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    Jim Sparks and Paola Harris interview “Jim Sparks” on Jerry Pippin Show at Laughlin 2007

    CLICK HERE for the audio interview.

    Jerry: Jim, why don’t you start by filling us in on what was happening before you wrote the book, and when did it start?

    Jim: It started for me in 1988. Prior to that, as far as I was concerned, I had no inkling that abductions took place, particularly in the tens or hundreds of thousands. Also prior to 1988, I had a mind that thought it was possible that there were extraterrestrial beings, but wasn’t looking for any kind of contact.

    Paola: What was the first event, and how did it come about?

    Jim: It was dreamlike. I had what I thought was a recurring dream that some things were coming into my room, escorting me off the bed, walking me down the hallway into the guest room. We had a floor-level window in the guest room at that time, and I would literally walk out through the window with whatever these things were. My peripheral vision in these dreams was shot, so I couldn’t really see them. They took me out, walked me across the lawn, to the woods, then they’d bring me back the same way and put me back to bed, and that just kept happening several times a week for a few months. One evening, that dream was more vivid, meaning that I became conscious during parts of that episode. I was scared when I walked through the window. When I got up the next day I went to the guest room and was shocked to see the print of the heel of my foot on the lawn, and of my toes and the ball of my foot on the carpet. Our lawn had thousands of little flowers that I call honeysuckle flowers in it, that would stick to your feet when you walked on them. Embedded in the heel print was the flowers from the lawn, and the imprint on the carpet also had flowers in it – on the inside of the glass, with drapes and blinds and everything. There were also other little prints near mine, smaller and not as clear as my own footprints, like animal feet or paws.

    Paola: Were you married at the time? Was anyone else in the house, and did they see this?

    Jim: I was married at the time, but my wife was also part of the abduction experience. One thing was very strong: she was not to have conscious recall, I was not to be able to interact with her in this or any abduction that followed, and I really learned the hard way, but I learned quickly. You know how when you’re married to someone, you know their facial expressions, you know their responses to things. Any time I brought this subject up she would always have this programmed response. I’d hold her by the shoulders and look straight into her eyes and say, “Theresa, what do you think about this?” Her facial expression was one that I’m not familiar with and she would respond in some silly way, by saying “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” And if I probed any further and she started to remember it, she would respond violently. So I learned that whatever their agenda was for her, she was not to interact with me about it.

    Jerry: What would you try to tell her? Would you try to discuss their appearance?

    Jim: Well, I would see her on board from time to time, never for long, but I’d get glimpses of her and would think, “oh my god, that’s my wife.” And I know that occasionally she would see me. There was one time when we were in the living room and I had her gently by the shoulders and she was rambling on with this nonsense that wasn’t even her words, and I said “Theresa, come on. Come on.” She said, “Jim, I know what you’re talking about, but we’re not allowed to talk about it.” So I finally got a real, genuine response from her. Another thing she had said during the course of that conversation, which by the way I’ve never shared with anyone before, so you’re getting a good interview here ~

    Paola: I’m curious because when you have someone in the house verifying that this happened to you, a wife or children, it really helps other people who also have families. And would you please tell us what her purpose was, why they took her?

    Jim: I’m sure I’ve never answered this before, and I didn’t put this in the book, so this is new information coming out. Because I just stay away from that thing with her, and I always have. We’re divorced now, but we’re very close, and if I just touch on that thing she sort of laughs, but she still won’t answer it.

    Jerry: Not to get personal, but is this part of the reason you divorced?

    Jim: It played a big part in it. There were other reasons as well. Nonetheless, she said, “I know we’re not supposed to talk about it.” And I said, “What are they, Theresa?” And she said, and I didn’t like these words, “They’re my helpers from heaven.” You have to understand that she was a deeply religious person, so anything other than god or angels is bad, and that was her interpretation of them. Then she went into a violent rage, saying we’re not supposed to talk about it, and you’re crazy, and she’d reverse the whole thing. Her response was so awful from that point on that I learned not to get into it.

    Jerry: If she felt they were helpers from heaven, who did you think they were?

