.

    Nukes at the WTC on 911 73fb9a420053

    Sal D’Agostino: And somebody was saying that they were hitting us with rockets from the Woolworth Building, initially we didn’t know it was a plane.. they said rockets! So I’m like, this is bad,

    You know, this is going to be real bad, they’re hitting us with rockets now, then somebody mentioned the Pentagon got hit, there were reports that the Sears Tower got hit and stuff like that, I remember telling Tommy this is not going to be good.

    Nukes at the WTC on 911 WTC01-400noaa_wtc2

    Editorial: Editorial: The infrared satellite shot, shows the absolute destruction that occurred on 911, note all but the North Wing of WTC 4 has disappeared completely.. the two planes that struck the towers, did not possess enough kinetic energy to cause this level of destruction!

    Thermate residues from demolition charges, built into the the towers during construction, have been identified in the dust from the fallout, the thermate charges were used to sever the steel beams, that formed the skeleton of the towers, and were in no way responsible for the tremendous damage to WTC's 3, 4, 5, & 6!

    As well conventional explosives, similarly built in during construction, that were used to bring Bldg 7 down, thermonuclear demolition charges had been placed inside the towers, which were detonated on the day, bringing them down.

    Those same thermonuclear charges, embedded within the debris from the collapsing towers, as well as vaporizing the concrete and steel, that made up the structure of those buildings, were still able to wipe out the top nineteen floors of WTC 3, all but the north wing of WTC 4, and to leave the gaping holes in WTC's 5 & 6, when it came into contact with them!

    Nukes at the WTC on 911 Laffoley

    Paul Laffoley a New York artist and former protege of Andy Warhol, who worked for architectural firm Emory Roth during the WTC design phase, says he witnessed discussion of building explosives into the towers, and says they were what brought Bldg 7 down, the story was the Australian edition of the RD, that was in a dentist's waiting room.

    Paul Laffoley is a great American hero, Judas seed NY cops and firedogs who are said to have received between 1.7 and 5 million dollar$ each for their silence, who are now reviled as NY's foulest, should if they wish to redeem themselves, do as he has one and say what they know about the greatest crime of the millennium.

    Nukes at the WTC on 911 77d23f387ac2

    WTC 3, the Marriot Hotel in happier days, Bill Biggert's shot of wreckage from the disintegrating South Tower tumbling onto WTC 3.

    Nukes at the WTC on 911 Wtc3biggart

    Biggert's next shot after the collapse of the South Tower, shows the tremendous damage the building sustained during the collapse of that structure.

    Nukes at the WTC on 911 Af6970084e23

    After the North Tower collapse only part of the bottom three stories of WTC3 remained, the lobby stayed intact with pictures still hanging on the wall .. Bill Biggert was killed during the collapse of the North Tower, there were reports of armed men and small arms fire maybe he was "taken out!"

    The total disappearance of the top nineteen floors of WTC 3 and all except the north wing of WTC 4, the holes in WTC 5, and the massive hole that went right thru to the sub basements of WTC 6 visible in the above pic, were similarly caused by the thermonuclear demo charge tumbling down from the disintegrating towers.

    The the Readers Digest ran a story some time around the late 1960's, which said explosives were to be built into the major buildings at the WTC complex to facilitate their eventual controlled demolition.

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    Nukes at the WTC on 911 Empty Re: Nukes at the WTC on 911

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:36 am

    I find this sort of thing to be quite interesting and very upsetting. I just wonder how many nukes or potent explosives are pre-positioned throughout the world?! I've even heard the theory that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by pre-positioned nukes. I keep wondering if everyone involved in the planning and execution of 9/11 really knew that the towers were going to be brought down?! I wonder what the effect of flying only one actual airliner into one tower (with no implosion) would've had regarding Going to War -- the Patriot Act -- Airport Security -- Conspiracy Theorists -- Re-Elections -- Etc.?? It seems as if 'They' made things way too complex and messy. What if 'They' had merely used a pre-planted nuke in one tower (with no plane or missile)?? 'They' seem to be very smart and very stupid -- simultaneously. I don't necessarily have a problem with appropriate watching and listening -- but I keep thinking that the bad-guys are cracking-down on the good-guys -- and that the bad-guys can do whatever the hell they want -- and get away with it. I keep getting the feeling that this solar system was taken-over by a Sun God who wasn't (and isn't) very nice -- thousands of years ago. Enough Said.

