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    The nature of reality, and manifesting our own...

    Vidya Moksha
    Vidya Moksha

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    The nature of reality, and manifesting our own... Empty The nature of reality, and manifesting our own...

    Post  Vidya Moksha on Sat Dec 17, 2011 5:26 pm

    I have had an internet connection again for a few weeks now. I have been catching up in the mists and its the same old same old on many levels, though it is a nice place to spend time with such lovely people I love you

    But I have been wondering about manifesting lately, and manifesting our own reality... so I thought I would share a little something to those of you who have discovered the scroll bar in the mists and actually get down this far

    I am working in woodlands and native bush at the moment, whilst staying with some friends of mine, both of whom are scientists.... Its strange being back in the non-spiritual logic world I used to inhabit during my science career... and I can still operate in that world.... But I had to stop and think yesterday....

    OK... here’s the day according to what I discussed with my science friends...

    In the morning I was putting the chainsaw and axe and saws onto the quad bike to run down to the elm woodland... My task is to remove the smaller trees that have grown up to give some light to the forest and to create walkways and paths through it. But also, said my friend, look out for any big trees we can take to the local mill, the elm boards would be useful...

    I had started on the edge of the forest previously, but I went deeper into the plantation and found an old cleared circle, and beyond that a large (the largest in the wood) elm had fallen the previous day because of the crazy weather that NZ has experienced lately. My friend was lucky, the tree was large and straight...

    I also looked at the branches of the elm and at a certain age the bark becomes almost cork like, I presume as a counter measure to harmful UV rays, elm is not native here, its an introduced species,, and i figured the bark was a response to this (Im European too, and i burn like crazy with the UV here).. so maybe the young elms growing up through from rhizomes or roots of the elms are there to protect the other trees from harmful rays.. or perhaps it was just a mechanism to crowd out other species, or perhaps they don’t have natural enemies or grazers here, being an introduced species.

    Whatever the reason, it seems that the forest needs the growth, and it would give privacy to the old circle I found, so maybe clearing out the circle/ grove and leaving the rest is a good strategy, we can access the big elm with a tractor and haul out the trunk.....

    This was my story to my friends..... except... it wasn’t what happened to me that day, I didn’t lie, i take my karmic responsibilities seriously these days, but here’s my day, as I experienced it:

    I arrived at the forest and took the chainsaw and was about to start felling trees when I stopped. I hadn’t asked permission yet, and I wanted to apologize to the trees I was going to cut... did they need to be cut? Well I had a ‘job’ to do but I don’t like cutting living trees... but I can see the ‘sense’ in managing woodlands though.
    So i stopped and started walking deeper into the wood, and I came across what looked like an old cleared circle, now overgrown. I stopped. Listened, gave thanks for the privilege of being in this place and I called in my spirit guides. They came quickly, and the response was strong (I don’t perceive words or pictures but I get an ‘energy buzz’ which I know is a yes to my questions)... I told my guides I wanted to contact the forest spirits and give thanks for being there and also explain my job here, to apologize for bringing a chainsaw and axe into this place, and to see how the forest felt. Would this be ok? (yes).. Is it ok to clear the forest, to ‘manage it’ (yes).. and then.. I was given an ‘impression/ thought’ (its hard to say exactly how this works) of the weird bark pattern...i had the feeling the elms needed protection from
    the sun... i had the feeling that it was ok to clear to the grove but to leave the rest alone.. i asked spirit, the answer again was strong and powerful -yes – clear the grove but leave the rest.... I was then led to a small stream which I followed.. to an old majestic tree which had just fallen when the water levels were crazily high (severe rainfall here lately has swollen all rivers and streams)...I had the feeling this was also a gift from the forest.. is it a gift? Can i cut it? (yes).. I marvelled at how the universe had so quickly manifested my friends requirement for elm boards...(have you all noticed how much quicker we can manifest these days, or is it just me?)...ok, i had a clearer inner vision now... “do you want me to clear the grove, and take this big tree but not touch the rest of the woodlands..(YES!).. ok I will do that, i will leave the rest alone. I gave thanks to the forest, to mother and to my guides... and I carried on with my work for the day.

    I haven’t yet told my friend that I have an agreement with the forest not to do any cutting beyond the glade lol, I wonder how that would go down?

    So who’s reality is correct? Do i create my own reality?. Are my spirit guides inside my head only?, are they a subconscious response from myself and nothing to do with awareness beyond my body?