    Jim: In the early months, at first I had no clue whatsoever. As things progressed, I learned that these guys use screen images. They’ll do whatever it takes to subdue and handle human beings with the least resistance. Their minds can project images that lead you to believe it’s something that you feel comfortable with, or uncomfortable with. If you’re a very religious person, they’ll come across with the message that they’re angels from god and that they’re here to help you, so please lie on this gurney. If you’re into that, that’s what you’re thinking and you’ll just cooperate. If you’re very much afraid of demonic forces, they’ll do a flip and tell you that the devil will hurt you if you don’t listen to us. There was a point when they came on to me with the religious thing, and I said, “yeah right. God has angels that fly around in UFOs.” And they stopped that. Then the next ploy, because I was always angry and I wasn’t having any of it – I knew it was all technology, I just didn’t know what they were. So they tried telling me they were demonic, they’re evil, they’ll hurt me if I don’t cooperate. And I said, right, well turn me loose and I’ll squeeze your fat little – and I couldn’t do that to the devil, could I? They couldn’t retaliate to that kind of tortured logic. Now, I know that with abductees, they try all kinds of different things to get you to cooperate, and then they primarily take the memory away before you go back. But in my case, I caught on to those games they played early on, I resisted them early on, and so they stopped playing. The rest of it was what they really were.

    Jerry: And what is that?

    Jim: Ninety to ninety-five percent of my interaction with them has been with the greys. They’re not forthcoming.

    Paola: Are they little robotic beings, or do they look more like cloned beings?

    Jim: There are two types. There’s what I call the true aliens, and then there are the worker beings. The worker beings, in my experience, is what is encountered by most abductees, about ninety percent, and they think these are aliens, for good reason. They’re three to three and a half feet tall, their heads are very big, they do have the almond-shaped eyes, but I know them to be half biological and half robotic. They are created beings just for that work. I’ve seen them with reptilians, carrying on tasks, I’ve seen them with the greys, carrying on tasks, and on very rare occasions, only a couple of times over nineteen years, I’ve seen them with something that looks humanoid, dressed in robes. I know they’re created worker beings. The greys are about a foot taller, their eyes are much bigger than ours but certainly not the big almond-shaped eyes that people describe. Also, their skin is leathery and you can see wrinkles, and you can see individuality in them while the worker beings all look exactly alike.

    Paola: Did they ever give you a name?

    Jim: Twice. I almost called the book “Star People.” The reason was, during the first six years which were very painful and traumatic, I always found myself in the same place, which was on board this craft, in the same room, sitting on this bench, paralyzed. In front of me was a table with a screen on it, a teaching machine. It could interact with you using artificial intelligence. What was eerie about this machine is that you could sense living tissue or living thoughts. These guys don’t have the same social outlook as we do. How many thousands of years have they gone on without worrying whether something is biological or robotic, they’re past all that. But you could always sense that bit of life in the machine, and in the table. I got over all that discomfort as the years progressed. Now one thing about their nature is that they don’t like questions, absolutely can’t stand questions. Why? Because it’s always the same thing. Every time they encounter humans, we’re going to say, “Who are you? Where are you from? Why are you here? What’s it like?” We can’t help ourselves. So what I’ve learned over the years is, don’t ask, they’ll tell you when they’re ready. But in those early years there were tasks they wanted me to perform, experiments that I had to be a part of, this language thing where I was converting our letters into symbols, and I was highly resistant to anything on their agenda. I fought them tooth and nail, any way I could mess them up I always did. However, it was based on reward and punishment.

    Jerry: Like the way we treat animals, or prisoners.

    Jim: Right. Now, there was one session where I had done particularly well and cooperated particularly well, I just wanted to get out of there. They would give rewards, like playing with a piece of equipment, or having one question answered. You get corny answers, but it’s the truth. So one of my questions was, “Who are you people, where are you from?” The answer was “We’re star people.” I got angry. I thought, I’m people, you’re not people. But Star People meant they were from the stars. I was going to name the book Star People, because that’s what they said they were. But then I had an experience several years later, just before the book came out, which was witnessed by several other people as well. It’s always nice when other people are able to verify your experiences. They referred to themselves as the Keepers, and they are here to take their people home to a better place.

    Jerry: They consider us their people?

    Jim: Yeah. And not that I’m agreeing with this and that I embrace alien culture, but things are starting to come out in terms of the environmental issues… When they said the Keepers, I was driving on a highway between Naples, FL and Fort Myers Beach when a craft appeared. The Keepers’ crafts look like diamonds or like pyramids, one upside down on top of the other, and they change color, they reflect light or they can be a whitewash white. I associate that with the Keepers. As I was driving down the highway it looked like a sailboat sailing across the road. There’s this sail going across the road and it’s the top of a craft, and the bottom is going through the dirt as if it’s not even there. Most people who saw that would just think it’s a sailboat and it wouldn’t even register, but that’s how they do things. At that point they wanted me to see what they were and it sailed through the street, and it rose up at a forty-five degree angle and appeared as a craft. What was transmitted to me telepathically, and what I wrote, was that the keepers are here to take their people home to a better place. Not to a better world, which was what I expected them to say, but to a better place. I saw them collecting seeds from every plant, every animal, humans, everything and you can see it in this craft. That was ten years ago. So Star People was the first name they used, then they changed to the Keepers, and I thought that was more appropriate so that’s what I used for the book title.