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    Nukes at the WTC on 911 Empty Re: Nukes at the WTC on 911

    Post  bobhardee on Fri Jul 18, 2014 8:33 pm


    It was Dr. James Fetzer that introduced me to Veterans Today. We had worked together on 9/11 where my expertise in photographic and image analysis helped his research.

    Several teams at Veterans Today had been working on 9/11 and, by the time I met them, all had come to the conclusion that 9/11 was a nuclear event. They had also come to the conclusion that other researchers, the total amateurs and those with some expertise but “axes to grind,” pet conspiracy theories or books to peddle, had crippled any effort to move forward.

    Others, far too many others, many “activists” were something else, something unwholesome, clearly working for those responsible for 9/11. As many if not most of these folks aren’t very bright, they had become rather obvious.

    The real breakthrough came when Veterans Today was given access to documents “borrowed” from the Department of Energy and given to Russian intelligence. The Russians, in turn, angry at the US over the Ukraine coup, looked for an American source to publish this material. Only “VT” would touch it.

    This material was the product of a broad investigation into where nuclear weapons were acquired, who had stolen them, how they were reconfigured, where they were placed and more. However, not all information we wanted was there.

    Don Fox and I went to Gordon Duff who introduced us to a senior US Army/NATO officer who had commanded nuclear forces in Europe. He concurred that 9/11 was nuclear, answered what he could and helped direct us onward.

    Although we had made a lot of progress, there were still many gaps in our knowledge so when we learned that Gordon Duff had sources within the US nuclear weapons labs and that material was coming out that had never been seen before, we were eager to see if we could use it to fill in the gaps.

    We were given direct access to documents, not only tied to the suppressed nuclear weapons investigation of 9/11 but private notes by investigators as well. Duff then told us that we could submit questions. A day later, we received answers you will see below.

    This material is astounding, it comes from the highest levels of America’s weapon design community and is highly classified. After reading this, you will never be able to think about 9/11 and the threat of nuclear weapons in the same way ever again.

    Where, for years, would-be investigators, bloggers, phonies, malignant narcissists have peddled pet theories like carnival barkers, real nuclear weapons designers, many from the same team that wrote the DOE 9/11 Report (2003), had no need to fabricate and dissemble.

    Q: How many types of devices were used in New York on 9/11? I see where a case can be made for 2 or 3 different types of devices.

    A: At least two different types of nuclear weapons were used. One being a standard micro nuke with a (W-54 Pit design) of less than 3 kiloton in size and greater than 500 ton minimum in blast size.

    The bigger enhanced weapons use to bring down towers 1 and 2 were at least 1 to 3 kiloton in size. The fireball size limits the kiloton size of the weapon to less than 200 feet in diameter due to the size of the buildings. For every 1 kiloton of blast effect you get approximately a 50 foot radius sized fireball. The size of the fireball can be much less when contained inside a steel structure. So a 3 kiloton weapon will produce a 150 foot fireball.

    In a thermobaric design, the plasma fireball will remain the same size but it will be under much greater pressure and have more density due to the added iron oxide material in the fireball. When the fireball expands to its maximum size of 150 feet and just after it consumes all of the building materials in this area; (up to 150 tons for a 3 kiloton weapon) it begins to cool very rapidly. As it cools it will expel the molten hot iron plasma under great pressure just like in a volcano. Shooting the “Lava” or plasma straight up the central core of the building. This volcanic burst of hot iron plasma will literally gut the inside of the building of anything that it comes in contact with. The follow on EMP pulse will add even more thermal heat to the structural components of the building. The EMP pulse will also destroy or erase any surviving computer hard drives in the area.

    Q: The above ground nukes appear to be much smaller than the below ground nukes. And the nukes below the Towers appear to be different than the nukes below Building 7.

    A: Yes each building needs a different amount of explosive charge to bring it down. This depends on the size, shape and mass of the building. It is basic demolition physics. Buildings 4-6 were smaller requiring lesser charges to bring them down. Building 7 was bigger needing more than one charge. Towers one and two required much more charge and they needed a bigger hole to drop them into. These were the specially designed thermobaric weapons, used just for this purpose.

