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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self


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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:46 pm

    Originally posted by MP3

    What ARE the 3rd and 4th Dimensions?
    Understanding the aspects and rules of 3D and 4D allows us to better choose where we want to live.
    By Jim Self

    Many of us know or intuitively feel that we are transitioning from the third-dimensional reality, passing through
    the fourth and are on our way to the fifth dimension. Dimensions are not places but instead levels of
    consciousness, each with its own characteristics and ways of thinking and feeling.

    Our Third Dimensional Experience

    The third dimension is very dense and operates within a specific set of rules and structures that hold many
    vibrations of thought and emotion. One of those vibrations is known as fear. In our spiritual quest to fully explore
    All-That-Is we went deeper and deeper into density choosing to incarnate many times upon the Earth. To
    maximize our third-dimensional experience we purposely left behind Higher Aspects of ourselves and lost our
    sense of connection to the Creator. In this perceived sense of separation we lost our way and, like abandoned
    children, we began to experience the energy we call fear. This state of fear created rigidity and made it more
    difficult for us to move freely. As we continued to passionately play in this rigid third dimension we began to take
    on many uncomfortable attributes such as dis-ease, victim, guilt, lack and resistance. We chose to do all this in
    order to know ourselves better, and in spite of what we may think, we have been very successful at playing in
    this third-dimensional game.

    Many who cling to fear have created a default system which gives them a false sense of security. “If I just go
    inside my house and close the door, I’ll be safe”. This reaction has closed down our ability to expand and grow,
    re-merge with our Soul, and re-member our Higher Selves. Too many humans have stopped living their passion
    as they argue for their limitations within a web of fear.

    Third Dimensional Structures

    Let’s explore the composition of this third dimensional world we live in. If we look carefully, we can see three
    structures of this playing field or ‘game board’. Understanding these will allow our transition through the Grand
    Shift of Consciousness to occur more comfortably.

    1 - Duality. The purpose of duality has been to help us learn how to walk in balance while experiencing contrast.
    Our intention was to have experiences without becoming affected by them. Living within the field of duality was
    simply meant to provide us with a broad array of choices and opportunities to ‘Know Ourselves’.
    To assist in this adventure, Creator made the Law of Attraction available. Like a compass, this unwavering Law
    reliably shows us where we are and what we are experiencing at all times. The Law of Attraction simply says
    ‘what you place your attention on is what will be given to you’. This also means that ‘what we resist will persist’.
    As we resisted our fears, a greater range of duality or polarity came about—good and bad, right and wrong,
    should and shouldn’t—and with our attention on the uncomfortable experiences, these fears magnified. We
    resisted this discomfort, submerging many of our fears in our unconscious mind where we would not have to
    look at them or deal with them (we hoped). But the Law of Attraction doesn’t just bring us the ‘good stuff, it
    responds to the loudest feelings and thoughts we broadcast (those holding the greatest emotional charge)
    whether they are conscious or unconscious, comfortable or uncomfortable, desired or unwanted.

    2 - Reactionary Present-Time. As we learned fear, we also began to project experiences which did not feel good
    a moment ago (past) out in front of us (future) thinking “I hope this never happens to me again”, and thus we
    began to create Time. Third-dimensional time was not created as a straight line of events with a beginning,
    middle and end. It was actually a time-loop consisting of past and future, with a single insertion point known as
    the ‘present moment’ where we make new choices based on past experiences and future desires. By reacting to
    situations from fear, we began making fear-based choices. Our decisions about the future were based upon the
    past. Our 3-D life became a series of reactionary experiences founded in resisting rather than allowing, thereby
    dragging the past with us into the future. And because the Universe adores us, the Law of Attraction will never
    object to, or challenge, what we place our attention on; it simply delivers what we ask for. Most of us waste a
    great deal of our energy ensnared in an endless cycle where our past haunts our future and our future echoes
    our past in a continuous 3-D Time loop.

    Also built into the structure of 3-D Time is a wonderful mechanism that can keep us out of trouble in this
    adventure. A buffer or lag-time gives us the chance to reconsider the consequences of our actions, reactions,
    thoughts and emotions before we react and create something we might have to clean up or apologize for
    afterwards. This built-in structure allows us a moment of Choice. During the Shift this buffer is getting shorter
    and things are manifesting faster than ever.

    3 - The Rational Mind. Our analytical, reasoning thought process is known as the rational mind. When we came
    to play in this adventure we disconnected 90% of our available awareness in order to have this experience. The
    development of the rational mind served us well in this environment. Its purpose is to keep us safe and fit in.
    But due to fear and misuse, the rational mind operates more in limitation than in possibility and opportunity.
    Because we have given assignments to the mind that it was not designed for, our awareness and spiritual
    ranges of choice have greatly diminished. While the logical mind is a wonderful tool for measuring, comparing
    and storing information, it only knows what it knows and does not know what it does not know. For thousands of
    years the rational mind has kept humanity tightly focused in the three-dimensional realm. This is now changing.
    These three energetic structures are intricately woven into the fabric of the third-dimensional matrix. If you focus
    on only one of these the other two intensify, creating more distraction and more pressure until you reset your
    focus and allow them to come back into balance. By becoming aware of the underlying templates from which
    the third dimension is born, we can begin to reconstruct and re-member a significant part of ourselves, freeing
    us to move beyond the limits of the third dimension and begin to experience the possibilities of the fourth and

    Fourth Dimensional Structures

    Now let's explore the elements of the fourth dimension.

    1 - Eternal Present-Time. Where 3-D time is a charged, Reactionary Present-Time, 4-D time is the Eternal
    Present-Time. NOW. In 4-D the past is simply history without emotional charge and the future is an opportunity
    waiting to be fashioned in this now moment through choice. Yesterday has no bearing on tomorrow. The eternal
    present is all there is. We can plan for a future event using information gathered from the past, but decisions are
    conscious choices that are made in the present moment. What we think is what we will experience in the
    moment. There is no lag-time in 4-D. What you think about will manifest so be mindful of what you think!

    2 - Choice. In the fourth dimension, ‘choice’ replaces ‘reaction’. Reaction is an emotional 3-D response, whereas
    choice provides flexibility. Flexibility creates expanded opportunity and a greater ability to combine possibilities
    to produce a variety of outcomes. In the fourth dimension you take back your power to choose.

    3 - Paradox. In 4-D the past and future become points of reference or information and have no emotional
    attachments. What was true a moment ago is not necessarily true in this present moment and what was false
    may not necessarily be false any longer. This opens up more possibilities to experience, releases judgments,
    and increases our ability to allow.

    4 - Alignment/Balance. In the fourth dimension we are constantly moving towards balance and re-alignment.
    This structure is very open, entertaining and allowing of all possibilities. Well-being, Beauty, the Inner Smile,
    Appreciation, and Love are options in 4-D. Whereas Fear is a choice which will place us back in 3-D reaction
    and limitation.

    Our spiritual journey includes the movement toward a higher, lighter way of life. This is a life of community,
    cooperation and co-creation in 4-D while we walk in the density of 3-D. 5-D opportunities are not far behind. This
    is remembering how to be in the world but not of the world. This is remembering who you came here to be.

    Jim Self is an international teacher, speaker and author. He has been a leader in the field of spiritual
    development for over 27 years. He offers us the Tools of Mastering Alchemy as a Way of Life.
    This work is co-created with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light.

    Free DVD and Free Tele-classes are available.
    Jim presents free local evening classes and weekend seminar ‘Creating the Personal Power Field’ across North

    This work is copywrited. You have permission to share this work with anyone as long as you include the above
    paragraphs. Thank you.

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Re: Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:49 pm

    The Way of Life in the Fifth Dimension
    By Jim Self

    The previous article compared the third and fourth dimensions. In this article we bring in the fifth dimension.
    Let’s briefly review the structures of the third and fourth dimensions.