    Paola: So they’re predicting some problems down the road. Did they give you any details?

    Jim: It was six years of being paralyzed for me, on board, in the same room, and then I took part in a mass abduction where I was free for the first time to move around. It was unique in many ways. I wasn’t paralyzed, I was calming people, it was a mass abduction, and I got to see what they were doing on a mass agenda, on a global basis. They were picking up people all over the globe and taking then to one destination, in this case a clearing in the woods, and then other crafts came and took them onto a bigger ship to get an environmental lesson. Primarily the condition of what the planet was like, and then what the planet is like, and saying we’re killing our planet. For myself personally soon after that what I saw was many hundreds of humans being indoctrinated into this understanding. Then it was given to me to take responsibility for the rain forests. I formed a foundation called Your Earth, it is not yet active. What I’ve learned from all this is timing. No matter how bad I may want to do something, the timing has to be on their agenda and then it works. If not, you’re just wrestling against it and nothing happens. Now things are starting to go because they said to go in this direction.

    Paola: Is that why you wrote the book and why you’re talking right now, because the time is right and things are happening?

    Jim: Yes.

    Paola: Because there are a lot of things going on right now, your book, a lot of people speaking, the O’Hare sighting, the sightings in London… so whatever they predicted, is it close at hand?

    Jim: Environmentally, yes, and that made me sad. I’m seeing things that I hadn’t seen before concerning global awareness, and commitments are starting to be made. The point is that what bothered me for many years, and what frustrated me because I couldn’t do anything about it, was that I had a visitation—I used to get pulled out of my living room or my bedroom in a horrific, traumatic way. And the transport is not easy on your body.

    Jerry: What does it feel like?

    Jim: Well, there’s the hard way and the easy way.

    Jerry: Do you get a choice?

    Jim: It depends on what they’re doing. If the crafts are on the ground, and they come to escort you out of your home, they create an energy field that renders invisibility and the ability to walk through walls. They walk with you, holding your arms as you walk through a wall or window, and that’s the easy way. The hard way is when the crafts are in flight and they pull you. The first sensation of any knowledge that something is about to happen is this low rpm whirling sound, that gets faster and faster, and then this sensation in the pit of your stomach that something is rising up to your chest. This is scary. It’s like a beam of energy. You know that they’re flying by, so this is something they’re focusing on you that will transport matter. When it reaches your chest, your heart races and adrenaline drops into your system. Then the sensation of extreme acceleration, but instead of going up, you feel like you‘re being pulled down. Now while you’re hearing this whirling sound, your heart is racing, you’re getting this acceleration, and all you can do is scream inside your head, because you can’t open your mouth, and you’re just thinking, “I don’t want to die!” It always feels like it’s going to kill you. And then you black out. When you come to, you’re nauseous, you’re sick, but you’re at point B. It’s happened so many times I’ve lost count. I know I always live.

    Jerry: Now when they take you up into the moving ship, is that like a tractor beam?

    Jim: Well, I don’t know, because when I’m in it I can’t see it. So the interaction has evolved tremendously in the last thirteen years relative to the first six. Interaction is now almost on human terms, where I know where to go, and I physically drive myself there and we have a meeting. There was one being I had met up with who expressed that we had at that time four or five years to stop the destruction of the rain forests and still be able to return it to what it was. That deadline has passed, but it is still encouraging in that we can still save it, but we can’t bring back all that we’ve lost.

    Jerry: That’s kind of an encouraging thought. Now I’m interested in this craft. So you’ve got hundreds of people up there, what, standing around in a gymnasium?

    Jim: Things seem to expand or contract as needed.

    Jerry: So it’s been nineteen years of incredible experiences. Paola Harris is with us, and you’ve traveled the world, Paola, this is probably the most detailed thing we’ve heard.

