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    Future farm: a sunless, rainless room indoors


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    Future farm: a sunless, rainless room indoors Empty Future farm: a sunless, rainless room indoors

    Post  ClearWater on Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:21 pm

    Future farm: a sunless, rainless room indoors

    Farming is moving indoors, where the sun never shines, where rainfall is irrelevant and where the climate is always right.

    The perfect crop field could be inside a windowless building with meticulously controlled light, temperature, humidity, air quality and nutrition. It could be in a New York high-rise, a Siberian bunker, or a sprawling complex in the Saudi desert.

    Advocates say this, or something like it, may be an answer to the world's food problems.


    I don't know how I feel about this. The idea of growing our food without the sun doesn't feel quite right to me...

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    Future farm: a sunless, rainless room indoors Empty Re: Future farm: a sunless, rainless room indoors

    Post  Karen on Mon Apr 11, 2011 3:17 pm

    Yes, something feels quite strange about that idea, but it may be a partial answer to the radiation blanket that is getting thicker and thicker.

    40% of Europe and the UK are radioactive from Chernobyl, et. al. and the plants bioconcentrate the radioactivity. Going up the food chain, people are getting larger and larger doses of internal radiation particles that cause genetic mutations, deformed children, and cancer. Cesium-137 is taken up by the body like the very important potassium molecule. The half life is 30 years, which means it is radioactive for 600 years.

    Plutonium, named after the god of hell is an alpha particle emitter and highly carcinogenic and mutagenic (causes mutations). The half life is 24,400 years and lasts 1/2 MILLION years. It is taken up by the body like iron and therefore crosses the placenta and can kill cells that would say, make up a portion of the brain. Plutonium is thalidomide forever.

    Dr. Helen Caldicott on the insanity of releasing radiation into our environment.

    When radioactive food is imported from Europe to Australia, they just "dilute" it with non-radioactive food. But the body just bioconcentrates it anyway ... when it comes to radiation, "the solution to pollution by dilution is fallacious.

    Now, I've heard there are ways to quickly neutralize radioactive elements - scalar technology and even with your mind. We best get busy on that!

    Crops grown indoors? Well, I'd like to see some nutritional testing on that food. Could be something going on like the NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) fertilizers giving you gobs of food that feeds the belly but leaves the body starving for dozens of other nutrients.

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