    The third dimension operates with a specific set of rules and has certain characteristics, aspects, boundaries,
    edges, mutations and structures. We see three main structures sustaining this dimension.

    Rigid Structures of the Third Dimension

    1. Duality – A dual mode of perception: right-wrong, positive-negative, good-bad, should-shouldn’t, updown,

    2. Linear Time – The perception that time only moves in a straight line (one direction) and is experienced
    as past, present and future.

    3. Rational Mind – The GPS of the third dimension. The analytical, reasoning thought processor
    designed to make comparisons, draw conclusions, store information, calculate, and make

    Flexible Structures of the Fourth Dimension

    1. Now Time – This is your point of power. Each now moment is a threshold to new beginnings and fresh

    2. Choice – The power to consciously choose to initiate something else in any moment.

    3. Paradox – Contradictory truths. Something that was true a moment ago but may not be true in the
    next now moment.

    4. Alignment / Balance – A state of equilibrium which neutralizes opposing forces.

    In the Fifth Dimension, 3-D ‘Reaction’ and 4-D ‘Response’ Give Way to Integration
    Reintegration – When you attain fifth-dimensional consciousness you experience the reintegration with your
    Higher Self. This reconnection with the higher parts of you brings higher awareness and allows you to know
    yourself at the Soul level. You begin to Be who you came here to be. Your innate spiritual abilities increase and
    reveal themselves. These include clairvoyance, telepathy and abstract intuition.

    Access the Wisdom You Know – Life in the fifth-dimension is stunning because you are fully conscious
    again. You are aware of and can access the wisdom and information available within your Being that resides in
    all the dimensions. There is no separation. You are one with the All and All is you.

    Experience Higher, Lighter Energy – In 5D, you vibrate in feelings like reverence, beauty and kindness. The
    coat you choose to wear each day bears no resemblance to what you typically walk around wearing in 3D.
    And much of what you experience is no longer expressed from the mind or in words (intellect/brain) but pours
    forth from the heart and the feelings (the senses recombine forming a sixth sense). You achieve a quiet

    Higher Mind – In this level of living, when the mental and emotional bodies merge, the union activates the
    Higher Mind and you operate from the mind of your Soul. You begin to know what the Soul knows and make
    Soul-guided choices.

    Simultaneous Time – Living in 5D, you move into Simultaneous Time which allows you to see the broader
    perspective of All That Is. All the answers to your questions lie exactly where the question is asked and you are
    able to view all possibilities before taking action.

    So, why did we choose to leave this wonderful place where all is known and go to the third dimension,
    anyway? When Creator wanted to know Himself/Herself better He/She asked for volunteers, and guess who
    ran to the front of the line saying “Pick me, pick me!” You did! Creator sent the brightest and the best (you) on
    this special quest to explore the outermost regions of existence. It was, and is, a grand adventure that only the
    biggest and most enthusiastic spirits signed up for.

    Why did we choose the third dimension and not another? Duality does not exist in the higher dimensions and
    duality is an important part of what we wanted to experience. Our explorations took us many places but as we
    went deeper into density we eventually found ourselves playing in the slower vibrations of the world of form
    (matter). Here we could delve into cause and effect and discover the results of our choices and actions. Here
    we had free will to explore the most divergent ranges of frequencies (including fear, hate, anger, betrayal, etc).
    When we signed up for this adventure we did not know that we would become immersed in it or that we would
    forget who we are, where we came from, why we came, and how to get back Home. We now have an
    opportunity to remember who we are and return Home.

    The Long-awaited “Shift of the Ages” is Upon Us

    We have taken the third-dimensional adventure as far as we can. We have been wildly successful at what we
    set out to accomplish and explore in this diverse, dense, duality. A huge vibrational up-shift (on every level) is
    what the Earth and her inhabitants are undergoing right now. You are a very important part of this Shift. You
    are big, not small. You are significant, not insignificant. You make a difference and your contribution is valued
    by all of humanity and by All That Is. Welcome the change to a new way of life, dear friends, for together we
    have begun the process of bringing Heaven to the Earth.

    Jim Self is an international teacher, speaker and author. He has been a leader in the field of spiritual
    development for over 27 years. He offers us the Tools of Mastering Alchemy as a Way of Life.
    This work is co-created with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light. Free DVD and Free
    Tele-classes are available.

    Jim presents free local evening classes and a weekend seminar ‘Creating the Personal Power Field’ across
    North America.

    This work is copywrited. You have permission to share this work with anyone as long as you include the above
    paragraphs. Thank you.

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty The Shift by Jim Self

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 2:52 pm

    Here's Jim great ebook, which is free for download on his mastering alchemy site, but I'll post it here chapter by chapter in case anyone would like to read it here, or doesn't want to supply their email to Jim. (He doesn't spam)

    The Shift
    What it is ...
    Why it’s happening ...
    How it is affecting you
    and the
    Mastering of Alchemy
    Jim Self
    Dedicated to all who are
    asking and allowing.

    Chapter 1 ~~~

    The Shift. What is it?

    We’ve been hearing about “The Shift” for so long, it’s hard to believe that it’s finally here! But what precisely is
    shifting? What are we moving from? What are we moving toward? And – more importantly – what difference
    is it really going to make to your world… your life… your family… your loved ones… and you?

    Have you been noticing that…
    Time seems to be speeding up?
    Your memories aren't as reliable as they used to be?
    Stuff you thought you had dealt with is suddenly resurfacing?
    And nothing seems to be working the way it used to?
    You are not alone!

    If you have been hearing people talk about moving from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension but you
    haven’t a clue how that’s going to come about, or what specific changes it’s going to bring, or even what the Fifth
    Dimension is – you are not alone. Moreover, it’s no accident that you’re reading this book at this moment. It
    was written for you.

    The purpose of this book is twofold: first, to present you with a container for much of the information that you
    already know, but may not be consciously aware that you know. And second, to introduce you to a set of tools,
    skills and opportunities that will enable you to build a platform that will allow you to step from a third-dimensional
    unconsciousness into a higher dimensional awareness, fully conscious, and completely realigned with who you
    are and who you have always been, but don't remember at this moment.

    It is actually quite simple to create happiness, abundance and well-being in your life. As with so many aspects
    of life, however, that which is simple is sometimes the hardest to grasp. For example, the 4-step formula for
    creation is truly this simple:

    1. Create an Intention

    2. Place your Attention on your Intention

    3. Add an emotion such as happy, amused or excited to what you have your attention on and

    4. The Universe, through the Law of Attraction, will give to you precisely what you placed your Attention up

    Your job is to receive it… to allow it to come to you… to let yourself have what you just asked for.
    In other words, “Ask and it shall be given unto you.”

    So - why are most of us unable to follow this simple formula and create the lives we desire?
    The noise of the third-dimension is very distracting, pulling our attention into the past or projecting it into the
    future, where fear and anxiety often reside. When emotions such as worry, doubt, and lack arise, holding our
    attention on our intention to be happy can become very challenging. The Law of Attraction gives us exactly what
    we place our attention on; it doesn’t understand: “Just give me the good stuff.” So how you hold your emotions
    and thoughts is how the Universe understands your asking. “Ask and you shall receive.”

    There is a Shift, a transformation, a really BIG change occurring.

    This Shift that is underway is affecting every aspect of our third-dimensional reality. This Shift is so far-reaching
    that our limited imagination cannot begin to grasp the transition and the changes we are now in the midst of
    experiencing. This Shift is affecting every aspect of life on this planet – our political, social and economic structures, the environment, institutions and wars, how we view our relationships, our work. Simply put, every thought we think and every feeling we feel. It is altering time, our memory, our DNA, the wiring of our physical and emotional bodies, our beliefs, our perceptions of good and bad, right and wrong. Most especially, this Wave of Change is affecting our awareness of what is possible. It is offering us abundant, new understandings, instructions and possibilities of how to once again live in harmony with each other, the environment and All That Is.