    Paola: Well, it’s wonderful because he can recall it, it’s not a hypnotic recall, and also he’s been able to reason out why they took him and what their agenda is, which many contactees still don’t know the reason. What he did yesterday in his presentation was show a documentary that had a lot of famous people, John Mack, Linda Howe… It had a lot of famous researchers in it, but this documentary was made by a person who was involved in the mass abduction. So I was asking myself the whole time, was this programmed by the Keepers for us to see, was that why the documentary was made? Because the man who was interviewing him was in the mass abduction.

    Jim: Well, to answer directly and then expound on it, yes, it was. That whole first experience of not being paralyzed, had an elation about it. Because I was privy to the fact that there was a plan by these guys, the environmental thing. During this mass abduction I could see all the intricate workings of it, how they bring the people on board, how they hook them up, how they put them on this monitor thing. I hear abductees say that they’re environmentally inclined after their abduction but they don’t know why. I know why, because I see what they put them through. There was one individual that I was paying a lot of personal attention to during that last abduction that lasted a couple of hours, and then I got to see that person in real life here. Maybe I should talk about that a bit.

    I got pulled, I found myself in a clearing in the woods. This was the first time I had ever not been on board, and I was able to move around. I would say that the clearing was about a hundred yards, like the size of a football field. I was standing up, and below me were people piled on the ground, about fifteen of them, mostly nude, some in their nightclothes. Obviously they’d been in bed when they were pulled, and they were all paralyzed. There was one guy standing to my right, and he was fully dressed in a short sleeved shirt, slacks, brown leather shoes. He kept repeating, zombie-like, “I was driving my car, I was driving my car.” There was a woman on the ground to my left. She was in her nightclothes, in the fetal position, just rocking back and forth, horrified. And then there was a grey standing in this group. To the left was another pile of people and one grey, and to the left of them was another pile of people and one grey. So this was a mass abduction and they were gathering people at this point for the other ships to come and get them. How they got there I’m not sure, but I’m guessing they got pulled the hard way judging by the state they were in. We saw three balls of light come up over the horizon to the left, and one came over my group of people, another came over the second group, beautifully synchronized, and then the third one came over the other group of people. It was an overcast night, so they just looked like balls of light. But as they came down, I was able to see, for the first time, the outside of a ship. I was able to move, I could see the outside. Prior to that ship descending, when I was standing there and the girl was rocking back and forth in a traumatized state, the grey that was next to me said, “Calm her.” And I thought to myself, wow, man, I’ve got a job? I’m actually participating?

    Jerry: Yeah, you’ve graduated.

    Jim: So I’m not claiming to embrace alien culture, but it’s like the Helsinki Syndrome. You’re a trustee and prisoner now. But it’s better than being in a corner in isolation, and I can learn more now. So I put my hand on her shoulder and said, “It’s okay, you’re going to be fine, you’re going to get through this.” I said, “They’re going to take you into this room and they’re going to teach you this alphabet,” and the alien said, “You’re telling her too much. Just calm her.” So I said, “It’s okay, you’re going to be fine.” The guy kept complaining he was nauseous, he wanted to throw up, he didn’t know where he was, so I kept talking to him, trying to calm him. I was very close to him, his face was in my face, I was holding his arm, telling him he was going to be fine.

    When the ships descended, it didn’t look like I expected. I thought it would be streamlined and stealthy-looking, but the bottom of it was like an egg. It was white, with windows all the way around it, and you could see activity in all the windows, and it was spherical over the top. A light came down over our group of people, a bright, bright white light with a hue of blue. I was looking up at that light, and the one on our left descended and that light came on. I stepped out in front of the crowd and I had my hands up in the air, and I said, “They’re beautiful! They’re beautiful!” And then I blacked out.

    When I came to, I was in a corridor, with all the people who had been on the ground. I was told to lead them. I led them into a room that was about the size of a gymnasium or a basketball court. There was all kinds of activity all the way to the back walls, and I could see humans and aliens working together, just a buzz of activity. I was told to seat them. There were rows and rows of benches like workstations with these monitors. At that time I didn’t know anything about computer monitors, I didn’t know what they looked like. But these monitors were different from computer monitors. So I started seating people, and I came up to this guy I’d been working with before, who was so nervous and upset.

    After I seated him I got curious and started looking around. They didn’t want me to do that, and I blacked out. When I came to, I was seated in front of my screen, and everyone else in the room was seated in front of their own, and there were a few hundred more besides my original group. When the monitors lit up, they all lit up at the same time, and they were somehow hooked up to us as well. I think this explains scoop marks somewhat, because these were somehow connected to us, right into the flesh either of the arm or the calf of the leg, and I think it was to transmit emotional responses to what was on the screen.

