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    Post  spiritwarrior on Mon May 17, 2010 4:15 pm

    Organic Garden Pesticides

    When I first started my garden, my neighbor's cat loved it too, as a litter box. Not a great thing and I
    wasn't a happy camper! I used a mixture of cayenne pepper, pepper,
    garlic anything smelly in my home with water and sprayed my garden. The
    cat didn't like it. My first experience with home made organic garden
    pesticides worked.

    Here are a few more tips for getting rid of pests in your garden.

    1. Eggshells and salt natural garden pesticide, I learned this one from
    my mom. Crush the eggshells and add to the soil. It prevents the plants
    from snails and slugs. The eggshells act like the broken pieces of glass
    for these insects. You can add a little salt and that will work if the
    eggshells don't.

    2. Alliums natural garden pesticide - the alliums is a bulbous plant,
    bulbous plants are onion, garlic, the smelly ones. Mix equal parts of
    crushed garlic cloves as gallons of water. You can also use vegetable
    oil or tea for better results. Spray on the plants, this would help in
    killing the soft body insects and can even paralyze the flying insects.

    3. Dishwashing soaps natural garden pesticides - mix some drops of
    dishwashing liquid soap into the water and mix it well by shaking well
    and then you need to apply on the effected plants. By applying this
    solution on the plants it will paralyze the insects attacking them.

    4. Natural garden pesticides made of Neem - Neem is the one of the main
    ingredient that is used for making several natural pesticides. The
    extract of azadirachtin from the neem tree is very low toxic insecticide. They are used for
    destroying the soft body insects and in addition they help in increasing
    the capability of reproduction of the plants.

    By using organic and natural garden pesticides you are not only saving
    your children and pets from diseases but also helping our environment by
    not putting toxic chemicals in our soil.

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    Post  spiritwarrior on Mon May 17, 2010 4:19 pm

    Ladybugs - Nature's Natural Pesticide

    Yes, Ladybugs. Everytime I see a ladybug, I have to make a wish and
    count the dots on their backs!

    Ladybugs are most common of all beneficial insects, these voracious
    predators feed on aphids, chinch bugs,
    asparagus beetle larvae, thrips, alfalfa weevils, bean thrips, grape
    root worms, Colorado potato beetle larvae, whitefly, and mites, as well as many other
    soft-bodied insects and eggs. Extremely cost effective, too!

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    Post  spiritwarrior on Mon May 17, 2010 4:22 pm

    This instructable will show how I made a cheap, all-purpose organic
    pesticide for my herb & vegetable garden. It can be used on a
    variety of insects that live in the dirt or on the plants including
    worms, mites and other parasites.

    This entire pesticide will eventually break down and be reduced to
    nothing, so it is OK to eat any herbs or vegetables that are growing.
    This is mainly intended for indoor use, but I see no reason why it
    wouldn't work outdoors as well.

    step 1 Materials
    materials used to make the pesticide should be easy to obtain.

    You will need:

    an empty & clean gallon jug (such as a milk jug)
    a spray bottle with spray nozzle
    a funnel
    a piece of cloth such as a shirt or bandanna
    a pot that can hold 1 gallon
    2 small onions
    a jalape�±o pepper
    a clove of garlic
    some dish soap

    Take 1 gallon of warm water, dum…
    natural pest control F8PX3ARFE7ITRZ0.SQUARE step 2 Killer Salad
    the vegetables and begin cutting them up. It doesn't have to be
    pretty, since nobody's going to eat it!

    Chop up the 2 onions, the garlic and half or 3/4 of the
    jalape�±o pepper. The seeds can be left in, since
    they're hot too.

    Blend all the veggies together until pasty in a blender. The killer
    salad is now a killer paste.

    ***Take care not to rub your eye…

    natural pest control F0CL3F6FE7ITRZI.SQUARE step 3 Making the killer soup
    everything has been blended, dump the paste into the pot of warm
    water and let it sit for 20 minutes.

    The ground up vegetables and water will make the killer soup or tea.
    It's going to be mighty fragrant at this point. Just let all those
    offensive tastes and odors seep out into the water.

    natural pest control FRZWTFMFE7ITS0J.SQUARE step 4 Straining out the veggies
    the soup has been allowed to sit and a lot of the flavor and odor
    has mixed with the water, the liquid needs to be strained.

    I used a funnel and bandanna to catch the vegetable particles as I
    strained the liquid into the gallon jug.

    I tried using a coffee filter at first to strain the liquid, but it
    clogged easily. Cloth seems to work best.

    The mush that co…

    natural pest control F1UFFDFFE7ITS26.SQUARE step 5 Add some dish soap
    all the straining is complete, I added 2 tablespoons of dish soap
    to the liquid.

    Keeping with the spirit of this being an organic, plant-friendly
    pesticide, I used a vegetable-based dish soap. It is free of
    petroleum-based chemicals, dyes and perfumes and biodegrades naturally.

    If you are using a soap that is petroleum-based or has dyes or perfumes,
    try addin…

    natural pest control FVRW9W6FE7ITS4F.SQUARE step 6 Using the pesticide
    the funnel, fill the spray bottle up and set the nozzle to a light

    At this point, the rest of the liquid can be capped and stored in the
    refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Simply shake it up before it is used.

    Take the spray bottle and spray the plants first. Try to get all over
    the plant including the stem and under the leaves. Spray the soil as
    well so…

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