    However, between where we currently exist and this new Higher Dimension of “Heaven on Earth,” where we will
    soon arrive, there is a bit of a gap ...

    Becoming aware of becoming aware

    The “Shift in consciousness” that is occurring is a shift in our very perception of our world. As most of us have
    played this game of life, we have tried to fit in and to follow the rules. We have tried to create a better life for
    ourselves and for our families. However, in our rush to create more for ourselves - the bigger house, better car,
    higher salary, etc., many of us have discovered that we have actually created less. We have less time to spend
    in that big house, less time to enjoy the company of our family and friends and less opportunity to appreciate a
    sunset or take pleasure in the natural beauty that surrounds us. Many people have begun to feel that something
    is not right, that something valuable has been lost. What is really missing, whether we are aware of it or not, is
    that we all have lost a part of our “selves” along the way. And at the end of the day, more, bigger and better has still not been enough. We have disconnected from the things that truly nourish us and it has left us physically
    ill, emotionally unhappy, mentally exhausted and spiritually unclear about who we truly are.This is now beginning to change.

    As more and more of us are awakening, we are beginning to remember who we are. We are recognizing
    imbalances in our lives and we are asking ourselves: “What’s really important to me? What truly makes me
    happy?” The answer isn’t found through gaining more of the world outside, but in gaining more of the “me” within.

    In our rush to the top we left a part of ourselves behind. We traded respect for competition, kindness for advantage, and giving for taking. We lost touch with our “Inner Guidance,” which has always directed us to a higher, more aligned place. This higher place is a place where co-operation, support and understanding create deeper trust, friendship and compassion.

    The Shift is occurring within the Hearts of ALL of humanity and millions are beginning to awaken. It is an “awakening of consciousness!” It is taking place across the world in every town and village and in the Hearts of each child, woman and man. We are finding a new passion within, and we are beginning to recognize that who we are counts. We ALL matter, and we ALL have a contribution to make. This awakening consciousness has no limits. It is a shift that is taking us all into a higher dimensional awareness; a higher, more aligned way of life. We are “becoming aware of becoming aware.”

    The New Waves of Light

    Two massive Waves of Light and Energy are moving through the Universe, through the Earth and through each
    of us. These Waves of change are working together in perfect synchronization, evolving everything to a higher

    One Wave is expanding outward, as an ever-widening ripple on a pond, spreading greater Light, knowledge and
    wisdom, opening ever-expanding gateways to higher consciousness and evolution. This Wave is shifting mass
    consciousness from the third-dimensional perspective, through the fourth, into a fifth-dimensional perspective.
    This Wave is creating a fifth-dimensional community of higher consciousness on Earth that is realigning us with
    the All That Is.

    As this first Wave accelerates it is fascinating to observe how it is powerfully and positively affecting us. This
    Wave is providing us with choices and presenting us with possibilities that have not been available to us before.
    This Wave is also making it possible for the second Wave to unlock all that has been keeping us stuck in the

    The second Wave operates very differently than the first. Its function is to create harmony. However, in order
    to achieve harmony, every-thing that is not of the Light, everything that does not exist in well-being and balance,
    is being destabilized, dissolved and cleared away. Everything that is not aligned in our lives is being loosened
    and released.

    This Wave is releasing all dysfunctional patterns on every level. All that is lacking in integrity will dissolve to be
    replaced with new patterns of energy, Light, knowledge and wisdom that are available in the first Wave. In short,
    as one Wave of Light is emptying the vessel, the other Wave of Light is refilling it. These transformative Waves
    are allowing all of us to re-wire, re-connect, re-align and re-member who we are and what we really came here to accomplish. Like a tsunami, these Waves are significantly stepping up in intensity.

    We will see tremendous transitions in the upcoming months and years.

    Why is this all happening now?

    This is all happening now because we have asked for it to occur. It is also happening now because we have
    succeeded, in the most amazing way, in accomplishing what we came here to achieve by playing this Game of
    the third-dimension. And it is now time to remember, to return Home to the Heart of the Creator, the All That Is.
    So, should you be happy? Yes! Should you be excited? Yes! Is it simple? Yes! Is it going to be easy? Not
    exactly... but it does not have to be difficult either.

    We are playing in very exciting times, and in order to make this transition as easy as possible, we will need some
    new skills and tools to help us ride these Waves with grace and ease. We also will need a new understanding as to how to perceive our surroundings differently, and how to choose the reality we wish to experience.

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Chapter 2

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 2:57 pm

    Chapter 2 ~~~

    How it Might Be Affecting You

    Time is going faster

    Many people are not aware of the precise nature of the changes they are experiencing, but they are noticing the
    effects of these changes. For example, if you ask the question: “Do you think time is going faster?” A great many
    will say “Yes, it is as if I just got out of bed in the morning, and before I know it I'm getting ready for bed again.
    Where did the day go?”

    Time is more related to the rhythms and cycles held within our four lower bodies than it is to the clock on the
    wall. As these two massive Waves of Light flow within, through, and around us and the Earth, the reference points that we have come to know ourselves by are all changing.

    The first change that is occurring is in the Earth's magnetic fields. The Waves of Light are altering the magnetic
    fields that surround the Earth, causing them to weaken, deteriorate and change. As the Earth’s magnetic fields
    change, the magnetic fields, cycles and rhythms within our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies are
    also being altered. Some cycles are accelerating while other cycles and rhythms are slowing down. Our concept
    of time is being altered as the Waves of Light pass through each of us, changing the rhythms and cycles within.
    Although the internal sensation is that time is going faster, we are actually losing time; time is not going faster, rather, it is collapsing into a single moment of Present Time, NOW.

    For example, if it took you five minutes to walk from point A to point B, and you did this every day of your life,
    you would have a physical-body sense of how long it takes you to cover the distance. But as time collapses,
    you have less time to walk the same length from A to B, so you now have a physical sense of having to walk
    faster to cover the same distance, even though your watch still shows the same amount of time was taken.
    What’s happening is that your internal sensory mechanisms are telling you that time is going faster because you
    had to hurry to get to the same place in the same time that your watch actually recorded.

    As the Waves of Light are changing our internal rhythms they are bringing us closer and closer to Present Time.
    Present Time is the only place in which we exist. And as our internal magnetic fields weaken, our cycles and
    rhythms are be-ginning to align in a singular flow of conscious-ness. Our biorhythms, heartbeats, and pulses
    of the meridian system are all beginning to align into a singular rhythm, aligning with the heart-beat of the Earth.
    As this occurs, all of our memories, thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are not aligned with the higher
    consciousness of well-being are falling away. One Wave is clearing away many of our memories of the past;
    all those old arguments, embarrassing moments, and painful experiences stored unconsciously within our memory that have nothing to do with who we are and thus have no value in the present moment. Simultaneously, the other Wave of Light is expanding the range of possibilities within each of our realities, thereby providing more choice and opportunities to experience ourselves to the very fullest.

    Losing your memories, gaining your truth

    Have you noticed yourself beginning to say something, only to realize that you suddenly can’t find the words to
    complete your sentences? Or that you can’t recall the word for the spoon that you are holding in your hand?
    this is happening to you, don’t be alarmed. You’re not the only one having these experiences. And no, it is not
    Alzheimer’s. Neither does it have anything to do with your gender, age or culture.

    The purpose of this second Wave of Light is to clear away old patterns, beliefs, thoughts and emotions that we
    hold that do not support our well-being. Because we did not know what to do with insults or invalidations that
    we received growing up, we learned to store away the un-comfortable and unsupportive thoughts and emotions
    that we experienced. In so doing, we chose to give up our own seniority, along with the truths and beliefs that
    we naturally held in well-being, and instead chose to believe other people’s opinions.

