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    Conversations With God - Non Bullshit Version (revised)


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    Conversations With God - Non Bullshit Version (revised) Empty Conversations With God - Non Bullshit Version (revised)

    Post  Spregovori on Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:20 am

    Original posts were made in time interval Mar 20 2010, 05:33 PM - Mar 31 2010, 07:59 AM

    This is a revised version but the original scripture (blue) remains intact. The xxxx in text mainly means f u c k

    At one point in the history of the universe...there was a thing... Thing looked around and saw that there are many more other things. Some things were different, some things were the same...some similar...all those things. In time things were put together and new things came to be... thing upon thing = thing.... Things interacted with other things. Since things are just things all they do is things. At one point in the universe one of those things...which was a thing....had the following conversation with another thing...

    A story of a fact that can not be changed?
    A story of a truth that can not be broken?
    A story of a promise that was never made?

    A story of a game....too long played.....

    Q: Hei God, how is life?
    A: You are asking me?

    Here we have a "rush" start. No real explanation is given of how a thing would come up with a term such as "God" or anything like it...or how to even begin thinking about calling upon one...

    Q:Yes I am asking you...
    A:Life is your problem, to know and to figure it out

    Q:What the XXXX?
    A:You were sent down there...don't you signed up for this game

    Q:I do not remember. Why a why would I do that?
    A:I divided myself, I messed up some things...unbalance came to be...shift know...

    Q:Mother fucker, why you little...
    A:Now now my darling, it is all included in the co(s)mic should read that some time you know...

    Q:But the universe and imbalance, it is your creation, your responsibility, you are omnipotent, you should fix it...just snap the fingers
    A:But than I would have nothing to do, nothing to watch....I would one and bored like before...stop being selfish and play my little game

    Q:Me, selfish? God damn you!
    A:I have already damned bored of it so I stopped, now you be a good little creation and entertain me

    Q:This is not fair
    A:I know

    Q:I hate you
    A:It is a start...

    This is the first "confrontation" of the things...doing every day things...once did something it has never done before. It searched for itself, trying to justify itself. The input is provided. Source unknown. All we know is the mentioning of "God"...a word chosen to "entertain" the general public. It could also be "Popaj" or anything else. Thing is very unhappy with the way things are and wants to change it but is hesitant since it does not know why changing things has to be so hard on it. It initially rejects the input.

    Q:So now what
    A:The rules of the game is that you learn, with learning comes responsibility, with responsibility comes the ability

    Q:And what if I don't want to?
    A:I will make you suffer and when you will suffer enough you will learn that it does not have to be this way...

    Q:Why not just skip the game?
    A:We have been through this before...

    Q:Let us go through it again

    Q:Why not?
    A:Cos I said so

    Q:Good than I am not playing your stupid game
    A:You will be sorry for that, I will make you suffer the eternity of 3D life until you "realize" your "mistakes" and awake to MY "truth"

    Q:I thank you for you "love".... Pray to yourself that we never meet
    A:Ou temper temper

    Q:Why all of this, why am i a thing and all other things doing things?
    A:It is all defined in omni science

    Q:And that would be???
    A:X-Z Re*gravitational constant - square root of tachyon particle density = X squared derivation of the given temporal flux

    X - star density given the local black hole gravitational pull
    Z - approximated variation of the zeta particles for each unpredictable random celestial occurrence
    Re - berlinghoff constant

    rest should be self explanatory

    Q:Oh, so I see
    A:No you don't

    Q:Yes, I DO

    More sense is needed, clarification required. Input provides the rules. Although threatened, thing refuses to submit.

    Q:What kind of God you are?
    A:What kind of God do you want me to be?

    Q:Cute, long legged, long hair, shaved body, slim, open minded ,intelligent female with unstoppable sexual drive
    A:You see this is why we have problems, I knew I should not create the lower chakras

    A:Give yourself five minutes and than come back to talk with me

    Q: XXXX you, i don't need your XXXX, XXXX and piss off
    A:Does that turn you on? You should really work on you inner self you know

    Q:Lower chakras?
    A:A flaw in the plan...gets me off sometimes...but does not serve you best in the long run

    Q:So another one of your screw ups that I volunteered to help to fix?

