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    Post  GregorArturo on Sun Mar 20, 2011 12:09 pm

    Hello. It's been awhile. The flow has been pretty epic. I thought the recent e-mail sent out was well balanced and informative :)

    I wanted to share about some of what I've done since I was last here. I see the Dan Winter post. He is spot on. The understanding of energy and its cycles is evolving and fractalizing throughout our subconscious and into our conscious minds at exponential rates. The 100th monkey concept is an interesting way to perceive evolution.

    So anyway, my YouTube channel has a world of stuff from Tesla technology, rodin coils, vortex math, metaphysics, fire dancing... I've been applying the patterns of flows described in the vortex math to dance and poi along with working with orgonite powders and layered materials to spin, converting centrifugal force into electrical compression. Bunch of crazy concepts and animations. I've been working on doing alot of improv involving creating atmosphere that is conducive to exploring thought, and taking abstract metaphysical concepts and communicating them in concrete ways while using metaphor and story.

    YouTube Channel - GregorArturo85 alien

    I'm currently working on a new motor that is akin to Schaubergers and utilizing concepts discussed by Dan Winter, and vortex based mathematics coil systems.

    Here is my page on It is a wikipage for vortex mathematics researchers. I have a page detailing over ten different matrices relating to sacred geometry. - Gregor Arturo cat

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    Post  mudra on Sun Mar 20, 2011 12:13 pm

    Hi there Gregor ... You rock my dear .
    Keep that wonderfull and creative energy of yours up .
    Thank you for sharing your research with the world.

    Thubs Up

    Much Love from me



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    Post  hobbit on Sun Mar 20, 2011 7:13 pm

    That which is detectable.
    Nine parallel lines in three groups of threes.
    The three groups are seperated by the gap between themselves +50%
    So You have a line, then gap, a line, then gap, a line, gap+50% etc.

    The total overall distance between line 1-9=just over 200 feet.

    Taking true north as a starting orientation, the lines are orientated then at 1 ,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233,degree.
    That carries on around a central point for a total of 55 orientations, but You have to think spirally to realise that the orientaions are on a spiral.

    The consequence of nine parallel lines crossing 54 further sets of nine parallel lines in fibonacci sequence of orientations , is a dominant cross feature of closely orientated lines.( Maltese cross)

    So called leylines are of nine lines, 3,6,9
    They are phase conjugate laser beams travelling in the fibonacci geometry of a perfectly packed substance that is fixed and fills universe.

    I have a method of measuring this precisely on My own,
    I hang a heavy straight edge from My little fingers and suspend it just above the floor, that then matchs where My dowsing rods are situated in the palms of My hands, I can then align on a line( they are one inch in width each) which is the edge of the line, drop the straight edge and mark.

    So called leylines run in tandem with each other, where they do so in abundance( megalithic sites and later norman churchs)
    they do so along the dominant cross orientation( near or at the cardinal directions) and then create rectangles of 55inch by 34 inch, multiple other sets of similer sub divide these rectangles and give fibonacci spiral pathways in each rectangle.
    In the churchs the pews are sited on these rectangles divide, and the blobs of water( humans) are sited where the opposite spin charges inflow and emit.

    The opposite flows produce fleur de lise patterns in adjoining rectangles, the number of these determines the length of the aisle in a church, the cathedrals having the hightest number of these.

    I found all the angles of orientations and measures involved before ever hearing of fibonacci, when I saw the fibonacci sequence I nearly flipped as I realised in an instant what was occuring.

    The matrix is created by the perfectly packed substance of universe that has fibonacci sized faces on stellated dodechedrons, or whatever they are called.

    The flows travelling along the lasers are of time.
    All IMHO( in My hobbit Opinion)

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