    As we begin to awaken and remember who we are, many of our old non-truth, non-aligned belief patterns are
    beginning to fall away. In this process we are losing many of our memories and our reference points upon which
    we have built our third-dimensional reality. These are falling away because we cannot take our negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions with us on this journey. The second Wave of Light is clearing them from our unconsciousness. As these unconscious reference points that support our sense of lack are being cleared, simple words like “spoon” sometimes get caught in the clearing of the patterns.

    There is nothing broken, it is simply that who we are NOT and never were is beginning to fall away.
    Simultaneously, the first Wave of Light is passing through us, expanding our awareness and our understanding
    of who we are, who we have always been. This understanding is not located in the analytical, rational mind. It
    is centered in our broader field of perception within our knowingness, within our higher consciousness and the
    Internal Guidance System found within our Hearts. As we are beginning to remember who we are, we are
    beginning to let go of who-we-are-not. And although letting go of who-we-are-not is very desirable, letting go
    of our beliefs, our thoughts and concepts of the world may not be an easy experience.

    The transformation that is occurring within us is shifting our thoughts and beliefs, and changing the ways in which
    we experience the world around us. Until now, most of us have measured ourselves by the outside world. Our
    beliefs about how we look, what is acceptable, what we think, and how we act have all been influenced and
    established by the third-dimensional world outside ourselves.

    Our thoughts create our beliefs, our beliefs create our habits and our habits create our lives. Our beliefs then
    connect the thoughts that run through our experiences, forming our conclusions. However, many of the thoughts
    that we think and the beliefs that we hold are actually not our own thoughts or beliefs; they were given to us by
    mom, dad, teacher, minister and the third-dimensional reality outside of our-selves. It’s not that mom and dad
    or anyone else around us set out deliberately to mislead us; they were simply passing on what their parents and
    their parent’s parents (along with most of the rest of society) had taught them to accept as the “truth.” Growing
    up, many of us may have intuitively felt that what others accepted as the “truth” did not feel “right” to us, but
    consensus opinion is a powerful thing. It’s not easy to stand against the crowd or argue with our elders, or loved
    ones. Hence, many of us learned to “toe the line,” to repress our intuitive senses, and dumb down our feelings.
    In the process, we became numb. This is why so many people today are unhappy, but have no idea why. It’s
    because we have lost touch with their own inner guidance system.

    Now, as we begin to awaken, a new recognition is unfolding within us. As we start to seek our own truth and walk our own unique path, many of us are beginning to realize that there is much more to who we are than the outside world has led us to believe. As we look within, we are beginning to realize that we are multi-dimensional, spiritual beings able to align with a Higher Truth. As this transformation is occurring, we are beginning to recognize that it is our own truth that creates happiness, success, balanced health, while adding simplicity to our life path.

    In the past, only a few souls have experienced this Higher Truth. But now this truth has turned into an adventure
    that is being sought by many. Because of you, and the many others who are now awakening, a new consciousness is un-folding! The third-dimensional world that was defined by the truths, structures and beliefs of those around us is no longer working and is being dissolved. We are experiencing a huge change, a quickening in conscious awareness.

    A Grand Awakening!

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Chapter 3

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 2:59 pm

    Chapter 3 ~~~

    What Are the Third and fourth-dimensions?

    Many of us know, or intuitively feel, that there is a restructuring or movement going on, but few of us have sufficient information to make sense of these feelings. Quite simply, we are stepping out of a third-dimensional reality, passing through the fourth and are on our way to the fifth-dimension. But what are the dimensions?

    Dimensions are not places. Rather, they are levels of consciousness, each with its own characteristics and ways of thinking, feeling and experiencing. Understanding the aspects, rules and structures of the third and fourth dimensions gives us the opportunity to step from the noise of the third-dimension and its rigid structures into a more fluid set of choices held within the fourth.

    In order to make this simple, let's consider the third and the fourth-dimensions each as a box. These two boxes
    overlap one another, allowing us to move from one box to the other. We have actually been living in the third
    and fourth-dimensions simultaneously for well over 60 years. One box holds noise, rigidity, and un-comfortable
    emotion, while the other box holds choice, beauty, well-being and appreciation. You have experienced yourself
    in both these boxes. But without a clear definition of what occurs in each box, it becomes difficult to understand
    and master yourself even in the best of situations. By knowing the difference between the two boxes a person
    can choose to live the life they wish to live, rather than simply reacting to life as it arrives on their door-step each
    morning. By describing the characteristics of each box, we can develop a better understanding of how to choose.

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Chapter 4

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:08 pm

    Chapter 4 ~~~

    The Third-Dimensional

    Box and Structures


    First, the Earth, the mountains, the rivers, the lamp, the chair and the flowers that surround us are not the third dimension. These are aspects of Form. Form is the result of density. Form has shape, mass, texture and weight
    that exists in both the third and the fourth-dimensions.

    Here's the first useful piece that is not obvious. Form is also held within our thoughts and the emotions. Although
    it is not seen as physical density, heavy, ugly thoughts will produce a response. Additionally, light, airy, beautiful
    thoughts will produce a very different feeling or response.

    For example, have you ever accepted someone else's opinion that you’ve done something “wrong” or are to
    blame for something, and then found yourself walking around with a heavy uncomfortable feeling of guilt? This
    guilt or blame is called a thought-form. How you choose to observe and hold that thought-form will influence your state of mind, your emotions and even your physical health. It also determines your ability to successfully create your life or not.

    Heavier, emotionally charged thoughts are held in the third-dimensional reality, whereas light, airy, beautiful
    thought-forms are held in the fourth-dimension.

    Three aspects of the third-dimension

    Let's explore the characteristics that are found within the third-dimension. Remember, this is a box that holds a
    portion of your life experience.

    In order to fully understand all that is about to be said, it is very helpful to understand the “Law of Attraction.”
    Now, you might say, “But I al-ready know all about the Law of Attraction.” But believing you know about the Law
    of Attraction and living the Law of Attraction are two very different experiences.

    The Law of Attraction says: “What you place your attention upon, I, the Universe, which adores you, will provide for you.” The Law of Attraction is so important it is the foundation of EVERYTHING you have ever experienced. The Law of Attraction does not understand words. It does not understand “please” and “thank you” in English, French, or any other language. The Law of Attraction understands the thought and the emotional vibrations you hold, both consciously and unconsciously. If you believe something is or you believe some-thing is not, the Law of Attraction will respond accordingly. If you amplify your thoughts or beliefs with a charge of emotion, the Law of Attraction will provide you with more of the same in a quicker, fuller manner. What you put your attention on with a charged emotion is what you will receive. Absolutely guaranteed.

    Time in the third-dimension

    Most of humanity has been taught and believes that time is fixed and linear - past, present, future, and then you
    die. Although this is the generally accepted belief, it is incorrect. In the third-dimension time operates as a loop.
    It consists of a flow of thoughts and experiences that we label positive or negative. Either we embrace these
    experiences and hope they happen again or we resist them and hope they do not. To keep it simple, we take
    our past experiences and project them into our future and then step into that experience in a future-present-time moment to feel it all over again in a different size, shape or color.

    Let me give you two examples. First, let us say that I was told that if I would become a lawyer, doctor, teacher
    or nurse I would be successful and happy. And although it may not feel correct inside, I agree. I then take that
    information and place it out in front of me, and follow that belief into the future. A belief is seldom experienced
    in the present moment, but projected out into a future.