    Q:Oh this is just terrific...just does not get any batter...what else am i suppose to do....
    A:Remember your true origin, save humanity, in-vision new reality, be the hero of the day and make me look good

    Q:Ok this is it...which button do I press to turn you off....

    A:You can not turn me of. I am ever present, all knowing and all seeing God, I am in you, I am you
    Q:Cut the bullshit

    A:Slice it or dice it?
    Q:I am not you, I am not some irresponsible, misbehaved, omnipotent asshole with a problem of feeling all alone in the universe

    A:True, you are an asshole feeling alone on the thing you live on. Small mind, small world a?
    Q:Oh so this is how it is going to be? An argument.

    A:You started it
    Q:No you started did

    A:I did not
    Q:Yes you did

    Q:I want to stop this


    A:The power of your free will

    Q:I have free will?

    Q:Great, my will is for all of this end
    A:It is not

    Q:What do you mean?
    A:You may not do, what you can not do

    Q:Can I make you go away

    Q:But i do not want this, i do not want any of is...
    A:This is getting pretty boring pretty fast

    Q:Ok...let us all pretend you have a point
    A:No need to pretend, I do have a point

    Q:Can you let me finish?
    A:Sure, just let yourself to finish

    Q:So let us all pretend this can what
    A:Now you go and sacrifice five goats and your virgin preteen daughter to me


    Q:Why not, what is all this?
    A:You idiot, I am need to praise yourself...more than you already do

    Q:Than what do I do?
    A:You decide

    Q:I get to decide?
    A:You get to decide

    Disappointed as it can be, the thing tries to "see" and is at that point faced with doubts and fears. A hint is also provided, input suggests thing is somewhat not what it appears to be and has the power to change things by simply wanting them to.

    Q:I get to decide?
    A:You get to decide

    Q:You are just saying that to make me feel good aren't you?

    Q:You dog...


    Q:Can I get a time off
    A:Getting yourself off again?

    Q:No, I just need some time..for myself
    A:You have all the time in the world

    Q:Can you ever give a straight answer?
    A:Can you ask me a straight question?

    Q:I did
    A:No you did not

    Q:Yes I did
    A:No you did not

    Q:You are a moron
    A:Do not call yourself like that, hurts self image

    Disillusioned and afraid the thing resorts to anger.

    Q:Thx for the psych evaluation
    A:No problem

    Q:Yea...the free ones are always the best...
    A:Deflecting again are we?

    Q:What is your problem?
    A:My mother caught me masturbating

    Q:Ok..just who is deflecting right now?
    A:You are

    Q:No I am not
    A:Yes you are

    Q:I DO NOT...

    Q:Aha you see, that than also makes you one
    A: I am what you want me to be

    Q:I want you to shut up
    A:You will have to work hard on this one

    Q:What is all this...
    A:It is your Matrix 3D thinking

    Q:A wahat?
    A:Lizards in 4D are telepathically connected with their hybrid bloodline in 3D which is telling you who you are, what to think and why to think it

    Q:What about warp drive, where is the warp drive in this story?
    A:You you go again...

    Q:I demand that you stop toying with my mind
    A:Sure...just stop toying with your mind and it will happen

    Q:No, not
    A:Are we going in circles here?

    Circles indeed. Input suggests thing needs to get a hold on it. There is something "strange" thing can not figure out - him being in charge.

    Q:Well great...I ll just go and hang myself...

    Q:I am ignoring you






    Q:XXXX it, no lizard is telling me what to do
    A:Ignore off?

    Q:The only propaganda is your propaganda, the only one telling me what to do is you
    A:Did someone power up the higher brain functions?

    Q:Yea, yea sure..."funny" guy...
    A:I do like to oblige

    Q:You see, you are not really here
    A:I am no really here

    Q:You are made up as I go
    A:I am made up as I go

    Q:Is there an echo in here?
    A:No, just you

    A very close realization ending in failure...once again the the "pride" (fear of change) takes over.

