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    Post  HigherLove on Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:34 pm

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    Post  HigherLove on Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:39 pm

    Things in my life here at the Mists started out like this:

    Arrow 1.

    Then evolved to this:
    Arrow 2.


    This thread was my process about Druidy. Ultiamately, I left that label behind, as I am a monotheist, and I realized that protecting others/watching over others who are vulnerable has been a huge part of my life.

    That and I have some strange connection to Earthquakes.

    As you will note, my path took a sharp turn during the development of this thread, and I am going to leave it be. It was a necessary step to getting to this thread, which hopefully represents a new level of understanding.

    Arrow 3.

    The Quake-Central Sentinel Star-d11

    *Posting my photos has a way of getting me into trouble, so I attempted to find something as neutral as possible. As I feel boundaries have been crossed, I wish it to be clear that I am in a monogamous relationship. I love humor - especially sexually inappropriate humor. Even so, there are lines, and the purpose of this forum is to assist us on our journey back home. On behalf of Gregg and myself, your understanding of this is greatly appreciated.

    That being said -

    BEAR HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Post  HigherLove on Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:42 pm


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    Even though this is for California, it is fresh at the moment, and contains just about any link you could want/use. This includes plate tectonics theory, volcanism, fracking, power and politics of PG&E in The Geysers, links to information on earth changes, solar observations...

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    Post  HigherLove on Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:53 pm

    Rather than explain the purpose of the thread, I defer to comments from another post, as an introduction.

    May this thread be blessed with positive energy and outcomes.

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    orthodoxymoron wrote:Remember the Mental Hospitals in the former Soviet Union? As I have considered various alternatives to the way things seem to be in this solar system -- I have been very careful to NOT become anti-government. A steady diet of anti-government material might very well drive certain people crazy. I've tentatively settled upon Idealistic Political and Theological Science Fiction as my Modus Operandi for Dealing with the Madness.

    Let me know how that works, eh?

    Taking a sugary look at things, perhaps it is a testament to Human fortitude / resiliency / potential that we are still here. I wonder if it was intended that we be gone long ago, and "they" just cannot do it.

    As has been noted in other threads, there seems to be something about Human DNA that certain species want. I may address that in Neturu's thread...

    At least I am not alone in my genius/madness.

    There are not any reptiles where I come from/came from. Hence, none in the hierarchy/government. They are fascinated with me, so I call on the Christ-Consciousness. It also worked for consciousness-probing energy from some curious "greys". They did not laugh in my face, either. They left. Or so I believe.

    Whatever their role in my history, they now know that I am off-limits. And they know that I know.

    Like any "demon" they thrive on a couple of things: 1) Denial of their existence; 2) Taking an extreme interest.

    This will not be the experience of everybody. It has something to do with personal obligations. I was sort of coerced into coming back here.

    I had a bit of a talk with Jesus last night, on a personal level. It has been years. It annoyed my dragon and he took off (he was not looking out for my best interests, it turns out - or just bored because he knew from the get go that other helpers would be more powerful in my life). Where he went and what may come back is another matter.

    Some species really seem NOT to understand or recognize love, or the concept of God, and carry on (such insectoids who rape their victims, who are absolutely terrified): ref: Graham Hancock, Supernatural and Strassman, The Spirit Molecule. As we know, it does not take drugs to have these experiences, but in many cases they are the same.

    Anyhow, the idea that there are governments that are adored, and deservedly so, IMHO, is a state of being in other realms. A realm at which level that having a discussion about equity would not make any sense, because equity IS who they are. Not being so may not even occur to them.

    Not that I give a lot of credence to channeled information, but isn't there something in the Law of One about higher density beings being vulnerable in some cases, because they have long since forgotten the ways of violence and political corruption?

    Did I just drift this thread?

    Sorry. I blame it on the coffee.



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    orthodoxymoron wrote:Cool post, Troy. 'The United States of the Solar System' thread is my preliminary Idealistic Political and Theological Science Fiction Project -- and it's frankly scaring the hell out of me. I want to stop -- but I seem to have a tiger by the tail (or is it a drac?).

    Okay...going to have to follow your thread now, too. lol

    I do love cosmic irony: In Chinese astrology, I am a wood snake.

    So, what if I am off-limits because rather than see me as prey, they see me as family?!