    Q: We see evidence for neutron bombs in the USGS dust samples and the DOE water samples. The primary stage appears to be uranium as we see uranium in the dust samples and not plutonium. The secondary appears to be lithium deuteride as we see tritium in the DOE water samples. Could a thermobaric nuke use uranium for the primary?

    A: Yes. A Uranium or Plutonium weapon can be used as the primary. The primary only needs to be a fission weapon design. Uranium is also used in a Plutonium weapon as a neutron reflector and energy booster. It reduces the amount of PU needed by 25 to 50%. The Uranium will not completely burn because it is a neutron reflector so it shows up in the fallout. 1 pound of Pu or Uranium will produce up to 3 ounces of fallout per pound of fuel consumed by the primary.

    So if the weapon used 15 lbs of fuel it will produce 45 ounces of fallout. Most of this will be absorbed by secondary burning the remaining nuclear fuel in the thermobaric reaction. Adding Iron oxide to the secondary will reduce heavy radioactive fallout to acceptable levels after several days. It is a clean burn weapon. This is why it was used; less fallout problems to deal with.

    For every 1 kiloton of energy produced in a nuclear explosion, it will consume up to 50 tons of iron or steel when it is sucked into the plasma fire ball turning it into vaporized gas. When it cools and it is exposed to air or water vapour, it forms micro granules of iron oxide spheres in the 7 to 10 nanometer range.

    All metal spheres formed by the plasma ball when cooled will vary in size, based on their atomic weight and wave length of light that they absorb. The size is determined by the wave length of the light radiated by the plasma fire ball ranging from 30 nano meters (infrared light) down to less than 1 nano meters for (x-rays and Gamma rays). Iron only absorbs light in the 7 to 10 micron range, this is why they are that size. Gold Silver and Aluminum all adsorb shorter wave lengths so they are much smaller in size.

    If the fallout sample is not taken directly from the very center of ground zero it will show less and less PU or Uranium in the samples the farther you get from the zero point of detonation. This is because most of the unburnt radioactive material does not travel very far from the plasma ball.

    The secondary purpose of the iron oxide is to convert excess Gamma, X-ray and Neutron radiation into thermal energy. Its third function is to convert Alpha and Beta radiation into heat. Its fourth function is to convert the excess free electrons produced by the blast into a bigger EMP pulse. Its fifth function is to contain or absorb the radioactive fallout and reduces its levels, helping in clean up.

    If a very thick solid iron casing is used it will fragment just like in a grenade or in an artillery shell so softer iron powder is used. It also needs a lot of surface area in order to produce the thermobaric effect. When this hot plasma that is over 1 million degrees centigrade in temperature and over 5,000 degrees C. at its edges comes in contact with any other material it will either immediately vaporize it or melt it. Even if it does not melt it if the structural steel elements of the building rise in temperature above their Curie point then they will lose all structural strength and bend like pretzels.

    This is basically a first generation plasma weapon when used in a closed steel construction building. The closed steel construction also further helps contain the fallout, when used in a very tall steel structure such as on 911. The 1,000 foot long or tall steel central core of the building acts as a thermal wave guide for the hot plasma converting the central steel core into a Directed Energy Weapon. It also acts as a electromagnetic wave guide for the EMP pulse and directs the energy produced by the weapon strait up the central core. It basically forms a very crude Directed Energy Weapon.

    The EMP pulse is vertically polarized and it is primarily absorbed by the buildings steel structure. The reaming EMP field effects do not radiate any farther than the magnetic near field produced by the original blast. The steel building acts as a Faraday cage absorbing and re radiating the EMP energy as thermal heat, adding to the thermobaric effect. X-rays, Gamma rays and neutrons are rapidly absorbed by most of the heavy materials in the building so very little of this radiation will travel more than a few blocks from the outside of the building structure. In order to prevent a counter EMP from knocking out electrical power in lower Manhattan the building had to be power downed just before the blast. This would require someone switching off power in the transformer substation that was used by the WTC complex and the power company.