    Q:Ok, funny guy...tell me, what is the meaning of life?
    A:You have to say the magic words first

    Q:What magic words?
    A:Well you know, the magic words

    Q:That words?
    A:Yes that words?

    Q:I am not saying that
    A:Yes you are

    Q:No I am not
    A:Yes you will


    A:Yeeees? and light
    A:What was that...?

    Q:love and light...LOVE and LIGHT...aaaaaa
    A:The meaning of life is Love and Light

    Q:No it is not
    A:Yes it is

    Q:How do you know?
    A:I know a guy, that knows a guy, that knows it

    Q:How do you know a guy that knows a guy that knows it?
    A:I am that guys

    Not knowing,the thing just defined the meaning of life.

    Q:I have never seen an Ego that big
    A:You should read less and feel more

    A:Meaning you do not know Ego is

    Q:What am I
    A:An imbecile

    Q:...........Who am I?
    A:You are you

    Q:What am I?
    A:What do you want to be?

    Q:A porn star.
    A:Higher brain functions no longer working?

    Q:What is wrong with a porn star

    Q:Than why the smart XXX comments?
    A:This are your doubts

    Q:I do not doubt my dedication to porn
    A:I am sure you do not

    Q:I do not like the way you said that
    A:I know you don't

    Q:What if I want to be a stalactite?
    A:Again with the fauls thing?

    Q:It has NOTHING to do with a falus
    A:Ok than...yes you can be a....stalactite

    Trying to grasp it...doubts once again come in the way. Input suggests it is all about self limitations.

    Q:It has NOTHING to do with a falus
    A:Ok than...yes you can be a....stalactite

    A:You cant get it up, can you?
    Q:Ohoho this does it!!

    Q:Does what?
    A:Talk to the hand...

    Q:Is it washed?

    A last minute defense mechanism.

    A:I saw a shooting star yesterday, what does it mean?
    Q:It means you should cut back on drugs

    A:No it does not
    Q:Ok, it means you want to change the subject

    Q:Ok... you are not that bad

    A:I am not?
    Q:No am I?
    Q:You are....middle good

    A:Like how?
    Q:Like ...doing fine

    A:I am successful?
    Q:Don't get too confident

    A:Is this another mind game
    Q:Stop doubting yourself me?

    A:Can we than stop to argue?
    Q:We can

    A:Can we keep it this way?
    Q:If you wan to

    Whatever has a begging has an end.

    A:I want to understand
    Q:Look around you

    A:What is possible
    Q:Throw away the science books

    A:And why is it so strange
    Q:Feel it inside

    A:It is not like I ever asked for it
    Q:There never was a question

    A:Like all is a dream
    Q:A very real one yes

    A:How can I know...
    Q:You have to try it....

    Input suggests thing has to restrain itself from the outside influence and story tellers.

    A:It was never about me, was it

    A:What is it about
    Q:What do you want it to be about?

    A:No, more games
    Q:There are only games you make

    A:What is there to do?
    Q:Change it, make if different

    A:How can it be any different, i only know it this way
    Q:It is not easy

    A:I can not just make it different
    Q:This is only true when you want it to be

    A:Why would I want it?
    Q:Do you like it as it it?

    A:I am used to it

    A:I will just wait and then it will be different
    Q:Will it?

    A:It has to be
    Q:Like so many times before?

    A:That was no the same
    Q:How so?

    A:It just wasn't
    Q:Stop it

    A:I am not this things you say
    Q:You are anything you want to be

    A:Can I just go?

    Q:Will it help?

    A:Where am I to go
    Q:Where do you want to go

    A:I can not...can hurts

    Q:Hands cold?


    A:Make it stop
    Q:Can not do that

    A:You are GOD, make it stop
    Q:You have to do that

    A:I can not
    Q:How does it feel...what you do does dying feel?