    Second, and this is perhaps a more important example, let us say that I once had a relationship that was the best of the best…until it was not. My lover left, telling me I was a terrible person, I would never succeed, I was not nice, and I did not have anything to offer to create a successful relationship with him or her. I was hurt. I felt rejected, and I went into a deep state of grief. Although I tried to get over the experience, I could not let it go, nor could I understand how I could be such a terrible a person. Eventually I made the decision that I was OK, at least on the surface, and I never wanted to meet some-one like that again because I did not want to be hurt again. So I scream to the Universe, “God, never let this kind of experience happen to me again. If a person of that type ever comes anywhere near me, please warn me and put up big red flags so I don't get hurt again.”

    Can you see how I took a bad period from my past and placed it into my future, and then added a big dose of
    emotionally charged pain, fear and avoidance in order to protect myself? The Law of Attraction does not understand the words NO, Don't and Stop. It understands only what we hold our attention upon. And because the Universe and the Law of Attraction adore me, and it is the Universe’s passion to satisfy my every request, guess what I found on my door step the next morning … and the next and the next and the next?

    With each step into the next Present Time moment I experience precisely what I asked for through my vibration. In other words, if the vibrations of my thoughts and emotions are negative, I get exactly what I put my attention upon. “I will provide you with exactly what you ask for,” smiles the Law of Attraction.

    So, third-dimensional time is not a structure; it is an application that allows us to create a new set of experiences
    based on our past to be experienced in our future. In the third-dimension there is a small sliver of the present
    time, known as Reactionary Present Time. In this sliver we step into the future that we resisted, finding ourselves
    in Present Time reacting to what we swore we never again wanted to experience. This is how time works in the
    third-dimensional box. In the third-dimension, choice is not a choice, because choice does not exist in the third dimension.

    Also built into the structure of third dimensional time is a wonderful mechanism that can keep us out of great difficulty. A buffer, or lag in time, gives us the chance to reconsider the consequences of our actions, reactions, thoughts and emotions before we react and create something that we might have to clean up or apologize for afterwards. This built-in structure allows us a moment of pause in which to consider an action. During the Shift, however, this time buffer is dissolving. Many people are finding that things are now starting to manifest faster than they ever have before. In our future Present Time moments this buffer will cease to exist. What you ask for is what you will get... right now … in exactly the form you think it.


    Another important aspect of the third-dimension is Duality. Living within the field of duality was simply meant to
    provide us with a broad array of choices and opportunities in order to “know ourselves.” Duality is a predominant
    structure of perception. Before the Fall of Consciousness, a long time ago, the purpose of duality was to assist
    us to learn how to walk in balance while experiencing contrast. If everything were blue there would be no contrast. Once red is brought in along with blue we now have contrast. Contrast was created to provide us with experiences for choice, such as hot and cold, large and small, bright and dull, etc.

    As we began to experience third-dimensional consciousness, we added into duality the concepts of right and
    wrong, good and bad, and should and should not. When we lived in the higher fourth-dimension and above there was no good and bad or right and wrong. There was no judgment. Nothing was broken. There was nothing to fear. There were just simple choices of contrast giving us more ways to experience and know ourselves. But with the Fall of Consciousness came fear, judgment and separation. We learned “us and them” and we learned to resist “them.” These concepts of judgment, separation, good and bad, right and wrong and should/should not created a rigid, unforgiving structure that does not allow for flexibility or choice. This third-dimensional belief system bound our thoughts and emotions, creating extreme beliefs in “never” and “always”; rigid thought forms with very little opportunity for change, ease or well-being. In this rigid belief system of heavy thought-form, fear and pain were anchored. This is what the second Wave of Light is beginning to neutralize and remove from our memory as we prepare to step into the higher dimensions.

    The rational mind

    Our analytical, reasoning thought process is known as the rational mind. When we experienced the Fall of
    Consciousness we lost access to a great portion of our ability to perceive the reality around us. As we learned
    to experience fear of the past and worry of the future we lost the use of many of our spiritual abilities along with
    access to over 90% of the operational function within the brain, hence creating our rational mind.

    The development of the rational mind has served us well in this environment. Its purpose has become to keep
    us safe and have us fit in. Due to fear and misuse, however, the rational mind operates more in limitation than it does in possibility and opportunity. Because we have given assignments to the mind that it was not designed for, our awareness and spiritual ranges of choice have greatly diminished. While the logical mind is a wonderful tool for measuring, comparing and making decisions, it only knows what it knows and has lost access to what it does not know. For thousands of years the rational mind has kept humanity tightly focused in the three-dimensional realm. This is now changing.

    The three structures of this third-dimensional box are critical to our understanding. These three energetic structures

    – The Time Loop, Duality and the Rational Mind - are intricately woven into the fabric of the third-dimensional matrix. By becoming aware of the underlying templates from which the third-dimension operates, we can begin to have the choice to step out of the third-dimension. We can re-construct and re-member a significant part of ourselves, thereby freeing us to move beyond the limits of the third-dimension and opening the possibilities of the higher fourth and fifth-dimensions.

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Chapter 5

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:15 pm

    Chapter 5 ~~~

    The Fourth-Dimensional Box and Structures

    As we begin to wake up and become conscious of being conscious, we also begin to experience options and
    choices that are not available to us in the third-dimension. The components of the fourth-dimensional box are
    actually very simple, but because we spend so much time in motion, reacting to our past and worrying about our
    future, we spend very little time in the present. Because of this pull between our past and future, it is difficult to
    become quiet enough to hold our attention on the simplicity of the life that is before us.

    In the third-dimension, the Law of Attraction responds to the noise, motion and reaction we hold within us, giving back to us more of the same. By understanding and living three aspects of the fourth-dimension, we interrupt all those largely unconscious emotionally-charged reactions and instead consciously choose the outcome we desire, thereby allowing the Law of Attraction to give us the new, positive desires.

    Present Time

    Learning to experience yourself in the present moment is the single most important choice you can make in
    moving forward on your journey.

    Where third-dimensional present time is a charged reactionary moment influenced by our past, our fourth dimensional Present Time is a quiet NOW moment. We only exist in the Now, but most of us hold very little of our attention here. We are consumed by past experiences and projected worries, yet, paradoxically, because we do not understand the structures of the dimensions, it is precisely this fear-based state of thought and emotion that keeps us bound to the third-dimension.

    In the fourth-dimension, past and future time change significantly. The past simply becomes a neutral experience, or an historic event for reference. Yesterday’s pain has no bearing on tomorrow. The information, knowledge and wisdom gained from the past assist us in making better decisions about our current and future well-being.

    The present is all there is. You can plan for future events using information gathered from the past, but the
    decisions become conscious choices made in this present moment. While the future is an opportunity waiting
    to be fashioned, it is in this NOW moment that choices are made.


    In the fourth-dimension, reaction is replaced by choice, providing flexibility and new possibilities. With choice
    you have an opportunity to observe, and to experience and choose without judgment, right or wrong, good or
    bad, or the fear of being punished. Fourth-dimensional conscious choice gives you the opportunity to make
    mistakes and then correct the situation without blame or guilt.

    Conscious choice invites a wider range of possibilities, allowing for well-being, happiness and realignment within
    the Heart. It is in the fourth-dimension that you get to take back your power to choose. You can make better decisions from a platform of focused clarity, certainty and an awareness of your own personal presence. As the third dimensional good and bad, right and wrong fall away, an ever-expanding sense of capability begins to re-awaken within you. Choice creates opportunity. Opportunity allows for well-being. Well-being awakens happiness,
    openness and the inner smile within the Heart. From your open Heart, your purpose and the fulfillment of all your dreams are within your grasp.

    Higher Concepts

    As you become conscious of being conscious in this fourth-dimensional reality, many higher concepts of life
    become available, allowing you to move around with greater ease and under-standing. One of these higher
    concepts is Paradox. Paradox, simply stated, is, What was true a moment ago may not be true in this NOW
    moment, and what was false a moment ago may no longer be false in this moment.