    It would sort of be like Harry Potter: I am scarred from a serious battle, but I made it, and keep doing so, repeatedly. i.e. i have scars and gifts. I am haunted by many things. And still they have not killed my spirit. The attacks just get more relentless and they are continually surprised that love remains at the center of my core. [i]It is this that fascinates them.

    I took on a serious contract this go around: a Gay man with an anxiety disorder. F-me!!!!!!!!!!

    And still love is everywhere and it baffles them and drives them crazy, because there is nothing in it for them.

    The price is that I deal with my darker side more often than it seems most do (forums like this being an exception).

    This clarity just came into my mind, in regard to "sending away" negative energies/spirits: There is much power in sending something away when you can do it in their native tongue.

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

    I was imbued with the gift of speaking in tongues by the Holy Spirit when I was 20. The "Baptism of Fire". It was a powerful ceremony and ritual and I nearly levitated. Those chanting around me were shocked at the level of energy that burst out of me as I shrieked in another language. For a moment I think there was concern that they raised something far more powerful than they expected.

    I did not realize until recently that this gift is far more powerful in the astral realms than here. It is easier for me than with humans.

    In this regard, language is no longer an issue. It is more of a telepathic communication gift. I just do not know all of the parameters. The answers are coming more and more, as instead of focusing on who I might be or should be, I am just being it.

    Edit 2:

    After my astral travel last winter and my brief encounter with monks, I noticed that it seems to work with insects and spiders. When I try to rescue things now, I continue to coach the critters and give them safety tips, but then they want to stay. lol Often, they freak out if I reach for them, but tend to calm down if I speak gently. Once on my hand, it is really difficult to get rid of them.

    I take them to blades of grass, or leaves on trees, and they just walk further up my arm.

    My owl has not been around in a while...

    ...I am curious to see what this spring will bring, in terms of critters. The highlight last year was the toads living in the garage. Toads are cool. We must protect them. :)

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    Post  HigherLove on Fri Feb 17, 2012 7:38 pm

    Adding this in to provide context.


    HigherLove wrote:
    malletzky wrote:
    HigherLove wrote:Yikes. Sorry to dominate the posts so much, but I have to report something amazing:

    It has not been that long since I wrote that post above. For the first time in months, without even realizing that I did it, I took a bite of food with my right hand (okay, it was Ben & Jerry's again, but that's not the point).

    I also am now able to reach up and touch my face.

    I think I can wash my hair without using my left hand to put my right on my head. I will find out in the morning.

    Whatever good vibes that are coming my way, I am ever so grateful.

    Still cannot raise my arm up more than 90 degrees with arm stretched out, and very little ability to move my arm out to the side.

    Even so, this is amazing.

    Blessed be


    Your arm will be feeling much better soon. Just be a bit patient.

    Much respect to you my friend

    I was able to pick up my coffee cup this morning. I couldn't get it to my mouth, but I was already into it before I realized what I had done. My arm feels like it WANTS to get better.

    There have been the silly moments, such as when I tried to hug someone the first time. Being a tall, big guy, people have come to expect really strong hugs from me. The first time someone went to hug me, I grabbed their buttocks, because that was as far up as my arm would go. LOL

    I learned to swing my arm a bit so that I could grab it with my left hand behind them and pull my arm up higher. Again, I still have complete dexterity in my fingers. Rotating my lower arm is quite difficult.

    I just gave Gregg several hugs, and was able to reach up high enough (we tried over the shoulder, under the shoulder...). It's almost funny.

    I did grab onto one of his cheeks, but that was on purpose.


    I forgot I had an early warning about this last year. The same thing happened to my hand. It did go away. I think it has more to do with the way I would sleep on my arm when it was under the pillow, and not so much the keyboard (I mean use of the keyboard; I did not intend to imply that I sleep on a pillow and/or a keyboard). hehehe

    Oh: while it has a habit of coming and going, I forgot to mention that the lower back pain is gone and it has been over a week since I felt any electric jolts down my sciatica.

    Thank you, dear friend.


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    Post  HigherLove on Sat Feb 18, 2012 2:44 am

    Communicating With Insects, Pt. 1

    This article first, as a reminder to return to this subject. Much of my experiences were covered in the remembering who I am thread.