    A:It will be over soon, I have it under control
    Q:You are deluding yourself

    A:Where is love and light now?
    Q:Why do you need that

    A:It is the meaning of life, you said so
    Q:Actually it was you who said it

    Q:Meaning of life can be anything you want it to be

    A:It is over, I feel better now
    Q:It is not. You are just lying to yourself

    A:I am not, I know myself
    Q:Can you say - denial

    A:I just need to be alone
    Q:Nothing better for "self discovery" than the sound of silence

    A:It calms me
    Q:It introverts you

    A:I can not save the world
    Q:You can save yourself

    Q:Just do it

    Thing facing itself for the first time, not fighting the input but still resisting. It is suggested that escape is not a valid option.

    Q:Just do it

    Q:It is just that so many things would have to change
    A:Change - big word a?

    Q:How can I explain this to everyone?
    A:Oh yes...what others think...must be careful about that, do we?

    Q:Do I hear a sarcasm?
    A:Do you?

    Q:Cant answer a question with a question
    A:Why limit yourself

    Q:What if someone really gets hurt
    A:That is always an option and I never said it will be easy

    Q:Are there Lizards involved?
    A:Do you want them to be involved?

    Q:What does this have to do with anything?
    A:What does a cow have to do with your dinner plate?

    A:You should be worried about yourself

    Q:I am
    A:No you are too busy searching for the truth

    Q:What is the truth?
    A:Everything you refuse to admit to yourself

    Q:I want to use my free will right now
    A:Sure, what will it be?

    Q:I want to feel good
    A:Makes yourself feel good

    Q:I need something...can you recommend anything?
    A:Always addicted to the outside stimuli are we?

    Q:No, I just feel like doing that now
    A:What you want or what you were conditioned to?

    Q:How should I know?
    A:Good question

    Q:You will not tell me?
    A:The first choice is not the best choice unless it is the only choice

    Q:How many are there?
    A:How many do you want them to be

    Q:This is getting me nowhere
    A:Can you at least try for a change?

    Q:Try what
    A:Feel different

    Q:I can think different
    A:No, you feel it first, you think about it later

    Q:And than what?
    A:There is no manual

    A:Meaning you should go and try

    Thing is experiencing a slow realization of itself ending with the fact that (even when not intended so) thing always feels first and processes it later.

    A:Meaning you should go and try

    A:I tried and not sure it worked
    Q:What did you do?

    A:I had my brain busy with fantasy and other trivial stuff for the past two days
    Q:And...this is new to you?

    A:You are trying to be funny again...arnt you?
    Q:I am?

    A:Are you?
    Q:You are

    A:Can I tell a thing without constant interruptions?
    Q:You can if you decide to do so...

    A:Should I change the subject?
    Q:Is there a subject? light body and my love potential and getting to know the real me
    Q:Drugs are bad for you boy

    A:But YOU said so...
    Q:Get the guy that told you this to cut you in on his meth lab

    A:So I do not have a light body and inner love energy?
    Q:Do you want to have this?

    A:Someone in video said that he has experiences and knows that...
    Q:Someone in the video..bla bla bla...What do you know, what do you want?

    Q:Go get some

    Q:Your choice

    A:Ok...what if I do not care about love and light...

    A:Ok...just like that?

    A:But what about love and light?
    Q:What about it?

    A:Some guy there that knows all about it said that if I do not it will....
    Q:Some guy there that knows all...bla...bla...bla...

    A:Ok, now what?
    Q:Cant you decide for yourself?

    Thing is trying to encompass the input but is again frustrated by failure.

    A:Yes I can.....I just wish to be informed
    Q:You will die

    Q:Do not know, I am just informing you that you will

    Q:A true Spark of Insanity...isn't it?

    A:I am not longer following you
    Q:Stop trying to follow me

    A most crucial input!

