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    The timeless way of building


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    The timeless way of building  Empty The timeless way of building

    Post  mudra on Tue Oct 04, 2011 7:41 am

    Shared with you with love from Broombroom

    Hello Avaloneans :) here's a book that is published in 1979. This was the year 1989 and I was glued to it.
    Almost couldn't leave it where I found it :) but I managed to order the book in Holland, with succes.
    I found this book in the Youth Hostel library of Fanore, Ireland. In the SouthWest, the Burren.
    Vibrations of a lively culture in ancient times and smoothly rounded grey rocks, like elephants.... sleeping.

    I've been walking between them one day, suddenly feeling, high above me, a solemn stare of a magnificent white goat, leader of the pack.
    Those flocks of goats are the offspring of those that were left behind, since the emigration due to a potato plague and subsequently, hunger.

    Also, one evening at sea, I experienced a deep longing in my heart. Such loneliness!
    A cry welled up in me "Where have you gone, my sisters?" and I knew.....something stirred and has been awakened.
    Well, ahem.....what was I talking about? :)

    The title of the book is "The timeless way of building" and the writer is Chistopher Alexander.
    On the first page it says "The Timeless Way of Building is the first in a series of books which describe an entirely new attitude to architecture and planning.
    The books are intended to provide a complete working alternative to our present ideas about architecture, building and planning -
    an alternative which will, we hope, gradually replace current ideas and practices".

    The version that is in my posession holds these 3 parts:
    Volume 1 The Timeless Way of Building
    Volume 2 A Pattern Language
    Volume 3 The Oregon Experiment

    The timeless way of building" on Google Books (with links to Amazon and for buying it):

    I do hope you will be succesful in finding this book, because it's really about a natural way of creating your domain and way of life, community wise.
    And's a way that is ancient and profoundly connected with your every day life, in the way you move about your home.
    Without the use of a drawing board or an external party that costs you.... the paths that lead to and fro the village of huts, are naturally formed by people,
    even animals, walking in and out of the vicinity. For example, like the way a location in a field is chosen, to build a village of huts.
    Paths are created by taking steps... placing one foot in front of the other. So simple and in harmony with yourself, the way you move about.

    In the 60's this book was a "must" among architecture students, as a topic to discuss, not necessarily groundbreaking and leading to great actions.
    Although Michael Reynolds was a pioneer in those years and stepped out of the box, leaving his collegues behind in it. Whistling and booing him.......
    I don't intend to allow this book to leave my bookshelf :)

    A brick of Love (auauchch :) and a sunray of Light for you all, BroomBroom aka Marian

    Here's a list of books on sustainable living, presented in the booklist of
    The site of European Earthship Builders United

    (Green) homebuilding & design:
    - The Barefoot Architect, Johan van Lengen

    Earthbag building (using sandbags with rammed earth instead of tires):
    - Earthbag building, Kaki Hunter and Donald Kiffmeyer
    - Building with earth, Paulina Wojciechowska

    Solar passive:
    - The solar house, Daniel Chiras

    Earth-sheltered building:
    - Earth-sheltered houses, Rob Roy

    Rainwater Harvesting:
    - Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands (vol. 1-3), Brad Lancaster

    - Gaia's Garden, Toby Hemenway

    Homebuilding in general:
    - The Housebuilder's Bible, Mark Brinkley

    Selfsufficient living:
    - The new complete book of self-sufficiency, John Seymour and Will Sutherland

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