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    Shamanic Recapitulation Exercise


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    Shamanic Recapitulation Exercise Empty Shamanic Recapitulation Exercise

    Post  romina on Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:17 pm

    Taken from


    This exercise teaches you how to retrieve and heal your energy. Shamans consider it a never-ending process.

    There are two reasons to do this. One it can be used for self-healing and the second it steps a person off on the path of the shaman. Shamans see recapitulation as a more natural means of dealing with events. Stalk the memory, and take back your energy and let it become just a memory, with no life, no power to invoke a response from the present.

    The theory of recapitulation is that in every interaction you have had with other people in your life tied up personal energy. Each memory you have requires energy to keep it alive and maintain the emotions you have about the encounter. Over the course of a lifetime you invest enormous amounts of energy in these things and they drain you, and make you miserable.

    Some shamans see it as purification, or being reborn into the world. It is often combined with other process or techniques during shamanic initiations.

    Shamans know, or have seen, that we, as human beings, do not have an infinite amount of personal energy. We need every little scrap available to us in order to live life effectively or for shamans, to accomplish the tasks that they feel lie before them.

    The pulling back re-ignites those strands of energy in you and the memory. The exhale when it has the intent to break that connection and take back what is yours then pushes out the foreign energy and breaks the connection.


    Recapping is best done awake, alone, or at least at some distance from others. It is also best done with compression and attachment to earth energy. Don’t recap in water. You will need a space that compresses you energy, such as a closet or even a thick heavy blanket over you.

    Make a list of people, experiences, and life events and follow it. Stay away from really intense events to begin with. It is suggested to start with your day and the people in it. It gives you a feel for the process and allows you to gain a sense of how you expend your energy in just a normal day going about your business with people.

    How To

    Quiet your mind and relax, setting the intent to retrieve your energy trapped in your past. Bring up a specific memory or event. Get it pictured right in front of your face in as much detail as possible. Such as colors, sounds, smells, people involved, etc.

    Turn your head to the left and exhale. Then slowly turn your head from the left to right drawing in the energy of the scene in front of you and as you do inhale.

    When your head is completely to the right again turn slowly back to the left exhaling the foreign energy that is not yours that exists from the scene. Keep sweeping the scene until you feel done with it.

    Continue on to the next event on your list and keep doing this until you have worked through each one. Be aware of what you are doing and stay focused. If you’re just starting the recap, then fifteen to twenty minutes a day just to start out, give it two weeks, and then take stock of where you are.


    You may feel slightly lightheaded, that’s normal, it means something is changing.

    You will also find that people you recap intensely suddenly make unannounced appearances back in your life, like they wonder where the energy went and come to investigate.

    The energy released can actually cause nightmares to others but it is not a connective issue. But it can pass through a person, especially in dreaming.

    Eventually you will come to the point where you even wonder if you had a life, or whether you are simply a pale reflection of the wants and needs of others. This will be a powerful part of the healing process but not always a comfortable one.

    If the memories you’re working with are especially painful or traumatic it may take a number of recaps to completely suck the energy back out of them. You will know it is working when you recall one of the memories and find that the emotions it was evoking in you have lessened, or even completely disappeared. Sometimes they may even feel like they aren’t even your memories, they seem as though they happened to someone else.

    The memory remains; in recall it does not disappear it is simply not draining you any longer. You create new connections based on a different insight into the relationship, especially with children.

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    Shamanic Recapitulation Exercise Empty Re: Shamanic Recapitulation Exercise

    Post  lindabaker on Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:49 pm

    Yes, this good stuff. Bump. Have the courage to do it! It will take an hour, change your life.

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    Shamanic Recapitulation Exercise Empty Re: Shamanic Recapitulation Exercise

    Post  mudra on Mon Mar 07, 2011 4:14 pm

    Thanks Romina . Very good stuff


    Are You a Creator or Sustainer?

    We are perceivers. The world that we perceive, though, is an illusion. It was created by a description that was told to us since the moment we were born. ~ Don Juan, Tales of Power

    The world is composed of a massive amount of diversity of people, and of these, there are two classifications that define them; sustainers and creators. We are, as don Juan said, perceivers, however, the majority of people are sustaining an illusion that was imparted upon them from the moment they were born. And since most people operate from a field of reason, they continue to assimilate the ideas and thoughts of others which ultimately puts them in a position of sustaining those ideas and thoughts. Those are the ideas and thoughts from which mythology, ritual and ideologies were born and are maintained.

    Sustainers exemplify the patterns that they have gathered and assemble their truth by allowing the fixation of their assemblage points to represent their reality. Creators, on the other hand, will question the patterns that they maintain as well as the patterns maintained by others and this questioning greatly challenges the fixation of the assemblage point. This is why erasing personal history and recapitulation are so important to warriors. In their fluidity and willingness to become free from the patterns the warrior creator will shift their assemblage point which allows them to create their reality. The sustainer, however, will defend the fixated position of their assemblage point and will perpetuate the patterns in order to preserve and maintain the myths, many times unwittingly.

    Creators are warriors who are bold enough to risk everything in order to create their reality instead of just embodying someone else’s. They operate from a point of energetic efficiency because when one walks the truth of their creation into the world there is little energy wasted or lost in the arena of doubt. If a warrior were to question an aspect of her creation then all she would need to do is recapitulate it and shift her assemblage point in order to restructure that aspect in order to align her creation within the context of her current state of perception. This is called living in the moment.

    One will find that sustainers predominantly live in a state of doubt as a result of assembling their reality based upon the precepts of others. This self-doubt causes them to function in a mode that lacks integrity and oftentimes experience. Most sustainers can sense on a subconscious level that their “buy-in” to someone else’s vision lacks authenticity and vision because rather than creating their reality based on what they perceive they are merely attempting to embody an idea that was someone else’s creation and this is empty of their own authentic personal vision. They waste their energy defending the position of their assemblage point in an attempt to dutifully uphold a pattern that was created by someone else. Worse, they often impose those patterns upon others.

    Totlec warriors are creators and they know that each moment unfolding presents new opportunities to create and recreate. What worked yesterday may not work today and since they know this they are not trapped within patterns. This allows them to be ephemeral and in a constant state of fluidity so that they may truly see the wonder, awe and beauty that constantly presents itself. Recapitulate the patterns! Allow your assemblage point to shift so that you can perceive energy directly which will allow you to assemble original and unique realities based upon what you see and what you perceive instead of maintaining the patterns and stories that were created by others. We each have the potential to assemble our worlds, to manifest our dreams and to create our realities free from the dominant patterns of the false web, the matrix. So what do you want to be, a sustainer or a creator?

    ”Modern humans became fixated on a collective hallucination of linear time, ignoring the fractal spirals of the surrounding universe.” -Daniel Pinchbeck

    New Seers in a New Era

    Love from me

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