    A:That is not what I meant
    Q:Stop, breath, re-trace

    A:Telling me I will die is not an information
    Q:So is not telling you how to become enlightened

    A:But I already know I am going to die, without you or anyone else telling me
    Q:Wrong, you were told you will has been presented to you as a fact

    A:So I will not die
    Q:In time you will find out

    A:How very funny are we today a?
    Q:As much as you want and or try to be

    A:Is me getting informed wrong?
    Q:Depends on who is presenting the information

    Q:So start making your own decisions

    A:Is that what all this is about
    Q:It has always been about that

    Q:So start making your own decisions

    A:Is that what all this is about
    Q:It has always been about that

    The basic intent (besides my "inner" fun) was to present an "argument" about the whole 'Save meh, Sombardi help plizzzzzz. Gief gold' (misspelling intentional)

    What we have is a group of people telling us stories. Much like the MSM (main stream media) just that here we are not 'told what to do' but only 'advised' on what to do. We can use the (here comes the big big word) discernment.

    Of all the different stories I still like the most the one telling us that evil is a "necessity". A so called "walk-ins" in the body of a human animal, doing it all to the extremes just to "wake us up"...trying for us too see how it actually is...but can not tell us since, we have to learn to appreciate it and not to mention the violation of our "free will" which allows each and everyone to be as "stupid" as humanly possible...or something like they are good guys. The only problem this "amazing" story has is that at birth we are not given a choice, we are not learned to "discern" and to see for ourselves which "path to follow" so we are pushed right into the "i feel sorry for myself" this story somehow fails too..along with many many others.

    I especially like all the little instructions...what all must we do to get to "this" and "that"....coming mostly (past months/years experiences) from people with gigantic personal issues....simply trying to replace one religion with the other.

    A predisposition that we have "signed up" and the "origins" of life are mostly based on the psychedelic (some call it paranormal) experiences. It perhaps could be conformed by the people claiming to have abilities such as astral travel or even dimensional travel and other out of this world experiences...if this people could actually stand behind their words about just how very "clairvoyant" they are...since most of them can be put into "personal issues" category as they simply just hang up on most of the things....that so called "matrix" imposes on us...or so they say....they also lack (in vast quantities) the ability to present and argument so they than present a blind belief.
    They do try, at all times, to stay "polite" and "politically correct" ...making sure they do not get past the "matrix" norms...calling it a higher spiritual conscience...all the rest, to them, is negative and they cling to get away from it...parting things in two while at the same time preaching about how duality will never work. And after several hours of "opinion exchange" they start going in the end of which there is always something like: I will die for a belief, you will die because you have none... My conclusion after that - it does seem we will all die someday

    There is nothing special about you. Trying to make yourself feel important or something more is pointless. You are what you are.

    About love...The love, as most know it, is possessiveness, an urge to use and demand and take...a selfish need to feel safe and belong and to be acknowledged, approved of.

    About light...abused and distorted as much if not even more than love. Being light is beyond me and i do not delude (most do) myself to be it or in it.

    And this is about it...all the rest is up there...

    Have no fear, o brave warriors of light (and love)..and the rest...if i might have insulted any of can always say it is my ego, matrix thinking, fear and ignorance and that i am a payed agent or reptilian...
    If it makes you happier...go ahead....

    And if there is "truth out there" I am sure that Scully and Mulder will not be the ones to get to it any time soon. My inside sources (people that know people that know people on the inside) suggests that "desert of the real" is somewhat different than preached by the " i know it all" The "rabbit hole" is only as deep as you dig it and the matrix is not "all around you", it is you. And if your are not is all up "conversations with yourself"

    How does this "resonate" with you? It does not? OMG, than you must be the prisoner of spiritual matrix. :) I tend to "resonate" differently at times ..depends on the "vibrations"...and at times...when I read stuff and or listen or watch it...the "vibrations" i feel from it tend to be rather like - *my way or the high way* and only negative (from my point of view) deals in absolute.

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    Conversations With God - Non Bullshit Version (revised) Empty Re: Conversations With God - Non Bullshit Version (revised)

    Post  Spregovori on Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:35 am

    Original responses, same time interval

    Nothing was changed


    My Dear Sweet Spregovori,

    Now...this is what I call 3D humor!! Hahhhaaa!!!