    Because of the fears, pain and distrust that we all have stored in our unconsciousness, we hold many rigid beliefs
    about the world around us and those who live within it. We hold these beliefs anchored in words such as ALWAYS
    and NEVER. “He will always be bad. She will never change. I will never forgive them.” As the past pains of the
    third-dimension are dragged into the future, our tendency is to react the same way this time as we reacted the
    last time, thereby repeating the experiences of the past once again.

    As we consciously recognize that we have choices about the world around us, incorporating the concept of
    paradox allows the past to be past and frees the future for new opportunity. Paradox allows us to recognize a
    person or situation as it occurred in the past; however, it now provides the opportunity to observe the person
    or situation in this moment, thereby allowing them to be who they are now, rather than us observing them through the limitations of the our past reactions.

    As Paradox loosens up the rigidity of the past, the higher concept of Allowing opens up broader opportunities
    for you to experience. Allowing is a powerful concept; it does not imply weak-ness, or inability, but rather, simply
    enables you to recognize the situation before you, and provides you with a present time choice to create a better
    opportunity for a desirable outcome.

    As you begin to recognize the many tools, skills, concepts and opportunities the fourth-dimension provides, your
    life will change. You can choose to step out of habits of reaction and restriction. Trust becomes a choice. The
    need to experience lack, weakness, fear and doubt falls rapidly away as the structures of the fourth-dimension
    are understood and practiced. What we considered to be mere words in the third-dimension now become concepts with a fuller, deeper meaning, and a more rounded flow and experience in the fourth. Words such as Happy, Certainty, Seniority, Presence, Capable, Gracious and Commanding are no longer intellectual thoughts, but rather, become important internal sensations and feelings guided by your Heart.

    These concepts can only be felt and lived in the Present Time moment. As you re-member and re-own these
    feelings and sensations, you re-ignite the Internal Guidance System within your Heart. And as other higher,
    vibrant concepts become internalized, felt and demonstrated within your life, a transformation occurs in how you
    present and experience yourself. These words are more than concepts. They are Living Words. They are
    energetic building blocks that we will discuss in a later chapter. As you begin to wear and experience these
    words they weave together, like a well-tailored suit of clothes, creating a new ease and a brighter presence. You
    no longer give away your power. You now begin to choose and create from these higher vibrations the life you
    wish to experience.

    This is our natural state of being. However, becoming conscious, aware and holding a well-grounded sense of
    self requires a shift in our habits and beliefs. Since childhood, most of us have been invalidated in our third dimensional experience. We have not been taught, nor encouraged, nor often even allowed to make decisions
    from our own naturally balanced places of certainty, trust and passion. Instead, most of us have been taught
    to fear, doubt and mistrust the world around us. Consequently, we have not fully experienced who we came here
    to be.

    Alignment and Balance

    The reality that we know as the third-dimension is a classroom of sorts where we are participating in the ever expanding evolutionary cycle of our spiritual growth. In order to play in this classroom, we have had to forget
    ourselves, to leave much of our wisdom, knowledge and many of our great skills behind.

    In short, the third-dimension is a classroom of IMBALANCE.

    Our purpose, or mission, is to rediscover and master BALANCE

    However, since by definition the third-dimension is IMBALANCE, balance can never be found in the third dimension; it can only be found by stepping out of the third-dimension. And this doorway is the fourth-dimension.

    Very few rules exist in the fourth-dimension; it is open, receptive, and allowing of all possibilities. It is a dimension of choice and observation and it operates as a flexible platform without the rigidity of the third dimensional box. The fourth-dimension provides us with an opportunity to re-frame our reference points, review our beliefs and attain a new understanding of what is possible. It allows us “to be in the world but not of the third-dimensional world.”

    The fourth-dimension is the stepping-stone to the higher dimensions; it provides us with an opportunity for movement toward a “higher way of life” – a life of community, cooperation and co-creation.

    As long ago as the 16th Century, William Shakespeare wrote "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Shakespeare wasn’t just a great playwright; he was a very wise man, for life on this planet is indeed a Grand Play. And now we are coming to the end of Act 3 – the Final Act. This is where we get to bring our Grand Play to its finale and go Home.

    Going Home is precisely what the Shift is all about. The Shift is clearing away all that we are not, and assisting
    us in re-wiring the connections, so that we can finally remember all that we are.

    However, this is not going to happen all on its own, without any effort on our part. In order to complete this
    wonderful Game we are going to have to put our Selves back together again. This is where Mastering Alchemy
    comes in. This is where learning to re-create our personal power fields with the tools of sacred geometry finally
    comes into play.

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Chapter 6

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:17 pm

    Chapter 6 ~~~

    Tools to Rebuild Yourself - Re-claiming your Command Ce

    Understanding who we are requires that we bring ourselves into a Present Time focus. There is a place within
    the center of our heads that acts as a Command Center, a place where clear decisions can be made and actions
    can be set into motion. However, as we grew up and learned to trust the opinions and beliefs of others, we
    stepped away, as it were, from the center of our heads and gave away our seniority to those who said they had
    a better idea of life than we did. Reclaiming the center of our heads is necessary if we are to move forward.
    Whose thoughts and emotions are these? The true gift of grounding

    As we have learned, many of the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel passing through us each day do
    not even belong to us. Thoughts are electrical and the emotions are magnetic. In addition to helping realign us
    to our own personal frequency, rebuilding our grounding mechanism is invaluable in clearing away these thoughts
    and emotions. There are two components to grounding. One consists of an electrical line that runs from the first
    chakra to the center of the Earth, which grounds non-aligned electrical thought. The second consists of a coil
    of energy that wraps around the electrical grounding line and runs all the way down to the center of the Earth.
    Its purpose is to clear away all the emotions that do not belong to you.

    Sacred Geometry - rebuilding your Personal Power Field with the Octahedron

    Once we have grounded ourselves, the next step is to rebuild the geometric containment field. The aura or
    personal energy field was originally held within a series of geometric shapes. The first and least complex geometric shape to be re-built is known as the Octahedron. This geometric shape has the appearance of diamond, or four sided pyramid, pointing up, placed on top of a four-sided pyramid pointing down. The Octahedron acts as an antenna aligning and reconnecting us with our own higher dimensional frequency of consciousness. By recreating this geometric shape, we begin to put into place the necessary structure to rebuild our Personal Power Field. This is done by creating a column of Light that moves from a point beneath us upward through the central core of our bodies, surrounding the chakras and extending to a point above our heads. (see diagram below).

    As this flow of Light continues to extend upward through the column and out the top, it accelerates around the
    Octahedron and then flows back into the bottom of the column to accelerate upwards again. This accelerated
    flow of Light then creates a stabilized platform of conscious-ness that opens up opportunities to “Know One’s
    Self” as a Higher Dimensional Being.

    The building of the octahedron, the column of Light and the spherical fields can be viewed as an animation on the homepage at

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Chapter 7

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:20 pm

    Chapter 7 ~~~

    Where It’s Taking You

    From this awareness, we once again become able to regain Balance within our masculine and feminine energy
    fields. This starts with an expanded consciousness communication with Gaia, the Earth consciousness and with
    the Grids of Light surrounding the Earth, known as the Ascension Grids. As the Earth’s energy flows up through
    the central column within our body, a sphere of Light is formed, enabling a reconnection with the Higher Dimensional Feminine Nature of the Mother-God. This allows the reconnection to all aspects of the Divine Feminine that we lost in the Fall of Consciousness.

    Through the connection with the Ascension Grid, the Masculine Nature of the Father-God is then brought down
    through the central column of our body, and then flows out and around us, creating a perfect Masculine sphere
    of symmetry that surrounds our body, allowing a balanced integration of Masculine energy to become available
    to us.

    Entering the Higher Mind

    From this level of consciousness, we can now accelerate the surrounding fields of Light to a velocity approaching
    the speed of Light. Not a difficult thing to do. From this higher faster frequency, an opening into an alignment
    of Light known as the Higher Mind now becomes available to us. The Higher Mind is vast. Although entering
    the Higher Mind is not difficult, mastery of the Higher Mind is an eternal unfolding.