    Well, I have had enough personal and direct experience from spirit to know that they do exist and that I am guided, and my experiences have given me an unshakable belief in this regard. And if I am making up my own reality then do I want to live in a world where I talk to forest spirits and forest guides.... well the answer to that is a resounding yes, if this is fantasy then give me more of it, for I see a better world.

    mmmmm perhaps er DO manifest our own reality? ALL of it? and if we do, well, what do we need/want? interesting times, as always....

    with love to all

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    Vidya Moksha
    Vidya Moksha

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    The nature of reality, and manifesting our own... Empty Re: The nature of reality, and manifesting our own...

    Post  Vidya Moksha on Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:38 pm

    So monkey has been quite active of late. Im in a strange juxtaposition between environmental science, yoga, my spiritual world and nature.

    I was down at the elm grove again today, I will post some pictures soon so you can join me in spirit if you like. I do have some internet access again, but its limited. There are a few things I want to get off my monkey mind, I hope you dont mind me rambling here a while...

    It struck me quite powerfully yesterday how it seems there is a drive to disconnect us from the Earth. Mother Earth provides all we need. Mother does a wonderful job of keeping us healthy, she provides all we need for us to work at our optimal.

    The problem at the moment is that mother isnt in charge right now ... father is, and hes not doing a very good job of it. (and yes, this a very humano - centric view..and yes, we all have male and female energies, this isnt a gender issue)

    We are being removed from the Earths energies and the earths goodness. Food is from chemical factories, we have EM smog around us, we dont have whale songs in the oceans but Low frequency waves..water is poisoned, ...we are eating chemical plants when genetics are messed with...they are spraying poisons into the air..all of this is artifical.. male energy..technological, martian, we are being removed from our connection to the planet..we are being put onto artificial life support.

    For what purpose? Well I guess control.

    Can you step out of this by just simply creating your own world, (my old chestnut, I do apologize.)

    The control mechanisms are obvious, yet people sign up for them voluntarily (internet anyone? tv? the movies)...and the way they perpetuate them hasnt changed much since Orwell described them so well. Well it all boils down to fear, war.. etc.. everything that we discuss and read about in the mists and elsewhere on line. We perpetuate the fear, or at least the monkey mind...

    We find things to rage against, or be upset by, or horrified of, or shocked by, or saddened by. we find something to keep monkey busy, and 'society' is good at providing what we need to keep us from our true selves and true purpose.

    And the crazy thing is the solution to this is just so simple. Its so simple I laugh when i realise how simple it is. The problem is realising the simplicity. I am not there at the moment, remembering the simplicity is the hard bit for me.

    The key is actually something I will lead up to, as it is another term that has been hijacked by the new ages woollies out forgive the monkey ramble ..

    so lets start with fear and its eradication. To eradicate fear it is simple, find bliss -ananda - as the yogis call it. And to do that is also so simple. let go of everything, Drop all the balls, stop thinking about what will happen or what has happened. Fear is a mental construct ONLY, it only exists in your mind when you think about the future or you think about the past. If you can be absolutely aware and (hear we go... groan...) 'live in the moment' then you will know exactly what I am talking about. If you havent experienced bliss, you havent been in the moment, not truly in the moment, for when you are, the fear drops (it doesnt exist, you havent burried it)..

    Its really that simple, Its an amazing place to spend some time, Im sure (from experience) that's what Tolle is going on about, but its not something that you can learn, In fact its about unlearning, drop everything, shoot that damn mind monkey, you dont need it. And yes, you do still operate, quite wonderfully in fact. but you lose the fear, you live in the moment, and its a wonderful place to start your journey, even if it may not be within the realm of your current lifestyle and conditioning and societal norms.

    But its hard (FEAR!) to simply let go. And yet when you do its so simple you just laugh how simple it is. Just stop! its that simple!, be here, on the planet, experiencing, now!... once you step into 'now' its easier to maintain it, but finding that step is a bugger lol...

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    The nature of reality, and manifesting our own... Empty Re: The nature of reality, and manifesting our own...

    Post  burgundia on Mon Dec 19, 2011 4:25 am

    Thank you for the posts Vidya. You are not the only one...I have been manifesting my own reality too lately. It started a few years ago in fact.Sometimes it takes longer, sometimes shorter to manifest in 3 D.

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