    On the monitors came the first scene, a pristine, gorgeous sea, filled with fish, and a beautiful blue sky. The normal reaction would be, oh that’s pretty. But with this, it absolutely took your breath away. We were all totally mesmerized. And it went on, scene after scene, and you could tell that these pictures were taken millions of years ago, before humans began to contaminate the planet. And then gradually the pictures changed, it became uglier and more polluted, the water became brown, and you could hear a voice saying, “You’re killing your planet. Your planet is dying. You’re killing your planet. Your planet is dying.”

    Jerry: Was this like an announcer’s voice?

    Jim: It was like an announcer for everybody.

    Paola: Was it a human voice, or a robotic voice?

    Jim: You hear in your head, a voice that sounds almost like your own. There’s no mistaking it, it’s loud and clear.

    Jerry: Did it get to the end? Did it show a dead planet?

    Jim: It showed everything, from what it was and what it is, and what it can be and what it will be. Now during the bad scenes, remember that they’re pumping something into us to make it more intense, and we’re all just falling apart and crying at what we see. They take away the memory of the lesson, but they leave with us the emotion and the trauma. The good and the dark parts of the thing are retained when they come back. So they’re not remembering, gee, I was sleeping and then I was lying in this pile and then this ship came and beamed me up. They’re not remembering that, but they’re remembering the essence of the message. It’s emotionally powerful ~ and it’s intellectually powerful. So it doesn’t surprise me when I hear people saying they believe they’re on a mission for the earth’s survival.

    Paola: But then you had the documentary. Did you see this guy again? Did you walk down the street and say hi, I saw you, you’re supposed to make a documentary?

    Jim: No, I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from talking to him. I saw him several months after this experience. I was standing outside a conference in Tampa, and he came along with this huge camera on his shoulder. He’d been contracted to film the conference. He had no interest in UFOs, in aliens, or in the environment, and I saw him and thought Oh my god, it’s that guy! He walked by me, but then he stopped short, and he turned around and walked up to me, and we started to talk. He told me he’d been filming the conference, and I wanted to say, don’t you know who I am? I know who you are. But I didn’t, I bit my tongue. And then he said to me, why are you here? I said that I’d had some experiences that had to do with the ET thing. He started asking me questions about the phenomena, and I could see the expression on his face change from not caring to “this is me!”

    Jerry: We often talk about what the aliens look like, but I’d like to know what some of these people look like. You’re a slim guy, in good shape. Were all these other people in good shape as well?

    Jim: No, they were all kinds.

    Jerry: So how come you remember all of this, Jim? And what did you do for a living?

    Jim: I’ve always been a very straightforward person. I was buying raw land and dividing it into home sites, though even then I was careful to protect the trees on the property.

    Jerry: So you always had this environmental message. Maybe you were selected because you already leaned that way. So how did you and this man get together to make the documentary?

    Jim: Well, his face changed and I saw him become interested when I started talking about my experiences and the fact that it was related to the rain forests, and he said, I don’t really have an interest in this subject, but maybe we should put something together on this. Would you be interested in working on this with me? So we kept contact, and I went into more detail, and then I sent him the manuscript I was working on at the time. We hadn’t discussed the whole story at that time, but when he read the manuscript, he was enthralled.

    I went to his house to visit him and his girlfriend, and he was abducted while I was there. And after that experience, more memories started to come back to him. He remembered the monitors, the earth scenes, the whole thing, and finally I said, Okay Doug, let me tell you who you are. I had had a sketch artist work with me years before, and I had described that gentleman to my right, and she captured him. I showed him the picture, and he got very excited. His name is Doug Redante (sp?) He went through some tough financial times, like we all do, but now he has his own aircraft. And when that tsunami came through, he got together with this German guy who had a water purification system, and he invested his own money in this, and they flew these water purifiers over there.

    Now he’s always said, it’s not good enough for sale, it’s just for education, so we’ve tried to move it for educational purposes but we’ve never sold it.

    Jerry: Do you think the Keepers are proud of you?

    Jim: I’ve learned that talking about things ahead of time, when things are out of sync, it does more to mess it up than it does to help the situation. So I try not to talk about things when I don’t feel it’s the right time. Now when you talk about pride, that’s an emotion, and the greys don’t have emotion. There’s no ego there. The reptilian beings, who get the bad rap for everything in my experience, they’re the good guys. There’s emotion there, they talk to you, they feel, they’re more caring, they’re intelligent like the greys are. There may be other races that are just rotten, terrible people, because I’ve heard awful stories about women being raped and so on, but I think there are many different races.