    The Higher Mind is quiet. There is a detachment from the world around us. There is focus, clarity, a curiosity, but no questions are asked. It is through the Higher Mind that conscious contact with the Soul begins, and it is from here that access to the Heart becomes available in a manner that is totally unapproachable from the “noise of the third-dimension.” It is from here that we are able to access the Sacred Heart, the Higher Heart, the Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond, as it is known in the Higher levels of consciousness.

    The Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond

    As you enter the Sacred Heart, The Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond, you do so in deep reverence. To enter the
    Sacred Heart a sacred Seal is opened. This Seal can only be opened by being the Love that you are. Being
    the Love that you are facilitates entry into the Chamber of the Hall of Crystals, where much is stored, lying
    dormant, waiting to be re-activated. From here, you are finally able to enter the Sacred Heart, at the center of
    which lies a brilliant, radiant, Pink Crystallized Light.

    Within the Sanctuary of the Pink Diamond there are a number of activations that will occur; the first and most
    important of which is to invite the Soul back into the Heart to once again become One with the Soul.

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Chapter 8

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:26 pm

    Chapter 8 ~~~

    The Fifth-Dimension - your spiritual abilities are revealed

    When you enter the fifth-dimensional consciousness you experience a full reintegration with your Higher Self and merge with your Soul. This reconnection with your higher aspects allows you to once again know yourself at a Soul level. You begin to think from Heart and act from the wisdom of your Soul. Your innate, intuitive, spiritual abilities now become fully available to you again. These include clairvoyance, telepathy, abstract intuition, and many more. You become fully conscious, accessing the wisdom and information available within the higher multidimensional aspect of that which you have always been. There is no separation.

    The higher dimensions operate within fields of awareness that are not accessible to the rational third or fourth dimensional mind. The rules, structures and means of creating in these fields of awareness are known as Alchemy, which is a natural way of life in the higher dimensions. Alchemy is defined by the Archangels as, “The ability to change the frequencies of thought, alter the harmonics of matter, and apply the elements of Love to create a desired result.”

    The mastering of Alchemy is found in curiosity, inquisitiveness and application: learning to utilize sound, color,
    and geometry to weave shape and form. Magnetism, electromagnetism, patterns of Light, feelings of beauty
    and higher aspects of Love all come together to form the complexities of universities as well as the simplicity of
    a drop of water on a morning Lily. Alchemy is the very fabric of the fifth-dimension.

    There is much that changes in the fifth-dimension; consciousness becomes broader, more dynamic than anything
    you can imagine in the third-dimension. Physical density ends, form becomes very fluid and the structure of the
    physical body turns into Light. Much of your DNA is reactivated and the portion of your brain that has been
    dormant for so long comes alive again.

    The fifth-dimension vibrates at a very high, brilliant and fast frequency range of Light, Love and great beauty. Heavy, dense thoughts and emotional vibrations such as reaction, anger, judgment, and fear cannot be held in the fifth-dimensional realm. In the fifth-dimensional frequency ranges of Light there are no limitations; all possibilities are available for creation.

    Time in the fifth-dimension

    Time exists once again in the fifth dimension, but in a very different configuration than previously experienced.
    Once fourth-dimensional Present Time is understood, time shifts into Simultaneous Time. In Simultaneous Time,
    all things exist in the same place at the same moment. In the fifth-dimension there are no past or future lives,
    no parallel or alternate lives; all that you have ever been and ever will be are accessible in this dimension of consciousness at the same moment.

    Infinity of choices

    As a citizen of the fifth-dimension you will re-member how to master every thought, every word, every action,and every instant. As a fully conscious being of Light, you will have multiple opportunities to expand and continueyour journey as the unique, immortal spark of the Creator that you are. There are an infinite number of choices, as well as infinite possibilities to choose from in order to experience your journey.

    For example, one choice is to continue experiencing yourself as a unique, singular aspect of the Creator, fully
    conscious of you. You could choose to experience this as an Ascended Master in a different galaxy or universe.
    Or have you ever considered the possibility of becoming the consciousness of a planet or a star? You could
    also choose to continue on into the seventh, eighth and ninth-dimensions, becoming one with a collective group
    consciousness, knowing all that is held within that unique collective consciousness, and experiencing this Oneness.
    A third opportunity is to once again return to the Oneness of All That Is; returning to the Heart of the Creator,
    and experiencing yourself as the Creator experiences Itself. These are all choices that are available to you, and
    no one choice is better than any of the others; they simply all exist within the infinite fields of endless possibilities
    and awareness.

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Chapter 9

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:28 pm

    Chapter 9 ~~~

    How to Enjoy the Journey

    If you are reading this book you have been extraordinarily successful on your journey. It is now time to return

    The purpose of the Shift is to facilitate, assist and bring to you all the possibilities that will allow you to release
    who you are not, as well as enable you to embrace who you have always been but have forgotten. The first and
    most important choice is to become aware of the fact that you have choice.

    This means, choosing to become conscious of being conscious; choosing to be the higher dimensional being
    that you are; becoming conscious and choosing to observe without being influenced by or reacting to the motion
    and noise around you; allowing others to act out without making their behavior personal; looking for a higher road to choose in each situation - these are the choices of the fourth-dimension. Whereas continuing to argue with or push against, choosing blame and guilt, allowing yourself to be the effect of the thoughts and emotions of
    others, resenting the situation you find yourself in and complaining about it over and over - these are all thirddimensional reality choices. Which do you choose?

    Walking a Higher Path

    When you choose to walk this higher path, you will begin to notice (if you allow yourself to) that you are beginning to think more often with your Heart and are acting from the wisdom of your Higher Mind to create a better set of choices.

    When you choose to decide to follow your Heart, you discover that there are many tools, skills, and abilities that
    can be accessed and learned that will assist this acceleration of awakening consciousness. As you align with
    the Alchemy of your Heart, directed from a higher dimensional aspect of yourself, you can re-create a platform
    of stability and grace. From these higher vibrations of awareness much information now becomes available to

    As you choose to Master Alchemy, you begin to integrate the words of higher concepts, learning to fully comprehend words such as Happiness, Certainty, Seniority, Presence, Capable, Gracious and Command. These are not merely words to be spoken; rather, they are words to be experienced. These are Living Energy Fields of
    consciousness that are to be integrated and demonstrated.

    The Higher Rays of Creation

    From this platform you begin to access the Higher Rays of Creation, which form the energetic building blocks
    used by all aspects of the Creator to create the “All that Is.” The twelve Rays of Creation are the frequencies,
    sound currents, color and geometries that form and organize every adamantine particle, the basic building blocks
    of Universal LOVE. By learning and applying the Rays of Creation, you will learn to clear away disharmonic
    unconscious patterns, which magnetically bind us to the third-dimension and much more.

    Simultaneous Time

    As you learn to place your attention into the fourth, fifth, and sixth-dimensional thought realms, you begin to access the knowledge held within the frequencies of these higher realms of consciousness. You begin to experience Simultaneous Time, which enables you to access all the experiences of your past lives and all the wisdom of your future lives.

    With this expanded knowledge and wisdom you can now change the geometry of the Octahedron into the vehicle
    of Light known as the Star Tetrahedron. This geometry allows for a greater range of information and the opportunity to participate in higher dimensions.

    And this is just the beginning.

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Chapter 10

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:30 pm

    Chapter 10 ~~~

    The Mastering of Alchemy

    This expanded knowledge opens communication with and guidance from many levels of consciousness, including
    the angelic, animal and elemental realms. Your imagination will open and you will experience and see things
    that you have never thought possible and perceive opportunities that have never been imagined.

