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    Christopher Story's Legacy U.K. Investigative Journalist


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    Christopher Story's Legacy U.K. Investigative Journalist Empty Christopher Story's Legacy U.K. Investigative Journalist

    Post  Jenetta on Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:44 pm

    Christopher Story died July 14th/2010 under suspicious circumstances after returning from a visit to the USA.

    Christopher Story, His Work & More

    GLOBAL ANALYSIS International Intelligence Archives

    Christopher Story's Work Goes On

    (including finding out where that 4.7 trillion dollars disappeared to....)

    This site has been created to enable a group of Christopher Story's friends and supporters to continue to publish material which relates to his formidable fight against greed and corruption in high places.

    His untimely death in July 2010 has deprived many people of his friendship and the world of his courage, integrity and commitment to exposing the theft of vast sums of public money by the world's ruling elite on both sides of the Atlantic.

    As a modest tribute to this remarkable man, the website will publish any new material which comes to light and which continues his great battle against corruption.

    All enquiries and information by email to :

    Tribute To Christopher Story

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