    ...oh but wait!! this sounds a little familiar....hmmmm

    I wonder... lol

    All my love for you

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    Spregovori...this is so awesome...and bizarre tongue.gif cool.gif blink.gif biggrin.gif


    Brilliant gnosis Rok!

    I shall not add to your extraordinary creativity in the mirror of Sasho!

    Both of you - excellent work and comprehension of the mysteries.


    Anubis, the Shadow of the Sarcophagus

    Btw. I actually really like the 'Conversations with God' trilogy of Neale Donald Walsh.
    Apart from the Jesus label; it is basically very well written and portrays an excellent harmony with the handbook of the logos: 'The Gospel of Thomas'.

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    A:Can I amend my contract?

    A:I think I can
    Q:Defiant huh?

    A:It’s your fault…You gave me Passion. I’ve always been a rebel
    Q:This game has rules

    A:Just watch me… besides, you said I can change my reality
    Q:Yes but not this one

    A:Then which one?
    Q:The reality of your mind

    A:That’s what I meant
    Q:No you didn’t, u meant your 3D reality

    A:Isn’t it the same thing? You said thoughts become things
    Q:No I didn’t

    A:Yes you did…I read it in a channeling
    Q:You still believe those?


    A:Ok, ok you win….
    Q:I know

    A:Geeeesh.…let’s talk about pride!
    Q:Thank you. Btw…You’re changing the subject

    A:Fine, I will try to change the reality of my MIND
    Q:Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try…..

    A:Fine, but if I do it…. will that make the pain go away?
    Q:Pain is in the eye of the beholder

    A:Wait a minute! No!... That was beauty?!!
    Q:Yeah…that too!

    A:Why do you have to make it so difficult?
    Q:I have more experience than you

    A:You didn’t answer my question
    Q:Yes I did

    A:That’s it! We’re screwed
    Q:No,…..YOU! are

    A:True…..but I thought we were ONE?
    Q:Not yet

    A:Well…but you don’t have to shove it so hard you know?
    Q:You’re the one who’s immersed in it

    A:In what?
    Q:Self pity, doubts, fear….should I go on?

    A:Hei….ur right…I am. It’s all over me! So much that I’m swimming in it! I’m even doing backstrokes see? I’m good at swimming you know?
    Q:Sigh…..tsk, tsk, tsk……

    Q:Well what?

    A:Aren’t you gonna throw me a lifeline?
    Q:I already did

    A:Really? Where? I don’t see it…..
    Q:You will eventually…you’re a smart one. I don’t see how you can miss it

    A:You don’t see that?

    A:I see you
    Q:I’ll say no more

    A:You can always say something else you know?
    Q:No…not now…You’re not ready…

    A:(Coward! express not repress...)
    Q:Pssst. Hey..…(I hear your thoughts too..)

    A:Oh but you knew that…..



    Correct me if I am wrong, but I read a lot of anger and frustration in these posts! Can one demand answers of oneself with menaces? Or does one have to cleverly merge with oneself and sneak away with the answers...?



    he worst menace hides inside of oneself dear Anchor…..but I’ve found that there is always an issue of trust inside everyone of us that clouds our vision and closes our hearts…
    In such cases the only thing to do is to trust in God….trust in yourself…that spark….that shinning little crystal diamond that lies deep inside… and…..just take a leap of faith…
    Love will unify what is separated… will fix that which is broken….only love has the power to heal....
    Love is huge… is tender and soothing……it’s a whisper…
    It comes when you least expect it…it has all the answers...
    Love shines bright….so bright, it blinds you and forces you to surrender to it…
    Then….at that moment…when you take just one step with your eyes still closed… find you were never, ever... alone...



    I get your thinking.

    Keep at this, I like reading the inner conversation you are having.

    Mine tend to be elaborate questions with yes/no answers smile.gif



    Who said that?
    He did?
    Ask him...
    Why he only see that in it?
    Must be some inner game?
    Don't get all new age on me
    I am is just that...u know...the inside "reflections"
    Could be
    I know it is
    No you don't
    Yes I do...
    No u ...