    The goal of this is not just to cut and paste random crap. I seek to provide information that is useful in defining myself during this time of great change, so that I can be a better person in the world - to get as close as possible to "Higher Love".

    All of this processing is goal-centered.

    The Quake-Central Sentinel Star-d11

    When we consider interspecies communication we usually think in terms of human-creature exchanges or interactions in which some kind of relationship has been established. But it is not uncommon for us to experience -- or to know of those who experience -- an interaction with members of the plant kingdom.

    Occasionally we expand our definition of communication to include those individuals who understand other life expressions or forces of nature, such as the wind, the rain, or the waves crashing on a beach.

    Seldom, however, do we include insects as fellow communicators, as inhabitants of this planet to whom we would want to listen or talk. With the exception of bees, earthworms, ladybugs, praying mantises, and a few other acceptable species, our usual response to insects is to ignore or to annihilate them. Most people, if they could, would deny insects planetary citizenship.

    Insects Are Important

    Yet, in the final analysis, life on earth would be impossible without insects; they are essential links in the ecological chain. While people grudgingly accept this fact, they are not anxious to share in other ways. Those who have learned in some manner to interact with these small residents, however, have been amazed by their intelligence.

    One of the most fascinating stories of the rapport between man and an insect was J. Allen Boone's relationship with a common housefly he called Freddie. Boone made friends with the fly, and it would join him each morning at seven o'clock by landing on his shaving mirror. Boone would invite him to climb aboard his finger and he would gently stroke the fly's wings. Freddie paraded up and down his finger, and they would play a game in which Boone tossed the fly in the air and caught him again on the tip of his finger.

    The early-morning rendezvous between fly and human continued for some time, and the small housefly would also come when Boone called his name. Boone reminded himself first that inherently, Freddie the fly and himself as living beings were inseparable parts of an interrelated, interfunctioning, and all-including Totality. Second, he knew that neither the fly nor he were originating causes for anything but were instead individual living expressions of a universal divine Cause or Mind that was ever speaking and living itself through each of them and through everything else.

    He was to discover, as he had with other creatures, that much was to be learned by "silently talking across to him. Not as to 'a fly' with all the limiting and condemning things that we humans usually fasten on flies, but as to an intelligent fellow being." In order to truly appreciate Boone's experience with Freddie, we seem to be required to adopt a shift in consciousness. The experience can be viewed as a bizarre and isolated experience with an insect, or it can be understood as communication between two expressions of God.

    Becoming Aware

    Communication between beekeepers and their bees has a long history in Europe. When a beekeeper died, it was the custom to let the bees know, in a ceremony called telling the bees. Sometimes the beehive was draped in black crepe. Following this ancient custom, after Sam Rogers, a cobbler and postman of the Shropshire village of Myddle, England, died, his children walked around his fourteen hives and told his bees. Newspapers reported that shortly after relatives of Rogers gathered at his grave, thousands of bees from Rogers' hives more than a mile away came and settled on and about the coffin. The bees entirely ignored the flowering trees nearby. They stayed for about half an hour and then returned to the hives.

    If the awareness of any creature, regardless of size or form, is simply an expression of the universal consciousness, then perhaps it should not surprise us that a research chemist would attribute his success in the laboratory to his ability to gain rapport with the bacteria and other forms of micro-organisms with which he worked.

    All Beings Are God's Purpose in Action

    This was the case with J. William Jean, who acquired a considerable reputation for the many unusual and useful things he produced in his Pasadena, California, laboratory. His success arose from his firm conviction that all beings, regardless of how humans are accustomed to define and classify them, are God's purpose in action. The second was his mental attitude toward his tiny business partners: an attitude of friendliness, admiration, respect, encouragement, and limitless expectancy. As well, he was able to understand and co-operate with them, and as a result the bacteria and his other micro-organic associates reacted favorably to this kind of treatment.

    Apparently, Jean's spirit of high adventure in his work and his friendly identification with everything that lives allowed him to make practical and successful use of invisible bridges for helpful two-way thought traffic between himself and his tiny workers. These were both mental bridges, between intelligences, and intuitive bridges, built upon that speech that does not have to be uttered.
    Talking to and Understanding Animals

    Newspapers have for several years reported on a young Brazilian youth, Francisco Duarte, who is allegedly able to give instructions to all kinds of animals and insects. Small for his age and considered mentally retarded, Duarte handles spiders, wasps, bees, snakes, frogs, rats, and alligators without being bitten or even attacked. Further, according to Alvaro Fernandes, a Brazilian parapsychology investigator, all the animals obey the instructions given to them by the youth.