    So there you have it – the nuclear secrets of 9/11 laid bare for all to see. No longer can there be any denial that NYC was nuked. The nanothermite theory was a psyop from the beginning to hide the nuclear event at the towers.

    We must salute those who chose to release this highly classified information, they have done a great service by finally answering the ‘how’ of the destruction of the WTC.

    It did occur to us to ask why is this information coming out now, the answer gave us further insight into the people behind the terrible crime of 9/11. The following short remark was at the end of the text.

    “Bush, Cheney and Rahm Emmanuel are gone. So are most of the original co-conspirators. They are or have been removed from power. This makes it safer for the whistle blowers.”

    Note the names they use and the order they are in. This opens up so many more questions, this time questions that may actually have answers of consequence.

    Dick Cheney recently warned, or perhaps threatened would be more accurate, that a ‘far deadlier nuclear 9/11” may happen; now we know that 9/11 was a nuclear event and that Cheney was at the heart of the conspiracy; therefore his prediction is truly frightening.

    The information above is far from all that has been published, supplied as part of the DOE documents or brought forward by loyal Americans working in our nuclear weapons programs. These are only the unanswered questions, the details we felt would give us the answers we needed.

    Veterans Today had already published papers on the bomb designs, where the 9/11 weapons had been placed and extensively on those who had accessed the weapons. All of the articles I reviewed were, as with this one, detailed, lots of hard science. What is of particular note is the fact that never have so many previously unpublished details on specialized weapons programs ever been released in the same decade, much less in a few short days.

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    Nukes at the WTC on 911 Empty Re: Nukes at the WTC on 911

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Sat Jul 19, 2014 9:50 am

    The world often seems to be run in a rather sloppy and non-idealistic manner -- yet it still seems to grind upward and onward rather well. The high-level crooks and incompetents never seem to get the ax. They always seem to get away with murder (sometimes quite literally). The 9-11 scholars are numerous -- and the evidence seems damning -- yet nothing official ever seems to result (other than whitewashing, spinning, and covering-up). When the protesters chant "9-11 was an inside job" it seems that they are most often referring to the US Government (at some level) -- yet I keep getting the overwhelming impression that the way things REALLY work is Global or even Solar-System in nature -- with the various nations (and their leaders) being essentially employees and/or agents of this Umbrella-Government. The more I think about it -- the more I think that things might HAVE to work in such a manner -- yet the likelihood of Absolute-Power Absolutely-Corrupting is probably overwhelming. I'm in the process of backing-off of my so called "Quest" because it's getting too scary and too realistic -- with way too many complicated factors. I'm not going to say anything more about this. I'm way too disillusioned and disoriented. Plus, my thinking could soon become hazardous to my health -- so I'm going to mostly look at all of this madness in the context of an Idealistic Solar System Government in the Distant Future -- rather than pushing for this and that presently when I don't know a damn thing about what's really going on. I've been told that 9-11 was done to prevent something bigger from happening. Leo Zagami claimed that he ordered that the twin-towers be brought down -- yet even if this were true, I wouldn't know if Leo was perfectly possessed (with the demon taking credit) -- or who knows what?! I've even been told that "God was trying to get our attention" by someone who I think might really know something about that. I get the sinking feeling that somehow this world is being held-hostage (at gunpoint) by at least one very powerful hidden-faction. The grand-plans of various individuals and factions might be extremely long-term and extremely devastating in nature. My speculation and modeling seems to keep me in a perpetual nervous-breakdown (with extreme discomfort). I keep wondering if a mostly Cold War in Heaven is in the process of morphing into a mostly Hot War in Heaven?! I think some individuals and factions will do just about anything to gain Money and Power -- including starting wars (and bringing down skyscrapers in Lower Manhattan). I think people like Dick Cheney know exactly what's really going on -- yet I still think of them as Middle-Men. I even think of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds as being Middle-Men. A revelation of the Solar System Gods and Goddesses might be the beginning of the end of our civilization. I think it might be that bad. I just hope that Purgatory Incorporated can morph into Paradise Incorporated -- such that terrorism and warfare can be effectively eliminated -- with the secret people (and other than people) making sure that everything runs smoothly and safely -- rather than planning and funding this and that nasty crisis (for power and profit).

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