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    Post  NewWorldKarma on Fri Apr 30, 2010 2:47 am

    Heres a theme mock i came up with. people said about a dark theme, if its possible i think this theme would look good Theme Idea Icon_cool

    its an url this time as the picture is quite large and would look better loaded in its own tab / window.


    P.s by the way this is a just a mock, it didnt take me too long i just took a screenshot of the site and edited certain colours. for some reason the colours where the main menu show (home etc) dont show correct. Im not even sure if its possible to alter the menu with a gradient. The banner would also be a lot lot better its just a quick mock to show the size of a banner in full, the theme would look more like AV2 in my perspective.. not copying, but the way the logo sits with the banner.
    Theme Idea Icon_biggrin
    Theme Idea Icon_surprised

    Pp.s M or Carol If you could give me the new sizes so that the banner does not look streched i will resize and reupload over the weekend. Theme Idea Icon_cool

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