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    Post  Eartheart on Thu Jun 14, 2012 1:47 pm

    The Karen TRANC Its da Wave Band Gathering Tacodog

    Alloha hey & Mahaprem to all of us MOAbites. Since the latest venus-flyby i am more and MORE into responding to the divine & godly groupmind fractal represented here in the Mists. Having been around avalon portal one, read all and got on it exactly synchron when Abraxassin went in to follow the magic call. Sorry - i took it quite personal to have us all related to those 144... now near and at call on the mount of olives, ready to start some unknown but holy form of fusion on the net!!! Lionhawk Lawless

    But we gone the mysterious way by deciding to disrupt it faster than anybody could respond and declare mindfunq issues from the dark cream - yuck.
    So happy to have it now again possible, with such starlights like the solarsystem ruling council by oxy, beren's ultimate reality, our Carol's guidance system, jesters funky slangs, sanicles proofecy & mudras sanctety.
    And all the topics, which remembrate anyones Loove.
    Apropos Loove - i am tuned as twinflame to Mother Eartheart and find my loove in the simple things, coming from this Homeplanet, but as a starseeded dance Inn i am now so at peace with that unfolding grouphugh, that its easy to drop timelines and vaporize nasty torsionfields and be an X-pert at taking your advises to my heartbodysouldream...

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    Post  mudra on Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:04 pm

    Warm welcome in our Mists Eartheart.
    It feels you are already part of our family.
    Enjoy the spin of the century and be ready for
    a quantum leap onwards and upwards as we journey
    through higher Consciousness.

    Love from me

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