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    Post  mp3 on Thu Apr 15, 2010 8:04 am

    My wife wrote and performed this song. I helped with the arranging and recorded it in our studio.

    A friend of ours asked to use some of our music for her website, and put this song to some pictures, and uploaded to utube. Here it is.

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    Here's a different visual with the same song:

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    Beyond the Veil Empty Re: Beyond the Veil

    Post  mudra on Sat May 22, 2010 3:56 pm

    The song is beautifull Mp3 .
    May many listen and enjoy it
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    Peek Behind The Veil

    Where is that place; without time or
    space? Is the veil so strong as to completely erase? My
    recollection comes from out of the blue; then a force says,
    "dismiss it" so that's what I do. The force that's mundane drives
    me insane; insanity spreads, like a disease with no name. What
    would happen if the world lifted the veil? The force would be
    gone, the disease would pale. To get rid of the force; don't
    discard the peek; For each time you seek, so shall you reap. Wisdom
    is contagious, it spreads like insanity; seeking breeds wisdom,
    wisdom breeds philanthropy. To lift your own veil, all you have
    to do; is know that wisdom and truth, lies inside of you. Carry
    this belief in your heart; wear it on your sleeve; then the veil
    will be gone, and the world will believe.

    indigo children poetry

    Love Always

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