    Paola: They never told you their name for themselves? We call them reptilians, but I’m sure they don’t call themselves that.

    Jim: I’m so non-selfish when I’m around these guys, I don’t ask them questions like this. I ask them to do simple little things, like before we part, can you wave? Here I have access to these beings from elsewhere in the universe, with all this technology and all this knowledge ~ and all I ask for is a wave when they leave.

    Jerry: Have you built up any relationships with them?

    Jim: When I stay tight-lipped about some things, it’s because I’m in a sensitive area. Interaction will take place that I know I shouldn’t talk about yet. I’ll wait a few months and then talk about it, because for one thing, the trail is now cold. There are people who want to track me. I also wait because I see things in a different perspective, I get the full picture as each interaction takes place. I know certain things now. I know for a fact that time travel is not just possible, it’s done. It’s routine. I know that the biggest problem is not just the environment, it’s our own longevity. The problem we have as a species is that we don’t live long enough. About the time good people start to figure things out, we die. And that sets us up to constantly make the same mistakes over and over. You can see it with our children, when you try to teach them about your life experiences, you know they’ll take part of what you say and they’ll make their own mistakes anyway.

    Paola: So are they changing this thing about the life expectancy?

    Jim: They want to see us do it. They know we can do it.

    Jerry: Like the army slogan, “Be all you can be.” But we’re not there yet.

    Jim: We will be. Stop dying, is the message.

    Jerry: We can control our own longevity?

    Jim: The resources are here. The technology is here. The money is here. It couldn’t be a better time to change things. Say you’re a very good person, and you live five hundred years longer.

    Shot, edited and directed by Kerry Cassid

    Jim Sparks has become well-known as one of the few multiple abductees who has, in his own words, 95% recall of all his experiences. Having been abducted many hundreds of times, at first he rebelled and totally refused to co-operate with the aliens who would repeatedly take him to their craft at night. He attributes his very complete memories of his experiences to his rage, and outrage, about the continued violations.

    As the years passed, and Jim and his captors battled with one another, Jim gradually seemed to become trusted by the aliens - who he calls The Keepers - to assist them in increasingly significant ways. In turn, Jim feels he understands better now what their agenda and modus operandi might be. The story he tells on camera is spellbinding, and culminates in a message which we might ignore at our peril: that the Earth is in danger, and that while there may be a new dawn ahead of the human race, there might be some difficult times ahead before we get there.

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    Post  Carol on Wed May 22, 2013 7:34 am
    Coast To Coast AM - May 20 2013 Evolution of an Abductee
    Jim Sparks, an abductee with 95 percent conscious recall of his experiences talks about how over the years he went from resistor to cooperator with the alien beings who abducted him. His interactions were with two different types of 'grey' aliens, he said-- short "worker bees" who were half-robotic, and taller (4 to 5 ft. tall) biological beings with large heads and eyes, and skinny necks, torsos, and arms. They communicate via telepathy, and the taller beings are able to think 10-100 times faster than humans, as well as hold hundreds of thoughts in their mind at the same time, he detailed. Their advanced scientific abilities (such as being able to move through walls) can seem like to magic to us, and they only can be seen when they want us to see them, he continued.

    The beings have unfettered access to our minds-- i.e. we have no private thoughts from them, and that is extremely intimidating, and hard to be around, he commented. However, over time, he eventually learned to adapt to being around them, and his fears and discomfort lessened. He's convinced that the aliens have conquered death, though they can be killed. Intriguingly, Sparks revealed they have the ability to time travel. He had a small scale experience of it himself, when he was brought back after an abduction and the clock showed a time that was earlier than when he was taken. In the first years of his abductions, Sparks reported that he was threatened by odd government agents, telling him to keep quiet about his experiences.

    The aliens have their own agenda which deals with concerns over the creatures they seeded on our planet (including humans), Sparks noted, adding that various agreements humanity made with them have all been broken (by us) over time. The aliens have suggested "amnesty" be offered to those who have deliberately kept their presence secret from the public, so the truth can come out, he said. Their hybrid program, he explained, was successful in creating human beings that are more intelligent, environmentally sensitive, and telepathic, and they could potentially populate the planet, if something happened to us.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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