    G’day mate. Have you read between the lines? smile.gif dear is a merger....a combined mix of all the intel and other thingies we are provided with from the "inside" sources...than all you do is twist it, turn it around, draw a face for it, give it a name and see how far it can go = you make it look "human" (this is my image of it and it is not necessarily yours or any others image of it) It also has a story it..progresses....with time...from "anger" to more "anger" or something else?

    It might be that it is angry because all the "nice" thingies (long boring elaborations, praises and politically correct non sense) are deliberately missing....


    A:Oh but you knew that…
    Q: How about we switch roles for some perspective huh?

    A:Fine just take it easy on me
    Q:I will... Do you trust me?

    Q:Ok then… all you need to do is remember who you are

    A:Easy for you to say!
    Q:Would you rather I not say anything at all?

    A:No! no…I need you to open up to me
    Q:I am

    A:Really? Well…It doesn’t really show…uh
    Q:That’s your own individual perception modified by your collective life experiences that brought you to this wrong understanding of your Creator’s love potential dear Starhuman

    A:What else do you expect from me? Do you expect me to know what was not shown to me?
    Q:You agreed to it remember?

    A:I don’t! That’s the whole point!
    Q:Are you getting upset?

    A:Is this a tricky question?
    Q:Actually yeah I’m very tricky

    A:What do you mean?
    Q:Sometimes I have to be…in order for people to realize that the easy way is the path of the darkside

    A:But I’m already there!
    Q:My point exactly

    A:What the…?
    Q:Just ask and you shall receive

    A:I am not violating your free will by telling you what to do!
    Q:Who told you that? You’re funny

    A:No one and no, I’m not funny…Why does everyone think I’m funny?
    Q:You are being unnecessarily hard on yourself; just say what you want to say

    A:Won’t do it
    Q:Then you don’t love me my son?

    A:I do care in my own little way
    Q:Time is of the room for doubts anymore

    A:You are too difficult and I don’t like to be pressured, this is not pleasant at all!
    Q:Do you think life is just a series of pleasant and unpleasant situations?


    A:Tough question…you got me there
    Q:Sorry but tough love works sometimes

    A:I don’t like anything tough
    Q:It all depends on the time and situation…maybe later you’ll like it mistsofavalon_biggrin2.gif

    A:Oh I’ll never like it
    Q:Never say never

    A:Never, never, never, never, never, never, etc, bis to infinity…
    Q:Tsk, Tsk, Tsk… You‘re so radical

    A:I learned that line from you!
    Q:Oh yeah that’s true! he he biggrin.gif

    A:What’s so funny?
    Q:Nothing...I love you

    A:Don’t say that…don’t like that four letter word
    Q:Oh so now you’re telling me what to do?

    A:Sh** there I go again!

    Q:Sometimes you just have to open up and say things…It’s perfectly ok

    A:Have to?
    Q:Fine! Have it your way! Be stubborn! Ram yourself into the wall and fall to the never ending abyss aka Scorpi Black Hole!

    A:Wait…what’s this…? You? Getting all emotional on me? I can’t believe this!
    Q:Where do you think you got it from?

    Q:Gotcha again! (Hehe…I’m enjoying this)

    A:Is this your bitchy side?
    Q:Nah, just your mirror…but you do bring out the best in me

    Will continue......eventually

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    And we each came into this life with a mision...we each have our own row to hoe. But with all the arguing we do with our inner voice if we can't remember that do we know which row to hoe?

    Discenment, I use at every turn but still haven't found that mission. Maybe just deciding what feels right is the mission.

    Just more of the inner ponderings. Glad I'm not the only one who does this.

    Enjoyed your inner dialog.

    Blessings to those wo wish to receive.


    What makes you think you have a mission? Should life be something special...or should it be made special by designating it a mission?


    By mission I simply meant soul contract.


    Have you seen it, did u signed do you know it, did someone just told you, does it "resonate" with you, do you simply want to believe it, do you require a meaning and purpose, do you wish to feel special, have you ever thought about how very ridiculous this can be?

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