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    Forum Limits Empty Forum Limits

    Post  Mercuriel on Thu Feb 03, 2011 6:57 am

    The Limits of Our Forumotion forums

    Here is a non exhaustive list of the approximate limits of the forums

    Messages of the forum:

    The basic capacity for all the forums is 8 million messages, it can be increased to 4 billion if you exceed it...

    Subjects of the forum:

    The basic capacity for the subjects is 65,000, which can be increased to 8 million... then to 4 billion...

    Messages in a subject: 990 messages (once the limit reached, the subject is locked and splitted)

    Categories/Forums/Sub-forums: 255

    Avatar Gallery: 30 avatars

    Smilies: 150 (Including the 94 smilies by default)

    Portal Modules: 119 modules in addition of the available ones (News, Recent_topic, Search, Poll, Who is online, Statistics)

    Topic icons: 25 in addition to the default ones (Normal-Sticky-Anouncement)

    Characters in the messages: 65,000 characters (Including spaces)

    Characters in the description of a category: 255 characters

    Characters in the title of a topic: 255 characters

    Groups: 32 groups

    Ranks: 225 ranks

    Characters in "Site Name": 96 characters

    Characters in "Site Description": 255 characters

    Characters in Forum address: 20 characters

    Characters in personnalized Topic icons: 15 characters

    Characters in Signatures: 1,000 characters

    Characters in Profile labels: 50 characters

    HTML Pages: 500 pages

    Characters in HMTL pages: 65,000 characters

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