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    The Strange Death Of Jim Morrison


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    The Strange Death Of Jim Morrison Empty The Strange Death Of Jim Morrison

    Post  Jenetta on Thu Aug 16, 2012 2:51 pm

    The Strange Death of Jim Morrison
    <p>24 Aug 2007
    updated 28 Feb 2008 (here )
    <p>Rear Admiral G.S. Morrison,
    the attack of the U.S.S. Liberty,
    and the Zionist Connection
    <p>added 3 Nov 2009 (here )
    Updated with video interview of Admiral Morrison 5 December 2010 (here )
    <p>People Behind The Doors
    25 March 2010 (here )
    The Strange Death Of Jim Morrison Jim_Morrison

    The official story is that Jim Morrison died at the age of 27-years-old in the early morning hours of July 3, 1971, in his bathtub at his apartment in Paris with his girlfriend Pamela Courson. The Doors manager, Bill Siddons, flew in from L.A. but did not see his body. Why not? The only people who apparently did were a few emergency medical personnel and Dr. Max Vassile, who is now deceased. He never gave any interviews only saying that Morrison died of "natural causes" specifically of heart failure which is why there was no autopsy.
    <p>In this DailyMail article, things have changed quite a bit. Supposedly, Jim Morrison died in the bathroom of a Paris night club and that a singer, Marianne Faithful was sworn to secrecy not to talk about the events that lead to his overdosing of heroin that he bought from dealers for his girlfriend, Pamela Courson. Jim Morrison never did heroin in the U.S.A. and he had an intense hatred for the drug and needles as well. What did Marianne Faithful see exactly?
    <p>So why would he begin taking heroin in Paris, France? And if he did overdose why are mysterious people like this singer sworn not to talk about the events that night which led to his death? Wouldn't these events have come out into the mainstream press several weeks later? So what really did happened to James Douglas Morrison?
    <p>And who was the American poet and singer for the rock band, The Doors, and what did he really stand for? This is an excerpt from a 1970 interview with Lizzie James:
    <p>He talks about his dislike for drugs with Lizzie James in this 1970 full interview. We are supposed to believe he died of a drug overdose which caused heart failure. But his personal physician, Dr. Derwin gave him a complete physical before he left to France and said to the press, "Jim was in excellent health before leaving to Paris."
    <BLOCKQUOTE>"We walked down to the Garden Spot on La Cienega for dinner. That was the evening we talked about drugs. I told him stories I'd heard of his acid escapades, and he laughed and said, 'I'm not interested in drugs,' almost scornfully, and lifted his martini glass towards me, rotating it slightly with a smile that said that this was the 'Crystal Ship.' Another time I offered him some speed, pot and once or twice some very superior downers, and he declined always, once with a derisive shake of his head saying, 'I don't need any pills.'"
    (Jim Morrison did in fact use LSD, marijuana, and other drugs, but towards the last couple of years of his life he mostly used alcohol.)</BLOCKQUOTE>
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    <td>The Strange Death Of Jim Morrison Doors-Jim-Morrison </TD></TR>
    <TR vAlign=top>
    <td>Members of The Doors (left to right), Ray Manzarek, Jim Morrison, Robbie Krieger, and John Densmore.</TD></TR></TABLE>
    The Rolling Stone interview was removed from youtube, so here is another interview with Jim Morrison (audio starts off low quality):

    Whole Article at Link:


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