    You will have access to the many amazing and beautiful gardens and temples within the higher dimensions. In
    these gardens the trees sing, creating a symphony of beauty and well-being, and as their melodies fill the air
    with vibrational energy, not only do the colors of the leaves change each moment; they release new fragrances
    that have never been experienced in third-dimensional reality. As you step through the slivers of Simultaneous Time, access to the Temples of Healing and Resurrection are immediately available and you are welcomed into Temples of Wisdom, Purification and the Violet Consuming Flame.

    You also begin to create new pathways within the sleep state, through the lower astral realms into the higher
    etheric realms, so that upon your return to the waking state, you now begin to remember where you journeyed
    and with whom you played as your body slept.

    These are but a few of the opportunities that await you in the field of possibilities within the fifth-dimension.

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Chapter 11

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:33 pm

    Chapter 11 ~~~

    Unveiling the Experiment

    This is a Grand Adventure, an adventure that was never thought to be possible. What and how we are creating
    is being observed from every corner of all the universes. There is amazement, admiration and great joy in the
    Hearts of the observers, as they watch the Grand Finale unfold. We are not only unraveling ourselves from the
    third-dimension; we are creating a new Home – a new “Heaven on Earth” in the higher dimensions.

    And as spectacular as this is, there is more…

    There is now an opportunity that was never previously imagined to be possible for these times. In co-creation
    with the Archangels and the Great Beings of Light there is an opportunity to bring forth a new pathway; one that
    is created through the Hearts of the most passionate of humanity; those who can hold the dream of bringing
    Heaven to Earth. This pathway is an experiment.

    As the third-dimension is being dissolved, All of humanity will move forward on a path to returning “Home,” leaving the third-dimension behind to become a mere reflection of a shadow gone by. The great portion of mass of consciousness that is in tangled in their fear and belief of lack will follow a path with numerous pauses in order to heal, remember and grow. As their new way of life is remembered and the Alchemy of the higher dimensions understood, they will find themselves also in the beauty of the higher dimensions. However, those of you who are reading this book have an opportunity to make a different choice.

    The Archangels believe there is an opportunity now to provide a set of tools and a series of choices and experiences to those who ask. If chosen, an extraordinary opportunity is now possible. A pathway for this experiment has been created, and if followed, it will enable humanity to bypass the incremental steps that mass consciousness will experience. If followed, this pathway will greatly accelerate the journey of each who chooses to step upon it, and will accelerate the journey for all of humanity.

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Chapter 12

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:34 pm

    Chapter 12 ~~~

    Revealing the True Nature of the “Experiment”

    The purpose of this small book is to introduce you to this new pathway, and to reveal to you the true nature of
    the experiment…

    YOU are the experiment.

    YOU are being asked to awaken and walk this accelerated pathway with the hope that as you once again become
    the fully conscious Being of bright Light that you are, others will see your Light and follow you back to the Heart
    of the Creator.

    It was hoped in the year 2000 that a small group of humans could align a vibration of Light so brilliant that a
    crystallized doorway could be created. As we approach the year 2012 that glimmer has become a brilliant flame
    of Light, which is now being firmly held by those who believe; those of you who are remembering and beginning
    to understand that not only are you not little, as you erroneously thought, but you are BIGGER, MORE IMPORTANT and MORE SIGNIFICANT than you have ever imagined.

    And – most importantly, YOU count. YOU are the Light that appears at the top of the candle-stick for all in the
    house to see. And as you awaken and re-member, re-align, re-wire and re-create yourself, your vibration is
    beginning to awaken the rest of the world.

    Today the experiment is unfolding...and you are awakening.
    Be pleased with yourself ... It is time for all to return Home.

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Epilogue

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:39 pm


    People often ask how I know what I know and how I receive the information, tools and techniques that I teach. The answer may surprise you.

    Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed full recall of what happens as I asleep. Each night when I go to sleep I pass through the astral realm and experience, very consciously, the higher etheric realms, which is a most wonderful place. In these realms I get to consciously play with the Angels, the Archangels and the Great Spiritual Beings of Light. Right now, the excitement about this Shift of Consciousness that is currently taking place on Earth is the focal point of almost everything that is happening in the higher realms.

    Most mornings I awaken with full and complete memory of what occurred during the night, including where I went and whom I played with. I feel extremely blessed to be able to sit at the table with these great beings of Light and to experience this amazing orchestration of events. More importantly, however, I would also like you to know that every night YOU too sit at the same table; not as a visitor, but as an equal; for this is where you also go during those eight hours of sleep that you do not remember.

    Let me also make it just as clear that whether you are just discovering this new adventure, or you have been
    playing the Game of “bringing Heaven to Earth” for some period of time, contrary to what you have been taught
    to believe, YOU are very significant. You have always been very significant, and it is now time to re-member who
    you are.

    It is time to re-align yourself, to re-wire yourself, and to re-create yourself, so that you too can once again remember and re-experience all that you have forgotten you know.

    It is time to remember your purpose, and to assist all the others behind you - those who are just waking up as
    well as those who have yet to wake up - to remember their purpose.

    It has been specifically requested by the Arch-angels and Great Beings of Light that these tools to remembering
    who you are should be presented and made available to all who wish to participate in this experiment.
    Since I have been asked to assist in this pro-cess, it is my desire, my passion and my privilege to provide as
    much information as possible. Hence you will find, on our website, many lectures, articles, tools and skills, along
    with audio archives and video clips offered freely for your growth, understanding and well-being.

    If you are ready to go even farther, all of the tools, skills and concepts outlined in this book are taught as part of
    the Level 1 Creating Your Personal Power Field weekend seminar, which is taught both in person and in DVD
    format. This work is followed by the year-long Level 2 Mastering Alchemy program.

    Jim Self is often introduced as a teacher’s teacher and a healer’s healer. He has been leading seminars and teaching healing, clairvoyance and personal energy management courses throughout North America since 1980. Jim has been featured on television, radio and in inter-national publications. Since childhood, Jim has retained a conscious awareness and ability to recall his experiences within the sleep state. Over the last ten years, this awareness has expanded into relationships with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Teachers of Light. The tools and information presented in the Mastering Alchemy Program is a co-creation of these relationships. Jim walks with a foot in both worlds. At the age of twenty-six, he was elected to his first of two terms to the San Jose, CA City Council and later became the Vice Mayor. Before completing his second term, he was asked by President Jimmy Carter to be an advisor and the Director of Governmental Operations for the Dept. of Energy. As an entrepreneur, he has successfully built and sold two corporations, and is the founder and current board chairman of a third.

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Re: Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self

    Post  CetaceousOne on Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:03 pm

    Carol(and MP3)

    This is interesting information.

    Thank you for posting this. Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Icon_idea

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Re: Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self

    Post  Carol on Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:07 pm

    You are more then welcomed but I just transferred the thread for MP3 who was the original poster. As I was reading it I thought to myself, WOW, Jim has this all laid out nice and tidy. He's like the man in an airplane looking down at the landscape and drawing a map so folks know how to get from point A to point B.

    After I get the other treads transferred... and there area many, many ~ I want to come back and spend some time reading this and discussing it with other members.

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    Post  Tatiana on Wed Apr 14, 2010 7:33 pm

    I also have been looking at Jim Self's site - I think it is very interesting. I particularly like what he says about thoughts (electric) and emotions (magnetic). That makes a lot of sense to me! I have downloaded his free materials since I am unable to afford his course. From what I can tell there is quite a bit of material he is making available for free - very commendable!

    I think I will get a lot out of his teachings, thank you MP3 for posting the link! And thank you too Carol for taking the time to posting some of his material here!

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    Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self Empty Re: Time's collapsing ~ The Shift, Jim Self

    Post  mp3 on Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:54 pm

    Here's a short video demo of how the personal power field is created. It's maybe not enough to actually do it, but gives the idea.

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