    According to the reports of Francisco and those provided by investigator Martha Barros, bees, for example, will land where Duarte tells them to, and if he tells all the bees except six, to return to the hive, that is what happens. Poisonous snakes will coil, uncoil, or move to where he tells them, and fish will come to his hand in the water when he tells them to do so. Duarte told reporter Michael Joy, "I talk to the animals, and they talk to me. I can understand everything they say. My talent is a gift from God."

    Secret of Life: There is Continuous Communication

    The secret of life is that there is continuous communication not only between living things and their environment but among all things living in the environment. An intricate web of interaction connects all life into one vast, self-maintaining system. "There is life on earth," biologist Lyall Watson tells us in Supernature, "one life, which embraces every animal and plant on the planet. Time has divided it up into several million parts, but each is an integral part of the whole. A rose is a rose, but it is also a robin and a rabbit. We are all part of one flesh, drawn from the same crucible."

    The evidence on hand indicates that there is an awareness beyond the so-called normal senses. This awareness puts the subject not only in contact with his or her immediate environment but also with things and events at some distance. If this is the case, then life, regardless of the form it takes, is part of a universal and unifying consciousness.

    Each thing is related to everything else, and each Life form can, to some lesser or greater degree, affect and be influenced by everything in the universe.

    The above article was excerpted from the book:

    Life Song - In Harmony With All Creation by Bill Schul.

    About The Author

    Dr. Bill Schul, a social psychologist and journalist, has had a lifetime interest in animals, plants, and interspecies communication. He is an experienced rancher, farmer, and gardener. He is the author of eleven books, including the bestseller, The Secret Power of Pyramids, and more than 200 articles exploring the unexplained phenomena occurring in our daily life. He is the recipient of a number of awards.

    To Be Continued...
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    Post  We Are You on Sat Feb 18, 2012 6:56 am

    "The whole world (Earth) is kept as 3D scenario as far as at least one of us is improving ourselves everyday by HIGHESTLAW (unconditional LOVE)"

    "The entire universe is within the human mind. All minds are within all minds. We
    mutually live within the thought spheres of others. The economic and social problems of each
    person live in everyone; no one is alien to another. We are all within the mind of everyone
    else. The beggar lives within the mind of the rich man and the latter lives in the mind of the
    beggar. We are all submerged in the ocean of universal mind." Whoever seeks/wishes to solve all his/her economic and social problems must find a solution for everybody as well, this is The Law of One (HIGHEST LOVE).

    "Nothing is more important than LOVE"

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    Post  Carol on Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:46 am

    Love is the creative life force that everything (matter) is generated from. So yes - JT is the foundation of the holographic universe.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Post  HigherLove on Sat Feb 18, 2012 12:53 pm

    We Are You wrote:"The whole world (Earth) is kept as 3D scenario as far as at least one of us is improving ourselves everyday by HIGHESTLAW"

    "The entire universe is within the human mind. All minds are within all minds. We
    mutually live within the thought spheres of others. The economic and social problems of each
    person live in everyone; no one is alien to another. We are all within the mind of everyone
    else. The beggar lives within the mind of the rich man and the latter lives in the mind of the
    beggar. We are all submerged in the ocean of universal mind."

    "Nothing is more important than LOVE"

    I have no idea what the first sentence means, but the remainder of what you said makes sense. I concur.

    I know/understand more than some may believe.

    Should I be coming across as desperate or lacking (or just a plain mess), it is just because I had a major paradigm shift in my life this last year. It ended up with me vomiting out my hatred for the system.

    That is really silly, considering my primary theoretical framework was Systems Theory/Family Systems Theory, with an emphasis on Strengths-Based and Empowerment-Based models of practice.

    Right now I am just lost in a giant cloud of rising, warm, bread dough (see Maria Bamford clips in humor section).


    The Quake-Central Sentinel Star-d11

    And now just a teeny, tiny point I need to make. I am trying to do this well:

    Jesus was never crucified and lived out his lost years and final years in India. I am not saying this just because of the documentaries about it.

