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    Multiple Ids Per Ip Address


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    Multiple Ids Per Ip Address Empty Multiple Ids Per Ip Address

    Post  Carol on Thu Apr 08, 2010 7:02 pm

    Please note that We have an IP Tracker and can see just which IP is aligned or assigned to each ID here at the Forums.

    Maintaining Security and Integrity of the Members of this Forum and preventing Role Playing or Instigation as a reason for being or Posting at the Mists of Avalon is the root purpose of this Notification.

    The above stated - The following Guideline is in now in place relative to IPs and IDs.

    > No more than 1 ID to any 1 IP / member.

    > If more than 1 ID is found to be associated with any specific IP - The newest ID will be Deleted.

    > The Original Member and Their ID will then be PM'ed with a Warning Violation of Membership Integrity and Security/IP ID Abuse - In which it will be stated that any subsequent Warning of a Violation of Membership Integrity and Security/IP ID Abuse - Will then result in the Banning of the Original ID assigned to that IP, and a close to the Issue.

    > Violators will only receive the one warning. The second time it happens - The Original ID will simply be Banned VIA IP and that Original ID will then be Deleted from the Database.

    If You have Your Original ID thus Banned - It'll be a permanent Ban.

    > Note this is a work in Progress and will likely develope over time <

    Any member who signs up under different avatars and posts will also be banned with no warning, posts will be deleted.

    Any new member joining the forum to post banned members posts will be banned.

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