    Judas took the fall so that Jesus could get out alive.

    Judas suffered greatly for his perceived betrayal, when it was a great act of love.

    I do not think of Judas as malevolent, at all. He is a bit more like Harry Potter.

    But Judas is part of the team, and in alignment.

    There are some battle scars (some from dark magiks/energies/entities at the gate during that crucial juncture in eternity (now that does not make any sense- lol).

    Many in the Universe had a vested interest in this event, so it has not just had an impact on our planet.

    It was a bee hive of activity, in terms of entities, energies, beings...

    I used to be able to watch the entire movie for free, and was going to post it here in its entirety, but there are so many documentaries about Jesus in India right now that it makes it tough to put the pieces together. So, here is a trailer, and a link to the official site (there is another preview there).
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    A video of clips from the documentary:
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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    Post  HigherLove on Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:18 pm


    This information just spilled out of me in another thread. It is more relevant, here. It is on the music industry thread, but I am leaving that part out.
    HigherLove wrote:Okay...just some notes for later. I am feeling a bit hypo-manic and my mind is reeling with thoughts of things I could be doing. I have lost count of the things I have started but not finished. I am having a difficult time staying focused at the moment. It will pass.

    During these cycles it is hard to sleep, and I can sit at the computer until sunrise, get a couple of hours of sleep, and be back at it. On the down side, I can stay in bed for days.

    I take medication for depression and anxiety, but my body just does not tolerate anything for the "mania". They put me on Abiilify once, and within a couple of days I was out of my mind. This is where the marijuana comes in. It takes the edge off. As is typical for most men who are bipolar, my mania is more of the irritable variety. I do not go on a shopping binge, feeling super happy. No. I just get really irritated at everything, and the dark cloud envelopes me.

    I should have had documentation for work, because bipolar disorder is considered to be a medical condition, and I could have made a case for reasonable accommodation, by invoking the ADA. I did not want the stigma at work, so I never provided the documentation.

    And being unemployed: I had a really bad day and my boss was being a real b-word. That is often the case for many of us, just as male bosses can be dick heads. My problem was that after so many years I could not take it. I called my boss the b-word and walked out (more than once). I did so much better without such close supervision.

    The best thing therapy ever did for me was help me to not care any longer that this "condition" is a part of my life. It is part of my beautiful, messed up mind. Besides, I get to communicate with insects and other little critters***. They do not make me nervous or self-conscious.


    And, I get to communicate with many species here and elsewhere. It is all telepathy. It's like a by-product or quirky little spiritual conduit/side effect from the chemical imbalances in my brain. Another cool part: I can multi-task: i.e. I can have both a telepathic conversation in the astral realm, and a conversation with a person here in 3D, at the same time.

    I do not know why yet, but for some reason this "gift" is really disturbing to horses. I scare them, which hurts my feelings, of course. I suppose I would not mind so much if they were not so dramatic about it. I do not need a hoof to the face. They could simply walk away, if they chose.

    Anyhow, my note (see, I cannot stop...I just keep adding stuff to the top part of this post):

    There ya go. A bit about bipolar disorder, and a bit more on communicating with animals. I understand that correlation does not imply causality, but when you are "crazy", you cannot help but wonder at times if you might be just a bit crazy.

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    Post  HigherLove on Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:15 pm

    More bread crumbs for later (leaving this spot open after I do more research). Please realize that as I go along, I am going to be putting new skills to the test (i.e. "action").

    For later: communicating with plants and trees.

    You may just think you are crazy if you have ever walked by a Redwood that has just asked you to come and sit down for a visit.

    And all of the trees all know at once because they are literally all connected - one organism expressed in many glorious trees.

    They are Gods, but delight in interactions with certain beings.

    They also know they are in my contract, somehow. I mean, it's not like I am standing in front of a bulldozer, or out raising money to save a grove, but still they express appreciation.

    It's like visiting old friends (literally).

    There is a huge tree in the front yard that sends me positive energy all day.

    If/when one switches from telepathic to verbal communication (many plants love the human voice and breath), I suggest speaking to them like they are adults. Soft tones are fine, but the baby talk can be interpreted as being disrespectful.

    More, later. But, you already knew that. I guess I should look up and see what is going on in the world.

    Crazy Happy

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